Dragon Gate USA: Open the Nothern Gate

Windsor, ONT – 5.7.2010

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Backstage, Lenny Leonard is with Jimmy Jacobs. Leonard asks him about the Dragon Gate stables trying to recruit someone to counteract Kamikaze USA recruiting Jon Moxley, and how Jimmy is a prospect given his past with Moxley. Jimmy says he’s going to take out Moxley by himself while representing himself, not somebody else.

We get a clip from “Open the Historic Gate” covering Masato Yoshino and Dragon Kid’s match from that show. This will be the first in a series of videos to show their rivalry, as they face each other in a 2 out of 3 falls match later tonight. Kid wins this match, and looks for a handshake. Yoshino shoves him down, and their respective partners (Shingo and Doi) hold them back to prevent further fighting.

CHIKARA Sekigun (Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw) vs. Kamikaze USA (Akira Tozawa & Gran Akuma)

Tozawa takes Quack to the mat and twists on his knee. Quack turns into an ankle lock. On their feet, Tozawa snapmares Quack into a bodyscissors. Quack turns and picks up Tozawa into a slam. Akuma attacks Quack from behind. Tozawa and Akuma knock down Quack and hit a senton/headbutt combo. Jigsaw comes in as Quack is sent out. Tozawa and Akuma assault Jigsaw with kicks. Quack comes in and palm strikes Tozawa. Quack knocks down Akuma with a back elbow. Quack evades an attack, and Jigsaw sends Tozawa and Akuma to the floor with a crossbody. Quack and Jigsaw hit stereo somersault sentons. In the ring, Quack tries a couple of pins on Tozawa but fails. Jigsaw flips in with an armdrag from the apron. He hits a couple armdrags and a twisting bulldog for two. Tozawa hits Jigsaw with a hip attack and knocks Quack to the floor. Kamikaze isolate Jigsaw in their corner. Jigsaw pulls down Tozawa’s pants, and Tozawa hits him with a bare-assed hip attack. Akuma and Tozawa continue their attack until Jigsaw avoids an attack in the corner and sends both men to the floor. They catch Jigsaw as he goes for a crossbody, but Quack comes in and hits them with a springboard somersault senton. Quack headbutts Tozawa from the apron to the floor and hits a stereo superkick with Jigsaw on Akuma. Quack and Jigsaw hit a double powerbomb for two. Quack hits Tozawa with the Black Tornado Slam, but Akuma breaks the pin. Quack and Jigsaw double team Akuma. Jigsaw hits a brainbuster, and Tozawa breaks the pin. Quack forearms Tozawa, but Tozawa drops him with a Saito suplex for two. Akuma hits Quack with a spider exploder suplex from the top rope. Tozawa hits the Apron Kara Tozawa and Akuma hits a moonsault for two. Akuma pump-handles Quack into a double knee srike. Tozawa hits a bridging German suplex, and Jigsaw double stomps Tozawa to break the pin. Akuma drops Jigsaw on his knee. He tries for the Yoshi Tonic, but Jigsaw drops him with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 14:11. Things really got great from Quack’s springboard dive till the end. Jigsaw and Quack have really grown as a team and put together another good chapter in their feud with Kamikaze. Tozawa is really fun and I happy to see him in DGUSA. ***1/4

The party is kept short as Shingo Takagi and YAMATO attack Quack and Jigsaw. All four members of Kamikaze give them the boots and are soon joined by fellow stablemate Jon Moxley who cheers his partners on. Kamikaze USA leave with Quack and Jigsaw in pain. Jigsaw tells the camera that the CHIKARA Sekigun are coming for Kamikaze as they head to the back.

We get a clip from “Open the Untouchable Gate” covering Masato Yoshino and Dragon Kid’s match from that show. Kid wins this rematch, and again wants a handshake. Yoshino leaves without shaking his hand. We get an encounter between Speed Muscle (Doi and Yoshino) and Kamikaze (Shingo and Dragon Kid) backstage, and a tag match between the two is set up for the next show.

FIP World Championship
Jon Moxley (Champion) vs. Phil Atlas

Jon Moxley has been champion since April 17th and this is his first defense. He brings out a blonde women who he treats like crap. Atlas takes down Moxley with a few Luchaesque moves, sending Moxley to the floor. Atlas hits a tope con hilo. Moxley shoves his women into Atlas and clotheslines Atlas down. Moxley suplexes Atlas on the floor. Atlas hits a crossbody in the ring for two. Moxley and Atlas exchange chops. Moxley nails Atlas with a lariat for two. Moxley chokes Atlas. Atlas escapes and hits a spinwheel kick for two. Moxley throws Atlas hair first to the mat. Moxley throws Atlas down elbow first and puts on a Fujiwara armbar. Moxley hits a release suplex as he let’s go of the hold. Moxley tries a couple pins, and Atlas reverses one into a crucifix pin for two. Atlas trips Moxley and nails him with an enzuigiri. Atlas hits an arm-capture back cracker for two. Moxley blocks an attack as YAMATO and Shingo Takagi appear ringside. They trip Atlas and bring him to the floor as Moxley ties up the referee. They throw Atlas back in, and Moxley applies a crossface chicken wing. Atlas taps out at 8:51. Moxley has really repetitive offense and doesn’t keep things interesting when he’s in control. Atlas looked pretty good too, but didn’t seem special or worthy of an FIP title shot. **1/2

We get a clip from “Open the Freedom Gate” where Speed Muscle defeated Dragon Kid and Shingo Takagi.

CIMA vs. Jimmy Jacobs

CIMA tries to get control on the mat but fails. Jacobs hits a suplex for two. Jacobs grabs CIMA’s face. CIMA knocks Jacobs down and kicks him in the chest. Jacobs takes CIMA down with an armdrag. Jacobs rolls into a headscissors takedown. Jacobs throws CIMA face first into all four corners. CIMA kicks Jacobs three times in the chest. CIMA stomps on Jacobs’ face after a snapmare. CIMA stretches Jacobs’ back and arms across his knee. Jacobs frees himself. He stomps on CIMA’s mid-section and hit a falling elbow drop for two. CIMA hits a chinbreaker. Jacobs tosses CIMA to the floor and hits a pescado. Back in the ring, Jacobs shoulder strikes CIMA, but CIMA rolls into a double stomp. CIMA hits a slingshot senton. CIMA takes control of Jacobs’ arm. He sits on Jacobs’s shoulder while stretching out Jacobs’ other arm. CIMA rolls up Jacobs for two. CIMA rakes Jacobs’ eyes in the corner. CIMA hits a double knee strike for two. CIMA applies an Octopus stretch. Jacobs hip tosses CIMA and CIMA knocks him down with an elbow strike. CIMA kicks Jacobs in the back. CIMA hits a suplex for two. Jacobs fires up as CIMA lays in some chops. Jacobs chops back and hits a pair of clotheslines. Jacobs hits a neckbreaker for two. CIMA blocks the Contra Code and hits the Superdrol. CIMA hits a Perfect Driver for two. Jacobs counters the Schwein and hits a spear for two. Jacobs counters the Schwein into a Guillotine Choke. CIMA escapes. Jacobs blocks Venus and hits the Contra Code for two. CIMA hits a superplex for two. Jacobs rolls up CIMA for two. CIMA hits a superkick and Schwein for two. CIMA hits the Meteora to score the pin at 15:48. This took some time to heat up, but when things got going these guys had a fun, well-paced battle. CIMA did a good job of being dominant while also making Jacobs look like a worthy opponent. ***

CIMA looks for a handshake, but Jacobs leaves without giving him the satisfaction.

Naruki Doi vs. Masaaki Mochizuki

Before these two can get started, Johnny Gargano comes out in a Quailman shirt and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack. He panders to both men, looking to join either one of their factions (World-1 and Zetsurins, respectively). He tries to entice them by giving them gifts. He tries to give Mochizuki a VHS copy of the Mighty Ducks 2, which Mochizuki refuses. Gargano tries to give him Angels in the Outfield, and again Mochizuki refuses. He then tries Dunston Checks In, but Mochizuki kicks it out of Gargano’s hands. Gargano then turns to Doi and gives him a stuffed frog. Doi pretends to like it but throws it out of the ring when Gargano leaves. Now we get to the match at hand.

Doi breaks a lock-up against the ropes cleanlyn. Mochizuki does the same but kicks Doi in the chest. Mochizuki kicks Doi in the back and chest. Doi knocks down Mochizuki with an elbow strike. Both guys go to the floor. Mochizuki whips Doi into the ring post, and Mochizuki accidentally kicks the ring post. Doi throws Mochizuki back in the ring and targets his attack on Mochizuki’s ankle. Mochizuki kicks Doi off the apron and slams Doi on the floor. Mochizuki drives Doi back first into the ring post and then puts Doi in a half crab. Mochizuki and Doi come back in the ring. Mochizuki reapplies the half crab. Mochizuki avoids an attack and the corner and hits a mule kick. Mochizuki turns Doi back into the half crab. Doi escapes and dropkicks Mochizuki’s leg out. Doi hits the Dai Bosou. Doi applies an ankle lock of his own on Mochizuki. Mochizuki kicks Doi in the face. Mochizuki hits a pair of running boots. Doi blocks a third, but Mochizuki takes out his leg and hits a running kick to the chest. Doi hits a side suplex. Mochizuki hits a running boot in the corner and a boot to the side of Doi’s head. Mochizuki hits a running sole butt for two. Doi looks for a figure four leg lock. Doi traps Mochizuki in the ropes and hits a shotgun dropkick. Doi hits a top rope somersault senton as Mochizuki dangles from the middle rope. Doi hits a shinbreaker and Mochizuki knees him in the face. Doi hits the Bakatare Sliding Kick for two. Mochizuki blocks the Doi 555. Mochizuki hits the Sankakugeri, and then a running mule kick. Mochizuki hits Twister for two. Doi blocks a Dragon suplex and hits the Doi 555. Doi rolls up Mochizuki for two. Doi hits a Bakatare Sliding Kick to the back of Mochizuki’s head. Mochizuki hits the Illusion and an axe kick for the pin at 14:33. This was fantastic stuff. Both guys went for their opponents legs as a lot of each other’s moves are predicated on their legs (Mochizuki kicks a lot, Doi runs a lot). They went tit for tat for the entire match and Mochizuki happened to catch Doi with a succession of kicks to take him down. The fans took some time to warm up, but really dug this by the end. Very good stuff. ***1/2

Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw are backstage. They say they have had enough of Kamikaze, and Quack wants this feud to end.

Maximum Pro Wrestling Showcase
Tyson Dux & Bolen vs. Xtremo & Brad Martin

Dux slaps Xtremo. Xtremo doesn’t back down and trades chops with Dux. Xtremo lays in kicks to the chest and head. Xtremo takes Dux over with a hurricanrana. He slaps Dux and tags in Martin. Martin grabs a wristlock. Dux escapes and chops Martin. Bolen tags in and gets a couple armdrags from Martin for two. Martin chops Bolen after ducking a clothesline. Bolen knees Martin in the gut and tags in Dux. Martin hits a leg lariat and tags in Xtremo. Xtremo hits a running kick to Dux’s head. Martin wheelbarrows Xtremo into a splash on Dux. Dux and Martin talk strategy on the floor. They take Dux back in. Xtremo gets sent to the apron, and from behind Bolen takes out Xtremo’s legs. Bolen and Dux make frequent tags to keep on top of Xtremo. After a couple minutes, Xtremo is able to hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT and tag in Martin. He forearms Dux in the corner. Bolen accidentally clotheslines Dux. Martin takes down Dux and Bolen. Martin takes Dux to the floor with a Cactus clothesline. Xtremo hits a chinbreaker and enzuigiri to send Bolen to the floor. Xtremo dives onto Dux, runs back in the ring, and dives onto Bolen. Dux nails Xtremo with a lariat, and Martin hits Dux with an exploder suplex. Martin puts Bolen in an STF. Xtremo victory rolls Dux into a Muta Lock. Bolen grabs the bottom rope to escape. Bolen hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Martin. Xtremo drops down the top rope, sending Bolen to the floor. Xtremo drops Dux with a DDT. Xtremo misses a 450 splash on Dux. Dux hits the Blu-Ray on Xtremo. Martin and Dux fight for a waistlock. Bolen nails Martin with a right hand. Dux pins Martin and Bolen grabs Dux’s leg to give him leverage. That’s enough to get Dux and Bolen the pin at 11:26. Very good showcase match for both teams. Every guy in this match looks and wrestles like they’re WWE/TNA ready, which is definitely a compliment. Xtremo and Dux stood out the most and I’d like to see more from both in the future. ***

We then cut to clips of Dragon Kid and Masato Yoshino wrestling during the incredible six man main event match from “Mercury Rising”.

2 Out of 3 Falls Match
Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino

This is the last singles match between these two in DGUSA. Kid wins a feeling out process with an armdrag. Yoshino hits a running dropkick. Kid takes Yoshino down with a headscissors. Kid hits a delayed dropkick in the corner. Kid applies an Indian Death Lock. Kid transitions into a Muta Lock. Yoshino escapes and trades overhand chops with Kid. Yoshino hits a back elbow as Kid comes off the ropes. Yoshino applies a rear chinlock and then a headscissors. Yoshino twists on Kid’s arm and pushes down on his neck. Kid grabs the ropes and Yoshino kicks him in the shoulder. Yoshino kicks Kid in the chest and whips him to the corner. Kid kicks him and hits Déjà Vu, which sends Yoshino to the floor. Kid hits the Bermuda Triangle. In the ring, Kid hits a springboard dropkick for two. Kid goes for a second, but Yoshino gives him a throat thrust to stop him. Kid flies in from the apron, but Yoshino drops him face first on the mat. Kid cuts off Yoshino as he heads to the top rope. Yoshino blocks a hurricanrana and hits a top rope dropkick. Yoshino hits the Lightning Spiral to score the first fall at 9:31. Yoshino attacks Kid right away to start the second fall. Yoshino hits the sling blade for two. Yoshino dismissively kicks Kid a few times. Yoshino springboards into the ring and Kid catches him with a dropkick. Kid puts Yoshino in Christo. Yoshino grabs the ropes to escape. Kid places Yoshino on the top turnbuckle. Yoshino brings Kid down with the Avalanche Blade for two. Kid hits a spin kick and Bible to win the second fall at 13:30. They charge at each other to start the third fall, and Kid nails a spinwheel kick. Kid slingshots into an ace crusher for two. Yoshino ducks a 619 and drops Kid with a powerbomb. Yoshino throws Kid to the apron and goes up top. Kid takes Yoshino off with a super hurricanrana for two. Yoshino ducks a super hurricanrana, but Kid turns a suplex into an ace crusher. Kid hits the super hurricanrana for two. Yoshino blocks the Dragonrana and powerbombs Kid. Kid rolls up Yoshino for two. Yoshino hits the Lightning Spiral for two. Yoshino nails a dazed Kid with the Torbellino. He locks in Sol Naciente and Kid passes out at 17:56, giving Yoshino the third fall and the win. There was a time when I was tired of seeing these two wrestle, but they kept me interested throughout the entire match. The clips throughout the show added a good deal of context to the match and their inclusion was worthwhile. You got the feeling that either guy could take the match and Kid’s selling was excellent. I went from being sick of seeing this match to wanting to see it again (perhaps for the Dream Gate championship); that’s good stuff. ***3/4

To wrap things up (for now) in a nice little bow, Dragon Kid and Masato Yoshino finally shake hands. Aww!

We then are shown clips from “Fearless” where Kamikaze USA beat down BxB Hulk.

World-1 (BxB Hulk & PAC) vs. Kamikaze USA (Shingo Takagi & YAMATO)

Shingo backs PAC to the ropes and smacks him in the ribs. Shingo and PAC try to control one another by the wrist. They exchange holds on the mat. Shingo knocks down PAC. PAC headscissors Shingo down and gives him a fallaway dropkick. YAMATO and Hulk tag in. YAMATO knocks down Hulk and Hulk pops right up. Hulk takes YAMATO down with an armdrag. YAMATO side steps a dropkick, but Hulk hits another armdrag and a dropkick. YAMATO cranks on Hulk’s face and brings him to the Kamikaze corner. Hulk hits Shingo with a spinwheel kick and tags in PAC. PAC hits a running forearm for one. PAC hits a corkscrew senton off Hulk’s back onto Shingo, and YAMATO breaks the pin attempt. Hulk snapmares Shingo into a rear chinlock. Shingo chops Hulk and tags in YAMATO. YAMATO gets in some strikes, but Hulk catches him with a big boot. PAC and Hulk hit a side slam/legdrop combo for two. Shingo grabs PAC’s hair to stop a pin and hits a snap suplex for two. Kamikaze beat down PAC and Hulk on the floor. Shingo drops PAC face first on the ring apron while YAMATO uses his Dream Gate championship to beat down Hulk. Hulk fires back with kicks, but Shingo comes over and whips Hulk into the guardrail. Shingo slingshots into a double stomp on PAC back in the ring while Hulk and YAMATO continue to fight on the floor. YAMATO and Shingo wear down PAC in the ring while keeping Hulk at bay. Shingo goes as far as to backdrop Hulk at one point. PAC is able to duck a double clothesline and hit YAMATO with an enzuigiri. He hits Shingo with a springboard dropkick and tags in Hulk. Hulk boots Shingo and hits a YAMATO with a cartwheel into a kick. He boots YAMATO to the floor. PAC dives onto YAMATO with a twist tope. Hulk blocks Shingo’s Mongolian chop and hits a urinage for two. Hulk sweeps Shingo’s legs. Shingo gets his knees up to block a standing moonsault. Shingo hits a gut buster/DDT combo and a senton for two. Hulk hits a spinning heel kick. Shingo catches Hulk in a bear hug, but Hulk escapes. YAMATO kicks Hulk in the back and knocks PAC off the apron. Hulk kicks both Shingo and YAMATO, sending Shingo to the floor. Hulk boots YAMATO and PAC hits him with a springboard crossbody for two. PAC and YAMATO exchange strikes till YAMATO takes out PAC’s leg. PAC kicks YAMATO in the face to block an ankle lock. PAC hits a step-up enzuigiri and a Northern Lights suplex. Shingo breaks the pin attempt. Shingo accidentally clotheslines YAMATO. PAC springboards onto Shingo’s shoulders. He kicks Shingo in the head, and Hulk immediately hits a BxB Star Press. PAC hits a standing corkscrew splash and YAMATO breaks the pin. PAC and Hulk kick YAMATO in the corner. PAC hits a springboard 450 splash and Shingo breaks the pin. Shingo nails Hulk with a hard right hand and a clothesline. Shingo hits an overbomb for two. YAMATO kicks PAC into a waterwheel slam from Shingo. Shingo hits a pop-up Death Valley Driver while YAMATO puts a choke sleeper on Hulk. Hulk blocks Galleria. He hits a jumping overhead kick, but YAMATO drops him with a Saito suplex for two.Hulk and YAMATO trade strikes. Hulk hits Mouse and the EVO for two. Hulk hits First Flash for two. YAMATO punts Hulk in the head and hits a brainbuster for two. YAMATO applies a choke sleeper again. He hits a sleeper suplex. YAMATO hits the Galleria for the pin at 21:02. Kamikaze did a great job playing the jerk heels in this match, capitalizing whenever they got the opening. PAC and Hulk were great foils as they were so over with the crowd. All four of these guys put on a fast-paced, fun match that never got boring. A great main event to cap off a very good show. ****

Masato Yoshino is backstage being interviewed when Jimmy Jacobs passes by. Yoshino wants to know if Jacobs will help BxB Hulk fight Kamikaze USA. Jacobs blows off Yoshino without giving him a definitive answer. Moxley attacks Jacobs in the back. He says that attack was for his running buddy Brian Kendrick, but the match the beating he receives tomorrow night will be strictly for himself.

Bonus Disc

FIP World Championship
Bryan Danielson vs. Matt Sydal

FIP “Year of the Dragon” – Clearwater, FL – 2.17.2006

This is a match from a never released FIP show. Danielson shakes hands, trying to convince the fans that he’s a good guy. Sydal gives Danielson a few armdrags and a step-up headscissors. Danielson goes to the floor and Sydal baseball slides him into the guardrail. Danielson discusses strategy with his manager Dave Prazak and Mr. Milo Beasley, who are ringside. Danielson aggressively twists on Sydal’s arm back in the ring. Sydal hip tosses Danielson out of the corner. Sydal and Danielson switch momentum in a test of strength. Sydal dropkicks Danielson to the floor. Danielson comes back in, asking for another handshake. Danielson tries to stomp on Sydal’s hand, but the crafty Sydal steps on Danielson’s hand instead. Sydal takes Danielson to the mat in a headscissors. Danielson escapes and chokes Sydal on the the ropes. Sydal avoids an attack, and Danielson crotches himself on the middle rope. Sydal hits a scoop slam for two. Prazak grabs Sydal’s leg, and Danielson stomps Sydal out to the floor. Prazak gets in a chop while Danielson distracts the referee. Danielson throws Sydal into the crowd and follows. Danielson tosses Sydal into a grouping of chairs. Danielson looks to do it again, but Sydal reverses and sends Danielson into a grouping of chairs. Back in the ring, Danielson takes Sydal over with a snap suplex. He puts Sydal in the Romero Special. Sydal escapes, and Danielson places Sydal on the top rope. Sydal pushes Danielson off as he tries to come off. Sydal lands on his feet as he comes off, and rolls up Danielson in La Magistral for two. Danielson applies a sleeper hold. Sydal escapes and applies one of his own. Danielson falls back, driving Sydal into the mat. Danielson throws Sydal to the mat where Beasley wipes him out with a senton off the apron. In the ring, Danielson tries a top rope dropkick, but Sydal hits him with a dropkick as he’s coming down. Danielson rolls to the floor and Sydal hits him with a moonsault. Sydal goes up top and hits a crossbody in the ring. Sydal hits two step-up enzuigiri’s and a standing moonsault for two. Danielson crotches Sydal on the top rope and brings him down with back superplex for the pin at 20:44. Really basic stuff, but I really enjoyed what they did. This is somewhat of a different match then you would expect out of these two guys, but it was very enjoyable and Sydal would have come out of this match with more credibility if it were released in the time period it took place. It’s too basic to be anything special, but still quite a fun match. ***

Dragon Kid & King Shisa vs. Susumu Yokosuka & Kenichiro Arai
WrestleJAM 2006 – Kanagawa, Japan – 7.10.2006

Shisha backs Arai to the ropes and breaks cleanly. Arai trips Shisha and grabs a front chancery. Shisha flips out and snapmares Arai into a rear chinlock. Arai armdrags Shisha down, but Shisha runs up the ropes and hits one of his own. Shisha trips Arai to the floor. Kid and Yokosuka tag in. Kid and Yokosuka pick up the pace and Kid comes out of an electric chair into an armdrag. Kid hits a headscissors. Shisha comes in and assists Kid into giving Yokosuka a 619 for two. Kid chops Yokosuka and Shisha hits him with a double stomp. Shisha hits a dropkick for two. Yokosuka fires up as Kid hits him with forearms. Yokosuka knocks him down with a back elbow. Arai double stomps Kid. Arai and Yokosuka team up on Kid in their corner. Kid hits Arai with a spinwheel kick and tags in Shisa. He hits Yokosuka with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kid comes in with a springboard hurricanrana to Arai. Kid ducks under Yokosuka’s clothesline and dives onto Arai on the floor. Yokosuka and Shisha trade overhand chops. Shisha hits a diving headbutt off the second rope for two. Yokosuka hits an exploder suplex for two. Shisha hits a moonsault block for two. Kid hits a spinwheel kick in the corner and Shisha follows up with a lariat. Kid drops Yokosuka with a DDT for two. Shisha drops Yokosuka with a TKO but Arai breaks the pin. Arai kicks Kid in the back as he hits the ropes, spits in his face, and hits a springboard dropkick. Arai hits a suplex. Yokosuka drops Kid with a Death Valley Driver for two. Yokosuka hits Jumbo No Kachi for two. Arai misses a diving headbutt. Shisha armdrags Yokosuka off the top rope. Shisha chops Arai and drops him with a waterwheel slam for two. Arai shrugs off two lariats from Shisha. Shisha drops Arai with a spinning TKO. Kid follows up with a Dragonrana for the pin at 12:41. Fun tag match here. Shisha is pretty out of shape, but the other three guys (especially Yokosuka) put in a lot of effort and it paid off with a fun performance. ***

Naruki Doi & Naoki Tanisaki vs. Masato Yoshino & BxB Hulk
Summer Tag Adventure League III – Hyogo, Japan – 8.23.2009

WORLD-1 EXPLODES! Doi brings Yoshino to the ropes and breaks cleanly. Yoshino runs the ropes and takes Doi to the floor with a headscissors. Yoshino hits a suicide dive. Tanisaki and Hulk trade chops. Hulk and Tanisaki go back and forth quickly. Hulk hits a dropkick. Tanisaki and Hulk trade strikes. Hulk hits an enzuigiri. Yoshino tags in and trades overhand chops with Tanisaki. Yoshino slams Tanisaki, then snapmares him into a figure four headscissors. Tanisaki rolls to the ropes to break the hold. Hulk and Tanisaki trade forearmrs. Tanisaki hits a basement dropkick. Doi tags in and snapmares Hulk into an abdominal stretch. Hulk hits a back elbow on Doi and tags Yoshino. Doi elbows Yoshino in the back of the head and slams him. Hulk comes in and Doi nails him with a back elbow. Doi dropkicks Hulk as Hulk is trapped in the ropes. Tanisaki tags in. He and Doi hit stereo kicks and a double suplex for two. Tanisaki traps Hulk in a single leg stretch. Hulk gets the ropes to escape, but Tanisaki keeps on top of him with strikes and kicks. Hulk escapes an attack from Tanisaki in the corner and hits a springboard dropkick on Doi. Hulk hits a flip fallaway slam on Tanisaki for two. Yoshino tags in and drops Doi with the Sling Blade. Yoshino puts a reverse headscissors on Tanisaki in the ropes. Tanisaki and Yoshino exchange shots, but Tanisaki gets the final strike with a dropkick. Tanisaki puts Yoshino in an Ocotopus stretch. Hulk breaks it. Doi boots Hulk in the chest and gives him a DDT for two. Hulk hits a jumping enzuigiri. He sweeps Doi’s leg. Doi blocks a standing moonsault. Yoshino and Hulk hit tandem kicks on Doi. Yoshino puts Doi in From Jungle, and sunset flips him for two. Doi knocks down Yoshino with a back elbow. Tanisaki and Hulk exchange slaps and chops. Hulk hits a sole butt and Tanisaki hits a leaping knee strike. Tanisaki hits a 2k1 Bomb for two. Hulk kicks both Doi and Tanisaki. Tanisaki catches Hulk’s boot, allowing Doi to dropkick him down. Tanisaki dangles Hulk on the middle rope. Doi hits him with a somersault senton for two. Hulk hits Tanisaki with mouse. Yoshino hits the Torbellino for two. Yoshino hits a top rope dropkick for two. Hulk kicks Tanisaki’s arm and Yoshino hits a second Torbellino. Yoshino puts Tanisaki in Sol Naciente. Doi saves Tanisaki. Doi drops Yoshino with a Rydeen Bomb for two. Tanisaki hits a running knee strike on Yoshino for two. Yoshino blocks Doi 555. Yoshino hits the Torbellino. Doi blocks the Lightning Spiral and hits the Bakatare Sliding Kick. Hulk breaks the pin. Yoshino blocks a Muscular Bomb. Hulk accidentally hits Yoshino with a springboard dropkick. Doi ties up Hulk while Tanisaki drops Yoshino with the Implant. Hulk superkicks Tanisaki to break the pin. Doi drops Hulk chin first on the apron with the Doi 555. Doi hits Yoshino with a Buckle Bomb and the Daibosou. Doi hits the Doi 555 and a Bakatare Sliding Kick. Yoshino blocks the Musuclar Bomb and rolls up Doi for the pin at 16:04. This had a really exciting beginning and ending. All four of these guys being stablemates made this a special, and very fun contest with all four guys showing some of their best stuff. I’d really like to see this again with the faction shuffling going on, as it could possibly surpass this already great match. ***3/4

Masato Yoshino & BxB Hulk vs. Masaaki Mochizuki & Katushiko Nakajima
Summer Tag Adventure League III – Tokyo, Japan – 8.26.2009

Hulk and Nakajima fight for the advantage. A stalemate is reached as both guys go for a dropkick. Mochizuki and Yoshino tag in. Yoshino runs the ropes and dropkicks Mochizuki. Hulk trips Mochizuki as Mochizuki goes to the apron. Hulk works over Mochizuki’s leg in his and Yoshino’s corner. Hulk softens up the leg in the middle of the ring by grapvining them and applying pressure to his knees. Yoshino tags in and also targets Mochizuki’s leg while Nakajima gets antsy on the apron. Nakajima tries to make the save, but Hulk restrains him. Mochizuki escapes World-1’s onslaught. Nakajima comes in. He kicks both Mochizuki and Nakajima, and gives Mochizuki a urinage. Yoshino tags in. He gives Nakajima the sling blade. Nakajima comes off the second rope and eats a dropkick from Yoshino. Nakajima sweeps his legs and nails Yoshino with a running chest kick. Yoshino puts him in From Jungle. Mochizuki comes in to break the hold, but Hulk puts him in an ankle lock. Mochizuki and Nakajima batter Hulk with kicks in the corner. Hulk catches Mochizuki in an ankle lock. Hulk sits down on the leg, but Nakajima breaks it. Yoshino dumps Nakajima to the floor. Mochizuki gives Yoshino a high kick. Mochizuki blocks the Torbellino. Mochizuki and Nakajima pepper Yoshino with running kicks to the face. Hulk breaks a pin attempt. Nakajima hits a superkick. Hulk hits one of his own. Hulk and Yoshino hit Nakajima with a stereo kicks. Hulk hits a springboard spinwheel kick, and Yoshino follows up with a top rope dropkick for two. Yoshino drops Nakajima with the Torbellino. Yoshino locks in Sol Naciente. Mochizuki breaks the hold. Nakajima puts Yoshino in a tree of woe and kicks him in the chest. Nakajima and Mochizuki nail Hulk with three stereo kicks to the back and chest, then some kicks to the chest. Yoshino breaks the pin attempt. Mochizuki misses a corner kick, and Hulk rolls him up while Yoshino rolls up Nakajima. Both men only get two. Mochizuki and Nakajima each hit a kick. Hulk blocks a dragon suplex from each opponent. He hits Nakajima with a jumping enzuigiri. Nakajima and Mochizuki hit him with stereo superkicks. Mochizuki hits Hulk with a dragon suplex for the pin at 13:26. The story of Nakajima saving his partner and then helping him take out World-1 was really nifty. The ending stretch was also fun to see, as Hulk looked like he was going to step up in a big way by taking out the two tough strikers but ended up getting thwarted. Some of the opening heat segment dragged, but the last couple of minutes were really enjoyable. ***1/4

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