EVOLVE 3: Rise or Fall

Rahway, NJ – 5.1.2010

To start off the DVD, we get interviews with the three guys on the show who are undefeated in EVOLVE (a 2-0 record). Jimmy Jacobs says it means that he is the one to beat now in EVOLVE. Brad Allen says being undefeated means he has sorted out his life. Kyle O’Reilly says he’s worked hard to be the top athlete and looks to be 3-0 tonight.

We get a short video explaining EVOLVE’s rules and record system.

We then go to Chuck Taylor and Gran Akuma talking. Taylor says things are going to be different after tonight as he is main eventing an EVOLVE show after only 2 matches, one of which didn’t count on his record. We then see Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli talking backstage, with Hero questioning why Brad Allen was in Ikuto Hidaka’s corner at the last EVOLVE show. Hero and Claudio then talk about each other’s opponents for the night, Bobby Fish and Chuck Taylor (respectively). Fish comes in and talks to them about going back to NOAH and how he looks forward to his match with Hero tonight.

Adam Cole (0-0) vs. Sami Callihan (0-0)

Callihan immediately charges at Cole, splashing him in the corner and laying in some hard shots. Callihan grabs a side headlock. Cole backs Callihan in the corner, but Callihan knocks him down with a shoulder block. Cole catches Callihan with a Northern Lights suplex for two. Cole flips Callihan to the floor, and Callihan catches Cole with a punch as Cole goes for a dive. Cole looks to suplex Callihan off the apron, but Callihan elbows Cole to the floor. He tries a baseball slide, but Cole catches him with a wheelbarrow and suplexes Callihan into the apron. Cole throws Callihan back in the ring and goes up top. Callihan catches Cole with a Rydeen Bomb for two. Callihan pulls up Cole and slams him down with a backbreaker. Callihan locks in a headscissors on the mat. Cole gives Callihan an enzuigiri. Callihan clotheslines Cole onto the apron. Callihan and Cole trade shots, and Callihan boots Cole as Cole is draped on the middle rope. Callihan blocks a full-nelson suplex, but Cole comes back with a springboard DDT. Cole misses a crossbody and Callihan drops Cole with a jump-up side Russian legsweep. Cole fires up as Callihan lights him up with clotheslines. Callihan peppers Cole with slaps and Cole cracks Callihan with an enzuigiri and a sick kick for two. Callihan lays in some shots to Cole’s head then locks in a stretch muffler for the submission at 6:58. This was a great hard-hitting contest to kick things off. Both guys did a good job in their EVOLVE debut. Callihan and Cole both work the style and have the work ethic that EVOLVE promotes, and I look forward to future matches from both guys. **1/2

Ricochet (1-1) vs. Johnny Gargano (1-1)

Ricochet and Gargano look to control the others arm. Ricochet and Gargano each fail to knock each other down with a shoulder block, so Ricochet takes Gargano down with a few armdrag variants. Ricochet cartwheels over Gargano and Tiger Walks him to the apron. Gargano catches Ricochet with a slingshot spear. Gargano puts on an abdominal stretch. Gargano knees Ricochet in the gut, then knees him in the face after a neck snap. Ricochet takes out Gargano’s legs, but Gargano kicks Ricochet away before he can attempt a flip. Gargano sole butts Ricochet to the mat for two. Ricochet gets sent to the apron as Gargano goes to the floor. Ricochet ducks a slingshot spear and hits a quebrada and a spinning front kick for two. Ricochet Tiger Walks Gargano, but Gargano superkicks Ricochet twice for two. Gargano blocks a backslide driver, but Ricochet spins Gargano out into a slam, then pumphandles Gargano into a modified Michinoku Driver for two. Ricochet misses a cannonball senton. Gargano lawn darts Ricochet into the corner and misses a top rope splash. Ricochet goes up top and lands on his feet when Gargano ducks a dive. Ricochet comes off for a quebrada and Gargano dropkicks him. Gargano drops Ricochet with the Hurts Donut and Ricochet gets his foot on the bottom rope. Gargano misses a spear. Ricochet gives him two Northern Lights suplexes. Ricochet hits a shooting star press and Gargano gets his foot on the bottom rope to avoid being pinned. Gargano rolls to the floor, and Ricochet hits a sky twister press on Gargano. Ricochet comes down hard on his knee and writhes in pain on the floor. Both guys get counted out, so the ruling is now the first guy to get back into the ring will be the winner. Gargano pushes Ricochet away and gets in the ring to get the victory at 11:44. This was a stupid finish. If there must be a winner, then don’t have count-outs. How does one guy getting back in the ring before the other prove anything? Aside from that annoyance, these two has a very fun back and forth match that showed just how talented both guys are. For the time given however, the match will be forgotten, which sucks. They also MUST change the ruling about count-outs. Not for this match, but as a general rule in EVOLVE. ***

Lenny Leonard interviews Gargano after the match, asking him how it feels to win the first ever match in EVOLVE by count-out. Gargano says it doesn’t matter how he won, because the record books will show a W either way. Jimmy Jacobs and his entourage come out to listen to his speech. Gargano says Jacobs’ sexuality is questionable and says his win was inspirational. Jacobs points out that Gargano has a loss, which one more than Jacobs has.

We see Jon Moxley pacing around backstage, as audio of Moxley looking over EVOLVE’s rules and sportsmanship policy plays over it. We cut to Moxley reading the rules, which he isn’t a fan of. Moxley says he’s always a little bit better than Drake Younger, his opponent tonight.

WSU Championship
Mercedes Martinez (Champion) vs. Brittney Savage

Savage rams her knees into Martinez’s face. Martinez drop Savage for two, then lays in some kicks. Martinez drops Savage with a brainbuster for two. Martinez cracks Savage in the corner with a mafia kick, then hits a fisherman’s buster for the pin at 1:44. This was about the same as every other Mercedes Martinez match so far in EVOLVE. 1/4*

Lenny Leonard interviews Martinez. Martinez says she’s still thirsty for competition, and issues a challenges Amazing Kong to a future match.

Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) (1-0) vs. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) (0-2) vs. Team Beyond (Chase Burnett & Zane Silver) (0-0)

Burnett runs the ropes to give Kendrick an armdrag. Kendrick responds with one of his own. Burnett hits a backspring elbow, and Kendrick sweeps his legs to hit a twisting standing senton. Silver throws Kendrick to the floor. Lyndon comes in and goes back and forth with Silver. Lyndon headscissors Silver to the corner and then puts him on the apron. Silver brings Lyndon to the corner and Lyndon looks to suplex Silver off the apron. Silver jumps into a DDT on the apron. Lyndon and Kendrick are on the floor, and Cheech & Cloudy jump in the ring to stop Team Beyond from leaping on them. Cloudy wipes out Aeroform, while Cheech puts Team Beyond in a Gory Special/pendulum combo. Up In Smoke put Team Beyond in a tandem Boston Crab till Aeroform breaks it. Lyndon dives onto Cheech on the floor. Silver hip tosses Burnett so that he gives Kendrick a hurricanrana. Burnett gives Kendrick a senton on the apron. Cloudy levels Silver from behind. Silver hops out into a hurricanrana on Lyndon on the floor. Kendrick sends Cloudy to the floor with a springboard dropkick. Kendrick comes off the top rope with a twisting cancun tornado press. Up In Smoke take out Aeroform. Up In Smoke give Kendrick the Tidal Wave and Silver breaks the pin. Burnett wheelbarrows through Silver into Cheech, and Silver superkicks Cheech. Burnett gives Cloudy a running enzuigiri, and Silver kicks Cheech into Cloudy. Team Beyond give Cheech and Cloudy springboard dropkicks, and Lyndon breaks Silver’s pin on Cheech. Aeroform give Silver a double enzuigiri. Burnett kicks Lyndon into Kendrick, but Aeroform sweep Burnett’s leg so that he flies to the floor. Silver eats a palm strike from Lyndon and a Spiral Tap from Kendrick for the pin at 8:18. This was a super fast-paced, fun match in which all three teams put on a stellar performance. Team Beyond showed off in a big way here and I hope to see them in EVOLVE as regulars. Up In Smoke and Aeroform continue to be two of the most underrated teams on the wrestling scene, and I am glad they get the proper showcase in EVOLVE. ***1/4

Aeroform and Up In Smoke jaw-jack in the ring afterwards.

We cut to Chris Dickinson and Kyle O’Reilly training backstage, talking about their respective game plans for tonight. Dickinson hopes he doesn’t go home with an 0-3 record.

Drake Younger (0-0) vs. Jon Moxley (0-0)

The match starts off with a slugfest that spills out to the floor. Back in the ring, each guy trades holds looking for the advantage. Moxley knocks down Younger with a shoulder tackle. Younger takes Moxley over with a pair of armdrags and a scoop slam. Moxley takes Younger over with a headlock. Moxley turns to control Younger’s arm. Younger and Moxley trade chops. Younger ducks a clothesline and drops Moxley with a flapjack. Younger applies a Muta Lock. Moxley escapes and Younger lays in some strikes. Younger hits a lariat in the corner and snaps Moxley’s neck for two. Moxley counters a clothesline with a Boss Man Slam for two. Moxley throws Younger’s arm into the ring canvas. Moxley drops Younger with a piledriver for two. Moxley applies an arm-capture crossface. Moxley looks for a second piledriver. Younger flips through and sends Moxley face first into the corner. Younger hits a reverse Death Valley Driver for two. Moxley lands a chinbreaker, and Younger sends Moxley to the floor. Younger comes off the top rope with a somersault senton. Younger hits a frog splash back in the ring for two. Younger goes for the Drake’s Landing. Moxley blocks and throws Younger down with an arm-capture STO. Moxley continues to work over Younger’s arm. Moxley applies a Fujiwara armbar. Younger slaps Moxley as Moxley goes to the second rope. Moxley bites Younger, and Younger retaliates by biting Moxley and throwing headbutts at him. Younger brings Moxley to the mat with a superplex. Younger hits a half-nelson suplex for two. Moxley O’Conner rolls Younger for two. Moxley hits a release suplex on the floor. In the ring, Younger rolls Moxley in La Magistral. Moxley hops up with a lariat for two. Moxley applies a chicken wing with a body vice. Younger gives Moxley a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. He hits a Michinoku Driver variation for two. Moxley grabs a sleeper, but Younger backs Moxley into the corner to break. Younger rolls through a knee strike and drops Moxley with the Drake’s Landing for the pin at 13:23. These two had a slugfest that at times was sloppy and unrealistic. This should have been more of a action packed, quickly paced brawl, but instead we got a slightly dull match. Seeing these guys wrestle a style you may not expect or see often enough from them could be argued as what EVOLVE is attempting to accomplish. **

Lenny Leonard interviews Younger. Younger says he feels great because he completed step one in staking his claim as one of the top dogs in professional wrestling.

Bobby Fish (0-2) vs. Chris Hero (0-1)

Claudio Castagnoli seconds Hero to the ring. Fish strikes Hero in the face as Hero tries to take the advantage on the mat. Fish lays in knees to Hero’s face. Hero attacks Fish in the corner and snapmares him into a crucifix pin for one. Fish moves to a front-face lock and transitions into a hammerlock on the mat. Fish delivers some kicks to Hero as Hero tries to fight back. He lays in some knees before applying a headlock on the mat. Fish dropkicks Hero to the floor. Fish lays in some more kicks when Hero comes back in, and sends him to the floor with a knee. Fish springboards over the ring post onto Hero on the floor. Back in the ring, Hero hits a flash kick. Hero connects with a forearm, and Fish takes Hero over with a hurricanrana. Fish gives him a belly-to-belly suplex and comes off the top rope with a diving headbutt, which only glances Hero. Fish grabs his knee and rolls to the floor. Hero catches Fish with a kick to the side of the head as Fish comes back in. Hero and Fish trade blows. Fish fires up and gets in a flurry of blows, but a boot to the stomach and a spinning elbow knocks Fish down for two. Hero hits a flash kick for one. Hero nails an elbow and a standing senton for two. Hero knees and kicks Fish in the face. Fish shoves Hero away, but Hero keeps on top of him with hard strikes. Fish suplexes Hero for two. Hero hits some elbows, and Fish turns a rolling elbow into a Falcon Arrow for two. Fish lays in some kicks and forearms. Fish backdrops Hero, but misses a moonsault. Hero picks up Fish in a cravate and cracks Fish with a rolling elbow. Hero hits a running elbow strike and follows with a rolling elbow for two. Fish gets a sole butt, and Hero runs at him with another elbow. Fish hits a leaping knee strike. Hero nails Fish with an elbow. Fish counters the Death Blow with a neckbreaker, and small packages Hero for two. Fish gives Hero a high kick to the head for two. Hero gives Fish an elbow to the back of the head and rolls him up for two. Fish knees Hero in the mid-section while trapping his arm behind his back. Fish lays in knees to the side of Hero’s knees as he goes to the mat. Hero gives Fish a Saito suplex, but Fish fires up and lays in boots to Hero’s chest. Hero nails a rolling elbow and Fish kicks out at one. Hero nails Fish with two rolling elbows, a stomp to the back of the head, and a third rolling elbow for the pin at 14:51. Man, this was awesome. I now want to see Bobby Fish so much more after this match as he put on a career making performance with Hero. He really shined like a star, showing that he won’t back down from a fight and will do whatever it takes to win. I loved the story of Hero relentlessly taking him down when he got the chance with elbows and boots, and Fish firing up until he was assaulted with an unrelenting flurry of rolling elbows. This was a great match from every stand point, and one of the best in EVOLVE so far. ***1/2

Brad Allen comes out to check on Bobby Fish. Hero questions why Allen’s there, saying Allen had nothing to do with this match. Lenny Leonard tries to interview Hero, but Hero bails saying he doesn’t have time for it. Hero says Allen isn’t getting a rub from him, or taking the glory from his match with Fish.

We are informed that Bryan Danielson will be at EVOLVE 4 and EVOLVE 5. Yay!

Hallowicked (0-1) vs. Chris Dickinson (0-2) vs. Brodie Lee (0-1) vs. Gran Akuma (1-0)

Everyone attacks Lee to start. They send Lee to the floor, and Dickinson and Akuma double team Hallowicked. Hallowicked goes to the floor, and Akuma gives Dickinson a Cheetah Swipe for two. Dickinson catches Akuma with a German suplex for two. Akuma avoids a boot and Dickinson blocks a kick from Akuma. Lee boots Akuma to the floor. Lee throws Dickinson overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex. Hallowicked takes Lee down with a step-up Frankensteiner and nails him with a step-up enzuigiri. Hallowicked goes up top, and Akuma runs up to meet him. Dickinson joins them, but Lee picks him up. Dickinson takes him over with a hurricanrana and hits a springboard dive onto him. Hallowicked takes Akuma off the top with a super Frankensteiner. He follows up with a Rydeen Bomb for two as Lee and Dickinson fight on the floor. Akuma gives Hallowicked a tornado DDT for two. Lee suplexes Akuma and Hallowicked at the same time, and Dickinson runs in and rolls up Lee a few times, only to get a two count. Dickinson looks for a triangle choke, but Lee muscles him up and powerbombs him in the corner. Hallowicked gives Lee an enzuigiri, and Dickinson gives Lee a spinning kick. Hallowicked gives Dickinson Go Too Sleepy Hollow, and Akuma drops Hallowicked with a flatliner. Lee thrust kicks Akuma and drops Akuma with a half-nelson suplex. Akuma goes to the floor. Lee blocks a step-up enzuigiri with a Liger Bomb on Hallowicked, and Dickinson breaks the pin. Lee cracks Dickinson with two big boots in the corner. He follows up with the Truck Stop for the pin at 6:15. They fit a lot of action into six minute. It seems like big things are happening for Brodie Lee in EVOLVE and DGUSA, and I for one could not be happier. Everyone else was on point as well and made for a fun, easy watch. **

TJP (0-1) vs. Kyle O’Reilly (2-0)

This is the only match to stray from the “Rise and Fall” format. This match was supposed to occur at EVOLVE 2, but an injury kept TJP off the card. EVOLVE is now delivering on the match they promised last month.

TJP and O’Reilly jockey for position at a rapid fire pace. TJP and O’Reilly slap one another when TJP has O’Reilly’s legs grapevined. TJP pushes O’Reilly’s arms to the mat for a two count. O’Reilly monkey flips TJP, and vice versa. Each guy clamps on a submission, both of which are escaped. Each guy evades a dropkick from one another. TJP looks to grab O’Reilly’s leg as O’Reilly lies on the mat. O’Reilly maneuvers to prevent it, so TJP tries a stomp which he misses. TJP snapmares O’Reilly, and O’Reilly snapmares TJP. O’Reilly lays in a couple kicks and gives TJP a gut buster. O’Reilly hits a springboard knee strike for two. O’Reilly rolls up TJP for two. TJP gives O’Reilly a pair of uppercuts in the corner. TJP hits an enzuigiri, and O’Reilly catches TJP with a mid-air dropkick for two. TJP suplexes O’Reilly and himself to the floor. Back in the ring, both guys trade waistlocks. O’Reilly gives TJP the rolling double underhook suplexes. TJP catches O’Reilly with an ace crusher for two. O’Reilly kicks out TJP’s leg and applies an ankle lock. O’Reilly kicks TJP in the side of the head in the corner. O’Reilly hits a tornado DDT. TJP knee strikes O’Reilly in the head. Each guy hits a high kick and both men go down. TJP and O’Reilly exchange forearms back on their feet. O’Reilly kicks TJP hard in the chest, and TJP turns into a cross armbreaker. TJP turns into a sharpshooter, causing O’Reilly to tap out at 10:03. This was another awesome contest between two fast, hard strikers with a knack for submissions. This really was a perfect pairing and I am so happy we got to see this match happen (especially now that TJP is gone for good). You can see the improvement in O’Reilly from show to show, and I am excited to see just how good he’ll be in a few EVOLVE shows down the line. This was great hold-for-hold counter wrestling that is just so fun to watch. ***1/2

Bobby Fish is backstage on the phone with someone whose identity is unknown to us, trying to justify his loss to Hero.

Jimmy Jacobs’ entourage comes ringside for the next match. That would be Sean Davis, and some tan dude that I can’t identify. Johnny Gargano joins them, as he is buddies with Davis and the tan dude as well.

Jimmy Jacobs (2-0) vs. Brad Allen (2-0)

Each guy goes for their finisher early but gets thwarted. Jacobs rams Allen’s head into the corner and gives Allen a punch to the head. Allen dropkicks Jacobs for one. Allen looks for an armbreaker, but Jacobs gets his foot on the bottom rope. Jacobs headbutts Allen and lays in shots to the head. Jacobs clotheslines Allen down. He misses a boot in the corner, and Allen gives Jacobs a springboard crossbody for two. Allen suplexes Jacobs for two. Jacobs rolls into a satellite headscissors, but Allen throws Jacobs to the floor. Allen confronts Jacobs’ gang, allowing Jacobs to dropkick Allen. In the ring, Jacobs stomps on Allen’s chest before dropping on him with a senton for two. Jacobs gets a two in a crucifix pin. Jacobs grabs Allen’s eyes and again hits a headbutt. Jacobs hits a superman spear for two. Jacobs locks his legs around Allen’s mid-section. Allen backs Jacobs into the corner. Jacobs throws Allen down by his hair. Allen gets his knees up to stop a top rope senton splash from Jacobs. Allen gives Jacobs a urinage slam and hits a twisting springboard senton. Allen blocks the Contra Code with a jumping neckbreaker. He then blocks the Contra Code again, but Jacobs turns into the Guillotine Choke. Allen muscles Jacobs into the corner to free himself and bails to the floor. Jacobs dives onto Allen. Allen catches Jacobs, and Jacobs again applies the Guillotine Choke. Allen picks up Jacobs and drops him stomach first on the floor. Both guys make it back in the ring just before the 20 count expires. Allen and Jacobs trade shots on their knees. Jacobs throws Allen into the corner. Allen gives Jacobs a chin breaker and goes up top. Allen misses a corkscrew plancha, and Jacobs catches him with an ace crusher. Jacobs hits the Contra Code for two. Allen small packages Jacobs for two. Jacobs reapplies the Guillotine Choke. Allen suplexes Jacobs into the corner and drops Jacobs with a torture rack neckbreaker for two. Allen blocks an O’Conner Roll and drops Jacobs with a spinebuster. Allen looks for the deal, and Jacobs counters into the Guillotine Choke to score the submission at 12:17. These two really do seem to be the main faces of EVOLVE, and they solidified it with this match. Each guy worked hard to show how important wins are. Allen has done a great job going from a practical unknown to a solid mid-carder with potential, and Jacobs continues to deliver every show. ***1/2

Chuck Taylor (1-0) vs. Claudio Castagnoli (1-0)

Castagnoli is seconded by Chris Hero. Claudio powers Taylor to the corner and pats him on the face to show his dominance and arrogance. Claudio then deadlifts Taylor and places him in the corner to do the same. Claudio brings Taylor to the mat in a waistlock, and rolls him around. Taylor grabs Claudio’s leg and twists on his ankle. Claudio grapevines Taylor’s legs and stretches Taylor in a bow and arrow. Taylor flips into a pin and gets muscled out to the floor. In the ring, Claudio takes control of Taylor on the mat. Claudio catches Taylor in a monkey flip, and powers him up into a delayed vertical suplex for two. Claudio applies a straight-jacket choke. Taylor floats over and jockeys for position with Claudio. Claudio elbows Taylor in the back multiple times. Taylor goes to the floor, and Claudio comes off the apron with an elbow to the back. Claudio drives Taylor back first into the ring apron, then dives onto Claudio with a suicide dive. Claudio gorilla presses Claudio from the floor, over the top rope, and back into the ring. Taylor catches Claudio as Claudio goes up top. Claudio powers Taylor up to the top rope and knocks Taylor down with a European uppercut. Claudio then dives off the top rope with a European uppercut for two. Claudio gives Taylor a gut-wrench suplex for two. Claudio sits back on Taylor with a Camel Clutch variation. Claudio gives Taylor a belly-to-back suplex for two. Taylor blocks a second and gives Claudio a quebrada for two. Claudio suplexes Taylor and continues to focus his attack on Taylor’s back. Claudio connects with some shots, and Taylor responds with a dropkick. Taylor goes through Claudio’s leg and gives him a belly-to-belly suplex. Claudio knocks Taylor down with a hard clothesline. Claudio looks for the Ricola Bomb, and Taylor blocks with the Sole Food. Claudio goes to the floor. Taylor looks for a pescado. Claudio catches Taylor, and tilt-a-whirls Taylor with a slam onto the ring apron. In the ring Claudio hits a flying crossbody for two. Claudio nails Taylor with a running European uppercut in the corner. Taylor places Claudio on the top rope and looks for the Awful Waffle. Claudio fights out, and Taylor tries a sunset flip. Claudio holds on and gives Taylor a Giant Swing. Claudio turns into a Boston Crab and Taylor grabs the ropes to break. Claudio blocks a U.F.O. and looks for a Cross Crab. Claudio kicks Taylor away and then throws him into the corner. Claudio sends Taylor to the floor with a hard right punch. Claudio muscles Taylor up to the second rope, and Claudio gives Taylor the Swiss Chin Music. Claudio looks for a top rope Ricola Bomb, but Taylor blocks it and pushes Claudio to the apron. Taylor hits a springboard dropkick to send Claudio to the floor, then follows up with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Taylor applies a Cross Crab after ducking the Swiss Chin Music. Claudio rolls Taylor up into the U.F.O. Claudio applies an STF. Claudio drives Taylor into the corner once Taylor escapes. Taylor dropkicks Claudio’s leg out and gives him a hurricanrana. Taylor superkicks Claudio and drops him with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Taylor hits a second superkick for two. Claudio hits the Swiss Chin Music and Taylor kicks out at one. Claudio hits a lariat for two. Claudio deadlifts Taylor into a German suplex for two. Taylor catches Claudio with a backslide for two. He moonsaults into a small package for two. Claudio hits the pop-up European uppercut. Taylor blocks the lariat and drops Claudio with the Awful Waffle for the pin at 19:40. This was a fantastic main event to top off a very solid, fun EVOLVE show. Claudio and Taylor are two guys I think are tremendously underrated and this match drives home that point. Sure, people know they’re both good, but I don’t think fans really appreciate just how good both guys are. These two put on a really fun, tremendous showing and I think it was great way to cap off the show. ****

Lenny Leonard interviews Chuck Taylor in the ring. He mentions how Taylor started out in a Qualifying match, and how he’s undefeated after defeating one of the top athletes in the world. Taylor says things are going to change in EVOLVE, and he’s about to set his own rules.

Backstage we see Jimmy Jacobs sarcastically telling Adam Cole how spectacular his debut in EVOLVE was. Jimmy’s entourage and Johnny Gargano come out and tell Jacobs to come out and party. Jimmy tells them he isn’t happy with how much of jackasses they acted like in the crowd. Jacobs says they’re too much and that he’s going to go home now and watch EVOLVE 2 to see him beat Gargano once again. Sean Davis suggests they go see what Chuck Taylor is up to. Cole sits pensively to end the DVD.

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