Dragon Gate USA: Uprising

Mississauga, ONT – 5.8.2010

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard & Leonard F. Chikarason

Johnny Gargano is backstage. He says that he is hottest prospect for the Dragon Gate stables to recruit. He says he’ll be watching tonight’s show, scouting which faction he’d most like to join.

Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Akira Tozawa

Mochizuki backs Tozawa to the ropes and breaks cleanly. Tozawa backs Mochizuki and chops him in the chest. Mochizuki kicks out Tozawa’s legs and kicks him in between his shoulderblades. Tozawa ducks a kick and dropkicks Mochizuki to the floor. Tozawa dives onto Mochizuki. Mochizuki knee strikes the ring post by accident. Tozawa tosses Mochizuki back into the ring and targets his attack on Mochizuki’s knee. Mochizuki sweeps Tozawa’s legs on the apron, then kicks him to the floor. Mochizuki hits a shinbreaker on the apron. Mochizuki hits a running kick to Tozawa’s knee as Tozawa’s legs are tied up in the ropes. Mochizuki applies a grapevine ankle lock, and Tozawa grabs the ropes to escape. Mochizuki kicks Tozawa in the chest, and Tozawa nails Mochizuki with a hip attack. Tozawa misses the Apron Kara Tozawa, but then hits a senton splash. Mochizuki hits a yakuza kick in the corner. Mochizuki hits a running kick to the chest for two. Mochizuki hits a kick out of the corner. Tozawa blocks Mochizuki’s Twister with a German suplex for two. Tozawa ducks a kick and rolls up Mochizuki, but Mochizuki gets up and hits a sick kick. Mochizuki hits the Ikkakugeri for two. Mochizuki hits the Shin Saikyou High Kick for the pin at 9:47. The fans were hot for this match, and Tozawa was oozing charisma the entire time. Mochizuki was also his usual great self, and these two had a fun tit-for-tat match-up to open the show. ***

Leonard F. Chikarason and Lenny Leonard run down some of tonight’s card backstage.

Tyson Dux vs. Gran Akuma

Fellow Kamikaze member Jon Moxley accompanies Gran Akuma. Dux and Akuma fight for a wristlock. Dux trips Akuma into a headlock. Akuma rolls into a pin for two. Akuma shoots Dux off the ropes and takes him down in a headlock. Dux skullf*cks Akuma into the canvas. Akuma hits a sole butt. Dux ducks the cheetah swipe. Akuma counters a sliding elbow with a crucifix pin for two. Dux and Akuma trade forearms and kicks. Akuma kicks Dux’s leg out and turns him into a half crab. Akuma kicks away at the inside of Dux’s thigh. Akuma applies pressure to Dux’s legs on the mat. Dux escapes and drops Akuma with a back suplex onto his head. Dux gives Akuma a few chops. Dux hits a DDT for two. Akuma hits a fallaway boot and a snapmare driver for two. Dux hits a superplex. Akuma O’Conner rolls Dux for two. Both guys go back and forth with pin attempts. Akuma catches Dux with an Oklahoma roll and holds his tights for the pin at 7:48. These two made a good pairing for each other. Dux is a lot better than most people who are brought in for FRAY’s and whatnot. Both guys looked good, but the finish took the wind out of my sails. **1/2

No Disqualification Match
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley

Moxley brings a woman with him to the ring. He throws her into Jacobs then takes to him with strikes. He chokes Jacobs on the middle rope. Jacobs shrugs off a kick and hits a lariat. Moxley beats down Jacobs in the corner. Jacobs then stomps Moxley down in the corner. Moxley knocks down Jacobs with a back elbow. Jacobs sends Moxley to the floor. Moxley sweeps Jacobs’ legs on the apron. Moxley stretches Jacobs’ head and arms on the ring post. Jacobs pulls Moxley head first into the ring post. Jacobs chases Moxley’s woman, but runs into a punch from Moxley. Jacobs throws a plastic trash can at Moxley’s face. Jacobs dives onto Moxley on the floor and puts him in a Guillotine choke. Moxley crotches Jacobs on the barricade and hits him with some thundersticks. Jacobs dives from the crowd onto Moxley. Jacobs brings a wrench into the ring, but Moxley chokes Jacobs with it. He twists the wrench on Jacobs’ nose. Jacobs ducks an attack and stabs Moxley in the forehead with the wrench for two. Moxley looks to back Jacobs into the corner, but Jacobs slips into the Guillotine Choke. Moxley transitions into a release suplex. Moxley blocks the Contra Code. Jacobs hits a springboard ace crusher. Jacobs misses a spear. Moxley hits a Boss Man slam for two. Moxley tries an F5, and Jacobs counters into another Guillotine Choke. The woman comes in and rakes Jacobs’ face to break it. Jacobs spears the woman by accident when he tries to spear Moxley. Moxley applies a crossface chicken wing. Jacobs escapes and hits the Contra Code. Shingo Takagi and YAMATO come in and attack Jacobs, allowing Moxley to pin him at 10:46. This was pretty basic for a brawl, but they certainly got across that they really hate each other. This helped strengthen Kamikaze USA and establish them as the top heel group in DGUSA. I look forward to what’s forthcoming in this feud. **3/4

Kamikaze USA continues to attack Jacobs. BxB Hulk runs in to make the save. Hulk offers Jacobs a World-1 t-shirt, asking him to join their faction. Jacobs brushes Hulk off, denying the offer.

World-1 (Naruki Doi & PAC) vs. CHIKARA Sekigun (Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw)

PAC and Quack fight for the advantage on a wristlock. Quack takes PAC over with a blend of Lucha rolls and mat wrestling. PAC and Quack but on a fun sequence which PAC wins with a hurricanrana and dropkick. PAC sunset flips Quack, and Jigsaw flies in with a crossbody. Quack assists Jigsaw with sending PAC to the floor. Doi comes in and the CHIKARA duo double teams Doi. Jigsaw and Doi now go back and forth, ending in a standoff. Doi wrenches on Jigsaw’s arm and tags in PAC. PAC hits a springboard legdrop and locks on a figure four headscissors. Doi comes in and applies a figure four at the same time. PAC hits a corkscrew press. Quack comes in and takes out PAC and Doi. Quack hits a senton and Jigsaw follows with a doublestomp for two. The CHIKARA team take over, keeping PAC grounded and concentrating on doing damage to his arm. PAC escapes and tags in Doi. Doi sets up Quack and Jigsaw in the corner and hits them both with the Dai Bosou. Quack and Jigsaw retreat to the floor, and PAC follows with a springboard corkscrew moonsault. Back in the ring, Doi sends Quack to the apron. Doi elbows and dropkicks a trapped Quack in the chest. Doi hits a somersault senton as Quack dangles on the middle rope. Doi drops Quack with a Rydeen Bomb for two. PAC hits a standing corkscrew press and Jigsaw breaks the pin. PAC slingshots into an ace crusher on Jigsaw for two. Jigsaw counters a springboard clothesline and hits an enzugiri and the Mad Scientist bomb. Doi makes the save. Doi blocks a strike from Quack and gives him a flurry of rapid fire open hand chops to the face. Quack gets an elbow and sunset flips Doi into an enzugiri from Jigsaw. Quack mule kicks Doi, and Jigsaw hits a brianbuster for two. Jigsaw cracks PAC with a running dropkick and puts him up top. Jigsaw dives over Doi and rolls into a superkick. Jigsaw hits a bridging German suplex pin on Doi, but PAC hits Jigsaw with a shooting star press to break the pin attempt. Quack gives PAC a shotei and the Quackendriver III. Doi breaks the pin and eats a superkick from Jigsaw. PAC gives Jigsaw an enzugiri, and a shooting star dropkick to the back. Doi hits the Doi 555 and the Bakatare Sliding Kick for the pin at 15:35. This was a very fast-paced fun match that showed off some of the best of either team. The CHIKARA Sekigun have really shown they can hang with Dragon Gate’s best. Doi and PAC are incredible and I hope PAC becomes a frequent competitor in DGUSA. ***3/4

Quack puts over World-1, while putting down YAMATO at the same time. Quack mentions how last night YAMATO jumped him and Jigsaw after their match with Akira Tozawa & Gran Akuma. Quack tells YAMATO (who is now coming out from the back) how he needs to rally his troops so that Kamikaze USA and the CHIKARA Sekigun can finish their issue once and for all. Fellow Kamikaze members Akira Tozawa and Gran Akuma attack Quack and Jigsaw from behind. YAMATO joins the fray, and just like one the first DGUSA show, YAMATO gives Quack a low blow. YAMATO gives Jigsaw one as well for good measure. Kamikaze USA leave with their heads held high as Quack and Jigsaw lick their wounds.

Jimmy Jacobs is standing in an empty room, yelling at Jon Moxley that he wants him again. Jacobs says he will take out Moxley and Kamikaze USA by himself.

Rip Impact vs. Johnny Wave

These are two guys who impressed the Dragon Gate office in a seminar that took place before this show. Unfortunately for them, Brodie Lee runs in and attacks both of them before the match can get started. Lee says he’s the biggest and baddest wrestler in DGUSA, and he will take on anyone at anytime. No one comes out to accept a fight from Brodie.

We cut to Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw backstage…in the bathroom? Quack reiterates that he wants a full confrontation match between the CHIKARA Sekigun and Kamikaze USA.

WARRIORS (CIMA & Dragon Kid) vs. Kamikaze USA (Shingo Takagi & YAMATO)

Kid and YAMATO kick the match off. Kid wins the opening exchange with a headscissors takedown. CIMA and Shingo tag in, and Shingo wins that exchange with a suplex. YAMATO tags in and helps Shingo take down CIMA. Kid helps out CIMA by double stomping YAMATO’s arm. Kid works over YAMATO’s arm. CIMA tags in and sends Kid into YAMATO with a 619. They each hit a back senton on YAMATO. Shingo breaks CIMA’s submission on YAMATO. Shingo hits a Mongolian chop. Kid tags in and stretches out Shingo’s legs with CIMA. The WARRIORS bring Shingo to the floor, where CIMA double stomps Shingo as he is perched on the barricade (Kid was holding Shingo’s legs). In the ring, Kid dropkicks Shingo in the corner. Shingo cuts him off and tags in YAMATO. YAMATO dropkicks Kid, and CIMA stops the pin. YAMATO hits a running forearm in the corner for two. YAMATO whips Kid into the barricade on the floor as Shingo distracts the referee. Kid gets isolated from CIMA, but Kid takes Shingo down with a headscissors and tags in his partner. CIMA puts YAMATO in a step-over toe hold, and suplexes Shingo to add more pressure. Kid and CIMA hit a 619/dropkick combo on Shingo. Kid hits Shingo with the Bermuds Triangle. CIMA rolls through a sunset flip and stomps on YAMATO. YAMATO hits a shoulder block. CIMA pops up and hits Superdrol. He hits the Perfect Driver for two. YAMATO applies a choke sleeper. CIMA counters with a Saito suplex. YAMATO puts it back on when CIMA goes for Schwein. Kid breaks the hold. Kid puts Shingo in Christo. Shingo counters with a side slam. Kid hits a springboard stunner for two. Shingo catches Kid and gives him a one-armed powerbomb. CIMA breaks the pin and double stomps YAMATO as YAMATO is heading to the top rope. CIMA misses the Tokarev. YAMATO and Shingo maul CIMA in the corner, and Shingo hits the Gallon Throw for two. YAMATO hits the brainbuster, and Kid saves CIMA from being pinned. Shingo gives CIMA a gut buster. Kid stops Shingo as he goes up top, and CIMA hits him with Venus. Kid hits a super hurricanrana, but YAMATO breaks the pin. Kid hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT, and Shingo nails Kid with the Pumping Bomber. CIMA superkicks Shingo into the Bible from Dragon Kid for the two count. Shingo blocks a hurricanrana and hits Kid with a Death Valley driver. CIMA hits a guillotine DDT. YAMATO spears CIMA. CIMA blocks Galleria. He and YAMATO trade waistlocks and because of it, Shingo accidentally hits YAMATO with a clothesline. Kid hits Shingo with an ultra hurricanrana for two. Shingo drops Kid with Made in Japan for two. Shingo hits the Stay Dream off the second rope for the pin at 22:50. Kid and Shingo have such great chemistry together, and I’m excited to see their singles match from September. Every show seems to have that one match that really blows people away, and this was it. The fans lived and died with WARRIORS and Kamikaze did such a great job playing their heel roles. Would you expect much less from these four? ****

CIMA helps Dragon Kid to the back.

We cut backstage to Johnny Gargano, who is gushing over the last match. He doesn’t know their names, calling them “japanese guys”. He seems excited for the main event. Speaking of…

Open the Freedom Gate Championship
BxB Hulk (Champion) vs. Masato Yoshino

Both guys feel each other out to start. Hulk hits an armdrag and dropkick. He snapmares Yoshino into a stretch. Hulk hits a somersault senton for two. Hulk hits a hard roundhouse kick for two. Yoshino applies the Coumori. Yoshino works on Hulk’s arm, hitting a splash. Yoshino dropkicks Hulk in the lower back. Yoshino locks Hulk’s arm and wraps his leg around Hulk’s head on the mat. Hulk gets the rope to break. Yoshino double stomps Hulk’s arm as Hulk stands up. Hulk cartwheels into a spin kick. Hulk side-steps Yoshino and hits a springboard dropkick. Hulk sweeps Yoshino’s leg and hits a senton for two. Yoshino hits the sling blade for two. Yoshino misses a top rope dropkick, but puts Hulk in From Jungle instead. Hulk rolls through a sunset flip and kicks Yoshino in the head. Hulk hits the BxB Star Press for two. Yoshino evades a moonsault and drops Hulk with the Ude Yoshino for two. Yoshino hits a top rope dropkick for two. Hulk blocks the Lightning Spiral, but Yoshino slaps Hulk a few times and hits it anyway for two. Yoshino hits the Torbellino. Hulk counters Sol Naciente with a jackknife cradle for two. He hits an enzuigiri and the FTX for two. Hulk brings Yoshino to the top rope. Yoshino pushes Hulk off, and Hulk hits a spinwheel kick. Hulk hits an avalanche EVO for two. Yoshino gets a quick roll up for two. Hulk hits Mouse and superkicks Yoshino in the side of the head for two. Hulk hits the EVOP for the pin at 14:50. This was a fun main event pitting two stablemates together, but nothing special or momentous. Hulk looks strong beating one of the top guys in Dragon Gate, but I think that he could have looked much stronger if this match had picked up the speed. ***1/2

Jon Moxley comes out, saying Kamikaze USA has shown they’re the most dominant faction. Moxley says they’re coming for Hulk’s belt. With that, Shingo Takagi and YAMATO come out and attack Hulk. Jimmy Jacobs comes in and fights Moxley to the back. CIMA comes out with a broom, bringing out Gran Akuma and Akira Tozawa to attack him. Dragon Kid comes out and helps CIMA send all of Kamikaze USA packing. Where were the CHIKARA Sekigun? CIMA thanks the fans and promises a return to Canada. We’re alerted that Masaaki Mochizuki is the #1 Contender to BxB Hulk’s title, and he’ll get that shot at DGUSA’s First Anniversary show in July.

Bonus Disc

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Cheech vs. Cloudy vs. Brodie Lee vs. Xtremo vs. Brent B. vs. Anthony Fiasco vs. Phil Atlas

O’Reilly and Atlas start off. Atlas gets in a few strikes in the corner. O’Reilly kicks Atlas all over and sweeps the leg for two. O’Reilly kicks him in the back for two. O’Reilly and Atlas trade forearms. Atlas hits a superkick and O’Reilly responds with a lariat. Xtremo enters and takes out both opponents. Xtremo sends them to the floor and suicide dives Atlas into the barricade. In the ring Xtremo gives Atlas a crossbody for two. O’Reilly kicks Xtremo, and Xtremo lands a hurricanrana for two. Xtremo hits a running kick for two. Cheech enters and takes down Atlas and O’Reilly simultaneously. He hip tosses all three opponents in succession. O’Reilly hits a Saito suplex on Cheech. A sequence of moves knocks all four guys down. Cheech and Atlas battle in the corner while O’Reilly and Xtremo exchange kicks. Brent B. enters. He wipes out all four opponents with a crossbody. Brent hits a diving shoulder tackle, then rolls into a kick to O’Reilly. Brent dives onto Cheech and O’Reilly on the floor. Xtremo drops Atlas with a DDT. Xtremo misses a 450 splash. Atlas gives him a pump-handle back cracker for the pin and elimination at 7:44. Brent hits a leg lariat on Atlas. Cloudy enters and sends Brent face first to the corner with a headscissors and follows up with a double knee strike. Cheech and Cloudy team up to take down O’Reilly and Atlas. They nail Brent with Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. They follow up with the Tidal Wave to eliminate Brent at 9:15. O’Reilly kicks out Atlas’ legs and puts him in an ankle lock. Atlas taps out and is eliminated at 9:40. Brodie Lee enters and annihilates O’Reilly, Cheech, and Cloudy. O’Reilly kicks Lee down to one knee. Lee nails him with a lariat and a big boot. Lee follows up with a Running Liger Bomb to eliminate O’Reilly at 10:50. Cheech dropkicks Lee to the floor after Lee misses a big boot. Cloudy dives onto Lee. Anthony Fiasco enters last. Fiasco hits Cheech with a slingshot senton. He hits Cloudy with a sole butt. The camera cuts to the wrestlers on the floor, meaning Fiasco probably screwed something up. Lee big boots Fiasco and eliminates him at 13:02. Cheech and Cloudy team up against Lee, nailing him with a superkick/enzuigiri combo. Lee clotheslines both men down. Lee cracks Cheech with a big boot for the elimination at 13:42. Lee catches Cloudy with the Truck Stop for the pin at 13:59. There was very little excitement to be had in this match. Lee looking dominant was excellent, and O’Reilly and Up In Smoke carried their end of the bargain, but the other guys didn’t do much to impress. Anthony Fiasco also has the most appropriate name in the history of wrestling. **

Shingo Takagi vs. Matt Sydal
FIP Fallout 2006 – Brooksville, FL – 10.13.2006

Shingo is accompanied by Dave Prazak and DP Associate members Bryan Danielson, Cyber Kong, and Milo Beasley. Shingo takes Sydal down in a headlock. Sydal grabs Shingo’s leg, but Shingo counters into an armbar. Sydal and Shingo exchange leg submissions. On their feet, Sydal fails to knock down Shingo with shoulder blocks. Shingo and Sydal each hit an armdrag. Sydal sends Shingto to the floor with a spinwheel kick. Sydal hits a legdrop back in the ring for two. Sydal applies a headscissors and Shingo grabs the ropes to break it. Sydal hits a corner lariat. Sydal slingshots into a double stomp in the corner for two. Shingo fires up and spins Sydal around in a chokehold. Shingo slams Sydal for two. Sydal hits a series of punches. Cyber Kong trips Sydal as he hits the ropes. Beasley and Kong assault Sydal and throw him back to Shingo. Shingo hits a gut buster into a DDT for two. Shingo applies a sharpshooter. Shingo transitions into a crossface, which Sydal escapes by reaching the ropes. Sydal hits an enzuigiri. Sydal escapes a wheelbarrow suplex and takes down Shingo with a headscissors. He hits a dragon sleeper legdrop for two. Shingo DDT’s Sydal as Sydal dangles from the second rope. Shingo hits a second rope knee drop for two. Shingo kicks Sydal away, but Sydal takes Shingo off the middle rope with a hurricanrana for two. Sydal misses a shooting star press but lands on his feet. Cyber Kong comes in the ring, but accidentally clotheslines Shingo. Shingo hits Sydal with a neckbreaker. Sydal tries a crucifix pin but only gets two. He pins Shingo with an inside cradle for the pin at 13:37. This was a fun bout, and a neat look back at Shingo and Sydal earlier in their careers. They’ve both come a long way, but even during this time they were two awesome talents. ***

Susumu Yokosuka vs. Austin Aries
WrestleJAM 2006 – Tokyo, Japan – 7.12.2006

Aries and Yokosuka trade holds on the mat. Yokosuka gets on a headscissors which Aries finally escapes from with a pop-up dropkick. Aries hits a knee strike, then does a second one in slow motion. Yokosuka evades that one and knocks Aries down with a shoulder block. Yokosuka dropkicks Aries’ knee out. Yokosuka cranks on Aries’ knee. Yokosuka dropkicks Aries’ knee in the corner. Yokosuka stomps on Aries’ knee repeatedly. Aries misses an enzuigiri and Yokosuka gives him a pair of shin breakers. Aries grabs the rope to escape an Achilles tendon hold. Aries hits an STO and the power drive elbow. Aries ducks a clotheline and hits one of his own. Aries hits a slingshot corkscrew press for two. He hits a quebrada for two. Yokosuka backs Aries to the corner to block the brainbuster. Yokosuka throws Aries into the corner with an exploder suplex for two. Aries hits a sole butt and side slam for two. Yokosuka small packages Aries for two. Aries hits a lariat for two. Aries goes up top, but Yokosuka throws him off with an exploder suplex. Aries hits a shin breaker/suplex combo. Aries nails the IED for two. Aries hits a rolling elbow for two. Aries finally hits the brainbuster and goes up top. He nails a 450 splash for two. Yokosuka nails the Jumbo no Kachi for two. Yokosuka hits the Yokosuka Cutter and the Mugen for two. Aries shrugs off a lariat and hits one of his own. Yokosuka hits one, and then hits the Jumbo No Kachi for the pin at 13:36. These guys really turned things up a notch in the home stretch and had the fans going. Aries did a good job tending to his knee every so often to keep things believable. Now that Aries is in DGUSA, I’d love to see a rematch. ***1/4

Shingo Takagi & YAMATO vs. Masaaki Mochizuki & Katsuhiko Nakajima
Summer Tag Adventure League III – Tokyo, Japan – 8.26.2009

Shingo’s hair is especially awesome for this match; red Mohawk with a red pattern on one side of his head. Mochizuki and YAMATO go to the mat looking for control. Mochizuki kicks away at YAMATO’s chest. YAMATO shrugs them off, put Mochizuki punches YAMATO in the face to knock him down. Nakajima and Shingo tag in. Nakajima hits some kicks, and Shingo knocks him down with a Pumping Bomber for two. Shingo drops a knee for two and tags in YAMATO. Mochizuki gets knocked off the apron as the KAMIKAZE duo work over Nakajima, targeting his legs and back for the most part. Nakajima finally takes down Shingo and tags in Mochizuki. Mochizuki and Nakajima give Shingo multiple kicks to his arm. YAMATO grabs Mochizuki’s leg, allowing Shingo to come over. Mochizuki rolls Shingo an armbreaker. YAMATO comes in, but Nakajima neutralizes him and places an armbreaker on Shingo’s other arm. Shingo and Nakajima go strike for strike. Shingo hits the ropes and Mochizuki catches him with a kick to the back. Mochizuki and Nakajima again unleash a flurry of kick to Shingo. Shingo fires up and lands a double suplex. YAMATO tags in and is immediately double teamed by Mochizuki and Nakajima. YAMATO spears Nakajima. Mochizuki and YAMATO go back and forth, and YAMATO drops him with a backdrop driver and applies an ankle lock. Mochizuki gets the rope to escape. Mochizuki gives YAMATO and Shingo a high kick. YAMATO takes out Mochizuki’s leg and pins him for two. Nakajima hits a double reverse STO. He hits YAMATO with an enzuigiri and kicks Shingo in the corner. Nakajima hits a running knee strike and a delayed dropkick. Nakajima places Shingo on the top rope and kicks him in the chest. Shingo avoids a double stomp and pops up Nakajima into a Death Valley Driver. Shingo hits a couple lariats and Made In Japan for two. Nakajima victory rolls Shingo for two. Nakajima blocks the Bloodfall and Mochizuki and Nakajima nail Shingo with stereo kicks to the head. Mochizuki keeps switching waistlock positions with YAMATO and Shingo accidentally hits YAMATO with a lariat. Nakajima hits a lariat and German suplex on Shingo for two. Mochizuki nails Shingo with a Shin Saikou High Kick and YAMATO breaks the pin. YAMATO eats a flurry of stereo kicks. Mochizuki and Nakajima hang Shingo and YAMATO in opposite corners. They each hit running kicks to their opponents. Shingo escapes a second and nails Mochizuki with the Stay Dream from the second rope. Mochizuki doesn’t budge as Shingo and YAMATO hit him with lariats. It takes a lariat/spear combo to take Mochizuki down for a two count. Mochizuki blocks the Galleria. Mochizuki hits a dragon suplex and a kick to YAMATO’s head. Shingo comes in and nails Mochizuki with the Pumping Bomber, and Nakajima breaks the pin. YAMATO drops Mochizuki with Galleria for two. Shingo and Nakajima exchange stirkes and kicks. Shingo nails a lariat, and Nakajima drops him with a Saito suplex. YAMATO hits Mochizuki with a flurry of forearms. Mochizuki punches and kicks YAMATO in the head. YAMATO applies a sleeper hold. Shingo puts Nakajima in a triangle choke to prevent him from breaking the hold. Mochizuki passes out at 19:25. This was a spectacular finish to the tournament. The match was worked so well, with both teams doing their best to break every pinfall and taking any opening they could to double team their opposition. .The fans were going wild during the finishing stretch and the finish with Kamikaze trapping both of their opponents in submissions was cool. A fantastic bonus match, and it shows just how well Shingo and YAMATO work as a tandem. ****

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