The 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Night One

During the weekend of November 20th to the 21st, 16 professional wrestlers gathered in Florida for the 2009 Jeff Peterson Cup. This edition was set to be the precursor to EVOLVE, Gabe Sapolsky’s brand new wrestling company that’s set to debut on January 16th, 2010. Four different companies are represented in this tournament: Full Impact Pro (FIP), AAW, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), and Hybrid Pro Wrestling. Each company has four participants in the tournament, and will be identified as to which company they represent.

There is no commentary, entrances, or non-tournament matches included on the DVD.

The show opens with all sixteen participants being called out one by one, and taking the ceremonial picture with the trophy. Jon Moxley distances himself in the back. Drake Younger and Davey Richards get in a small shoving match to build tension for the main event.

Before each match, both competitors in the match cut a promo about their match with mr. Shannon Rose.

First Round
Louis Lyndon (Hybrid) vs. Marion Fontaine (Hybrid)

A lock-up leads Fontaine to blast Lyndon with a punch in the corner. Lyndon hits a forearm from the apron, comes off the top, and exchanges armdrags with Fontaine. Fontaine grabs a hammerlock and brushes the back on Lyndon’s head. Lyndon uses the ropes to escape. He wheelbarrows into a snapmare. Fontaine takes Lyndon over with an armdrag, then Lyndon uses the ropes to hurricanrana Fontaine. Lyndon sends Fontaine to the floor with a dropkick. Lyndon teases a pescado but lands on the apron. Fontraine pushes Lyndon back in the ring. Fontaine evades a pescado, and takes Lyndon back in the ring. Fontaine works over Lyndon on the mat. Lyndon tries to come back, but Fontaine ducks a spinwheel kick and goes right back to beating on Lyndon. Fontaine brings Lyndon to the floor and hits him, looking for the count out. Lyndon comes in from the apron looking for a backslide. Fontaine escapes, and Lyndon crossbodies into a small package for two. Fontaine boots Lyndon for two. Fontaine snapmares into a chin lock. Lyndon comes back with forearms, and Fontaine catches him with a strike to the back of the neck. Lyndon hits a flurry of strikes and kicks. Lyndon hits an enzugiri for two. Fontaine takes Lyndon down and hits a frog splash off the top for two. Lyndon sends Fontaine to the apron and bicycle kicks Fontaine out to the floor. Lyndon sentons through the middle and top rope to the outside. Back in the ring, Lyndon escapes a headlock and rolls Fontaine up for two. Fontaine and Lyndon trade shots. Lyndon blocks a clothesline and takes Fontaine down with a hard palm strike for the pin. This was a good singles match to start the tournament off on a positive note. I hadn’t seen a lot of either guy, but I certainly liked what I saw. It was basic, simple, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the match went a little too long. **1/4

First Round
Chris Jones (FIP) vs. Johnny Gargano (AAW)

Gargano throws his denim vest at Jones, so Jones throws it over the entrance stage. Gargano checks to make sure it’s okay. They lock wrists vying for the advantage. Jones roll through and grabs a top wrist lock. Gargano mares Jones into a headlock, and Jones turns into a hammerlock. Gargano punches Jones in the face. Jones pops out of the corner and armdrags Gargano into an arm bar. Gargano gets to his feet and dropkicks Jones. They trade stikes. Gargano throws Jones face first into the corner. Jones and Gargano go back and forth with rolls, leapfrogs, pop-ups, and all sorts of other fun. Jones armdrags Gargano to the corner. Jones takes the corner onto the apron. Gargano runs at him, and Jones drops down to allow Gargano to go to the floor. Jones and Gargano keep popping in and out of the ring looking to dive on one another. Gargano catches Jones with a slingshot spear to end the sequence. Gargano sends Jones chest first into the corner. Jones tries to fight back, but Gargano drops Jones chest first across his knee to cut him off. Jones rolls-up Gargano for two. Gargano mows him down with a clothesline, followed by a pair of senton splashes. Gargano punehes Jones directly in the mid-section multiple times. Gargano sends Jones to the floor. Jones pops onto the apron. Gargano cuts him off and places him on his shoulders. Gargano drops Jones face first onto the ring apron. Gargano brings Jones back in the ring and heads to the top rope. He misses a splash as Jones rolls out of the way. Jones hits a flurry on punches and a leg lariat. Jones throws Gargano into two corners of the ring. Gargano sole butts Jones in the gut and looks for a Niagra Driver. Jones kicks Gargano away and comes off the second rope with a moonsault into a DDT for two. Jones and Gargano go to the ropes. Gargano dropkicks Jones crotch first on the second rope, and brings him to the mat with the Overdose. Gargano follows with a top rope frog splash for two. Both men go on the ropes again, and Jones twists into a top rope hurricanrana for two. Jones goes up and misses a skytwister press. Gargano rolls him up and grabs the tights to score the pinfall. Both these guys looked great and put on a hell of a fun match. Jones is another guy I haven’t seen too terribly much of but he has a load of potential. Gargano’s star continues to rise in a fantastic performance. ***

First Round
Dave Cole (Hybrid) vs. Silas Young (AAW)

Young grabs a headlock. Cole tries to escape by pulling Young’s hair, but to no avail. Cole twists into a hammerlock. Young cartwheels into a wristlock. Cole snapmares Young to his feet, and gets a hammerlock. Cole crucifixes Young for two. Young backslides Cole for two. Young and Cole have a back and forth sequence ending in a stalemate. Cole slaps Young. Young chases Cole to the floor. Back in the ring, Young slaps Cole. Young gets sent to the apron and clotheslines Cole down. Young slingshots into an ace crusher. Cole lands a Manhattan Drop, and then drops Young stomach first on the top rope. Cole stomps on Young and then sends him back first into the corner multiple times. Young lays in some punches, but Cole catches him with an overhead suplex as he comes off the ropes. Young small packages Cole for two, and gets clotheslined for his troubles. Cole chops Young before sending him off the ropes. Young sunset flips Cole. Cole blows a snot rocket on Young and drops an elbow for two. Cole stretches Young across his knee. Young rams his knee into the side of Cole’s head to escape. Young lands a chinbreaker before slamming Cole’s face into the corner. Cole sole butts Young and goes to the top rope. Young catches a DDT and tosses Cole overhead to the mat. Young drops Cole across his knee, then clothesline him for two. Young comes off the middle ropes and is caught with a boot from Cole for two. Cole looks for a Tiger Driver which Young turns into a jackknife pin for two. Cole rolls through and hits the Tiger Driver with an elbow for two. On the top rope Cole looks for the Tiger Driver again. Young throws him off, and follows with a crossbody for two. Young looks for the Finlay roll and Cole rolls him up for two. Cole applies a crossface. Young escapes but eats a boot from Cole. Young lands the Finlay Roll, then headstands off the ropes into an Arabian Press for the win. Another fun match, but not as exciting as the previous match. I really like Silas Young and think he’s evolved into a great wrestler. Cole was good too, but he certainly didn’t do much of anything to impress me or die to see more of him. **1/2

First Round
Brad Attitude (FIP) vs. Jon Moxley (CZW)

Moxley rolls to the floor and circles the ring. He jaw-jacks with the camera man and Attitude. Moxley pushes Attitude, which Attitude replies with a slap to the face. An intense lock-up leads to Moxley knocking Attitude down with a shoulder block. They trade waistlocks and Moxley grabs a headlock. Attitude and Moxley go back and forth, and Attitude takes Moxley down with an armdrag into an armbar. Attitude wrenches the arm. Moxley elbows Attitude in the back of the head. Moxley lays in some chops and a forearm to his back. Attitude lays in some chops of his own. Moxley rams his shoulder into Attitude’s mid-section. Attitude hopes off the top rope with a crossbody. Moxley evades a dive in the corner, and Attitude goes to the floor. Moxley backrakes Attitude. Moxley works over Attitude’s arm. Attitude gets up, kicks Moxley in the face, and clotheslines him to the floor. Moxley brings Attitude to the floor and elbows him in the face. Moxley wraps Attitude’s arm on the ring post and stretches it out. Attitude hits a baseball slide back in the ring, and dives on Moxley with a tope con heilo. Attitude throws Moxley back in the ring. Attitude goes up top, and Moxley crotches him. Moxley rams his forearms across Attitude’s face multiple times. Moxley stomps on Attitude’s arm. Moxley applies an armscissors and then pulls back Attitude’s arm over his head. Attitude tries to fight back, only to eat a DDT by Moxley for two. Moxley cuts of Attitude. Attitude jumps up and dropkicks Moxley down as he comes off the ropes. Attitude sends Moxley into the corner, then catches him with a neckbreaker off the ropes. Attitude hits a rope assisted senton on Moxley for two. Attitude sends Moxley to the corner. Moxley hops out and nails Attitude with a clothesline for two. Moxley heads up top and misses an elbow drop. Attitude comes off the top with a twisting crossbody which Moxley kicks out of at two. Moxley grabs Attitude’s arm and drops his knees across them. Oxley rams Attitude’s arm in the corner, then brings Attitude down in a crossface chicken wing. Attitude taps out. This was another good match. Attitude had some good looking stuff, but he is awfully vanilla. He reminds me a lot of a babyface, brown haired Dolph Ziggler in terms of his look and wrestling style. Moxley is great because he’s a very captivating fellow and did a great job. **3/4

First Round
Shane Hollister (AAW) vs. Flip Kendrick (Hybrid)

Hollister brings Kendrick to the mat with a waistlock and paint brushes the back of his head. Hollister mocks him. Hollister wrenches on Kendrick’s arm. Kendrick and Hollister exchange wristlocks. Kendrick gets the upperhand by sending Hollister to the floor with a deep armdrag. Hollister comes back in with some hard strikes. Kendrick comes right back and springboards off the second rope with a dropkick. Hollister sends Kendrick to the opposite corner. Kendrick gets placed on the apron, and slingshots in with a hurricanrana. Kednrick takes Hollister down with a drop toe hold and dropkicks Hollister in the side of the face. Kendrick goes up top and gets crotched by Hollister. Hollister dropkicks Kendrick to the floor. Hollister rolls to the floor and trades forearms with Kendrick. Hollister grabs Kendrick, and spins him out face-first into the ring apron. In the ring, Hollister clotheslines Kendrick back first onto his knee. Hollister stretches Kendrick. When he escapes, Hollister kicks Kendrick in the head and pins him for two. Knedrick tries to fight up, but Hollister refuses to let him. Hollister knees Kendrick in the gut and sends him to the corner. Kendrick sweeps Hollister into a backdrop, and hits a senton for two. Kendrick hits a package pilderiver to the side for two. Hollister lands a chinbreaker. Kendrick flips off Hollister in the corner, and Hollister flies out with a flying boot. Hollister runs at Kendrick, who drops to the bottom rope. Hollister hits the floor. Kendrick goes on the apron and hits a springboard Cancun tornado press. In the ring, Hollister blocks an attack with a drop toe hold into the corner. Hollister kicks Kendrick and drops him head first across his knee. Hollister drops Kendrick with an inverted DDT/elbow drop combo for two. Hollister goes up top. Kendrick gets his knees up to block a frogsplash. Kendrick goes up top and hits a twisting senton, but Hollister gets his foot on the bottom rope. Kendrick looks for a suplex. Hollister knees Kendrick in the back of the head. Hollister hits a leg capture facebuster on Kendrick and follows up with a sole butt to the head of Kendrick for the win. Hollister reminded me of Davey Richards in early 2007 in this match, with the short tights, explosive offense, and random yelling at the fans. I mean that all positively by the way. Kendrick is a very good flippy wrestler who I wish to see more of. **3/4

First Round
TJ Perkins (FIP) vs. Arik Cannon (AAW)

Cannon sledges Perkins in the back after a handshake. Cannon brings Perkins to the corner and rams his shoulder into Perkins’ stomach. Perkins catches himself in the ropes, sending Cannon to the floor. Cannon comes back in. Perkins lands a manhattan drop and a spinwheel kick. Cannon comes back with some chops. Cannon dives a kick to he head and lands another chop. Perkins goes under Cannon’s leg and hits a neckbreaker for two. Perkins lays in the offense in the corner. Cannon brings Perkins out on his shoulders. Perkins turns it into a sunset flip for two. Perkins sends Cannon to the floor with a rana. Perkins fakes a dive and comes off the apron. Cannon catches Perkins and rams him back first into the corner. Cannon chops Perkins. He goes for a second, puts Perkins ducks and Cannon chops the ring post. In the ring Perkins comes off the top with a crossbody for two. Perkins throws Cannon’s hand into the mat a couple times, then stretches Cannon’s arms out while twisting his neck. Cannon maneuvers Perkins to his feet into the corner. Cannon elbows Perkins in the face. Cannon chops Perkins before tossing him back in the corner. Perkins grabs Cannon’s head with his legs and slams his face first to the corner. Perkins misses a dropkick in the corner, hanging on the ropes. Cannon dropkicks Perkins square in the back. Cannon hits a delayed vertical suplex for one. Perkins tries to boot Cannon. Cannon catches him, swings Perkins legs on the ropes, and catches him with a back cracker. Arik lands a snap beck breaker for two. Perkins fights up and Cannon goes to the eyes to cut him off. Perkins sunset flips Cannon. Cannon rolls through with both men back to their feet. Cannon blasts Perkins with an enzugiri for two. Cannon chokes Perkins with his boot. Cannon stretches Perkins out on the mat in an Octopus variation. Perkins fights out. Perkins comes off the ropes looking for a rana, but Cannon powerbombs him in the corner. Cannon follows with a fisherman’s suplex for two. Cannon looks for another delayed suplex. Perkins knees Cannon in the head, and drops Cannon with a suplex of his own. Perkins hits a Baisaku knee to Cannon, sending him to the floor. Perkins follows with a dive through the middle ropes and slams Cannon face first in the corner. Perkins lays in some hard kicks to Cannon’s chest. Cannon whips Perkins into the corner. Perkins hops out and hits a jumping neck breaker for two. Perkins lays on Cannon, and Cannon crucifix pins him for two. Cannon looks for a Death Valley Driver. Perkins escapes but is met with a spinebuster. Cannon lands a clotheslin for two. Perkins ducks a second clothesline. Cannon blocks the neck breaker. Cannon lands his infamous punch and the Total Anarchy. Perkins ducks the Glimmering Warlock and applies a sharpshooter. Cannon taps out. This was an awesome match between two of the most underrated guys in the independents today. It sucks FIP doesn’t put out their DVDs with great expediency anymore, cuz I bet they’re riddled with awesome Perkins matches. Cannon continues to be underutilized and overlooked, but hopefully EVOLVE will give both these guys a lot more exposure. ***1/2

First Round
Scotty Vortekz (CZW) vs. Egotistico Fantastico (CZW)

Both men lay in real hard strikes to show what CZW is about. Vortekz hits a spinwheel kick before sending Fantastico to the floor with a clothesline. As Vortekz dives out, Fantastico catches him with a boot to the face. Fantastico brings Vortekz around ringside with strikes. Vortekz comes back with some strikes of his own before being thrown into the crowd. Fantastico places Vortekz on a chair. Fantastico grabs his cape and flies over the guardrail with an elbow to Vortekz. Fantastico lays in a few chops to Vortekz as he lays against the ring. Fantastico throws Vortekz face first into the corner. He lays in the ten punches in the corner and follows with a dropkick. Fantastico places Vortekz on his shoulders. Vortekz blocks and hits a Japanese armdrag and twisting kick to Fantastico’s face. Vortekz and Fantastico go back and forth, and Vortekz lands a standing moonsault for two. Fantastico headbutts Vortekz in the mid-section. Vortekz snapmares Fantastico over into a chin lock. Fantastico hits Vortekz in the stomach to escape. Fantastico comes off the ropes but is met with a dropkick. Fantastico kicks Vortekz in the chest a few times. Fantastico hits an enzugiri for two. They brawl on the floor for a bit, till Fantastico brings Vortekz back in for the win. Fantastico looks for a Cop Killer. Vortekz hits the Gonorrhea and La Magistral’s Fantastico for two. Fantastico trips Vortekz and looks for the rolling Taco Pizza (or Mexican surfboard). Fantastico flips Vortekz out onto his face. Fantastico places Vortekz on the top rope and follows. Vortekz headbutts Fantastico to the floor. Vortekz comes off the top rope with a moonsault press that only brushes Fantastico. Vortekz and Fantastico trade shots in the ring while on their knees. Fantastico slams Vortekz on his stomach. He goes up top and gets cut off by Vortekz. Vortekz hits the Dragon Fly off the rope and Fantastico still kicks out. Vortekz lays in forearms and punches. Fantastico catches him with the Cop Killer for the win. This was different from everything else thus far, and was quite good. Fantastico is great with a gimmick that seems goofy but just works, kind of like Generico. Vortekz brought the goods as well, and both seemed inspired to put on a good match for themselves and CZW. **3/4

First Round
Drake Younger (CZW) vs. Davey Richards (FIP)

Both men comes out demolishing each other with strikes and kicks. They reach a stalemate after stereo dropkicks. Richards goes to Younger’s knee, and Younger rolls into a pin attempt. They lock wrists and Younger grabs a waistlock. Richards turns looking for an armbar and Younger makes it to the ropes. They trade hammerlocks and wristlocks. Richards applies pressure to Younger’s arm. Younger grabs Richards’ leg and twists on his ankle. Richards grabs Younger’s legs but Younger grabs the ropes before any real damage can be done. Richards and Younger fire each other up with kicks to the small of each others back. They trade forearms again. Younger dropkicks Richards to the floor. Richards comes back and applies a side headlock. Richards comes off the ropes knocking down Younger. Younger gives Richards a series of armdrags ending in an armbar. Richards lays in shots to Younger in the corner. Younger back body drops Richards out of the corner. Younger sends Richards to the floor with a clothesline. Younger rolls with a senton off the apron to Richards. Younger and Richards exchange chops on the floor. Younger brings Richards back into the ring and pins him for two. Younger suplexes Richards for two. Richards avoides a double stomp from Younger. Richards slams Younger to the mat with a dragon screw. Richards keeps on Younger’s legs, stretching him out and kicking away. Younger fights back with some chops. Richards dives right back at Younger’s knee. Younger grabs the ropes. Richards kicks Younger in the corner. Richards places Younger up top. Younger headbutts Richards to the mat. Younger misses a frog splash allowing Richards to apply a cloverleaf. Younger escapes. Younger makes a comeback with a dragon suplex. Richards misses a kick allowing Younger to plant him with an inverted Death Valley Driver for two. Richards goes to the apron. Richards dragon screws Younger’s legs in the ropes. Richards comes off the top with a dropkick to Younger’s chest. Richards lays in the boots to Younger’s chest. Richards comes off the ropes with a backflip into a kick to the face. Younger and Richards trade waistlocks, with Younger sending Richards to the floor. Younger looks for a tope, but Richards jumps up and kicks him. Richards hits a jumping forearm, a solebutt, and a big boot in the corner before bringing Younger out with a bridging German suplex for two. Richards calls for the DR Driver. Younger pushes Richards into the corner and lays in some chops and punches. Richards headbutts Younger before placing him on the top rope of the corner. Younger and Richards exchange headbutts. Richards brings Younger off the top rope with a suplex. Both men trade strikes, with Richards laying in a series of boots to Younger’s head. Richards comes off the ropes and is caught with a leg capture belly to belly suplex for two. Younger looks for Drake’s Landing. Richards elbows his way out and kicks Younger in the face. Younger hits Richards as he goes up top. Younger places Richards on his shoulder and hits a top rope Cradle Shock for two. Younger again goes for Drake’s Landing. Richards slides off his back and evades a knee. Younger catches Richards with a boot. Richards pops up Younger for the alarm clock and a clotheslines. Richards hits the DR Driver, and Younger kicks out! Richards turns into the cloverleaf once again. After much struggling, Younger taps out. This was a good main event, but I don’t think it was as good as a lot of people expected. Sure, the two hit each other had, but I think the best hard hitting stuff was towards the beginning of the match and they lost the crowd somewhere in the middle. This was good, but could’ve been much better were it paced a little better. ***1/4

Richards hands the CZW title to Drake as a sign of respect. Younger thanks the fans on behalf of all four companies for coming out, and says they’re just getting started.

Overall: Night One was a good show. Nothing was bad, and it was cool to see some of these younger guys get deserved exposure. It sucks the crowd was so small, but at least they were vocal and hot for the majority of the show. I can already tell you that buying both nights for $20 (or if you were lucky enough to attend EVOLVE’s first show, free) is already a bargain.

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