The 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Night Two

During the weekend of November 20th to the 21st, 16 professional wrestlers gathered in Florida for the 2009 Jeff Peterson Cup. This edition was set to be the precursor to EVOLVE, Gabe Sapolsky’s brand new wrestling company that’s set to debut on January 16th, 2010. Four different companies are represented in this tournament: Full Impact Pro (FIP), AAW, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), and Hybrid Pro Wrestling. Each company has four participants in the tournament, and will be identified as to which company they represent.

There is no commentary or non-tournament matches included on the DVD. There are only entrances for the semi-final and final round matches.

Just like night one, the quarter-final matches are preceded by promos by the participants in the match.

Quarter-Final Round
Egotistico Fantastico (CZW) vs. Davey Richards (FIP)

Richards runs right at Fantastico, who ducks and takes Richards down with a pair of armdrags. Fantastico comes off the ropes. They both leapfrog, and Fantastico backflips over Richards. Fantastico dropkicks Ricards to the floor. Fantastico comes out and beats Richards around the ringside area. Fantastico places Richards on a chair in the crowd and grabs his cape. Fantastico runs to where Davey is, but when he dives over the guardrail, Richards catches him with a kick to the ribs. Richards chokes Fantastico with his cape and then throws him over the guardrail. Richards kicks Fantastico before throwing him back in the ring. Fantastico works up his way up with punches, but Richards stops him with a dragonscrew. Richards stalks Fantastico and chooses to target his leg. Fantastico tries to fight up and gets kicked to the floor with a sole butt from Richards. Richards stretches Fantastico’s leg once back in the ring. Richards targets Fantastico’s leg while mocking him and the fans. Fantastico fights back with a kick to Richards mid-section. Fantastico suplexes Davey for two. Fantastico tries to keep the advantage but Davey nails him with an enzugiri to turn the tide. Richards hits the running elbow and sole butt in the corner. He misses a kick to Fantastico. Fantastico dropkicks Davey in the corner and applies the Taco Pizza. Fantastico hits a Death Valley Driver for two. Davey dropkicks Fantastico’s leg out. Fantastico bocks a kick, but gets pulled off the ropes and kicked in the mid-section. Richards locks on the cloverleaf but Fantastico gets the ropes. Richards goes up top and gets cut off. Fantastico climbs up and gets knocked off by Richards. Fantastico hopes up and brings Richards to the mat with a hurricanrana for two. Fantastico looks for the Cop Killer. Davey flips up to his shoulders, sunset flips, and locks the cloverleaf in. Richards drags Fantastico to the middle of the ring, and he is forced to tap out. This crowd is already way better than the crowd from last night, and this opening match was a great way to get things started. Fantastico is good and I am glad he’s a Midwest standby for ROH these days. What else can I say about Richards that a billion people haven’t said already? **3/4

Quarter-Final Round
Shane Hollister (AAW) vs. TJ Perkins (FIP)

Nice to see Hollister wearing Tyler Black’s old shorts. Perkins grabs a waistlock which Hollister turns into a wristlock. Perkins and Hollister go back and forth to a point where I can’t type. Needless to say, it was fun. Perkins takes Hollister to the mat with a waist lock. Perkins wraps Hollister’s arm around his neck, then stretches Hollister across his shoulders. Perkins works on Hollister’s arm. Hollister rolls through a whip to the corner and knees Perkins in the face. Perkins hops over Hollister and hits a neck breaker for two. Hollister flips up and takes Perkin’s down with an armdrag. Hollister lands a stunner and follows with a kick to Perkins head. Hollister lands a slingshot elbow drop for two. Hollister butterflies Perkin’s arms. Perkins tosses Hollister off the ropes, and Hollister knocks him down. Perkins trips Hollister and locks him in a sharpshooter variation. Hollister quickly grabs the ropes to escape. Perkins kicks Hollister in the chest before getting sent to the ropes. Perkins lands like a spider in a web on the ropes and fakes out Hollister. Hollister comes off the top with a dropkick sending Perkins to the floor. Hollister follows with a dive to Perkins. In the ring, Hollister is sent to the apron by Perkins. Hollister kicks Perkins and comes off the top. Perkins drops to his back and puts both feet up to catch Hollister in the face with. Hollister ducks a spinwheel kick and comes back with one of his own and a baisaku knee. Perkins catches Hollister as he comes off the tope and locks in the sharpshooter variation again. Hollister escapes. Perkins drops Hollister with a brainbuster. Hollister schoolboys Perkins for two, and then kicks Perkins in the side of the head for another two. Perkins schoolboys Hollister for two. Both men trade strikes coming off the mat. Hollister picks up Perkins and drops him head first across his knee. Perkins ducks a kick and tries for an armbar. Hollister wiggles free, so Perkins again applies the sharpshooter variation. Hollister taps out, and Perkins advances to face Richards later. TJ Perkins is seriously my favorite wrestler right now after watching his two matches in this tournament. How every U.S. independent wrestling company doesn’t have him booked for every show is beyond me; he’s so good. Hollister has also transformed into a better wrestler since I last saw him in the summer, and you can tell that Tyler Black and Davey Richards influence him. ***1/4

Quarter-Final Round
Johnny Gargano (AAW) vs. Louis Lyndon (Hybrid)

Gargano attacks Lyndon while Lyndon is posing on the ropes. Gargano chokes Lyndon with his vest. Gargano whips Lyndon off the ropes. Lyndon takes Gargano over with a two-handed mare. Gargano hits Lyndon with a sole butt. Gargano pops Lyndon to the apron. Lyndon punches Gargano and comes in with a hurricanrana. Lyndo hits a dropkick, sending Gargano to the floor. Gargano cuts off Lyndon from the top rope. Gargano jumps over Lyndon, and Lyndon knocks him down when he comes to his feet. Lyndon misses a splash in the corner. Gargano spits in his face and hits a rope-assisted back cracker. Lyndon looks to fight up and Gargano kicks him in the ribs while mocking him (Gargano put on his headband and afro). Gargano snapmares Lyndon and applies a headlock. Lyndon elbows Gargano in the stomach and lays in the punches. Gargano comes back with some of his own. Lyndon kicks Gargano with a sole butt. Gargano hits the ropes, and Lyndon nails a flying forearm. Gargano whips Lyndon to the corner. Lyndon backflips out and Gargano kicks him down. Lyndon backflips out of a clothesline and backslides Gargano for two. Gargano gets hit with a kick from Lyndon as he comes off the ropes. Gargano goes to the apron where Lyndon elbows him in the face. Gargano slingshots back in with a spear. Lyndon armdrags Gargano back to the apron. He springboards with a karate chop that sends Gargano to the floor. Lyndon goes up top and lands a moonsault to the floor. In the ring, Gargano catches Lyndon with a dropkick to the gut as he comes off the ropes with a moonsault! Gargano hits a Michinoku driver for two. Lyndon schoolboys Gargano for two. Lyndon kicks away at Gargano. Gargano lays in a superkick, and Lyndon gives him a knee to the face. Gargano ducks the palm strike and rolls up Lyndon with a handful of tights for the win. This was a little slow to begin with, but the last few minutes were excellent. Gargano is a shining star, and worked well with Lyndon, who is a little green. Still, good stuff here. **3/4

Quarter-Final Round
Silas Young (AAW) vs. Jon Moxley (CZW)

Moxley attacks Young before the introductions finish. Moxley chokes Young with his CZW shirt. Moxley tosses Young to the apron. Young hops over Moxley’s back and clotheslines Moxley to the floor. Moxley violently brings Young out and knocks him down with a punch. Moxley throws Young face first into the side of the ring and then the ring post. Moxley bites Young in the head before throwing him back into the ring. Young trips Moxley and tries for a Boston crab. Moxley blocks it, and he and Young go back and forth on the ropes. Young takes Moxley to the apron with a headlock. Moxley turns it into a headscissors. Young flips backwards into a Boston crab. Moxley kicks Young to the ring apron. Young hits him in the face, and slingshots into an ace crusher on a seated Moxley. Moxley drops Young face first in the corner. Moxley brings Young to the floor. Moxley lays in some chops and Young replies with one of his own. Moxley throws Young back in the ring after a sledge to the back. Moxley kicks at Young’s arm. Young avoids a slam. He clotheslines and slams Moxley. Moxley applies a crossface chicken wing. Young backdrops Moxley and applies a full nelson on the mat. Moxley pins Young for two. Moxley wrenches an armbar on Young. Young blocks another chicken wing attempt. Young twists Moxley into the Boston crab who then turns it into a headlock choke. Young uses the topes to escape. Moxley throws Young to the apron by his hair and Young falls to the floor. Young comes back in and Moxley again throws him by his hair to the mat. Moxley twists Young’s neck a couple times before dropping him with a neck breaker for two. Moxley applies the Last Chancery, and twists into a headscissors. Young escapes and Moxley catches him with a dropkick. Moxley cranks at his neck again. Young pushes Moxley to the corner and misses a back splash. Moxley pulls Young’s legs. Young flips to his feet and gets met with a punch. Young turns an O’Conner roll into a Dragon sleeper. Silas slams his elbow into Moxley’s face before pushing him away. Young gets a big boot on Moxley for two. Moxley escapes the Finlay roll and goes up top after snapmaring Young. Young side steps the dropkick and sunset flips Moxley for two. Moxley boots Young in the face and goes up top. This time he lands the dropkick and a DDT for two. Moxley slams his forearms into Silas’ face before looking on a headlock with a body scissors. Young fights out to his feet, and Moxley catches him off the ropes right back into the headlock. Young grabs the ropes to escape. Moxley runs face first into the corner. Young hits him with an enzugiri. Moxley turns the Finlay Roll into the crossface. Young immediately escapes. He hits the Finlay Roll into the headstand Arabian press for the win. This was a good match, but holy cow did it go on for way to long. You could have cut out a lot of Moxley’s headlock stuff and it would’ve been so much better. Shave off five minutes and it would’ve been much better. As it is, it was merely good. **1/2

Semi-Final Round
TJ Perkins (FIP) vs. Davey Richards (FIP)

Perkins brings Richards to the ropes. Richards blocks a kick. Richards brings Perkins to the ropes, and Perkins ducks one of his kicks. Perkins goes for Richards’ leg, but Richards blocks and rolls Perkins over. Perkins and Richards vie for the advantage and reach a stalemate. Richards goes to Perkins’ leg. Perkins rolls onto Richards’ back and rolls forward into a cross arm breaker for two. Perkins gets an armbar. Richards slams Perkins, but he drags the arm and keeps the hold. Richards pops up and suplexes Perkins into a side headlock. Richards turns into the stretch muffler. Perkins escapes and goes back to working on Richards’ right arm. Perkins slips off a slam attempt and arm drags Richards right back into that armbar. Perkiins dropkicks Richards and armdrags him down again. Perkins captures Richards’ arm in his leg and punches Richards a couple times in his kidney. Perkins stretches Richards Richards’ other arm. Richards gets to his feet and kicks Perkins in the chest. Richards gets in a shoving match with the referee. Richards lays in a ton of kicks till Perkins falls onto the ring apron. Perkins kicks Richards in the head and comes off the top rope with a body block. Perkins rolls up Richards for two. Richards and Perkins exchange strikes, including stereo kicks to the face and to the side of the head. They get back to their feet and continue the strikes. Richards brings Perkins down with a dragon screw, and Perkins responds with a superkick. Perkins elbows Richards in the head. Richards pops up Perkins for the alarm clock. Richards hits a German suplex with a bridge for two. Perkins turns it into a Kimura lock, then a cross arm breaker. Richards turns Perkins over into the cloverleaf. Perkins cradles Richards for two. Richards hits a sole butt. Perkins turns a powerbomb into his sharpshooter variation. Richards kicks Perkins away. Perkins butterflies Richards’ arms. Richards pushes Perkins to the corner and punches him in the stomach. Perkins kicks Richards in the face. Richards throws Perkins into the corner. Richards catches Perkins as he goes for a headscissors and hits the tombstone piledriver. Richards turns a failed pin into the Kimura Lock. Perkins taps out and Richards goes to the finals. Wow, this was really awesome. The two MVP’s of the tournament thus far meet for another fantastic match. Perkins was in the best match of night one, and so far he’s in the best match of night two also. ***1/2

Semi-Final Round
Silas Young (AAW) vs. Johnny Gargano (AAW)

Gargano attacks Young as he’s slapping hands with the fans. Gargano bites Young and tosses him back in the ring. Gargano clotheslines Young as he comes off the ropes. Gargano whips Young hard into the corner. Young kicks Gargano in the gut, and Silas flips out of the corner. Young slams Gargano. Young biels Gargano to the apron. Young lays in some elbows and catches Gargano with a DDT off his slingshot spear. Gargano and Young trade chops. Young punches Gargano to the apron. Young looks for a suplex, but Gargano slingshots over. Young catches Gargano with a suplex for two. Young catches Gargano’s boot and eats an enzugiri. Gargano kicks Young in the head and drops him with a brainbuster for two. Gargano evades the Finaly Roll, and Young evades the Uniquely You. They trade blows. Gargano takes Young to the corner and follws in with an elbow. Young picks up Gargano, drops him across his knee with a back breaker, and then clotheslines Gargano as he’s seated on his leg for two. Young picks up Gargano. Gargano slides off, dropkicks Young in the corner, and brings him out with the Overdrive for two. Young and Gargano roll around the ring looking for a small packages victory. Gargano rolls up Young while holding the tights for two. Young trips Gargano and locks on a full nelson stretch. Gargano surprisingly taps out. Well, that was shorter than expected. Because of it, the match didn’t have a whole lot of substance to it and was certainly not as awesome as these two can do. **

2009 Jeff Peterson Cup Tournament Finals
Silas Young (AAW) vs. Davey Richards (FIP)

Richards pushes Young to the floor and misses a baseball slide. Young takes it to Davey with blows on the floor. Young catches Richards trying to escape to the crowd. As Young and Richards get in the ring, all the other Jeff Peterson tournament participants surround the ring. Young pounds on Richards in the corner. Richards catches Young with a knee to the gut as Young comes off the ropes. Richards looks for the DR Driver. Young trips and see-saws Richards into the corner. He sunset flips Richards for two. Richards knocks Young down with a hard clothesline. Richards throws Young to the ropes and taches him with a knee to the gut. Richards locks his legs around Young’s waist. Young elbows his way to freedom. Young fights his way up with chops. Richards sole butts Young in the stomach. Richards slams Young and heads up top. Richards lands a headbutt to Young’s arm for two. Richards backdrops Young and looks for crowd reaction. Young delivers some shots to Richards, and Richards takes Young over with a snap suplex. Young gets in another flurry and sends Richards to the ropes. Young back body drops him. Richards comes up and kicks Young in the shoulder. Young fires up and slams Richards in the corner. Young rolls through a sunset flip attempt by Richards and superkicks Richards in the face. Young hits a crossbody off the second rope for two. Richards gets a chin breaker and Young gets an enzugiri. Young drops Richards with a leg-capture brainbuster for two. Young applies a full nelson stretch to Richards. Richards gets his foot on the bottom rope. Richards goes up top and Young follows. Richards headbutts Young down. He comes off with a dropkick. Richards responds with a series of kicks to Young’s chest. He backflips off the ropes with a kick to Young’s face for two. Young spears Richards in the corner. Richards come back with knees to Young’s face. He looks for the DR Driver, which Young turns into a back breaker/clothesline combination for two. Silas headstands and Richards dodges the Arabian press. Young hits a big boot. Davey lands the Sole butt. Young hits the Finlay Roll, and then the handstand into an Arabian Press. Richards kicks out! Young goes back up top and gets cut off by Richards. Richards gets elbowed off. Richards hops up top and German suplexes Young off the top to the mat. Richards hits a sole butt and the DR Driver for only two. Richards goes up top. Young follows and looks for a suplex. Richards pushes Young off and hits the Shooting Star Press for two! Richards locks in the cloverleaf. Young taps out, and Davey Richards wins the 2009 Jeff Peterson Cup tournament. Hell of a way to end the tournament, with all the wrestlers ringside and the fans going berserk. A great main event with the right man winning the whole thing. It would’ve been cool to see a new face go over, but let’s face facts: in the context of the tournament, Richards was one of the few people who the fans would’ve believed to win the tournament. It’s also good that a FIP guy went over in the end to make the fans happy. Young and Richards busted their asses off and put on an ideal tournament final mach. ***1/2

The show ends with Richards being presented with the trophy and putting over all the wrestlers ringside, saying that they will all evolve. The wrestlers enter the ring and celebrate with one another (all except that crazy Jon Moxley) to end the show on a feel good note.

Overall: Night Two was a great show, with the wrestlers putting their best foot forward. Everyone looked good and put on a solid night of wrestling. All the matches were pretty different. Both nights for $20 is a steal, with guys like Arik Cannon, Johnny Gargano, Davey Richards, and my boy TJ Perkins putting on fantastic matches. Very much recommended, especially if a lot of these names are unfamiliar to you.

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