Dragon Gate Open The Global Gate


This is a two-disc set covering a three day European tour Dragon Gate held between October 30th and November 1st. It featured many Dragon Gate mainstays, as well as regular Dragon Gate gaijin like PAC, El Generico, and The Young Bucks.

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard, although you can watch the DVD with no commentary as well.

Disc One

    ”Open The Spanish Gate”

Barcelona, Spain – October 30th, 2009

The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) vs. KAMIKAZE (Shingo Takagi & Dragon Kid)

Kid and Matt feel each other to start. Matt wrenches on Kid’s wrists in double knuckle locks, and grabs a wrist lock. Kid reverses. Matt takes Kid to the matt in a headlock which Kid turns into a headscissors. Matt jumps up to a stalemate. Matt boots Kid in the mid-section. Kid comes back with a wheelbarrow armdrag and a headscissors takedown to the floor. Kid fakes him out with a 619 and tags in Shingo. Nick comes in and Shingo shoulder tackles him down. Shingo blocks an armdrag and slams Nick’s head into the canvas. Nick elbows Shingo in the face and gives him a step-up hurricanrana. Nick rams his shoulder into Shingo’s mid-section and tags in Matt. The Young Bucks work over Shingo’s left arm. Shingo takes Matt over with a suplex. Shingo bear hugs Matt and leans him down enough for Kid to hit a top rope double stomp. KAMIKAZE isolate Matt from Nick, beating him down in their corner. Matt sends Kid to his corner and tags in Nick. Now the Young Bucks isolate and beat on Dragon Kid in their corner as repayment. Kid throws Nick into Matt and eats a boot. Kid kicks Nick in the face and takes him over with a hurricanrana. Finally, Kid tags in Shingo. Shingo spears Nick, then gives Nick a DDT while at the same time giving Matt a face buster. He gives Matt a series of punches and a Mongolian chop. Shigno drops Matt on his knee and gives him a DDT. Shingo misses a DDT and Matt comes off the top rope with a tumbleweed ace crusher for two. Matt boots Shingo and kicks him in the face. Shingo catches him off the ropes with a snap slam for two. Shingo applies a Manriki while Kid locks in Cristo. The Bucks both escape their respective submissions. Nick sends Shingo the floor and sends Kid to the apron. Kid comes in with a slingshot flip ace crusher. Nick drops him with a butterfly back breaker for two. The Bucks send Kid to the ropes. Matt wheelbarrows him up and Nick drops him with the Worst Case Scenario for a two count. Shingo puts Matt on his shoulders and goes up top. Matt elbows him and sits on Shingo’s shoulders. Kid hops up and takes Matt down with a super hurricanrana. Shingo clotheslines him in the corner and again. Nick superkicks him, but Shingo knocks the Bucks down with double clotheslines. Kid goes for a rana on Matt, and Nick dropkicks him in the face. Matt powerbombs Kid into Nick’s knees, as Nick sits on the top turnbuckle. They hit More Bang For Your Buck and Shingo breaks up the pin. Matt goes over Shingo and Nick accidentally superkicks him. Shingo drops Nick with Made In Japan for two. Kid gives Matt a 619 to the back, and follows with a moonsault to the floor. Shingo lariats Nick in the corner and brings him to the second rope. Shingo hits the “Stay Dream” for the pin at 13:44. Really fun tag team match to kick things off. The Bucks fit the Dragon Gate style so well and have gotten better and better with every tour they have. Shingo and Dragon Kid are known to bring the goods, so these four together made for a great, fast-paced, unique match. ***1/4

Elimination Match
El Generico vs. PAC vs. Mandril vs. Sean South

Mandril and South trade holds to start and reach a stand off. They lock wrists and South twists on Mandril’s wrist. Mandril turns into a headlock. Mandril armdrags South and dropkicks him to the corner. PAC and Generico tag in and do some great back and forth Lucha. PAC ends it with a headscissors takedown. PAC throws Generico face first in the corner and tags in South. South goes to the wrist PAC wrenched on before tagging out. Generico pops up into an armdrag and tags in Mandril. Mandril gives South some shots to the back and face. South stops a suplex attempt and shoves Mandril to the corner. PAC tags in and snapmares Mandril over. He dropkicks him in the shoulder blades. Mandril tags out to Generico. Generico lays in some chops to PAC and PAC gives Generico a moonsault dropkick. PAC hits a standing shooting star press for two. Generico gives PAC a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Mandril tags Generico out and South tags Mandril out. South lays in some shots to PAC in the corner. PAC boots South but bounces off South’s larger frame when PAC attempts a shoulder block. Generico tags in and gives PAC some right hands. PAC hits a springboard into a moonsault into a spinning DDT. PAC tags in South. He gives Generico a German suplex, and Mandril comes off the top. South catches him with a facebuster. PAC dives out onto Mandril on the floor. Generico gets dropped by South with a DDT for two. Generico gives South the Michinoku Driver for two. Mandril sends Generico to the floor where South now is. Mandril drops PAC with a belly-to-back suplex. He follows with a slingshot twisting senton for two. PAC backflips off the top over Mandril. PAC gives Mandril a Northern Lights suplex for two. Mandril eats Yakuza Kick by Generico, a lariat by South, and a standing twisting moonsault by PAC. He gets pinned and eliminated at.11:45. PAC slams Generico. South misses a tackle in the corner and PAC hits a moonsault on Generico for two. Generico catches PAC on a flip and slams him for two. PAC kicks Generico to block a Yakuza kick. He steps up with an enzugiri. PAC goes up top. Generico gets his knees up to block the Shooting Star Press. Generico drops PAC with a brainbuster for the pin at 13:50. South jumps in with a double sledge to Generico’s back. Generico throws South off the top rope. Generico misses a Yakuza kick. South drops him with an ace crusher for two. South gives Generico an elbow, and Generico catches him with the Yakuza kick for two. South blocks the brainbuster and superkicks Generico. Generico gives him a boot and South responds with a superkick. South drops Generico with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin and win at 15:55. PAC and Generico both put a very good showing, but Mandril and South looked sloppy and awkward almost every time they were in the ring. The wrong guy went over, and I really wish this was a PAC vs. Generico singles match instead. Needless to say, there was enough good in the match to make it tolerable. **1/2

WARRIORS 5 (CIMA, Susumu Yokosuka, & KAGETORA) vs. World-1 (Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, & BxB Hulk)

KAGETORA and Doi lock up. Doi and KAGETORA switch leverage in the ropes and break cleanly. They exchange waistlocks, hammerlocks, and waistlocks. They each armdrag one another. Doi sweeps KAGETORA’s legs for a one count and pop up to a stalemate. Yokosuka and Yoshingo tag in. Yoshino and Yokosuka hit the ropes and Yoshino gives Yokosuka an armdrag. Yokosuka gives him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and he hits the floor. CIMA and Hulk tag in. CIMA shoulder tackles Hulk and kicks him in the chest. Hulk kicks CIMA in the gut and cartwheels over him. Hulk gives CIMA an armdrag and a dropkick. Hulk stomps CIMA and chops him in the World-1 corner. Hulk snapmares CIMA in to a headlock. CIMA hip tosses out of it. KAGETORA tags in and knocks down Hulk with double elbows from CIMA. KAGETORA and Hulk trade strikes. Hulk gives KAGETORA a spinwheel kick in his chest. Hulk brings KAGETORA to his corner and tags in Yoshino. Yoshino and Doi lock in a double team submission. KAGETORA escapes and tags in Yokosuka. Doi and Yoshino double team him for a bit, with some assistance from Hulk. Yokosuka fights back against Hulk and tags in KAGETORA. The WARRIORS isolate Hulk and wear him down. CIMA misses a splash in the corner, allowing Hulk the opening he needs. He kicks CIMA and brings him to the WARRIORS corner, where Yoshino wrenches on his arm. Yokosuka breaks a submission, and he and KAGETORA knock Yoshino down with double shoulders. KAGETORA stretches out Yoshino’s arms until Doi breaks that. Doi takes over KAGETORA with a suplex for two. KAGETORA blocks a slam attempt and brings Doi to the corner. Yokosuka looks for a figure four, and Doi kicks Yokosuka away. Hulk tags in and dropkicks him for two. Yokosuka responds with a forearms to the back and knees to the chest and gut. CIMA comes in with a double stomp. KAGETORA and Hulk trade chops. KAGETORA slaps Hulk and suplexes him for two. The WARRIORS continue to beat down on Hulk, until Hulk fights off both CIMA and KAGETORA. Hulk tags in Yoshino who boots Yokosuka in the face and locks in a choke with his legs in the ropes. Doi dropkicks Yokosuka in the chest. CIMA comes in and Speed Muscle hit him with a double team face buster. KAGETORA eats a boot from Yoshino, but catches Yoshino with a dropkick and he comes off the ropes. KAGETORA hits a diving, spin-out lariat. KAGETORA brings Yoshino to his knees and hits an enzugiri for two. Yoshino blocks a German suplex and locks in From Jungle. Yokosuka breaks the submission and Hulk comes in. Yokosuka sends Hulk to the apron and Hulk springboards back in with a dropkick. Hulk slams Yokosuka. Hulk lands on his feet with a moonsault attempt. He hits a jumping high kick and ducks Yokosuka’s clothesline. Yokosuka hits it the second time for two. KAGETORA comes in with Yoshino. The teams do-si-do for a bit till the WARRIORS hit stereo clotheslines. CIMA hits a top rope doublestomp on Hulk who is on Yokosuka’s shoulders for two. The WARRIORS give Hulk a series of shots in the corner. CIMA gives Hulk the Venus and the Iconoclasm. KAGETORA follows with a top rope elbow smash for two when Doi breaks the pin. Doi knocks CIMA down with a clothesline, and CIMA rolls to the floor. Doi gets tripped by KAGETORA. Doi backs KAGETORA into the corner. KAGETORA sends Hulk to the corner but he and Yoshino hit stereo kicks in the corner. Hulk slams KAGETORA and Yoshino dropkick Yokosuka, landing on KAGETORA with a senton. CIMA comes in and superkicks Doi. KAGETORA gives Doi a big kick to the face. Hulk catches KAGETORA off the ropes with Mouse. Yoshino nails him with the torbellino, and Doi follows up with Doi 555 for the pin at 20:40. Really insane, fun trios match with everyone going balls to the wall in the last 4 or so minutes. Everyone delivered and this was a great main event to the incomplete Spanish Gate portion of the DVD. ***1/2

    Open The German Gate

Oberhausen, Germany – October 31st, 2009

The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) vs. Mark Haskins & Tommy End

End and Matt vie for the advantage. End knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Both guys nail armdrags. End retreats to his corner when Matt looks for a kick. Nick and Haskins tag in. Nick and Haskins jockey for position. Haskins takes Nick over with a shoulder tackle and a hurricanrana. Haskins springboards off the second rope with a crossbody for two. Nick hits a sole butt and a spinwheel kick. Matt tags in and with Nick does damage to Haskin’s left arm. The Bucks hit their double Japanese armdrag into cartwheel dropkicks combo for two. Matt lays in some punches to Haskin in the corner and bites his forehead as well. Matt snapmares Haskins, and Nick comes in with a slingshot senton. The Bucks hit a flipping neckbreaker/back breaker combo. End blind tags in. Haskins and End hit a series of maneuvers on Matt for two. End and Haskins keep Matt away from Nick to maximize damage. Matt goes up and over a suplex to finally escape the other team and tag in Nick. Nick trips End on the apron and comes off the second rope with a springboard crossbody to Haskins. Nick elbows Haskins in the face and knocks End off the apron to the floor. Haskins hits a chin breaker/clothesline combo, and Matt breaks the pin. End sole butts Matt, and Matt drops him with a standing shiranui for two. End kicks Matt in the side of the head and drops him with a cradle belly-to-back suplex for two. Nick kicks End in the side of the head and Matt spears him. The Bucks hit a springboard splash/standing moonsault combo on End, and Haskins breaks the pin. Nick knees End in the face then dives onto Haskins on the floor. Matt hits the tumbleweed ace crusher on End for two. Haskins trips Nick and locks on an Indian Death Lock. End drops Matt with an ace crusher into a Dragon Sleeper. Matt makes it to the ropes and Nick breaks free. Matt and Haskins superkick End and Nick respectively. Matt superkicks Haskins, and Haskins catches Matt with the Code Breaker. Both guys come to their senses and trade forearms. Matt kicks Haskins in the gut. Nick superkicks him in the corner and then gives End one. Matt and Nick hit More Bang For Your Buck on End for the pin at 13:28. This was quite the match to start with and it delivered. I really liked what Haskins brought to the table and End didn’t look too bad either. What else can I say about the Young Bucks that hasn’t been said? A fun way to open the show, and the crowd was great too. ***

KAGETORA vs. Bad Bones

Bones throws KAGETORA to the mat a couple times to show his strength. KAGETORA doesn’t back down and lays in some overhand chops with little effect. KAGETORA fails at taking Bones down with a few shoulder tackles. Bones however uses one to knock KAGETORA down. Bones chops KAGETORA, followed by a headbutt. Bones suplexes KAGETORA for two. Bones hits a leapfrog splash for two, and applies a headlock. Bones lays in some elbows to the side of KAGETORA’s head. Bones drops a knee on KAGETORA’s jaw and chops him in the corner again. KAGETORA boots Bones, but Bones gives KAGETORA a spear in the corner for two. Bones drops his elbow onto KAGETORA’s throat. KAGETORA lays in some more chops and dropkicks Bones’ legs out. Bones comes right back up with a hard elbow for two. KAGETORA blocks a suplex attempt and reverses into one of his own. Bones boots KAGETORA in the face, and KAGETORA responds with a diving, spin-out lariat. KAGETORA brings Bones to his knees and hits an enzugiri. Bones gives KAGETORA a bicycle kick. He nails KAGETORA with a spear for two. They trade forearms on their feet. They hit clotheslines at the same times. Bones pops up KAGETORA into a power slam for two. KAGETORA rolls up Bones for two. Bones knocks KAGETORA down as he comes off the rope with a clothesline. KAGETORA trips Bones and rolls him up for the pin at 6:27. This was good for what it was, but really wasn’t much of a match given the time it had. Bones was pretty boring, but at least KAGETORA looked good. **

Susumu Yokosuka vs. Masato Yoshino vs. Dragon Kid vs. El Generico

All four guys start, hesitant to make a move. They create a chain of lock-ups, except Yokosuka stomps on Dragon Kid’s hand. We then get a chain of wristlocks with Generico on the end. Kid rolls out, and Kid and Generico drop Yokosuka and Yoshino with headlock takeovers respectively. We then get a chain of waistlocks, with the guy in the front switching to the back three times. This changes into a chain of headlocks. Kid is picked up by Yokosuka and Yoshino to kick Generico down. Yoshino and Yokosuka try to double team Kid, but Kid takes Yoshino down with a headscissors, and does the same to Yokosuka. Kid fakes a dive to Yokosuka. Generico boots and forearms Kid. He hits a standing moonsault and Yoshino breaks the pin. He gives Generico a rear chinlock. Kid snapmares Yoshino and hits a couple knee drops. Yokosuka grabs Kid’s face to break his facelock on Yoshino. Yokosuka goes to a rear chinlock after stomping on Kid’s face. Kid gets a top wristlock and Yokosuka trips Kid. Yoshino and Yokosuka team up to work over Kid’s left arm. Generico comes in and gives Yoshino a leg lariat for two. Yokosuka chokes Generico on the middle rope and slaps him in the posterior. Yokosuka snapmares Generico into an abdominal stretch. Yoshino wrenches on Kid’s arm and neck simultaneously until he gets the ropes. Yoshino gives Kid a figure four headscissors, and Yokosuka locks one onto Yoshino. Genrico then turns Kid over into a Boston Crab to hurt all three guys. Yokosuka gets the bottom rope to break. Yoshino and Yokosuka kick out Generico’s legs, then assist Kid in giving Generico a dropkick. A chain of abdominal stretches forms with all four participants. Kid and Yoshino break free, and Yokosuka hip tosses Generico. Yokosuka boots Generico and swings Kid into a 619 on Generico for two. Generico looks for a brainbuster on Kid and Kid blocks. All four guys look for suplexes, and KAGETORA hops in to allow Kid and Yokosuka to suplex Yoshino and Generico. Kid takes Yokosuka over with a hurricanrana. Yoshino takes Kid out, and Generico drops Yoshino with the Michinoku Driver for two. Yokosuka and Generico trade forearms. Yokosuka hits a dropkick, and Generico comes back with a blue thunder bomb for two. Yokosuka blocks the brainbuster and kicks Generico in the gut. Yokosuka gives Generico a suplex and Kid breaks the pin. Yoshino gets a flipping ace crusher from Yoshino. Yoshino kicks Kid in the gut, and Kid gives him a stunner for two. Kid locks in Cristo while Yoshino locks in From Jungle on Yokosuka. Yoshino beats on Kid while in their submissions, and both guys break. Generico and Yokosuka give their submission holders tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. Yokosuka suplexes Generico into the corner. Generico back body drops Yokosuka. Generico heads up top and Yokosuka cuts him off. Yokosuka places Generico on his shoulders, and Kid comes in with a super hurricanrana to Generico. Kid, Yoshino, and Yokosuka all hit Generico with strikes in the corner. Generico gives Yokosuka a Yakuza and a half-nelson suplex. Yoshino gives Yokosuka torbellino, and Kid drops Yokosuka with a hurricanrana. Yokosuka knocks Kid with Jumbo No Kachi for two. Yokosuka rolls through a dragonrana attempt to pin Kid at 16:10. The comedy at the stuff beginning was actually funny and picked up into a really fun match-up. All four guys hit some real cool stuff and made this a really fun and enjoyable experience. ***1/2

Mike Quackenbush vs. CIMA

CIMA trips Quack out of a wristlock and applies a grapevine. Quack wraps his legs around CIMA’s waist. CIMA escapes and goes back to the leg. CIMA gives Quack a shoulder tackle once they get up. Quack takes CIMA to the mat with a top wristlock. CIMA takes Quack over with a full nelson into a chinlock. Quack escapes a headlock turning it into a top wristlock. CIMA drops to his back once again and Quack headstands into a full bridge to apply more pressure. CIMA escapes. Quack wraps CIMA’s knees around his legs to stretch out his hamstrings. CIMA slips out and wrenches back on Quack’s ankle. CIMA rolls him into a Skayde schoolboy for two. CIMA armwhips Quack, Quack pushes CIMA to the ropes. CIMA slams Quack down and locks in a stretch to apply pressure to Quack’s leg and neck. Quack grapevines CIMA’s legs and wrenches down on his ankle. CIMA gets out and exchanges wristlocks with Quack. Quack gets placed on the top turnbuckles. Quack armdrags CIMA out from that position. Quack applies a half-nelson while stretching CIMA’s other arm out. Quack stretches him out in an Octopus hold. Quack locks CIMA’s legs on the mat wrapping part of CIMA’s calf around his head. Quack turns CIMA into a half crab. Quack drops his elbow on CIMA’s leg, gives it a stunner, and reapplies the half crab. CIMA escapes, but Quack gives his leg a dropkick and a dragonscrew. Quack then crosses CIMA’s bad leg on top of his other leg and Quack wrenches back. CIMA gets the ropes to escape. Quack goes up top, and CIMA throws him down. Quack rolls through, CIMA ducks the palm strike, and gives Quack the Superdrol. CIMA kicks away at Quack’s left thigh. CIMA hops over Quack in the corner and slams him. CIMA gives him a springboard double stomp for two. Quack boots CIMA in the corner. CIMA gives him Venus and the Iconoclasm. Quack rolls through and wheelbarrows into a victory roll. Quack then turns CIMA into a cross-legged submission with CIMA on his stomach. CIMA grabs the ropes to escape. Quack goes over CIMA’s back, trips him, and gets a crucifix pin for two. Quack kicks out of a pin attempt, and CIMA double stomps him for two. Quack comes off the ropes with a back splash. Quack gives CIMA the Black Tornado Slam into a crucifix pin for two. Quack hits the Quackendriver III for two. CIMA gives him an Enzugiri. CIMA gives Quack the Schwein for two. Quack rolls CIMA into the CHIKARA Special. CIMA escapes and turns it over into a stretch muffler. Quack grabs the ropes to escape. CIMA places Quack up top. Quack pushes CIMA off, and CIMA gives him a superkick on the top. CIMA gives him the Tokarev. CIMA follows up with the Meteora for the pin at 21:09. This was a good match between these two, with the story of each guy working each other’s leg played off working very well. Quack knew taking out CIMA’s legs would likely prevent him from using the Meteora to win, but alas he was wrong. I bet we could see better out of both of them, but I don’t have any complaints for what we got. ***1/4

BxB Hulk, Naruki Doi, & Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi, & Emil Sitoci

Saito flips off Sabre and tags in Horiguchi. Hulk tags in and exchanges holds with Horiguchi. Horiguchi trips Hulk and grapevines his leg. Hulk turns over and stretches Horiguchi’s legs while crossing them. Horiguchi kicks Hulk in the mid-section and grabs a wristlock. Hulk and Horiguchi trade wristlocks. Hulk trips Horiguchi. He gives Horiguchi an armdrag and a dropkick. Saito and Doi tag in. Saito drives Doi down to his knees by locking his knuckles. Doi reverses the pressure and applies a side headlock. Doi and Saito trade shoulder blocks and gain momentum hitting the ropes. Doi finally knocks Saito down. Sabre tags in and works on Saito’s left arm. Saito rakes Sabre’s eyes, and Sitoci chokes him in the corner. The Rudos choke Sabre with their boots. Sabre turns Sitoci into a grapevine stretch and looks for a pin. Horiguchi breaks the pin, allowing Sitoci to regain control. Horiguchi comes in, and Sabre uses Horiguchi’s hair to bring him to his corner. Hulk and Doi come in with a double hip toss. Doi trips Horiguchi and Hulk hits a moonsault for two when Saito breaks the pin. Hulk applies a seated abdominal stretch. Horiguchi grabs Hulk’s face and pushes him back to the Rudos corner. They keep Hulk away from his partners and beat him down. This includes Horiguchi using the Real Hazard blue box to attack Hulk behind the referee’s back. Hulk finally wipes out Saito and Horiguchi and tags in Doi. Doi trips Saito so that he dropkicks Sitoci in the face. Sabre dropkicks Sitoci and gives him a bridging suplex for two. Sabre kicks Sitoci in the rib cage, then the back of the neck for two. Sitoci comes out of the corner with a moonsault block. He looks for a snapmare driver which Sabre blocks. Sabre rolls into a cross armbreaker. Saito stomps Sabre to break it. Doi and Saito trade chops to the chest. Doi boots Saito, and powerbombs him down. Saito dives Doi a couple fisherman’s suplexes, and Doi responds with one of his own for two. Saito sends Hulk to the apron, and he and Doi kick Saito in the head. Sabre gives Saito a running knee strike, and Hulk springboards in with a spinwheel kick for two. Sabre and Saito trade waistlocks. Horiguchi trips Sabre, and Saito gives him a low dropkick. Sitoci hits an assisted powerbomb with a jackknife cradle for two. Sitoci hits a splash off the top rope and Doi breaks the pin. Hulk and Horiguchi trade overhand chops. Hulk sweeps out Horiguchi’s legs and hits a moonsault. Horiguchi gets his knees up. Hulk brings Horiguchi to his knees. Sabre gives him a knee strike and dives on Saito and Sitoci. Doi hits Horiguchi with the Doi 555 and the Bakatare Sliding Kick for the pin at 17:39. Solid trios match, but I don’t find Real Hazard or Sabre interesting. Sitoci was good but didn’t show a lot of personality as he usually is able to do. Hulk and Doi looked good as always, and really helped this match out a lot. **3/4

wXw World Heavyweight Championship
Absolute Andy (Champion) vs. Shingo Takagi

They lock up looking to get the advantage. Both guys are quite strong, so neither budge. Andy gets a headlock. Shingo hits two shoulder tackles with no effect. Andy elbows Shingo down, and Shingo hops up and takes Andy down with a shoulder block. They lock knuckles. Andy catches Shingo with a Thesz Press and lays in some punches. Shingo boots Andy in the face out of the corner and kicks him down with a boot. Shingo misses a knee drop. Andy works over the knee on the mat. Shingo takes him over in a side headlock for a one count. They go face to face before trading chops. Andy pokes Shingo in the eyes and goes back to Shingo’s knee. Shingo punches Andy. Shingo lands on his knee when blocking a suplex, allowing Andy to lock on a figure four. Shingo reverses the pressure and Andy grabs the ropes. Andy looks for a sharpshooter and Shingo immediately grabs the ropes. Andy kicks out Shingo’s leg, but Shingo hits the ropes and spears Andy down. Shingo suplexes him for two and applies a chinlock. Shingo gives Andy a few right hands before choking Andy on the ropes. Shingo and Andy exchange punches. Andy comes off the ropes with a diving forearm. He gives Shingo a Manhattan Drop and punches Shingo in the face. Andy repeats this sequence. Andy clotheslines Shingo in the corner and drops him with a sidewalk slam for two. Andy gives him a Samoan Drop and heads up top. Shingo cuts him off and throws Andy off the top rope with a press slam. Shingo misses an elbow strike in the corner, but drops Andy face first on the top turnbuckle. Shingo slams Andy, steps on his face, and gives him a fist drop. Shingo hits a knee drop from the second rope for two. Andy blocks Made in Japan, and Shingo drops Andy with a facebuster. Shingo then gives Andy the Bloodfall for two. Andy hurricanrana’s Shingo to the floor and follows with a pescado. Andy brings Shingo back in the ring and slams him. Andy goes up top. He fakes out Shingo by dropping down and applying a sharpshooter. Shingo grabs the ropes to break. Andy boots Shingo. Shingo gives Andy a back body drop. Shingo clotheslines Andy once with no effect, so he gives Andy another one to knock him down. Shingo blasts Andy with a punch, and Andy responds with a superkick for two. Andy hits a waterwheel facebuster for two. Andy comes off the top rope with an elbow for two. Shingo rolls up Andy for two. Shingo drops Andy with a Saito Suplex and a Death Valley Driver. Shingo knocks him down with the Pumping Bomber for two. Shingo drops a knee pad and looks for Made in Japan. Andy escapes it and Shingo gives Andy some forearms. Shingo drops Andy with Made In Japan for two. Shingo nails Andy with a lariat in the corner. He brings Andy to the second rope on his shoulders. Andy escapes and brings Shingo down with a hurricanrana. Andy follows up with a spinebuster. He turns into a sharpshooter. Shingo passes out from the pain to give Andy the win at 21:35. This was quite a boring, plodding match with some semblance of a good comeback in the end. Why this went as long as it did, I don’t know. I guess it made Andy look better, but Shingo was leagues better than him so I don’t know how believable it was. **

Disc Two

    Dragon Gate UK Invasion 2009

November 1st, 2009 – Oxford, England

Real Hazard (Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito) vs. Jonny Storm & Marty Scurll

Horiguchi and Scurll start, looking for the early lead. Scurll controls Horiguchi’s wrist and La Magistral’s him for two. Horiguchi backs away and locks knuckles with Scurrl. Scurll goes back to working on Horiguchi’s wrist and grabs Horiguchi’s ponytail. He twists it, and chastises the referee for doing nothing. Horiguchi escapes from a headscissors and Scurll goes back to Horiguchi’s hair to regain control. Scurll shoulder tackles him down. Horiguchi escapes an O’Conner Roll. Scurll snapmares Horiguchi, then runs back and forth from the ropes. He kicks Horiguchi in the chest since Horiguchi covered his face. Horiguchi rolls to the floor, and Saito and Storm tag in. Saito backs Storm into the ropes and slaps him. Saito mows down Storm with a shoulder tackle and spits on him. Storm flips out a hip toss and slaps Saito. He then takes Saito over with a hurricanrana. He sends Horiguchi to the floor as well and hits a twisting tope onto the Real Hazard team. Strom brings Horiguchi back in for Scurll. Storm dropkicks Horiguchi in the corner, and Scurll runs in with a slap for two. Scurll wraps his leg’s around Horiguchi’s arm. Storm comes off with the ropes with a seated dropkick to Horiguchi’s back for two. Storm gives Horiguchi a Michinoku Driver and tags in Scurll. Horiguchi goes to the eyes in order to bring Scurrl to his corner. This opens up the door for Real Hazard to gain control, and isolate Scurrl from Storm. Real Hazard does beat up on Scurll for awhile, but uses Horiguchi’s leverage to kick Saito away and give Horiguchi a belly-to-back suplex. He tags in Storm who comes in with a springboard hurricanrana to Saito. Scurll dives to the floor on Saito. Storm springboards into a wheelbarrow DDT for two. Horiguchi boots Storm and gives him a tornado DDT. Horiguchi drops Storm with a brainbuster and Scurll breaks up the pin. Scurll and Saito trade forearms. Scurll hits Saito with Graduation for two. Scurll goes up top. He misses a senton splash on Saito. Horiguchi and Saito give him back elbows in the corner. Saito German suplexes Storm onto Scurll. Horiguchi supleses Scurll, and Saito follows with a top rope splash for two. Saito and Horiguchi head up top, and Storm hops up with double armdrags off the top to both guys. Scurll gives Horiguchi a jump-up kick to the face. He rolls Horiguchi up into a neck breaker for two. Saito punches Storm and throws him face first in the corner. Horiguchi pops Storm to the top rope, and Storm comes out with a reverse hurricanrana. Scurll dropkicks Real Hazard to the floor. Storm dives onto Horiguchi. Saito comes back in. Scurll kicks him in the chest a few times. Saito rakes his eyes and Scurll knocks him down with a clothesline for two. They trade waistlocks. Saito low blows Scurll and rolls him up for the pin at 16:02. Really fun opening tag match, just like The Bucks tag match on the German Gate portion of the DVD. Storm and Scurll worked really well and impressed me. This was a good showing for Real Hazard as well, so thumbs up all around. ***

KAGETORA vs. Mark Haskins

KAGETORA powers Haskins to the corner. He frees Haskins, and Haskins powers KAGETORA to the corner. He gives KAGETORA a cocky push. KAGETORA and Haskins switch wristlocks. KAGETORA gives Haskins a trifecta of armdrags and a dropkick sending him to the corner. KAGETORA admonishes Haskins female valet. She trips KAGETORA, allowing Haskins to punch him. He follows up with a springboard twisting crossbody. Haskins chokes KAGETORA on the mat and then on the ropes. Haskins stomps on KAGETORA, and Haskins’ valet chokes KAGETORA behind the referee’s back. Haskins drives his elbow into KAGETORA and hops off the bottom rope with a clothesline for two. Haskins snapmares KAGETORA and dropkicks him for two. KAGETORA gets his feet up to stop Haskins in the corner. Haskins gives KAGETORA a jumping back elbow as KAGETORA comes off the ropes for two. Haskins applies a rear chinlock. Haskins and KAGETORA’s exchange forearms. Haskins pokes KAGETORA in the eyes. He yells at KAGETORA before punching him in the face. Haskins slams KAGETORA and goes up top. Haskins misses a shooting star press. Haskins knees KAGETORA in the mid-section and calls for a brainbuster. KAGETORA blocks and takes Haskins down with one of his own. Haskins gets the elbow up to stop a charging KAGETORA. KAGETORA dropkicks Haskins as he comes down with a double axe handle. KAGETORA hits his twisting, spin-out lariat. KAGETORA ducks a clotheslines and clobbers Haskins with a punch. He takes out Haskins’ legs and nails him with an enzugiri for two. Haskins hits a Code Breaker. He hits a knee strike, swinging neck breaker combo for two. KAGETORA ducks a superkick. Haskins ducks a clothesline and hits the superkick. KAGETORA jumps up with a hard enzugiri for two. Haskins blocks a brainbuster. He and KAGETORA go back and forth with punches. KAGETORA lays in a flurry of forearms. Haskins hits a jump-up ace crusher for two. KAGETORA drops Haskins with an EVO variation. The valet gets on the apron and distracts KAGETORA. KAGETORA puts Haskins on his shoulders, but Haskins drops him with a jumping cradle tombstone piledriver for the pin at 11:18. Good stuff between these two, as they put on a very solid match. I am such a big fan of KAGETORA after watching these shows, and I am still waiting for him (and Cyber Kong) to come into DGUSA. Haskins also looked well, and he was a nice addition to Dragon Gate Japan in February/March of this year. **3/4

Masato Yoshino vs. Dragon Kid

Oh good, because I wanted to see this match again. That was sarcasm, by the way. Not that these guys are bad (because they’re certainly not) but I feel like I’ve seen this match so many times. Kid locks on a headlock and twists with it. Yoshino trips Kid down when applying a wristlock. Kid armdrags Yoshino to a stand still. Yoshino takes control of Kid’s left arm. Kid trips Yoshino and picks his ankle. Yoshino applies a figure four arm scissors. Kid rolls up Yoshino for two and both men hop up to their feet. Kid flips out of a snapmare attempt. Kid wheelbarrows into an armdrag. Kid sends Yoshino to the floor with a headscissors. Yoshino backs away from a baseball slide. Kid catches Yoshino as he enters with a couple elbows to the shoulder blades. Kid lands a pair of knee drops. Yoshino gets the ropes to break a headlock. Kid gives Yoshino a standing dropkick to the chest and a seated dropkick as well. Kid turns Yoshino over in a single leg crab. Yoshino grabs the ropes to escape. Yoshino sends Kid to the apron. Kid rams his shoulder into Yoshino. Yoshino pushes Kid to the floor. Kid comes back and Yoshino takes him down with a back elbow for two. Yoshino viciously slams Kid back first across his knee. Yoshino lays in a pair of overhand chops to Kid’s chest for two. Yoshino scoop slams Kid and kicks away at Kid’s back. Yoshino rams his shoulder into Kid’s lower back in the corner. Yoshino suplexes Kid for two. Yoshino drives Kid face first into the canvas for yet another two count. Yoshino turns Kid into a single leg submission. Kid grabs the bottom rope to escape. Yoshino kicks away at Kid’s shoulder. Kid comes up and sole butts Yoshino. Yoshino kicks Kid in the chest as he comes off the ropes. Kid gets his feet up to block an attack from Yoshino, and gives him Déjà Vu. Yoshino is sent to the floor, so Kid hits him with the Bermuda Triangle (second turnbuckle moonsault). Kid throws Yoshino in the ring. He follows him with a springboard missile dropkick for two. Yoshino gets dropped on the ropes. Yoshino ducks a 619 and drops Kid with the slingblade for two. Kid locks in Cristo. Yoshino spins Kid out and kicks him in the gut. Kid gets sent to the apron and comes in with a springboard flip ace crusher for two. Yoshino crotches Kid on the top rope. He comes up to the top with Kid. They trade strikes up top. Yoshino looks for a sunset bomb. Kid reverses with a hurricanrana and a 619. Kid looks for a reverse rana but gets powerbombed by Yoshino. Yoshino looks for a suplex, and Kid turns it into an ace crusher. Kid hits a spinwheel kick in the corner and places Yoshino up top. Yoshino blocks a top rope hurricanrana, and comes off with a delayed missile dropkick for two. Kid kicks Yoshino in the jaw and gives Yoshino a dragonrana for two. Kid comes off the top and Yoshino evades the attack. Yoshino catches Kid coming off the ropes with the Lightning Spiral for two. Yoshino drops Kid with the Torellino and crucifix pins him for two. Yoshino slaps Kid and looks for another Lightning Spiral. Instead, Kid drops him with Bible for two. Yoshino crucifix pins Kid for two. Both guys role back and forth with pin attempts, till Kid catches Yoshino in a roll up for the pin at 18:32. The usual Kid vs. Yoshino match, and that certainly isn’t a knock. While I’m sick of seeing these guys face one another, they still deliver a good match each and every time. Problem is, it was nothing too special or different. However, I can only complain so much because it was still quite good. ***1/4

Susumu Yokosuka vs. Shingo Takagi

Shingo powers Yokosuka to the corner. Yokosuka switches and breaks cleanly. Yokosuka and Shingo lock up and Shingo powers Yokosuka back to the ropes. He chops Yokosuka with the break. Both guys trade chops in the ring. Shingo knees Yokosuka in the gut and wrenches on Yokosuka with a side headlock. Shingo shoulder tackles Yokosuka and challenges Yokosuka to do the same. Shingo won’t go down but gets staggered with a dropkick. Shingo bowls over Yokosuka as Yokosuka comes off the ropes with his own shoulder tackle. Shingo grabs a cravate. Shingo snapmares Yokosuka and drops his fist on Yokosuka’s face. Shingo grabs a facelock. Shingo misses a knee drop, but knees Yokosuka in the gut. Yokosuka kicks out Shingo’s leg and then drives Shingo’s knee into the mat. Shingo retreats to the floor. Yokosuka catches Shingo on his way back in. Yokosuka works over Shingo’s legs, including slamming Shingo’s legs on the ring post. Shingo fires back with chops but Yokosuka goes right back to the legs to regain the advantage. Shingo reverses the pressure of a figure four leg lock and grabs the ropes to release the pressure. Shingo blocks a urinage attempt. Shingo looks for an exploder suplex, but Yokosuka applies a claw to Shingo’s leg. He kicks Shingo’s leg. Shingo hits the ropes and catches Yokosuka with an exploder suplex. Shingo lays in some punches and a Mongolian chop to Yokosuka. Shingo gives Yokosuka a gut buster and a DDT. He misses a back senton, but catches Yokosuka off the ropes with a snap suplex for two. Shingo locks in the Manriki. He then twists Yokosuka’s other arm behind his head to prevent him from getting the ropes. Alas, Yokosuka gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Yokosuka blocks a suplex and kicks away at Shingo’s knee. Shingo’s knee buckles as he prevents a suplex. Yokosuka muscles Shingo up for a suplex. Yokosuka nails Shingo in the corner with a lariat. Yokosuka places Shingo up top. Yokosuka follows, and Shingo fights back. Yokosuka gives Shingo a short lariat and tosses Shingo off the top rope with an exploder suplex for two. Yokosuka looks for a Mugan and Shingo counters with a back body drop. Yokosuka and Shingo hit simultaneous clotheslines three times in a row. Yokosuka kicks Shingo’s knee, but Shingo pops him up into a Death Valley Driver. Yokosuka catches him with Jumbo no Kachi as he comes off the ropes. Both men lay on the mat as the fans go nuts. Yokosuka looks again for Mugan. Shingo looks for Made in Japan and gets blocked. Shingo and Yokosuka slug one another with forearms. Shingo hits a flurry of them to knock Yokosuka down. Shingo hits three more and Yokosuka fires up from them. Yokosuka lays in a flurry of his own. Yokosuka hits the ropes, but Shingo drops him with Made in Japan for two. Shingo looks for another Made in Japan, but Yokosuka victory rolls him for two. Yokosuka hits a lariat and follows up with Jumbo no Kachi. Yokosuka then drops him with Mugan for two. Yokosuka nails Shingo with a pair of lariats. Shingo refuses to go down, so Yokosuka hits a third. Shingo drops to a knee as Yokosuka hits the ropes. Shingo fire back with a hard right hand and a lariat. Yokosuka knocks Shingo down with Jumbo no Kachi for the pin at 18:31. A crazy match with great heat and a fine story. Both these guys put on an awesome show that had the fans going bonkers. This was so good, that the next Dragon Gate UK show has a rematch between these two. The fans chant “That was awesome” and I can not disagree. ****

WARRIORS 5 (CIMA, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) vs. World-1 (PAC, BxB Hulk, & Naruki Doi)

Matt and Doi lock up. They exchange waist locks and wrist locks. Doi trips Matt and Matt rolls to escape a submission attempt. Doi cranks on a side headlock. Doi knocks Matt down with a shoulder tackle. Matt and Doi reach a stalemate after trading armdrags and headscissors on the mat. Nick and Hulk tag in. Hulk and Nick go back and forth with great speed looking for the advantage. Hulk gets it with an armdrag and dropkick. Nick hops off the ropes with a quebrada. PAC and CIMA tag in and the UK fans are split. CIMA hushes them and does some push-ups to impress them. PAC responds with some push-ups of his own, and CIMA stomps on PAC while he does it. PAC goes up and over CIMA. CIMA evades an armdrag. PAC sweeps out CIMA’s legs and lands on him with a standing moonsault. PAC kicks CIMA and tags in Doi. Doi and PAC hit stereo back elbows. Doi lays in some shots to CIMA. CIMA takes him down with a drop toe hold. He grapevines Doi’s legs. Hulk comes in, and CIMA maintains the grapevine. CIMA delivers a DDT to Hulk which snaps Doi’s legs. The Young Bucks give Doi double dropkicks. The Bucks work over Doi’s arm as they’re want to do in their matches. Nick stretches Doi’s back over his knee. Doi rams Nick into the World-1 corner. PAC beats on Nick till Nick brings PAC back to his corner. PAC blocks a suplex from Matt, and Doi comes in. He and PAC give Matt a double suplex. Matt gets trapped and bullied in the World-1 corner. CIMA breaks up a pin from PAC by pouring water on him. CIMA is awesome and hilarious, by the way. World-1 goes back to punishing Matt. Matt escapes by giving Hulk a hard neck breaker across his knee. He tags in CIMA who chops Hulk in the corner. CIMA bites Hulk. Hulk hits the corner chest first. CIMA gives him a Superdrol for two. CIMA applies a full nelson to Hulk and drags Hulk to his corner. CIMA flips off PAC and Doi and dropkicks Hulk in the posterior. The Bucks and CIMA now isolate Hulk in their corner. Hulk eventually knocks out both the Young Bucks and tags in Doi. CIMA kicks Doi, but Doi knocks him down with an elbow. Doi kicks away at CIMA in the corner, and trips Matt into a dropkick to CIMA. Doi hands Matt in the tree of woe and hits a cannonball senton. Nick and PAC come in. Pac boots Nick and flips out. Matt attacks from behind, but PAC moves and Nick dropkicks Matt down. Pac hits a running forearm to Nick and then a twisting tope con hilo to Matt on the floor. Doi sends Nick to the apron. Doi kicks Nick and dropkicks him as he’s trapped in the ropes. Doi drops Nick on his head with a hanging DDT. CIMA eats a boot and gives Doi a boot to the gut and an enzugiri. Doi elbows CIMA and drops CIMA with a Rydeen Bomb for two. Doi and CIMA keep reversing looking for a tombstone piledriver. CIMA drops Doi with an inverted pedigree. He sends Doi to the floor with a basement dropkick. Hulk trops CIMA and brings him to the floor. Doi gets tripped by the Young Bucks. Matt and Hulk end up in the ring. Matt boots Hulk and hits the tumbleweed ace crusher for two. Hulk kicks away at Matt’s legs. He sweeps Matt’s legs. Matt gets his knees up to block a moonsault. He spears Hulk and CIMA follows up with a double stomp. The Bucks hit a springboard splash/standing moonsault for two. Hulk looks for a sunset flip on CIMA. Hulk blocks a double stomp and gives CIMA a jumping high kick. PAC and Doi crush CIMA in the corner. PAC hands CIMA on the ropes, allowing Doi to come off the top rope with a senton. PAC hits a twisting moonsault on CIMA and the Bucks break the pin. Nick elbows PAC in the face and hits a spinning kick. Matt hits a wheelbarrow face buster for two. Matt wheelbarrows PAC and CIMA hits Superdrol. Nick then gives PAC the Worst Case Scenario for two. Nick and CIMA superkick PAC in the corner. Matt and Nick hit More Bang For Your Buck and Hulk breaks up the pin. Nick and CIMA accidentally superkick Nick. World-1 send Nick and CIMA to the floor and hit a triple team kick to Matt in the corner. PAC comes off the top with a shooting star knee to his back. Doi drops Matt with the Doi 555 and follows with the Bakatare Sliding Kick. CIMA and Nick break the pin attempt. Hulk looks for EVO, and Matt rolls through with a prawn hold for two. Hulk walks up Matt with Mouse and then hits the EVO. PAC follows with PAC From The Heavens for the pin at 22:06. An absolutely crazy main event to top off a very good show and DVD. I have no words except this was a damn fine main event with six guys who busted their asses and knew what the fans wanted. ****1/2

The show ends with PAC promising they’ll be back, and all the Dragon Gate regulars and Gaijin (minus Horiguchi and Saito) posing for a photo and celebrating.

For $20, this DVD is one of the best deals you can get. There’s so much good stuff on this DVD to warrant your purchase. Heck, the double main event from the UK show warrants a purchase in and of itself. On top of that, you get a great opener and main event from the Spanish Gate show, the first ever CIMA/Quack singles match, and plenty of other hidden gems as well. The good most assuredly outweighs the bad as well. I very much recommend this for fans familiar and unfamiliar with Dragon Gate alike.

Read my review of a match that was from this tour, but not on the DVD; Mike Quackenbush vs. Paul Tracey!

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