NJPW STRONG #27 – Road to The New Beginning USA 2021 Part 2

Port Hueneme, CA – 2.12.2021

Commentary is provided by Kevin Kelly & Alex Koslov.

Jordan Clearwater vs. JR Kratos

The larger Kratos tosses around and mauls Clearwater for a few minutes. Clearwater avoids a corner splash and drops Kratos with a neckbreaker for two. Clearwater twists his ankle for a bit, but when he comes off the ropes, Kratos blasts him with a lariat. Clearwater escapes an armbar. Kratos escapes a bulldog and blasts Clearwater with a Sick Kick. A fisherman’s buster gets Kratos the pin at 6:20. I like watching Kratos demolish people. Clearwater is very talented, and I am hoping he gets his due one of these days. **

Kevin Kelly interviewed Jon Moxley last week, and now is interviewing KENTA this week. KENTA says he has been waiting for Moxley for a long time, but thinks Moxley is cheap for sneak attacking him. He is going to kick Moxley’s ass and take the IWGP U.S. Championship. He feels he deserves to be the first ever Japanese title holder.

Clark Connors vs. Bateman

These two beat the hell out of each other. Bateman grabbed at Connors’ nose in the process, and Connors destroyed Bateman with a spear down the stretch. Bateman kicked his leg out to stop a Boston Crab, then kicked his knee out so he could boot him in the face. Bateman was able to catch a second spear, converting him with a front facelock into a suplex. He then pinned Connors with a tombstone at 8:41, just like he did Barrett Brown last week. Two dudes beating the piss out of each other never gets old. ***

Ren Narita & TJP vs. Team Filthy (Chris Dickinson & Danny Limelight)

Dickinson takes down Narita, then throws him to his own corner so he can tag in TJP. TJP almost pins Dickinson out of an Octopus Stretch, and then tags Narita. Narita controls Dickinson by his head, but Dickinson powers him over with a Saito suplex to escape a headlock. Limelight finally tags in, taunting Narita asking where the fight is. Narita gives him some chops in response. Limelight grabs his hand and snaps his arm onto the second rope. From there, Team Filthy wears down Narita in their corner. Narita gets into a forearm battle with Dickinson. Narita is able to catch Dickinson’s chest kick. Dickinson escapes his Boston Crab attempt, but Narita German suplexes Dickinson and tags in TJP before Dickinson tags in Limelight. TJP dropkicks Dickinson off the apron and takes down Limelight with a springboard forearm strike. After giving Limelight a pump-handle backdrop, TJP heads up top. Limelight avoids a Swanton and also spikes TJP with a crucifix driver to avoid his fallaway kick. A spin kick to the head and fisherman’s buster get Limelight a two count. Narita and TJP tie up their opponents in stereo leg submissions, but they make their way to the ropes and escape. Narita overhead throws Dickinson into a frog splash from TJP, and Limelight breaks up the pin just in time. Dickinson gives Narita a brainbuster and locks TJP in an STF. TJP taps out at 15:04. That was a solid tag match but a minor letdown given the four competitors. It at least served its purpose in building up a future singles match. I like Limelight in Team Filthy in theory, but since joining it feels he’s lost the momentum he had prior to joining. **¾

Dickinson and Narita get in a fight after the bell. Dickinson drops Narita with a running Death Valley Driver. They will face each other in a singles match in two weeks.

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