NJPW: Lion’s Break Collision #3

Port Hueneme, CA – 7.17.2020

Commentary is provided by Kevin Kelly, Chris Charlton & Gino Gambino.

Karl Federicks & Clark Connors vs. Misterioso & The DKC

Fredericks feels so violated by an overhand chop from the DKC, that he snapmares him into a series of back kicks before passing him off to Connors for some slams. Misterioso tags in, wiping out Connors with a high crossbody. He dropkicks Connors to the floor and lands an Asai moonsault. Back in the ring, Connors avoids a springboard attack and powerslams Misterioso. The Young Lions swarm on Misterioso until Misterioso hits a roll-up dropkick to Connors and tags back in The DKC. DKC takes both Fredericks and Connors down with running chops to the face. Fredericks powers out of a crossface attempt, but DKC converts into a crucifix driver. Misterioso sends Connors to the floor after Connors breaks the pin and follows with a tope con hilo. Fredericks ducks a chop from DKC and puts him in a rear-naked choke. Fredericks turns that into an elevated DDT for the pin at 7:39. This was a solid tag match, all designed to show Fredericks intensity and serve DKC another loss. **¼

Jeff Cobb attacks both Fredericks and Connors after the bell. Backstage Cobb says he won’t let Fredericks make a name off of him. Fredericks has no words, but Connors says he’s happy to have another win under his belt and that he’s officially “back.”

Rocky Romero vs. Tom Lawlor

Lawlor was a light heavyweight in UFC and was featured on the eighth season of ”The Ultimate Fighter.” Before MMA, he trained in pro wrestling down in Florida, and has been consistently wrestling since 2017. He is currently signed to Major League Wrestling, and this is his NJPW debut. With neither man able to get a firm grasp of the other on the canvas, they switch over to trading strikes on their feet, with Lawlor telling Romero he “loves it.” Romero uses the ropes to pull off a headscissors takedown. Lawlor kicks out Romero’s feet. Romero tries to scurry away but Lawlor kicks away at his hamstrings and stomps on his chest. Romero is able to back Lawlor to the corner and dropkick his knee against the ropes. He hyperextends Lawlor’s arm in an Octopus stretch until Lawlor manages to throw Romero off of his back. Romero takes him down with a tornado DDT. He tries a couple different arm breakers but can’t get a firm grasp, so he begins his forever clotheslines. Lawlor catches him in a brief sleeper hold, but Romero escapes and hits a rewind kick and running knee for two. Lawlor reverses his Shiranui into a rear-naked choke, causing Romero to tap out at 9:38. Romero was a very good opponent for Lawlor to showcase his submission acumen against, and Lawlor defeating a staple of the LA Dojo and NJPW puts him on the map right away. Seeing so much of Romero in NJPW and ROH has made me appreciate how proficient he is. **¾

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