NJPW: Lion’s Break Collision #2

Port Hueneme, CA – 7.10.2020

Commentary is provided by Kevin Kelly, Chris Charlton & Gino Gambino.

We are shown a recap of the brawl between Karl Fredericks and Jeff Cobb from last week’s episode before Kevin Kelly has a virtual interview with Cobb about the incident. Cobb isn’t entirely sure why Fredericks has an issue with him, but promises retribution.

Rust Taylor vs. The DKC

DKC stands for Dylan Kyle Cox. Rust Taylor used to be known as Ryan Taylor, best known as one of the Fightin’ Taylor Boys in PWG. This is both men’s NJPW debuts. Taylor controls DKC by his left wrist as DKC implemented various methods of escape to reset the bout. DKC flips Taylor to the mat out of a wristlock and lands a fist drop. An annoyed Taylor slams DKC out of an elevated wristlock for two, then gets DKC in a straightjacket choke. Taylor drops a knee on DKC’s arm after escaping a cradle. DKC snaps off a Frankensteiner and lands a dropkick. He gets two with an inside cradle. Taylor uppercuts DKC to stop his second rope springboard attempt. DKC however maneuvers Taylor into a modified Here It Is Driver for two. Taylor blasts DKC with a boot and rolls him into the Gaia Lock for the submission victory at 7:28. DKC showed some very impressive offense, while Taylor had more aggression and confidence which led to his victory. Taylor has certainly evolved a ton since I last saw him, and I am definitely interested in seeing more from both competitors going forward. **¾

TJP vs. Danny Limelight

This is Limelight’s NJPW debut. Limelight is visibly frustrated by TJP getting the advantage in the early going, but a wheelbarrow armdrag and springboard Complete Shot turns things around for him. Limelight keeps that momentum going with a twisting splash to the outside. His advantage ends quickly thanks to TJP crotching him on the top turnbuckle and landing a dropkick as Limelight dangles in a tree of woe. Limelight escapes a Three Amigos and dropkicks TJP for two. TJP side Russian leg sweeps Limelight into a grounded Octopus stretch, and then transitions into a modified Anaconda Vise. Limelight cleverly pushes TJP on his shoulders to escape, but TJP drop toe holds him back down into a Muta Lock quickly and then snaps his left shoulder. Limelight makes his way to the top rope. He walks the second rope when TJP charges in to avoid a collision and then lands a springboard forearm to TJP. A rolling enzuigiri gets Limelight a nearfall, as does his signature Symbiote DDT. TJP follows Limelight to the top turnbuckle. He brings Limelight down with a superplex. TJP follows that up with a brainbuster and top rope frog splash for the pin at 10:49. Limelight’s acrobatic style made him stand out from the other technical and submission based competitors we’ve seen over the course of the two episodes, and TJP was a perfect stylistic choice for him to be paired against. Even in a loss, Limelight impressed, and is someone I find myself immediately invested in. ***¼

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