Dragon Gate USA: Way of the Ronin 2011

Milwaukee, WI – 9.11.2011

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard and Rob Naylor.

Brodie Lee is walking around outside when he comes across Marion Fontaine talking to Valerie Malone. He throws Fontaine into a dumpster. He walks right by Uhaa Nation and into the building.

Ronin (Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann) vs. The Scene (Scott Reed & Caleb Konley)

The Scene earned this match by defeating Remi Wilkins & Tripp Cassidy in Indianapolis and the Kentucky Buffet in Chicago. The lighting is atrocious. Swann does a little dancing while teasing a test of strength. Reed gives him a chop. Swann hits a dropkick and Taylor a punch from the apron. Reed drives Swan into the corner and tags in Konley. Swann slides out. Taylor headbutts Konley and throws his head into the turnbuckles multiple times. Taylor blocks a slingshot and comes in with a double axe handle. Taylor delivers an atomic drop. Swann and Taylor throw a variety of kicks at Konley and Swann gets a two count from it. Reed and Konley throw Taylor to the mat and drop tandem elbows for a two count. Taylor bites Konley’s arm to bring him back to the corner. Swann also bites his hand. Reed holds the ropes open so Swann falls to the floor when Konley whips him. This trick allows The Scene to take control of Swann in their corner. Swann catches Reed with a handspring Ace Crusher and tags in Taylor. Taylor back elbows Reed. He overhead suplexes Reed to the corner. Swann kicks Reed. Taylor gives him a Finlay Roll. Swann’s rolling thunder and Taylor’s quebrada get Ronin a two count. Reed and Konley attack Taylor in the corner. Konley slingshots Taylor into a powerslam from Reed. Sween chops and punches both Scene members. The Scene double hip toss Swann to the corner. A double wheelbarrow slam gets them a two count. Taylor small packages Reed for two and then hits Sole Food. Konley suplexes Taylor. Swann gives Konley a tornado kick. Reed buckle bombs Swann leaving everyone incapacitated. Swann and Taylor double team Reed in the corner. Swann’s standing shooting star press gets him two. Taylor misses a pescado to Konley. Swann dives onto Konley after fighting Reed off. Taylor gives Reed the Awful Waffle for the pin at 14:15. This was easily the best match The Scene had this weekend, though that’s no surprise. This was the first time I think Swann and Taylor have teamed without Gargano and they look quite impressive. The Scene certainly have potential. I think if they show off more personality and brush up their team work they will be good to go. In the darkness, we see Larry Dallas recoup with The Scene by the entrance. **3/4

Backstage Rob Naylor and Lenny Leonard give us some breaking news. They confirm that in Revere, MA at REVOLT! on November 11th, that YAMATO vs. BxB Hulk in a No Ropes, No Disqualification match will main event the show. This challenge was laid out by CIMA on Hulk’s behalf last night.

Silas Young makes his way to the ring with Valerie Malone. He doesn’t like that Brodie tried to bully his wife (Valerie) earlier today. Because of this, Young is accepting Brodie Lee’s open challenge.

Silas Young vs. Brodie Lee

Young starts by throwing chops and punches. Lee gets in a few strikes of his own, but has to rake Young’s eyes. Lee flips Young over. Young lands on his feet and forearms Lee to the floor. Young dives off the apron with a clothesline. On the floor, Lee baits Young in by grabbing Valerie. Lee whips Young to the ring. Young jumps up onto the apron and moonsaults onto Brodie. Lee clotheslines Young back in the ring. Lee hits a dropkick and sends Young to the floor. Lee suicide dives after him. Lee puts on a chinlock back in the ring. When Malone’s cheers get Lee annoyed he grabs her and pulls her to the apron. Young attacks Lee and throws a barrage of chops. Young headscissors Lee across the ring. Young German suplexes Lee for two. Young gives Lee a backbreaker for two. Lee big boots Young for two. Lee powerbombs Young for two. Lee sends Young out with a huracanrana. Young sunset flips into a running powerbomb for two. Young prawn rolls Lee to block a chokeslam. A twisting lionsault gets Young another two count. Young goes for the Pee Gee Waja plunge but gets distracted by Akira Tozawa in the aisleway. Lee uses the distraction and hits the Truck Stop for two. Another powerbomb gets Lee the pin at 8:56. This was a good outing for Young who looked like he was on, if not above Lee’s level. The finish was cheap and the fans seemed to hate it. Otherwise, I liked what these two managed to do. **1/2

Lee can’t believe that’s the best that Milwaukee has to offer. Lee challenges anyone, bringing out Jon Davis. As Davis gets on the microphone, Akira Tozawa pump kicks him from the side. That starts our next match.

Akira Tozawa vs. Jon Davis

Davis back elbows Tozawa. Tozawa delivers a pump kick. Davis powerslams Tozawa and fires himself up. Davis slams Tozawa’s face into the mat on the floor. Tozawa boots Davis to the floor and suicide dives onto him. Tozawa and Davis fight right next to the hard cam, making it difficult to see whats happening. Tozawa gets in a few chair shots to Davis’ back. Davis feels nothing from Tozawa’s chops in the corner. Tozawa’s right hand does the trick. Tozawa snapmares Davis into a Dragon kick. Tozawa hits a back senton for two. Davis ducks a clothesline and delivers a lariat. He powerslams Tozawa so he can take some time to recover. Davis side slams Tozawa for a two count. Tozawa goes for a German suplex. Davis fights it off. Tozawa Saito suplexes Davis for two. Davis blocks a huracanrana with a buckle bomb. He powerbombs Tozawa for two. Davis gets up after another Saito suplex. Davis gives Tozawa a spinebuster. Tozawa ducks his knee strike and hits one of his own. A kick to the back of his head, his face, and a running knee strike get him two. Tozawa German suplexes Davis for the pin at 7:29. They packed in a lot of action in a short amount of time. Tozawa is on another level and Davis hung with him for the entire bout. Davis’ matches got better as the weekend progressed and I am starting to see something in him. **3/4

Ricochet and CIMA, the Open the Twin Gate champions, are backstage. Ricochet reminds us that in their challenge series this weekend, they each have one win a piece. Ricochet and CIMA plan to take PAC and Masato Yoshino’s Open the United Gate belts to prove that they are the best tag team in the world. PAC and Masato Yoshino, the Open the United Gate champions, are elsewhere. PAC says they are the best tag team in the world and will hold both sets of belts after tonight.

YAMATO & AR Fox vs. D.U.F. (Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon)

The lighting in the ring seems to have improved, though it’s impossible to make out people from the aisleway. D.U.F. jumps YAMATO and Fox before the bell. Cannon hits YAMATO with his Freedom Gate championship. They double splash Fox in the corner, then hiptoss him out for one. Fox and Callihan trade forearms. Fox sends Callihan to the floor and dives out after him. YAMATO and Cannon trade side headlocks. YAMATO shoulder tackles Cannon for two and then punts him in the head. Fox slingshot splashes onto Cannon for two. Cannon bites YAMATO’s forehead to bring him to the D.U.F. corner. Callihan and YAMATO trade punches. Fox’s split-legged senton gets him a two count. Callihan blocks a suplex with a brainbuster. Cannon and Callihan seize control. YAMATO gets tired of them and tries to run interference, but is tossed out of the ring. He also breaks a pin on Fox’s behalf. YAMATO jumps in again. Callihan takes him out on the floor. Cannon continues to work over Fox. Callihan comes back in to help out Cannon. It back fires, and Fox takes out both of them with the others’ inadvertent help. YAMATO finally gets tagged in. He gives both D.U.F. members a dragonscrew leg whip. Callihan kicks him in the mid-section. YAMATO spears Cannon when the D.U.F. try a double clothesline. YAMATO dropkicks Callihan to the floor where Fox kickflip moonsaults onto him. YAMATO enzuigiri’s Cannon. Cannon gives him a neckbreaker. Fox comes in. Callihan and Cannon each give him an enzuigiri. Fox elbows Cannon from the apron. Callihan pulls Fox out of the ring and back first onto the ringside stage. Fox hits an Ace Crusher onto the ring frame. YAMATO suplexes Cannon and Fox gives him a swanton bomb. Callihan breaks the count. YAMATO wins a back and forth exchange with Callihan. Callihan however sends him to the apron and lariats him to the floor. Fox hits a flying Code Breaker. He tries the Lo Mein Pain but Cannon saves his partner. He then helps Callihan with a top rope knee drop. YAMATO breaks the pin. Cannon gives YAMATO Total Anarchy. Fox dropkicks Callihan to the floor. Fox gives Callihan the Lo Mein Pain. Cannon makes the save just in time. Callihan then puts Fox in the Stretch Muffler, getting him the submission at 17:43. As much as I’m not a D.U.F. fan, this crowd seemed to connect with them. While it wasn’t on the level of their match with Yokosuka/Mochizuki in June, this was still very fun and the crowd dug it. ***1/4

Fox angrily attacks Cannon and Callihan after the match. He has the upper hand until Pinkie Sanchez comes out to help out his fellow D.U.F. stablemates. Sabu follows behind to clear the ring and start his match with Sanchez.

Sabu vs. Pinkie Sanchez

Sabu gets in some punches before the bell. Sabu throws a chair at his head and drills a spike into his head. Sabu jumps off a chair and knee strikes Sanchez in the corner. Sabu throws the chair at his head again. Sanchez’s face is now covered in blood. Sabu goes for another chair dive. Sanchez kicks the chair into Sabu and throws it at his knee. Sanchez takes Sabu to the floor. Sanchez goes for a dive but Sabu throws a chair into his head to cut him off. Sanchez throws a chair at Sabu as Sabu brings a table into the ring. Sanchez DDT’s Sabu onto the chair (hurting his arm in the process) for a two count. Sanchez and Sabu get in a chair duel. Sabu wins and legdrops Sanchez for two. Sabu sets up a chair in the corner. Sanchez gives Sabu a low blow. He places Sabu on the table and goes to the top rope. Sabu crotches Sanchez on the top turnbuckle. He throws Sanchez over the table and onto a chair. Sabu legdrops Sanchez onto the chair for two. Sabu gives Sanchez an Arabian facebuster for two. Sabu then gives him an Arabian Skullcrusher through the table for the pin at 7:45. That was pretty unoffensive overall, but nothing all that interesting either. Sanchez never stood a chance which made it hard to get into the match. *1/2

Sami Callihan and Arik Cannon come in to further beat Sabu down. AR Fox comes out to help but is quickly beat down as well. Callihan and Sanchez tie up Fox in the ropes while Cannon disposes of Sabu. Callihan reminds Fox that he tried to ruin Fox’s good looks in New York with a keg. That didn’t work, so now he is going to use his bare hands. Callihan chops the crap out of Fox as he is tied up. A bunch of dudes from the pre-show try to save Fox. They ultimately end up prevailing, but only when they have a severe advantage. It’s so severe that the fans point it out AND chant for Pinkie Sanchez. Not the best segment ever. Also, where was Jon Davis? YAMATO? Anyone else?

Uhaa Nation vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Façade vs. Sugar Dunkerton

Dunkerton knocks down Façade with a shoulder block. Façade refrains to do the typical Lucha sequence from Façade. Façade enzuigiri’s him. Kendrick sends Façade to the floor. Nation gives Kendrick a spinebuster. Kendrick flips out of the corner but eats a clothesline from Nation. Façade fails to kick his legs out. Façade flubs trying to run the ropes. I swear, Façade screws up something in every match I’ve seen him in. Nation turns him inside out with a clothesline. Dunkerton is not afraid of Nation. He gets right in his face and slaps him. Nation shoves him down. Kendrick and Façade missile dropkick Nation to the floor. Dunkerton tries to team up with them but gets booted by both of them. Dunkerton gives them both a series of punches. Nation overhead suplexes Dunkerton, sending him to the floor. Nation tries to suplex Façade and Kendrick simultaneously. They shove him to the corner. Dunkerton dropkicks him. Façade dropkicks him as well. Kendrick and Dunkerton evade each others’ moves until Kendrick hits a Pele kick. Kendrick throws Façade to the floor. Nation turns his quesadora into a belly-to-belly suplex. Façade huracanrana’s Nation to the floor with Dunkerton. Façade Phoenix splashes onto both of them. Kendrick then shooting star presses onto everyone. Kendrick brings Dunkerton back into the ring. Dunkerton fights him off. Façade comes in with a springboard bulldog. Façade suplexes him but Kendrick breaks the pin with a standing moonsault. Kendrick gives Façade a reverse huracanrana. He dumps him on his head with a suplex. A cancun tornado quebrada gets him two as Dunkerton breaks the cover. Dunkerton drops Kendrick face first onto his shoes. Dunkerton then hits him with the Bow Chicka Wow Wow. He does the same to Nation but it doesn’t do much. Nation catches Dunkerton with a Samaon drop. He follows with three powerbombs for the pin at 8:39. Nation and Dunkerton were the two stand outs here. Kendrick looked fine but nothing out of the ordinary. Façade was just there when he wasn’t botching. A Dunkerton/Nation singles match would be sweet. **

Johnny Gargano vs. Naruki Doi

Both guys are hesitant at the start. Gargano rolls up Doi and goes for the Garga-No Escape. Doi gets to the ropes immediately. Doi chops up Gargano in the corner. Gargano sole butts Doi and double stomps his back. A knee strike/neckbreaker combo puts Gargano in the driver’s seat. Gargano pumps Doi’s arm across his shoulder multiple times. Gargano inflicts more damage to Doi’s arm on the mat. Gargano dropkicks Doi in the corner. Doi dropkicks Gargano on the ring apron. He ties up Gargano’s arms in the ropes. He dropkicks Gargano in the chest and delivers a senton as Gargano dangles in the ropes. Doi dropkicks Gargano’s leg in the middle ropes. Gargano begins to come back. Doi dropkicks his leg out to stop him. He splashes Gargano’s back against the ropes and hits a Blue Thunder bomb for two. Doi puts on a half crab. Doi chokes Gargano in the corner when he breaks the hold. Doi looks for another dropkick but is caught with a slingshot spear. Gargano puts Doi in a stretch in the ropes. He rolls Doi into a low enzuigiri. Gargano powerbombs Doi for two. Doi pops up Gargano into a Rydeen Bomb for two. Gargano and Doi trade strikes. Gargano blocks the Bakatare Sliding Kick with a roll-up for two. Gargano puts on the Garga-No Escape. Doi gets his foot on the bottom rope. Doi avoids a corner attack. He hits Dai Bosou and the Doi 555 for two. Gargano lands a superkick. With both men dazed, Doi slaps Gargano silly. Gargano nails another superkick. Doi lights him up with more slaps. He hits the Bakatare Sliding Kick for two. Doi carries Gargano on his shoulders to the rop rope. Doi lands the Super Doi 555 and Gargano kicks out! Doi goes for the Muscular Bomb. Gargano rolls him up instead for two. He lawn darts Doi into the corner. He hits another superkick. They block the Hurts Donut and Muscular Bomb respectively. Doi German suplexes Gargano for two. Gargano lands the Hurts Donut for two. Gargano hits it again, then locks in the Garga-No Escape. Doi taps out at 17:20, giving Gargano a huge victory. This had a strong story that the fans got the chance to sink their teeth into. Because of it, they were vocal and extremely hot by the end which helped the already excellent match. Doi did a great job this weekend making Callihan and Gargano look like total players in DGUSA. This is a truly underrated bout and one to check out. ***3/4

Gargano gets on the microphone. He believes his win tonight makes him the #1 contender for the Open the Freedom Gate championship. Gargano says he wish he could come back to Milwaukee for his title match, but he thinks he should get it in New York City on November 13th. He wants his Ronin stablemates Chuck Taylor and Rich Swann should go after the United Gate titles the same night. This brings out Chuck Taylor. He reminds us that he won a match last night that lets him book any match he wants. He’s not interested in the tag titles, so he puts himself against YAMATO for the Open the Freedom Gate title on November 12th in Philadelphia, the night before Gargano’s proposed title match. Swann comes out to try to make sure nothing bad goes down. Gargano begrudgingly accepts the situation and leaves. Taylor isn’t cool with Swann wearing a Junction 3 shirt. Swann tells Taylor he is with both groups and also leaves. Later on, both Taylor and Gargano would be granted their title bouts.

Open the United Gate Championship & Open the Twin Gate Championship
Junction 3 (PAC & Masato Yoshino) (Open the United Gate Champions) vs. Blood Warriors (CIMA & Ricochet) (Open the Twin Gate Champions)

This is the third match in Ricochet & PAC’s series this weekend. They each hold one win a piece. The winning team wins both sets of belts. CIMA breaks a lock-up with Yoshino cleanly. Ricochet however grabs his arms for the canvas, allowing CIMA to boot Yoshino in the stomach. CIMA crucifix pins him for two. Yoshino and CIMA trade some quick pin attempts. Yoshino armdrags him to the corner. Yoshino runs the ropes quickly so he can send CIMA to the corner with a headscissors. Ricochet and PAC tag in. PAC dropkicks Ricochet right away. PAC and Ricochet do some flips to one-up the other. Ricochet dropkicks PAC out and fakes a dive. Ricochet delivers a sole butt. The Blood Warriors (including those who are ringside) choke PAC with their boots in the corner. PAC hip tosses CIMA in order to tag in Yoshino. J3 work over CIMA’s arm. CIMA gives Yoshino a jawbreaker to bring him back to the BW corner. Ricochet hits a dropkick. Yoshino trips Ricochet and tags in PAC. J3 wishbone Ricochet’s legs. PAC back elbows him in the corner for two. CIMA distracts PAC from the apron to stop his and Yoshino’s double team efforts. Ricochet is able to nail a leg lariat and tag in CIMA. BW arrogantly dominate PAC in their half of the ring, doing damage to PAC’s left knee. PAC manages to palm strike Ricochet off the apron and enzuigiri CIMA. Ricochet boots PAC and shoves him. PAC gets fired up by this. He throws Ricochet in the air then hits a standing shooting star press. He tags in Yoshino who delivers the Sling Blade. Yoshino elbows CIMA to the floor. Yoshino hits a half-nelson driver for two. Ricochet hits an enzuigiri and the Rickrack. He lands a standing moonsault for two. Yoshino puts Ricochet in From Jungle. PAC crossbody’s CIMA so he can’t break it. However, CIMA leg sweeps PAC into a dropkick which breaks the hold. CIMA stomps PAC in the chest for two. CIMA gives PAC Venus and the Iconoclasm. Ricochet’s running shooting star press only gets him two. PAC shoulder blocks CIMA from the apron and then hits a slingshot Ace Crusher. He follows up with British Airways for two. Yoshino missile dropkicks Ricochet, falling into a senton on CIMA for two. Ricochet cuts off PAC with a Spanish Fly. CIMA hits PAC with the Perfect Driver. Ricochet follows with a 630 Splash. Yoshino is there to break the pin. Yoshino hits the Ude Yoshino on Ricochet, then the Torbellino. He locks on Sol Naciente. Tozawa distracts the referee. CIMA dropkicks him from behind and sends PAC to the floor. The Blood Warriors (Naruki Doi, Tozawa and Brodie) all come in to attack Yoshino in the corner. The Junction 3 members then do the same to Ricochet in the corner. Lee big boots Yoshino. CIMA gives him the Schwein. The referee recovers to count two. Yoshino blocks the Crossfire with a sunset flip for two. CIMA hits a superkick. Yoshino crucifix pins him for two. Yoshino gets two with the Lightning Spiral as well. PAC comes off the top with a 360 shooting star press. Ricochet breaks the pin. Yoshino sets up for a super Lightning Spiral on CIMA. CIMA however turns it into the Schweinsteiner. That shockingly only gets him two. Finally, CIMA hits Meteora to get the pin and the United Gate title at 24:09. The huge moves and kick outs never felt annoying or forced. In fact, it felt more like the participants wanted the titles so badly and were fighting tooth and nail to win no matter what. They only complaint I have is that it felt as long as it lasted. Otherwise, this was a top notch way to end the weekend and to solidify The Spiked Mohicans as the top team in the entire Dragon Gate universe. ****

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