Dragon Gate USA: Untouchable 2011

Chicago, IL – 9.10.2011

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard and Rob Naylor.

Tag Team Discovery
The Scene (Scott Reed & Caleb Konley) vs. The Kentucky Buffet (Matt Cage & Alex Castle)

The winning team goes on to face Ronin (Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann) tomorrow night in Milwaukee. Reed chops Cage in the back and chest. Cage chases him back to his corner. Konley and Castle tag in. Castle throws some forearms and drop Konley by the back of his head into the mat. Konley hip tosses Castle into the corner for two. The Scene take control with some tandem offense. Castle throws them together and tags in Cage. Cage missile dropkicks them both. He enzuigiri’s Reed after a back chop. Cage hits a running knee strike to send Konley out. Konley hits Cage from the outside. He and Reed hit the Ob-Scene on Cage for the pin at 3:16. Cage and Castle were much better opponents for The Scene tonight. I really liked this for the time it was given and would like to see the KYB back in DGUSA or EVOLVE. *1/2

Brodie Lee boots Alex Castle afterwards. Larry Dallas comes in and is able to escape with The Scene unscathed. Brodie Lee says he’s going to keep doing his thing until somebody stops him.

Rich Swann vs. Jon Davis

Swann goes after Davis’ legs. He dropkicks Davis twice only to be shoulder tackled to the mat. Swann’s third dropkick sends Davis to the floor. Davis absorbs a chop and hoists Swann into a suplex. Davis slams Swann three times for a two count. Davis suplexes Swann out of the corner for another two. Davis chops him against the ropes. Swann ducks a clothesline and goes for a sunset flip. Davis picks him up. Swann goes for it again and gets two. Davis blocks a small package with a Jackhammer for two. Swann kicks out Davis’ leg and tornado kicks him in the head. Swann goes for a tarantula. Davis carries him out of the ropes. Swann hits the Code Red (or Green in his instance) for two. Davis buckle bombs Swann to counter a huracanrana. Swann leaps in from the apron. He delivers an enzuigiri. As Swann comes off the second rope, Davis catches him with a spinebuster. Swann hits a handspring Ace Crusher and the FIREBIRD for two. Swann gets two again with a legdrop off of Davis’ back. Swann quesadora’s into a bulldog for two. Even with a frogsplash Davis kicks out. Davis catches Swann in a cartwheel in 3 Seconds Around the World for the pin at 9:03. Swann looked incredibly strong against Davis which I commend them for. While it was a bit annoying for Davis to run through ALL of Swann’s big stuff, it did help build his credibility. **3/4

Brodie Lee comes back out and big boots Swann. After a powerbomb, Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano tend to Swann. Lee challenges anyone in the back to come out, prompting Gregory Iron to make his way out. Iron was beaten up by Lee and the Blood Warriors last night in Indianapolis. Lee reiterates his point from last night about how Kevin Nash putting him over is much better than CM Punk putting Gregory Iron over. Lee makes fun of Iron for being handicapped, leading to Iron slapping him. Lee gives him a big boot and a powerbomb. Lee asks for another person to come out. Uhaa Nation, who impressed last night in Indianapolis, makes his way out. Nation slams, German suplexes and press slams Lee. After that he wows the crowd with a standing moonsault. Lee moves out of the way of a standing shooting star press and gives Nation the Rydeen Bomb. Lee decides to walk away saying he proved his point, though it’s apparent that Nation rattled him.

PAC vs. Ricochet

This is match two in the PAC/ Ricochet series this weekend. Last night, Ricochet pinned PAC in an awesome six man tag. PAC is frustrated at Ricochet taking him down with an armdrag. Ricochet flips out of a suplex. PAC throws him in the air so he can crash down on his chest and stomach. PAC hip tosses Ricochet out of the corner for two. Ricochet sends PAC to the apron. Ricochet enzuigiri’s him to the floor. Ricochet punches him instead of doing a dive. Ricochet whips him into the guardrails. In the ring, Ricochet rolls PAC into an enzuigiri for two. Ricochet shoves his boot into PAC’s face. Ricochet spikes PAC with a reverse huracanrana. PAC does the same, leaving both men laying on the mat. PAC avoids a corner attack and springboard dropkicks Ricochet. PAC hits British Airways for two. Ricochet gets his knees up to counter PAC’s crossbody. He then gets a two count after the Rickrack and a standing shooting star press. PAC moonsaults Ricochet off the top rope. PAC comes off the second rope with a Phoenix Splash for two. PAC fights Ricochet off the ropes. Ricochet runs up again anyways, hitting the Spanish Fly for two. PAC puts his knees up to block a shooting star press. PAC pops Ricochet into a powerbomb for two. PAC hits a 360 shooting star press for the pin at 10:07. That was a very fun contest like the two they had before this in Japan. This didn’t feel as good or important, but if you only watch DGUSA this will still be enjoyable. ***1/4

Brodie Lee comes out again and big boots PAC. The rest of the Blood Warriors (CIMA, Akira Tozawa, and Naruki Doi) are all out to also attack him. Ricochet smacks PAC and says he will show him what he can do. The Blood Warriors bring PAC to the floor so Ricochet can hit the Sasuke Special. Ronin hits the ring and dives onto the Blood Warriors. AR Fox then runs out so he can dive onto everybody. This brings out the D.U.F. stable (Sami Callihan, Arik Cannon, and Pinkie Sanchez). Sanchez gets a head of steam for a dive. Tired of waiting, Callihan and Cannon spit beer onto Sanchez and double suplex him onto the crowd of people outside the ring. Sabu makes his way out and sets up a chair. He dives onto everyone. PAC has now recovered enough for him to do a dive as well. Ronin, PAC and the Blood Warriors all clear the area so that our next match can get underway.

No Disqualification Match
AR Fox & Sabu vs. D.U.F. (Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez)

Sanchez and Fox fight outside the ring. In the ring, Sabu throws a chair at Cannon’s head. Fox and Sanchez are now fighting in the crowd. Cannon rams his shoulder into Sabu’s mid-section. Sabu hits a slingshot legdrop for two. Fox forearms Sanchez. Sabu dropkicks a chair into Cannon’s face while he’s in a tree of woe. Sanchez suplexes Fox on a stage. Sabu digs a spike into Cannon’s forehead. Fox slams a cup of beer into Sanchez’s head. What a waste! Fox backdrops Sanchez off the stage. Fox comes back into the ring so he and Sabu can hit a splash/Rolling Thunder combo on Cannon for two. Sabu puts on the Arabian Clutch. He releases and throws a chair at Cannon’s head again. Fox splashes a chair into Cannon’s chest. Sanchez breaks the pin. Sanchez and Cannon bully Fox in their corner. Fox sends Sanchez to the floor and missile dropkicks Cannon so that he can tag in Sabu. Sabu throws a chair about both Sanchez and Cannon twice each. Sabu turns Sanchez inside out with a lariat for two. Sanchez kicks a chair into Sabu’s legs. Cannon suplexes Fox into the corner. Sabu brings in a table. Cannon throws Fox a haymaker and superkick. He hits a brainbuster but Sabu breaks the pin. Sabu places Sanchez on the table. He gives Sanchez a legdrop through it. Cannon hits Sabu with Total Anarchy. Fox swantons the broken table onto Sanchez. Fox 450 splashes onto the table for the pin at 11:35. Well the Chicago crowd loved this which helped. Sabu moves around just fine for a guy his age and did a pretty good job. Fox got to pick up a nice win and there were a few cool spots. No complaints here. **1/2

Before the next match, an awesome video plays for Johnny Gargano that makes him look like a million bucks. DGUSA is able to produce some tremendous videos and I think they need to make them more often to pad the time between shows.

Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa

Both men look for control on the mat. They each deliver an armdrag. They evade each other’s kick to reach a stalemate. In the corner Gargano fights to give Tozawa a Complete Shot into the middle turnbuckle. Gargano delivers a jumping neckbreaker afterwards. Gargano slams Tozawa and dropkicks him in the back. Gargano twists up Tozawa’s legs while placing the back of his leg on Tozawa’s shoulders. Tozawa spanks Gargano to free himself. Tozawa gets his knees up to block a crossbody. Tozawa chokes Gargano in the corner. Tozawa chops him silly and punches him in the face. Gargano rolls Tozawa into an enzuigiri. Gargano clotheslines Tozawa to the floor. Tozawa evades a pescado. Tozawa hits a suicide dive. He goes for it a second time but Gargano catches him with the slingshot spear. Gargano kicks Tozawa twice and hits a discuss lariat. Gargano puts him in a shoulder stretch in the ropes. He releases and heads up top. Tozawa nails an enzuigiri. Gargano flips out to give Tozawa a running Liger bomb for two. Gargano suicide dives onto Tozawa, then rolls off the apron with a senton. Back in the ring Gargano ducks a knee strike and goes for the Garga-No Escape. Tozawa escapes quickly and kicks Gargano to the corner. A big bicycle kick and a Saito suplex get him a two count. Tozawa bicycle kicks Gargano on the top rope and superplexes him off. Tozawa regains his composure and gets a two count. They rock each other with forearms. Tozawa Saito suplexes Gargano after they each hit a kick. Gargano nails another superkick. Tozawa huracanrana’s him into a knee strike, leaving both men on the mat. Gargano kicks Tozawa in the ropes so he can kick him. Tozawa nails a bicycle kick and German suplexes Gargano onto the ring frame! Tozawa looks happy as he brings Gargano back in the ring. He shockingly only gets a two count. Gargano backs Tozawa to the corner to block a German suplex. Tozawa bicycle kicks him on the other side of the ring. Gargano dropkicks Tozawa before he can attack again. Gargano lawn darts him into the corner. A superkick and Hurts Donut only get him a two count. Gargano tries to slide through Tozawa’s legs but gets caught. He gets bicycle kicked in the back of the head. Tozawa hits a German suplex for two. Tozawa manages to then hit the High Tension suplex for the pin at 20:32. These two are white hot right now and both put their best feet forward to produce a fantastic battle. What else do I really need to say? ****

Masato Yoshino vs. Naruki Doi vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Sami Callihan

The winner of this match will get to book whatever match they want for their stable. One member from each DGUSA stable (Junction 3, Blood Warriors, Ronin, and D.U.F.) is in this match to give every group a chance. A four way test of strength sees Doi and Yoshino take control. Doi chops Yoshino to block his leapfrog. Yoshino headscissors Doi to the ropes. Taylor armdrags Yoshino into a cradle for two. Callihan comes off the top. Taylor boots him in the stomach. Callihan back elbows him to the mat. Callihan forearms him I the back. Doi and Yoshino back elbow Callihan. Yoshino hands him up so Doi can hit a senton. Speed Muscle mini reunion! Doi ends it by kicking Yoshino and giving him a suplex. Taylor boots Doi down in the corner. Callihan hits a slingshot splash for two. Taylor forearms Doi after they back elbow Yoshino. Taylor suplexes Yoshino for two. Callihan kicks Taylor in the back of the head and pins Yoshino for two. Taylor and Doi double suplex Yoshino. Callihan dives on Yoshino but Doi breaks the pin. Callihan kicks Yoshino as he hits the ropes. Yoshino elbows Callihan to the floor and gives Doi the Sling Blade. He puts Taylor in From Jungle. Callihan forearms Yoshino to break his hold. Taylor gives Callihan Sole Food. Callihan comes back with a Death Valley Driver. Doi breaks his cover. Yoshino blocks the Doi 555. He dropkicks Doi to the fans delight. Doi hot shots him and delivers a neckbreaker. A flip senton gets Doi two. Yoshino boots on the Coumori. He releases and goes for a dropkick. He misses and a series of moves brings everyone to the mat. Doi places Taylor and Callihan in the corner to hit the Dai Bousou. Yoshino missile dropkicks Callihan, falling into a senton on Taylor. Yoshino gives Doi the Torbellino. Doi counters the Lightning Spiral with the Doi 555. Taylor uranage slams Doi. Callihan blocks the Sole Food and puts on the Stretch Muffler. Taylor rolls him up for two. Callihan misses a corner dropkick. Taylor hits the Awful Waffle for the pin at 10:18. Like the Junction 3/Ronin tag match last night this lacked flow to it. There was some cool moves, especially from Yoshino, but pretty disappointing overall. **3/4

Taylor tells Yoshino that Ronin is coming for every title in DGUSA. Taylor implies he will take the Freedom Gate title by saying that Swann and Gargano will take the United Gate belts. Brodie Lee runs out. Yoshino helps Taylor rid of him. Yoshino says Taylor can come after the belts anytime. Taylor superkicks Yoshino for the second night in a row. Rich Swann comes out and is conflicted as to whose side to take. Taylor leaves without him, leaving him to check on Yoshino.

Open the Freedom Gate Championship
YAMATO (Champion) vs. CIMA

YAMATO taunts CIMA with a slap to his buttocks. CIMA rolls back to take control of a double knuckle lock. YAMATO dodges being booted in the head. CIMA reigns down with punches. YAMATO evades his senton and rolls up CIMA for two. YAMATO puts on the CVB but then goes for an ankle lock. YAMATO slams his knee into the mat. YAMATO does some more damage to the leg. YAMATO dropkicks his leg in the ropes. YAMATO puts on a figure four leg lock. CIMA maneuvers towards the ropes to escape. CIMA grabs the ropes to avoid a dropkick. He kicks YAMATO in the side of the face and drops an elbow. CIMA takes YAMATO to the floor and rams his back into the ring frame. He also drops his face on it. In the ring, CIMA uses his feet to twist YAMATO’s neck. CIMA applies a headscissors until YAMATO puts his foot on the ropes. YAMATO sunset flips CIMA. CIMA rolls out and double stomps him in the chest. CIMA kicks YAMATO in the hamstrings, driving YAMATO’s head into the middle turnbuckle. CIMA puts on a Stump Puller. YAMATO escapes. He sunset flips CIMA again. CIMA throws some kicks. YAMATO catches one and dragonscrews him to the mat. YAMATO dropkicks CIMA out of the corner for two. CIMA ducks a punt. YAMATO stomps on his foot and delivers an enzuigiri. YAMATO suplexes him for two. On the floor, CIMA whips YAMATO into the ring post. CIMA quickly runs back into the ring so he can hit a suicide dive. CIMA double knees YAMATO in the corner. CIMA’s double stomp gets him a two count. CIMA holds his injured knee while YAMATO is recovering. CIMA slaps YAMATO until he falls to his knees. CIMA blocks a spear and hits the Nakayubi for two. YAMATO slips out of the Perfect Driver. He rolls CIMA into an ankle lock. CIMA enzuigiri’s his way free. He lands the Perfect Driver for two. CIMA slaps YAMATO multiple times. YAMATO answers with forearms. CIMA rakes his eyes but takes a big boot. CIMA superkicks him back. He hits the Schwein for two. YAMATO puts on a choke sleeper to block a second Schwein. CIMA muscles YAMATO up and climbs the ropes. CIMA falls backwards to slam his body weight onto YAMATO. CIMA follows up with Meteora which puts away everyone. CIMA grabs his knees in pain, then goes for the pin which only gets him two. CIMA hits another Nakayubi. He misses the second Meteora. YAMATO puts on the choke sleeper once again. CIMA tries his best to fight free but can’t. YAMATO suplexes him onto his head. A brainbuster only gets him two. YAMATO then hits Galleria for the pin at 21:59. I enjoyed the heck out of this. The working over of CIMA’s leg not allowing him to capitalize on the pinfall after the Meteora made an already great story even better. Neither guy rested on their laurels and put on a very quality match. This was totally different from Tozawa/Gargano but I enjoyed it just as much, even if the crowd wasn’t going wild. ****

After the match, CIMA takes the mic and tells the fans to shut up. He informs YAMATO that BxB Hulk is back to DGUSA. He will take on YAMATO in a No Disqualification, No Rope match. YAMATO says he will accept that match anytime and anywhere. He thanks the Chicago crowd for coming out to send them off.

Pre-Show Match

Flip Kendrick vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Silas Young vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Façade vs. Marion Fontaine vs. Gregory Iron vs. Cedric Alexander vs. ACH

Alexander and Lyndon start off. Lyndon kicks Alexander to the corner. Lyndon armdrags Alexander into a cradle for two. Alexander flips over Lyndon. He hits a dropkick for two. Alexander suplexes Lyndon across his knees. Fontaine is the next entrant. He leg lariats Alexander. Lyndon drops him into the splits and delivers a dropkick. Fontaine superkicks Lyndon and delivers a rolling Death Valley Driver for two. Façade enters the bout. He walks the ropes to missile dropkick Fontaine. Façade kips up into a leg lariat. Façade O’Conner rolls Lyndon for two. Façade hits a springboard twisting senton onto everyone on the floor. Young is out next. Lyndon catches him with a knee strike. Young German suplexes Lyndon for the pin at 5:05. Fontaine rakes Young’s eyes and Iron makes his entrance. He crossbody’s onto Fontaine and Young for a two count. Fontaine sends Young to the floor. Iron catches Fontaine coming off the top rope with a Complete Shot for the pin at 6:34. Dunkerton comes out and does a little Kid N’ Play dancing with Iron. Façade springboard flip sentons onto them. Alexander enzuigiri’s Façade. Façade hits a springboard kick and legdrops Alexander across the middle rope. He springboard bulldogs Alexander. A slingshot moonsault gets him the pin at 8:19. Kendrick is next out. Dunkerton hits Façade with Bow Chicka Wow Wow for the pin at 8:31. Kendrick enzuigiri’s Dunkerton. Kendrick sends Young into him. He takes Dunkerton and Young over with a huracanrana. Kendrick sweeps Dunkerton into a reverse DDT. A standing moonsault senton gets him a two count. Young sends Kendrick to the floor. Iron blocks the Pee Gee Waja Plunge. Young rolls up Iron and holds his tights to pin him at 10:06. ACH makes his way out. ACH cleans house and looks better than everybody right away. He gives Dunkerton Mortal Kombat and Young a low clothesline in the corner. ACH misses a 450 off the middle rope. ACH Sonic Booms Kendrick on the top rope. Kendrick flips ACH into a Canadian Destroyer, kind of. Kendrick huracanrana’s him for the pin at 11:43. ACH clearly kicked out at two. What a crock. Young flips Kendrick into a backbreaker. He gets two with a short-arm lariat. He puts on the Rings of Saturn, forcing Kendrick to tap out at 12:24. Dunkerton drops Young onto his knee. He then hits a discuss lariat for two. Young goes to Dunkerton’s eyes. Young springboards in with a quebrada press for two. Dunkerton comes off the second rope with an X-Factor. Dunkerton borrows a Josh Thor move by using Off With His Head (a forearm to the side of the head) for two. Young crotches Dunkerton on the roll. The Pee Gee Waja Plunge gets Young the pin at 14:32. Dunkerton and Young had a fun minute or so, and ACH absolutely blew everyone away. Those things aside, this was a sloppy mess of a match. *

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