Dragon Gate USA: United Philly

Philadelphia, PA – 1.29.2011

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard & Leonard F. Chikarason.

Tonight continues the Round Robin tournament to crown the first Open The United Gate champions. Last night, Ronin and World-1 each won their matches and earned two points a piece. The two Blood Warriors teams however lost both their matches and have zero points. Tonight, two more tournament matches will take place.

YAMATO and Jon Moxley of Kamikaze USA come out to open the show. Moxley points out that YAMATO is the new Open The Freedom Gate Champion and that Kamikaze was undefeated last night in New York. As Moxley begins to trash talk Homicide, a “fan” jumps Moxley. A few guys come out to get control of the fan and Moxley. Brodie Lee emerges from the back, ready for his match with YAMATO.

YAMATO vs. Brodie Lee

YAMATO’s opening shots have no effect. However, YAMATO side steps Lee’s corner attack and his chops do some damage. Lee brings him to his knees in a double wrist clutch. Lee knocks YAMATO down to counter a shoulder block. Lee delivers an overhead suplex and a dropkick. YAMATO baits Lee to the floor. Lee hot shots YAMATO on the guardrail. Lee big boots him into the crowd. Lee does a bit more damage before throwing YAMATO back into the ring. YAMATO kicks the ropes into Lee’s groin. YAMATO rakes Lee’s eyes. Lee delivers a Michinoku Driver for two. Lee does some more damage until YAMATO side steps a boot in the corner. He delivers a flurry of strikes, leading for him to attempt a slam. He fails, and Lee falls onto YAMATO for two. YAMATO escapes a German and hits an enzuigiri. He punts Lee and attempts a choke sleeper. Lee escapes. He delivers a half nelson suplex and a big boot. The Truck Stop gets him two. Lee hits another big boot and only gets two again. YAMATO turns a powerbomb from Lee ito a choke sleeper. He slides back and hits a German suplex. YAMATO hits a brainbuster and reapplies the sleeper. Lee passes out at 8:53. YAMATO coming back after being murdered was so fun to watch. The crowd immediately got behind him, and a lot of that had to do with Lee’s effective offense and demeanor. ***

Moxley trash talks Homicide some more, and yet again the fan attacks. They’re separated once more by the same group of guys from earlier. Backstage, Jigsaw says he will win the six way freestyle he is participating in tonight.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Rich Swann

Swann pays no mind to Jacobs as he talks to his Ronin stablemates. Jacobs lights up Swann with rapid chops. Swann pokes his eyes. He nails a dropkick after some back and forth off the ropes. Swann’s offense has little effect. Jacobs hits a clothesline after being kicked. Swann slides to the floor. Jacobs follows and Swann uses the apron to hit a 619. Jacobs flapjacks him onto the ring steps. Swann clotheslines Jacobs in the corner and drops him with an STO for two. A kick in the back gets him two. He applies a seated abdominal stretch. Jacobs begins to escape, so Swann kicks him in the back. He pokes Jacobs’ eyes in the corner. Jacobs fires up and delivers punches and an eye rake. He hits a falling neckbreaker and an elbow for two. Swann blocks the Contra Code and the End Time. Swann hits the Leap of Faith and a running shooting star press for two. Jacobs connects with a springboard ace crusher for two. Swann evades a super Contra Code. Jacobs sits down on Swann’s sunset flip attempt, but only gets a two count. Swann hits a tornado kick for two. Swann Tiger Walks Jacobs. Jacobs hits a boot and the Contra Code for two. Swann connects with a wheelbarrow stunner and a Pele kick. The standing 450 splash fails as Jacobs puts his knees up. Swann superkicks Jacobs and spikes him with a headscissors. He hits the standing 450 splash for the pin at 9:13. Both guys looked tremendous here, moving around quickly and hitting everything without error. This was a big step for Swann and Jacobs was a great foil for him. ***1/4

Chuck Taylor says he hopes CIMA was watching, as thinks this was further proof that Ronin belongs in Japan. Swann almost sings the Ronin rap, but leaves instead.

Backstage, PAC and Masato Yoshino are standing by. PAC points out that Yoshino is the Open The Dream Gate Champion and that he is the Open The Brave Gate Champion (the two top singles titles in Dragon Gate), as well as the best high-flier in Dragon Gate. He and Yoshino say they’re ready to become the first ever United Gate champions.

Jigsaw vs. Frightmare vs. Sami Callihan vs. Cheech Hernandez vs. AR Fox vs. Rexx Reed

Reed looks to take an early lead, but gets ganged up on. Frightmare hits Callihan with a crossbody. Callihan applies a Stretch Muffler, and Frightmare rolls him up for two. Frightmare takes Callihan over with a rana and hits a pop-up clothesline. Frightmare knees Cheech in the face. Cheech throws him across the ring and hits a slingshot senton. Jigsaw comes in and does a Lucha sequence with Cheech. Jigsaw dives onto Cheech on the floor, allowing Reed and Fox to enter. Fox counters a powerslam with a prawn hold for two. Reed knocks him down with a lariat. Callihan comes in and lights up Reed with various strikes. Frightmare comes in, and Reed knocks both Frightmare and Callihan down with a clothesline. Fox flies in with a clothesline and Cheech comes in with a superkick and face wash to Fox. Jigsaw double stomps Cheech on the apron and double stomps Fox on the apron. Jigsaw gives Frightmare a bridging German suplex for two. Fox boots him in the face, and Jigsaw retaliates with an enzuigiri. Fox drops Jigsaw with a modified brainbuster. Frightmare takes down Fox with a neck breaker and hits the Kneecolepsy. Reed breaks the pin. Callihan smacks Reed to the send him to the floor. Reed kicks Callihan, and Fox leg drops him on the apron. Frightmare plancha’s over the top onto Reed. Cheech dives onto them with a Fozberry Flop. Fox hits his patented moonsault off the ring post. Jigsaw dives onto the pile with a 450 splash. Clalihan and Reed make it back into the ring first. They trade strikes until Callihan takes him down with a dragonscrew leg whip. Frightmare breaks Callihan’s Stretch Muffler on Reed. Frightmare hits a dropkick. Callihan blocks a neckbreaker and facewashes Frightmare. Callihan flips Frightmare out of the corner with a piledriver. Fox flies in with a frogsplash to break the pin. Jigsaw and Cheech crash from the apron to the floor as Jigsaw drops Cheech face first in the corner. Fox takes Callihan down with a Code Breaker. Callihan catches Fox with a Zig Zag and nails him in the neck with the Forearm to Remember for the pin at 9:22. This was the usual Freestyle craziness you see from DGUSA these days. All six guys did a really good job, and I believe Sami was the right choice to win. ***1/4

Ricochet and Naruki Doi are backstage. Ricochet corrects PAC’s earlier promo, claiming that he is the top high-flier, not PAC. He says after he and Doi defeat Doi’s former partner Yoshino and PAC, they will go onto New Jersey and become the United Gate champions.

Jon Moxley comes back out with Akira Tozawa. Moxley says after tonight and tomorrow, no one will be left to stand in their way. Tozawa’s opponent, Austin Aries comes out with Reby Sky, saying that she will help out with the ugly factor Moxley has brought to the show.

Austin Aries vs. Akira Tozawa

Aries gets a kiss from Sky. Tozawa asks for one from Moxley, which he angrily refuses. Tozawa and Aries trade control on the mat. Tozawa goes for the Apron Kara Tozawa. He misses, and Aries rolls to the floor. In the ring, Aries hits a slingshot elbow in the corner. Tozawa puts on a headscissors, which Aries of course escapes. Tozawa avoids his dropkick and goes to the floor. Aries brings him back in. Aries pounces on Tozawa with elbows and folds him up for two. A knee drop gets him two. Aries bulldogs him for two. Aries applies a modified stump puller. He bridges back for two. Aries sends Tozawa to the floor. Tozawa avoids a double axe handle and hits two suicide consecutive suicide dives. In the ring, Tozawa snapmares Aries into a headlock. Tozawa chokes him in the corner. He slams Aries for two. Tozawa cuts off Aries comeback with a mule kick and a palm strike. Tozawa misses Apron Kara Tozawa, but connects with a senton for two. Aries blocks a Saito suplex. He scores with a DDT. Aries nails a discuss elbow for two. Aries sends Tozawa to the floor and hits the heat seeking missile. Aries delivers a neckbreaker on the ropes, following up with a slingshot senton and the Last Chancery. Tozawa gets the ropes to escape. Tozawa blocks a crossbody with double knees. He hits a Saito suplex for two. Tozawa delivers a bicycle kick. Aries responds with the IED and a brainbuster for two. Moxley shoves Aries off the top ropes. Sky low blows Moxley. Tozawa rolls up Aries for two. Tozawa then hits a step-up enzuigiri. Sky gets on the apron and gives Tozawa a kiss. Aries rolls him up for two. Aries evades a German suplex. Tozawa evades the brainbuster and hits the German suplex. He then hits a bridging version for the pin at 14:27. This was a fun match with a hot ending, and really helped raise Tozawa’s overall stock in DGUSA. I love how he got the finish right after Sky tried cheap tactics to help Aries win. A good story and match overall. ***1/2

Jimmy Jacobs is backstage. He says he didn’t want to kick off the year with an 0-2 losing streak, and looks to make up for it with a win tomorrow night.

No Disqualification Match
BxB Hulk vs. Jon Moxley

Hulk attacks Moxley before the bell. He sends him to the floor and lays in some kicks. Moxley whips Hulk into the guardrail. He then Russian leg sweeps him into it. Hulk catches Moxley coming off the stairs with a thrust kick. He moonsaults from the steps, showing a little pain in his leg. In the ring Hulk misses a springboard spinwheel kick. Moxley hits a lariat for two. He rakes Hulk’s face across the top rope and delivers a DDT for two. Moxley applies a Kimura. Hulk escapes, but Moxley puts him back in a Fujiwara. Hulk gets the ropes to break. Moxley dumps Hulk on his head with a backdrop. Hulk recovers and hits a springboard dropkick. Hulk hits a standing rotation senton for two. Moxley puts Hulk in a crossface. Once Hulk escapes, he hits Mouse, a clothesline and a dropkick. He axe kicks Moxley for two. He hits a standing shooting star press for two. Tozawa clips Hulk’s leg as Hulk goes up top. Moxley delivers a superplex. Hulk and Moxley exchange forearms. Hulk ducks a clothesline. He connects with an enzuigiri and a very sloppy EVO for two. Moxley ducks First Flash and drops Hulk with an ace crusher for two. He puts on the crossface chickenwing. Hulk escapes a suplex. He delivers the FTX for two. He hits another axe kick. He stops Tozawa from running in. He then hits First Flash for the pin at 8:05. That was a lot shorter than I expected and the stipulation was pointless. That said, this was a good way for Hulk to recover after a title loss and to slightly build up his match with Tozawa tomorrow night. **3/4

Sami Callihan says he might be small, but he is scary. He says now that he’s 2-0 this weekend, he should have the fans and wrestlers attention and respect. He claims he may aim for someone bigger and badder from now on. This was WAY too phony sounding and way too much fake laughter for my liking.

Open The United Gate Championship Round Robin Tournament Match
Ronin (Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano) vs. Blood Warriors (CIMA & Dragon Kid)

Rich Swaann raps Ronin to the ring (which the fans love). Taylor breaks a lock-up with Kid in the corner. Taylor wins a test of strength. Taylor quickly escapes Kid’s headscissors on the mat. Taylor sends Kid to the apron. Kid sends Taylor to the floor with a springboard rana and feigns a dive. CIMA and Gargano tag in. CIMA repeatedly stomps on him. He shoulder blocks Gargano and kicks him in the chest. Gargano takes him down with a rana. Taylor tags in and kicks CIMA in the shoulder. CIMA breaks a seated abdominal stretch. Gargano blind tags in. He suplexes CIMA for two. Taylor tags in and hits some forearms. CIMA tags in Kid who snapmares Taylor. He drops two knees for a two count. Taylor slams Kid in his corner and stomps on him with Gargano. Kid shoves Gargano into Taylor and delivers a sole butt. Taylor throws Kid into Gargano’s boots. Ronin continue to wear down Kid until CIMA knees Gargano from the apron. This allows the Blood Warriors to shift the advantage, isolating Gargano in their corner. CIMA at one point baits Taylor in, and dropkicks both members of Ronin while their in a sodomyesque position. Gargano finally tags out after dropping BW with an STO/DDT combo. Taylor tags in with a dropkick to Kid. CIMA lights up Taylor with chops. Gargano slingshot spears him and Taylor hits an Asai moonsault for two. Taylor gives Kid a blockbuster. Taylor dropkicks CIMA to the floor. Gargano follows with a cannonball senton. Kid hits a springboard stunner on Taylor. Taylor nips up after a suplex to Kid. Taylor hits a Death Valley Driver for two. Kid puts him in Christo. Taylor breaks it with a backbreaker. Gargano hits Kid with a knee strike. As CIMA springboards in, Gargano hits him with a dropkick. CIMA crotches Gargano in the corner and delivers the Superdrol. A double stomp gets him two. Gargano lawn darts CIMA and superkicks him for two. Kid and CIMA give Gargano the stacked up super huracanrana. CIMA follows with the Perfect Driver for two. Taylor DDT’s Kid into Gargano’s arms. CIMA superkicks Gargano and Kid rolls him up for two. Taylor disposes of CIMA. Taylor pops Kid into an ace crusher from Gargano. CIMA breaks the pin. CIMA puts Gargano on Taylor’s shoulders while he’s seated. CIMA bulldogs them both. BW hit stereo Tokarev’s for two. Gargano and CIMA counter each other’s finisher until CIMA finally hits Schwein. He goes up for Meteora and misses. Gargano delivers the Hurts Donut into the Gargano Escape. Taylor prevents Kid from making the save, causing CIMA to tap out at 19:25. The latter part of this match was awesome, with both teams looking like a million bucks. Ronin defeating both Blood Warriors teams puts them over huge and instantly shoots them to the main event. Fantastic stuff all around. ****

Chuck Taylor mockingly asks Blood Warriors if they belong in Japan now. Like last night, CIMA polls the crowd. They say yes, so he calls the fans stupid. Brodie Lee demands the fans give the Blood Warriors respect. The Blood Warriors attack Ronin, with CIMA telling them how they treat “young boys”. After they’re disposed off, the Warriors tease doing their call sign, but do the universal “shove off” arm gesture instead. World-1 make their entrance for the main event.

Open The United Gate Championship Round Robin Tournament Match
World-1(Masato Yoshino & PAC) vs. Blood Warriors (Naruki Doi & Ricochet)

Yoshino cleanly breaks a lock-up with Doi in the ropes. Yoshino wrenches on Doi’s left arm. He and Doi reach a stalemate after rolling about on the mat. Ricochet and PAC tag in. PAC hops over Ricochet and delivers a sole butt. Ricochet hits two different armdrags. He sends PAC to the floor with a huracanrana. He follows with the Sasuke Special. In the ring he hits a senton for two. Yoshino tags in. He stomps and punches Ricochet in the corner. He lands a back elbow. Ricochet tags in Doi. Ricochet hits a questionable chop to Yoshino’s throat while some of the other Warriors assist from the floor. Doi works over Yoshino’s arm. Yoshino tags in PAC who comes in with a double sledge to Doi’s arm. Yoshino double stomps Doi’s arm. PAC hits a senton for two. Doi delivers a chinbreaker and tags in Ricochet. Ricochet does a little showing off as he hits a few moves on PAC. PAC slams Ricochet and tags out. World-1 hit tandem back elbows for two. Ricochet sunset flips Yoshino for two. He then applies a modified Anaconda Vice. He snapmares Yoshino into an enzuigiri for two. Ricochet and Doi take turns attacking Yoshino in their half of the ring. Doi accidentally dropkicks Ricochet, which allows Yoshino to hit Doi with the Torbellino. He tags in PAC. He missile dropkicks Doi. He then givs PAC a springboard twisting moonsault to the floor. PAC hits Doi with an enzuigiri for two. Doi dropkicks PAC in the ropes. He somersault senton’s onto PAC’s dangling body. PAC double stomps Doi and hits a standing twisting senton for two. A northern lights suplex also gets him two. Ricochet trips Yoshino. A standing moonsault senton gets him two. Yoshino put Ricochet in From Jungle. Ricochet backflips into a headscissors on Yoshino. Ricochet places Yoshino on the ropes, allowing Doi to senton him. Ricochet shooting star presses off Doi’s back. PAC breaks the pin with a shooting star of his own. PAC hits Doi with a Phoenix Splash. PAC slams Doi. Yoshino dropkicks Ricochet, falling into a senton on Doi for two. Doi dropkicks PAC as PAC hits the ropes. Ricochet Tiger Walks PAC and Doi elbows him. Both of them hit Dai Bousou. Ricochet nails the 630 splash and Yoshino breaks the pin. Ricochet suplexes Yoshino and calls for the double rotation moonsault. PAC instead German suplexes Ricochet off the top and across the ring. Yoshino slams Ricochet. PAC hits British Airways. Doi breaks the pin at the last second. Doi delivers rapid slaps to Yoshino. Doi delivers the Doi 555. Yoshino drops him with the Lightning Spiral. PAC hits Ricochet with a 630 splash of his own, then dives onto Doi on the floor. Yoshino drops Ricochet with the Torbellino. He locks him in Sol Naciente. Ricochet quits at 19:41. This match was unreal. The former Speed Muscle partners beating each other up and Ricochet trying to one up PAC only to be foiled in the end was such an awesome story to follow. PAC giving Ricochet his own finisher before Yoshino made him submit was such a cool way to end the bout. The ending sprint to this match was nuts and you believed every pinfall attempt. This was a phenomenal way to end the night. ****1/4

Doi delivers a cheap shot to Yoshino. PAC chases him off. PAC assures Yoshino that they will defeat Ronin tomorrow and become the United Gate Champions. Yoshino thanks the Philadelphis crowd for coming out.

Bonus Content

Pre-Show FRAY!
Obariyon vs. Chris Dickinson vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Alex Colon vs. Chase Burnett vs. Jonny Mangue vs. RV1 vs. Ryan Eagles vs. Dave Cole

Obariyon and Burnett start things off. Burnett hits a sloppy handsrping elbow and armdrag. Obariyon evades an enzuigiri and hits a clothesline for two. He applies a headscissors on the mat, turning it into a skullf*ck. Both men knock each other down with stereo crossbody’s as Dave Cole enters. He springboard dropkicks both men simultaneously. He butterfly slams Burnett for two. A waistlock chain is broken. Cole kicks both Obariyon and Burnett from the apron. Pinkie Sanchez enters right as Obariyon gives Burnett the Flying DDT for the elimination at 3:21. Sanchez strikes Obariyon and Cole and Obariyon throws some forearms right back. Cole yakuza kicks both Obariyon and Sanchez in the corner. Sanchez drops Cole with Snakes Revenge for the pin at 4:33. Sanchez dropkicks Obariyon as Alex Colon enters. Colon boots Obariyon in the corner. Sanchez delivers bootiez4breakfast (yes, that’s the move name) to Obariyon, eliminating him at 5:06. Colon and Sanchez exchange forearms. Sanchez ends it with an enzuigiri. He applies a Dirty Sanchez Camel Clutch. Ryan Eagles enters and big boots Sanchez. He drops Colon stomash first, then drops Sanchez onto Colon. Eagles throws Colon into the ring frame and lariats him. Jonny Mangue enters as Eagles gives Sanchez a super Manhattan Drop. Colon hits a tilt-a-whirl stunner and running Elbow on Eagles for the elimination at 8:10. Mangue drops Colon with a Rydeen Bomb. Sanchez hits him with a knee. Mangue headbutts Sanchez and hits a neckbreaker. Sanchez rolls to the floor after taking a rolling thunder headbutt. Chris Dickinson enters and immediately trades shots with Mangue. Dickinson dumps him with a half nelson suplex. A Sick Kick eliminates Mangue at 9:56. Sanchez hits Dickinson with a springboard dropkick. Sanchez spikes Colon when reversing a Michinoku Driver and pins him at 10:24. RV1 enters as the final contestant. He gives Dickinson a Pele kick. He then hits a handspring ace crusher. Dickinson fires up and gives RV1 multiple kicks and chops. Dickinson rolls him into a choke hold. RV1 taps out at 11:26. Sanchez kicks Dickinson and rams his buttocks in his face. Dickinson violently kicks Sanchez in the head. Sanchez delivers a low superkick which fires Dickinson up. Sanchez hits the Shining, but Dickinson grabs the ropes to break the pin. Dickinson delivers a pump-handle piledriver variation for the pin at 13:50. This was by far the worst FRAY of them all. Sanchez was the one true stand-out while everyone else either looked sloppy or didn’t get enough time. **1/2

Also in the bonus features includes a highlight video of “United: Philly” and this awesome Ronin promo.

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