Dragon Gate USA: Way of the Ronin

Milwaukee, WI – 9.26.2010

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard and Leonard F. Chikarason.

CIMA comes out to open the show, apologizing for the long wait the fans had to endure (there was difficulty in procuring a ring for the show). CIMA pumps up the crowd and alerts the fans that Ricochet is now a member of WARRIORS International. CIMA then calls out his opponent Chuck Taylor.

CIMA vs. Chuck Taylor

Taylor backs CIMA to the ropes and breaks cleanly. CIMA takes control of Taylor’s leg on the mat. Taylor reverses and CIMA grabs the ropes. CIMA graciously offers Taylor his leg, but Taylor declines the obvious trick. CIMA and Taylor exchange wristlocks. CIMA trips Taylor and slams his knee into the mat. CIMA bites Taylor’s foot and Taylor bites the referee’s foot in frustration. CIMA looks ill from tasting the foot. CIMA hits a shoulder block and the WARRIORS pose. CIMA snapmares Taylor and hits a slingshot senton. CIMA ties up Taylor’s arms and rolls him up for two. CIMA kicks away at Taylor’s back and chest. CIMA spanks Taylor in the corner before dropkicking him in the buttocks. Taylor boots CIMA and hits a dropkick. Taylor slams CIMA. CIMA rolls out of a quebrada, but Taylor dropkicks him to the floor. CIMA gets back into the ring. Taylor hits him with a slingshot dropkick for two. CIMA evades a dropkick and lands a double stomp. He connects with a somersault senton and a second double stomp for two. Taylor gives him Sole Food and a big boot for two. Taylor powerbombs CIMA for two. CIMA gives Taylor three Venus’ and the Iconoclasm. CIMA follows up with the Perfect Driver for two. Taylor catches a superkick and applies a cross crab. CIMA fights to get to the ropes. Taylor signals for the Awful Waffle. CIMA hits him with a superkick and an enzuigiri. CIMA drops him with Schwein for two. CIMA hits the Meteora for the pin at 11:06. Taylor really should have been given more of a chance to shine here. This felt more like an extended squash than Gargano’s great match with CIMA last month. Still, the crowd was hot and this match kicked off on the right foot. **3/4

Johnny Gargano comes out and kicks Taylor aside after giving him props for his performance. Gargano says he’s really trying to be a different person for CIMA. Drake Younger comes in and attacks Gargano, still pissed for what he did at Enter The Dragon.

Drake Younger vs. Johnny Gargano

Younger sends Gargano to the floor and hits him with a baseball slide. Younger slams Gargano face first on the stage and comes off the stage with a somersault senton. Gargano throws Younger face first into the ring apron. Gargano bites Younger’s forehead. Younger suplexes Gargano on the entrance ramp. Younger gives Gargano ten punches in the corner. Younger hits a delayed vertical suplex for two. Younger forearms Gargano on the apron. Gargano flies in with a slingshot spear. Gargano kicks out Younger’s legs and hits a low ace crusher for two. Gargano connects with double knees to Younger’s back. He follows with a backbreaker for two. Younger goes to the ropes. Younger blocks a lawn dart with a half-nelson suplex. Younger throws Gargano into the corner with a Death Valley Driver for two. Younger puts Gargano on the top rope. Gargano sunset flips into a Liger Bomb for two. Gargano applies a Boston Crab. Younger breaks by grabbing the ropes. Younger drops Gargano on the ring apron with a Death Valley Driver. Gargano blocks the Drake’s Landing. He hits an enzuigiri and lawn darts Younger into the corner. Gargano hits the Hurts Donuts and Younger kicks out at one. Gargano superkicks him and hits another Hurts Donut for the pin at 9:58. This was a really fun and intense ending for a mid-card feud. This is easily the best outing Younger has had in Dragon Gate USA. Not to mention that Gargano’s credibility was risen by conquering such a dangerous foe. ***

Outside of the arena are Bryan Danielson and BxB Hulk. Danielson says Moxley has plenty of ability but no respect. He says that they won’t wrestle tonight, but that they will fight. He says he can guarantee Moxley has never fought anyone like him before. Danielson thanks Hulk for defending him whenever he had trouble in Dragon Gate USA. Danielson says he can’t be in World-1 much longer, but he’s going to call a guy to take his spot that Hulk won’t be disappointed with.

Six Way Freestyle
Mike Quackenbush vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Silas Young vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Rich Swann vs. Brodie Lee

So first I get Quack and Jigsaw vs. Speed Muscle taken away from me, and now Quack vs. Dragon Kid too?! I know the changes came due to injury, but I’m still sad. He and Swann start off on the mat. Quack hits a pair of elbows and a sole butt. Quack dropkicks Swann out of the corner. Quack goes up and over in the corner and Swann hits him with a dropkick. Swann sends him out with a huracanrana. O’Reilly sends Swann to the floor. Young and O’Reilly trade chops and forearms. Young hits a shoulder block. O’Reilly trips him and hits a shoulder block of his own. Young ducks a kick and takes O’Reilly down with a headlock takeover. O’Reilly torques on Young in a headscissors. Young bridges out into a half crab. O’Reilly and Young throw simultaneous dropkicks and neither connect. Lee clears the ring and in comes Jacobs. Jacobs goes for a Guillotine Choke, but powerbombs his way free. All the other participants in the match get sent out except for Swann. Swann hits a tornado kick to send Lee out. O’Reilly cuts off Swann with a clothesline. He hits a trifecta of rolling butterfly suplexes. Young breaks the pin and drops Swann with a fisherman’s buster. Jacobs grabs Young’s face to break the pin. He sends Young to the floor and stomps Swann down in the corner. Lee brings Jacobs to the floor and cracks Swann with a big boot in the corner. Jacobs and Lee brawl to the floor. Quack slams Swann face first and puts him in a standing Boston Crab. Young and O’Reilly send Quack to the floor. Swann sends O’Reilly’s foot into Young’s face. Swann hops of O’Reilly’s back into a huracanrana on Young. He then hops off O’Reilly onto Young with a shooting star press for two. Swann hits a tumbleweed senton onto Lee and O’Reilly on the floor. Quack forearms Jacobs in the ring. He hits the Black Tornado Slam for two. Swann toreadors into a 2k1 Bomb. Young Finlay Rolls into the Peegee Waja Plunge. O’Reilly kicks out Young’s legs. Lee drops O’Reilly with Truck Stop. Quack takes Lee down with a huracanrana. Jacobs drops Quack with a springboard ace crusher. Young hits a backbreaker on Jacobs into a short-arm clothesline. O’Reilly and Young run the corners, exchanging strikes. O’Reilly hits a tornado DDT and Swann breaks the pin. Swann superkicks O’Reilly. O’Reilly powerbombs Swann and transitions into a half crab. Swann hits a wheelbarrow stunner. Lee nails Swann with the big boot for the pin at 11:20. This was almost as good as the four way from “Enter The Dragon.” Everyone looked crisp in their movement, the action never let up, and the right guy won. Not much more to say than that. ***1/2

Jon Moxley is outside the building. He says John Cena called Moxley and said he’d give him $10,000 to break his arm so he can keep his spot. A blatant lie like this takes me out of the story. Moxley said he’d do it for free and that he’ll put Danielson out on his ass for good.

Dragon Kid vs. Arik Cannon

Kid does some dancing to fire up. Cannon responds by doing The Worm. Kid dropkicks him down and does the WARRIORS pose. Cannon shoulder lands a shoulder block. Kid sends Cannon out with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. He knees Cannon in the face twice. Kid dropkicks Cannon in the corner. Cannon rolls to the floor. Cannon blocks a Asai moonsault and chops Kid on the stage. He tosses Kid into the ring. Kid slips out of a brainbuster attempt. Cannon drops Kid face first to block another headscissors. Cannon dropkicks Kid in the neck for two. Cannon hits a delayed brainbuster for two. Cannon counters a clothesline with a neckbreaker for two. Kid drop toe holds Cannon into the corner. Cannon knocks Kid to the apron. Kid springboards in with a huracanrana. Kid hits a leg lariat and a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two. Cannon hits a right hand and clothesline. He connects with Total Anarchy for two. Kid puts Cannon in Christo. Cannon escapes with a sidewalk slam. Cannon hits a belly-to-back suplex for two. Kid struggles with Cannon on the top rope. He eventually brings him down with a huracanrana. He hits the Mysteriorana for two. Kid goes to the apron. Cannon ducks a leap and calls for the brainbuster. Kid counters into a stunner. Cannon muscles Kid up into a brainbuster for two. Kid hits Bible for the pin at 9:40. This had the same problem as the opening match. Kid looked like it was easy to dispose of Cannon while Cannon barely got in enough offense. This was a more pedestrian match than these guys usually have. **3/4

Ricochet vs. Gran Akuma

Ricochet kicks Akuma’s arm away after a short exchange. Akuma kicks Ricochet’s legs out. Ricochet flips up into an armdrag off of Akuma’s shoulders. Ricochet sends Akuma out with a huracanrana. Akuma kicks Ricochet in the back to block the Sasuke Special. Akuma stands on Ricochet’s throat in the corner. Akuma snapmares Ricochet into a seated abdominal stretch. Ricochet gets up so Akuma throws him back to the canvas. Akuma puts Ricochet in a cloverleaf body stretch. Ricochet armdrags out of a powerbomb attempt. Ricochet hits the Backslide driver. Akuma rolls to the floor. Ricochet nails the Sasuke Special this time around. Ricochet Tiger Walks onto Akuma and they collapse. Ricochet hits a tornado DDT and a standing shooting star press for two. Ricochet drops him with a pump-handle Falcon Arrow for two. Akuma rolls Ricochet into a gutbuster for two. Akuma awkwardly brings Ricochet to the corner. He hits a spider exploder suplex and follows with a moonsault for two. Ricochet palm strikes Akuma on the top rope. He brings him down with a huracanrana. He hits a 450 Splash for the pin at 7:25. The clunkiness of their execution brought things down. I don’t know if it was nerves or what but both guys had an off night. At least it was short and Ricochet won. *1/2

Jimmy Jacobs is outside the building. He says that Moxley stole his railroad spike and ripped up his furry boots after their match last night. Jacobs says that even though Moxley tried to end his career, he’s still standing. Jacobs says Moxley should start to worry. Jacobs says while Moxley can’t figure out how to end him, he’s starting to get an idea on how to end Moxley.

Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

Danielson pummels Moxley with forearms right away. He puts on the Cattle Mutilation. Danielson throws Moxley down and begins throwing elbows repeatedly to the side of his head. Danielson suicide dives onto Moxley on the floor. Danielson lights him up with kicks to the chest. Moxley elbows Danielson and throws him into the ring post. Danielson drives him face first into the post again. Fired up, Moxley shows down the women he brought with him ringside for no reason. Moxley digs his elbow into a cut on Danielson’s forehead. In the ring, Moxley gives repeated knee strikes to the same wound. Moxley kicks Danielson’s head into the turnbuckle. Moxley targets Danielson’s arm and his forehead. Moxley digs his forearm and bites Danielson’s forehead. Danielson hits the floor and Moxley follows out. Danielson suplexes Moxley on the entrance ramp. Danielson lights up Moxley with forearms and throws him into the wall. Danielson throws Moxley back into the ring. Danielson hops over Moxley in the corner and hits a running elbow strike. Danielson hits more kicks to the chest back in the ring. Danielson repeatidly slaps Moxley in the ear. They knock each other down with running elbow strikes. Moxley and Danielson aggressively trade forearms. Moxley gives his arm a Code Breaker and brings him down into a Fujiwara armbar. Danielson counters into the Triangle Choke. Moxley picks up Danielson and places him on the top turnbuckle. Danielson blocks a superplex and forearms Moxley to the mat. Danielson hits a top rope dropkick. Moxley drops Danielson with an ace crusher for two. Moxley locks in the crossface chicken wing. Danielson gets to his feet. Moxley rolls through into a sleeper, but Danielson breaks and elbows Moxley repeatidly in the head. He puts on the Cattle Mutilation once again. Moxley puts his foot on the bottom rope to escape. Danielson uppercuts Moxley and Moxley asks for more. Moxley backslides Danielson for two. Moxley turns him inside out with a clothesline for two. Danielson and Moxley trade big boots. Danielson throws a pair of headbutts and two kicks to Moxley’s head. Danielson keeps his promise from last night by kicking Moxley’s head in. Danielson then applies the LaBell Lock, and Moxley taps out at 14:58. This was just as Danielson said it would be; an all out brawl. And you know what? It was great. Danielson and Moxley gave each other their all and put on one of the better brawls that doesn’t rely on weapons. The story was weaved really well and rose Moxley’s stock in Dragon Gate USA. Danielson goes undefeated against Kamikaze USA in three totally different matches, reminding everyone that he truly is the Best in the World. ****

Bryan Danielson looks for a handshake. Gran Akuma attacks him from behind, allowing he and Moxley to beat Danielson down two-on-one. Jimmy Jacobs runs in with a chair to save Danielson. Danielson says this is his last apperance in DGUSA, unless he gets fired again. He discusses how unified the locker room was to help put the show together, since it almost didn’t happen with the original ring missing. Danielson puts over Jimmy Jacobs as a hard worker and one of the best minds in the business. He thanks the fans for coming out as they applaud for him.

World-1 (Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi, & BxB Hulk) vs. Kamikaze USA (YAMATO, Shingo Takagi, & Akira Tozawa)

Doi and YAMATO reach a stalemate after trading holds. Yoshino and Tozawa pick up the pace, and Yoshino sends Tozawa out with a headscissors. Hulk and Shingo tag in. Hulk gives him a few kicks to the chest. Shingo fires back with a shoulder block and a Manhattan drop. Hulk hits an armdrag and a dropkick. World-1 focus their attack on Shingo’s leg. Tozawa tags in but gets double teamed by Doi and Yoshino. Shingo drops Doi and Yoshino simultaneously with DDT’s. YAMATO snapmares Doi into a chinlock. Hulk tags in and hits him with a dropkick. Shingo pulls Hulk’s short hair and lays in some punches. Shingo drives his knee into Hulk’s head multiple times. Shingo drags Hulk back to the Kamikaze USA corner where he remains as they wear him down. Hulk is able to turn the tide on Tozawa, and World-1 targets his arm in their corner. Doi and Yoshino hit stereo dropkicks to the side of his head for two. Tozawa cuts off Hulk and hits him in the head with a running knee strike. YAMATO tags in and puts the boots to Hulk. Yoshino comes to his aid, but YAMATO spears Hulk down and throws Yoshino overhead with a suplex. Shingo and YAMATO get thwarted by Doi. Shingo catches Doi with a Saito suplex. Hulk breaks the pin and Shingo sends him to the floor. Doi dropkicks Shingo as he’s in the ropes. Hulk hits a spinwheel kick from the apron and a springboard dropkick. Doi hits a flipping senton and Tozawa breaks the pin. Yoshino drops Tozawa with the Sling Blande for two. Tozawa catches Yoshino with the dropkick as Yoshino comes off the top rope. Tozawa misses Apron Kara Tozawa but hits a senton splash instead. Yoshino puts Tozawa in From Jungle. YAMATO breaks the submission and trades forearms with Hulk. Hulk hits him with a yakuza kick in the corner. Hulk sweeps YAMATO’s leg and hits a twisting senton for two. Hulk goes for the EVO. YAMATO counters and looks for Galleria. Hulk escapes and hits an enzuigiri. Yoshino and Doi hit a flapjack/bulldog combo on YAMATO for two. YAMATO hits a diving forearm on Yoshino and tags in Shingo. Yoshino puts Shingo in From Jungle and Shingo counters with a backbreaker. He gives Doi a backbreaker and knocks Hulk off the apron. YAMATO drops Yoshino with a brainbuster for two. Yoshino avoids a Doomsday Device and rolls up YAMATO for two. Doi brings down Shingo in the corner and puts YAMATO in a tree of woe over him. Doi hits Dai Bousou on both of them. Hulk kicks Tozawa into Doi’s Doi 555 manuever for two. All of World-1 strikes Tozawa in the corner. Yoshino missile dropkicks Shingo, landing on Tozawa in a senton for two. Hulk hits Mouse on Tozawa and Yoshino connects with the Torbellino. Doi nails him with the Bakatare Sliding Kick and YAMATO makes the save. Tozawa comes down with double knees on Hulk. Hulk knocks YAMATO down with a spinwheel kick. Shingo rocks Hulk with a right hand. Hulk blocks the Pumping Bomber, but YAMATO kicks him into a waterwheel slam from Shingo. Shingo gallon throws Hulk. Tozawa hits him with a deadlift German and Doi breaks the pin. Doi drops Tozawa with a Rydeen Bomb. He gives Shingo rapid fire slaps to the face. Shingo gives him a Death Valley Driver. Yoshino hits Ude Yoshino. YAMATO kicks him in the face and hits a sleeper suplex. Hulk kicks YAMATO in the head three times and hits First Flash. Hulk and Shingo make it back to their feet. Hulk gives him an axe kick. Shingo hits a lariat. Hulk fires up but gets dropped with Made In Japan. Hulk kicks out at two. Shingo follows up with the Stay Dream for the pin at 26:28. It’s a six man tag with six Dragon Gate talent in the United States. What more do I need to say? Do you like this style? You’ll adore this match then. Incredible way to cap off the night. ****1/2

Shingo holds up the Open The Freedom Gate championship, signaling that he should get a shot since he just pinned the champion. A small scuffle ensues, but Kamikaze USA leave World-1 licking their wounds in the ring. Doi thanks the fans for coming out and gets them to chant his name. He says DGUSA will be back in the area.

Bonus Content

Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) vs. Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza)

Esparza and Lyndon go back and forth off the ropes. Lyndon armdrags Esparza to the ropes. Esparza evades a slingshot senton and takes Lyndon down with an armdrag. Lyndon and Esparza reach a stalemate. Gakiya and Kendrick tag in. Kendrick flips around to avoid Gaikya’s offense. Gakiya grazes him with a crossbody for two. Gakiya avoids an armdrag and crucifix pins Kendrick for two. Gakiya hits Kendrick with a back elbow and Esparza slingshots in with a double stomp. Zero Gravity hit a splash/slingshot legdrop combo for two. Kendrick brings Esparza to his corner and hits stereo slingshot dropkicks with Lyndon for two. Lyndon flips Esparza off the mat and kicks him in the side. Esparza hops off Lyndon’s back into a DDT on Kendrick. Gakiya tags in and trades waistlocks with Kendrick. Gakiya hits a sole butt and two running knee strikes for two. Lyndon sends Esparza to the floor with a high crane kick. Gakiya springboards onto Kendrick’s shoulders. Kendrick drops him with a modified suplex and heads up top. Kendrick hits a 450 shooting star splash for the pin at 5:30. This was a nice showcase for both teams. The fans dug their innovative double teamwork. Both these teams should be EVOLVE regulars, no question about it. **1/2

A highlight video of the event is also featured in the bonus section.

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