Dragon Gate USA: Untouchable 2010

Chicago, IL – 9.25.2010

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard and Leonard F. Chikarason.

BxB Hulk comes out for his pre-match dance. Once his dance finishes, the female dancer that accompanied him gives him a low blow. Akira Tozawa attacks Hulk from behind. Jon Moxley comes and takes the dancer with him, clearly showing that the attack was a set-up. Mike Quackenbush runs in to make the save, and the match is on.

BxB Hulk vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Akira Tozawa

Quack takes the early lead over Tozawa. Hulk and Quack go back and forth in the ring as Tozawa bides his time on the floor. Hulk elbows Quack in kicks him in the side of the head. As Hulk goes to make a dive, Tozawa cuts him off with a back elbow. Tozawa stomps on Hulk’s chest and chops him in the corner. Quack pitches Tozawa to the floor and brings Hulk down with a dragonscrew leg whip. He locks Hulk’s leg and bridges back to apply additional pressure. Hulk breaks free, but Quack puts on a bow and arrow variation. Tozawa stomps on Quack’s face to break it. Tozawa cranks on Hulk’s leg and dropkicks it in the ropes. Tozawa cranks on the ankle until Hulk forces him to break it with a transition into a cross armbreaker. Quack kicks Tozawa to the floor. Quack applies a grapevine ankle lock on Hulk. Quack hits a shin breaker and reapplies the hold. Tozawa gives Quack a senton splash to break. Hulk hits Tozawa with Mouse. Hulk throws Quack into Tozawa. Tozawa accidentally knocks Quack off the apron and Hulk hits Tozawa with a springboard dropkick. Hulk sweeps the legs and hits a flip senton for two. Hulk blocks a German suplex and hits an enzuigiri. Tozawa comes down with double knees and Quack breaks the pin. Tozawa hits Quack with a bicycle kick. Tozawa ducks a palm strike and drops Quack with a side suplex for two. Quack comes back with a top rope senton for two. Quack hits the Quackendriver III and Hulk breaks the pin. Hulk hits a running shooting star press for two. Quack puts Hulk in a Figure Seven stretch. Hulk kicks Quack in the head from the mat. He hits the FTX and goes up top. Tozawa kicks him to break and German suplexes Hulk off the top rope for two. Hulk blocks a German suplex on the mat. Hulk hits First Flash and the EVO for the pin at 11:25. The three of these guys never really did much together, one guy usually hit the floor while the other two fought. It was fine for an opener, but really not what you’d hope for. **3/4

Hulk promises that he will eliminate Kamikaze USA one by one. We cut to the back where Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, and Ricochet are putting on their gear. Gargano is lamenting how no group from Japan wants him. CIMA comes in and picks Ricochet to be his partner for the night. Both Taylor and Gargano are surprised that they weren’t picked. CIMA was originally going to wrestle Ricochet on the show, so his choice was logical yet surprising.

We then cut to the ring where C-Red is cutting a promo for his group Da Soul Touchaz. C-Red has an open challenge for any tag team to take on his group. Brodie Lee comes out and says he’ll take them on by himself.

Brodie Lee vs. Da Soul Touchaz (Marshe Rockett, Acid Jaz, & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson)

Lee feels no effect of Rockett’s offense. He drops him with a half-neson suplex. Jaz comes in with kicks to Lee’s legs. He hits a sole butt and ingests a packet of Swiss Miss. Lee kicks him and Jaz spits out the chocolatey powder that was intended for Lee’s face. Richardson gives Lee a Pounce to send Lee to the floor. Rockett comes out with a pescado but eats Lee’s right hand instead. He then gets tossed into the barricade. Lee comes in where Jaz hits a few punches. Lee drops him with the Truck Stop for the pin at 1:58. I love Da Soul Touchaz, but this was the right move for getting Brodie Lee over. I hope this isn’t the last we see of them in DGUSA because they’re a very talented bunch. ½*

C-Red checks on Acid Jaz, but Lee hits him with a big boot for his troubles. Lee says he’s not done tonight and that he’s coming after a Japanese man.

Next we get a highlight video covering Shingo Takagi and Dragon Kid’s history in Dragon Gate USA. We see their unity as a team (when Dragon Kid was in Kamikaze), and their dissension into enemies when Dragon Kid joined WARRIORS.

Dragon Kid vs. Shingo Takagi

Shingo kicks Kid down after Kid does some dancing. Shingo mows him down with a shoulder block. He hits a fist drop and applies a chinlock. Kid sends Shingo to the floor with a headscissors. Shingo blocks a 619 and slams Kid onto the apron. Shingo backs Kid into the ring apron and throws him into the guardrail. Shingo drops Kid off his shoulders face-first onto the apron. Shingo steps on Kid’s chest and comes down with a double stomp. Shingo shrugs off Kid’s chops. He lays in knee strikes to Kid’s neck for two. Shingo swings Kid around and throws him down. Shingo hits a senton splash for two. Shingo puts on a bodyscissors while pulling on his mask. Kid grabs the ropes to break. Kid kicks Shingo and avoids a body block. Kid comes in with a springboard huracanrana that sends Shingo to the floor. Kid follows with the Bermuda Triangle. In the ring, Kid hits a springboard dropkick and the Messiah for two. Kid blocks a brainbuster. Shingo hits a Mongolian Chop. Kid locks Shingo in Christo. Shingo escapes with a backbreaker. Kid nails a stunner, which Shingo counteracts with a backbreaker. Kid drop toe holds Shingo in the corner. Kid hits a Diamond Dust for two. Shingo counters a spinwheel kick with a backbreaker for two. Shingo blocks a huracanrana with a buckle bomb. He gallon throws Kid for two. Kid comes back with an ace crusher off the top rope. Kid connects with the Ultra Huracanrana for two. Kid blocks the Stay Dream and goes for an avalanche huracanrana. Shingo blocks and hits the Stay Dream for two. Kid counters the Last Falconry and hits Bible for two. Shingo nails the Pumping Bomber and Made In Japan for two. Shingo muscles Kid up into the Last Falconry for the pin at 15:22. This was awesome stuff, mostly because Shingo is a great bully and Dragon Kid makes the best small babyface in peril ever. It’s apparent that these guys are perfect for each other, both as opponents and partners. The back and forth never stopped and you felt that either guy could win at any point. CIMA checks on Dragon Kid after the match. ****

We get some highlights of Jimmy Jacobs’ “revealed” promo videos he posted on YouTube (that are also included on this DVD). He talks about how he is going to wipe Jon Moxley off the face of the planet.

Jon Moxley comes out for the next match. Jacobs comes out and says he promised to do something he’d never do again. He has the white coat he wore when he hung up Jay Briscoe with a chain and drank his blood. He says he won’t do that again, but reveals himself to be wearing the tights he did when he was known as the “Barbaric Berzerker”. Moxley charges and the fight is on!

Chicago Street Fight
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley

Jacobs and Moxley brawl in the crowd. Moxley throws him down a small flight of steps and dives off onto him. Jacobs and Moxley strike each other with chairs. They grab each others faces and Moxley throws Jacobs into a crowd of vacated chairs. Jacobs hits an elbow drop off of a chair. He hits a second in a different part of the crowd. Moxley throws Jacobs stomach first into the guardrail. Jacobs throws Moxley back into the ring and comes in with a chair. Moxley’s female friend jumps on Jacobs’ back. Moxley accidentally big boots her down. Jacobs spears Moxley and puts on the Guillotine choke. Moxley picks him up and throws him down with Moxicillin. Moxley drives his knee repeatedly into his face for two. Moxley wraps Jacobs’ chaina round his face. Jacobs fires up as Moxley lays forearms to his back and neck. Jacobs hits a lariat. He follows up with a big boot for two. Moxley cuts off Jacobs on the top rope and bites his face. Moxley hits a superplex. Jacobs hits Moxley with two railroad spikes in the forehead. Jacobs wraps a chain around Moxley’s throat and hangs him over the top rope. The chain comes loose and Moxley goes up top. Jacobs drags him down with the chain. Jacobs hits a top rope senton for two. Moxley connects with a lariat for two. Jacobs hits Moxley with a spike and lands the Contra Code for two. Jacobs applies the Guillotine Choke with the chain wrapped around Moxley’s throat. YAMATO saves Moxley and hits a brainbuster. YAMATO puts Moxley on Jacobs, and somehow Jacobs kicks out! Brodie Lee runs out and attacks YAMATO. He brings YAMATO to the back to even the match up once again. Jacobs hops out of the corner with an ace crusher. Moxley gets his knee up to block a spear. Moxley hits the Hook and Ladder for two. Moxley puts the white coat Jacobs brought out on Jacobs’ and ties the chain around it. Moxley waffles Jacobs repeatedly with a chair to the back. This beatdown scores Moxley the pin at 13:24. This is the boost this feud needed. While Moxley is decent in regular matches, it’s these brawls that he excels at best. While the interference was a bit annoying, the finish was a great way to count Jacobs down but not out. The conclusion of this feud should be great. ***1/2

Jacobs is helped to the back. He vomits as soon as he gets there. Some attendants ask for help, telling Jacobs things will be alright.

Four Way Freestyle
Chuck Taylor vs. Drake Younger vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann

Younger is still mad what Gargano did to him back at “Enter The Dragon.” Taylor attacks Younger from behind. Younger mows him down with a shoulder block. Gargano gets choppes and bails. Swann takes Younger over with a huracanrana. Younger drops him with an exploder suplex. Gargano forearms Younger in the back. Gargano and Taylor team up to take Younger down. Younger drops them simulatenously with a flapjack. He sends Gargano to the floor with a clothesline. Taylor dropkicks Younger on the apron. Gargano lawn darts Younger into the guardrail. Sawnn blocks a Sole Food and hits Taylor with an enzuigiri. Swann somersault sentons onto Gargano and Taylor on the floor. In the ring, Gargano hits Swann with a slingshot spear. Taylor follows up with a quebrada for two. Gargano is upset Taylor stole his pin, but they reconcile and double team Swann in the corner. Swann dives off of Taylor’s back into a huracanrana on Gargano. Taylor throws Swann over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Younger remains incapacitated on the floor. Swann uses Gargano to hit a Shiranui on Taylor. Swann sweeps Gargano’s legs. Gargano kicks Swann away to avoid a dive. Gargano kicks Swann in the face with a sole butt. From the apron, Swann scores with an enzuigiri. Gargano superkicks Swann as Swann flies in. Taylor DDT’s Swann into a German suplex from Gargano. Gargano and Taylor argue who should get the pin. Gargano boots Taylor in the stomach. Swann comes off Gargano with a DDT to Taylor. He hops off Gargano’s back with a shooting star press on Taylor. He gives Gargano a Finlay Roll and a standing shooting star press. He hits a standing 360 double stomp and Taylor breaks the pin. Younger comes back in and spinebusts him into the corner. Younger drops Swann onto Taylor with a running Death Valley Driver. Gargano looks for the Hurts Donut. Gargano counters the Drake’s Landing and hits a superkick. Younger fires up with a spinebuster and Taylor breaks the pin. Taylor gives Younger Sole Food. Younger drops him with a half-nelson suplex. Gargano gives Younger an ace crusher. Swann nails Gargano with a tornado kick. Younger drops Swann with the Drake’s Landing and Gargano breaks the pin. Gargano superkick and bicycle kicks Younger in the face. Gargano heads up top but Younger cuts him off. Younger looks for an avalanche Drake’s Landing. Taylor comes in and drops Younger with the Awful Waffle for the pin at 10:26. This should have been kept to a three way as Younger was largely useless. This is more story than you’ve seen in most of the freestyle matches, but the action wasn’t as wild. Still, this was a fun match that made everyone (except Younger) look great. ***

Chuck Taylor is taking his gear off backstage, bragging about how he is 2-0 in four way freestyle matches. Taylor believes the factions should begin to take notice of him.

CIMA & Ricochet vs. World-1 (Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi)

CIMA and Doi fight for control on the mat. Doi brings CIMA to the corner where he lays in some boots. CIMA does the same. Doi dropkicks CIMA’s leg out, and CIMA cradles Doi for two. With no clear advantage, Doi and CIMA tag in their smaller, more agile partners. Yoshino hits a quick dropkick. Ricochet rolls through a few of Yoshino’s attacks before hitting a toreador. Ricochet hits a standing moonsault for two. Yoshino backs Ricochet to the corner and tags in Doi. Doi slams Ricochet and kicks his hamstring. Ricochet sends Doi to CIMA and tags CIMA in. CIMA hits a slingshot senton and a kick to the neck. CIMA cranks on Doi’s neck. Doi stomps CIMA’s leg to get the tag to Yoshino. Yoshino comes off the top with a double stomp to CIMA’s arm. Ricochet tags in and hits Yoshino with a dropkick. Yoshino backs Ricochet immediately to his and Doi’s corner. Ricochet gets beaten down until CIMA comes to his aid. Yoshino locks him in the Coumori and Doi dropkicks CIMA in the chest. Doi and Yoshino go back to wearing down Ricochet while preventing CIMA from tagging in or interjecting. Ricochet escapes their grasp by hitting Doi with an enzuigiri.CIMA tags in and suplexes Doi while having Yoshino’s legs tied. Ricochet hits the Sasuke Special to Yoshino and Doi on the floor. In the ring, CIMA rolls through a sunset flip and kicks Yoshino in the back. Yoshino drops CIMA with the Sling Blade for two. Yoshino locks CIMA in From Jungle. Ricochet breaks the submission. Doi hot shots Ricochet on the top rope and dropkicks him in the chest. Ricochet drops Doi from a Gory Special into a neckbreaker for two. Ricochet ducks a clothesline but gets dropped with a Rydeen Bomb for two. CIMA hits Doi with Venus and the Iconoclasm. Ricochet hits a standing shooting star press for two. Doi blocks Schwein and hits a back elbow. CIMA avoids the Bakatare Sliding Kick. Ricochet drops Doi with a backslide driver and Yoshino breaks the pin. World-1 hit a flapjack/bulldog combo on CIMA. Yoshino hits the Ude Yoshino for two. CIMA looks for a top rope Perfect Driver. Yoshino and Doi counter with a Sling Blade/powerbomb combo. CIMA dropkicks Yoshino and hits the Perfect Driver for two. Ricochet hits a pump-handle driver for two. Doi supolexes Ricochet off the top rope for two. Doi hits Ricochet with rapid fire slaps. CIMA clotheslines Doi and hits a double stomp. Yoshino flies and hits a crucifix bomb. Ricochet breaks Doi and Yoshino’s pin attempt. Yoshino drops Ricochet with Torbellino and the Lightning Spiral. CIMA breaks the pin. Yoshino dropkicks Ricochet into a senton splash on CIMA. Doi drops Ricochet with Doi 555 and nails the Bakatare Sliding Kick. Ricochet grabs the bottom rope to break the count. Doi goes for the Muscular Bomb. CIMA superkicks his partner free and hits Schwein for two. Ricochet suplexes Doi and sets him up near the ropes. Ricochet hits the impressive double rotation moonsault for the pin at 20:45. Ricochet had a couple mess-ups at the get-go but really got his act together and hung with four of Dragon Gate’s best. The double moonsault is a thing of beauty. World-1 and CIMA put in their usual awesome performance and crafted a great tag team match. ****

CIMA and Dragon Kid (who was ringside during the match) are in disbelief of Ricochet’s double rotation moonsault. So much so that CIMA gets the crowd to chant “Holy Shit”. His performance and that move was enough for CIMA to give Ricochet a spot in WARRIORS International. This brings out Johnny Gargano. He says when CIMA didn’t shake his hand at “Enter The Dragon”, he realized he had some maturing to do. He says the first stop in the process is giving someone props when they deserve it. He then admits that Ricochet deserves props and raises his arm in victory. CIMA tells Gargano to go backstage and welcomes Ricochet into the group once more. Ricochet does the WARRIORS battle cry as the fans chant his name.

Bryan Danielson vs. YAMATO

YAMATO refuses to shake hands. They cautiously approach one another before Danielson takes YAMATO down to the mat. Danielson rolls through a wristlock and hits a Northern Lights suplex. Danielson takes YAMATO down in a courting hold variation for two. YAMATO backs Danielson to the corner and breaks cleanly. Danielson grabs YAMATO mid-ar as YAMATO tries a leapfrog. Danielson locks YAMATO’s legs and pulls on his face. Danielson pulls YAMATO back into the Romero Special and transitions into a modified Dragon Sleeper. He releases YAMATO to slam him into the mat. Danielson twists YAMATO’s arm and slams it over his shoulder. On the mat he steps on YAMATO’s arm to stretch out his shoulder and back. Danielson sends YAMATO to the floor with a dropkick. YAMATO goes under the ring. He comes out of the other side and dropkicks Danielson in the back of his legs. He takes Danielson to the floor and hot shots him on the guardrail. He boots Danielson in the face. YAMATO applies a cravate back in the ring. YAMATO stands on Danielson’s throat. Danielson hits a few uppercuts and YAMATO retaliates with a headbutt. YAMATO hits a running forearm in the corner and follows up with an Exploder suplex for two. YAMATO applies a Japanese stranglehold variant. Danielson fires up with forearms and gives YAMATO rapid fire kicks in the corner. Danielson ducks a clothesline and connects with a running elbow strike. YAMATO goes to the floor and goes under the ring. Danielson knows better, and dropkicks YAMATO into the front row. Danielson hits a springboard drive into the crowd. Danielson visibly has a hurt knee as he hits a springboard dropkick back in the ring. A running kick gets him two. Danielson evades a dropkick. YAMATO kicks out his knee and kicks away at Danielson’s hamstring. He puts on a reverse figure four. Danielson escapes and hits a backbreaker on his bad leg, which causes him to writher in pain. YAMATO fires up from Danielson’s kicks and applies an ankle lock. Danielson rolls through and grabs one of his own. He hits a leg-trap German suplex for two. YAMATO hits an enzuigiri. Danielson evades a kick and rolls up YAMATO for two. Danielson runs out of the corner with a knee strike for two. Danielson applis the Cattle Mutilation. YAMATO gets the ropes to break. YAMATO rolls up Danielson for two. He kicks Danielson in the head and hits a brainbuster for two. YAMATO applies a crossface, which Danielson escapes with the ropes as well. YAMATO goes up top and Danielson cuts him off. Danielson brings him down with a belly-to-back superplex. YAMATO fights off the LaBell Lock, so Danielson applies a Triangle Choke. YAMATO counters into an ankle lock. Danielson hits an enzuigiri to break. YAMATO applies a sleeper and hits Galleria for two. They exchange forearms on their feet. YAMATO hits a boot an Danielson knee strikes him. YAMATO reapplies the sleeper and suplexes Danielson over. Danielson lands on his feet and small packages YAMATO. YAMATO counters it for two. Danielson kicks him three times in the side of the head for a two count. Danielson traps YAMATO’s and elbows him repeatidly in the side of the head. YAMATO is near unconscience when Danielson puts on the LaBell Lock. YAMATO has no choice put to tap out at 23:24. This was a war, but different from Danielson’s match with Shingo. This had much more submission work and all the nuances you’ve come to love from both guys were there. The theatrics from both guys helped put on a one of a kind bout. ****1/2

Jon Moxley attacks Bryan Danielson after the match. BxB Hulk runs in to make the save and chase Moxley and YAMATO off. Danielson gets on the microphone and puts over Hulk. Danielson says he doesn’t consider himself an entertainer, but a wrestler. Danielson says tomorrw night he is going to fight Moxley and kick his fucking head in.

Kamikaze USA are backstage. Moxley is proud of his and Shingo’s victories tonight. He laughs at WARRIORS for recruiting Ricochet and Hulk’s threat of taking out Kamikaze one-by-one.

Bonus Content

Arik Cannon vs. Kyle O’Reilly

An exchange of strikes starts the match off. O’Reilly fails to knock Cannon down with a pair of shoulder blocks. Cannon however knocks O’Reilly down with ease. O’Reilly rolls into an ankle lock. Cannon escapes and both men stand off. O’Reilly takes Cannon to the mat with a headlock. Cannon rolls through with an armdrag into a hammerlock. Back to their feet, the pace quickens with Cannon hitting a trifecta of armdrags to send O’Reilly to the floor. O’Reilly drags Cannon out with him and nails him with kicks to the chest. Cannon sends O’Reilly into the guardrail. Cannon chops him before throwing him back into the ring. O’Reilly takes Cannon down with a dragonscrew leg whip. O’Reilly applies an Indian Death Lock. Cannon escapes but is clearly limping. Seeing that the damage has been done, O’Reilly takes him down with another dragon screw and applies a grapevine stretch. Cannon slaps O’Reilly to break. Cannon fights back to his feet, but one kick to the hamstrings takes him back down. Cannon catches O’Reilly’s leg and forearms him in the face. Both guys come off the ropes at the same time with clotheslines. Cannon counters a discuss lariat with a swinging neckbreaker. On their knees, O’Reilly and Cannon trade strikes again. Cannon pokes him in the eyes and hits a headbutt. Cannon hits an exploder suplex for two. O’Reilly sweeps Cannon’s legs after a few knee strikes. O’Reilly ducks the Glimmering Warlock and sits down on a half crab. Cannon breaks free and hits his hard right punch. Cannon hits Total Anarchy and the Glimmering Warlock for the pin at 10:50. Much like Callihan vs Jacobs, this was an awesom pre-show match to set up the rest of the night. Cannon sold the leg like a champion and came off like a hero once he picked up the win. A great story was told and the crowd was into it. Very good stuff. ***1/4

Also included is a highlight video of the show.

Jimmy Jacobs Revealed Part 1
Jimmy Jacobs Revealed Part 2
Jimmy Jacobs Revealed Part 3

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