Ring of Honor: Salvation

Chicago Ridge, IL – 7.24.2010

Commentary is provided by Dave Prazak & Joe Dombrowski.

Championship Rundown
ROH World Champion: Tyler Black
ROH Television Champion: Eddie Edwards
ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)

Pick Six Standings
1. Roderick Strong
2. Christopher Daniels
3. Kevin Steen
4. Colt Cabana
5. Chris Hero
6. Davey Richards

Tag Wars 2010 Opening Round Match
Rasche Brown & Grizzly Redwood vs. The Embassy (Erick Stevens & The Necro Butcher)

Prince Nana accompanies the Embassy to the ring. A brawl between all four men kicks things off. Brown throws Necro to the floor, and then gorilla press slams Stevens. Redwood hits a bulldog and Stevens goes to the floor as well. Necro attacks Brown from behind, but Brown clotheslines him back down to the floor. Stevens rakes Brown’s eyes. Brown gives Stevens a one-handed chokeslam. Redwood eats a boot from Necro, and Redwood gives him a boot back. Stevens tags in and Redwood gives him a headscissors takedown. Stevens puts Redwood on the apron. Redwood kicks Nana away and comes back in the ring from the top rope. Stevens catches Redwood with a military slam into a punch from Necro on the floor. Redwood’s head hits the bottom of the guardrail and busts him open. The Embassy takes advantage of Redwood, trapping him in their corner and beating him down. Redwood is able to catch Necro off the second rope with a powerbomb and tag in Brown. Brown nails Stevens with a discuss lariat for two. Necro blocks Brown from hitting a spear, so Stevens hits a splash on Brown in the corner. Brown hits a sit-out chokeslam, and Necro breaks a pin attempt. Redwood dumps Necro to the floor and dives on him and Nana. Stevens schoolboys Brown as he hits the ropes for the victory at 8:53. This was decent stuff, and had better crowd heat than most Embassy matches. I’m just not really into these four guys, and they do nothing but face each other at this point. *1/2

Amazing Kong vs. Sara Del Rey

The Kings of Wrestling and Shane Hagadorn accompany Sara. Sara kicks Kong in the side; it has no effect. Sara hits a few shoulder tackles with no effect. Kong sends Sara to the floor with a body block. Claudio grabs Kong’s leg to distract her. Sara attacks Kong from behind, snapping her arm in the ropes. Sara continues to target Kong’s arm. Kong finally gets fed up and gives Sara a Mongolian chop. She then uses her good arm to hit a clothesline. Sara goes back to the arm in desperation, but it’s not too long before Kong hits some more clotheslines. Kong hits Sara with a splash on the mat for two. Sara kicks her way free of the Amazing Bomb. Sara slides through Kong’s legs on her second attempt of the move. Sara looks to suplex Kong over the top rope. Kong pushes Sara into The Kings of Wrestling. Kong splashes off the apron onto Sara and the Kings. In the ring, Kong hits the Implant Buster for two. Kong goes to the second rope. Claudio distracts the referee as Hero grabs Kong’s leg. Kong hits Hero. Sara distracts the ref, allowing Claudio to kick Kong back inside the ring with the Swiss Chin Music. Sara goes for the Royal Butterfly. Kong escapes and rolls up Sara for the pin at 7:58. This was surprisingly short, and a step below their match at Supercard of Honor V. The interference at the end didn’t do much for the match either. A straight match between these women with enough time has a lot of potential, ROH just needs to give it to them. **

Tag Wars 2010 Opening Round Match
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The House of Truth (Josh Raymond & Christian Abel)

Truth Martini accompanies the House of Truth. Mark takes Raymond to the mat in a front facelock. Mark transitions into a side headlock, then brings himself and Raymond to their feet. Raymond gets in a few shots before Mark hits him with a spinwheel kick. Jay tags in and nails Raymond with a dropkick for two. Raymond lands a chinbreaker and tags in Abel. Abel and Jay exchange chops. Jay hits a leg lariat for two. Mark tags in and hits a double shoulder tackle with Jay. Mark kicks Abel and hits a neckbreaker for two. The Briscoes throw Abel with a tandem hip toss. Abel hits Jay with a dropkick and tags in Raymond. Raymond tries a couple pin attempts but only gets two. Jay and Raymond exchange chops. Jay slams Raymond and hits a legdrop for two. Martini holds down the top rope so Jay goes to the floor. Raymond and Abel look to capitalize, but Jay takes them both down with a clothesline. Jay brings Raymond back in the ring and tags in Mark. Mark gives Raymond a gut-wrench suplex and a fist drop for two. Jay tags in. Raymond hits Mark on the apron. Jay gets distracted, allowing Abel to attack him from behind. Abel powerbombs Raymond onto Jay for two. The House of Truth pick apart Jay while Mark looks on. Jay get his knees up to block a sky twister press from Raymond. He then hits Abel with an enzuigiri and tags in Mark. Mark takes down the House of Truth by himself. Mark throws Raymond down off the second rope with an Iconoclasm, and Abel breaks the pin. Mark gives Abel a brainbuster and Raymond a t-bone suplex for two. Abel lawn darts Mark into the corner. Raymond comes off the top rope with a shooting star spear for two. Abel gives Mark a waterwheel slam for two. Abel holds Mark while Raymond hits a quebrada. Jay breaks the pin. Jay superkicks Raymond to the floor. He hits a Death Valley Driver on Abel. The Briscoes set up for the Doomsday Device. Raymond pushes Mark off, so that Abel gives him a mid-air moonsault press for two. Raymond throws Jay into the guardrail. Mark gives Abel an ace crusher. Jay sets up Raymond for the Jay Driller. Martini fails to stop them. Raymond hits Jay with a superkick, but Jay hits a clothesline. Mark dives to the floor with a tope con hilo on Abel. Jay drops Raymond with the Jay Driller for the pin at 15:57. This was a fun tag team match-up, with the House of Truth getting a good opportunity to showcase their talent. The teams complemented each other very well, and got the crowd more into the match as it went on. The HoT are one of my favorite acts in ROH, and the Briscoes still do a great job almost every time out. ***1/4

Pick Six Contender Series Match
Roderick Strong (1) vs. Austin Aries

Truth Martini accompanies Roderick Strong. Aries cleanly breaks a lock-up in the corner. Strong puts Aries in a headscissors on the mat. Aries reverses. Strong escapes and dropkicks Aries in the face. Both guy looks to get an advantage on their feet. Strong chops Aries in the corner. Aries gives Strong a chop to the chest as they lock fingers, and then retreats to the floor. They trade overhand wristlocks. Strong hits a leg lariat. Aries and Strong trade chops. Strong sends Aries to the apron, so Aries rakes Strong’s face on the top rope. Martini grabs Aries’ feet as he goes to the second rope. Referee Todd Sinclair catches him, and throws Martini out. Aries knocks Strong off the apron and hits the diving clothesline into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Aries slingshots Strong throat first on the bottom rope. Aries gives Strong a bulldog for two. Aries applies a figure four stump puller. Strong escapes and chops Aries. Strong tosses Aries stomach first on the mat. Aries gets in a few shots. Aries blocks the Gibson Driver and looks for a Boston Crab. Strong kicks Aries away. Strong hits a snap powerslam for two. Strong blocks an O’Conner Roll. Aries hits a neckbreaker on the middle rope and follows up with a missile dropkick. Strong catches Aries as Aries as Aries attempts the IED. Strong nails him with an enzuigiri and a gut buster for two. Aries counters the Gibson Driver with a hurricanrana. Aries sends Strong into the corner with a Japanese armdrag. Aries hits the IED for two. Strong avoids the Last Chancery by rolling up Aries for two. Aries gives Strong a hot shot and a modified jawbreaker for two. Aries pulls Strong to the apron. Strong goes back in the ring and hits Aries with an enzuigiri. Strong gives Aries a backbreaker on the top turnbuckle. Strong applies the Stronghold. Aries turns into a pin for two. Strong hits a half-nelson backbreaker. Aries blocks a second one with a crucifix driver. Strong counters a brainbuster into a backbreaker. Strong hits the Sick Kick for the win at 17:06. This was a really good back and forth match between both guys. Aries worked over Strong’s neck and upper back the entire time looking for the Last Chancery while Strong kept kicking Aries in the head and working over his lower back. You could argue that these guys have wrestled each other too many times, but I’ll be damned if they don’t know how to put on a great match together. ***1/2

Aries gives Strong credit for beating him, complimenting Strong on beating him all by himself. Aries says he brought the best out of Strong in this match, and can bring the best out of him as his manager as well. Strong leaves before Aries can truly finish. Aries then switches topics and talks about Delirious. If you recall, Aries abducted Daizee Haze last night at ”Hate: Chapter II. Aries puts Delirious down and then introduces his tag team, The All Night Express who will be facing Delirious and Jerry Lynn.

Tag Wars 2010 Opening Round Match
Delirious & Jerry Lynn vs. The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus)

Titus and King attack Lynn and Delirious as they enter, but Lynn and Delirious are the ones who send their opponents to the floor. Delirious chases Aries to the back, but Titus clotheslines Delirious down. Delirious runs back to the ring and hits stereo slams with Lynn on King and Titus. Delirious and Lynn give Titus a double flapjack and double dropkicks for two. King knees Lynn in the back, allowing Titus to take control. Lynn gives King a satellite headscissors. Delirious tags in. He and Lynn double team King for two. Delirious hits King with a back senton for two. Aries comes out wearing Haze’s tights. That’s quite an uncomfortable scene. However, it distracts Delirious, allowing the All Night Express to regain control. The All Night Express wears down Delirious in their corner while Aries continues to stalk the ringside area. Delirious finally escapes their grasp by headbutting King in the gut and tagging in Lynn. Lynn gives King a flurry of strikes. He clotheslines Titus while bulldogging King, and pins King for two. Lynn gives King an inverted DDT and Titus breaks the pin. Lynn escapes a double team and tags in Delirious. He gives Titus a diving clothesline. He takes King over with a half-nelson suplex. Lynn hits a somersault senton onto both King and Titus on the floor. Delirious dives onto Aries and beats him down on the floor. Delirious throws Aries into the ring. King pushes Aries out. Titus pushes Delirious into King, who gives him a spin-out neckbreaker. Titus follows up with a top rope knee drop for the pin at 10:57. The All Night Express have really become a solid tandem, and I prefer seeing them now as a team rather than in singles competiton. Delirious and Lynn also meshed well and put on a solid performance. The right team went over in the end and the story with Delirious and Aries was interwoven flawlessly…although Aries in women’s tights is something I never wanted to see. ***

Delirious attacks Aries afterwards, ripping Haze’s clothes off of him. King and Titus help Aries escape the attack, though Lynn chases them away with a chair.

Tag Wars 2010 Opening Round Match
Colt Cabana & El Generico vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

In addition to being a Tag Wars bout, this is a rematch from the “Phoenix Rising” show from Wrestlemania weekend. Richards and Cabana start off. Cabana ducks a chop and hits Richards with some strikes. Cabana escapes a wristlock and spits in Richards’ face. Richards grabs a chair but thinks better of it. Cabana tries a kneeling frog press for two. Richards misses a Flying Asshole and gets volleyed with strikes by Cabana and Generico. Generico and Edwards tag in. Generico punches Edwards in the corner. Cabana and Generico make some frequent tags to attack Edwards. Edwards rakes Generico’s eyes and tags in Richards. Richards again gets volleyed between Cabana and Generico with strikes. Edwards nails Generico with a kick to the face from the apron and pins Generico for two. Richards throws Generico into the guardrail, then back to Edwards in the ring. The Wolves continue their onslaught on Generico, while neutralizing Cabana as well. Generico is able to evade a superkick and tag in Cabana. Cabana hits both Wolves with a quebrada. He then peppers them with punches before hitting them both with the Dusty elbow. Cabana rolls up Richards for two. Cabana sends Edwards to the floor. He gives Richards a butt-butt into a pin for two. Cabana gives Richards some chops. Richards trips Cabana, but Generico hops off of his back onto Edwards. Richards looks to dive, but Cabana rolls him into the Billy Goat’s Curse. Richards escapes and then blocks the Colt 45. Richards gives Cabana a series of kicks. Generico comes in with a sunset flip. Cabana and Generico hit a Hart Attack variation. Cabana turns Richards back into the Billy Goat’s Curse. Edwards breaks the hold. Richards escapes a suplex and gives Generico an enzuigiri. Edwards tags in. He and Generico each hit a forearm before Edwards hits a sit-out F5 and a knee strike for two. Generico hits a crossbody on Edwards for two. Generico kicks Richards off the apron and drops Edwards with a Michinoku Driver for two. Cabana gives Edwards the Colt 45 for two. Richards throws Generico to the floor. The Wolves nail Cabana with stereo kicks to the head for two. Cabana rolls Edwards into the Billy Goat’s Curse while Generico drops Richards with the top rope brainbuster. Cabana pulls up on Edwards’ mouth forcing him to tap out at 18:13. This match was only slightly better than their Wrestlemania outing. The stuff in the home stretch was fun, but it felt like something was missing and that the fans just weren’t as into this as they should have been. All that aside, this was still a great tag team match. ***1/2

Shane Hagadorn, former manager of The American Wolves emerges as the Wolves are heading to the back. Wanting nothing to do with him, Richards gives him a sole butt. Edwards looks unhappy as he and Richards head to the back.

So now the Tag Wars semi-final round is set; The Briscoes will take on The Embassy and The All Night Express will take on Generico and Cabana. The other semi-final match was determined on the HDNet tapings the previous week, and that will see the Bravado Bros. take on The Dark City Fight Club. These three matches will happen in ROH’s Richmond debut on August 27th, and the winning teams will face The Kings of Wrestling in a four team Ultimate Endurance match for the ROH Tag Titles in Charlotte, NC on August 28th.

The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. Generation Me (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn accompany the Kings of Wrestling. Claudio backs Matt to the corner and tags in Hero. Matt and Hero fight for the advantage on the mat. Matt takes Hero to his corner and tags in Nick. Hero elbows Nick in the face and tags in Claudio. Claudio hits an elbow and takes Nick over in a headlock. Nick escapes and hits an armdrag. Hero and Claudio give Nick the boots in their corner. Hero elbows Nick. Nick gets his knees up to avoid a senton. Matt hits a shoulder block, then pops up Nick into a dropkick on Hero. Nick and Matt hit a double dropkick for two. Hero bites Nick’s hand and throws him into Claudio’s boot. Nick fights free and tags in Matt. Matt and Nick team up against Claudio. While Claudio fights back at first, they hit a neckbreaker/senton to combo to soften him up successfully. Matt hits a monkey flip and a backflip headscissors. Claudio blind tags Hero, and Hero gives Matt a release suplex onto Claudio’s knees. Hero dropkicks Nick off the apron as the Kings go to work on Matt Jackson. Matt finally escapes their grasp with a victory roll. Nick tags in and sends Hero to the floor. Nick backflips off the apron onto Hero. Nick then flies onto Claudio with a hurricanrana. Nick hits a wheelbarrow stunner for two. Nick tries a sunset flip, but Claudio deadlifts Nick into an overhead slam. Hero hits a leaping forearm when he tags in. Hero hits a modified Air Raid Crash for two. Nick turns a running Liger Bomb into a hurricanrana. Matt tags in but eats a boot from Hero. Matt hits one of his own. Matt hits an Asai DDT. Claudio deadlifts Matt out of the pin, but Nick hits Claudio with a superkick. Matt sends Claudio to the floor with a wheelbarrow facebuster, and Nick dives on him with a tope con hilo. Hero cracks Matt with a rolling elbow for two. Claudio gives him an uppercut for two. Claudio Giant swings Matt around, and Hero dropkicks him. Nick takes Claudio over in a dragonrana for two. Claudio hits a European uppercut before giving Nick the U.F.O. for two. Matt saves Nick from the KRS-1. A flurry of superkicks and elbows ensues, leading to Hero pinning Nick for two. Nick hits Hero with a 450 as Matt holds him on the second rope for two. Hero gets his knees up to stop More Bang For Your Buck. Claudio catches Matt and hits him with a pop-up European uppercut. The Kings hit the KRS-1 for the pin at 18:44. Generation Me delivered in both of their matches this weekend. Both teams brought their A game and delivered a great match in which the crowd was very receptive. The fluidity from move to move was quite impressive and the ending sequence was fun to watch. Just another case where both teams put out a quality match. ***3/4

ROH World Championship
Tyler Black (Champion) vs. Kevin Steen

Steen slaps Black, and Black tackles Steen to the mat. The fight goes to the floor when Black throws Steen into the guardrail. Steen throws Black back first into the ring post. Steen separates the barricades as Black whips him in. Black hits a flying clothesline in the ring for two. Black stomps on Steen in the corner. Black blocks the Package Piledriver and sends Steen to the floor. Steen drags Black out and powerbombs him on the ring apron. Steen continues to beat down Black on the floor, and then back in the ring. Steen yells at Black that he is the anti-Christ of ROH. Matt Galyon I am sure loves that. Black slingshots himself from the apron, and Steen catches him with an Ace crusher. Black gets his knees up to block a top rope senton. Black rolls Steen into a back suplex. Black gives Steen a neckbreaker after a forearm. Steen pushes Black to the floor as Black goes to the top rope. Black is now busted open, and Steen punches Black in his open wound multiple times. Steen wipes Black’s blood across his face and pins him for two. Steen snapmares Black into a crossface. Black escapes and fights Steen to the apron. Black drops Steen on the apron with the Paroxysm. Back in the ring, Steen hits a powerbomb and transitions into the sharpshooter. Black drops Steen with an F5 for two. Black hits a standing shooting star press for two. Black hits an enzuigiri. Steen catches Black with a pump-handle neckbreaker for two. Black catches Steen on the top rope. He brings him off with a buckle bomb across the ring. Black follows up with a superkick for two. Black brings Steen off the top with a suplex. Steen rolls through and hits a gut buster and a top rope moonsault for two. Steen and Black exchange a superkicks. Black hits three in a row before collapsing. Black kicks Steen off the top rope. Steen’s leg gets caught in the bottom rope, so Black doublestomps Steen through the table on the floor! Black brings Steen back in the ring. Steen spits in Black’s face. Black hits a superkick and God’s Last Gift, and Steen somehow kicks out. Black rolls through the Phoenix Splash. Steen hits a Buckle Bomb and superkick. Steen follows up with a Package Piledriver for two. Steen brings Black to the top rope. Black takes Steen off the top with a hurricanrana and turns him over into a sharpshooter. Steen has no choice but to tap out at 23:03. What an awesome title match to cap off the show. Steen and Black truly gave it their all and told a good story along the way. Each guy was screwing with the other by using each other’s big moves, which is why Black making Steen submit with his own sharpshooter was such an appropriate finish. Both guys were also a bloody mess and truly seemed like they were willing to do whatever it took to win the belt. Black and Steen did a good job of leading the crowd into cheering Black and booing Steen, which is difficult to accomplish these days. This capped off a very good and so far underrated show, and for their last singles match probably ever, they should be proud of themselves. ****1/4

Steen is on the phone backstage telling the other person (presumably Steve Corino) that Black is a changed man and that “they’ve got him”.

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