Ring of Honor: Hate: Chapter II

Colinsville, IL – 7.23.2010

Commentary is provided by Dave Prazak and Joe Dombrowski.

Championship Rundown
ROH World Champion: Tyler Black
ROH Television Champion: Eddie Edwards
ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)

Pick Six Standings
1. Roderick Strong
2. Christopher Daniels
3. Kevin Steen
4. Colt Cabana
5. Chris Hero
6. Davey Richards

The Bravado Brothers (Lance & Harlem Bravado) vs. The House of Truth (Josh Raymond & Christian Abel)

Truth Martini accompanies The House of Truth to the ring. Abel throws Harlem and then poses. Abel escapes a headlock, but Harlem armdrags him over. Harlem then hits Abel with two monkey flips. Lance tags in and the Bravados give Abel a tandem hip toss and a combo kick to the chest and back. Abel pushes Lance to the corner and tags in Raymond. Raymond and Lance trade forearms. Lance hits a leg lariat for two. Harlem tags in and the Bravados hit a double Russian leg sweep for two. Lance hits a dropkick for two. Raymond knocks Harlem off the apron and throws Lance into the House of Truth’s corner. Abel and Raymond go to work, trapping Harlem in their corner and wearing him down. Truth Martini reads from the Book of Truth while the House of Truth continue their attack. Lance gets pushed to his own corner by accident and tags in Harlem. Harlem comes in with forearms and hits Raymond with a back elbow in the corner. Harlem hits Raymond with an inverted DDT for two. Raymond misses a clothesline and the Bravados perform a leg-capture enzuigiri sequence. Abel breaks the pin and throws Lance to the floor. Abel lawn darts Harlem to the corner. The House of Truth hit their inverted La Bombe de Rougeau for the pin at 8:24. The House of Truth have quickly become one of my favorite teams in ROH, with such good crowd interaction and fun tandem offense. The Bravados have also progressed quickly are showing potential. This was a fun match to kick things off. **1/4

Grizzly Redwood vs. Erick Stevens

Prince Nana accompanies Stevens. Grizzly evades a slam attempt from Stevens. Grizzly tries a sunset flip, but Stevens picks up Grizzly. Grizzly steps on Stevens’ foot to escape a couple of suplexes. Stevens however hits a shoulder block. Grizzly log rolls Stevens’ legs out and hits a low dropkick. Stevens reverses an Irish whip. Grizzly hits a shoulder to Stevens’ stomach. Stevens knocks Grizzly off the apron into the guardrail. Stevens throws Grizzly back first into the ring apron. Stevens brings Grizzly back into the ring and reigns down on him with strikes. Stevens hits a side suplex for two. Stevens then picks up Grizzly, and Grizzly slips into a sleeper hold. Stevens backs Grizzly into the corner and slams him to the mat. Stevens bear hugs Grizzly while swinging him around. Grizzly escapes with a jawbreaker but Stevens rams his head into Grizzly’s mid-section. Stevens misses a splash and Grizzly hits a modified bulldog. Grizzly hits four punches in the corner. Grizzly gets a victory roll for two. Grizzly then hits a swinging DDT for two. Stevens rolls to the floor. Grizzly dives onto him, but Stevens catches Grizzly. Grizzly slips off his back and sends Stevens face first into the corner. Grizzly chases Nana around the ring. Nana and Stevens are on the floor when Necro Butcher comes in and throws a chair at Grizzly’s back for the disqualification at 7:04. The action was fine for what it was, but I didn’t like the finish and the match itself never got out of first gear. The Embassy’s stuff is pretty tiring anyhow. *

Necro continues to beat down on Grizzly until Rasche Brown makes the save. Stevens comes in to help Necro, and a bunch of others wrestlers come in to break up the fight as well. Necro and Brown dispose of the wrestlers and continue to fight anyway. Necro hits a double axe handle to the floor on both Brown and Grizzly. Necro grabs the ringbell but Brown throws him off the apron into Stevens and Nana. Brown from the inside of the ring tosses Grizzly onto the Embassy. The Embassy bail to the lockeroom as Brown dares them to come back to the ring.

Pick Six Contender Series Match
Colt Cabana (4) vs. Roderick Strong (1)

Truth Martini accompanies Strong. A violent lock-up brings both men to the corner. Cabana breaks clean and teases kissing Strong. Cabana grabs a wristlock which Strong reverses. Cabana grapevines Strong’s legs, but Strong rolls up and gets in a shoving match. Cabana brings Strong to the corner, but Strong pushes Cabana to the floor. In the ring, Cabana and Strong trade holds. Cabana hits a shoulder tackle out of a headlock. Cabana flips Strong to his back. Strong slaps Cabana after Cabana hits a snapmare. Martini and Strong talk on the outside. In the ring, Cabana kicks Strong away. Martini trips Cabana off the second rope behind the referee’s back. Strong and Cabana exchange chops. Cabana hits a double sledge to Strong’s chest. Strong throws Cabana to the floor and follows him out. Strong throws Cabana into the guardrail. In the ring Strong puts Cabana in a waistlock. Cabana uses his posterior to break the hold and hits a back elbow. Strong hits a dropkick for two. Strong applies an abdominal stretch, and Cabana hits a hip toss to escape. Cabana dropkicks Strong as Strong looks to attack. Cabana hits a series of jabs. Strong chops Cabana, but Cabana finishes with an elbow. Cabana hits the Flying Asshole and a flying elbow strike for two. Strong throws Cabana to the corner. Cabana hits an elbow and rolls through with a pin attempt for two. Strong throws a few forearms, and Cabana hits one of his own. Strong hits an enzuigiri and a backbreaker. Cabana rolls into a crucifix pin for two. Strong hits another enzuigiri and turns into the Stronghold. Cabana turns the hold into a small package for two. Strong hits a front kick as Cabana goes up top. Strong follows up, and Cabana gets Strong on his shoulders. Cabana drops Strong stomach first on the top rope and pins him for two. Strong blocks the Colt 45, and Cabana tries the Billy Goat’s Curse. Strong escapes. Cabana goes for the Flying Asshole, but Truth hits Cabana with the Book of Truth behind the referee’s and Strong’s back. Strong hits a gut buster and the Sick Kick for the pin at 14:21. This was a solid match between both guys, but the fans weren’t too terribly into it and the match was pretty average from what we’ve seen out of both guys lately. I think Truth is good for Strong though and enjoy seeing him as his manager. **3/4

Generation Me (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

Matt cuts a pre-match promo saying their names are now Max and Jeremy Buck. Well, let’s not kid ourselves. Richards than cuts a promo saying that the American Wolves are the at the top of the food chain in ROH. Richards says they’re in his stomping grounds tonight. Edwards then follows up by saying that the Hunt is On.

Matt slaps Richards and goes to the floor. Richards backs Matt into the ropes, and Matt slaps Richards again. Richards hits a sole butt and Matt goes back to the floor. Edwards and Nick tag in. Edwards chops Nick a few times. The Wolves hit a back elbow on Nick, and Edwards knocks Matt off the apron. Richards applies an elevated cloverleaf on Nick, and Edwards pulls back on Richards to applies more pressure behind the ref’s back. Matt beats down Richards in their corner, and Generation Me both choke Richards. Richards gets up and headbutts Matt. Richards tosses Matt to the floor where Edwards throws Matt into the guardrail. The Wolves double team Matt on the floor while the referee is busy with Nick. The Wolves continue their onslaught back in the ring. Matt low blows Richards and tags in Nick. Nick throws Richards into a guardrail then back into the ring. Generation Me look to have turned the match in their favor, but Richards quickly kicks Nick in the chest while Nick is on the floor. Richards flips out of suplex from Matt, and Edwards kicks Matt in the back from the apron. Edwards tags in and hits an overhead suplex on Matt. Edwards goes up top and hits Nick with a dropkick. Edwards hits a running enzuigiri on Matt for two. Edwards send Generation Me to the floor and the Wolves hit stereo dives onto them. Edwards tries the Achilles lock on Matt in the ring, but Matt rakes Edwards’ eyes. Nick hits a moonsault onto Richards on the floor and springboard onto Edwards for two. Matt goes up top and Edwards catches him with a flying boot. Edwards hits a superplex. Richards tags in and trades blows with Matt. Each guy trade pin attempts with no avail. Richards nails Matt with an enzuigiri and a side suplex for two. Edwards gives Matt a lungblower. Richards sets up Matt for a tombstone, when Nick comes in and nails both Wolves with hard superkicks. That reverses the tombstone, and Matt drops Richards with it for two. Edwards takes Nick to the floor and Richards applies an ankle lock on Matt. Nick enzuigiri’s Richards, and Edwards hits an enzuigiri on Nick. Matt gives Edwards a standing shiranui. Richards goes back to the ankle lock on Matt. Matt escapes and gives Richards a reverse rana, but Richards pops up and turns Matt inside out with a clothesline. Nick and Edwards exchange forearms. Edwards and Nick trade kicks. The Wolves hit the Alarm Clock, and a superkick/German suplex combo for two. Richards throws Matt into the guardrail. Richards runs in and German suplexes Nick off the top rope. Richards hits a sole butt and Edwards double stomps Nick on the back for two. Matt pulls Richards to the floor. Generation Me hit a tandem superkick on Edwards and Nick hits a somersault senton onto Richards on the floor. Matt hits Edwards with a tumble weed Ace crusher for two. Richards throws strikes at both members of Generation Me. Matt superkicks Richards twice. Edwards stops Generation Me from hitting More Bang For Your Buck and the Wolves hit a flying lung blower/powerbomb combo on Nick. Edwards then turns Nick into the Achilles Lock for the submission at 19:24. This was a great, hard hitting tag team match that was just as good as their HDNet encounter (if not better). Both teams threw out some of the best stuff they had, while also modifying it to make the match more unique. I appreciated the variety and the action both teams provided, and it was neat to see the Wolves playing the babyfaces and the Bucks playing the heels. I think I actually prefer these roles instead. ***3/4

Richards grabs the microphone and puts over Eddie Edwards. Richards says he and Edwards are the best tag team in the world. Richards says next time he comes back to Collinsville, he wants the toughest challenge possible so he can steal the show once again.

Tyler Black, Jerry Lynn, & Delirious vs. Austin Aries and The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus)

Aries begins to cut a promo when the opposing team comes out. Delirious is in his “red poision” garb, and Daizee Haze accompanies his team. Aries’ team throw their opponents to the floor, but then miss stereo pescado’s. Delirious’ team hit triple baseball slides. All six men brawl on the floor. Things calm down with Black beating Titus down in the ring. Titus hits a neckbreaker and tags in King. Delirious’ team take turns attacking King in their corner. King hits Delirious with a chinbreaker and tags in Titus. Delirious puts Titus in a Camel Clutch and tags in Black. Black slams Titus and stomps on his face. Lynn and Delirious give Titus a tandem flapjack, then all three guys hit basement dropkicks on Titus. Lynn hits a headscissors and King tags in. Lynn hits a bulldog on King while clotheslining Titus for two. King backs Lynn to his team’s corner. Lynn does a good job of fighting back until Aries hits the IED. Aries’ team take turns getting their shots in on Lynn, while preventing him from tagging out. Lynn makes an escape by slingshotting Aries into King and rolling out of Titus’ grasp. Black tags in and gives Titus a back body drop. Block hits the Paroxysm for two. Titus nails Black with a dropkick for two. Black gets sent to the apron. King catches Black as Black attempts a crossbody. Black hits an enzuigiri on King and dropkicks Titus mid-air as Titus comes off the ropes. Black gives Aries a modified F5 and tags in Delirious. Delirious gives Aries the Shadows Over Hell for two. Delirious locks Aries in the Cobra Clutch. Delirious gives Titus a powerbomb, and gives Aries a headbutt to the mid-section as Aries comes off the ropes. Titus hits a Fame-Asser. Lynn comes in and gives Titus a legdrop as Titus’ head is in the ropes. King snaps Lynn’s beck on the top rope. King and Titus celebrate on the floor and Black dives onto them with a tope con hilo. Delirious headbutts Aries in the mid-section. Aries avoids a Panic Attack and punts Delirious in the head. Aries applies a modified seated Cobra Stretch. Delirious traps Aries in a roll-up for the pin at 15:44. This was a pretty basic six-man tag with some good stories interwoven. Delirious didn’t get as much of the focus as I would have liked, but all six men put in a good effort and produced a solid overall match. ***1/4

Aries kidnaps Haze while King and Titus distract Delirious, Lynn, and Black. Lynn and Delirious chase King and Titus to the back. Kevin Steen runs out and attacks Black, as he has a title shot against Black tomorrow night. As Steen has Black in a crossface, El Generico’s music hits. He runs out and his match with Steen is on.

”Death Before Dishonor VIII” Rematch
El Generico vs. Kevin Steen

Generico clotheslines Steen to the floor and throws him into the guardrail. Steen grabs Generico by his eye holes and punches him. Generico whips Steen shoulder first into the guardrail. Steen and Generico exchange forearms, and once again Steen gets sent to the guardrail. In the ring, Generico hits a split-legged moonsault for two. Steen hits a back elbow to Generico’s neck and then a flipping legdrop. Steen takes off his t-shirt and covers Generico’s face with it while he punches him. Steen chops Generico and grasps at his face. Generico throws some forearms but Steen goes right back to Generico’s face to cut him off. Generico hits an exploder suplex into the corner for two. Steen powerbombs Generico on the ring apron from the floor. Steen beats Generico right in front of a fan wearing a Generico mask. Steen demands the fan take the mask off (the fan does not). Generico fights back with forearms. Steen throws Generico back first into the ring post. In the ring, Steen verbally berates Generico and mocks the fans while pounding on him. Generico flies out of the corner with a Helluva kick. Generico hits a second one from the apron, and Steen falls to the floor. Generico hits an Arabian moonsault. Generico hits a swinging DDT onto the steel entrance ramp. Generico hits a Michinoku driver on Steen back in the ring for two. Steen superkicks Generico and hits a top rope moonsault for two. Steen drops Generico with a pump-handle suplex for two. Generico cuts off Steen on the top rope. Steen bites Generico and then drops him with a fisherman’s brainbuster for two. Generico fires up after Steen hits a superkick. Generico gives Steen a brainbuster for two. Steen pops up Generico into a powerbomb. Generico gets up his knees as Steen goes for a top rope senton. Generico hits a Helluva kick and a half-nelson suplex. Generico hits as second one and puts Steen on the top rope. Steen pushes Generico off. Generico hits a Helluva kick, sending Steen to the floor. Generico looks for the swinging DDT through the ropes. Steen throws a chair at Generico’s head as he comes through, and the referee calls for the bell to disqualify Steen at 16:06. An odd finish, as I somewhat presumed this was “Relaxed Rules”. Regardless, this was fun, but the two guys didn’t go “balls to the wall” as they would have in a No Disqualification match. Still, they did a good job portraying their hatred for one another and I look forward to future matches between both guys. ***1/2

Colt Cabana runs out to prevent Steen from doing further damage, but Steen knocks him and a referee down. Steen chokes the referee with a chain. Generico saves him and throws Steen to the floor with the chain around his neck. Steen and Generico brawl into the audience. Generico places Steen on a table. Generico jumps off the hard camera scaffold onto Steen through the table. Generico poses on the scaffold as his music echoes throughout the building.

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) & Amazing Kong vs. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) & Sara Del Rey

Shane Hagadorn accompanies The Kings and Sara to the ring. The Kings and Sara have trouble deciding who will start the match with Kong. Claudio finally steps up to the plate. He kicks Kong in the stomach and tags in Sara. Sara lays in kicks in the corner. Kong fires back with chops. Kong knocks Sara down with a body block and tags in Jay. The Kings retreat to the floor, so the Briscoes and Kong attack them and Sara. Back in the ring, The Briscoes and Kong hit triple shoulder tackles to the Kings. Jay hits a legdrop on Claudio. Claudio backs Mark into his corner and tags in Hero. Mark fights Hero back to his corner. The Briscoes and Kong make some frequent tags and take turns wearing down Hero. Hero kicks Mark, Claudio hits him with the Swiss Chin Music, and Sara kicks him to bring things back in the Kings and Sara’s favor. They isolate Mark in their corner, making frequent tags and at times taking him to the floor. Mark finally escapes the Kings’ assault, dropkicking Hero into Claudio. Jay tags in and takes down Hero and Claudio. Jay hits a dropkick on Hero then sends him to the floor with a clothesline. Jay clothesline Claudio, then STO’s Sara face first into Claudio’s nuts. Jay gives Claudio a Death Valley Driver for two. Claudio gives Jay a springboard European uppercut and tags in Hero. Hero hits an elbow to Jay’s neck and Sara hits a rolling front kick for two. Claudio gives Jay a Giant Swing and Hero dropkicks Jay in the head. Sara pins him for two. Kong tags in. Sara tries to tag out but her partners are busy on the floor. Kong hits a splash for two. Kong hits the Implant Buster and the Kings break the pin. Kong fires up and hits both Kings. She knocks them both with double shoulder blocks. Sara rolls up Kong for two. Sara tries a German suplex on Kong. Hero blind tags in and nails Kong with a boot. He calls for the Death blow, and Kong backslides him for two. Jay comes in and hits Hero with a boot. Claudio hits a running clothesline and Mark flies in with a crossbody. Sara hits a boot and Kong hits a crossbody. Hero nails Kong with an elbow for two. Kong hits Hero with a rolling elbow and a backfist. The Briscoes hit a Niagra Driver/neck breaker combo. Kong hits a splash from the second rope but Claudio and Sara break the pin. The Briscoes take Claudio and Sara to the floor and Hero follows. Kong dives off the apron onto the Kings and Sara. In the ring, Hero nails Jay with an elbow. The Kings hit a Doomsday Device variation. Mark blocks the KRS-1, and Jay rolls up Hero for the pin at 23:22. This was a great main event to top off a solid show. The fans were way into Kong and everything she did, and it’s nice to see an intergender match where the genders mix it up more often. This is a nice off-shoot of the Briscoes/KoW feud and a good way to put some intrigue back into it. Jay pinning Hero was a good finish and adds credence to a future tag team title rematch. ***1/2

Bonus Content

ROH Video Wire; 6/28/2010

AJ Styles & Matt Sydal vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)
The 100th Show – Philadelphia, PA – 4.22.2006

The Briscoes lunge at Sydal and Styles at the bell, but Styles tackles Jay into the corner while Sydal chops Mark. They attack the Briscoes in opposite corners, then AJ pops Sydal into a forearm on Mark. Styles hits his patented drop down/leapfrog dropkick. Jay tags in Mark. Styles ducks a springboard dropkick and tags in Sydal. Sydal and Styles double team Mark for two. Mark blocks a knee strike and chops Sydal. Jay tags in and the Briscoes hit a double shoulder tackle for two. The Briscoes isolate Sydal in their corner to maintain control and inflict maximum damage. Sydal blocks a Death Valley Driver and takes Mark over with a headscissors. Sydal tags in Styles after a dropkick. Styles hits a leaping knee drop and a back suplex for two. Jay sweeps Styles’ legs and Mark dropkicks Styles in the ropes. Mark tags in with a slingshot double stomp. Now Styles is the one who is isolated in the Briscoes corner. Styles fights back and takes Mark to the floor with a kip-up headscissors. Styles knocks Jay to the floor, and Styles and Sydal hit stereo dives onto the Briscoes. Back in the ring, Mark lowblows Styles. The Briscoes both launch Sydal straight in the air and he comes crashing down to the mat. The Briscoes continue to beat down Sydal until Sydal takes Mark off the middle rope with a hurricanrana and tags in Styles. Styles knocks down both Briscoes with kicks and punches. Styles turns an Asai moonsault into a reverse DDT on Mark, then hits a German suplex/facebuster combo on Jay. Styles calls for the Styles Clash on Jay. Mark dropkicks Styles into his corner, and Sydal tags in. Styles and Sydal hit a neckbreaker/top rope splash combo on Mark. Jay breaks the pin. Styles and Sydal hit a tandem neckbreaker on Jay. Mark attacks Styles on the floor. Jay blocks a hurricanrana from Sydal, and the Briscoes hit a springboard Doomsday Device. Styles breaks the pin. Mark and Jay hit a series of strikes on Styles. Sydal comes in and hits a standing moonsault on Jay. The Briscoes hit Sydal with the Spike Jay Driller at 12:41. This was a really fun, fast-paced match with both teams throwing out really cool tandem maneuvers and keeping the crowd energy up the entire time. It’s cool to look back on matches like these and see just how far all the competitors have come. ***1/2

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