AIW: Bring The Ruckus

Sandusky, OH – January 21st, 2010

Hobo Joe vs. Bobby Beverly

Beverly takes down Joe with an armdrag after feeling each other out. Beverly counters a hip toss with another armdrag. Joe hits a backfist and a headbutt. He stomps on Beverly’s foot and hits a shoulder block. Joe throws Beverly’s had into multiple corners. Beverly misses a splash in the corner and Joe gives him the pit stop. Joe comes off the top rope and Beverly catches him with a dropkick. Beverly knocks him down with a clothesline and backdrop for two. Beverly applies a half crab. Beverly rams Joe’s face multiple times into the top turnbuckle, then takes Joe down with a clothesline for two. Joe comes back with a clothesline and a rolling senton for two. Beverly dropkicks Joe’s leg out. Joe blocks a Urinage by rubbing his armpit into Beverly’s face. Joe kicks Beverly down. Beverly catches Joe out of the corner with the Urinage backbreaker for the pin at 7:48. This was a good opener, and I have really become a fan of Bobby Beverly. Not so much Hobo Joe. *1/2

Ben Fruith & Corey Winters [Lights Out] vs. Joey The Snake & K. Fernandez [Da Latin Crime Syndicate]

Joey powers down Fruith. Fruith tries a quick roll-up for two. Fruith then tries a crucifix pin but gets two. Joey is pissed and kicks Fruith in the stomach.He slams Fruith and gives him a legdrop for two. Fruith dropkicks Joey and tags in Winters. Fruith jumps off Winter’s back and gives Joey a knee strike. Winter wheelbarrows Fruith up and slams him on Joey for two. Fernandez runs in and Lights Out drop him with a double brainbuster. Winters armdrags Joey to block a hip toss. Winters clotheslines Joey twice in the corner, and Joey catches him with a snap powerslam for two. DLCS take turns beating on Winters while keeping Fruith away. Winters finally escapes the beating long enough to tag Fruith in, but Joey traps Fruith in a choke immediately. Winters hops back in to break it, and Fernandez takes Winters to another corner. Joey headbutts Fruith across the ring from him. Lights Out put their DLCS member on the top turnbuckle. They hit stereo hurricanranas. Fruith knee strikes Joey into Winters hitting a knee strike. Luis Diamante passes Fernandez a chain. Fernandez nails Winters with it for the pin at 9:28. This was an alright tag match, and it got DLCS over as even larger heels. I don’t care much for Lights Out. There are guys in AIW who do what they do, and do it way better. *3/4

Façade comes out and talks about how he was screwed out of his Intense Division Championship last month.

Marion Fontaine vs. Facade

Fontaine hits a shoulder block and a flying body block off the second rope. Façade and Fontaine switch out a couple moves, leading to a stalemate. Façade knees Fontaine in the gut and kicks him in the chest. Façade sends Fontaine to the floor with a clothesline. Façade follows with a pescado. Fontaine goes in. Façade tries to follow with a headscissors, but Fontaine catches him and drops him face first on the mat for two. Fontaine hits a butt-butt. Fontaine lays in nine punches in the corner before Façade pushes him to the mat. Fontaine comes back. He applies a full nelson stretch on the mat. Façade gets the ropes to escape. Fontaine suplexes Façade for two. Fontaine misses a splash in the corner. Façade kicks away at Fontaine’s ribs and kicks him in the head with a spinwheel kick. Fontaine dropkicks Façade’s leg out. Fontaine looks for a Boston Crab which Façade counters by spinning Fontaine over. Façade clotheslines Fontaine down and hits a leg lariat. Fontaine sole butts Fontaine and sunset flips him for two. Each guy keeps rolling through, looking to pin their opponent. Fontaine sweeps Façade’s leg and jackknife pins him at 6:00. This was real good for six minutes. I really like both these guys, and Fontaine is seriously underrated. **1/2

The Duke & Nick Belushi [Alpha Beta Duke] vs. Shawn Blaze & TJ Dynamite [Simply Dynamite]

Simply Dynamite attack Alpha Beta Duke as they come out from the back. Both teams brawl ringside until Belushi and Dynamite make it into the ring. Belushi bullies Dynamite and forces Blaze to tag in. Belushi slams Blaze after some headbutts. Duke tags in, and he leans over Blaze so that Duke can spank him with a fraternity paddle. Blaze is able to fight back against Belushi, and Dynamite assists with a missile dropkick. Simply Dynamite keep the advantage on Belushi. Belushi knocks both guys down with a double clothesline. Duke drops Dynamite with a sit-out gut buster and Belushi pins him at 8:40. Alpha Beta Duke are like a more out of shape Phi Delta Slam and quite frankly are terrible in these straight-up wrestling matches. I don’t enjoy their schtick, and thik Simply Dynamite was way too good for this.1/4*

Lince Dorado vs. Luis Diamante

This match came as a result of what happened at Absolution 4 back in June 2009. Dorado dropkicks Diamante twice. Diamante swipes away a spinwheel kick. Dorado moves out of a few strike attempts, and takes Diamante down with an alita. Dorado walks the top rope. He jumps off and drives Diamante’s face into his knee. Diamante retaliates with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Diamante stomps on Dorado and rips at Dorado’s mask. Joey The Snake chokes Dorado on the ropes while Diamante distracts the referee. Diamante gives Dorado another backbreaker for two. Diamante throws Dorado to the floor and Da Latin Crime Syndicate beat down on him while Diamante distracts the referee. Dorado comes back in. Diamante counters a sunset flip with a knee drop. Diamante stretches Dorado and takes him over with a suplex for two. Dorado gets back to this feet and Diamante knocks him back down with a lariat. Dorado fights back with some right hands. He sweeps Diamante’s legs to knock Da Latin Crime Syndicate off the apron. Dorado sends Diamante to the floor with his partners. Dorado follows out with a spinning tope. Backin the ring, Dorado comes in with a springboard crossbody and hits a quebrada for two. Diamante gives Dorado a back breaker for two. Diamante goes to the second rope. Dorado takes him off with a hurricanrana. Dorado gives him a step-up enzugiri and heads up top. Dorado hits a Shooting Star Press. Joey The Snake pulls Dorado out while K. Fernandez distracts the referee. Diamante drops Dorado with a Michinoku Driver for the pin at 7:25. This got Diamante heat with the AIW crowd which was the point of this. Seeing Dorado on this show made me appreciate him a lot more as well. **1/2

AIW Women’s Championship
Hailey Hatred (Champion) vs. Jefferson Saint

Hatred lays in a few strikes to Saint. Hatred hip tosses Saint, then takes him over with an armdrag. Hatred suplexes Saint for two. Saint whips Hatred chest first into the corner. Saint trips Hatred and slams her legs against the ring post. Saint rubs his hands all over Hatred’s face. Hatred punches Saint and Saint punches back. Saint brings Hatred back into the ring. Saint works over Hatred’s legs. Hatred hits a Northern Lights suplex with a one-legged bridge for two. Saint goes right back to Hatred’s leg. He gives her an overhand chop in the corner. He looks for a second, but Hatred ducks. She lays in some kicks, but Saint catches her leg and gives her a dragon screw leg whip. Saint locks in a Figure Four. Hatred turns over to reverse the pressure. The hold breaks as Jack Verville gets on the apron. Saint accidentally knocks him down. Hatred catches Chest Flexor as he attempts to interfere. Hatred hits a leg-capture suplex on Saint to score the pin at 6:13. Saint is such an excellent worker and a rare type of wrestler these days. Were he around in the South in the 80’s, he would have been huge. Hatred also is a very good women’s wrestler. For the time given, this was good. **3/4

Saint steals Hatred’s title belt. The Jack of Love beat down on Hatred, until Aeroform hit the ring. Aeroform send Verville and Flexor to the floor with stereo dropkicks. These two teams will face one another right now!

Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon [Aeroform] vs. Jack Verville & Chest Flexor [Jack Of Love]

Flexor retreats to the ropes to avoid Lyndon. Verville distracts Lyndon, allowing Flexor to attack him from behind. The Jack of Love take the early advantage, but Lyndon is able to come back with a sole butt to Verville. Lyndon takes him down with a hurricanrana and a spinwheel kick. Kendrick and Flexor tag in. Kendrick uses some fancy moves to take down Flexor. Verville comes in and Kendrick gives him a hurricanrana. Kendrick springboards into a dropkick on Verville for two. Lyndon tags in. Saint takes him to the floor, and Verville hits a basement dropkick on him. The Jack of Love beat on Lyndon on the floor while Kendrick distracts the referee by trying to make the save. Lyndon makes a comeback and kicks Verville down. Kendrick hops in and takes Verville over with a headscissors. Kendrick follows up with a tornado DDT on Flexor. Verville fights back and drops Kendrick face first on the mat. Verville heads up top and Lyndon pushes him down to the floor with Flexor. Kendrick and Lyndon hit dives onto the Jack of Love. Back in the ring, Kendrick drops Verville face first with a belly-to-back suplex. Lyndon and Kendrick take Flexor down with stereo knee strikes. Verville gets rid of Kendrick and drops Lyndon with an choke neckbreaker for two. Lyndon gives Verville a hard palm strike for the pin at 11:51. This was a pretty dull and at times sloppy tag match. Neither team put on their best performance and the crowd barely came alive for the big dives and such. Not a good sign. **

Winner receives a future Intense Division Championship Title Shot
Johnny Gargano vs. Eric Alverado

Gargano takes it to Alverado right off the bat, working over his arm. Alverado boots Gargano in the gut, and slams his face into the mat. Alverado hits some strikes, but Gargano comes back with a sole butt. Gargano gives Alverado a taste of his own medicine by responding with his own strikes. Gargano lands a senton splash for two. Gargano gives Alverado the ten punches in the corner. Alverado whips Gargano into the corner. Alverado drops Gargano with a gut buster for two. Alverado kicks Gargano right in the spine. Alverado knee drops Gargano for two. Gargano comes back with his patented slingshot spear. Gargano gives Alverado a big boot and a flatliner for two. Alverado drops Gargano with a Tiger Driver for two. Gargano nails double knees in the corner, then lawn darts Alverado into the opposite corner. Gargano drops Alverado with the Uniquely You. Façade hits the apron distracting the referee and Gargano. Alverado rolls up Gargano and grabs his tights for the pin at 8:45. This was going all well and good, and I guess it was a way to keep Gargano protected while giving Façade’s stable mate a title shot. **1/2

Intense Division Championship
Chris Dickinson (Champion) vs. Gran Akuma

Dickinson and Akuma trade wristlocks and hammerlocks. Akuma takes Dickinson to the mat, and Dickinson switches positions with an armdrag. Back to their feet, both guys lock knuckles. Akuma grabs a front face lock and takes Dickinson down to the mat. Dickinson nips-up and uses the ropes to armdrag Akuma. Akuma boots Dickinson and dragonscrews his leg in the ropes. Akuma keeps on Dickinson’s leg with kicks and a kneeDT. Dickinson escapes an Indian Death Lock. He tries to kick Akuma, but Akuma takes Dickinson back to the mat and applies a figure four leg lock. Dickinson rolls over to reverse the pressure and Akuma uses the bottom rope to break it. Dickinson chops Akuma, and Akuma responds by dropkicking Dickinson. Dickinson in such a way to further hurt his leg. Akuma traps Dickinson’s leg in the ropes and kicks away at it. Dickinson armdrags Akuma then gives Akuma a weak gutbuster. Dickinson is able to take over Akuma with a German suplex for two. Dickinson lights up Akuma with chops on the ropes. Dickinson drops Akuma with a Falcon Arrow for two. Akuma grabs Dickinson’s leg, and flips over so Dickinson’s leg drives against the mat. Akuma sole buts Dickinson. Akuma wheelbarrows Dickinson and rolls through into a knee bar. Dickinson and Akuma trade hard kicks to one another’s chest. Dickinson takes Akuma over with a belly-to-back suplex. Dickinson then hits Akuma with a lariat for two. Akuma blocks a pump handle slam and O’Conner rolls Dickinson for two. Both guys trade a few more pin attempts with no avail. Dickinson catches Akuma with La Magistral for the pin at 10:27. I really liked this match. They did a real good job of telling the story of Akuma working over Dickinson’s leg. Unlike some matches, Dickinson stuck to his leg being hurt and Akuma didn’t waste anytime with superfluous maneuvers. If you like psychology and hard strikes, this will deliver. ***

AIW Tag Team Championship
Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing [Faith In Nothing] vs. Jigsaw & Hallowicked

Jigsaw claims he’s not a Power Ranger, and he and Hallowicked did Hindu squats before the match outside the ring. I guess they took their goofy pills this morning. They look to bail, so Bryce Resmburg says they have till the count of ten to get to the ring and challenge for the tag titles. They make it back in time. Nothing throws Jigsaw to the mat, and Jigsaw retreats to his corner. Each guy flexes to show off. Hallowicked tags in, circles the ring, then tags back out to Jigsaw. A test of strength turns in Nothing’s favor with ease. Jigsaw knees Nothing in the gut and talks smack. Nothing lays in a barrage of knees to Jigsaw’s jaw. Hallowicked comes in and takes a series of strikes and a slam. Faith tags in and gives him a Manhattan Drop. Nothing tosses Hallowicked into a kick from Faith for two. Hallowicked gives Faith a step-up Frankensteiner. Faith stomps Hallowicked in the chest and down to the mat. Hallowicked hits the floor, and Jigsaw tries a crossbody. Faith catches him and Nothing blind tags in. Faith in Nothing give Jigsaw a double gut buster, and Jigsaw goes to the floor. Nothing this the ropes and Hallowicked trips him. Jigsaw runs in and tags Nothing with a leg lariat. The CHIKARA guys cut the ring in half, keeping Nothing from Faith. Nothing turns a headlock into a back suplex. Hallowicked tries to break a pin, but ends up dropping an elbow on Jigsaw. Nothing drops Hallowicked with a side suplex. Faith gets the tag and takes out both Jigsaw and Hallowicked, focusing his attack on their backs. Faith gives Hallowicked a rolling elbow and Jigsaw breaks the pin. Jigsaw lays in some forearms. Jigsaw sends Faith to the floor. Hallowicked and Jigsaw crack Nothing in the corner with enzugiri’s. Hallowicked gives him Go Too Sleepy Hollow. Jigsaw follows with a superkick for two. Nothing kicks Jigsaw and clotheslines Hallowicked. Jigsaw sends Nothing to the floor as Faith comes in. Faith grabs Jigsaw by the throat. Hallowicked gives Faith a big boot, and Jigsaw lands an enzugiri. Faith double chokeslams both guys. Faith In Nothing give Jigsaw the Project Mayhem for the pin at 11:08. This was a really fun tag team match. It seemed at the beginning Jigsaw and Hallowicked were just there to dick around. After a bit though, they really started bringing it and put on a great match with Faith In Nothing. Vincent Nothing is great, not to sure how much I like Faith just yet. Still, this was a good way to cap off the night. ***1/4

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