RCW: January Infiltration

Baltimore, MD – 1.16.2010

Commentary is provided by Nate Stein & Brett Lauderdale

RCW Cruiserweight Championship
Lince Dorado vs. Rich Swann

This match will determine the first Cruiserweight Champion in RCW history. Both guys look for control on the mat. Dorado armdrags Swann into a roll-up. Swann bounces off the ropes and does the same thing. They reach a stalemate after throwing stereo dropkicks. Swann dropkicks Dorado to the floor. He dropkicks Dorado and then hits an Asai moonsault. Swann hits a bicycle kick after a snapmare. Dorado sends Swann to the floor with a headscissors. He superkicks Swann when Swann gets to the ring apron. Dorado suicide dives out, nearly breaking his neck in the process. In the ring, Dorado hits a leapfrog whoopee cushion and a spinwheel kick for two. Dorado hits a lynxsault for two. Swann recovers and tornado kicks Dorado for two. Dorado cuts off Swann as Swann goes up top. Dorado brings him down with the Leap of Faith. Dorado follows up with a shooting star press. Swann moves out of its trajectory. Swann Finlay rolls Dorado and then moonsaults onto him. Swann hits the standing 450 splash for the pin and the title at 6:26. While this wasn’t indicative of everything these guys could do, it was a fun fast-paced match to warm up the crowd. **3/4

Afterwards, Swann mentions that this belt is his first every championship. He says he will accept any challenge for the title. Backstage, Skull and Nick Diaz both tell Swann that they deserve the first crack at his title. Swann tells him to take it up with the commissioner.

Derek Frazier makes his way out to the ring and puts over the previous bout. Frazier talks about all the injuries he’s had in his career and all the places he’s wrestled, seemingly gearing up for a retirement announcement. From behind, Notorious Inc. runs out. Before they can attack, Frazier slides out of the ring. Frazier says tonight they will face him and a special opponent.

The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) vs. The Entourage (Joey Kings & Ethan Page) vs. The Violence Party (JT Roberts & Core) vs. Skull & Steve Diaz

Amasis tricks Diaz into doing a little dancing. Frustrated, Diaz tags out to Core. Amasis evades a series of his attacks and blasts him with a right hand. Roberts and Ophidian tag in. Ophidian rolls into a headscissors takedown. Ophidian headstands into another headscissors. The Portal give Roberts the Slave Initiation. Amasis drops him with a spinbuster and Page breaks the pin. Ophidian throws Roberts to the floor and flys out with a tope. In the ring, Core slams Skull on his stomach. The Violence Party beat down Skull in their corner. Kings tries to cut off Skull from making a tag when he escapes. Diaz tags in. Amasis tags in as well and gets in a flurry of offense. Amasis drops him with a Death Valley Driver. Ophidian drops double knees and Amasis splashes him for two. Roberts cuts off Amasis from making a dive. He, Core, and the Entourage all take turns beating down Amasis. Amasis nails Core with an enzuigiri and rolls to the floor. Ophidian flies in with double knees. He spinwheel kicks Page twice and give him a running yakuza kick for two. The Portal drop Page with Mummification. Diaz and Skull break the pin. Roberts superkicks Ophidian and Core boots Skull. Core blasts Diaz with running knees and a double lariat with Roberts. The Entourage and Violence Party trade blows. Kings spins Roberts into an ace crusher from Page. Ophidian crossbody’s The Entourage. They counter with a slam. The Portal hit stereo dives onto The Entourage and Violence Party. Skull and Diaz argue over who will dive onto everyone. Skull lays out Diaz and bails. This allows The Portal to hit the Osirian Sacrament on him for the pin at 11:17. The Lucha rules played to the Portal’s strength allowing them to be more crafty in this match. I really liked what I saw out of most teams, as they put on yet another action packed bout. ***

JAPW Women’s Championship
Sara Del Rey (Champion) vs. Sumie Sakai

Sara catches a boot from Sakai and throws her back. She throws Sakai in a fallaway slam. Sakai bails to the floor where Sara gives chase. In the ring, Sara catches a dropkick and Giant Swings Sakai. Sakai again goes to the floor. She cautiously reenters the ring and asks for a test of strength. Sara wins the test with ease, but Sakai stomps Sara to the mat and stomps on her hands. Sakai brings Sara down into an armbar. Sakai transitions into a grapevine stretch. Sakai brings Sara up into an armbar. Sara kicks Sakai off and then boots her down. Sara slams Sakai for two. Sakai drop toe holds Sara into the corner. She straightjacket chokes Sara in the corner. Sakai releases and connects with a top rope dropkick. Sakai brings a chair into the ring. On her way in the ring, she accidentally kicks the rope into the referee’s balls. Sakai rams the chair into Sara’s hands. Sara stomps the chair onto Sakai’s hand. Sakai sunset flips Sara as she’s distracted for two. Sara comes back with a Koppu Kick and a kick to the head for the pin at 6:07. Two shows in a row, Sara looks incredibly dominant. I’d like for someone to tell me what they see in Sakai, because she has not improved in the slightest in six years. At least the right woman won here. **

Jerry Lynn & Derek Frazier vs. Notorious Inc. (Devon Moore & Drew Blood)

Moore makes the stipulation (which Frazier accepts) that if Moore and Blood win, they get an RCW Tag Team title shot at any time. Moore takes control on Frazier’s arm. Frazier reverses and tags in Lynn. Frazier drop toe holds Moore into a legdrop from Lynn for two. Lynn does some damage to Moore’s left arm. Frazier also does some work on Moore’s arm. Moore rakes Frazier’s eyes and tags in Blood. Frazier gives him a few punches. He snapmares Blood into a legdrop. Lynn and Frazier knock him down with double elbows and drop tandem elbows for two. Blood tags in Moore who gets taken over with an armdrag. Lynn drops a few elbows on Moore’s arm and tags in Frazier. Moore again rakes Frazier’s eyes (and his back). Blood tags in. Lynn blocks Frazier being whipped into the corner. Frazier suplexes Blood for two. Moore attempts to block Blood from being whipped into the corner, but Frazier kicks him into a crotched position on the top rope. Moore chokes Lyn on the floor as Blood distracts the referee. Notorious Inc. isolate Lynn in their corner until Lynn dropkicks Blood away and rolls away from Moore to tag in Frazier. Frazier takes out both Blood and Moore with kicks. He drops Moore with a rolling STO for two. He and Lynn backdrop both members of Notorious Inc. They poke them in the eyes and rake their backs. The referee gets tied up with Jerry Lynn, allowing Moore to kick Frazier in the nuts. He rolls up Frazier and holds his tights for the pin at 9:58. This moved along the issue of Frazier against Notorious Inc., leaving me interested in what the next chapter of the story is. Lynn has delivered in both his outings in RCW, showing that he still has what it takes to put on a good match when motivated. **3/4

Backstage, Moore reminds Frazier that they have a tag title shot whenever they want. Blood says the fact that they can cash in their title shot at any time is a scary spot and put out a warning to whomever wins tonight tag title match.

Shiima Xion vs. Azrieal

Afte rsome back and forth, Xion rolls up Azrieal for two. Azrieal takes him over in a side headlock. Xion transitions into a headscissors. Azrieal flips out and the two men reach a stalemate. Azrieal slams Xion for two. Xion leapfrogs over Azrieal before sending him to the floor with a huracanrana. Xion dives out with a dropkick into the guardrail. Azrieal sets up Xion in a chair. Xion boots Azrieal as Azrieal runs towards him. In the ring Xion catches Azrieal with a crossbody for two. He gives Azrieal shotgun knees across the middle rope. Azrieal sends Xion to the floor and dives out with a tope con hilo. Azrieal snapmares Xion and dropkicks him in the neck for two. Azrieal delivers a delayed suplex. He hits a slingshot senton for two. Azrieal blasts Xion with a running boot in the corner for another two count. Azrieal goes for a superplex. Xion shoves him down to the arena floor and crossbody’s onto him. In the ring, Azrieal hits a top rope dropkick for two. Xion hits a tornado DDT for two. Azrieal comes back with an ace crusher for two. Azrieal drops Xion face first out of an electric chair. Xion drops Azrieal with a crucifix bomb. He transitions into a crossface. Azrieal rolls it into a pin for two. Azrieal hits a bulldog and superkick for two. Azrieal drops Xion with a brainbuster and goes up top. He hits a frog splash for two. Azrieal goes back up top and hits a doublestomp to the back of Xion’s head for the pin at 11:50. Azrieal and Xion really had the fans buying every pinfall near the end and on the way had a heck of a bout. This picked up the crowd right after the intermission and set up Azrieal as player in RCW while also showcasing Xion’s talent. ***1/4

Pinkie Sanchez vs. Greg Excellent vs. Rhett Titus

All three guys dance before the bell. That ends when Titus attacks Sanchez from behind. He then attacks Excellent from behind after a little more dancing. Excellent do-si-do’s Sanchez so that he can dropkick Titus. Titus goes to the floor after Excellent and Sanchez trip him. Sanchez tries a sunset flip and huts his back. Titus reenters, only to be double hip tossed by Excellent and Sanchez. Titus trips as Excellent when he hits the ropes. As Excellent is bent over, Sanchez runs up his back and dives onto Titus. Sanchez catches Excellent with a flying hip attack. Excellent splashes Sanchez. Titus pitches Excellent to the floor and gives Sanchez a Bronco Buster for two. Titus hits a picture perfect dropkick for two. Titus drops Excellent face first as Excellent tries to climb to the top rope. Titus yakuza kicks Sanchez and delivers a bulldog for two. Sanchez gives Titus a chinbreaker. A crossbody gets him two. Titus tries to make nice with Excellent. Excellent refuses and suplexes him for two. Excellent and Sanchez trade forearm strikes. They take Titus down in the corner. Titus gets Sanchez with the Super Sex-Factor. Excellent breaks the pin attempt. Excellent nails Titus with a clothesline. Excellent suplexes Sanchez into Titus in the corner. Excellent gives them both a cannonball senton. He drops Sanchez with the Tiger Driver ‘98 for the pin at 8:58. The goofy stuff was dealt with at the beginning so the rest of the match could be used for these guys to display their wrestling acumen. They did a good job of establishing their characters and keeping things entertaining for the entirety of the bout. **1/2

RCW Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (Champions) vs. BLK Out (Ruckus & Sabian)

Chrissy Rivera is in BLK Out’s corner. Sabian and Mark trade holds on the mat. They trade armdrags and reach a stalemate. Ruckus and Jay tag in. Jay escapes a headscissors and clothesline Ruckus in the back of his neck. Ruckus pitches Jay to the floor. Mark checks on him. Ruckus slignshots into their arms, and Sabian dropkicks Ruckus into them. Sabian pescado’s onto the Briscoes. As BLK Out is doing damage to Jay, BLK Out manager Robbie Mireno comes out. BLK Out does not look happy that he is around. Ruckus gives Jay Razzle Dazzle. Jay catches him with a spinebuster. Mark tags in and suplexes Ruckus for two. The Briscoes double shoulder tackle Ruckus. The Briscoes wear down Ruckus some more. Ruckus escapes their grasp by turning a double biel into a double bulldog. He tags in Sabian who hits a top rope dropkick onto both Jay and Mark. Jay accidentally punches Mark. Ruckus sends Jay to the floor with a huracanrana. Sabian springboards into a DDT on Mark for two. Sabian drops Jay with an STO. Mark gives Ruckus a spinwheel kick. Ruckus gives Mark the After Burner and Jay superkicks Ruckus. The referee counts with all four men on the mat. Ruckus whips Jay into the guardrail and saves Sabian from being pinned by Mark. Sabian frogsplashes Mark for two. Notorious Inc. run out to attack both teams, ending the match in a double DQ at 11:58. This was a very solid tag match throughout, even if both teams isolating one of their opponents was a bit unnecessary. The match didn’t go too long so the interference wasn’t quite irksome. If nothing else, the interference added intrigue to what’s to come in the future with Notorious Inc. ***

Moore and Blood get beaten by both teams and hit the floor. Moore says he purposely screwed BLK Out because they’re the rightful challengers for the belt. Moore tells The Briscoes that they will see them real soon. Backstage, Robbie Mireno says he came back to Baltimore to get a BLK Out pendant from Rivera (he holds it up to the camera, as he grabbed it during the match. He believes the BLK Out disrespected him by ditching him and coming to Baltimore without him in tow. Mireno says he will make sure BLK Out will not be lead to gold in RCW.

RCW Championship
B-Boy (Champion) vs. Ryan McBride

There’s controversy here as McBride is a champion in another Maryland promotion. After trading holds, McBride throws a forearm. B-Boy throws a much harder one which sends McBride to the floor. McBride comes back in and grabs B-Boy’s leg on the mat. B-Boy chops McBride on the ropes. McBride mows him down with a clothesline for two. McBride snapmares B-Boy and delivers a low dropkick for two. McBride hits another dropkick for two. B-Boy crotches McBride on the middle rope. B-Boy doublestomps McBride on the back of his neck as he’s still hanging in the ropes. B-Boy kicks McBride in the spine for two. B-Boy hits an exploder suplex for two. B-Boy lights up McBride with chops in the corner. McBride gives B-Boy a chinbreaker to escape a headlock. On their knees, B-Boy and McBride exchange strikes. B-Boy connects with an enzuigiri. B-Boy and McBride knock each other down with stereo clotheslines. Once they recover, more strikes and thrown. McBride sends B-Boy to the floor with a leg lariat. McBride hits a tope con hilo. In the ring, B-Boy hits an ace crusher for two. McBride ducks a shining wizard and dropkicks B-Boy to the corner. He slides to the floor with a running clothesline to a seated B-Boy. A springboard moonsault gets him two. B-Boy fires up as McBride lays in forearms. B-Boy gives him a dropkick to the face and a Tiger Driver for two. McBride enzugiri’s B-Boy on the top rope. McBride drops him with a super Death Valley Driver for two. Tired, McBride manages to hit a handspring moonsault for two. On the floor, B-Boy powerbombs McBride on the ring apron. In the ring, McBride and B-Boy reverse pin attempts on the mat. McBride applies a cloverleaf. B-Boy struggles, but successfully grabs the bottom rope. McBride goes up top for a 450 splash. B-Boy moves and blasts McBride with a shining wizard for two. McBride victory rolls B-Boy for two. B-Boy rolls McBride into a sleeper hold with a body scissors. McBride taps out at 17:35. I give these guys a lot of credit; they ended this show was an exciting, dramatic match where the fans fell for nearly every fall. It’s rare you get that these days, but the audience was familiar with McBride (a Maryland wrestling mainstay) and the champion B-Boy. Even after hitting all their big holds, it took B-Boy choking McBride out to retain his title. This was a tremendous main event that really rose the stock of the RCW championship. ***3/4

McBride gives B-Boy props and a hug to end the show.

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