Bryan Danielson’s Final Countdown Tour

Bryan Danielson vs. Brian Kendrick
PWG – “Speed of Sound” – Reseda, CA – 8.28.2009

The battle of the Texas Wrestling Academy students begins with a smile and a handshake. Both men cautiously circle each other before locking up. They leverage for position on the mat with Danielson going for the Cattle Mutilation early. Kendrick slides out of the ring quickly to avoid it. Kendrick and Danielson lock fingers and Kendrick twists Danielson’s arm. Kendrick knees Danielson’s arm on the mat and applies an armbar. Danielson brings them to their feet, and Kendrick escapes to the floor again. Kendrick comes back in and threatens a kick to Danielson. Kendrick goes back to the corner so Danielson can’t attack. They lock up, and after criss-crossing against the ropes, Danielson dropkicks Kendrick down. Danielson stretches out Danielson’s arm and shoulder. Kendrick punches Danielson then kicks him in the side of the head. Kendrick tosses Danielson out to the floor. Danielson comes out and stomps on Danielson’s head before ramming it into the ring apron. Kendrick tosses Danielson face first into the ring post. Danielson comes back in and Danielson stomps on his head, and dropkicks Danielson in the back of his neck. Kendrick applies a rear-naked choke. Danielson gets up and Kendrick throws Danielson into the corner. Kendrick kicks Danielson in the back and chest, and then again in the side of the head. Kendrick only gets a two count. Kendrick stretches Danielson in a front chancery. Danielson pushes Kendrick to the corner, but Kendrick switches positions and rams his shoulder into Danielson’s stomach. Kendrick comes out of the other corner with a kick. Danielson catches his foot, pushes him off, and runs out of the corner with a flying kick to Kendrick’s chest. Danielson comes in with a slight-delayed dropkick to Kendrick in the corner. Kendrick throws Danielson to the corner, and Danielson backflips out. Kendrick catches Danielson with a leg lariat and then a jumping Enzugiri! Kendrick sets up for Sliced Bread #2, but Danielson pushes Kendrick to the floor. Danielson hits the ropes and baseball slides Kendrick into the crowd. Danielson springboards off the rope onto Kendrick. Back in the ring, Danielson comes in with a dropkick to Kendrick. Danielson runs at Kendrick, and Kendrick sends Danielson to the corner with a drop toe hold. Kendrick attempts Sliced Bread #2 again but gets crotched by Danielson. Danielson backdrops Kendrick off the top rope and pins him for two. Danielson rolls Kendrick over looking for Cattle Mutilation. Kendrick resists so Danielson’s rolls him into the elbow shots to the side of the head. Kendrick and Danielson roll around into various pinfall attempts, ending with Danielson locking in the Cattle Mutilation. Kendrick gets his foot on the ropes to escape. Danielson grabs Kendrick’s leg, and Kendrick kicks Danielson in the groin with the referee not looking. Kendrick small packages Danielson for the three count! This was a great match, with Kendrick certainly looking good in his PWG return. Danielson starts off his Final Countdown Tour on a good note with and old friend. The finish could’ve been a bit better, but the fans were cheering Kendrick at the beginning, but not at the end, so it did what it was supposed to do. ***1/2

PWG World Championship
Chris Hero vs. Bryan Danielson

PWG – “Guerre Sans Frontieres” – Reseda, CA – 9.4.2009

Danielson and Hero shake hands to start. Hero locks the hand of Danielson and takes him down. Danielson tries to roll up but Hero keeps him down and hyper extends his arm. Hero knocks down Danielson with a shoulder tackle as Danielson sends him to the ropes. Danielson locks fingers with Hero, and Hero drops him down into a front chancery. Danielson turns into a wrist lock and snaps Hero’s arm over his (Danielson’s) shoulder a few times. Chris Hero steps over and gets a wrist lock on. Danielson breaks and dropkicks Hero to the corner. They lock knuckles, and Hero gets a cravate after a couple pin attempts. Danielson escapes. Both men vie for position on the mat. After trading submission attempts, Hero punches Danielson in the ear. Back on their feet, Danielson punches Hero in the ear. Hero rolls to the floor. Danielson works over Hero’s left arm back in the ring. Hero kicks Danielson’s arm to get him away. Danielson and Hero roll around till Danielson gets Hero’s legs. Hero steps up and grabs a side headlock. Danielson pushes him to the ropes, and Hero hits a shoulder tackle. Hero gets a pin for two and gets a butterfly lock applies. Hero twists Danielson, stretching out his back and right arm. Danielson twists out into a leg lock on Hero, where he stretches back to hyperextend Hero’s leg. Hero rolls over and grabs the rope to escape. In the corner, Hero hits a few hard elbows and punches to Danielson’s noggin. Hero throws some more hard shots at Danielson, but Danielson refuses to go down. Danielson finally flops after a hard elbow to the side of the head. Hero hits a pair of single leg seated dropkicks and a senton. Danielson aggressively lands forearms to Hero. Danielson hits the ropes, but Hero criss-crosses and blasts Dnaielson with a single kick to the face. Hero hits Danielson with a couple more elbows for two. Hero lands a corkscrew senton, and then a handstand into a corkscrew senton for two. Hero lands a few more hard elbows before pinning Danielson for two. Danielson fires up, with Hero’s strikes showing no effect. Hero knees Danielson in he face, and Danielson comes back with a kicks straight to Hero’s chest. Danielson catches Hero in the stomach with a knee and then punches Hero in the ear once more! Danielson locks Hero’s knees and then stomps down on them. Danielson kicks Hero square in the chest before pinning him for two. Danielson kicks Hero in the chest in the corner and sends Hero to the corner. Danielson roars in with a forearm and a suplex. Danielson goes up top and flies off with a headbutt to Hero’s heart. Danielson locks Hero’s arm looking for the Cattle Mutilation. Hero backs Danielson to the corner and smashes him with a back elbow to the side of the head. Danielson runs up the ropes and backflips off. He ducks an elbow and blasts Hero with a flying elbow. Hero is sent to the floor, Danielson teases a dive and Hero moves. Danielson flies off the apron in the side of the head with a flying knee. Danielson comes off the top, and Hero catches him in a pin for two. Hero lands a suplex-style neckbreaker for two again. Danielson clocks Hero as he goes to the second rope. Danielson hurricanarana’s Hero off the top, and Hero rolls through for a pin. Danielson locks in the triangle choke! Danielson punches Hero in the face. Hero gets his foot on the ropes to break. Hero rests in the corner, and when Danielson pounces, Hero sends Danielson to the apron and cracks him with a hard elbow. Hero goes for a back elbow out of the ring, and Danielson slides in. Danielson baseball slides Hero to the crowd and follows with a dive off the top. Hero picks up a chair and Danielson collides with it as he comes down. Danielson rolls back in the ring just in time with a gash above his eye. Hero hangs Danielson in a tree of woe and stomps away. Hero comes in with a diving elbow to Danielson’s face. Hero lands more elbows in the corner, then a ripchord elbow when Danielson comes out of the corner, only getting a two! Hero comes at Danielson with an onslaught of various elbows, and Danielson refuses to stay down. Hero lands a running Liger Bomb and only gets two. Danielson turns the Hangmen’s elbow attempt into a backslide. Hero lands another hard elbow for two, and turns over into the Hangmen’s Clutch! Hero goes up top once Danielson escapes. Danielson follows and hits a back superplex. Danielson and Hero both get up and exchange blows. Danielson gets a suplex into the Cattle Mutilation. Hero fights out and Danielson lays in the elbows to Hero’s head. All that only gets Danielson a two count. Danielson stands over Hero’s body and slaps him. Danielson bullies Hero as he gets to his feet, and Hero gets the Cravate suplex for two. Hero hits an elbow, and Danielson comes back with a roll-up for two and a rolling elbow of his own for two. Danielson comes off the top rope with a dropkick to Hero. Danielson kicks away at Hero’s chest. Hero catches his foot and nails a rolling elbow. Hero connects with the Hangmen’s elbow, and Danielson kicks out! Hero slaps Danielson on the mat much like Danielson did to him. Hero rocks Danielson with an elbow, and Danielson gives Hero the middle finger. Danielson and Hero trade kicks and strikes with neither man leaving their feet. Hero lands a backdrop driver, and Danielson feels no effect! Danielson lands a backdrop driver of his own! Hero gets up and eats the running knee to the chest from Danielson. Danielson grabs Hero’s arms and stomps Hero’s head in. Danielson locks in the Triangle choke. Hero picks up Danielson and powerbombs him, but Danielson keeps the choke applied! Danielson turns over into a crossface chickenwing variation, and Hero has no choice but to tap out! Bryan Danielson wins the PWG World Championship is his final match for the company! A shocking, yet very cool ending, with the fans going hog wild. Hero and Danielson worked their asses off for 42 minutes of great wrestling that the fans ate up. Both guys should be commended for this match, and Danielson got the star treatment on his way out. Hero comes out looking strong, even in a loss, and now has the story of reclaiming the belt to keep him fresh. This was fantastic. ****1/4

Bryan Danielson vs. Silas Young
AAW – “Us vs. Them” – Berwyn, IL – 9.5.2009

THE BATTLE OF THE THEME SONGS: Final Countdown vs. Don’t Stop Believin’. The fans loved both, as did I. Both men shake hands and lock up. Silas powers Bryan to the corner. They break amicably. Bryan goes into a full nelson then twists into a hammer lock. Silas cartwheel s out in an arm twist. Silas brings Bryan down with a top wrist lock. Bryan twists out and dropkicks Silas away. Silas and Byran lock hands for a test of strength. Silas takes Bryan down to both knees, but Bryan matches power. Bryan rolls back to get the advantage and the leverage. They twist back to back and Silas backslides Bryan for two. Bryan applies a side headlock. Silas pushes Bryan to the ropes, and Bryan takes down Silas with a shoulder block. They lock up and Bryan again puts on a headlock. Bryan gets pushed to the ropes and again knocks down Silas with a shoulder block. Bryan takes Silas over to the mat with a side headlock. Bryan wrenches on the headlock. Silas stands up and again sends Bryan to the ropes. Bryan knocks him down, but then Silas hits an armdrag, hip toss, and dropkick to send Bryan to the floor. Bryan gets back in and the two circle. They lock up and Silas gets a side headlock. Bryan pushes Silas off the ropes, scoops the leg, and covers for two. Bryan reverses a side headlock into a headscissors on the mat. Silas tries to escape but can’t. Danielson digs his elbow into Silas’ side. Danielson rolls up with the headscissors to apply more pressure. Silas rolls Bryan on his stomach and rolls up into a single-leg Crab. Danileson turns over and slaps his legs to send Silas into the corner. Both men shake hands. They lock up and Silas takes down Danielson with a side headlock. Danielson rolls into a pin for two. On their feet, Silas twists the wrist and applies an arm lock on Bryan. Back to their feet, Bryan sends Silas off the ropes. Bryan catches the boot and flips Silas so he drapes across the top rope. Bryan kicks Silas, sending Silas to the floor. Bryan lands a baseball slide to the floor, and tosses Silas into the guardrail. Bryan lands some hard kicks to the chest before sending Silas back first into the steel guardrail again. Danielson lands some more kicks. Silas comes back with a chop, but Bryan lands an uppercut. Bryan throws Silas back into the ring. Bryan picks Silas’ leg and turns him over. Bryan looks for the surfboard, but instead fishhooks Silas’ face instead of grabbing the arms. Bryan then grabs the arms and leans back into the surfboard. Danielson wrenches Silas’ face back and applies a Dragon Sleeper. Silas fights out by hitting Danielson in the head. Danielson and Silas trade shots in the middle of the ring. Danielson takes out Silas with a hard uppercut and pins for two. Silas kicks out, and Danielson grabs Silas’ leg and folds forward. Silas grabs the rope to break the submission. Danielson hits some more kicks to Silas in the corner going faster and faster with them. Silas falls and Bryan pins him for two. Danielson lands a sliding dropkick to a seated Silas in the corner. Bryan pulls up Silas, and Silas flips up to his legs. Bryan lands a flurry of uppercuts. Silas tries a backslide, but Bryan flips over. Silas catches Bryan with a powerslam. Both men lay on the mat looking to gather their bearings. Silas and Bryan trade forearms on their feet. Silas hits the ropes, ducks the clothesline, and lands an Enzugiri, and springboard into a headbutt. Silas goes to the apron. He flips over Bryan, runs up the ropes, and comes back with a kick to the face of Bryan for a two count. Silas knees Bryan in the gut. Bryan goes behind Silas, escaping the Finlay Roll. Silas gets the O’Connor Roll and Bryan kicks out. Silas rolls over into a Dragon Sleeper variation. Silas pounds on Bryan’s face with his elbows. Silas covers Bryan for two. Silas tosses Bryan to the corner. Bryan pops out, goes underneath Silas, and lands a chin breaker. Silas grabs Bryan’s leg, and Bryan hits an Enzugiri. Bryan heads up top and hits the seated dropkick off the top to the neck of Silas’ neck. Bryan hits a bridging German suplex for the two. Bryan locks on the Cattle Mutilation! Silas comes up and rams Bryan back first in the corner, and then elbows him in the face. Silas whips Bryan across, and Bryan runs up the ropes over Silas. Silas catches Bryan with a twist into a back breaker and then a lariat. Silas locks on a Full Nelson stretch. Bryan gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Silas tries a suplex, but Bryan knees him in the head. Another exchange of shots from both men. Silas picks up Bryan and drives him down with a brain buster, Bryan turns into a triangle choke. Silas picks up Bryan and powerbombs Bryan in the corner. Silas takes out Bryan with a big clothesline. Silas pins Bryan for two. Silas hits the Finlay Roll into the Zero Gravity. Danielson gets the knees up, and hits his running kick to Silas. Danielson traps Silas’ head on his knee and lays in the elbows. Danielson turns into the Cattle Mutilation. Silas looks for the rope and gets it. Danielson locks Silas and tries a German. Silas flips out, and Danielson rolls through a hurricanrana. Both men trade pin attempts with Silas barrel-rolling Danielson after a sunset flip. Bryan kicks out still. Bryan and Silas land hard shots in the middle of the ring. Danielson small packages Silas and gets the win! Great match for Danielson to give AAW and the fans before heading out. I’m glad Danielson got to use the small package for the win one last time before heading out. A fine match-up, and of course, Danielson will be missed. Silas looked great as well, and he is definitely one of the top guys in the company and on the Midwest scene. ****

Bryan Danielson vs. Naruki Doi
Dragon Gate USA – “Open the Untouchable Gate” – Chicago, IL – 9.6.200

Danielson and Doi shake hands. They lock up and exchange wrist locks. Naruki takes down Danielson by his leg. Naruki kicks away, but Danielson works up and armdrags Doi. On their feet, both men stand facing one another. They lock up with Danielson taking Doi over in a headlock. Doi takes Danielson down with one of his own. Danielson wraps his legs around Doi’s head. Doi rolls to his knees and pops his head out and applies a side headlock. Danielson reapplies the legs around the head, but Doi pops out, and both men get back to their feet. Doi and Danielson lock fingers. Doi kicks Danielson and slaps him in the chest. Both men exchange slaps and uppercuts. Doi gets sent off the ropes and shoulder tackles Danielson. Danielson knees Doi in the head. Doi evades Danielson’s attack and dropkicks Danielson’s left leg out from under him. Doi grabs the left leg and kicks the inside of it. Doi works over the knee of Danielson by stretching it back as Doi sits on it. Danielson grabs the bottom rope to break. Doi grabs Danielson’s leg, trips him, and cranks Danielson’s ankle. Doi picks up Danielson and in the corner wraps Danielson’s knee around the second rope. Doi elbows Danielson in the face, hits the ropes, and dropkicks Danielson’s leg still draped in the ropes. Doi tries again, but Danielson escapes. Danielson thrusts Doi’s arm across his shoulder trying to hyper-extend it. Danielson throws Doi shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Danielson then throws Doi into the opposite corner, shoulder first once again. Danielson steps on Doi’s arm and torque’s his arm on the mat. Danielson steps on Doi’s arm and brings into to the mat. Danielson continues to work on the shoulder and elbow. After a lengthy working over, Danielson converts a Tiger Driver into a cross arm breaker! Doi gets his foot on the bottom rope to escape the hold. Doi gets back to his feet and Danielson kicks at his shoulders. Doi locks Danielson in the ropes and hits a double dropkick. Danielson drapes on the second rope, and Doi comes off the top with a somersault senton! Danielson sends Doi to the ropes. Doi catches the ropes, hotshots Danielson on the ropes, and hits a belly-to-back suplex for two. Doi tosses Danielson in the corner. Danielson goes through Doi’s legs, hits a chin breaker, and kicks Doi in the corner. Danielson lands a running forearm and heads up top. Danielson comes off with a dropkick to Doi’s chest.Danielson kips up and lands a running kick to Doi’s chest for two. Both men exchange forearms in the ring in the middle of the ring. Doi takes down Danielson with a hard back elbow for two. Doi looks for Doi 555, but Danielson blocks and applies an ankle lock. Doi gets the ropes and Danielson tends to his own ankle. Danielson grabs Doi’s leg, but Doi kicks Danielson in the face. Doi dragon screws Bryan to the mat and applies a figure four leg lock. Danielson gets the ropes. Danielson kicks Doi away twice, and both men exchange a variety of pinfall attempts. Danielson comes out of the corner with a running knee strike. Some more pin attempts until Bryan applies the Cattle Mutilation! Doi gets his foot on the middle rope. On their feet, Danielson and Doi once again trade forearms. Doi slaps Danielson a few times and hits the ropes. Danielson rocks him with a rolling elbow. Doi hits the ropes, and Danielson blocks to Bakatare Sliding Kick and turns it into an ankle lock. Danielson picks up Doi in a German suplex! Danielson goes back to the ankle lock and grapevines it. Doi rolls Danielson into the corner and hits Doi Bosou and the Doi 555 for two. Doi wheelbarrows Danielson up and Tiger Suplexes Danielson for two. Doi goes up top. Danielson goes up with him. Doi knocks him off twice before Danielson finally gets up. Danielson comes off with a super belly to back suplex. Doi kicks out so Danielson again applies the Cattle Mutilation. Doi turns over but it’s a position where Danielson traps Doi’s head and lays in the elbows to the side of Doi’s head! Danielson pins Doi for two. Doi gets to his feet, and Danielson lays in kicks to the chest. Doi fights back with some overhand chops to Danielson. Doi hits the ropes and Danielon hits a rolling elbow. Danielson lays in some strikes and takes down Doi with a running kick to the chest. Danielson heads up top and Doi follows. Danielson lays in the elbows up top, but Doi puts Danielson on his sholders. Doi hits the Doi 555 on the top rope and only gets two! Doi slaps Danielson before hitting the Bakatare Sliding Kick. Danielson kicks out of that. Doi pulls out the big guns and drops Danielson with the Muscular Bomb for the three. An incredible match between two damn fine wrestlers. Some selling was spotty at times, but that’s a very small complaint to an otherwise astounding match-up. This match helps define DGUSA as the premium U.S. wrestling brand it wished to established, and made Doi come off as a bigger star. ****1/4

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) (Champions) vs. Bryan Danielson & Roderick Strong

“ROH on HDNet Episode 33” – Philadelphia, PA – 9.10.2009

Danielson and Richards start off. Just like in the match where Danielson teamed with Tyler Black, Richards hits the floor in frustration when Danielson gets the best of him. When he comes back in they reach a stalemate. Richards shoves him. Danielson throws a kick which Richards backs away from. Richards and Strong tag in. Strong goes for some quick pin attempts. Edwards kicks him in the stomach. Strong comes back with a leg lariat for one. Danielson and Strong double suplex him. Danielson goes for a boot on Edwards in the corner. Richards catches him with an enzuigiri instead. Edwards elbows Strong off the apron. He then comes off the second rope with a Code Breaker to Danielson while Richards tornado DDT’s Strong on the floor. Edwards does some damage to Danielson on the floor before bringing him back in the ring. Danielson gets beaten down as Strong recovers. Danielson stops Richards’ Damage Reflex by dropkicking him in the back of the head. Strong comes in a house of fire. He immediately knocks Edwards off the apron before attacking Richards in the corner. He nails a beautiful dropkick. He slams Edwards, then Richards onto Edwards for two. He also gets two with a half-nelson backbreaker. Strong gets sandwiched by the Wolves in the corner. Richards gives him a missile dropkick for two. Edwards goes for the Achilles Lock. Danielson instead brings him down in the Cattle Mutilation. Before he can put that on, Richards grabs his leg and puts on a Cloverleaf. Edwards puts Strong in the Achilles Lock simultaneously. They both get the ropes. Strong and Danielson each attack Edwards in the corner. They hit the Hart Attack. When Edwards kicks out, Strong locks on the Stronghold. Danielson puts Richards in a sleeper to stop him from making the save. Strong turns Edwards into a cradle for two. Richards fights off Danielson. Edwards pops him up for the Alarm Clock. A series of moves renders all four men down on the mat. Richards Cactus clotheslines Danielson to the floor. Edwards gives Strong the Chin Checker for two. The Wolves set up Strong for a Doomsday maneuver. Danielson shoves Richards to the floor, missile dropkicks Edwards, then suicide dives onto Richards. Strong gets two on Edwards with a Backbreaker. He then gives him the Death by Roderick and a Sick Kick. Edwards gets his foot on the ropes to stop Strong’s pin. Richards distracts the referee with a title belt. While he’s disposing of it, Richards low blows Strong. The Wolves hit him with a powerbomb/back cracker combo, but Strong kicks out. Edwards applies the Achilles Lock and Strong taps at 16:39. To me this match was all about the Wolves and Danielson putting them over strong before heading to greener pastures. Strong was a pretty big focal point too, and even though the finish was kind of annoying, I thought they did a great job building up three guys who would be future World champions while Danielson also got to get in some of his traditional offense. ***3/4

Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong
ROH – “ROH on HDNet” – Philadelphia, PA – 9.11.2009

Strong grabs a waist lock. Danielson wrenches on his arm and flips Strong to the mat. Strong goes for the Stronghold and Danielson kicks Strong away by the chin. A knuckle lock leads to Strong dropkicking Danielson. Strong gets a side headlock and brings Danielson over. Danielson shoots Strong to the ropes, and Strong knocks down Danielson. Strong sunset flips Danielson. Danielson kicks Strong in the chest. Danielson goes to Strong’s arm and contorts it. Danielson breaks out of a wristlock and goes back to Strong’s arm. Strong hip tosses Danielson, and Danielson holds on to Strong’s arm. Strong tries again and Danielson holds on. Strong lands a pair of backbreakers for two. Danielson gets up with Strong keeping Danielson in a waist lock. Strong chops Danielson in the corner. Strong boots Danielson and picks up Danielson in a Black Tornado stretch, then slams Danielson for two. Danielson lay’s in some forearms. He eats a leg lariat from Strong for two. Strong applies a full nelson with his legs. Danielson turns over into a surfboard variant for two. Strong chops Danielson which fires Danielson up. Danielson fights back with strikes to the face and knees Strong to the mat. Danielson kicks Strong in the back. Danielson kicks away at Strong’s chest in the corner. Danielson lands a running dropkick. Danielson backflips out of the corner. Strong hits a forearm, and Danielson comes in with a flying clothesline. Danielson looks for the Romero Special, and grabs Strong’s face. Danielson rolls back with one leg. He pins Strong for two. Danielson sends Strong to the corner. Strong hits a boot, an enzugiri, and a urinage backbreaker for two. Strong hits a pair of clotheslines in the corner, then a pump handle backbreaker for two. Danielson kicks Strong then forearms him. Danielson goes up top and comes off. Strong catches him in the Stronghold. Danielson twists into a prawn hold for two. Danielson turns a crucifix into a rana. Danielson locks on the Triangle Choke. Strong gets his foot on the rope. Danielson looks to dive onto Strong on the floor. Strong connects with a forearm to prevent it. Strong stands on the apron as Danielson dropkicks him into the guardrail. Danielson baseball slides Strong into the crowd. Danielson springboards onto Strong in the crowd. Danielson goes up top after throwing Strong back in. Danielson hits a missile dropkick a flying knee strike for two. Dnaielson gets a shoulder lock with his legs. Strong turns into the Stronghold. Danielson flips up, grabs Strong’s arms, and kicks his head into the mat. Danielson goes back to the Triangle choke. Strong picks up Danielson and powerbombs him. Danielson holds on, so Strong does it again. Danielson holds on still, so Strong powerbombs Danielson into a back breaker. Danielson and Strong engage in a chop battle. Strong ducks a forearm and hits a urinage backbreaker. Strong hits another backbreaker for two. Strong sets Danielson up top. Danielson escapes and brings Strong off the top to the mat with a superplex. Danielson locks in Cattle Mutilation. Strong picks up Danielson and lands a gut buster and the Gibson Driver for two. Strong puts Danielson up top. Danielson lays in the elbows to the side of the head. Strong jumps up with a kick to Danielson’s face. Strong hits a super gut buster. Strong follows with a running boot and gets the pin. Very good match, but if you followed their 2006 series, this was a step below those. Still, real good stuff that the crowd dug and appreciated. This was a nice way for Danielson to go out for the television crowd. ***3/4

CTWE Heavyweight Championship
Chris Battle vs. Bryan Danielson

CTWE – “Wrestling Extravaganza 2” – Southington, CT – 9.12.2009

They lock up and Danielson armdrags Battle to the corner. Danielson proclaims himself to be the best in the world because of it. They lock fingers and Battle takes Danielson to his knees. Danielson kicks a hand away and armdrags Battle to the corner once more. Another lock up leads to Danielson taking out Battle’s leg and applying the surfboard while clutching Battle’s nose. Danielson stomps Battle’s knees to the mat before releasing. Danielson grabs a headlock and Battle shoots Danielson off the ropes. Danielson knocks down Battle, hits the ropes, and Battle takes Danielson down with a hip toss and an armdrag. Battle gets a wristlock, which Danielson maneuvers out of into a wristlock lock of his own. Battle escapes and brings Danielson down to the mat while holding Danielson’s shoulders. Danielson gets to the ropes and claims to the referee that Battle pulled his hair (Battle did not). Danielson avoids a waist lock and stretches out Battle’s arms on the mat. Danielson works over the right wrist of Battle, and steps on his shoulder so it hyper-extends to the mat. Danielson applies a hammerlock which Battle turns around. Battle takes down Danielson with a hip toss for two. Battle goes to Danielson’s arm and takes him down. Danielson rolls into a headscissors pinning Battle for two. Battle brings Danielson up in a headlock and shoulder tackles him down. Battle takes over Danielson in a headlock once more. On their feet Danielson brings Battle to the corner to break the hold. Danielson lands an uppercut before kicking Battle in the chest multiple times. Battle floats over Danielson and snaps him to the mat with a headlock take over. Danielson shoots Battle off the ropes and Battle knocks Danielson down with a shoulder tackle. Battle hits the ropes, and Danielson gets up and tosses Battle to the floor. Danielson throws Battle into multiple sections of chairs. Danielson gets back in the ring and claims he’s the best in the world. Danielson goes back to the floor and he and Battle trade forearms. Danielson gets tossed into a section of chairs and Battle gets back in the ring. Danielson comes back in and blasts Battle with an uppercut. Danielson drops a knee on Battle and pins him for two. Danielson applies a side headlock and Battle fires up. He shoulders Danielson in the stomach so he releases. Danielson comes off the ropes and Battle catches him in a sleeper. Battle gets sent off the ropes and Danielson applies a sleeper. Battle suplexes Danielson to escape. Danielson fires up with forearms, but Battle comes off the ropes with a flying forearm. Battle slaps Danielson and gives him a sole butt. Battle comes off the ropes with a kick to the head for two. Battle gives Danielson a running palm strike, then a lariat for two. Danielson dragonscrews Battle then hits a basement Baisaku knee for two. Danielson locks in the Cattle Mutilation. Battle gets his foot on the ropes to escape, and Danielson reminds the referee that he has till five to break. Danielson kicks Battle in the chest while berating Battle for being the champion in CTWE. Danielson gives Battle some more forearms as Battle fires up. Battle catches Danielson in a suplex for two. Battle looks for the Niagra Driver on Danielson, and Danielson escapes. Battle victory rolls Danielson for two. Danielson kicks Battle in the spine and crucifix’s him for two. Battle backslides Danielson for two. Danielson and Battle trade small packages until Danielson pins Battle for the win and the title! Apparently Danielson’s CTWE contract said if he won the belt, he relinquished it to some other heel wrestler which caught Danielson off guard. If I followed CTWE more closely I’d understand. This was a decent match, and it was very nice to see Danielson play heel one last time. Danielson worked well, but I don’t see anything special in Chris Battle whatsoever. **1/4

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Team Uppercut (Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson)
CHIKARA – “Hiding in Plain Sight” – Nashua, NH – 9.13.2009

Claudio and Jigsaw start for their respective teams. They feel each other out looking for the advantage with a concentration on one another’s arms. Claudio kicks Jigsaw to the corner before tagging in Danielson. Danielson comes in and Jigsaw says because Quack wants to wrestle him, he’ll tag him in. He does and Quack and Bryan lock up. They too look for the advantage exchanging waist locks and wrist locks. Bryan dropkicks Quack who nips right up. Bryan and Quack lock fingers. Quack sweeps Bryan’s legs and applies a body scissors to his left leg. Bryan turns into around to a lock on Quack’s right arm. Bryan goes behind and takes down Quack by a single leg. Bryan and Quack roll on the mat exchanging submissions. Quack rolls up and delivers a one-legged dropkick to Bryan’s jaw. Both men circle and lock up. Quack applies a tight cravate. Bryan breaks it with a takeover and reapplies pressure to Quack’s arm. Quack sends Bryan to the mat working on Bryan’s triceps. Bryan slips through into a suplex. Bryan tags in Claudio, and Quack tags in Jigsaw. Claudio trips the leg and twists on Jigsaw’s leg. Jigsaw hurt his knee at Dragon Gate USA just a week ago. Claudio small packages Jigsaw and applies a front chancery. Bryan tags in and delivers a hard uppercut to Jigsaw. Jigsaw and Bryan trade shots, and Bryan brings the uppercuts. Bryan whips Jigsaw to the corner. Jigsaw leaps over Bryan and takes him down with a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. Bryan wrenches the arm before tagging Quack in. Quack springboards in with a double stomp to Bryan’s arm. Quack and Jigsaw hit some neat tandem offense on Bryan. Bryan goes to the floor, and Jigsaw dives through the ropes onto Bryan. Quack looks to dive and Claudio blocks. Claudio and Mike go back and forth with some sweet lucha and Quack monkey flips Claudio stomach first to the mat. Quack looks for the topé con heilo on Claudio, but Claudio catches him and powerbombs Quack back into the ring! Jigsaw looks to attack Jigsaw, but Bryan chop blocks Jigsaw’s bad knee! Team Uppercut isolates Jigsaw and concentrates on damaging his bad knee. Bryan roars with hard forearms to Jigsaw as he tries to escape a leg hold in a great moment. The creativity and mastery of holds Team Uppercut has is nothing short of greatness. Team Uppercut continue to dominate Jigsaw until he dodges both Claudio and Bryan. Jigsaw sends Claudio to the floor. Bryan applies a half-crab to Jigsaw and Quack runs in. Quack hits a hard palm strike on Bryan! Bryan stands fired up and he and Quack trade uppercuts and palm strikes! Jigsaw goes to the floor to make Quack officially legal. Quack boots Bryan as he comes to the corner and bulldogs him off the second rope. Quack back body drops Bryan and Bryan tolls to the floor. Quack takes down Claudio with a headscissors into a slam. Quack sunset flips Claudio for two. Jigsaw hops in with a step-up Enzugiri and Quack kicks Claudio in the face from the mat. Claudio breaks through a double clothesline and lands the Sweet Schwinn Music on Jigsaw. Claudio pops up Quack who hits a Dragonrana on Claudio for two when Bryan breaks it up. Bryan kicks on Quack’s back and turns a crucifix into the Cattle Mutilation! Jigsaw uses his one good wheel to break the count. Jigsaw hits the ropes but it popped up into a European Uppercut from Bryan! Quack is sent to the floor and Bryan applies the half-crab to Jigsaw’s bad leg. Quack and Claudio fight on the floor, and Claudio accidentally uppercuts the steel post. Quack comes in and he and Jigsaw hit stereo superkicks onto Bryan! Quack pins Bryan and he kicks out. Quack locks in the CHIKARA Special! Claudio comes in and uppercuts Quack to break the hold. Claudio airplane spins Quackenbush and spins out to slam Quackenbush on the mat. Claudio hits the ropes, Quack ducks the Sweet Schwinn Music, and Jigsaw low-bridges the top rope to send Claudio to the floor. Bryan goes up top after suplexing Quack. Jigsaw catches Bryan up top. Bryan fights Jigsaw up top. Jigsaw dives off the top with a hurricanrana to Claudio on the floor! Quack then palm strikes Bryan and goes up top as well. Bryan sends Quack to the mat and comes at him with a sunset flip. Quack rolls it forward to an Alligator Clutch to score the win in 21:47. That was an awesome match between four great wrestlers. Team Uppercut’s working over of Jigsaw’s leg was nothing short of wrestling mastery. This was a hell of match for Bryan to give the fans of CHIKARA before heading out, and I thank him for all his contributions. ****1/4

Bryan Danielson vs. Johnny Gargano
AIW – “Double-Edge Sword” – Sandusky, OH – 9.17..2009

Danielson takes Gargano down with a waist lock. Danielson drops out of a hammerlock. They luck knuckles for a test of strength. Johnny applies pressues to Danielson’s knuckles causing Danielson to drop to his knees. Danielson rolls through and brings Gargano to his knees. Gargano backslides Danielson for two. They lock up again and Gargano slams Danielson’s arm over his shoulder. Danielson rolls up and Gargano trips him back to the mat. Gargano gets whipped off the ropes and Gargano knocks Danielson down with a shoulder tackle. Gargano goes back to Danielson’s arm. Gargano gets a hammerlock on the mat. Danielson gets up and brings Gargano to the ropes to force him to break. They shake hands. The lock one hand. Gargano rolls through and applies pressure to Danielson’s shoulder. Danielson gets up and Gargano slams Danielson’s arm on his shoulder again. Danielson rolls through and suplexes Gargano over into an overhand wrist lock. Gargano rolls through, kicks Danielson’s arm away and goes right back to Danielson’s shoulder. Danielson throws Gargano off the ropes, and Gargano reverses a hip toss. Gargano applies an armbar. Danielson rolls into a chin lock. Gargano dragon screws Danielson’s arm. Danielson goes to shake his hand but throws Gargano to the floor. Danielson throws Gargano right into the barricade. Danielson drops Gargano onto the barricade after stomping on him. Danielson lays in an uppercut before tossing Gargano back in the ring. Danielson stomps on Gargano. Danielson locks Gargano’s legs. He does the Sexy Party dance before dropping down to apply more pressure. Danielson does it once more. Danielson grabs Gargano’s arm and rolls him into a pin for two. Danielson keeps the legs locked and grabs Gargano’s face. Gargano throws a few shots at Danielson, but Danielson grabs his face again and brings him to the corner. Danielson stomps on Gargano and chokes him on the ropes. Danielson hangs Gargano in the ropes and dropkicks him square in the back. Danielson suplexes Gargano for two. Danielson stretches Gargano out across his knee. Danielson grabs a chin lock. Gargano fights up and looks for a sunset flip. Danielson punches Gargano right in the face, and Danielson’s tights are now pulled down. Danielson delivers a series of uppercuts. Gargano whips Danielson in the corner and back body drops him. Gargano takes down Danielson with a clothesline and back elbow. Danielson throws Gargano to the floor. Gargano throws Danielson bare ass first to the barricade, then throws Danielson shoulder first to the barricade. Gargano tosses Danielson back into the ring and Danielson tries to call for a truce. Gargano reluctantly holds off as Danileson asks for a handshake. Gargano crushes Danielson’s hand by stomping in it, and then brings Danielson down with a bulldog. Gargano throws Danielson into the corner. Danielson then throws Gargano into the corner, following with an uppercut. Danielson accidentally crotches himself in the corner. Gargano brings him out with a facebuster for two. Gargano slams Danielson and goes up top. Danielson catches Gargano with a dropkick as he comes off the top. Danielson locks on the Cattle Mutilation. Gargano gets his feet on the rope to break it. Danielson man handles the referee in anger. Danielson delivers forearms to Gargano who is on the apron. Gargano slingshots back in the ring with a spear. They trade pinfall attempts on the mat. Gargano reverses a small package and pins Danielson! This may not have been technically sound, but it was fun. I love Danielson working as a heel on these smaller independent shows. It was nice seeing Danielson doing the Sexy Party dance again. Gargano is awesome and has bright future as well, but this match didn’t show us a fraction of what he can do. **1/2

Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Hero
Ring of Honor – “The Final Countdown Tour: Dayton” – Dayton, OH – 9.18.2009

Both men lock hands. Hero and Danielson look for the advantage on the mat. Back on their feet, they lock up with Danielson getting a side headlock. Hero pushes Danielson off the ropes. Danielson knocks down Hero with a shoulder, and Hero evades a kick by rolling out of the ring. Hero steps back in and locks up again. Hero goes to Danielson’s wrist and Danielson twists into a overhead wrist lock. Hero takes Danielson down to the mat with his shoulder, and Danielson applies a headscissors. Danielson turns into a hammerlock. Danielson pulls back on Hero’s other arm and bends the fingers back. Danielson snaps the arm back when the referee counts to four. Another lock up pleads to a break in the ropes. Hero chops Danielson and again goes back to Danielson’s wrist. Hero wrist locks Danielson while Danielson’s head is between Hero’s legs. Danielson drops to his knees, and Hero stomps on Danielson’s shoulder. Hero applies a front chancery while Danielson wraps his leg around Hero’s. Danielson works over Hero’s elbow before taking him over with a suplex. Danielson continues working over the shoulder, stomping on it and stretching it behind Hero’s back. Hero backs Danielson in the corner as Danielson tries a crossface chicken wing. Hero delivers an elbow strike to Danielson and a boot to Danielson’s face. Danielson blocks a rolling elbow and lands one of his own in Hero’s face. Danielson turns over Hero for a surfboard. Danielson grabs Hero’s face and then drives Hero’s knees into the mat. Danielson locks Hero’s legs and falls back to apply pressure. Hero bridges up, but Danielson rolls back and forearms Hero multiple times in the face. Hero gets whipped to the corner. Hero pops Danielson to the apron then elbows Danielson to the floor. Hero follows out and charges with a boot as Danielson lay against the guardrail. Hero pulls up the black floor mats, breaks the count, and nails Danielson with another elbow. Hero puts Danielson on the exposed floor and puts the mat back on top. Hero lands a senton on Danielson. Danielson makes it back to the ring in time, but is met with a sliding boot from Hero. Hero gets a two count. Hero hits another senton on Danielson and again only scores a two. Hero gets a stretch plum on Danielson. Danielson breaks free and Hero locks on the Cattle Mutilation. Danielson breaks free quickly and knee drops Hero. On their feet Danielson lays in some shots. Danielson hits the ropes, but Hero hits the other ropes and blasts Danielson with a boot to the face. Hero stomps on Danielson’s face after picking him up by the nose. Hero chops Danielson in the corner before laying in an elbow. Hero lays in some shots to Danielson, but they fire Danielson up! Danielson comes back with some shots before Hero knees him. Danielson backflips off the corner and lands a flying clothesline on Hero. Hero is sent to the outside. Danielson dropkicks Hero through the ropes to the guardrail. Danielson comes off the apron with a flying knee to Hero. Back in the ring, Danielson lands some strikes and kicks to Hero in the corner. Hero takes the opposite corner, Danielson lands the flying forearm, and takes Hero over with a suplex. Danielson goes up top and lands the diving headbutt to Hero’s shoulder. Danielson headbutts Hero, and Hero comes back with a rolling elbow. Hero hits a blockbuster from the second rope for a two count. Hero throws Danielson to the corner and comes in with an elbow. Hero then scores a hard elbow as he comes off the ropes, but again is only able to get two. Hero picks up Danielson but gets a knee strike from Danielson. Hero elbows Danielson sending him back to the floor. Hero throws Danielson into the steel barricade. Hero gets tossed to the barricade, but Hero jumps up on top of it. Danielson pushes Hero into the crowd anyways. Danielson springboards off the top rope into the crowd onto Hero. Back in the ring Danielson takes out Hero with a running knee strike for two. Danielson lays in the elbows to the side of Hero’s head. Danielson locks in the Cattle Mutiliation, and Hero gets his foot on the ropes to break it. Danielson kicks away at Hero’s chest. Danielson hits the ropes and Hero connects with an elbow. Hero hits the ropes and Danielson hits a jumping knee strike to Hero’s chest. Hero blasts Danielson with the rip-chord elbow in the back of his head, blocking Danielson’s attempt to kick his head in. Hero tries the Hangman’s Elbow, but Danielson backslides him for two. Danielson rolls-up Hero for two. Hero boots Danielson in the head and looks for the Liger Bomb. Danielson elbows out and kicks in Hero’s head! Danielson locks in the Triangle Choke on Hero. Danielson elbows Hero while keeping the submission on. Hero picks up Danielson and powerbombs him. Back to their feet, Hero and Danielson again trade strikes. Danielson takes a rolling elbow when he hits the ropes. Hero blasts Danielson in the head with the Hangmen’s Elbow and scores the three count. A great match, and the right one to have with Hero considering he’s a product of the area. Both men put on a great performance, and Danielson is doing a great job setting up the next era of ROH all stars before he says goodbye. ****

Ring of Honor World Championship
Austin Aries vs. Bryan Danielson

Ring of Honor – “The Final Countdown Tour: Chicago” – Chicago Ridge, IL – 9.19.2009

Aries goes behind Danielson and Danielson rolls Aries into a headscissors. Aries gets out and both men reach their feet. They lock up and Aries takes down Danielson behind. Danielson reverses, and Aries rolls to the floor. Aries comes back and both men lock hands. The leverage of power shifts between them with Aries trying to break a bridge Danielson set up. Danielson pops up, monkey flips Aries, then Aries pops up and monkey flips Danielson. The entire time, their knuckles remain locked. Aries tosses Danielson to the ropes. Aries takes over Danielson with a pair of Japanese arm drags and cinches the arm. Aries wrist locks Danielson, who rolls up. Aries takes Danielson back down. Danielson breaks the wrist lock and dropkicks Aries. Danielson rocks Aries with an uppercut before taking him over in a side headlock. Aries rolls Danielson to his shoulders for a once count. Danielson locks Aries arm while applying the headlock. Aries gets to his feet and Danielson tries an airplane spin. Aries drops down and rakes Danielson’s back. Aries applies a surfboard and mocks Danielson, and Danielson kicks him right off. Aries gets knocked down with a shoulder tackle. Danielson grabs Aries’ leg as Aries attempts a leapfrog. Danielson gets in surfboard position grabbing Aries face. He then leans back in the Romero Special. Danielson drops Aries down and grabs Aries’ face once again. Danielson headbutts Aries and cranks Aries’ arm over his shoulder. Danielson stomps on Aries shouilder. Aries fights back with shoulders to Danielson’s stomach. Danielson stretches out Aries by his shoulders on the mat. Aries backs into the corner as Danielson grabs his elbow. Aries lays in some shots to Danielson’s head. Danielson comes right back with some uppercuts and places Aries crotch first up top. Danielson follows looking for a suplex. Aries elbows Danielson off the top rope, sending him to the floor. Aries leaps off the top rope with a double axe handle to the floor. Aries tosses Danielson back in the ring and follows with a slingshot senton for two. Danielson sunset flips Aries, and Aries hops up with a dropkick to Danielson for two. Aries applies a Stomp Puller (complete with Big Bully Busick reference from Chris Hero), and Danielson rolls into a pin attempt for two. Aries comes back with a knee to the small of Danielson’s back and a kick to the spine. Aries mocks Danielson as he kicks him in the corner. Aries slingshots over the ropes with a forearm to Danielson’s face. On the floor, Aries kicks away at Danielson and knees him head first in the barricade. Back in the ring Aries continues his onslaught. Danielson backflips off the ropes and takes Aries down with a flying elbow attack. Danielson kicks at Aries’ shoulders before taking him off his feet with a knee to the gut. Danielson kicks Aries in the spine and pins him for two. Danielson uppercuts Aries and whips him to the corner. Danielson flies in with a forearm and a suplex. Danielson heads up top. As he comes off, Aries connects with a dropkick. Aries pops up, mocking Danielson’s usual comeback. Aries suplexes Danielson, but Danielson lands on his feet and kicks Aries in the chest with a flying kick. Danielson locks Aries arms and Aries backs Danielson’s to the corner. Aries uses his elbows to escape. Aries tosses Danielson to the floor. Aries goes for the heat-seeking missile and Danielson blocks with a knee lift. On the apron, Aries picks up Danielson on his shoulders. Aries drops him, and Aries hits the IED on Danielson on the apron. Aries pins Danielson for two. Up top, Aries looks for a suplex. Danielson pushes him off and follows with a sunset flip. Both men trade some quick pins. Danielson sends Aries to the floor as Aries has him in a waist lock. Danielson baseball slides Aries into the crowd. Danielson springboards off the top onto Aries in the crowd. Danielson tosses Aries over the barricade and then back in the ring. Danielson goes up top and hits a dropkick onto Aries. Danielson pops up to his feet, hits the ropes and lands a flying knee to Aries’ chest for two. Danielson locks in the Cattle Mutilation. Aries bridges out and drops the knee on Danielson. Aries locks in the Last Chancery. Both men trade holds on the mat, with Aries laying in elbows to Danielson’s head and Danielson laying in the elbows to Aries head. On their feet, both men trade shots again. Both men take each other with double cross body’s. Aries charges at Danielson in the corner, and Danielson gets his feet up to take down Aries. Danielson places Aries up top and comes off with a belly-to-back superplex. Danielson grabs Aries’ arms and begins to kick his head into the mat. Danielson rolls Aries into the Triangle choke. Aries gets his foot on the bottom rope to break. Danielson picks up Aries’ by his arms and kicks Aries’ in the head. Aries lands a shin breaker into a back suplex. Aries hits the IED on Danielson then the brainbuster. Aries pins Danielson for two. Aries heads up top, and as he comes off with the 450 splash, Danielson catches him in the Triangle choke! Aries rolls up in a pin for two. Aries kicks Danielson square in the head. Danielson small packages Aries for two. Aries counters a tiger suplex and again kicks Danielson in the head. Aries dropkicks Danielson in the corner and hits another IED. Aries places Danielson up top and follows. Aries hits a super brainbuster and locks in the Last Chancery! Danielson passes out and Todd Sinclair calls for the bell. This was a really great title defense from Aries in a lackluster title reign, with him looking like the Aries of old. He and Danielson put on yet another fantastic match and added a nice bit of legitimacy to the title reign. Aries was put over strong and gave the fans a heck of a match. ****

Bryan Danielson vs. Davey Richards
Ring of Honor – “The Final Countdown Tour: Boston” – Boston, MA – 9.25.2009

Both men vie for the advantage and Davey rolls to the floor. Back in the ring they lock fingers. They each trade who has the power, and after breaking in the ropes, Danielson blocks a kick to the chest from Davey. Davey pushes Danielson and talks trash, so Danielson uppercuts Davey. Davey goes to the floor and teases using a chair. Danielson takes Davey over with a headlock, which Davey turns into a headscissors. Danielson bridges out into a leg lock surfboard stretch. Davey flips onto Bryan for a two count and both men stand in a stalemate. Davey trips Danielson and locks his legs. Davey rolls and presses his leg againt Danielson. Davey stands up, and then falls right back to apply pressure to Danielson’s legs. Davey bridges back into a Muta lock. Danielson gets out and locks for a Romero special. Davey gets the ropes and Bryan breaks at five. Davey and Danielson trade pinfall attempts. Danielson fakes a punch and Davey flinches. Davey snapmares Danielson and kicks him right in the spine. Davey headbutts Danielson, but Danielson knees Davey in the gut and kicks him in the spine as he comes off the ropes. Danielson pulls on Davey’s nose as Danielson locks his knees. Danielson gives Davey a receipt, locking his legs and dropping back to apply quick pressure. Davey gets up delivering some hard kicks to Danielson’s chest, then runs off the ropes and kicks Danielson in the spine once again. Davey takes Danielson back down with a knee to the gut. Danielson cuts Davey off as he goes up top, but Davey comes off the top rope giving a DDT to Danielson’s shoulder. Danielson writhers on the mat as Davey jaw-jacks with the fans. Davey continues to work on Danielson’s shoulder while continuing to go at it with the fans. Danielson kips up when Davey is stretching out his arms, and takes over Davey with an overhead suplex. Danielson and Davey go head to head with strikes, and Danielson takes Davey to the corner with a dropkick. Danielson charges in with a forearm, then takes Davey over with a suplex for two. Davey turns a punch from Danielson into a jumping armbar. Danielson rolls looking for a German, but Davey kicks Danielson then comes back with a handspring enzugiri for two. Davey sends Danielson across the ring. Danielson backflips out and connects with a running elbow to Davey’s mouth. Danielson comes off top with a dropkick, then a flying knee to the chest. Davey grabs the bottom rope to break the pin at two. Danielson looks for Cattle Mutilation and Davey elbows out in the corner. Danielson goes to the second rope, and Davey hits him with a hard kick in the face. Davey takes Danielson down with a top rope rana. Danielson grabs Davey’s leg and applies an ankle lock. Danielson kicks away at Davey’s ankle. Davey comes back with headbutts to the gut and tries another handspring enzugiri. Davnielson grabs Davey’s ankle and locks it again. Danielson takes Davey over in a leg capture German suplex, with Davey turns into the Kimura lock! Danielson turns that into the Triangle Choke, which Davey turns into a cloverleaf. Danielson small packages Davey for two. On their feet both men trade forearms. Davey dropkicks Danielson to the floor and follows up with a suicide tope. Back in the ring Danielson fights back with some boots to the face. Both men hit a kick then go head-to-head with intensity. They trade hard blows with Davey kicked Danielson in the face. Davey German’s Danielson with a bridge for two. Davey goes back to the Kimura lock. Danielson inches forward and gets his feet on the ropes to break. Both men fight on the apron, with Danielson taking Davey to the floor with a belly-to-belly suplex. Danielson comes back in the ring and baseball slides Davey into the crowd. Danielson hits a springboard tope onto Davey in the crowd. Back in the ring, both men trade strikes on their knees. They get to their feet and trade kicks to each others chest with both men firing up. Davey spits in Danielson’s face which brings both men to a slap fight. Both men evade the others kicks till Davey hits a spin kick to the chest and Danielson flies out with a jumping kick to Davey’s chest. Danielson floats a failed pin attempt into the Cattle Mutilation. Danielson turns over into the elbow strikes to the side of Davey’s head. Davey pops up and delivers a flurry of kicks to Danielson’s head. Davey kicks Danielson in the chest, and Danielson grabs his leg. Danielson sends Davey to the mat with the dragonscrew. Davey pops up Danielson in the alarm clock, clotheslines Danielson, then hits a high butterfly suplex for two. Davey picks up Danielson and places him up top. Davey follows and looks for a super DR Driver. Danielson fights Davey off. Davey slaps Danielson and comes back up. Davey again gets pushed off. Davey goes up and Danielson comes down to crotch him. Danielson ascends and brings Davey off with a super back suplex. Danielson only gets a two on the pin. Danielson grabs Davey’s arm and begins to stomp Davey’s head in. Danielson turns Davey into the Triangle choke. Davey almost escapes till Danielson turns Davey into the Cattle Mutilation. Danielson delivers elbow strikes into the side of Davey’s head around 40 times then pins him for two. Davey lands on his feet out of a Dragon suplex sending Danielson shoulder first into the post. Davey goes up top and comes off with a dropkick to Danielson’s shoulder. Davey ascends up top and hits the Shooting Star Press. Danielson kicks out and Davey turns back into the Kimura lock! Danielson can’t help but tap out, to end an incredible match. If anyone argues hat these two were not the top guys on the independent wrestling scene, they shut up the naysayers with this match. This was undoubtedly one of the best Ring of Honor matches this year, and Davey cinched his main event spot in the company with this victory. ****1/2

Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness
Ring of Honor – “Glory By Honor VIII; The Final Countdown Tour: New York” – New York, NY – 9.26.2009

Both men lock up and switch position in a full nelson. Danielson escapes into a wrist lock. Nigel snapmares Danielson to the mat, only for it to be turned into a wrist lock on three separate occasions. Nigel reverses into his own wrist lock. Danielson rolls out and dropkicks Nigel away. Nigel grabs Danielson’s leg, Danielson rolls to escape, and Nigel cartwheels up to his feet. Danielson locks hands with Nigel as they look for the strength advantage. Danielson maneuvers into a hammerlock. Danielson locks Nigel’s arm behind his back, and takes Nigel’s other arm and steps on it to stretch it to mat. Nigel wraps Danielson’s arm around his knee while stretching back on Danielson’s other arm. Nigel releases at five and claims to the fans to be the best. Danielson turns him around and slaps him to the mat. Danielson locks Nigel into a surfboard position and punches Nigel in the ears before stomping Nigel’s knees into the mat. Danielson hits the ropes and kicks Nigel in the chest for two. Nigel reverses a hammerlock and kicks the ropes so it bounces into Bryan’s shoulder. Nigel drives his knee into the side of Danielson’s head. Nigel captures Danielson’s arm and takes Danielson over with a suplex. Nigel stomps on Danielson’s arm and then stretches it out on the ropes. Nigel bullies Danielson in the corner then sends Danielson across the ring. Danielson kicks Nigel then comes off the second rope with a leaping uppercut. Danielson goes to work on Nigel’s arm, then dropkicks Nigel as he comes off the ropes. Danielson takes Nigel over with a suplex and heads up top. Danielson headbutts Nigel in the shoulder for a two. Danielson sends Nigel to the corner and misses an elbow. Nigel kicks Danielson in the back and then hits him in the chest with a clothesline. Nigel crotches Danielson on the top rope looking for the Tower of London. Danielson grabs Nigel’s nose to stop him. Nigel goes up top with Danielson. Danielson pushes Nigel down. Nigel catches Danielson as he comes off, and Danielson applies the Triangle Choke. Nigel gets his foot on the bottom rope. Both men reverse a series of sunset flips from one another. Danielson backflips off the corner and lands the flying elbow to Nigel’s face. Danielson hits a flying forearm in the corner and crotches Nigel up top. Danielson follows up and Nigel elbows him down. Danielson pulls Nigel into a tree of woe and comes off the ropes with a basement dropkick. Danielson picks up Nigel to the top once more. Danielson backdrops Nigel to the mat and gets the Cattle Mutiliation on Nigel, but only for a brief second. Nigel picks up Danielson and drops him off the top rope with the Tower of London for two. Nigel sets Danielson on the apron looking for another Tower of London to the floor. Danielson pushes Nigel into the crowd and heads back in the ring. Nigel uses a ringside attendant to stop Danielson and get back to the ringside area. Danielson flies off the apron with a knee, sending Nigel back into the crowd. Danielson springboards off the top rope onto Nigel in the crowd. As Danielson comes back over the guardrail, Nigel pushes Danielson face first into the ring post. Danielson is now busted open and gets back into the ring as the referee reaches the count of 17. Nigel comes to the floor and takes Danielson to the floor with the Tower of London. Nigel drives Danielson’s head into the ring post multiple times, leading to an increased blood flow from his head. Danielson somehow gets back in at the count of 19. Nigel lands some forearm shots to Danielson in the corner. Nigel looks for the Tower of London inside the ring, but changes his mind. Nigel goes to the apron and drops Danielson on the ring frame shoulder first with Tower of London. Nigel quickly rolls Danielson back in but only gets a two count. Nigel turns to apply the London Dungeon. Danielson escapes and Nigel looks for a lariat with Danielson on the ropes. Nigel misses, and Danielson hops up and hits a dropkick from the top rope. Danielson kips up and eats a boot from Nigel in the corner. Nigel puts Danielson up top and Danielson blocks the Tower of London. Danielson sends Nigel to the ropes with a knee strike, and Nigel rebounds with the Jawbreaker Lariat! Nigel turns Danielson over into the London Dungeon. Danielson looks for the ropes, so Nigel traps the legs and stretches Danielson across his knees. Danielson rolls back and rams his elbows into Nigel’s head. Nigel does the same to Danielson, which fires Danielson up! Danielson fires back with hard forearms to Nigel. Nigel O’Conner Rolls Danielson for two. Nigel and Danielson knock heads in the center of the ring. They both look up at each other and exchange headbutts to one another in the middle of the ring over and over. Danielson avoids a lariat and small packages Nigel for two. Danielson eats a boot from Nigel, but roars back with a rolling elbow. Nigel comes back with the Jawbreaker Lariat and hits it. Nigel covers Danielson and Danielson rolls into the Cattle Mutilation. Nigel rolls on top of Danielson for a pin, and Danielson holds the arms. He gets into position and rams his elbows over and over into Nigel’s head. Danielson covers Nigel for two. Danielson kicks Nigel’s head in and gets the Triangle Choke synched in. Nigel rolls over, but Danielson rolls right back into it. Danielson begins elbowing Nigel in the head, and Todd Sinclair calls for the bell. This match was a great way for both men to leave the company. It wasn’t their best match, but it was a nice “Greatest Hits” of all their past matches. It was a fitting that each men left facing their most popular, and arguably best, opponent one last time. Sadly, the heat for the home stretch could have been much better but I don’t blame either guy for that. Both guys will certainly be missed and contributed a zillion great matches during their ROH tenure. ****

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