AAW Review: Us vs. Them

Berwyn, IL – 9.5.2009

The title of the show comes from inter-promotional matches that pit members of the AAW roster against members of the Dragon Gate USA roster. In the main event, the AAW Tag Team Champions The House of Truth will defend AAW’s honor and their titles against one of the hottest tag teams of 2009, The Young Bucks. Also, Arik Cannon and The Northstar Express team up to take on CHIKARA regulars and DGUSA members, Jigsaw, Hallowicked, and Gran Akuma in a six man tag. Bryan Danielson also makes his first and only AAW appearance as a part of his “Final Countdown Tour” as he faces Mid-West sensation, Silas Young. All this a whole lot more, so let us get things going!

Commentary is provided by Phil Coven and Derek St. Holmes.

Jim Lynam, AAW owner comes out to the ring to talk to the fans. Lynam says he has a few rules. One is that don’t bring any of your real world problems at the door and you let them entertain you. He wants the fans to be fans of wrestling again like they were when they were kids. Jim tells people to enjoy a real wrestling show. Cliché stuff, but the fans got behind it like sheep.

A cool video package plays to open the show, which actually shows some cool stuff to pump people up. I very much approve of this video.

We see a clip from last month with Jay Bradley, AAW Champion, cutting a promo backstage about his dominant title reign and that Tyler Black has earned a future title shot even though he is injured and Jay has defeated him twice. Jimmy Jacobs walks into the shot. Jay pulls Jimmy in front of him and the two get into an altercation.

Faith In Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) vs. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon

Vincent and Lyndon start off. They exchange holds before Lyndon kicks Nothing in the gut. Kendrick wheelbarrows into an armdrag. Nothing sends Lyndon into the ropes, and Lyndon uses the ropes to hit a headscissors on Vincent. Vincent gets up and boots Lyndon down. Lyndon tags in, as does Faith. Kendrick takes down Christian with an armdrag and then a wheelbarrow armdrag. He takes out the leg and hits standing moonsault legdrop. Lyndon tags in. Lyndon and Kendrick whip Fiath to the corner. They take down Faith with a forearm and a hurricanrana. Lyndon goes for a pin, and Vincent breaks it up. Faith back body drops Lyndon and kicks him square in the back as he comes down. Faith In Nothing isolate Lyndon and work over the newcomer in their corner. Faith In Nothing hit some cool double team maneuvers and it’s easy to see while they’re credible contenders to the tag champions. Lyndon uses some jumping knees to make it to his corner and tag in Kendrick. Kendrick comes in with a missile dropkick to Vincent, and Faith knocks him down with a big flying knee. Kendrick and Lyndon double team Kendrick, and Lyndon hits a cannonball senton through the middle and top to Nothing on the floor. Kendrick heads up top. Faith cuts him off with a forearm. Faith hits a Gory Special slam, and Kendrick kicks out at two. Nothing gets in the ring, and Faith In Nothing hit the Project Mayhem. Lyndon breaks up the pin. Lyndon and Vincent exchange slaps. Lyndon lays in the forearms and hits the ropes. Faith pops up Lyndon and Nothing catches him with a German suplex. Kendrick comes off the ropes, and Faith catches him. Faith In Nothing hit a Cop Killer/inverted DDT combo to score the victory. Great opener, with Faith In Nothing looking strong. I haven’t seen Faith since his match in CHIKARA over a year ago and he is much better now than he was then. Lyndon and Kendrick also pulled off some cool stuff and have lots of potential. **1/4

We see Jim Lynam outside looking at the long line of fans waiting to get into the show. He comes up to a particular group of fans, and one of them is Chandler McClure, AAW manager. McClure says he wants his contract negotiations met tonight. Jim says if he or his cronies enter the building, they won’t work for AAW for a long time. They begrudgingly leave.

Shane Hollister comes out, and the ring announcer asks him about his Stairway To Hell match at Scars & Stripes 2009 two months earlier, since Shane hasn’t been seen since. Shane says the match has given him a new lease on life, and he won’t stop gunning for the Heritage title. Danny Daniels, Ryan Boz, and Nick Brubaker come out to interrupt. Daniels talks trash, asking who could care about Hollister. Danny proposes Brubaker takes on Hollister now, since Nick has lost month after month. The match is on!

Shane Hollister vs. Nick Brubaker

Nick talks some trash to Shane. Nick pushes Shane, and Shane responds with a shove of his own. Shane slaps Nick and fires away with forearms on the ropes. Shane hits a spin wheel kick and a drop toe hold. Shane dropkicks Nick right in the back of his head. Shane hits a scoop slam and then a slingshot elbow drop for the two count. Shane is banderad to the apron. Nick springboards off the second rope and hits a single kick to send Shane to the floor. Nick throws Shane back in and stomps away. Nick lands a suplex and pins for two. Shane and Nick exchange shots. Nick whips Shane into the corner. Nick lands a forearm. Nick runs at Shane, and Shane drop toe holds Nick into the corner. Shane hits the ropes but eats a running lariat from Nick. Nick tries twice for a pin, only getting two each time. Nick looks for a Urinage which Shane escapes. Nick catches Shane off the ropes with an exploder suplex for two. Shane blocks a shot from Nick, and takes him down with a clothesline into a back breaker. Shane lands a big boot in the corner. Shane runs at Nick, gets sent to the apron, then hits Nick with an Enzugiri. Shane comes off the top rope and Nick moves. Nick goes to the second rope, and comes off with a tornado DDT into a suplex. Nick lands a powerbomb variation for a two count. Nick sets up Shane for a suplex. Shane turns it into an Ace Crusher. Shane powerbombs Nick and rolls him through. Shane lands an inverted Stroke to score the win. Solid match from these two, going forward with Shane Hollister’s push towards the Heritage title. I like Shane, and Nick looked food as well. **1/4

Knight Wagner & Jordan McEntyre vs. Krotch & Juice Robinson

McClure comes out with Knight and Jordan, but the referees give him the boot. Krotch and Knight start off. Knight gets a headlock takeover and Krotch turns it into a headscissors. Knight works out of it and boots Krotch in the gut. Krotch comes back with a chin breaker and a dropkick. Juice tags in who punches Knight in the ribs and a suplex. Knight escapes a suplex with an eye rake and tags in Jordan. Jordan gets whipped to the corner, then gets taken over with a belly to belly suplex from Juice. Juice lands a abut-butt and a shoulder tackle. Juice hits a plancha while Krotch tags in and whoopee cushions Jordan. Jordan hits the floor and Krotch follows with a plancha. Knight comes at Krotch with a pescado, but Krotch moves and Knight lands on Jordan. Juice comes out with a dive off the top onto both Knight and Jordan. Back in the ring, Krotch lands some shots on Jordan before Jordan catches Krotch with a leg lariat. Knight and Jordan isolate Krotch from Juice to maximize the damage. Krotch crotches Jordan to make a tag to Juice. Knight tags in and Juice takes out both Knight and Jordan with a leg lariat and spinebuster, respectively. Juice sets up for a powerbomb and lands it on Knight. He jackknifes into a pin, and Jordan breaks it up. Knight and Jordan double team Juice in the corner with a clothesline into a flying single leg boot. Jordan follows with an elbow drop off the top. Krotch springboards in with a whoopee cushion. He toe holds Jordan into the corner and lands the X-Factor into a springboard dropkick. Krotch’s sister, Nikki Mayday distracts the referee. Meanwhile the North Star Express run in and give Krotch a DDT on the floor! Darin Corbin and Nikki are dating, so that’s why. Juice takes out both members of the team, and their manager Johnny Wisdom by himself. Knight rolls up Juice and holds the tights to get the victory. Another solid tag team match. Not much else to say. **1/4

Jimmy Jacobs runs into the ring and takes out both Jordan and Knight! He asks for the microphone. Jimmy says it’s been a rough ride as he lost his tag match last night. Jimmy says he’s here tonight with no match, and with that said, Dave Prazak comes to ringside. Jimmy mentioned how he ran into AAW Champion Jay Bradley last month, and Dave is his manager. Dave says last month there was no real competition so Jay Bradley stayed home in Miami. Dave asks Jimmy if he wants a shot at the title, and the match is on!

AAW Heavyweight Championship
Jay Bradley vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Jay comes out, and Jimmy dropkicks him on the floor wasting no time. Jimmy delivers some shots. Jay pushes Jimmy aside. Jay runs at Jimmy, and Jimmy throws him into the ringside barrier. Jimmy continues to beat on Jay with shots, and then throwing Jay into the steel guardrail a few more times. Jay tosses Jimmy into the crowd and follows. Jay tosses Jimmy into a set of chairs. Jay delivers a headbutt, then press slams Jimmy chest first onto the guardrail. Jay delivers a few more blows to Jimmy. Jay picks up Jimmy for a slam, but Jimmy slides off his shoulders and pushes Jay into the steel ring post. Jimmy tosses Jay back in the ring and follows him. Jimmy pulls down the ropes as Jay runs at him sending Jay to the floor. Jimmy goes for a dive between the middle and top rope. Jay side-steps the attack and Jimmy hits the guardrail. Jay delivers hard shots to the forehead of Jacobs. Jacobs is now busted open as Jay slams his head into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Jay continues his attack with headbutts to Jacobs’ opens wound. Jay hangs Jimmy in a tree of woe, and goes outside to wrench back Jimmy’s head. Jay continues to attack Jimmy inside the ring, targeting the wound. Jacobs gets powerslammed down, but kicks out of Jay’s pin attempt. Jay hangs Jacobs off the edge of the apron, and on the floor works on Jacobs’ neck and head. Jay tosses Jacobs back in the ring and follows. Jacobs attempts to apply the End Time but the much larger Jay Bradley tosses him over with a suplex. Jay gives Jacobs a nonchalant cover for two. Jay drops the knee across Jacobs’ throat. Jacobs and Jay exchange shots with Jacobs going down. Again, the resilient Jacobs kicks out at two. Jay goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair. Jacobs comes back with a shot to the mid-section, then ducks another chair shot. Jay thrusts the chair into Jacobs’ head. Jay waits for Jacobs to get back to his feet, setting the chair up in its seated position. Jay sits Jacobs’ in the chair and removes his elbow pad. Jay hits the ropes, and Jacobs dropkicks Jay’s leg so that Jay lands on the chair face first! Jacobs rams the chair into Jay’s head a couple times then comes off the middle ropes with a chair shot. Jay grabs Jimmy by the throat but Jimmy kicks him in the thigh to escape. Jimmy hits the Contra Code onto Jay on the chair, and Jay kicks out! Jimmy grabs a table from underneath the ring. As Jimmy comes back in, Jay kicks the ropes so it crotches Jacobs. Jay delivers a powerbomb but instead of going for the cover gets tossed the title belt from Jay. Makes sense, since the match is apparently no DQ. Jacobs ducks the belt shot and Jay hits Prazak! Jay however does hit Jacobs with the belt and then sets up the table. Jay places Jimmy on the table then heads to the top rope. Jacobs moves and Jay dives through the table. Jimmy quickly runs to the top rope and hits a back Senton for the win! Jimmy Jacobs in the new AAW Heavyweight Champion! Great match, if you can take all the bullshit in stride. Jay used to be on Smackdown! for a cup of coffee, and this was definitely the best I have seen him. It’s also cool seeing Jacobs work as a face because I feel like it’s been ages since I have seen that, and he’s very good at doing so. ***

Jigsaw, Hallowicked {I}, & Gran Akuma {TF} vs. Arik Cannon and The Northstar Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz)

Here we go, my forte! Akuma and Arik start off. Akuma and Jigsaw are at odds so we’ll see how this goes. Arik tags in Cruz before anything happens. Cruz kicks Akuma, and Akuma kicks him right back ten fold. They lock hands and Akuma gets a waist lock. Cruz turns it into a wristlock, and Akuma kicks through and kicks Cruz in the leg. Akuma gets a wristlock, which Cruz rolls out of and pokes Akuma in the eyes. Cruz applies an abdominal stretch. Akuma reverses a whip and applies an Octopus stretch variation. Akuma gets whipped and taken down by Crus. Akuma evades a dropkick, Cruz avoids a kick to the head, and both men reach a stand still. Hallowicked tags in as does Corbin. Hallowicked pushes Corbin off the ropes. Hallowicked cradles Corbin for two. Wicked comes off the ropes, ducks a leapfrog, and again tries a roll up for two. Hallowicked gets sent to the corner, leapfrogs Corbin, and gets another roll-up! Wicked takes Corbin to the floor with a step-up Frankensteiner. Arik comes in as does Jigsaw. Arik nails Jigsaw in the gut with a knee. Jigsaw blocks a suplex. Arik glots over, and Jig blocks the O’Conner Roll. Arik gets it on a second try. Both men get to their feet and Arik knocks him down. Jig takes Arik down with a pair of armdrags and tries a crucifix pin for two. Arik cuts off Jigsaw with a superkick. Cruz holds Jigsaw for a chop, and Arik misses. Repeat with Corbin. Jigsaw runs to this corner and Arik follows. Hallowicked comes off the top with a flying crossbody onto Arik! Cruz grabs Hallowicked’s arms and misses the chop again. Repeat with Corbin. The NSE yell at Arik and chop him. Jig and Wicked chop the NSE, and Akuma comes off with a double crossbody on the NSE. Akuma chops Arik. Akuma gets taken down by the North Stars, then they hit the Shell Shock on Akuma. Hallowicked and Jigsaw come in with stereo dropkicks on the North Stars sending them to the floor. Wicked hits a twisting pescado on both of them. Jigsaw goes for a dive, but Nikki Mayday stops him. Arik Cannon comes in and blasts Jigsaw with a lariat. Cannon and the North Stars choose Jigsaw as their target, isolating him in their corner. Jigsaw evades an attack from the North Stars and rolls to tag Hallowicked. Wicked knocks down Cruz with a series of clotheslines before hitting the Rydeen Bomb on Corbin. Wicked gets rolled forward by Cruz. Wicked pops up Cruz, but Cruz comes back with a roundhouse kick to the face. Jigsaw comes back in and hits a brainbuster on Cruz. Cannon comes in and ducks a superkick. Arik lands a big right hand before hitting the Total Anarchy. Akuma comes in and hits an Enzugiri to Arik in the corner. Akuma comes off the top with a tornado DDT. Akuma goes for a splash, and Corbin catches him mid-air with an Ace Crusher! Wicked and Jig break up the pin and send the NSE to the floor. Arik takes Wicked in the corner with a big chop. Hallowicked sets up Arik on his shoulders. Jigsaw comes off the top with a double stomp and then Wicked hits the Go Too Sleepy Hollow. Akuma, with Jigsaw’s help, with an Enzugiri assisted Yoshi Tonic on Arik. Akuma pins Arik but The NSE break it up. Wicked and Jigsaw send Corbin and Cruz to the floor. Akuma lands a somersault plancha onto both men. Jigsaw goes for a dive, but hits Akum aas the North Stars abandon them. Arik lands the Back Drop Driver before nailing Wicked with the Glimmering Warlock for three! Awesome six man tag match here, with the CHIKARA guys impressing a brand new crowd (presumably). Everyone worked real hard, it advanced the issue between Jigsaw and Arik, so I have no complaints here. ***1/2

Backstage, Prazak is trying to calm down Jay Bradley. Jay yells at Prazak, blaming him for the loss. Jay storms off.

Shiima Xion vs. Johnny Gargano

Both men lock up, and Johnny works on Xion’s wrist. Xion twists into a wristlock of his own. Johnny escapes and applies a front chancery. Shiima rolls into a leg submission which Johnny uses the ropes to escape from. Johnny leaps onto Shiima’s shoulders, and Johnny rolls down into a mare. Back and forth they go, with Shiima catching Johnny into a headscissors takedown. Shiiima misses an O’Connor Roll but his an armdrag into a crucifix pin for two. On the mat Shiima gets a front chancery. Johnny works out of it tossing Shiima stomach first to the mat. Johnny ducks two leapfrogs but then gets taken over with a hurricanrana to the floor. Shiima lands a basement dropkick through the ropes to Gargano. Shiima gets tossed into the steel ring post by Gargano. Johnny slams Shiima’s head into the apron and then nails him with a left hand. Johnny hits a hard knife-edge chop. Shiima hops off the guardrail and takes Gargano over with a hard armdrag to the floor! Back in the ring Shiima boots Gargano’s face into the mat then hits a basement dropkick for two. Shiima chops Gargano again before Johnny whips him to the corner. Gargano pulls the referee in the way. Gargano leapfrogs Shiima, and then pulls Shiimas off the ropes to the mat. Gargano chokes Shiima with the boot. Gargano snapmares Shiiima into a dropkick to the back of the head. Gargano elbows Shiima in the corner then chops him down with a chop. Gargano rakes the eyes with his boots a few times before getting a two count. Gargano applies a chin lock. Shiima tries to fight out with elbows but Gargano fights back. Shiima hits the ropes and comes off with a hurricanrana. Shiima then blocks Gargano’s attacks with some boots before landing a high crossbody to a seated Gargano. Gargano reverses a whip, and Shiima flies over. Shiima hits a Manhattan Drop and an inverted DDT. Shiima gets taken to the floor with an Enzugiri. Gargano comes at Shiima, but Shiima flips back into the ring. Shiima runs at Gargano who is on the apron, but Gargano slingshots back into the ring with a spear to Shiima. Gargano only gets a two count on that pin attempt. They exchange nearfalls and Shiima mule kicks Johnny to the corner. Shiima throws Gargano forward and lands a superkick. Shiima hits double knees to Gargano’s back. Gargano comes back with a leapfrog leg drop. Shiima turns a back suplex into a face buster on his knee for two. Both men go up top. Gargano trips Shiima, and takes him out of the corner with a spinning face buster for two. Shiima blocks a superkick. Both men exchange pin attempts, then take each other down with double clotheslines. They exchange shots on their feet. Shiima hits a chin breaker. Gargano catches Shiima with an Enzugiri, but then eats a kick. Gargano comes at him with a springboard dropkick. Gargano tries another slingshot spear, but Shiima catches him and turns it into a crossface. Gargano escapes and catches him with a superkick. Gargano looks for a dragon suplex, but Shiima reverses it into a roll-up for three! I really enjoyed that match. Fast paced fun, with lots of stuff I haven’t seen before. Gargano by all accounts is awesome, and this is the best match I have seen Xion in. Well done job by both guys. ***1/4

Gargano beats down Shiima post-match.

We go back to a pre-taped interview with Silas Young, who will take on Bryan Danielson later. People talk about how Silas comes up short when the pressure is on. Silas says he hasn’t had the best year, but is going to prove it’s because of his personal issues, not his wrestling ability. Jim Lynam comes in and tells Silas this is the match that he personally wanted, and hopes Silas won’t let him or AAW down. Silas assures him that he won’t.

Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza) vs. Danny Daniels & Ryan Boz

Brett and Daniels lock up. Daniles pushes Brett to the ropes and delivers some hard shots. Brett takes out Danny with a headscissors take over and a log-roll take down. Brett hits a dropkick to get a two count. Danny chops Brett in the chest multiple times beforeblocking a tornado DDT. CJ blind tags in and comes in with a springboard clothesline. Danny pushes CJ to the corner. Brett blind tags in, and they hit a leg drop/plancha combo for two. Zero Gravity try a second move, but Danny slides outside and tags Boz in on his way out. Boz blocks a shot from Brett but takes a dropkick from CJ. Daniels comes in and gets sent to the floor. CJ and Brett land double dives, but Boz moves so Nick Brubaker takes the dive from Brett. Boz tosses Brett into the guardrail and comes back in with CJ. CJ avoids somes attacks from Boz and takes down Daniels. Box mows down CJ with a big lariat. Daniels and Boz cut off CJ and bully him while Brett watches on. CJ fight back against Boz and hits a jumping DDT from the second rope. Brett gets the tag as does Daniels. Daniels chops Brett right down. Brett lands a spin kick to take out Daniels’ legs and then lands an Ace Crusher. Brett hits a jump-up Enzugiri and a double knees to Daniels’ chest. Brett dropkicks Box off the apron and pins Daniels for two. Daniels lands a tilt-a-whirl gut buster on Brett. Danny tries a piledriver, but Brett turns the momentum in his favor and pins Danny for two. Box attacks Brett, and CJ dropkicks Boz off the apron. Brett lands a sweet corkscrew off the top to the floor on Box. Danels hits a powerbomb into a hot shot on CJ. CJ blocks a piledriver attempt allowing Brett to jump in and nail an Enzugiri. Daniels blocks an attack, and Brett nails CJ with a dropkick. Boz catches Brett on the outside and throws him into the crowd. Daniels puts CJ on the top. CJ pushes him off and hits a Shooting Star elbow! Boz breaks up the pin and pops up CJ into the Boz Driver. Daniels gets the pin as the legal pin and this one is over. Great tag match, with Zero Gravity really impressing me. If they make their stuff look more crisp, they will be one of the next big teams on the scene. Daniels is of course good, but Boz doesn’t do much for me. Though his tossing of Brett into the crowd was great. **1/2

We see Dan Lawrence backstage. He says he got the crap kicked out of him last month and that he’s a bit frustrated. Dan tells Truth Martini that this issue is not over, and it won’t be over until he says so.

AAW Tag Team Championship
The House of Truth (Josh Raymond & Christian Abel) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

This was the main event on the live show, but is now the semi-main on the DVD. House of Truth have three people accompanying them: Truth Martini, Valerie Malone, and Mason Beck.

Raymond and Matt start off. They lock up, and Raymond escapes to yell YEAH! Matt cuts him off, but Raymond throws Matt down his hair. Matt hops right back up into a wrist lock. Raymond turns into a waist lock which Matt reverses. They exchange wrist lock’s. Raymond knees Matt in the rut and poses. Matt leap frogs Raymond, then back flips into a headscissors take down. Abel and Nick tag in. Abel takes down Nick with a waist lock. Nick turns into a front facelock, but Abel trips Nick. Nick gets back into the facelock and cartwheels into a hammerlock. Abel tries to pull him off but rolls through into a big right hand. Abel applies a side headlock. Nick pushes Abel to the ropes, and Abel knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Nick takes Abel down with a hurricanrana and then an arm drag. Nick wrenches the arm and tags in Matt. Matt comes in with a double sledge on the arm. The Bucks makes another tag and Nick double stomps the wrist. Abel lands a jaw breaker and Raymond tags in. Nick and Matt double team Raymond with a hip toss into a backflip dropkick. Matt goes for the pin and gets two. Raymond knees Matt in the gut and tags in Abel. Matt tripes Abel and goes back to working on his arm. Nick tags in with a slingshot stomp to Abel’s arm. Nick stretches Abel’s arms and shoulders. Matt tags in and The Bucks hit a double elbow, then Matt pops up Nick into a dropkick to Abel. The Bucks continue take down Abel, till Raymond catches Nick with a knee as he hits the ropes. Abel lands a belly to belly suplex on Nick, and now the House of Truth takes control. Truth Martini and Mason Beck stomp on Nick, and Matt tries his best to stop them, but they’re too many people for Matt to deal with. The House of Truth dissect Nick with relentless offense, but Nick refuses to stay down. Nick goes up an over from a suplex and tags in Matt. Matt comes in taking down Abel and Raymond. Matt catches Abel with a snap powerslam for two. Cal Malone comes on the apron distracting Matt. Abel comes, and Matt ducks. Matt O’Connor rolls Abel for two. Matt takes out Raymond from the apron and lands the Shiranui for two. Matt heads up to the top rope. Martini tries to interfere, but Matt kicks him off. Val comes up and crotches Matt on the top rope. Raymond Raymond pulls Matt over tot heir corner, and now it’s his turn to get the beat down. Matt ducks a double clothesline and shove Raymond into Abel. Matt lands a neck breaker across his knee to Raymond. Matt makes the tag to Nick, who takes out Raymond and dropkicks Abel to the floor. Nick even knocks Martini to the floor. Nick comes off with a springboard cross body to Raymond. He comes in with a slingshot X-Factor for two. The Bucks whip Raymond into the corner. They land a leg drop/top rope Senton combination, and Raymond kicks out at two. Nick and Matt whip Raymond and Abel takes Nick to the floor. Raymond hits a spin kick to Matt as Abel takes out Nick on the floor. Raymond heads up top and Matt cuts him off. Matt follows up top. Raymond rakes his eyes. Raymond hits an impressive shooting star body press for two. Abel tags in, and Nick runs in. Abel takes out Nick with side slam. They miss the Tower of Truth as Matt rolls through the wheelbarrow. Abel then lands a sweet backbreaker and then mows down Matt with a lariat. Matt kicks out at two. Raymond heads up top and lands a corkscrew senton, but Matt gets his knees up. The Bucks come back, with Matt hitting the tumble weed Ace Crusher off the top, and Nick taking out Raymond on the floor! Matt only gets a two count. Abel and Matt trade shots. Abel hits the ropes but Matt lands a spear. The Bucks hit a moonsault/springboard frog splash combo. Truth pulls the referee out, and Mason Beck comes in. The Bucks take him out with a double superkick. Nick then follows up with a senton to the floor. Martini comes in behind the referee’s back and burns Matt in the face with a lit cigarette! Abel uses this to pin Matt for the three, and the House of Truth retain. Crappy finish aside, this match was awesome. This was my frist time seeing The House of Truth and they certainly impressed me. The Bucks are on fire this year, and can’t put on a bad match if they tried. I see now why this was made the semi-main event, as most people seemed cheated by the finish. But still, I enjoyed this quite a bit. ***3/4

As Truth Martini cuts a promo, Faith In Nothing runs in and nails Josh Raymond with the Project Mayhem. The House of Truth bail with the belts in hand.

The Final Countdown Tour: AAW in Berwyn, IL
Bryan Danielson vs. Silas Young

THE BATTLE OF THE THEME SONGS: Final Countdown vs. Don’t Stop Believin’. The fans loved both, as did I. Both men shake hands and lock up. Silas powers Bryan to the corner. They break amicably. Bryan goes into a full nelson then twists into a hammer lock. Silas cartwheel s out in an arm twist. Silas brings Bryan down with a top wrist lock. Bryan twists out and dropkicks Silas away. Silas and Byran lock hands for a test of strength. Silas takes Bryan down to both knees, but Bryan matches power. Bryan rolls back to get the advantage and the leverage. They twist back to back and Silas backslides Bryan for two. Bryan applies a side headlock. Silas pushes Bryan to the ropes, and Bryan takes down Silas with a shoulder block. They lock up and Bryan again puts on a headlock. Bryan gets pushed to the ropes and again knocks down Silas with a shoulder block. Bryan takes Silas over to the mat with a side headlock. Bryan wrenches on the headlock. Silas stands up and again sends Bryan to the ropes. Bryan knocks him down, but then Silas hits an armdrag, hip toss, and dropkick to send Bryan to the floor. Bryan gets back in and the two circle. They lock up and Silas gets a side headlock. Bryan pushes Silas off the ropes, scoops the leg, and covers for two. Bryan reverses a side headlock into a headscissors on the mat. Silas tries to escape but can’t. Danielson digs his elbow into Silas’ side. Danielson rolls up with the headscissors to apply more pressure. Silas rolls Bryan on his stomach and rolls up into a single-leg Crab. Danileson turns over and slaps his legs to send Silas into the corner. Both men shake hands. They lock up and Silas takes down Danielson with a side headlock. Danielson rolls into a pin for two. On their feet, Silas twists the wrist and applies an arm lock on Bryan. Back to their feet, Bryan sends Silas off the ropes. Bryan catches the boot and flips Silas so he drapes across the top rope. Bryan kicks Silas, sending Silas to the floor. Bryan lands a baseball slide to the floor, and tosses Silas into the guardrail. Bryan lands some hard kicks to the chest before sending Silas back first into the steel guardrail again. Danielson lands some more kicks. Silas comes back with a chop, but Bryan lands an uppercut. Bryan throws Silas back into the ring. Bryan picks Silas’ leg and turns him over. Bryan looks for the surfboard, but instead fishhooks Silas’ face instead of grabbing the arms. Bryan then grabs the arms and leans back into the surfboard. Danielson wrenches Silas’ face back and applies a Dragon Sleeper. Silas fights out by hitting Danielson in the head. Danielson and Silas trade shots in the middle of the ring. Danielson takes out Silas with a hard uppercut and pins for two. Silas kicks out, and Danielson grabs Silas’ leg and folds forward. Silas grabs the rope to break the submission. Danielson hits some more kicks to Silas in the corner going faster and faster with them. Silas falls and Bryan pins him for two. Danielson lands a sliding dropkick to a seated Silas in the corner. Bryan pulls up Silas, and Silas flips up to his legs. Bryan lands a flurry of uppercuts. Silas tries a backslide, but Bryan flips over. Silas catches Bryan with a powerslam. Both men lay on the mat looking to gather their bearings. Silas and Bryan trade forearms on their feet. Silas hits the ropes, ducks the clothesline, and lands an Enzugiri, and springboard into a headbutt. Silas goes to the apron. He flips over Bryan, runs up the ropes, and comes back with a kick to the face of Bryan for a two count. Silas knees Bryan in the gut. Bryan goes behind Silas, escaping the Finlay Roll. Silas gets the O’Connor Roll and Bryan kicks out. Silas rolls over into a Dragon Sleeper variation. Silas pounds on Bryan’s face with his elbows. Silas covers Bryan for two. Silas tosses Bryan to the corner. Bryan pops out, goes underneath Silas, and lands a chin breaker. Silas grabs Bryan’s leg, and Bryan hits an Enzugiri. Bryan heads up top and hits the seated dropkick off the top to the neck of Silas’ neck. Bryan hits a bridging German suplex for the two. Bryan locks on the Cattle Mutilation! Silas comes up and rams Bryan back first in the corner, and then elbows him in the face. Silas whips Bryan across, and Bryan runs up the ropes over Silas. Silas catches Bryan with a twist into a back breaker and then a lariat. Silas locks on a Full Nelson stretch. Bryan gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Silas tries a suplex, but Bryan knees him in the head. Another exchange of shots from both men. Silas picks up Bryan and drives him down with a brain buster, Bryan turns into a triangle choke. Silas picks up Bryan and powerbombs Bryan in the corner. Silas takes out Bryan with a big clothesline. Silas pins Bryan for two. Silas hits the Finlay Roll into the Zero Gravity. Danielson gets the knees up, and hits his running kick to Silas. Danielson traps Silas’ head on his knee and lays in the elbows. Danielson turns into the Cattle Mutilation. Silas looks for the rope and gets it. Danielson locks Silas and tries a German. Silas flips out, and Danielson rolls through a hurricanrana. Both men trade pin attempts with Silas barrel-rolling Danielson after a sunset flip. Bryan kicks out still. Bryan and Silas land hard shots in the middle of the ring. Danielson small packages Silas and gets the win! Great match for Danielson to give AAW and the fans before heading out. I’m glad Danielson got to use the small package for the win one last time before heading out. A fine match-up, and of course, Danielson will be missed. Silas looked great as well, and he is definitely one of the top guys in the company and on the Midwest scene. ****

Both men shake hands post-match, and Silas slaps Danielson in the face. Danielson stands in the ring, soaking up the admiration from the fans

We then go backstage to Silas Young who apologizes to what he did to Bryan, and that his frustration got the better of him. Silas apologizes to the fans as well, hoping they understand.

Jimmy Jacobs, new champion, cuts a promo about his match tonight. The House of Truth follows, with Truth cutting a promo on Faith In Nothing for interrupting their celebration after beating The Young Bucks.

Overall: AAW knew this was a DVD in which many first time fans viewers going to buy (myself included). The wrestlers must have known it to, because they put on a hell of a show and one that will hopefully make many of these new fans come back. I think they succeeded, because I really enjoyed the show. Many matches were over the three star mark, and I highly recommend picking this show up. You sure as hell won’t be disappointed.

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