Last Of A Dying Breed: The Eddie Kingston Story



The interview was filmed in May 2008. Eddie Kingston talks about growing up as a fan, and one thing I really love about Kingston is how he works to possess the good qualities of those he grew up being a fan of: Eddie Gilbert (he tells us he got the name Kingston off of Gilbert’s “King of Philadelphia” gimmick), Shane Douglas, Raven, Yoshiaki Kawada, and more. Kingston then discusses him transitioning from Kevin Knight’s school to the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory along with Black Jack Marciano, Jigsaw, and Jolly Roger. Despite him and Knight not getting along, he admits he was good to learn the basics from and it was Knight who inadvertently led him to CHIKARA.

Based on his style alone, some people are puzzled by Kingston’s involvement in CHIKARA, but the love he speaks of the company in this interview really shows. He speaks of how CHIKARA felt like a pet project he and the rest of the early classes helped cultivate. He was there for the days where they would travel for little to no money and wrestle in front of few fans, and how that made moments like King of Trios mean so much for him (Kingston actually tears up speaking of it.) Despite not getting along with Mike Quackenbush all the time, he gives him a lot of credit for his vision and being the one to see potential in a feud between him and Hero. He’s also grateful Quackenbush put him in the main event of CHIKARA’s first show at the ECW Arena, given how much of a history buff Kingston is when it comes to wrestling. At his core, Eddie Kingston is a CHIKARA guy and has been since 2002. Despite all his accolades and accomplishments elsewhere, it’s where he calls home.

Kingston spends a good chunk of this interview talking about CZW. It was Joker and Mike Burns’ idea for him to come into CZW as a member of BLK Out. Kingston didn’t feel right going to CZW on his own without Marciano, but Marciano convinced him to go. Kingston feels 2005 was CZW’s best year ever thanks to Mike Burns’ booking. He’s not all positive about CZW however, as he speaks of how CZW dropped the ball with the ROH feud, the Loser Leaves CZW match with Chris Hero, and why he came back for a one time match in January 2008. Although I’m not super familiar with CZW’s history, I found this to be a very compelling portion of the shoot and the one that provided the most insight.

The interview is pretty short at 75 minutes, but very fun to watch. We all know how well Kingston is in his promos, but there’s a likeability to him when he’s just sitting down and shooting the breeze. His passion for wrestling comes through the screen and none of these stories come off as farfetched or exaggerated. I wish it was more robust, but thankfully, five years later Kingston would sit down with the Smart Mark Video crew again (we’ll get to that later). I enjoyed watching this.


Ultimate Jeopardy Match
Mike Quackenbush & F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma) vs. Jigsaw & The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Black Jack Marciano)

CHIKARA “Aniversario 3: Dodging the Sophomore Jinx” – Emmaus, PA – 5.22.2004

If Mike Quackenbush loses the fall, he loses all six of his championship belts. If Jigsaw or Gran Akuma lose the fall, they lose their mask. If Icarus loses the fall, he loses his hair. If either Eddie Kingston or Blackjack Marciano lose the fall, BOTH of the Wildcards lose their hair. If any member of the Toxic Trio (Jigsaw and The Wildcards) loses, Cavalier Jones is fired

CHIKARA Board of Directors member Cavalier Jones accompanies The Toxic Trio to the ring. Jigsaw and Akuma start with Akuma working over Jigsaw’s arm. The Tecnicos outmatch the Toxic Trio no matter who squares of with whom. There’s a comedy bit where Kingston sits on Marciano’s face and Jigsaw’s face lands in Marciano’s crotch. The Toxic Trio isolates Quackenbush, working over his back and arm. They dump him to the floor which tags in Icarus. Kingston and Jigsaw immediately send Icarus to the floor with a back attack. Jigsaw misses an attack on Akuma, and Akuma takes it to Jigsaw. Quackenbush takes Marciano back in as Icarus brings Kingston the floor. Akuma whips Jigsaw to Quackenbush. Quackenbush knocks Jigsaw onto Marciano’s shoulders. Kingston comes over, and Quackenbush leaps out and gives him a hurricanrana whilst Jigsaw and Marciano fall over. Icarus back elbows Marciano in the ring for two. Marciano gets isolated by F.I.S.T. and Quackenbush where they focus their attack on his back. We now get a six person submission spot (there was a headlock one earlier in the match). Akuma gets trapped by the Toxic Trio afterwards, where they beat him down and tear away at his mask. Kingston misses a back senton which allows Icarus to tag in. Icarus takes out the Toxic Trio and gives Jigsaw a split-legged moonsault. Kingston breaks the pin. Kingston and Jigsaw splash Icarus and Marciano misses on. Quackenbush and F.I.S.T. attack Marciano in the corner. Icarus puts him in an abdominal stretch, and Quackenbush dives onto Jigsaw. Quackenbush armdrags Kingston and sends Jigsaw to the floor. Quackenbush leaps onto him and Icarus brings Marciano to the floor. Akuma crossbodies Kingston for two. Kingston hits a lariat/backbreaker combo for two. Icarus, with Quackenbush’s assistance, gives Kingston a Shiranui for two. Marciano breaks it and F.I.S.T. take him over into a tandem Boston Crab. Quackenbush looks to attack Jigsaw but Jigsaw hits a powerbomb. Kingston and Jigsaw then break the hold. Marciano sunset flips Kingston into a German suplex on Quackenbush. Quackenbush rolls up, leaps over the Wildcards, and palm strikes Jigsaw. Quackenbush lays out both Wildcards with DDT’s. Jigsaw hops onto Quackenbush’s shoulders, and Quackenbush gives him the Quackendriver II. Marciano breaks the pin, and Icarus calls for a Shiranui. Kingston stops it and dives onto Akuma. Marciano takes Icarus off the top rope with an inverted suplex for two. Jigsaw gives Quackenbush the Jig N’ Tonic for two. Marciano and Jigsaw get in a shoving match, so Kingston boots Jigsaw in the face. Marciano dives onto Quackenbush who went to the floor. Kingston takes Akuma over with a uranage. Kingston turns Akuma over into the Kondo Clutch. Akuma escapes and applies his own Kondo Clutch. Icarus and Quackenbush prevent Marciano and Jones from interfering, and Kingston quits at 37:59. Because of this, both Marciano and Kingston must shave their heads and Cavalier Jones is fired. This served its purpose well, as it made Jigsaw sympathetic going into the Young Lions Cup tournament and getting Jones ousted, but the match itself was fairly dull. It was good, but there were too many slow and uninteresting moments to make it more than just good. ***

Young Lions Cup II Tournament Opening Round Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Jolly Roger

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup II, Night 1” – Emmaus, PA – 7.10.2004

Kingston slaps Roger to start. Kingston trips Roger and then goes back to sit in the corner, showing that he takes Roger lightly. Roger kicks Kingston’s hand away when he trips him again and slaps him. Roger gives Kingston an armdrag and a toreador. Kingston bails to the floor. Kingston evades a dive, but then Roger comes off the top rope with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Kingston takes Roger over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kingston gives Roger a delayed vertical suplex for two. Kingston blasts Roger with a hard chop then kicks him repeatedly in the spine for two. Roger kicks Kingston in the head a few times then double stomps him for two. Kingston takes Roger over with a belly-to-belly suplex as Roger comes off the ropes. Kingston then gives Roger his own double stomp. Kingston powerbombs Roger in the corner then Yakuza kicks him. Kingston gives Roger a flurry of chops on the top rope. Roger comes off with a sunset flip. Roger gives Kingston a satellite headscissors and a tornado DDT for two. Kingston catches Roger with a uranage backbreaker. Roger gives Kingston a top rope ace crusher for two. Roger gives him a basement dropkick for two. Kingston catches him with another uranage backbreaker, then a uranage suplex for two. Roger comes back and hits the Walk The Plank for two. Roger heads up top, and Kingston kicks referee Bryce Remsburg into the ropes so Roger would be crotched. Kingston lays in a hard barrage of strikes to Roger on top. Kingston brings him down with a big overhead suplex for the pin at 11:26. This was a really good match with Kingston bringing the best out of Jolly Roger. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. **¾

IWC Tag Team Championship
Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick) (Champions) vs. The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Black Jack Marciano)

IWC “Showdown in Turkeytown 3” – West Newton, PA – 7.17.2004

Marciano brags about his wristlock abilities, but Hamrick outshines him with reversals and armdrags. He avoids an armdrag from Marciano and Oklahoma rolls him for two. Marciano pokes his eyes to break an armlock. Kingston tags in and is immediately taken down with an armdrag. He claims hair pulling and tight grabbing when Smothers tags in. Smothers backs Kingston the corner but refrains from taking a cheap shot. Kingston stalls before bodyslamming Smothers. He flexes to the crowd who chants “boring” at the Wild Cards. He shoulder blocks Smothers and points to his muscles. Kingston threatens mass homicide if the fans don’t stop chanting from Smothers. Smothers gives Kingston a shoulder tackle. Kingston knees him in the stomach and pummels his shoulders. Smothers avoids a backdrop and lands a running crossbody for two. A running forearm has the same result. Marciano accidentally elbow drops his partner. Smothers fights off Marciano. Hamrick superkicks Kingston. He gives Marciano an atomic drop, then ties the Wild Cards legs together. He puts Marciano in a standing Dragon Sleeper while Smothers puts Kingston in a Japanese stranglehold. The Wild Cards bail to the floor upon being released. Smothers teases a dive, then Hamrick lands on them both with an Arabian Press. In the ring, Southern Comfort give Kingston a double elbow drop. They both get in a clothesline before Hamrick gives Kingston a big boot and two hard chops. Kingston pulls Hamrick by his tights into a punch from Marciano. The Wild Cards take turns wearing down Hamrick, taking cheap shots when Bryce Remsburg isn’t looking. Hamrick is able to sneak in a low blow and superkick on Kingston while on the floor, and a DDT to Marciano inside the ring, but Kingston cuts him off before he can tag in Smothers. Hamrick is able to fight off a double team and dropkick both Wild Cards away, finally giving him the opening to tag in Smothers. He unloads offense on both Wild Cards and gets a nearfall on Kingston with a spear. Marciano breaks it up and hits the Roll of the Dice for two, thanks to Hamrick interjecting. Hamrick drops Marciano with a sitout tombstone piledriver for the pin at 15:01. This was your classic 80’s tag team match, with beloved babyfaces, the dastardly heels who cheated and let the crowd get under their skin, and some solid wrestling to boot. Knowing how big of a fan Kingston was of this style, it was fun watching him and Marciano be able to execute it against guys the caliber of Smothers and Hamrick. **¼

2004 Revolution Strong Style Tournament Opening Round
Eddie Kingston vs. Super Dragon

IWA Mid-South “Revolution Strong Style Tournament 2004” – Lafayette, IN – 10.22.2004

Kingston laughs at Dragon and mockingly chants his name after shoving him into the corner. They trade front chancery’s. Dragon brings Kingston to the corner and backs away clean. Kingston knocks him down with a couple shoulder blocks. They trade forearms on their feet. Kingston hits a uranage backbreaker. Kingston applies a Camel Clutch. Dragon brings Kingston to the corner and lays in a few strikes. Kingston grabs his eyeholes and slaps him in the face. Kingston grabs his face and stomps on Dragon’s mid-section. Dragon nails him with a rolling forearm. Dragon chops Kingston in the corner and hits him with a Koppu Kick. Dragon delivers a top rope double stomp for two. Kingston comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex for two. King delivers a couple kicks to Dragon’s spine for two. Kingston hits a yakuza kick and tries a second suplex. Dragon blocks and chops Kingston in the corner. Dragon delivers a super butterfly suplex for two. Kingston ducks a lariat and hits a uranage suplex for two. Kingston lays in some chops. Dragon responds with his own. He nails a lariat for two. Dragon gives Kingston a headbutt and lights him up with multiple kicks to the head. Dragon comes off the top with a double stomp to Kingston’s head for the pin at 8:22. This was just two guys beating each other senseless with no rhyme or reason. Neither man made it seem like they really wanted to win this match. Even the fans were unusually quiet for these two fan favorites. **

IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship
The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Black Jack Marciano) (Champions) vs. The Strong Style Thugs (Homicide & B-Boy)

IWA Mid-South “8th Anniversary Show” – Highland, IN – 10.23.2004

B-Boy is nursing an arm injury from last night’s Strong Style Tournament. Kingston grabs a wristlock and B-Boy gets the ropes to break it. Kingston snapmares him into a back kick. B-Boy is barely affected. He kicks Kingston in the back and jumps on his chest multiple times. Marciano comes in and gets hip tossed onto Kingston. Homicide shoulder tackles Marciano. Marciano armdrags him in response. Homicide responds with a pair of his own. B-Boy chops him in the corner. Homicide ties him up in a grounded Octopus while hammerlocking the arm. Kingston kicks Homicide to free his partner. B-Boy dropkicks Marciano while Homicide holds him in a Camel Clutch. B-Boy double stomps Marciano across Homicide’s knees. B-Boy knocks Kingston off the apron. Kingston knees B-Boy when he hits the ropes. He jams B-Boy’s arm across the top rope, and Marciano gives him a divorce court DDT. The Wild Cards isolate B-Boy, continuing to focus on his bad arm. B-Boy is able to avoid a double backdrop. He hits Marciano with an enzuigiri and gives Kingston a Saito suplex. Homicide unloads with punches on the Wild Cards. He drops Marciano with an Ace Crusher and dropkicks Kingston the floor. He follows with a tope suicida. In the ring, Homicide gives Marciano a release belly-to-belly suplex for two. Marciano bodyslams Homicide and climbs the ropes. Homicide climbs up and brings him down with a butterfly superplex for two. Marciano back suplexes Homicide and tags in Kingston. They switch waistlocks. Homicide avoids a German suplex but falls into a uranage suplex for two. Homicide avoids a yakuza kick and delivers a swinging DDT. Homicide gives him a knee strike in the corner. B-Boy follows up with the Facelift for two. Marciano stops B-Boy on the top turnbuckle. Homicide lariats Kingston. He stops Marciano from superplexing B-Boy. The Thugs hit a Doomsday Bulldog for two. Kingston low blows Homicide. B-Boy goes for the Shining Wizard on Marciano, but Marciano ducks and B-Boy hits Homicide instead. Kingston schoolboys B-Boy for two. B-Boy nails him with an enzuigiri. Marciano hits the Roll of the Dice on B-Boy and locks on an arm-capture Crossface. Kingston adds a grounded Kondo Clutch. Homicide frees his partner. B-Boy uses his good arm for some shots on Kingston. Marciano takes out Homicide on the floor. Kingston ducks a clothesline and backslides B-Boy. He puts his feet on the ropes for extra leverage and gets the pin at 13:39. The arm work was great and the two teams had chemistry. The finishing stretch took some wind out of the match’s sails, specifically because the Wild Cards had on the double submission, Bryce did a great job counting to make Kingston, the non-legal man, release the hold, but then when he didn’t release, Bryce either re-started the count or ignored the rule. I’m not sure if Homicide missed his cue or what, but it was a blemish on an otherwise solid title match. **¾

Texas Death Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Ian Rotten

IWA Mid-South/NWA No Limits “Tearing Down the House” – Muscatine, IA – 6.3.2005

To win the match, you have to pin your opponent and they have to stay laying for 10 seconds. Kingston attacks Rotten during his entrance and sends him face first into the ring post. He digs a broken Singapore cane into Rotten’s head and chokes him with it. Rotten throws Kingston into rows of empty seats. He then sends Kingston head first into the wall twice. He busts Kingston open with some punches (using a blade or some other sharp item) and hits him in the back with a chair. Kingston dishes out what Rotten gave, sending him into rows of chairs and hitting him with a chair. He punches and headbutts Rotten’s cut open head. Rotten responds with his own headbutt and a chair shot to the head. He kicks the chair into Kingston’s head. Rotten kicks Kingston in the groin. He creates a pile of chairs on the floor. He tries to powerbomb Kingston onto it, but Kingston backdrops Rotten onto the chairs instead. Kingston chokes Rotten with a kendo stick. Rotten puts Kingston in a chair with a sole butt kick. He then DDTs’ Kingston onto some chairs. Kingston finds his way into the ring where Rotten pulls on his lips and cheeks. Rotten goes for a suplex. Kingston schoolboys Rotten, and pins him. Rotten gets up. Rotten clotheslines Kingston and gets a pin.He uses the ropes to get up. Rotten uses the broken cane on Kingston’s head and as a choking tool. He headbutts Kingston for a two count. He kicks Kingston in the head multiple times and drops a knee across his forehead for a pinfall. Rotten throws Kingston into more chairs and puts on a figure four leglock on the floor. Rotten targets Kingston’s leg, using a chair on it and kicking it repeatedly. The referee is knocked down when Rotten kicks Kingston and Kingston falls into him. He drops the ring steps onto his leg as well. In the ring Kingston taps out to a spinning toe hold, but the referee is indisposed. Rotten suplexes Kingston. Jim Fannin, who is in a feud with Rotten over control of IWA Mid-South, sprays a towel and uses it on Rotten. He places Kingston on top of Rotten for a pinfall. He brings the referee back into the ring and Kingston gets a pinfall. Rotten is unable to get up for the count and the match ends at 21:37. This was brutal. It was lazy, boring, and barely told a coherent story. Rotten just haphazardly did his thing while Kingston sold like a champ. That and Bryce’s commentary kept this dull match from being a total DUD, but it’s very, very close. ¼*

Tournament of Death IV Opening Round – Fans Bring the Weapons
Eddie Kingston & Robbie Mireno vs. Zandig

CZW “Tournament of Death IV” – New Castle, DE – 7.30.2005

Zandig is cutting a promo when Kingston blasts him with a number of light tubes in the back. Mireno hits Zandig in the head with a baseball bat with light tubes tied to it. Mireno unloads with brass knuckle assisted punches to Zandig’s head. Kingston throws more punches to Zandig’s busted open head while choking him on the middle rope. Kingston misses a yakuza kick. Zandig clothesline’s Mireno to the floor. He blasts a sheet of light tubes over Kingston’s head. BLK Out member Ruckus comes in and hits Zandig with a moonsault kick to the chin. He stomps Zandig’s head onto tubes which do not break. Joker makes his return to CZW after coming home from Iraq and helps Zandig by taking out BLK Out. Zandig hits Mireno in the head with a baking pan, then on the back with a thumbtack bat. He hits Kingston in the head with it as well. Ruckus cracks a light tube across Zandig’s back while Kingston and Joker trade headbutts in the ring. Mireno hits Zandig with a crutch. Zandig fires back with multiple crutch shots on Mireno’s back. Joker and Kingston put on barbed wire crowns and continue their headbutt battle. Zandig powerbombs Ruckus through a table. Outside of the ring, Kingston hits Joker with a guitar on the back. Zandig pulls off Kingston’s shirt and breaks light tubes over his back. Ruckus goes for the Razzle Dazzle on Zandig back in the ring, but Zandig punches him to stop it. Zandig tries his own Razzle Dazzle but infamously he just kinda kicks Ruckus before taking him over with a miracle headscissors. He then clotheslines Ruckus outside. Joker unloads with punches to Kingston before suplexing him onto a table. Inside Zandig blasts Mireno with a keyboard to the head. He powerbombs Mireno onto a thumbtack board while Joker hits Kingston across the back with more light tubes. Ruckus gives Joker a uranage through some light tubes. Ruckus breaks another one on Joker’s head. Kingston yakuza kicks Zandig. Ruckus hits a moonsault trashcan assisted dropkick onto Joker inside the ring. Mireno knee strikes the can into Joker’s face, then hits him in the head with the bottom of another can. Kingston dropkicks Joker through a sheet of glass. Joker belly-to-belly suplexes Kingston into the corner. Zandig gives Ruckus the Mother F’n Bomb through light tubes. Mireno kicks Zandig in the back to stop his pin. Joker gives Mireno the Joker Driver onto a thumbtack board with light tubes on it for the pin at 12:26. The storyline elements between the BLK Out, Zandig, and the returning Joker made this match. The deathmatch stuff was what it was, but the emotional connection between the fans and the characters is what made this memorable. It also was a turning point in CZW for Kingston when the company got behind him more than they did prior to this match. ***

Eddie Kingston vs. Super Dragon
CZW “Big Mutha F’n Deal” – Philadelphia, PA – 9.10.2005

A cheap shot from Hero allows Dragon to attack Kingston from behind. He delivers a back elbow, but Kingston ducks a clothesline and lands two shoulder tackles. Dragon avoids a third, sends Kingston outside, and follows with a suicide dive. The two men trade blows and throw a chair at one another. Dragon then blasts Kingston in the back with a chair and digs his neck into the guardrail. Kingston slaps him in the face, so Dragon pokes him in the eyes. In the ring he snapmares Kingston into a headscissors. Kingston escapes, so Dragon puts him in a tree of woe and stands on his crotch. He then puts Kingston in a seated full nelson with his legs. Dragon slaps Kingston before hitting the ropes. Kingston gives him a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Dragon blocks a yakuza kick with a boot of his own. He hits a tornado DDT and puts on a butterfly lock. Kingston escapes and STO’s Dragon into a backbreaker. Kingston successfully hits the yakuza kick for two. Kingston brings him to the middle rope. Dragon headbutts him to the mat and follows with a double stomp to the face. Kingston kicks out of the pin attempt. He gives Dragon a Saito suplex and uranage suplex. A shotgun lariat gets him a very close nearfall. Dragon avoids another yakuza kick and has a violence party in the corner. He sets up Kingston on the top rope. He and Dragon trade blows. Dragon unloads with headbutts on Kingston until he’s able to bring him down with a Psycho Driver for the pin at 10:13. Sadly, like their IWA-MS bout, there wasn’t much to this aside from some hitting and head dropping with a crowd that wasn’t all that interested. Quite frankly it’s surprising these two didn’t have better chemistry. **¼

Eddie Kingston vs. Gran Akuma
CHIKARA “Son of the International Invasion of International Invaders – First Stage” – Reading, PA – 9.16.2005

Chris Hero and Kingston go face to face before the match as Hero comes out to do commentary. Kingston breaks a lock-up cleanly in the corner. Akuma slaps Kingston in the face. Kingston catches him with a couple knee lifts. He stomps on Akuma’s chest and points at Hero. Kingston lays in some chops and forearms. Akuma rakes his eyes and dropkicks his leg out. Akuma kicks Kingston’s inner leg. He grapevines Kingston’s legs while laying in some chops. Akuma turns him into a leg lock. Kingston grabs the ropes to break. Akuma kicks Kingston’s leg some more. He snapmares Kingston into a dropkick for two. Akuma lights him up with chest kicks for two. Kingston ducks an enzuigiri rolls up Kingston for two. Akuma continues to do more damage to Kingston’s leg. Kingston blocks the Yoshi Tonic with the Mad Scientist Bomb. Kingston delivers a couple elbows and whips Akuma to the corner. He unwisely hits a yakuza kick. A backfist gets him two. Akuma spikes Kingston with a crucifix bomb for two. Kingston blocks a kick and delivers a lariat. Kingston hits another lariat for two. Akuma ducks another lariat. He successfully delivers the Yoshi Tonic for two. Akuma applies a kneebar. Kingston grabs the ropes to break the hold. They trade roll-ups but can’t get a pin. Kingston lays in some chops. Akuma kicks Kingston’s leg and rolls him into a grapevine stretch. Kingston passes out from the pain at 9:17. These two packed a lot in a short time both in hard-hitting action and storytelling. Kingston’s hatred for Hero came through just with quick glances to Hero here and there. Akuma serving as Hero’s hired gun and targeting Kingston’s leg was a great story, and it sets up Kingston and Hero’s eventual rematch. ***¼

Eddie Kingston vs. Arik Cannon
CHIKARA “Aniversario Delta” – Reading, PA – 5.26.2006

The winner of this match is entered into the Young Lions Cup IV tournament. Cannon controls Kingston’s arm. Kingston cleanly breaks the hold against the ropes. Cannon breaks a lock-up against the ropes, cleanly as well. Kingston trips him into a front chancery. Cannon switches out and goes back to Kingston’s arm. Kingston puts on a side headlock. Kingston shoulder blocks Cannon when Cannon shoots out of the hold. Cannon trips Kingston. Kingston alita’s off the second rope. He suplexes Cannon for two. Cannon ducks a chop and pokes Kingston in the eyes. A twisting neckbreaker leads to a rolling neck snap. Cannon elbows his neck to further wear it down. Cannon’s haymaker doesn’t even get him a one count. Cannon uppercuts the back of his neck. Cannon further wears down the neck. Kingston tries a small package but only gets two. Cannon clotheslines him back to the mat. This time Cannon grapevines his legs. Kingston tries to fight out. He fails and Cannon holds on a facelock while keeping the legs locked. Kingston grabs the bottom rope. Cannon dropkicks Kingston’s knee after trapping it in the ropes. Kingston punches Cannon in the corner. Cannon neck chops Kingston. Kingston backfists Cannon. Cannon stays up and chops up Kingston’s neck some more. Kingston uses both hands to backfist Cannon. This knocks down both men who roll to the floor. Cannon and Cannon throw headbutts and strikes on their knees. Kingston DDT’s Cannon the ring apron. Kingston looks for another move. Cannon breaks free and gives Kingston a brainbuster on the floor! Sabato checks on Kingston on the floor and resets the count. Not the best officiating call I have ever seen. Cannon pins Kingston when he comes back in the ring but only gets two. Kingston blocks a rolling forearm. He suplexes Cannon and gets two with a short-arm lariat. Cannon ducks another lariat and hits an enzuigiri. He Saito suplexes Kingston two times. Kingston is dazed when Cannon rocks him with a forearm. The Glimmering Warlock gets Cannon the win at 14:23. Cannon at this time was trying to redeem himself after spending a year on the roster. This was a nice match to give him part of that redemption, and it allowed for both he and Kingston got to shine. They didn’t overdo it on the crazy stuff and kept everything sensible. ***¼

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

CHIKARA “Return of the Son of the International Invasion of the International Invaders – Second Stage” – Barnesville, PA – 8.20.2006

Sweeney is in his street fight gear again. Sweeney throws overhand chops, which Kingston just absorbs. Sweeney then punches him in the head. Kingston lights up Sweeney with chops in the corner. Sweeney ducks a yakuza kick. He overhand chops Kingston and delivers another punch. Kingston backdrops Sweeney to the floor. Kingston follows Sweeney. Sweeney baits him in and throws Kingston shoulder first into the ring post. Sweeney slams his arm into a different ring post twice. Sweeney twists up Kingston’s arm in the bottom rope. Sweeney then puts on a chinlock after raking Kingston’s eyes. He kicks Kingston in the stomach while twisting his arm. Kingston tells Sweeney he better kill him. Sweeney throws a few more shots at the shoulder and suplexes him. Sweeney comes off the top rope twice, sledging down on Kingston’s shoulder. The third time however Kingston catches him with a clothesline as he comes down. Kingston Backfists Sweeney after absorbing more punches. He delivers a yakuza kick. Sweeney gets his foot on the ropes to break a pin. Sweeney goes to the floor to try and retrieve his belt. Kingston follows. Sweeney bites him and suplexes him on the floor. Sweeney grabs UltraMantis Black’s car keys from the Commentation Station and heads out the door. Kingston follows him out. Sweeney ends up hitting Kingston with his car! Kingston grabs his knee in agony on the asphalt. Sweeney stops the car to take a good look. Kingston yells to Sweeney that he’s going to kill him as Bryce and some other CHIKARA roster members come out to check on him. I have this match clocked in around 7:14, ending in a double count out. Obviously this was all an angle to set up for a bigger blow off match. Sweeney now has the title in his possession and has done severe damage to Kingston. I thought this feud was already at a good level, but now it’s escalated to a whole new plateau. **½

CZW Heavyweight Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Necro Butcher

CZW “Last Team Standing” – Philadelphia, PA – 10.14.2006

Kingston has been champion since 9.9.2006 and this is his first defense. Kingston gets in a few shots, but one punch from Butcher turns things in his advantage. He tosses Kingston over the guardrails into some chairs, then follows with a flip senton over the guardrail. Butcher throws numerous chairs at Kingston. He drops Kingston crotch first on the guardrail, hits him with a chair, then tosses him into another section of chairs. Butcher drops a guardrail which hits his head, then suplexes Kingston onto it. He haphazardly tosses chairs onto Kingston and then gives him a backbreaker onto the top of two chairs. Butcher gives Kingston a chair-assisted slam into a bunch of chairs. After being thrown into more chairs, Kingston makes his way back to the ring. Butcher stomps on Kingston. Kingston punches his foot to stop a running boot, then drops Butcher with a running STO. Robbie Mireno chokes Butcher on the ropes behind referee Bryce Remsburg’s back. Kingston splashes Butcher in the corner and suplexes him for two. He lays on a side chinlock. Mireno and B.L.K. stomp on Butcher while Kingston distracts Bryce. Kingston yakuza kicks Butcher when he’s placed back in the ring. Butcher unloads with punches and places Kingston on the top turnbuckle. He brings down Kingston with a huracanrana. Mireno pulls Butcher’s leg to stop the cover, Butcher chases Mireno around ringside with a chair. Meanwhile, Kingston sets up a table near another part of ringside and gets back in the rin. Butcher throws a chair at Mireno and connects. Kingston clobbers Butcher on the ring apron and back suplexes Butcher through the table! It takes a comically long time for the BLK Out to get ring steps into the ring. Kingston looks to suplex Butcher onto the steps. Butcher headbutts Kingston to avoid it. He sets up a chair next to the steps and pummels Kingston with punches. Butcher powerbombs Kingston on the edge of the steps! B.L.K. pulls Bryce out of the ring. Butcher O’Connor Rolls Kingston. Mireno interferes to stop the count. Butcher attacks Mireno, but Kingston sneaks in and back suplexes Butcher onto the wooden steps! Kingston hits a Shotgun lariat to get the win at 15:07. The opening portion with all the chairs was really tedious, and the interference got to be a bit much. All the moments where Kingston got to look strong were excellent, there just weren’t enough of them. For a first title defense, I consider this a let down. **¼

Eddie Kingston vs. Brandon Thomaselli
IWA Mid-South “10th Anniversary Show, Night 3” – Midlothian, IL – 10.21.2006

The two men trade strikes to start. Kingston strings a corner splash and suplex together for two. Thomaselli goes for the SAT Bomb. Kingston stops him and gets two with a belly-to-belly suplex. Thomaselli begs off, but then pulls Kingston into a dropkick to the leg. Thomaselli takes advantage of a grounded Kingston, peppering him with punches, chops and a kick to the back while Kingston is semi-defenseless. Thomaselli ties him up in the ropes and boots Kingston in the back of the head. After some more shots, Thomaselli delivers two running shooting star presses. Despite multiple covers, Kingston is able to kick out. Thomaselli hangs him up in a tree of woe and attacks his knee before delivering a baseball slide dropkick. He strings a stomp into a back senton for two. The two men trade chops with Kingston easily the more worse for wear of the two. They both hit backfists, with Thomaselli adding chops to the neck. Slaps to the face are unloaded before stereo clotheslines are busted out. After a running boot, Thomaselli hits the Golden Gate Swing for two. Kingston ducks a back elbow and gives Thomaselli a Northern Lights suplex for two. Despite taking a yakuza kick from Kingston, Thomaselli is able to connect with an Air Raid Crash for two. Kingston avoids a 450 splash. Thomaselli rolls through, but Kingston drops him with an Emerald Frosion. A shotgun lariat scores him the closest nearfall of the match so far. Thomaselli ducks a slap and kicks Kingston in the back of the head. Kingston clobbers Thomaselli with a short-arm lariat for the pin at 12:09. Thomaselli’s attitude and demeanor added a nice underlying story to this fun slugfest. It felt like Kingston accomplished something by fighting back from such a beat down. All of Thomaselli’s offense looked great and his plan of attack was smart. I thought this was very good for many reasons. ***¼

Tex-Arkana Yellow Bellied Strap Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Larry Sweeney

CHIKARA “Talent Borrows; Genius Steals” – Hellertown, PA – 11.18.2006

Neither Sweeney’s ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship or Kingston’s CZW Heavyweight championship are on the line. There are no disqualifications. The only way to win is for a competitor to touch all four corners in succession. It is up to Bryce Remsburg’s discretion whether or not a competitor has lost momentum when going for the corners.

Sweeney tackles Kingston to the corner and drives his shoulder into his midsection. Kingston fires back, but Sweeney catches him with a hard punch to the forehead. They exchange strikes on the floor. Kingston pounds on Sweeney’s back. He goes for a suplex, but Sweeney reverses it. Sweeney goes back in the ring to touch the corners. He gets two before Kingston pulls him back to the floor and slams him. Kingston tries dragging him back into the ring, but Sweeney snaps his neck across the top rope. As they pound on each other, Sweeney chokes Kingston with the strap. He whips Kingston with the belt on the floor. This fires Kingston up. He goes for a piledriver but Sweeney shoves his back into the ring post. Sweeney touches two corners. Kingston charges after him. Sweeney boots Kingston and has to have the strap re-attached to his wrist. He catapults Kingston throat first into the bottom rope. When Kingston fights back, Sweeney gives him a low blow. Sweeney removes the strap in the hopes of getting Kingston DQ’d. It does not work. Sweeney climbs the ropes. Kingston yanks the rope into Sweeney’s crotch, causing him to fall to the mat. Kingston pulls Sweeney’s shirt off and smacks him with the strap across his back. He then chokes Sweeney with the strap. Kingston touches three corners. Sweeney pulls him in for a gourd buster to stop the momentum. Sweeney grabs Kingston’s ankle as he once again goes for the corners. Kingston picks Sweeney up on his shoulders to hit the corners uninterrupted. Smartly Sweeney is hitting them as he is being carried. Sweeney tries touching the fourth corner first, but Kingston stops both their momentum with a back suplex. Sweeney gets up first. He goes for a piledriver. Kingston blocks it with the Backfist. He pulls out his own pair of knucks and hits Sweeney with them! Kingston makes it to three corners. Kingston fights off Sweeney and touches the fourth corner for the win at 14:08. You have to love Kingston using one of Sweeney’s favorite tricks (the knucks) against him to get the win. These guys fought tooth and nail to get the win, but I think the biggest problem was the rules. I think the crowd would have been way more into this match if they had a traditional street fight where multiple nearfalls would have occurred and helped them get fired up. The way the match was structured, they popped for some bigger moves but otherwise remained fairly quiet, even when the guys went for the corners. The story and the aggression was here, but didn’t have the crowd heat it needed. ***¼

Revolution Strong Style 2006 Tournament Finals
Eddie Kingston vs. Drake Younger

IWA Mid-South “Revolution Strong Style Tournament 2006” – Midlothian, IN – 11.24.2006

Kingston defeated Tarek the Great and Corporal Robinson on his way to the finals, while Younger defeated CJ Otis and Necro Butcher. Kingston controls Younger on the mat in a side headlock. Younger gets out into a hammerlock, which Kingston turns into a wristlock and brings Younger back to the mat. He scissors Younger’s head while holding a modified wristlock. Younger gets his foot on the bottom rope to escape. Kingston tosses him out of a belly-to-belly suplex and gives him a back elbow for two. After some chops he sends Younger to the corner. He strings a corner splash into a vertical suplex for two. They trade forearm strikes until Kingston dishes out chops. Younger counters a suplex with a small package. Kingston back elbows Younger to stop his momentum. He throws three kicks to Younger’s back and stomps on his chest. Younger ducks a yakuza kick and gives Kingston a sit-out Death Valley Driver for two. A back senton from Younger knocks the wind out of Kingston.From behind Younger clobbers Kingston in the face with multiple forearm strikes. He gives Kingston a Perfect neck snap and a spinebuster for two. Kingston chops Younger up. Younger ducks some shots and dumps Kingston on his neck with a half-nelson suplex. He drills Kingston with a fisherman’s buster for two. Younger ducks the Backfist to the Future and hits the Drake’s Landing! Younger goes for it again. Kingston counters with a Saito suplex. He fires up and hits a shotgun lariat for two. Kingston unloads with rapid fire chops. He yakuza kicks Younger in the corner and gives him a Tiger suplex for two. Back on their feet Younger wins a slap exchange. He wants the Drake’s Landing, but again Kingston hits a Saito suplex. He rolls Younger up and lariats him in the back of the neck before hitting a shotgun lariat for the pin at 13:21. This fit the “Strong Style” bill, with lots of strikes, kicks, and drops thrown and the crowd appreciating both the effort and fighting spirit by both competitors. That said, it seemed clear they were burnt out from watching this style of wrestling all night long. Part of me feels Younger may have been the better choice to win, but I won’t complain because Kingston’s emotion conveyed that this was a big deal for him once he got the victory. ***

Eddie Kingston vs. Samoa Joe
Fight Sports Midwest “Chapter 1” – Portage, IN – 3.17.2007

Kingston jumps Joe during the ring introductions. He chops him in a few different corners and delivers a yakuza kick. Joe blocks a second kick with the STJoe. He snapmares Kingston into the Combination. He enzuigiri’s Kingston in the corner and gives him the facewash kick. Joe puts on a Dragon sleeper. Kingston escapes so Joe drives his elbow into his head. Joe ducks the Backfist. Kingston catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex for one. Joe throws multiple chops and jabs. Kingston throws him down by his hair. He stomps on Joe’s stomach for two. He gets two with a suplex. Kingston fights for a Saito suplex which also gets him two. He hits the Backfist to the Future. He goes for it a second time. Joe ducks, gives him an inverted an atomic drop and a senton for two. Joe throws some Kawada kicks. He swiftly kicks Kingston in the side of the head for two. Both men exchange slaps. Joe ducks a Backfist and hits an enzuigiri. He delivers the Backdrop Driver. Kingston pulls himself up by the ropes. He kicks out of a powerslam. Joe puts on the Coquina Clutch. Kingston taps out at 8:29. That was a lot shorter than I was hoping for, but just as hard hitting as I wanted. Joe’s selling coming and going was pretty annoying, but not annoying enough to deter a large chunk of my personal enjoyment. ***

CWE Undisputed Championship Tournament; First Round
Eddie Kingston vs. Jigsaw

CWE “One Step Closer” – Youngstown, OH – 4.15.2007

A wristlock exchange leads to Kingston taking down Jigsaw with a heel trip. Jigsaw picks up Kingston in an armbar and heel trips him. Kingston moves out of a toe hold into a headlock. Jigsaw grabs a headscissors, which Kington escapes. He grabs a chinlock while locking Jigsaw’s legs. Jigsaw rolls away bringing us back to one. Jigsaw mares Kingston down by his neck, but Kingston takes back control over Jigsaw’s neck and arm. Jigsaw nips up into an armdrag, holding onto the arm. Kingston armdrags Jigsaw, but Jigsaw holds on and delivers a second armdrag. He then turns over Kingston in a crucifix pin for two. Kingston hits the floor to create distance. In the ring, Kingston escapes a cravate and knee strikes Jigsaw in the stomach. He gives Jigsaw a vertical suplex for two. Kingston kicks Jigsaw to the ropes and digs his boot into his face. He grabs a Camel Clutch while clubbing Jigsaw in the face with forearm strikes. Kingston calls for a brainbuster. Jigsaw counters into a small package for two. Kingston instantly back elbows Jigsaw and stomps on his chest. Jigsaw ducks some offense from Kingston and sends him outside with a leg lariat. Jigsaw follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring he gives Kingston another leg lariat and chops him in the corner. A knee strike and bulldog get Jigsaw a two count. He comes off the top, but Kingston halts him and hits a uranage suplex. He unloads some hard chops. Jigsaw fires up and delivers some of his own chops. Jigsaw wants the Jig N’ Tonic, but Kingston pummels his back and instead gives him a sit-out Last Ride for two. Kingston misses a corner splash. Jigsaw hits him with an enzuigiri and superkick before coming off the top with a legdrop for two. He goes for the Jig N’ Tonic again. Kingston fights free and hits the Backfist to the Future. The Backdrop Driver gets him the pin at 11:32. I liked the more methodical approach this match had, starting with some solid mat wrestling, leading into the strikes and aerial offense. They did enough to have a good match while also keeping themselves and their arsenal fresh for the rest of the tournament. **¾

Eddie Kingston vs. Hotstuff Hernandez
IWA Mid-South “A Phenomenal Invasion” – Joliet, IL – 5.12.2007

Kingston has his shoulder taped up. Hernandez shoves Kingston shoulder first to the corner. Kingston throws some shots, but Hernandez chops him down. Kingston comes back with chops and forearms which barely faze Hernandez. Hernandez rocks him with multiple forearm strikes. It takes a running forearm for Kingston to send Hernandez to the floor, but Hernandez is still on his feet. Kingston hits three knee lifts while Hernandez is on the apron. He looks to attack but Hernandez cuts him off with the slingshot shoulder tackle. He wears down Kingston’s back over his shoulder. Kingston chops Hernandez to the corner. He looks for the yakuza kick, but Hernandez avoids it and delivers the Crackerjack for two. He uses his shirt to throw Kingston across the ring by his neck. Hernandez grabs a Bear Hug, then switches to a Camel Clutch. Kingston avoids being thrown into a corner and dishes out more forearms. Hernandez counters a shotgun lariat with a half-nelson suplex. Kingston gets his knees up to block a slingshot splash. He rocks Hernandez with a rolling forearm. Hernandez elbows out of a suplex, but eats two Backfists to the Future. Kingston hits the Uranage slam for two. The yakuza kick connects. Hernandez kicks Kingston in the stomach to avoid a charge and skins the cat to the top rope. Kingston enzuigiri’s Hernandez off of the top rope for a two count. Hernandez powers up Kingston into a sit-out powerbomb for two. Hernandez picks up Kingston off the mat. Kingston gives him the Backfist to the Future and a shining boot for two. Kingston avoids the Border Toss. He wants a Saito suplex but Hernandez grabs the top rope. Hernandez blocks the Backfist to the Future and hits the Border Toss for the pin at 11:04. I have to give these two credit, because the beginning portion of the match I found to be quite boring, but they were able to get me back into the contest and buying into multiple nearfalls. Kingston did a great job playing the underdog against a larger man (not a role he’s in terribly often) and getting the crowd behind him. Hernandez didn’t seem interested in doing much outside of some strikes and his usual bigger moves. **½

Eddie Kingston vs. Tim Donst
CHIKARA “Showdown in Crisisland” – Wallingford, CT – 7.21.2007

As Donst is about to get into the ring Kingston boots him in the head. He throws some forearms and chokes Donst with his sweatshirt. In the ring Donst valiantly takes Kingston’s chops and throws some of his own back. Kingston strikes him in the throat. He steps on Donst’s throat in the corner. After a headbutt he takes off Donst’s amateur headgear. He open hand slaps Donst across the face. Kingston’s yelling at Chikarason at commentary while throwing chops. Donst blocks a clothesline with a Peterson roll-up. Kingston pokes Donst in the eyes. He throws him over with a suplex. He pulls down Donst’s singlet straps. He throws more chops and clubs Donst in the back. Donst throws some chops and Kingston SMACKS Donst in the face hard. He dumps Donst on his head in a Dragon suplex. Kingston gives him some headbutts and a yakuza kick. He throws a forearm. Fans are telling him to stay down but Donst shakes his head in refusal. Donst picks up Kingston by his legs and takes him down. On the floor Kingston smacks him again. He knocks down Donst with a lariat! Donst makes it back into the ring right before the twenty count. Kingston laughs as he smacks Donst again. His face turns into disbelief when Donst takes a couple more. Donst takes Kingston off his feet and throws some forearms to the face. He drops him with an STO for two. Kingston nails the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 9:36. This was a beating of legendary proportions. It’s a match still talked about to this day and arguably made Donst’s career. Kingston did an amazing job not only dishing out punishment, but giving Donst his due when he was able to keep coming back from all the damage he took. You rarely see matches like this making this encounter all that more special. ***¾

Eddie Kingston vs. Ricochet
CHIKARA “Maximum Overdraft” – Philadelphia, PA – 8.5.2007

Kingston shoves Ricochet down out of a lock-up twice. Ricochet tries knocking him down with running shoulder tackles. After stomping on Kingston’s foot and leaping off the second rope he is successful. He also uses a headscissors. He Tiger walks up Kingston and nails an enzuigiri. He follows with a cannonball senton for two. Kingston takes him down and chops him up in the corner. Ricochet responds with a chop or two but gets knocked down. Kingston kicks him in the side of the head. He yells up to LFC in commentary “Where’s Hallowicked” as he keeps Ricochet down. Ricochet reverses an Irish whip, sending Kingston into the guardrails. Kingston however takes control with a chinlock back in the ring. Kingston smacks him in the face. Ricochet responds with a tornado kick for two. He dropkicks Kingston to the corner and hits a tiger feint kick to the back. He springboard dropkicks Kingston for two. Kingston rolls out. Ricochet follows with a twisting tope. Ricochet dives in with a headscissors but Kingston gives him a powerbomb. He puts on a full nelson clutch but Ricochet gets the ropes. Ricochet rolls out of the way of a yakuza kick. He spikes Kingston with a huracanrana. He misses a twisting splash but lands on his feet. Kingston kicks Ricochet right in the groin. Derek Sabato DQ’s Kingston at 8:24. This wasn’t the legendary beatdown Kingston gave Donst, but the outcome was similar: Ricochet looked good taking a beating and getting in some hope spots while Kingston looks like an animal unleashed. ***

Barbed Wire Boards
Eddie Kingston vs. Mad Man Pondo

IWA East Coast “Stiff Competition” – Charleston, WV – 8.8.2007

Kingston attacks Pondo as Pondo is taking his shirt off. Kingston slams him onto a barbed wire board for two. Kingston tries to whip him into another board in the corner. Pondo blocks and spears Kingston through the board. Pondo throws Kingston into the guardrails. He dropkicks a board into Kingston’s head. Kingston goes towards the back and Pondo kicks him. He places a barbed wire board on the floor. Kingston rakes his eyes and chokes him. Pondo kicks Kingston in the balls and suplexes him right next to the board Unfortunately Kingston’s arm gets caught in a piece of the wire. Pondo swings the board on Kingston’s back. Pondo places a board between the ring apron and a guardrail. Kingston punches and bites Pondo’s forehead. He throws a board into Pondo’s face twice. Pondo low blows Kingston to stop being hit in the forehead more. Kingston cuts off Pondo’s spear attempt and suplexes Pondo through the previously set-up barbed wire board. Kingston places a board on Pondo’s back. He stomps on the board and pins Pondo for two. Kingston asks some attendants to put some steel chairs into the ring. He places a barbed wire board onto four upright chairs. Pondo however is the one suplexes Kingston onto the contraption. Kingston manages to kick out at two. Pondo sets up a bigger board onto the four chairs. Pondo throws a STOP sign at Kingston’s head and then places him onto the barbed wire board. Pondo jumps onto him with the Silencer for the pin at 12:13. That was a great game of one-upmanship from both men. They took and gave out a lot of damage, building from one gruesome spot to another. Even if it’s not my cup of tea, I give them a lot of credit for pacing the match really well. ***

2007 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament; First Round
Eddie Kingston vs. Human Tornado

IWA Mid-South “2007 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament, Night 1” – Midlothian, IL – 9.28.2007

Chris Hero is on commentary, which is fitting since he’s feuding with Tornado in PWG and has been rivals with Kingston in multiple companies for years. They start out looking for control on the mat. Tornado gets the ropes to break a headscissors. Tornado makes Kingston mad by dancing out of a potential test of strength and pimp slapping him twice. He armdrags Kingston and catches him with a leg lariat. He delivers a jumping back elbow and a yakuza kick in the corner. He gets in the kicks for the House Party but Kingston slides out before taking the groin kick. Tornado follows out with a pescado. He sends Kingston into the ring post. Kingston responds with chops. Tornado gets in his own chops back in the ring. Kingston clubbers his lower back. He mocks Tornado’s House Party and bites his face. Tornado backslides Kingston to block a lariat. Kingston kicks out and boots him in the face. Kingston misses a corner yakuza kick. Tornado delivers one of his own and leapfrogs into a double stomp to the back of Kingston’s head. He gets two with a missile dropkick. Instead of delivering a Bronco Buster, he finishes the house party with a split kick to the groin. Kingston reverses a whip with a uranage suplex. Tornado kicks out, so Kingston gives him a short arm lariat. Tornado kicks out of that too! Tornado ducks the Backfist and delivers an enzuigiri. The DND gets him the pin at 9:19. Both guys styles complimented one another, with Tornado being able to incorporate some of his goofy moves logically and match Kingston’s bravado. Very fun match. ***

Last Man Standing
Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero

IWA Mid-South “2007 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament, Night 2” – Midlothian, IL – 9.29.2007

You must incapacitate your opponent to the point where they cannot get up before a ten count to win. The fight starts with both men brawling through the side door. They fight around the periphery of the building with neither man getting a clear cut advantage. Hero shoves a table into Kingston’s stomach to stop him from using glass. Hero suplexes Kingston onto the table, but the table moves instead of breaking causing both men to fall to the floor. Kingston sends Hero into some chairs. He chokes him until Hero grabs his face. He throws a guardrail at Kingston! They make their way ringside where they exchange strikes. Kingston has control once they finally get in the ring to start the match. Hero headbutts Kingston to stop a Backfist. Hero boots him twice in the corner. Hero brings in some chairs. Kingston fires away with strikes to the back until Hero jabs him with the chair and stomps it into his head. He uses two chairs to assist with a senton. He uses a chair to assist with a Boston Crab as well. Kingston, now with his nose busted open, powers his way out. Kingston puts on a front facelock. Hero fights out. He drops Kingston on his neck with a Saito suplex. He follows up with a powerbomb. Kingston uses the ropes to get up. Hero slaps him a few times. Kingston overhand chops him. Hero stomps on his hand a few times. Hero throws chops. This fires Kingston up, who throws his own chops. He yakuza kicks Hero and throws him with a uranage suplex. Hero ducks a short arm lariat and throws an elbow. After a forearm exchange Hero delivers some nasty headbutts. He then goes nuts driving his elbow and knee into Kingston’s head. Kingston dumps him with a German suplex. Hero throws him in a cravate suplex. Kingston fires up and gives Hero a dragon suplex. He nails the short-arm lariat. Hero recovers. He drives Kingston into his knee and throws two chairs at him. He puts a chair around Kingston’s neck and drives him down with a Cravate-O-Clasm. Hero brings a guardrail into the ring, jamming it into Kingston’s mid-section. Kingston shoves Hero to the opposite corner with the guardrail. Hero throws it into Kingston’s hands and kicks it into his face. Hero then double stomps it into Kingston, bending the middle portion of the rail. He sets up the rail in the corner looking for a powerbomb. Kingston ends up giving him a Backfist and two Saito suplexes. A third Saito suplex is given onto the guardrail! Hero stays down for ten, making Kingston the winner at 16:04, officially (with about 7 or more minutes before the bell happening in the crowd.) This was one of the more convincing Last Man Standing matches I have seen. The hatred was very real (as it comes off in all these guys’ matches) and it made sense that each guy would go after the head given the stipulation. Some people may cringe nowadays at some of the stuff they did, but I really enjoyed it. ***¾

Eddie Kingston vs. Hallowicked
CHIKARA “Chapter 11” – Philadelphia, PA – 11.17.2007

(Note: You can watch this match in its entirety here.)

After staring each other down, both men clobber each other on the back. They exchange chops. Hallowicked elbows Kingston on the neck so Kingston rakes his eyes and throws some jabs. Hallowicked sends him out with a knee strike. He suplexes Kingston onto the entrance ramp for two. He chops Kingston up against the guardrails. Kingston dishes out some chops of his own. In the ring he delivers some palm strikes to Hallowicked’s kidney and kicks him in the face. He chokes Hallowicked on the middle rope and knocks him down with some open handed shots to the face. Hallowicked throws some chops so Kingston slaps him in the face. They headbutt one another. Kingston stomps on Hallowicked’s chest. He hits a springboard lariat to Hallowicked while he’s on the apron. He looks for a dive but Hallowicked yakuza kicks him from the floor. He then hits a Koppu Kick while Kingston is dangling on the middle rope. Hallowicked hits a Michinoku Driver on the floor for two. He tries a yakuza kick which Kingston blocks with an STO. Kingston kicks Hallowicked into the crowd. In the ring Kingston misses a yakuza kick. Hallowicked hits a step-up Frankensteiner. They trade chops in the ropes. Hallowicked delivers a headbutt before bringing Kingston down with a super fisherman’s buster. Kingston kicks out. Hallowicked goes for Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Kingston elbows his way free and gives Hallowicked a brainbuster for two. Hallowicked ducks the Backfist. He throws some chops. Another step-up Frankensteiner leads to a yakuza kick. Kingston again kicks out. Kingston blocks Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. He delivers a Saito suplex for two. Kingston gives him another one. Hallowicked fires up! The Backfist to the Future gives Kingston the win at 11:47. This was a knock-down, drag out fight; the perfect way to end this feud. I’m surprised it didn’t get a little crazier and didn’t have a little more time, but no doubt that these two fought tooth and nail and gave us an good capper to a great feud. Admittedly, the crowd could have been more lively, but then again the Philadelphia crowd was pretty bad for every CHIKARA show this year. ***¼

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