Edge of Sanity: The Delirious Story



This interview is done in character (i.e., Delirious speaks in gibberish the entire time.) This can of course be very maddening for several people, but it’s only 23 minutes.

From his ramblings, I gathered the following…I think:

*His first memories of wrestling were of mid-80s WWF. He idolized the Ultimate Warrior.
*His favorite cartoon was Snorkels. His favorite movie is The Toxic Avenger.
*He feels like his English is getting better over time.
*This was taped in 2008, and he says he won’t vote for either Obama or McCain in the election.
*He was not happy with the rising gasoline prices at the time and rants about oil, California, and Schwarzenegger.
*“Delirious always goes green” when it comes to wiping.
*He enjoyed the 3DO and Turbo Grafx 16 as a kid, and currently he enjoys the Nintendo DS, specifically Professor Layton. He is not into Nintendogs, but enjoys Cooking Mama.
*He talks about some altercation with Brandon Thomaselli during the 2005 TPI that resulted in a bloody nose.
*He has wrestled in Japan for Big Japan and Dragon Gate, Germany for wXw, England many times, Canada, but never Mexico. He would finally get to Mexico in 2019.
*He has a soft spot in his heart for IWA-MS. His Iron Man match with CM Punk is one of his career favorites.
*IWA-MS, IWC, CHIKARA, FIP and ROH are the companies he felt are the places he was able to learn and grow.
*Big thumbs up to CHIKARA, and he feels him and Hallowicked are the best Campeones de Parejas of all time.
*Because of ROH, he is able to make professional wrestling his full-time job and not be a dishwasher. This is even before he was a booker, but he was the head trainer of the ROH Dojo.
*He’s a big fan of Beetlejuice and the Howard Stern show. He plays FMK with Benji, Sal, and J.D. from Howard Stern.
*He was offered contracts with TNA and Wrestling Society X, but ultimately decided it would be best to remain on his own due to trademark and copyright issues.
*Name association reveals he thinks Evan Bourne “probably sucked someone off” to get hired by WWE. I get they’re pals, but yikes! He also mentions the Campeones de Parejas match against Cheech and Cloudy is one of his favorites, and is featured on this DVD.
*He ends the DVD signing a song I do not recognize.

This was pretty funny, and was just long enough to feel like you purchased something substantial without getting to the point of annoyance. Even if this interview isn’t for you, there’s a whole bunch of matches to sink your teeth into.


Delirious vs. Arik Cannon
IWA Mid-South “Winter Wars 2003” – Lafayette, IN – 12.19.2003

Cannon keeps control over Delirious in a wristlock and on the mat. Delirious is able to get him in a Mouse Trap pin of sorts for a two count, and that enables Delirious to get in an onslaught of offense. Cannon retreats after a big clothesline in the corner and talks to his manager named “Weird Cookie.” When back in the ring, Delirious is sent to the ropes and Cookie grabs his foot. The distraction allows for Cannon to dropkick Delirious’ left knee out from underneath him. Cannon works over Delirious’ leg, even utilizing a modified Total Anarchy to do damage to his left knee. Delirious blocks a hip toss and sunset flips Cannon for two. He blocks a clothesline and drops Cannon with a reverse DDT for two. He calls for In Vitro Fertilization but Cannon blocks and gives Delirious a release German suplex. A butterfly suplex follows for a two count. Delirious comes back with a missile dropkick. A strike exchange ends with a backbreaker from Delirious. Shadows Over Hell had Cannon down, but Weird Cookie pulls Delirious off of him before the three count. Delirious decides to go for the move again. Cannon shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch Delirious on the top turnbuckle. After a shotei, Cannon brings Delirious down with a super swing-out slam for the pin at 11:13. Delirious’ character was very tame here, but because of that his wrestling ability received the spotlight. The manager interference was what it was, and they would have a better match a few months later, but this was a good match for two relative newcomers to the promotion. **¾

Delirious vs. Nigel McGuinness
IWA-Mid-South “April Bloodshowers 2004” – Oolitic, IN – 4.9.2004

A lot of posturing leads to McGuinness going for Delirious’ left leg. Delirious pushes him to the floor with his right foot to impede his progress. McGuinness gets a female attendee to kiss his hand and cheek when Delirious hurts them. McGuinness kicks the middle rope into Delirious’ groin, then hurts his hand and has male fan kiss it. They go back to business inside the ring where McGuiness works over Delirious’ left arm with a hammerlock. Constant pin attempts from each combatant leads to Delirious pinning McGuinness with a full nelson bridge at 11:42. This was like the Cannon match, in that Delirious didn’t too much shtick and primarily stuck to wrestling. While he did show off his technical wrestling knowhow, there was nothing to sink your teeth into. **½

IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Championship
Delirious vs. Matt Sydal

IWA-Mid-South “King of the Deathmatches 2004, Night 2” – Oolitic, IN – 6.24.2004

Sydal has been champion since 1.17.2004 and this is his ninth defense. After staring at each other across the ring, Delirious attacks Sydal with aggression, almost getting him pinned in a Mouse Trap. Sydal is able to match Delirious’ aggression on the canvas. They have each other scouted as they get back to their feet, reaching a stalemate. Delirious boot scrapes Sydal while capturing his arm with his other leg. Sydal boots Delirious to the floor. In the ring, Delirious counters a hip toss with a sunset flip, which Sydal rolls through and dropkicks Delirious. Sydal goes to the top turnbuckle, but Delirious yanks him down by his left arm and stomps on his left arm before choking him on the bottom rope. Sydal rolls outside after taking a belly-to-back suplex onto his neck, but Delirious immediately follows with a suicide dive. In the ring Delirious chokes Sydal before kicking him in the back and putting on a Fujiwara armbar. Sydal escapes and fires up against Delirious with chops to the chest. He and Delirious exchange blows in the corner until Delirious goes to the eyes. Sydal however is able to come back quickly with a release German suplex, and then spikes Delirious on his head with a headscissors. Sydal lands a perfect moonsault press to the floor. Sadly Sydal chops the ring post accidentally. Delirious stomps on Sydal while Sydal is hunched over in pain. Sydal halts the Shadows Over Hell and brings Delirious down with a super Frankensteiner. Delirious comes back with In Vitro Fertilization for two. As Delirious goes to work on the arm, Sydal pulls Delirious up onto his shoulders and drops him with the Future Shock for two. Sydal blocks a monkey flip, but unfortunately Delirious spins him into a piledriver for two. Delirious brings Sydal to the top, attempting to hit Sydal’s own Cyclorama. Sydal knocks Delirious down and one-ups him by hitting Shadows Over Hell! Delirious kicks out of that and also ducks a high kick. After ducking the kick he drills Sydal with Chemical Imbalance II for the pin and the championship at 15:44. With the history and chemistry between Sydal and Delirious, they were able to be at their best against one another. Delirious got to show more aggression and character in his offense, and even got to play the antagonist which is fairly rare to see at this period in his career. Sydal is such a perfect protagonist for him to be paired against, as portrayed in a moment where he thwarted Delirious’ attempt to steal one of his big moves and throw it right back in his face. This title win for Delirious came off as hard fought as well as being a major accomplishment. You could tell this was a “turning the corner” moment for Delirious in IWA-MS, which would be solidified with his next feud (more on that in a second.) Very good stuff. ***½

IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Championship; First Blood Match
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Delirious

IWA-Mid-South “Showdown of the Saints” – Highland, IN – 11.20.2004

The title was declared vacant on 8.21.2004 when both Delirious and Jacobs’ shoulders were pinned simultaneously in a singles contest. Jacobs re-captured the title in a ladder match against Delirious during the 2004 TPI on 9.17.2004, where he ripped open Delirious’ mask and bloodied his face with a railroad spike, hence why this is a first blood match. This is Jacobs’ fourth defense during this championship reign. Delirious attacks Jacobs during Jacobs’ introduction. Jacobs pulls out the spike which they fight over and neither man gets. Jacobs spears Delirious and they fight to the floor where Delirious pummels Jacobs and tries to clobber him with a wrench. After they both try to throw one another into the ring posts, Jacobs rips apart the forehead portion of Delirious’ mask. Delirious counters a wheelbarrow attack by slamming Jacobs face first into the canvas. He focuses his offense on Jacobs’ forehead hoping to bust him open. Jacobs headbutts Delirious to the floor and lands a high crossbody. They send one another into the back wall of the building. Jacobs plugs in a power drill (!!!) and Delirious runs for the hills, out of it’s range. In the ring, Delirious snake eyes’ Jacobs after avoiding the Contra Code and blasts Jacobs with a running forearm smash. Jacobs comes back with a super Baba chop and neckbreaker smash. Delirious gets a boot up to stop Jacobs corner attack. He then dropkicks Jacobs across the ring and hits the Panic Attack. The belt is introduced into the match. Delirious blocks a belt shot with his fist, hurting his hand significantly. Jacobs wants the reverse Pedigree on the title, but Delirious instead electric chair drops Jacobs face first on the title. Delirious punches Jacobs forehead until the referee notices blood and calls for the bell at 12:36. However, Jacobs points out the blood is from Delirious’ hand and not his forehead. The referee investigates and confirms, then declares Jacobs the winner. They had the right amount of intensity for the first portion of the match, but it fizzled out a bit once they got back in the ring. The finish is very clever and a nice way to keep the story going, but it definitely felt like just another chapter in this rivalry, and not a match that stands on its own. Still, these two are convincing and work very well together. ***¼

Delirious vs. B-Boy
IWA-Mid South “Winter Wars 2004” – Noblesville, IN – 12.17.2004

Delirious fails in convincing the referee that B-Boy engaged in tassle and tight pulling. B-Boy forearms Delirious in the face to halt Delirious from spinning his other arm around. Delirious counters a back suplex with a headscissors. He then clotheslines B-Boy to the mat where he digs his forearm into his face and bites him on the forehead. B-Boy takes multiple corner clotheslines, but stops Delirious from giving him a superplex and lands a top rope double stomp. After a spinning backbreaker he puts Delirious in a modified Muta Lock. Delirious makes it to the ropes. Delirious ducks a Shining Wizard and gives B-Boy a Rock Bottom. B-Boy responds with a Pedigree. Delirious chokeslams B-Boy, and B-Boy gives him an F-5. Delirious wins a strike exchange and Mouse Trap pins B-Boy for two. B-Boy catches Delirious on his shoulders in the corner and spikes him with a running Death Valley Driver for two. He hits Delirious with a facelift kick in the corner for two. A brainbuster also gets B-Boy two. Delirious headbutts B-Boy to block a superplex and hits Shadows Over Hell for the pin at 13:44. This was supremely dull, as the two traded moves with little rhyme or reason, and the crowd was so quiet you’d swear they were wrestling in a library. I almost felt as insane as Delirious by the end. *

Delirious vs. Matt Sydal
IWA Mid-South “Rumble in Rensselaer” – Rensselaer, IN – 12.18.2004

Just like in the B-Boy match, Delirious fails to convince the referee that Sydal grabbed his tassels or tunks. After a lot of rope running, Sydal scores the first big offense with a spinwheel kick. Sydal lands a twisting press to the floor and gives Delirious a gut buster back inside the ring. Delirious gets his feet up to block a moonsault and takes down Sydal with a clothesline. He pummels and bites Sydal before giving him a belly-to-back suplex. Sydal drop toe holds Delirious and hits a moonsault backsplash. Delirious snapmares Sydal into a back kick. Delirious looks to take away some of Sydal’s oxygen in a modified Cobra Clutch, and when Sydal begins to escape, Delirious converts into a backbreaker. He misses Shadows Over Hell, allowing Sydal to slam Delirious and hit a twisting lionsault for two. Sydal gets caught with an elbow in the corner. Delirious dropkicks him across the ring and nails the Panic Attack for two. Sydal ducks a clothesline and German suplexes Delirious for two. Sydal goes to the top turnbuckle. Delirious brings him down with a headbutt, then hits Chemical Imbalance II for the pin at 11:35. They told a really great story with both men wearing down one another’s backs and them each having the other’s signature offense scouted. Delirious was able to catch Sydal off guard which earned him the win. Although not a title win, with both men as champions, Delirious beating Sydal once again came across as an accomplishment and the crowd was into it. More good stuff from these rivals. ***½

NWA Midwest Heavyweight Championship
Chris Candido vs. Delirious

IWA Mid-South/NWA No Limits – Muscatine, IA – 1.8.2005

Candido has been champion since 11.12.2004 and this is his second defense. Jim Fannin is in his corner. Candido is rightfully freaked out by Delirious in the opening moments of the match. He grabs Delirious’ tassels to escape a side headlock, but is then knocked down with a shoulder block. Candido whips Delirious to the corner after some strikes, but when he attacks, he ends up crotching himself on the middle turnbuckle. After Delirious is able to escape a grounded headscissors, he dizzies up Candido before bringing him back down in a side headlock and shoving his tassels into Candido’s mouth. Candido powerslams Delirious for two. He pounds on Delirious, choking Delirious when Fannin distracts the referee, and Fannin choking Delirious when he distracts the referee. Candido even chokes Delirious with his own tassels. Delirious’ sunset flip attempt results in him pulling down Candido’s trunks to expose his behind. Candido of course does not pull his pants up as he ascends the ropes and gets thrown down by Delirious. Delirious gets in his headscissors, top rope dropkick, and Panic Attack for a two count. Candido finally fixes his trunks as he crotches Delirious on the top turnbuckle. Candido superplexes Delirious and then delivers two diving headbutts. He tries for a third dut Delirious gets his knees up. Delirious goes for a clothesline but Candido ducks and he takes out the referee. Delirious has Candido pinned with an O’Connor Roll but Jim Fannin saves him. He brings in a foreign object which Delirious ends up using. A new referee enters and clobbers Delirious with a foreign object. He places Candido on top and Jim Fannin sends the original referee to count the three, making Candido the winner at 15:29. Why did the guy interfering wear a referee shirt if he wasn’t going to register a count? Aside from that confusion (unfortunately there is no commentary to clear it up), this was very fun. It had both some Delirious and Candido tropes, but those tropes worked perfectly on this audience. Candido was never afraid to be the butt of a joke (literally) and as an opponent of Delirious, that works great. ***

Delirious vs. Brandon Thomaselli
IWA Mid-South “Hoosierland Brawl” – Bloomington, IN – 1.21.2005

The bottom rope is missing for some reason. Some even mat wrestling leads to Thomaselli pinning Delirious’ shoulders down for a two count. Delirious finds himself taken back down in a side headlock after another exchange. Delirious intercepts a clothesline, but gets sent off the ropes. Thomaselli hits him with an enzuigiri before bringing him back down in a side headlock. Delirious goes to Thomaselli’s eyes so he can take over in the corner with chops and a headbutt. Thomaselli sends Delirious across the ring with a monkey flip and Delirious retreats to the floor. Although Delirious drags Thomaselli to the floor, it is Thomaselli who whips Delirious into several rows of chairs. Delirious is able to send Thomaselli into the chairs himself before bringing him back into the ring. Delirious attacks Thomaselli’s lower back and spine. Thomaselli swings his way into a sunset flip on Delirious in the corner, leading to a couple more nearfalls. Thomaselli tries a Stinger Splash but Delirious gets his boots up and Thomaselli jumps chest first into them. Delirious gets two with a belly-to-back suplex. The fans lose it for a very scary backdrop driver on Thomaselli. Delirious gives him a fisherman’s buster, and Thomaselli gives him one right back, leaving both men laying. Thomaselli takes Delirious over with a reverse suplex and hits a running shooting star press for two. Delirious fights back with a Cobra Clutch backbreaker. Thomaselli fights out of a Regal Stretch and spins Delirious up into a face buster. Delirious moves out of the way out of a 450 splash and hits the Panic Attack. He tries for Chemical Imbalance II. Thomaselli blocks and wants an Air Raid Crash. Delirious rolls Thomaselli down to the mat and bites on Thomaselli’s leg! Delirious and Thomaselli trade headbutts. Delirious ducks a boot and hits Chemical Imbalance II for the win at 24:02. I don’t know why this went 24 minutes, but I give them credit for keeping it interesting just about the entire time and telling a pretty good story in the process. I always thought Brandon was the best Thomaselli in terms of singles matches, and he and Delirious had a strong dynamic. ***¼

IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship
Danny Daniels vs. Delirious

IWA Mid-South “Shadows Over Vincennes” – Vincennes, IN – 2.11.2005

Daniels has been champion since 2.4.2005 and this is his first defense. The two competitors feel one another out, both going for submissions and pin attempts early. Daniels kicks Delirious in a test of strength and throws a chop against the ropes. Delirious headscissors his way out of a belly-to-back suplex. He armdrags Daniels and then hyperextends his arm. Daniels maneuvers Delirious into a double arm stretch, digging his feet into Delirious’ shoulders. Daniels brings Delirious to the corner and elbows him in the face. Daniels crotches Delirious on the top turnbuckle and throws him face first into the second turnbuckle. As Delirious dangles Daniels dropkicks him in the back. Daniels gives Delirious a backbreaker. Delirious is able to roll him into an arm submission with his leg wrapped around the back of Daniels’ head but Daniels gets the ropes. He swings Daniels into a belly-to-back suplex and puts him in a Camel Clutch. Delirious backdrops Daniels over the top rope. Daniels however is able to swing Delirious into several rows of chairs. Daniels continues attacking Delirious’ back when in the ring. Delirious counters Daniels’ swing-out backbreaker with a DDT. Delirious throws multiple headbutts. Daniels stops him with a neckbreaker but Delirious prawn holds him for two. Delirious also gets two with a German suplex. After a punt, Delirious tries Shadows Over Hell. Daniels stops Delirious with a gut buster out of mid-air. He swings Delirious out into another gut buster for two. Delirious stops a corner attack and comes off the top with a dropkick to the back. Daniels gets up his foot to stop the Panic Attack, kicking Delirious possibly in the groin. After some more back damage, Delirious fires back at Daniels with a clothesline out of the corner. Daniels resists Chemical Imbalance II. Delirious victory rolls out of a Rubix Cube drop. Daniels drops Delirious on his head with a release belly-to-back fisherman’s buster. Delirious manages to follow Daniels up to the top turnbuckle and throw him off. Shadows Over Hell connects for a very close nearfall. Daniels ducks a clothesline and sends Delirious crashing into the ropes. He then successfully drops Delirious with the Rubix Cube to retain the title at 28:27. This was needlessly long and very dull. Things built too slowly for a crowd of maybe two dozen people. They picked up the energy by the end, but by that point I had long been ready to call it quits. **½

Delirious vs. Hallowicked
CHIKARA “Remain In Light” – Reading, PA – 3.18.2005

This is Delirious’ CHIKARA debut match. UltraMantis Black is in Hallowicked’s corner. Hallowicked gets a hammerlock, and Delirious trips him into a front chancery. Hallowicked reverses. Delirious gets a headlock on his feet. Hallowicked and Delirious speak in their gibberish language, egging each other on to try a shoulder block. This leads to both guys criss-crossing each other in the ring. Delirious ducks a chop and curls up into a ball. Delirious do-si-do’s Hallowicked into a roll-up while also making a “banana phone” reference. That rules. Hallowicked moves so that Delirious crashes throat first on the middle rope when going for an attack. Hallowicked shoulder blocks Delirious in the corner and chokes him on the top rope, with Mantis getting in a choke from the outside as well. Hallowicked drops Delirious ribs-first on his knee for two. Hallowicked targets his attack on Delirious’ neck. Mantis plays his mystical instrument on the floor. Delirious rolls around on the mat so that Hallowicked can’t hit a moonsault. Hallowicked comes down to the mat and Delirious nails him with an enzuigiri. They exchange forearms ending with Delirious snapping off a headscissors and landing a leaping clothesline. Delirious dropkicks Hallowicked in the corner and hits the Panic Attack for two. Hallowicked comes back with a Michinoku Driver for two. Delirious hits a Cobra Clutch backbreaker. Hallowicked grabs Bryce Remsburgwhile Mantis crotches Delirious on the top rope. Hallowicked hits the super fisherman’s buster for the pin at 10:26. This was a very good debut for Delirious, who held his own against the first Young Lions Cup champion. Hallowicked was beginning to stand-out as one of the top roster members around this time, and you could tell that he and Delirious would work well together in the future. **¾

IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Championship
Delirious vs. CM Punk

IWA-Mid-South “Dedication” – Midlothian, IL – 5.6.2005

Delirious has been champion since 12.12.2004 and this is his sixth defense. Punk defeated Delirious last month (and dropped down to the weight limit) to earn this title shot. Delirious does not care for Punk’s back chops. He also stomps on Delirious’ back after taking him down to the mat in an exchange. Punk wants to control Delirious in a side headlock, while Delirious wants wrist and arm control. Delirious wipes his saliva covered hands on Punk’s face to frustrate him and take him down with a pair of armdrags. Punk decides to follow Delirious underneath the ring, and when he comes out, he has a Delirious mask on! This of course startles Delirious to the point where he crotches himself on the top turnbuckle. Punk gives Delirious the Neverending clotheslines before unmasking. Delirious angrily strikes Punk until Punk re-masks and covers up in the ring. Delirious tries hiding in the crowd with Mike Robles’ hat on, a trick Punk used in their first match, and it backfires as Punk shoves his saliva covered fingers into Delirious’ eyes. Delirious then puts his second mask on a fan to distract Punk and attack him from behind. Punk stops Delirious’ offense with a backbreaker. Punk gets aggressive outside the ring, even slamming Delirious on the floor. Punk pays homage to the recently passed Chris Candido with a twenty second delayed vertical suplex and a leg drop off of the second turnbuckle. Delirious fires up after a superplex, taking down Punk with a leaping lariat and back elbow. He top rope dropkicks Punk across the ring, but Punk blocks the Panic Attack with a back elbow. Delirious drop toe holds Punk into the second rope and then sends Punk to the floor with the Panic Attack. Delirious follows up with a suicide dive. In the ring Punk stops Delirious on the top turnbuckle. He brings Delirious down with Candido’s super Frnaknestiener, but Delirious rolls through with a sunset flip for two. Punk blasts Delirious with a Shining Wizard, sending Delirious back outside. Punk powerbombs Delirious and has him in the Anaconda Vise when the 30:00 time limit expires. The crowd chants five more minutes. Punk wants them too, and he gets them. Punk throws strikes at Delirious right away. Delirious sunset flips Punk, pulling his trunks down Candido style, and pins Punk at 0:15. A lot of footage and photos of this match came across my laptop back in the day, but I had never seen the full match until now. It was a lot of fun with some nice tributes to Candido mixed in. Punk and Delirious had surprisingly good chemistry, and I can see now why these matches were thought of so fondly at the time. ***½

IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Championship
Delirious vs. Josh Abercrombie

IWA-Mid-South “Something To Prove” – Philadelphia, PA – 6.11.2005

Delirious has been champion since 12.12.2004 and this is his eighth defense. This was the famous ECW Arena event where Samoa Joe wrestled Necro Butcher. This match has a much different tone. Delirious tries to claim choking and pants grabbing but Bryce Remsburg isn’t convinced. Delirious shows off his muscles after shoulder blocking Abercrombie. When he does it a second time, Abercrombie headscissors Delirious down into a victory roll for two. Abercrombie dropkicks Delirious to the floor and Delirious goes underneath the ring. He surprises Abercrombie with a tope con hilo from inside the ring to the floor. Abercrombie is able to catch a corner boot and send Delirious crashing into the corner with a stretch muffler slam. Abercrombie moonsault presses onto Delirious for two. Delirious slams Abercrombie out of a spinebuster position and applies a Regal Stretch. Delirious decides to rub his saliva on Abercrombie’s face and release. Abercrombie escapes In Vitro Fertilization and nails a springboard gamengiri. A one-armed swinging neckbreaker gets Abercrombie a two count. Delirious back elbows Abercrombie to stop the Taliban Backpack. Abercrombie slips to the apron to escape the Panic Attack. They fight on the ring apron where Abercrombie successfully gives Delirious the Taliban Backpack! In the ring, Delirious scores with a leaping lariat and a Cobra Clutch backbreaker. He goes for Shadows Over Hell and is caught with a gutbuster. Abercrombie nails a rolling forearm and a Phoenix Splash to pin Delirious and win the title at 13:45. This did a great job setting the tone for the night, as they provided a fun, action packed match with a noteworthy title change. Although it appeared on this night the crowd was more interested in Delirious, Abercrombie unseating him felt like the right move. ***

Delirious vs. Tyler Black
IWA-Mid-South “It’s Clobberin’ Time” – Midlothian, IL – 6.17.2005

Like his match with Abercrombie, Delirious goes under the ring after being dropkicked to the floor by Black. Delirious surprises Black with a dropkick from inside the ring, sending Black into several rows of fans. Black is able to catch Delirious on his shoulder back inside the ring, Finlay rolling Delirious into a second rope moonsault for two. Delirious stops a corner attack with a spinebuster slam into a Regal Stretch. He decides to release after rubbing his wrist into Black’s eyes. Black fights out of a sunset flip. Impressively, Black hoists Delirious up by his wrist and throws him almost overhead while keeping hold of the wrist. Delirious snapmares Black into a seated abdominal stretch. Delirious gives Black a Cobra Clutch backbreaker but misses a top rope dropkick. Black gives Delirious a sort of rolling cutter. He rolls Delirious into a half crab and Delirious gets to the ropes. Black misses a frog splash and Delirious blasts him with the Panic Attack. Black kicks out of a Bizarro Driver, as well as after taking a running forearm strike. Black avoids Shadows Over Hell. Black schoolboys Delirious to no avail, then turns him over into a jackknife pin to get the win at 16:39. There was not much more to this match outside of the moves. It was framed as a big win for Black which is cool and all, and I cannot express how awesome I thought Black’s wrist throw was, but there was not much in the way of a story to follow. **¼

Delirious vs. Roderick Strong
IWA Mid-South “Put Up or Shut Up 2005” – Midlothian, IL – 8.19.2005

Strong ties up Delirious’ legs on the mat. Delirious tries to headbutt his way free, but eventually has to get the ropes to do so. Strong knocks down Delirious with three shoulder blocks and spits in his face while he is grounded. Delirious baits Strong into his own running shoulder block, but Strong responds with a huge chop. Delirious headscissors Strong and takes him over with an armdrag. He bites Strong’s hand and sends him to the corner. Strong pops up a charging Delirious and drills him with a running spinebuster. Strong throws him into several rows of chairs outside the ring, and also DDT’s Delirious onto a chair. Strong continues to attack Delirious’ back and head inside the ring. Delirious escapes a suplex attempt and drops Strong crotch first on the top rope. Strong rolls outside and Delirious suicide dives onto him. Strong however stops Delirious on the top turnbuckle and brings him down with a superplex. Delirious fights out of a backbreaker and dropkicks Strong face first to the corner. Strong stops a Panic Attack with a back elbow but succumbs to the Bizarro Driver for two. After trading pinfall attempts, Strong puts Delirious in a Boston Crab. Delirious is able to get the ropes once again. Strong scores with a backbreaker, a gut buster, and the Sick Kick, but once again the ropes save Delirious from a loss. Strong single leg takedowns Delirious, possibly looking for another crab. However Delirious headscissors him down into a victory roll to get the pin at 18:01. The finish was a bit flat but the crowd was behind it as Delirious took a walloping and kept coming back. He was able to outsmart the more hard hitting Strong and they loved to see it. In some ways this was a preview of their more vicious ROH matches, and you could see back then that they were a good match for one another. ***¼

Delirious vs. Ace Steel
IWA Mid-South “Gory Days” – Herrin, IL – 9.16.2005

Mickie Knuckles is the referee for some reason. Steel very legally takes Delirious down and tries to splash his arm, and Delirious asks Knuckles to check Steel for foreign objects. Delirious escapes Steel’s grounded headscissors and applies a seated heel hook before putting Steel in his own headscissors. He’s incredulous when Steel is able to escape. Delirious bites Steel’s hand to escape a seated Romero stretch. Steel remains steadfast from Delirious’ shoulder block attempts. Delirious baits Steel into a running crossbody for two, then armdrags him into a wristlock where he is biting his fingers. After trading pinfalls, Steel slams Delirious onto his chest and stomach, ties up his legs, and puts him in a butterfly stretch. Steel gives Delirious some backbreakers. He calls for a brainbuster, but Delirious turns that into a small package, so Steel lariats him after escaping. Steel is more annoyed as he goes back to attacking Delirious’ back. Delirious fights off a superplex and comes off the top with a swinging headscissors takedown. Steel fights back and hits a Tiger Driver. Delirious slips out of a powerbomb position and sunset flips Steel for two. He drop toe holds Steel into the corner and hits the Panic Attack. Steel side steps Shadows Over Heel. He tries a gorilla press, but Delirious turns that into a crucifix pin. Steel picks up Delirious onto his shoulders. Delirious avoids a corner attack and schoolboys Steel for the pin at 17:42. With no commentary and a quiet crowd this was a minor chore to get through. I do think the match got much better when Steel got down to business, but I don’t understand why they had to do an extra thing or two instead of just ending with the crucifix pin. It seemed superfluous. Weird match to include. It was fine, but super unremarkable. **½

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Larry Sweeney vs. Delirious vs. Colt Cabana

IWA Mid-South “Revolution Strong Style Tournament 2005” – Streamwood, IL – 12.30.2005

This match came directly after the Jimmy Jacobs vs. Bull Pain match, and is basically the antithesis of what that match was. Cabana steals Delirious’ thunder by freaking out at the bell instead of him, which confounds and frustrates Delirious to the point where he throws a bunch of chairs in the ring, with Cabana bringing them back out of the ring with the referee’s help. Delirious chases Cabana around the ring, with Cabana literally tagging Sweeney to take his place in the chase. Cabana do si do’s Delirious when he chases Sweeney into the ring. Sweeney brings the match to a halt so he can dance to his theme music. Delirious and Cabana carry on with wrestling as Sweeney struts. He puts Cabana in a sleeper as Cabana has Delirious in a Camel Clutch. Cabana does a little strutting of his own after breaking up the sleeper in the corner. Cabana tells Delirious to go up top, but leaves him hanging as he snapmares Sweeney down into a sleeper. This makes Delirious mad and he argues with Cabana about being left high and dry. Cabana holds Sweeney for Delirious to strike, but Delirious slides outside and goes under the ring. Of course when Delirious does come back in he clotheslines Cabana by accident. A hip toss chain concludes with Cabana hip tossing both men. Delirious rubs his spit on Sweeney’s face as Cabana wet willies Sweeney, and Sweeney is also taken to Pitty City thanks to Delirious. They try a double sunset flip and end up exposing Sweeney’s bottom in the process, Candido style. Sweeney takes a bunch of offense with his pants down and even gets Cabana’s towel in his trunks. Both Delirious and Cabana toss Sweeney off the top turnbuckle, and Cabana pins Sweeney for the pin and the title at 10:29! Delirious then schoolboys Cabana to win the title. Cabana wins it back with a folding press. Delirious boots Cabana. Sweeney charges at both of them, they move, and Sweeney falls all the way to the floor. Delirious inside cradles Cabana to win the title. Cabana rolls Delirious onto his shoulders to win the title back. Then Delirious wins it back. Then Cabana. Then Delirious. Then Cabana, and they break the small package. Sweeney sunset flips his way back in and pins Cabana to win back the title, and heads for the hills before he can lose it again. The only way this would’ve been better is if Bryce Remsburg was the referee. This was entertainment gold. ***½

Delirious vs. El Generico
IWA Mid-South “We’re No Joke” – Midlothian, IL – 4.1.2006

This show was IWA-MS’ contribution to the Chicagoland WrestleMania weekend festivities. Generico takes Delirious down with a side headlock. When Delirious applies on, Generico slips out without Delirious even noticing, then re-applies it. Delirious becomes weary of Generico trying to trip him when he drops down as Delirious is about to come off the ropes. Bryce holds Generico down so Delirious gains his confidence, and he dropkicks Generico on the top of his head when he gets up to the delight of the audience. Generico hides under the ring. He almost catches Generico with a dropkick through the ropes, but instead when Delirious gives chase, Generico runs himself into one of the ring posts. In the ring, Generico comes back with a leg lariat for two. He also gets two with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Delirious avoids some corner offense and hits the Panic Attack. Generico low bridges the top rope to send a charging Delirious to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, both men resist the others’ finishing moves, with Generico finally scoring with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Delirious responds with a Cobra Clutch backbreaker. He follows up with Shadows Over Hell for two. Generico misses a yakuza kick the first time, but gets it the second, and capitalizes with a half-nelson suplex. Delirious however gets his foot on the ropes to stop Generico’s pin. Gemerico tries placing Delirious on the top rope. Delirious pushes off the turnbuckles with his feet instead. He then goes through Generico’s legs and hits the Bizarro Driver for the pin at 15:56. They gave the audience the humor they were looking for in the opening minutes, then transitioned into a really fun match. Delirious scoring a move he teased a couple times earlier in the match was quite satisfying and the fans were super vocal for the entirety of the bout. This was as good as I think was expected. ***¼

Delirious vs. Chris Hero
CHIKARA “Apocalypso” – Barnesville, PA – 4.23.2006

Delirious’ hand is taped up, as he severely hurt it the night before at ROH’s “100th Show” in a match against Bryan Danielson. When I say taped up, I mean his fist is a giant ball of tape; almost the size of a boxing glove. Hero kills some time on the floor before entering the ring.Delirious goes through Hero’s legs to break a wristlock. Delirious brings Hero to the corner in a lock-up. Hero applies pressure to Delirious’ good arm. Delirious reverses control and brings Hero to the mat. Delirious switches to a hammerlock. Delirious rubs his bandaged hand into Hero’s face to break his wristlock. Hero seems disgusted by it. Hero stands still when Delirious tries a shoulder block. He does it a second and third time too. Delirious punches Hero with his taped up hand which hurts Delirious too. He dropkicks Hero in the small of his back. Delirious snapmares Hero into a Dragon kick for two. Delirious chops and headbutts Hero in the corner. Hero boots Delirious’ injured hand in the corner. Delirious keeps trying to fight up but Hero keeps doing damage to his lower back. Hero ties up Delirious’ injured hand in between his legs and pulls. Hero side steps Delirious’ attempt to headbutt him in the mid-section. Hero boots Delirious while he’s in a tree of woe. Hero continues to target Delirious’ hurt hand and arm, even trying at one time to take off some of the tape. Delirious is able to get Hero to the corner. He goes for the Panic Attack but gets met with Hero’s boot. Delirious kicks out at two. Hero places his knee on top of Delirious’ good arm. Delirious kicks Hero in the back of his head. Hero puts on a seated facelock. Delirious bites Hero’s hand to free himself. Her responds by stomping on Delirious’ injured hand. Hero boots and forearms Delirious in the corner. Hero does some showing off before getting a two count. Delirious dropkicks Hero’s leg out. He hits an enzuigiri. Delirious foolishly throws some clotheslines with his bad arm. This fires Hero up. Delirious boots Hero and then hits a jumping clothesline to finally take him down. Delirious dropkicks Hero to the corner. He connects with the Panic Attack. He comes off the top with a huracanrana for two. Hero punches Delirious in the stomach a couple of times. Delirious back elbows and dropkicks Hero for two. Delirious backslides Hero for two. Hero hits a Cravate Buster for two. Delirious wails on Hero with his cast in the corner. Hero throws him down by his mask. Hero unbandages Delirious’ hand significantly. Delirious fires up with punches. Hero picks up Delirious and delivers the Hero’s Welcome: Championship Edition. He locks Delirious in a body submission where he is pulling at Delirious’ hurt hand. Delirious submits at 20:46. That probably went a little too long, but for me this was the moment where Delirious went from “goofy guest star” to “sympathetic Tecnico”. All the work Hero did to Delirious’ arm made him seem cheap and Delirious like a tough guy for fighting through the pain. Once Hero exposed the hand, it was all over. They could have got to that a bit more quickly but aside from that I have no complaints. ***

Delirious vs. Low Ki
IWA Mid-South “Scorpio Rising” – Plainfield, IL – 8.12.2006

Ki has very little tolerance for Delirious’ postering. Delirious almost pins Ki in a crucifix after a snapmare. He also surprises Ki with a jumping lariat after some chops. A fed up Ki blasts Delirious right between the eyes with an elbow strike, then gives Delirious a Muta elbow for two. Ki kicks the poop outta Delirious in the corner as well. Ki stalks and strikes Delirious around the ring and on the mat, with Delirious biting him along the way in an attempt to turn things around. Delirious also takes him down into a leg-capture cradle for a two count. After he tries two more cradles Ki gives him a double stomp. Delirious is able to return some chops he receives from Ki, and after a back elbow against the ropes, he nails another jumping clothesline. Ki avoids a punt kick, but Delirious is able to send him to the corner with a headscissors and hit the Panic Attack. He gets two with a diving clothesline off the top rope. Delirious clotheslines Low Ki repeatedly in the corner, with Ki giving him chops as well. Ki enzuigiri’s Delirious after blocking a Cobra Clutch backbreaker. Delirious fights out of a potential Dragon Clutch in the ropes and hits Shadows Over Hell. When Ki kicks out he converts into the Cobra Stretch. Ki escapes, avoids another Shadows Over Hell, and dropkicks Delirious to the corner. Ki then hits a top rope double stomp for the pin at 22:14.

Incoherence (Delirious & Hallowicked) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma)
CHIKARA “From Zero to Hero (& Castagnoli)” – Barnesville, PA – 11.12.2006

This is a rematch from CHIKARA’s last Barnesville show in which F.I.S.T. picked up the victory. Icarus uses a chinbreaker to escape Hallowicked’s chin lock. They trade pin attempts. Hallowicked sends Icarus to the floor with a step-up Frankensteiner. Delirious breaks a lock-up with Akuma in the corner and screams in his face. They exchange hammerlocks before trading holds on the mat. Delirious gets two with a running crossbody. He armdrags Akuma into a crucifix pin. Hallowicked puts on a hammerlock. Akuma rolls out and tags in Icarus. Icarus ducks a yakuza kick and spears Hallowicked for two. Akuma kicks him against the ropes. Icarus chokes him on the ropes and gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. Hallowicked continues to be beaten by F.I.S.T. until he uses the Lucha rules when being whipped to the corner to go over the top and to the floor. Delirious traps both F.I.S.T. members with the Neverending Story clothesline. He bulldogs Akuma for two. Delirious gives Icarus a Cobra Clutch backbreaker for two after countering the Wings of Icarus. Delirious tosses Icarus into Hallowicked’s Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Icarus kicks out of Delirious’ pin and Akuma sends Hallowicked to the floor. Delirious eats a barrage of kicks. Hallowicked comes back in and gives Akuma a Rydeen Bomb, but Icarus breaks up the pin. Icarus blocks the step-up Frankensteiner and drops Hallowicked with a Shiranui for two. Delirious gives Akuma an enzuigiri after several chops. Icarus comes back in the ring and drops Delirious with the Wings of Icarus for the pin at 14:27. I always like seeing Hallowicked and Icarus wrestle given their history and Akuma and Delirious did very well in their roles. Delirious especially had a very energetic comeback that helped pick up the energy in the closing stretch of the bout. ***

Incoherence (Delirious & Hallowicked) vs. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (UltraMantis Black & Hydra
CHIKARA “Cibernetico & Robin” – Philadelphia, PA – 9.22.2007

Delirious goes crazy at the bell. Hydra is unaffected, posing right in Delirious’ face. Delirious outsmarts Hydra, stomping on his left hand twice after bringing it to the mat out of a test of strength.. Hallowicked and Delirious then take turns throwing Hydra’s hand repeatedly into the top turnbuckle. Hallowicked even gives Hydra’ hand a yakuza kick! Mantis tries a big boot with his barefoot when he comes in. Delirious blocks and bites Mantis’ foot! Both he and Hallowicked chop the bare foot. Delirious then stomps on it and throws it into Hydra’s hand. Incoherence dropkick the Order to the floor. Delirious and Hydra are about to lock up when Mantis attacks Delirious from behind. He chokes Delirious on the middle rope. He hangs him up in the tree of woe and whips Hydra into him for a dropkick. Delirious throws Hydra off his shoulders, chest first into the mat and tags in Hallowicked. He chops up Mantis and gives him a step-up Frankensteiner. The Rydeen Bomb gets two. Hydra axe handles Hallowicked in the back and drops him with a Complete Shot. The Order hold onto his arms while digging their feet into the side of his head. Delirious breaks up that double submission. Mantis tries a powerbomb, which Delirious counters with a Frankenstiner. He headbutts Hydra in the stomach as Hydra comes off the top rope. Delirious then hits Mantis with the Panic Attack. Hydra drops Delirious with a hooking clothesline. Hallowicked then yakuza kicks Hydra for the pin at 7:04. This was so much fun and a great example of CHIKARA’s sense of humor. These two teams have excellent chemistry and the crowd was way into it. Super good stuff. **½

Campeonatos de Parejas – 2 out of 3 Falls
Incoherence (Delirious & Hallowicked) vs. Cheech & Cloudy

CHIKARA “The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence” – Hellertown, PA – 11.17.2007

Incoherence have been champions since 10.26.2007 and this is their first defense. Cheech and Cloudy are cosplaying as Incoherence. Delirious does not appreciate it. He and Cheech freak out at the bell. The teams get confused and start shoving everyone. Delirious gets some rolls up on Cloudy then tells “little stem” to get out of here. Hallowicked and Cheech tag in. Cheech mimics Delirious’ previous actions. The real Delirious gets in Cheech’s face leading to a shoving contest. Cheech mimics his moves leading to them trading elbows to the neck and then a stand-off. Hallowicked and Delirious tag in the wrong partners. They go with it, with Hallowicked taking down Cloudy with a shoulder block and a roll-up. Cloudy also rolls Hallowicked up. They armdrag one another. Cloudy wants a slam, but Hallowicked’s body weight causes him to fall down. Hallowicked gets the first pin that way at 6:43. Delirious and Cheech freak out at the bell for the second fall, running backstage. Hallowicked and Cloudy go after their partners. Cheech and Cloudy re-emerge in their proper attire. When Bryce informs them that they’re down one fall they can’t believe it. Cheech puts Hallowicked in a courting hold. Hallowicked armdrags his way out of it. Cheech and Cloudy double suplex Hallowicked. Cheech hits a slingshot senton for two. After a double facebuster they hit the Tidal Wave for two. Hallowicked gives Cloudy a step-up Frankensteiner. Delirious takes him down with multiple clotheslines. He gives Cloudy a belly-to-back suplex for two. Incoherence drop him on the top rope so Hallowicked can hit the Koppu kick for two. Same goes for a step-up enzuigiri. Hallowicked accidentally forearms Delirious. Cloudy comes off the top with a dropkick to Hallowicked. Delirious stops him from tagging out. Cloudy eventually escapes Incoherence’s grasp when he headscissors Delirious to the floor and DDT’s Hallowicked. Cheech STO’s Hallowicked and Superman spears Delirious. He superkicks Hallowicked and uses Delirious’ back to hit a Frankensteiner. Cheech hits Delirious with the Deluxe to tie up the match at one fall a piece at 17:39.

As Incoherence re-group on the floor, Cheech tosses Cloudy onto them! Cheech then follow with a Fosbury Flop. Cloudy gives Hallowicked a super Frankensteiner for two. Hallowicked dumps Cloudy to the floor. Cheech gets attacked in the corner. Incoherence hit him with the Sidewinder for two. Cheech tosses Hallowicked out. Cloudy accidentally splashes his partner. Delirious hits them both with the Panic Attack. Hallowicked Rydeen Bombs Cloudy for two. Cloudy blocks the Graveyard Smash. Cheech clotheslines Hallowicked into Cloudy’s Ranhei. Delirious makes the save. Cheech and Cloudy suplex Delirious onto his neck. They hit Hallowicked with an enzuigiri/superkick combo for two. Hallowicked blocks Cloudy’s tiger feint kick. He hits him with Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Delirious comes off the top with Shadows Over Heck. When Cloudy kicks out Delirious locks on the Cobra Stretch. Cloudy gets his foot on the ropes. Delirious gives Cloudy a tombstone piledriver onto Cheech’s mid-section. Both of them kick out. Cheech and Cloudy try some tandem pins to no avail. Hallowicked takes Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech and is then taken out with “Death by Knee.” Delirious makes the save just in time. Delirious blocks Cloudy’s DDT. He hits Chemical Imbalance II. Cheech breaks the cover. Hallowicked yakuza kicks him. The Graveyard Smash puts him away at 25:04. These two teams have had tremendous chemistry dating back to Incoherence’s origin at Tag World Grand Prix 2006, and in the match where it counted most, all four men brought their A game. The first fall was really funny, the second fall set the stage for the third, and the third fall provided drama and tremendous wrestling. The crowd was losing it for the nearfalls and believed either team could win at any moment. This was the best Campeones de Parejas defense up to this point, and still one of the best to this day. ****

Delirious, Cheech & Cloudy vs. El Pantera, MIYAWAKI & Passion Hasegawa
CHIKARA “Chapter 11” – Philadelphia, PA – 11.18.2007

MIYAWAKI and Delirious each attempt shoulder blocks. Delirious snaps off an armdrag but MIYAWAKI slams him. Delirious scares MIYAWAKI, resulting in MIYAWAKI begging off as lay against the rope. Hasegawa and Cheech tag in. Hasegawa comes off the second rope with an armdrag. He follows up with a toreador. Cheech places him on the second rope, but Hasegawa is able to gives him a headscissors from there. Cheech suplexes Hasegawa as Hasegawa salsa dances. Delirious slams him into a senton. Cloudy suplexes Hasegawa into a slingshot senton from Cheech. Hasegawa catches Cloudy with a clothesline and tags in Pantera. He dropkicks Cloudy to the ropes. Pantera takes Cheech and Cloudy down with a London Bridge and reverse London Bridge. Delirious attacks from behind. Pantera delivers a headstand dropkick in the corner. He comes off the second rope with a diving headbutt crossbody. Hasegawa and MIYAWAKI help put the boots to the smallest member of the opposing team. Cloudy manages to spike MIYAWAKI with a tornado DDT and tag in Delirious. He rocks MIYAWAKI with forearms and a trifecta of clotheslines. MIYAWAKI comes back with a Manhattan Drop. Pantera hits a Shining Wizard. He then puts Cheech in a Cerebro Lock. Hasegawa and MIYAWAKI lock Cloudy and Delirious in abdominal stretches. They all get reversed. MIYAWAKI and Pantera rowboat Delirious and Cheech’s legs while Hasegawa hurcanrana’s Cloudy in the middle for two. Hasegawa takes Pantera’s place so Pantera can put Cloudy in the Romero Special. All gets broken up when Pantera releases. Delirious catches MIYAWAKI with a headbutt to the mid-section. Delirious then comes off the apron with a cannonball senton. Cheech and Cloudy get dropkicked to the floor. Hasegawa and Pantera follow with suicide dives. In the ring MIYAWAKI blocks Delirious’ Panic Attack and hits it himself. He gets two with a reverse DDT thanks to Cheech. Pantera crotches Cheech on the top turnbuckle. He tosses him off. Hasegawa missile dropkicks Cheech. Cloudy gives Hasegawa a Yoshi Tonic for two. Delirious then hits Shadows Over Heck. Pantera and MIYAWAKI break the pin. Cheech and Cloudy send them to the floor and hit stereo pescados. Delirious and Hasegawa get in a forearm exchange. Delirious hits Chemical Imbalance II for the pin at 13:16. It was cool seeing a unique international triumvirate take on some of CHIKARA’s finest. It was well paced and fun but is totally arbitrary in the grand scheme of things. ***

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