ROH Final Battle 2022

Arlington, TX – 12.10.2022

Commentary is provided by Ian Ricabonni and Caprice Coleman

Zero Hour

Mascara Dorada vs. Jeff Cobb

Cobb is a former ROH Television Champion, and this is his first match in ROH since February of 2020. He is currently a member of the United Empire faction in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Dorada is the former Gran Metalik, and this is his ROH debut. Dorada sends Cobb to the floor, but when he tries to follow up with a crossbody off of the apron, Cobb catches him in his arms. He drives Dorada into the ring post before dropping him with a Gourd Buster onto the ring apron. Cobb wears down Dorada’s back and neck. He takes too much time teasing a corner attack, allowing Dorada to drop toe hold Cobb into the turnbuckles and send him back to the floor with a headscissors. Dorada this time dives out onto him with a corkscrew senton. A springboard somersault senton back in the ring earns him a two count. Cobb pulls Dorada off of the second rope into the Spin Cycle, and then lands a standing moonsault for two. Dorada counters the Tour of the Islands into a sunset flip for two. Cobb blasts Dorada with a haymaker to stop another springboard move, but Dorada ends up using the ropes for a bulldog off the middle rope. Cobb avoids some of Dorada’s follow up offense, and pops him up Dorada moments later into the Tour of The Islands for the pin 6:59. That was a very solid power vs agility battle. For a cold match you couldn’t ask for much more. **¾

The Jericho Appreciation Society (Angelo Parker & Matt Menard) vs. Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger & Eli Isom)

Parker and Menard competed in ROH as a team twice, losing to the Bravados in 2012, and losing to Adrenaline RUSH in 2013. Cheeseburger comes to the ring wearing the mask Delirious gifted him after their Pure Rules match last year. The JAS go overboard with the handshakes with Isom during their exchanges. Cheeseburger teases them with handshakes, causing JAS to pick up the aggression, with Menard giving Cheeseburger a backbreaker and Parker delivering a running knee to the side of the head. The JAS then beat down Cheeseburger in their half of the ring until he’s able to duck under some corner attacks and tag Isom. Isom spears a stacked up JAS in the corner. He drops Parker with a neckbreaker, with Cheeseburger following up with a double stomp off the top. Parker pulls Cheeseburger to the outside when he goes to the ropes for a Shotei attempt. Menard German suplexes Isom and tags Parker. The JAS drops him with their double elevated DDT for the pin at 5:56. I wish 3-S got a bit more to do, but between this and the Dark special today, it looks like they’re heating up the former 2.0 as the next ROH Tag Team title challengers, which I am super into. In that respect, this was an effective momentum builder. **

Willow Nightingale vs. Trish Adora

Willow and Adora had a singles match last year in WWR+, in which Adora was victorious, and previously won a tag team match as partners in ROH last November. I adore how much the fans love Willow. Both competitors show off as they fight over a grounded headscissors. Adora then Judo throws Willow and attempts a Magistral cradle. Willow slams Adora after a shoulder block and lays her out with a running crossbody. Even after taking two running hip attacks in opposite corners, Adora is able to take down Willow with a Northern Lights suplex and Magistral cradles her again. An agitated Adora kicks Willow in the shoulder twice. Willow ducks a clothesline and knocks down Adora with two of her own. Willow lights her up with chops and shotgun dropkicks her across the ring. Adora counters a powerbomb attempt with a Kryptonite Krunch into a modified Cerebro Lock into a low bridging German suplex. Willow cuts off Adora with a Pounce and drops Adora with the Bae Bomb for the pin at 6:19. These two work very well together, and as much as I love Willow, I gotta say it was Adora who was the more impressive individual on this night. Willow coming out on top was the right call, though, and I think she’d be a perfect candidate to challenge for the ROH Women’s title. **¾

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Top Flight (Darius Martin & Dante Martin)

This is the Kingdom’s first ROH match since Final Battle 2021, and Top Flight’s ROH debut. Maria Kanellis is in the Kingdom’s corner. A sneak attack from behind by Taven on Dante enables the Kingdom to start with the advantage. Dante dropkicks Bennett and tags Darius. Taven is able to wipe out Darius with a spin kick, but shortly after, Top Flight picks up the pace and takes control of the contest. Dante lands a slingshot senton on Taven and uses Darius’ back as a platform to dropkick Bennett to the floor. Taven is able to send Dante outside with the Kick of the King, into the Boston Bayonet from Bennett. Dante escapes the Proton Pack and tags Darius, who wipes out Taven with a high crossbody and Bennett with an enzuigiri. Maria distracts Darius, enabling Bennett to forearm smash him into a Blue Thunder Bomb from Taven. Bennett drops him with a spinebuster into a lionsault from Taven. Darius rolls back to evade Just The Tip. Taven however pulls him to the corner where Taven gives Darius an elbow drop across Bennett’s knees. Darius unloads with open hand strikes onto Bennett. Bennett is pleased with himself for using an eye poke to stop him, but succumbs to a Spanish Fly moments later. Dante takes out both members of the Kingdom, scoring a nearfall on Taven with a standing moonsault. Darius plants Taven with a Complete Shot after an enzuigiri and gamengiri. Dante assists Darius with a tornado DDT, but Bennett tackles Dante onto Darius’ pin attempt. Bennett gives Darius a Death Valley Driver into Just The Tip from Taven for two. Darius wipes out Bennett with a Heat-Seeking Missile after Bennett pulls Dante off of the apron. Taven lands the Flight of the Conqueror on Darius, and Dante follows up with his own dive. Maria distracts Dante when he looks for another dive into the ring, and referee Mike Posey kicks her out. The damage is done, though, as the Kingdom has Darius set up for the Hail Mary. Dante shoves Taven to the floor and Darius muscles up Bennett into a powerbomb. Dante then hits a springboard Shiranui into a powerbomb on Bennett for the pin at 11:19! That ending was unbelievable, and they did a great job getting the crowd behind Top Flight. This was a great way to establish Top Flight as part of the ROH tag division, and also re-establish The Kingdom to a potential new audience. This was a great way to end the Zero Hour. ***½

Main Show

AR Fox & Blake Christian vs. La Facción Ingobernable (RUSH & Dralistico)

Fox has only wrestled for ROH previously in a dark match in 2015, and it’s Dralistico’s first ROH appearance since the 2017 War of the Worlds UK tour. Preston Vance and Jose The Assistant are in LFI’s corner. Dralistico and Christian end their fast paced exchange in a stalemate. Dralistico forearm strikes Christian before both of them tag in their partners. RUSH ends a chop exchange with Fox by knocking him down with a rolling forearm smash. Fox enzuigri’s RUSH and tags in Christian, who instantly is laid out with a haymaker by RUSH. RUSH then throws Christian into the barricades on all four corners of the ring, with Dralistico sending Fox into the ring steps as well. RUSH chokes Christian with a production cable as Dralistico powerbombs Fox onto the ring steps. LFI wears down Christian as Fox recovers, with a needless amount of showboating in the process. Christian is able to hop over Dralistico and take him down with a t-bone suplex and tag Fox, who drops Dralistico with a modified Sling Blade. Fox springboard dropkicks RUSH to the floor before diving onto him twice and Dralistico once. He also lands a Swanton Bomb onto Dralistico inside of the ring for two. Dralistico blocks Lo Mein Pain and RUSH pulls him to the floor. Christian tries to attack but gets swung into the barricades. Dralistico takes out everyone with a springboard shooting star press. Christian sets up Dralistico on the top. Fox’s Lo Mein Pain connects, and Christian follows up with a rolling DDT. Christian dives onto RUSH as Fox lands a 450 Splash on Dralistico for the pin at 10:36. It seemed like Dralistico got his shoulder up, ending this with some controversy, but it was a hell of a match up until then. Having this and the Top Flight back-to-back was a strange choice since the styles are so similar, but the chaotic energy LFI brought to the table made this stand out. LFI beat the poop out of Fox with chairs after the bell out of anger, even hitting him in the head. This was a strange start to the show. ***¼

ROH Women’s World Championship
Mercedes Martinez vs. Athena

Martinez has been the champion since 5.4.2022 and this is her sixth defense. This is Athena’s first shot at the ROH Women’s title, and her first match in ROH since 2013. She’s also been showing an aggressive side in AEW of late, beating up a lot of people, including referee Aubrey Edwards. Martinez gets ahead of Athena in the hard strike department. Athena has to go to her eyes to stop her stride, forearming Martinez to the mat after the fact and bashing her with hammer blows. Martinez is able to avoid an O’Connor Roll and drop Athena with a spinebuster for two. Athena pulls Martinez’s hair and punches her away to escape an STF. Athena trips Martinez onto the middle rope and delivers a Meteora. Martinez boots Athena down as Athena ascends the ropes, but Athena ends up bringing her down with a running powerbomb. A low superkick gets Athena a two count. Martinez comes back with a half-nelson suplex and an exploder suplex. A fisherwoman’s buster gets her two, and Athena rolls forward to evade a Coronado Clutch. Athena back suplexes Martinez onto the ring apron. Martinez manages to evade an attack against the barricades and uses them to pull off a Total Anarchy. Athena makes it back in the ring before being counted out. Martinez looks for the Brass City Sleeper but Athena bites her forearm to block it. Athena then pulls Martinez into a modified facebuster across the knees. Athena angrily rips off a top turnbuckle when Martinez gets her foot on the bottom rope to stop the pin. Athena shotgun dropkicks Martinez into the exposed buckle and then lands the O-Face to win the title at 13:09. This dragged at the end but ultimately got us where we needed to go. Athena winning in front of her parents and a crowd who was super behind her made for a very nice moment. I think Athena has potential to be an excellent champion, and am glad Martinez went out on a high note. ***

Swerve In Our Glory (Keith Lee & Shane Strickland) vs. Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & JD Griffey)

Taylor made this challenge on Rampage last week, looking to finally get revenge for when Lee abandoned him to sign with EVOLVE back in February of 2017 when they were #1 Contenders for the ROH World Tag Team Championship. JD Griffey also has a past with Keith Lee as they came up together in Texas Indies, and Taylor recruited him to face Lee in their home state. Strickland ignored Lee’s fist bump on the entrance ramp. Griffey continuously looks for a rear-naked choke on Strickland but can’t get it. Just when it seems like Lee and Taylor are finally going to go at it, Strickland tags himself in. He nails an uppercut to Taylor’s neck, but Taylor takes down Strickland with a rolling clothesline. Griffey pulls Strickland to the apron where Taylor delivers a leg drop! Strickland neutralizes Griffey by superkicking him to the floor and rolls under a clothesline from Taylor tag Lee. The former tag partners circle each other and engage in a forearm strike exchange. Taylor attempts a high crossbody, which Lee shockingly catches. Taylor however blasts him with a haymaker. Strickland low bridges the top rope to send Taylor out when he hits the ropes. Lee pops up Griffey onto his shoulders. Griffey headscissors Lee to the floor while alluding two double team maneuvers from Lee and Strickland. Lee catches Griffey’s suicide dive. He places Griffey down, but Strickland kicks him in the head from behind. Strickland tells Lee to get his head in the game, and Taylor slingshots Strickland into a sit-out Cutter for two. Strickland maneuvers Griffey into a backbreaker, but Griffey comes back with a facebuster onto his knee. Taylor pulls Lee to the floor when Strickland looks for a tag as Griffey has him in a triangle choke. Lee pursues Taylor, throwing him into the barricades. He then saves Strickland by landing a moonsault onto Griffey. The two teams square off with Lee and Taylor as the legal men. During the melee, Lee accidentally knocks down Strickland with a rolling forearm strike! Taylor muscles up Lee and drops him with Welcome To The Land for a very close nearfall. Lee also kicks out of a running knee to the face. Strickland leaves Lee to fight STP on his own. Griffey then accidentally kicks Taylr in the side of the head. He turns around into Lee who drops Griffey with Ground Zero for the pin at 13:47. They had way too much going on in this. The match peaked and then just kept going because they had more stuff to do regarding the story of Strickland bailing on Lee. That story was solid, but the story of Lee’s friends coming back to get revenge just didn’t land, especially since they had similar issues during the match as SIOG and ended up losing. This was a miss for me. **½

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship
Dalton Castle & The Boys (Brandon & Brent) vs. The Embassy (Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona)

Dalton and the Boys have been champions since 7.23.2022 and this is their third defense. Prince Nana is in the Embassy’s corner. Castle is very pleased when he takes down Kaun with a shoulder block. Cage arrogantly does bicep curls with one of the Boys, and it ends up getting him schoolboy tripped and double teamed by both Boys. Liona mows down the Boys with a double shoulder block. Liona and Cage suplex the Boys on the floor as Kaun gives Castle a backbreaker. The Embassy bullies the Boys until Brent catches Kaun off guard with a DDT. Castle throws Kaun around, throws Cage, and German suplexes Liona. Castle uses the Boys as projectiles onto Kaun and Liona before knee striking Cage in the side of the head for two. Cage rolls Castle into a knee strike to the face. Liona Samoan Drops both Boys at the same time. Cage and Liona accidentally clothesline each other at the same time. Kaun waterwheel slams Brent, but Castle slams Kaun. Liona takes out Castle with a belly-to-belly suplex. Cage discus clotheslines Brandon and drops him with the Drill Claw. Castle bulldogs Cage, sending him to the floor. Nana throws a Boy into the ring as a diversion to Castle’s dive. It works, and Liona drives Brent into Castle. Liona and Kaun then toss Brent to Cage for a sit-out powerbomb, giving the Embassy the win and the titles at 10:04. It feels like The Embassy should be a bit more cohesive by now, but they at least look like more of a team. I expect these titles to continue to be barely featured going forward. I wonder what is next for Castle. **½

Top Flight and the Jericho Appreciation Society (Angelo Parker and Matt Menard) get into a fight backstage which spills out into the crowd. The JAS then get into the ring and say ROH was garbage because it was filled with wrestlers, and the only man who can resurrect it is Chris Jericho. Menard then pulls out a purple bucket hat, and says once Claudio loses to Jericho, he and Jake Hager can reunite and become a team called “The Hat Trick.” They also say Yuta will tap out to Daniel Garcia because he doesn’t have what it takes. This brings out Yuta, who chases the JAS away, and brings us to our next match.

ROH Pure Championship
Daniel Garcia vs. Wheeler Yuta

Garcia has been champion since 9.7.2022 this is his third defense. This is a threematch, with Yuta having defeated Garcia at “Death Before Dishonor”, and Garcia defeating Yuta in the rematch in his hometown of Buffalo, NY back in September.

The Pure Rules are as follows:
*The competitors are to obey the “Code of Honor”, shaking one another’s hand before and after the match.
*Each wrestler has 3 rope breaks to stop submission holds and pinfalls. After a wrestler has used all 3 of their rope breaks, submission and pin attempts on or under the ropes by the opponent are considered legal.
*Closed-fist punches to the face are not permitted. Punches to other parts of the body are permitted, excluding low blows. The first use of a closed fist results in a warning, a second will be a disqualification.
*This match has a 60 minute time limit. If the match goes past the time limit, three judges will determine the outcome. The judges for this match are ROH alumnus and former champions Jerry Lynn, BJ Whitmer, and Christopher Daniels.
*Any wrestler who interferes will be automatically terminated from the roster.

During the opening exchange, both men were issued warnings as they both used closed-fist strikes. Garcia struck first, and commentary surmises it may have been a tactic for Yuta to get his warning done early as well. Garcia surprises Yuta with a Saito suplex on the floor. He also uses his foot to dig Yuta’s face into one of the turnbuckles. Yuta headbutts Garcia and does the same thing to the champion. Garcia kicks Yuta in the leg, and Yuta’s throat hits the turnbuckle as he falls to the floor. Trent Seven is watching from the front row. Garcia chokes Yuta on the ropes, which counts as Yuta using his first rope break. Garcia surfboard stretches Yuta in the ropes, which counts as Yuta using his second rope break. Garcia continues to attack his throat during strike exchanges. Garcia curb stomps Yuta when Yuta resists a sharpshooter and gets a two count. Yuta enzuigiri’s Garcia to the corner, following in with a clothesline. Garcia chops him in the throat as he comes off the ropes and pulls him into the Dragon Slayer. Yuta uses his third and final rope break to escape the hold. Yuta snaps Garcia’s throat across the top rope and lands a diving upturned elbow strike. Garcia armdrags out of the Pain Thriller and rolls Yuta into the sharpshooter. Yuta escapes and drops Garcia with a brainbuster. Garcia double thrusts Garcia in the throat. Yuta slingshots himself back in the ring when he is tossed to the ropes and successfully pulls off the Pain Thriller for two. Garcia gets his knees up to block a Superfly Splash and drops Yuta with a piledriver for two. Yuta pulls himself to the apron when Garcia has him in a sharpshooter and wraps his arm around Garcia’s throat. Referee Mike Posey breaks it up and both men fall to the outside. They fight on the ring apron where Yuta backdrops Garcia to escape a piledriver. Yuta gives Garcia a leg-cross tombstone in the ring for two, then hammers down elbows to the side of Garcia’s head. He blocks Garcia’s arms in a crucifix and elbows Garcia in the side of the head until Posey calls for the bell at 14:50. With this win, Yuta is the first two-time Pure champion. This was a step below their first match, but much better than their second. It was a respectable threematch and one the crowd was into. Yuta fighting against the odds to win back the title was a fun story to follow, but it does feel like the crowd may have been a little burnt out. If Garcia is gonna be stuck in the JAS, I am glad Yuta is the champion once again. ***½

ROH World Tag Team Championship – Dog Collar Match
FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

FTR have been ROH World Tag Team Champions since 4.1.2022 and this is their seventh defense. FTR won the titles from the Briscoes at “Supercard of Honor 2022”, and then defeated them in a two out of three falls rematch at “Death Before Dishonor 2022.” Wheeler is connected to Mark and Harwood is connected to Jay. Wheeler swings the chain into Mark’s stomach when Mark jumps off of the ring apron. Harwood throws a chair at Jay’s head and they fight into the crowd while Wheeler chokes Mark with the chain. Wheeler and Mark end up on the entrance ramp. Mark sends Wheeler tumbling down the steps with a karate thrust to the throat, then takes him out with a somersault senton. Back in the ring, Harwood suplexes Jay twice. Wheeler chokes Mark with the chain as it’s wrapped around the ring post. Mark chops Wheeler away and holds Harwood so Jay can get in some shots, including several with the chain wrapped around his fist. FTR takes back over with Harwood sending Jay into a chair which is propped up between two turnbuckles. Wheeler uses the chain to pull Mark over and he uses the chain as a weapon. Wheeler pulls Jay head first into the ring post, and both Briscoes are bloody messes. A chain-assisted Doomsday Device gets FTR a two count on Mark. Wheeler then chokes Mark with the chain in a Gory Special. Harwood hits him in the stomach with the chain again. Wheeler throws Mark over the top rope and chokes him with the chain. Jay Irish whips Harwood into the chain to save Mark from being choked. Mark hits a chain-assisted Froggy Bow on Wheeler for two. The blood is now pouring from everybody as Harwood hits Jay in the nose with the chain to stop a superplex. He wraps the chain around his head and lands a falling headbutt onto Jay. Jay pulls referee Mike Posey in the way as Harwood is hitting him in the head with the chain, busting open Posey as he’s struck! Wheeler gives Mark a back suplex on the ring apron. He lays him across a table ringside but Mark fights back and pulls Wheeler up to the ring apron for a Spicy Dropkick. Wheeler stops the Doomsday Device by pulling Mark off the top and onto a pile of steel chairs on the floor! Jay gives Harwood a Jay Driller onto their chain for two. Jay nails Harwood across the back with three chair shots. He kicks Jay in the groin to block a Jay Driller onto a chair, and instead gives him a piledriver. A second rope piledriver pinned Jay in July, but this piledriver didn’t do the trick. Harwood decides to go for a super piledriver onto multiple chairs. Jay however slips underneath and pulls the chain up into his groin. Jay knocks Wheeler to the floor and superplexes Harwood onto the pile of chairs! Mark pulls Wheeler so he can’t break the pin, but Harwood kicks out anyway. Jay pulls the chain back like an STF while it digs on the inside of Harwood’s mouth. Referee Paul Turner calls for the bell at 22:20 and the Briscoes win the ROH Tag Titles for the 13th time. The stipulation promised a bloody war and that’s exactly what we got. I liked them incorporating moments from their previous bouts, and those moments helped the false endings work so well. I still like their first match the best, but this was as good as the Death Before Dishonor match, albeit quite different. ****

ROH World Television Championship
Samoa Joe vs. Juice Robinson

Joe has been champion since 4.13.2022 and this is his fourth defense. This is Robinson’s first ROH match since G1 Supercard. He also previously challenged for the TV Championship unsuccessfully against then champion Marty Scurll in January of 2017. Robinson angers Joe with an eye poke, resulting in Joe getting him in a rear-naked choke. Joe also chops him senseless and looks for a suplex on the exposed floor. Robinson sends Joe into the barricades and follows him in with a somersault senton. Tony Deppen is watching the match from the crowd. Back in the ring, Joe cuts off Robinson with an STJoe in the corner, and sends him into the barricades with an elbow suicida. He boots Robinson into the barricades and brings him back in the ring for a two count. Robinson rocks Joe with several left jabs. Joe however knocks him down and lands a senton splash. Robinson uses a spinebuster to take back over and unloads with left jabs and chops in the corner until Joe is in a seated position. Robinson lands a cannonball senton and then a high crossbody for two. Joe backdrops Robinson and powerbombs him into an STF. He turns it into a crossface and Robinson is able to grab the bottom rope. Robinson leg lariats Joe. Joe runs into the ropes to crotch Robinson on the top turnbuckle. He pulled down Robinson into the Muscle Buster for the pin at 13:37. I liked this match but they were fighting an uphill battle coming after that Dog Collar match. Robinson playing the de facto babyface was the right call as he’s one of the best babyfaces today, which is why it sucks that he was put into BULLET CLUB. I am curious how this match would be on a different show or in a vacuum. ***

ROH World Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Jericho has been champion since 9.21.2022 and this is his seventh. JEricho won the title from Claudio at AEW Grand Slam back in September. If Claudio loses, he must join the Jericho Appreciation Society. Jericho angers Claudio by kicking him in the stomach instead of obeying the Code of Honor, resulting in Claudio pummeling him ringside, utilizing the barricades and the steel steps. Claudio elbows him repeatedly in the side of the head back inside of the ring. Claudio blocks the Code Breaker, the Lion Tamer, and the Molasses Elbow, and drops Jericho with the Neutralizer for a two count. Claudio gutwrench suplexes him off of the middle rope and muscles him up into a press slam onto the top rope. Claudio misses a somersault senton off of the apron and crashes to the floor. Jericho drives him back first into the ring post to capitalize on Claudio’s now injured back, and keeps focus on the back after bringing Claudio into the ring. Claudio stops Jericho with Swiss Death for two. He goes back to the elbows to the side of Jericho’s head. His back is too hurt for a Neutralizer again, so he throws some uppercuts. Jericho cuts him off with repeated clotheslines in the corner. Claudio halts Jericho’s super Frankensteiner attempt. He uses one arm to strike Jericho in the stomach repeatedly before attempting a super Ricola Bomb. Jericho counters mid-move with a Frankensteiner for two. Jericho clotheslines Claudio to the floor after blocking a Giant Swing. Jericho suplexes Claudio off the apron and to the floor to further aggravate his back. They boot each other back in the ring and knock each other down with simultaneous clotheslines. Claudio uppercuts Jericho and Jericho strikes back with chops. Claudio ducks a chop and momentarily Giant Swings Jericho. Jericho stops it short and puts him in the Walls of Jericho. The crowd is elated when Claudio grabs the ropes to escape. Matt Menard slides his bat to Jericho as Angelo Parker distracts the referee. Jericho hits Claudio with it and Menard gets rid of the evidence. Claudio gets his shoulder up at two from the subsequent pin. Menard and Parker are sent backstage. Jericho gives Claudio the Code Breaker. He waits for Claudio to get to his feet. Claudio counters the Molasses Elbow into a waistlock and then the Giant Swing for over thirty rotations. Jericho submitted around the thirtieth rotation, winning Claudio the match and the title at 17:01. While people were excited for the result, there was that momentary stutter as people realized what even happened. It was unique, but maybe a little too cute and anticlimactic. The match was totally solid, about on the level of Claudio’s title win against Gresham, and I am glad Jericho’s reign is over. ***¼

Overall I’d say this show was better than Supercard of Honor but a step below Death Before Dishonor, with Briscoes vs. FTR once again having the match of the night.

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