ROH on SBG #542 – The Briscoes Hall of Fame Special


On January 26th, Ring of Honor announced the creation of the ROH Hall of Fame to coincide with their 20th Anniversary. Throughout the month, each episode of ROH television will feature one of the inductees into this year’s inaugural class. This week’s episode features highlights and two complete matches from the first inductees, The Briscoes.

ROH Tag Team Championship
AJ Styles & The Amazing Red (Champions) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

“Night of the Champions” – Philadelphia, PA – 3.22.2003

Styles & Red have been champions since 3.15.2003 and this is their first defense. This is also the first ROH match where Jay and Mark teamed together. Red takes down Jay with a pair of armdrags. Jay takes Red down with a bodyslam and tags in Mark. Mark and Red reach a stalemate after swapping positions in a victory roll. Styles and Mark grapple on the canvas, ending with a German suplex from Styles to Mark. Red then superkicks Jay into a German suplex from Styles. The Briscoes have rolled outside, so the champions land stereo tope con hilos onto them. Back inside the ring, Mark suplexes Styles onto his head and both Mark and Jay demolish Styles with stereo boots to the corner. Styles escapes the Briscoes’ grasp with a gutbuster, backbreaker, and suplex to Mark. Red comes in with a top rope elbow drop to Jay and a big flying kick to the face. Jay blind tags in and wipes out Red with a springboard dropkick. Red counters a prawn hold on Mark with Brain Damage. Styles drops Mark with a delayed brainbuster for two. After another gutbuster and backbreaker, Styles gets two on Mark with a sliding boot to the face. Mark counters a Frankensteiner with a powerbomb. Styles looks for the Phenomenon, and Maerk instead dropkicks Styles so that he lands chest first on the top turnbuckle. When Mark tries a springboard Ace Crusher, Styles counters mid-air with a superplex. Red hits the Red Star Press on Mark for two. Jay strikes Red when Red hits the ropes, enabling Mark to take him out with a lariat. The Briscoes beat down Red until Red back kicks Jay and takes down Mark with a modified hip toss driver. Styles superkicks and powerslams Jay, then drops Mark right on his head with a hammerlock suplex. Jay and Styles knock each other down to one knee during a forearm strike exchange. Red and Mark use their partners knees to hit each other mid-air with enzuigiri’s. Jay Cactus clotheslines Styles to the floor. The Briscoes hit a wheelbarrow DDT combo for two. Styles drops the Briscoes with a Phenomenon/DDT combo. Jay escapes the Styles Clash and drops Styles with a Falcon Arrow. Red breaks up the pin and tornado kicks Jay on the top turnbuckle. Red hits a super Code Red, only for Mark to break up the pin. Styles pops Red up into a super Frankensteiner to Mark. Styles catches Mark and drops him with the Styles Clash for the pin at 16:44. That finish was super cool, and a great way to end a really exciting match. It’s easy to see why ROH turned this into a trilogy. It was action packed, exciting and a real joy to watch – a perfect first match for the Briscoes as a tandem. ***¾

We’re treated to highlights from all twelve of the Briscoes’ tag title reigns. That record is insane on its own, but even more insane when you realize the second most title reign is a tie between the Young Bucks and reDRagon, both who were “only” three time tag team champions. We also see highlights from both of Jay Briscoe’s ROH World Championship wins.

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The Elite (Cody & Hangman Page)
“Global Wars 2018 Night 1” – Lewiston, ME – 11.7.2018

Brandi Rhodes is in the Elite’s corner. Mark ends a strike exchange by throwing Page down by his hair. Page and Mark boot each other down and go forehead to forehead, with both of them deciding to tag their respective partners. Cody delivers a falling chin strike to Jay and a dropkick to Mark. After a break, we see the Briscoes have taken control and are pummeling Page down in their corner. Page evades a double football tackle. He sends Jay outside, ducks a chop from Mark, and tags Cody. Cody Disaster Kicks Jay and powerslams Mark for two. Cody suicide dives Jay into the barricades and then springboard dropkicks Mark. Jay ambushes Cody with a corner clothesline and sends him into a big boot from Mark. Cody is beat down by the Sandy Fork boys until Cody rolls out of the trajectory of a Froggy Bow and he and Mark land stereo clotheslines. Page tags in and takes out Jay with a hard clothesline of his own. Page takes out Mark on the floor with a running shooting star press off the apron. In the ring, Page German suplexes Jay for a two count. Jay back elbows Page when Page tries a corner attack. Mark takes out Cody with the spicy dropkick and Jay takes down Page with a neckbreaker. Cody breaks Jay’s pin attempt, and then breaks Mark’s pin attempt after the Briscoes take down Page with Redneck Boogie. Cody superkicks Jay. Mark goes to Cody’s eyes and bites him, which Brandi takes umbrage with. Cody unintentionally sends whips Mark to the ropes where Brandi is and knocks her down. Mark kicks Cody low. Page hits the Buckshot Lariat on Mark. Page wipes out both Briscoes with a moonsault to the floor. In the ring, Cody takes down Mark with Cross Rhodes, and Jay shoves Cody onto Page to break Page’s pin attempt. Jay sends Cody into the barricades. Mark gives Page a super Iconoclasm. Jay follows that with the Jay Driller, and the Froggy Bow from Mark pins a Page at 13:25. This was a lot of fun and the crowd was into it, especially Page’s big offense. The Brandi stuff, as always, was a detriment, but otherwise a real good look at how good of a tag team the Briscoes are. Featuring the AEW World Champion was a smart move too. ***¼

NEXT WEEK: Bryan Danielson’s Hall of Fame special!

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