ROH on SBG #526

Philadelphia, PA – 10.15.2021

Commentary is provided by Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman.

The October 12th episode of Week by Week featured a replay of the Six Man Tag Team Championship match from “Death Before Dishonor 2021.” You can read my review of the match here.

The October 13th episode of Women’s Division Wednesday takes us to Baltimore for a fresh tag team team match:

Willow & Holidead vs. Alex Gracia & Laynie Luck

Holidead sets the tone by wiping out Gracia with a boot during the Code of Honor, which Willow is not down with. Luck sends Holidead outside, allowing Gracia to land a crossbody off of the apron. Willow ends her exchange with Luck with a solid Pounce. Holidead shuts down Gracia’s attempt to pick up the pace with a boot to the stomach. Holidead stumbles to Gracia’s corner when Gracia has a sleeper on. Luck tags in, taking down Holidead with an uppercut before hitting her with double knees in the corner. Holidead drops Luck on her face to block a headscissors. Along with Willow, Holidead beats down Gracia, although Holidead is not terribly kind to her partner and insists on getting the pins when those moments arise. Holidead misses a yakuza kick, so Gracia sneaks in a back cracker and tags in Luck. Luck and Gracia double boot Holidead to the floor, and Gracia follows her to the floor with a springboard crossbody. Holidead however takes down Luck with the Black Nightmare back inside the ring. She is taken down with a Code Red from Luck. Willow superkicks Luck and hits the Dangerous Babe Bomb for the pin at 11:38. This was a fun strange bedfellows tag match, and wise to have saved this for when Willow was in competition for a Women’s title opportunity. **½

Now onto this week’s episode!

ROH World Tag Team Championship
La Facción Ingobernable (Dragon Lee & Kenny King) vs. S.O.S. (Kaun & Moses)

LFI have been champions since 9.11.2021 and this is their first defense. LFI’s arrogance gets the best of them, as S.O.S.’ focus allows them to dominate King in the early going. Even though King was able to trip Kaun and tag out during the commercial break. S.O.S. are still in control over Dragon Lee when we return.King trips Kaun as he has Lee up for a suplex. King and Lee double Irish whip Kaun shoulder first into the barricades. They overwhelm Kaun with double team offense back inside the ring, and then decide to attack his left knee. Kaun however is able to wisely use the turnbuckle to pull off a belly-to-back suplex on King out of the corner so he can finally tag Moses. Moses Snake Eyes’ and lariats Lee. He takes down a charging King with a Samoan drop before deadlifting Lee into a powerbomb. King breaks the pin and low bridges the top rope when Kaun comes charging. Lee saves King from a superplex and double stomps Moses in a tree of woe. He suicide dives onto Kaun as King gives Moses a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. La Bestia del Ring appears ringside. S.O.S. sends Lee outside and gives King their tandem elevated DDT. Bestia jumps on the apron to distract referee Todd Sinclair from making a count. Shane Taylor comes out and pulls Bestia off the apron. Meanwhile, King hits Kaun with the Royal Flush. Lee follows that with the Incinerator Knee, and King pins Kaun at 12:53. This was all a back-drop to continue the issue with King and Taylor, but the meat of the match was LAO totally solid. The structure of the match actually did make it seem like S.O.S. had a victory stolen from them. Not a bad first defense for King and Lee, who work together super well, and S.O.S. are just underrated in general. **¾

We get a preview for next week’s episode titled “VLNCE vs. Pure”, where the entire card sees the members of VLNCE UNLTD taking on the members of the Foundation. Rhett Titus will face Tony Deppen, Jonathan Gresham and Tracy Williams will face Brody King and Chris Dickinson, and Jay Lethal will face Homicide in the main event. Speaking of the Foundation:

The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) vs. The World Famous CB, Eli Isom, Joe Keys & Taylor Rust

This was another instance of The Foundation wanting to face like-minded competitors to continue spreading their message of Pure wrestling, and the four men opposing them answered the proverbial call. The match starts with a content warning, which was surprising to see until a few minutes in where a laceration appeared on Titus’ face around his left eye. Lethal convinces him to tag out when he’s wrestling Isom. Isom is able to block Lethal’s hip toss dropkick and takes down Lethal with a dropkick, armdrag, and tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Keys requests to face Gresham when Lethal tags Gresham and gets his wish. The exchange turns aggressive quickly. Gresham attacks Keys’ left arm, which Williams capitalizes on when he is tagged in, as does Lethal. Keys German suplexes Titus and tags Rust who finds himself dropkicked outside quickly by Lethal. Rust however cracks Lethal in the forehead with a boot on the apron, then drives him shoulder first down to the apron. Rust’s team gets some shots in on Lethal’s arm, though Lethal escapes relatively quickly thanks to a Lethal Combination on Isom. CB kicks out of a gutwrench powerbomb from Williams, and with Rust’s help does not fall to Titus’ belly-to-belly suplex either. Rust boots Titus before dropping him with A Perfect Circle. With Titus’ condition, Wiliams knows he has to break up the pin. Lethal blocks Isom’s Promise. His arm crumbles when he goes for the Lethal Injection, but when Isom picks him up, Lethal flips out of a back suplex and drops Isom with a regular Ace Crusher. Williams nails Keys with a rolling clothesline. Gresham asks back in, and he trades open hand shots and forearms with his student. Keys catches Gregam with two clotheslines, but Lethal breaks up the pin. Gresham hyperextends Keys leg and drop toe holds him into a double leg ankle submission. Keys taps out at 17:50. All of these guys are good wrestlers so this was a very good match, but there aren’t any features of these multiman tags to make them stick out from one another. Let’s get some stakes or upwards mobility of roster members going and I’ll be even more into these matches. ***¼

The show ends with a video of Vincent saying he is as pure as a newborn baby. He is leaving the stream of blood beneath him in his past,a and every drop of blood he has shed has purified his soul. He says blood is needed for purification. A little redundant, but I’m interested.

Overall: A good but not great week. You’ve seen the main event before, and the tag title match while engaging is definitely more of a means to an end than something satisfying in isolation.

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