ROH on SBG #514

Baltimore, MD – 7.23.2021

Commentary is provided by Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman.

No bonus matches this week, as the July 20th Week by Week featured Bandido’s post-match speech from “Best in the World” (which I really wish was on the PPV itself), and the July 21st Women’s Division Wednesday featured the first of two Town Hall Q&A with competitors in the upcoming Women’s title tournament. Both are worth checking out.

The episode begins with a clip from last week’s episode, showing that Mandy Leon used brass knuckles to defeat Quinn McKay to shut her out of the Women’s Championship tournament. Quinn McKay puts on a professional visage when expressing her disappointment, but also let’s us know that the Women’s Championship tournament begins next week before running down tonight’s card.

The World Famous CB vs. Flip Gordon

Gordon shows off his mat wrestling acumen against CB. CB comes back with an armdrag takeover and works over Gordon’s left arm. Gordon escapes La Escalara and boots CB in the side of the head and to the floor. On the floor Gordon gives CB a German suplex. CB avoids a corner attack which sends Gordon shoulder first into the post, giving CB the chance to once again attack Gordon’s left arm. He pays back Gordon for his kick to the head with a superkick. He grabs a kimura but Gordon drives him into the corner with a death valley driver. The Kinder Surprise and Samoan Drop backflip lead to Gordon tapping out CB to Submit To Flip at 8:46. This was a sorely needed momentum boost for Gordon as he heads into a World Title opportunity next month, and a really solid showing from CB. CB’s wrestling acumen is something more people should be taking notice of. **¾

The Bouncers and Ken Dixon come to the commentary table and give Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman a hard time, telling them that they should be mentioned more often, and also tell us that they’re coming for the Six Man Tag team titles.

Flip Gordon tells Brian Zane he isn’t saying anything until he wins the World Title, which is just fine by me.

PCO vs. Sledge

Sledge got in PCO’s face after his tag team match at “Best in the World.” Danhausen joins commentary for this match. Neither man adheres to the Code of Honor. As someone who is a fan of the ECW Monster mash, I liked this in the same way: big guys beating each other up and not always in the most smooth of ways. PCO even f’d up his own hip hitting a Swanton bomb on the apron. Sledge pump kicked PCO over the barricades and onto the concrete floor. PCO got back up, and referee Joe Mandak threw the match out at 9:43 when Sledge shoved him during a brawl with PCO. Perhaps it was a disqualification, but since no decision is stated, I can’t be certain. (EDIT: ROH e noted the match was a double disqualification on their official episode recap.) The two men have to be separated by officials and staff. This dragged a bit, but I enjoyed it for what it was, and Danhausen’s commentary was a hoot. **

Dalton Castle vs. Dak Draper vs. Eli Isom

This match was made after the three of them failed to work together as a unit at “Best in the World.” Castle charges after the Boys rip off his shirt for him. He ends up being clotheslined to the floor by Draper. Isom dropkicks Draper to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Castle connects with a high knee to the side of Isom’s head. Draper sends Castle face first into the ring apron after Drape takes down Isom with a throw in the ring. Draper then gives Isom a flapjack and headstand knee drop. Isom comes back with a release Northern Lights suplex on Draper and a straightjacket German suplex on Castle. Isom dropkicks Castle on the top turnbuckle and swings him into a back suplex. Draper boots Isom in the face when Castle ducks to avoid it, but Castle pulls Draper off of Isom when he tries to pin him, so Draper throws Castle over the barricades. In the ring, Isom spins Draper into a back suplex for two, then lands a Bermuda Triangle on the floor. Castle throws a chair at Isom’s face from the “crowd.” He then places Isom in the ring and tells Draper to go after them, saying it’s his moment. Castle’s boys get on the apron, mimicking Draper as he hits the Magnum KO and clapping along with his pin. Draper ultimately pins Isom at 6:21. Instead of giving Isom a disrespectful participation trophy ribbon, he pulls up Isom to his feet and shakes his hand. This is a pretty bizarre storyline, but I think I like it. If nothing else I am very intrigued to see where it is leading. ***

Overall: Not the best ROH episode, but with some solid wrestling and intriguing stories it’s a totally solid 50 minutes.

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