ROH 19th Anniversary Show

Baltimore, MD – 3.26.2021

Commentary is provided by Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman & Rocky Romero.

Brian Johnson vs. Danhausen vs. Eli Isom vs. LSG

All of these men are competitors in the TV title division. Isom shuts down the mouthy Johnson with a dropkick. Johnson bails after an armdrag and backdrop, bringing in LSG. Their exchange reaches a stalemate, and Johnson tags himself in to face LSG. LSG blasts him with a pump kick and a front rolling clothesline. LSG sends Johnson to the floor and follows with a pescado. Isom triangle moonsaults onto both of them. Danhausen tequila superkicks Johnson from the apron. LSG and Isom yank Danhausen off the apron and ram him back first into the barricades. Back inside the ring they trade forearm strikes. Isom escapes Rocket Bye Baby and belly-to-belly suplexes LSG. Johnson snaps Isom’s eyes on the top rope and nails Danhausen with both a diving and running clothesline. He hoists the middle rope into Isom’s neck and tries using the ropes for leverage with a pin. He crotches Isom on the top rope and drops him with the Spike Eskin, but Isom rolls to the floor before Johnson can attempt a pin. LSG maneuvers Johnson into a springboard forearm strike. He drops Johnson with Rocket Bye Baby and swings him into a crucifix pin for two. Isom blind tags himself in on LSG and fights off both LSG and Johnson on his own. All three collide with clotheslines, giving Danhausen an opening to re-enter the fray. He low bridges Johnson to the floor, then slingshot German suplexes Isom onto LSG! Danhausen gets two on Johnson with a bridging Northern Lights suplex. Johnson escapes Goodnighthausen, but succumbs to a German suplex. Danhausen dumps his jar of teeth into Johnson’s mouth. Isom, LSG, and Danhausen all nail him with a triple superkick. Danhausen rocks LSG with a headbutt. Isom gut wrenches Danhausen up into a DDT. LSG and Isom trade pin attempts. LSG drops Isom with the Saintsplosion. Danhausen then gives LSG Goodnighthausen, but Johnson drags LSG out of the ring. He sneaks back into the ring and pokes Danhausen in the eyes. He drops Danhausen with the Process for the pin at 10:53. This was a totally solid four corner survival where everybody got a little bit of time to showcase themselves. Johnson may not be my favorite of the four, but I must admit, I have minor interest in him getting another TV title shot due to his impressive performance against Dragon Lee. **¾

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship
Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & S.O.S. (Kaun & Moses)) vs. MexiSquad (Bandido, Flamita & Rey Horus)

Shane Taylor Promotions have been champions since 2.19.2021 and this is their first defense. Of course, it was MexiSquad who STP defeated for the titles last month. MexiSquad surprises STP with stereo dropkicks from behind to start the match, following up with a trio of dives. MexiSquad overwhelms Taylor with attacks inside the ring as S.O.S. recover. Kaun and Moses drag Flamita and Bandido outside as Taylor halts Horus with a big spinebuster. Taylor tags in Kaun, who takes the Dream Sequence from Flamita and Bandido, as well as a few splashes. Moses spears Flamita after getting rid of Bandido and Horus for two. Moses assists Taylor with a Complete Shot onto Flamita for two. Flamita avoids a second rope splash from Taylor. Bandido and Horus wipe out S.O.S. All three members of MexiSquad pile up and splash onto Taylor off the top turnbuckle. S.O.S. make the save. Kaun pump kicks Bandido into a lawn dart into the ring post outside the ring! S.O.S. further wipe out Bandido with a tandem Complete Shot. Horus drop toe holds Taylor into a tiger feint kick and superkick from Flamita. Bandido misfires with the assisted splash, giving Flamita a German suplex instead. Taylor cracks Bandido with a haymaker but Flamita superkicks Taylor. He goes up top, and Taylor uses Bandido to crotch Flamita. Taylor knee strikes Bandido in the head, and Horus spikes Taylor with a tornado DDT. Moses body checks Horus to the floor. Kaun avalanche Jackhammers Flamita. He and Moses then hit a tandem elevated DDT for the pin at 7:53. I liked the story that Taylor was off his game and it was necessary for S.O.S. to carry the weight of the team. It’s interesting to also see Bandido and Flamita off their game and what could come of that. This was definitely a step down from their first title match, but S.O.S. continuing their role is something I am thrilled to see. **¾

After the match, Flamita and Bandido have an argument. Horus interjects and says they should have a triple threat match tonight to get out all their aggression. Flamita walks away, but it sounds like we will be seeing that match tonight. Rocky Romero then joins commentary for the PPV broadcast.

ROH World Television Championship
Kenny King vs. Tracy Williams

Kenny King is defending on behalf of Dragon Lee, who has been champion since 12.13.2019. This will be counted as Lee’s sixth defense. Amy Rose is in King’s corner, although King makes it clear to her that he does not want her in his corner, and that he is defending the title for Lee under protest. He also denies Williams the Code of Honor. Williams manipulates King’s ankles and toes whilst keeping him grounded. When King does make it to his feet, Williams catches him with a schoolboy mid-leapfrog. King breaks free from a front facelock in the corner. He throws hands at Williams before hitting him with shotgun knees. Williams trips King into a spinning toe hold. King comes back with a spinebuster and a Tiger Driver for two. King shotei’s Williams and tries for a superplex after a leaping enzuigiri. Williams brings King down with a DDT onto the top turnbuckle. He nails a discuss lariat and Death Valley Driver for two. Williams ends a strike exchange by bringing King down into a crossbody. Rose makes the referee aware that King got his feet on the ropes. King is able to low blow Williams without the referee’s knowledge, but Williams kicks out of the pin attempt that follows. Rose shoves King’s tag title into the ring. As King goes to get it, Williams stops him and delivers a piledriver to get the pin and the Television title at 7:16! I am thrilled Williams won the title, and like that the LFI way of cheating backfired. The wrestling itself was also very compelling, and presuming Dragon Lee will get a rematch upon returning, I am looking forward to that bout. ***

Mark Briscoe vs. Flip Gordon

This match came as a result of Gordon costing The Briscoes the chance to challenge for the tag team titles as EC3 paid off Gordon. Mark Briscoe got payback by interfering in Gordon’s match against Flamita a few weeks later. Briscoe earns the first significant offense, drilling Gordon with a brainbuster after a boot for two. Briscoe also gets two after a running somersault senton. Gordon dazes Briscoe with an enzuigiri. He follows that with the Kinder Surprise which knocks Briscoe to the floor. Back inside, Gordon gets two with a bridging fisherman’s suplex, as well as the Eye of the Hurricane. Briscoe shoves Gordon to the floor when Gordon attempts a springboard maneuver. Briscoe then comes off the apron with a running Blockbuster! Surprisingly, Gordon is able to stop Briscoe on the top turnbuckle with a Pele kick from the canvas. He brings down Briscoe with a superplex, hurting his own back in the process. After rocking Gordon with several forearms, Briscoe boots Gordon to the floor and follows up with a spicy dropkick. Briscoe goes for his famous chair-assisted dive. As Todd Sinclair rids of the chair, Gordon low blows Briscoe. Gordon then hits the Flip-5 for the pin at 7:48. I don’t love that we had low blows in back to back matches, or cheating in three out of the four matches so far. Gordon defeating Briscoe on an Anniversary show clean would’ve been more significant for him. That said, I liked the aggression both of them brought to the contest, and overall I enjoyed this more than I expected. **¾

Josh Woods vs. Dalton Castle

This is a rubber match, and Silas Young is in Woods’ corner. The opening exchange emphasizes both of their desire to prove they’re the superior grappler. Castle back elbows his way out of a waistlock at first, but Woods ultimately delivers a German suplex. Castle bails to the floor. He is able to surprise Woods with a trip. He hastily gets back in the ring to elbow Woods in the face and take him down with a suplex. Woods missing a leaping boot. Castle pulls him outside and throws him into the barricades. In the ring he takes down Woods with a Russian leg sweep and thrashes onto Woods’ back several times. Woods cracks Castle with a punch to the jaw. He angrily delivers several running attacks to the corner. Castle escapes an attack and low bridges Woods to the floor. Woods pays back Castle for earlier, yanking him outside and throwing him back and head first into the barricades. Young instructs Woods to throw Castle into the barricades again, and Woods obliges. Castle attempts his apron assisted Frankensteiner and ends up being powerbombed onto the ring frame! Young wants Woods to use a steel chair but Woods declines. He and Castle each get in a throw. Woods butterfly DDT’s Castle for two. The referee takes cover outside the ring as Castle and Woods aggressively trade position in the corner. Young cracks Woods in the head with the chair from the floor, telling him “that’s what you get!” Castle takes advantage and gets the pin at 10:19. Yet another match with great wrestling and a screwy finish. People can’t just win matches unless they’re Pure Rules, I guess. I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with Young and Woods, but considering it’s just yet another match with a non-clean finish, the impact was not as strong as it could have been. **¾

Young says he is tired of putting his needs and desires aside to help Woods become the person he is truly capable of being when Woods continuously defies him. He says tonight will be the very last time Woods defies him, because he is going to hurt Woods going forward. When all is said and done, he will realize Young has been teaching him lessons along the way, including what it takes to be a real man.

Jay Briscoe vs. EC3

EC3 is wearing actual wrestling trunks, hallelujah! He still will not look Briscoe in the eyes, and Jay still will not shake his hand. EC3 side steps Briscoe’s running boot after giving Briscoe a shoulder block. EC3 wears down Briscoe in a side headlock. Briscoe makes a short-lived comeback before being taken down by a Thesz Press. He goes back to wearing down Briscoe’s neck and begins dealing damage to his midsection. EC3 avoids a dropkick, then deadlifts Briscoe up into a powerbomb. EC3 also gives him a TKO. Briscoe stops a charging EC3 with a Complete Shot into the turnbuckles. He pummels EC3 on the rope of his forehead and sends him outside with a big boot. Briscoe tweaks his knee coming off the apron with a diving forearm shot. EC3 pulls Briscoe face first into the ring post. Briscoe tries ascending the ropes and EC3 wipes out his legs, crotching Briscoe on the top turnbuckle. EC3 laughs at Briscoe before bringing him down with a superplex. EC3 tells Briscoe to “honor him” after attacking his knee. He lariats Briscoe before giving him an Olympic Slam. Briscoe is halted on the top turnbuckle again. EC3 tries a second superplex, but this time Briscoe drops down and pulls EC3 to the apron where he gives him a Death Valley Driver! Briscoe grabs his knee upon landing, unable to capitalize right away. He is able to give EC3 two consecutive neckbreakers. EC3 breaks the third attempt, but Briscoe intercepts a clothesline and maneuvers EC3 into a neckbreaker! EC3 reverses an Irish Whip and drives Briscoe into the mat with a reverse STO. Briscoe fights out of a fireman’s carry and gives EC3 another Death Valley Driver. EC3 starts smiling as he gets up and Briscoe clobbers him with a boot. EC3 begins laughing as he eggs on Briscoe, who gives him a second boot. A third boot follows, this time with Briscoe going for the pin, and EC3 gets his shoulder up right before the three count. EC3 lands another Thesz Press. Briscoe goes to EC3’s eyes out of desperation and nails a lariat. A discuss forearm and running boot get another nearfall for Briscoe. As Jay is about to put him away, EC3 looks Jay in the eye and puts out his hand for a shake. Jay finally gives EC3 his handshake, then pulls him into the Jay Driller for the pin at 20:55. This was a great showing for EC3, showing he is still plenty capable of getting it done in the ring without his character getting in the way. He and Jay told a nice story with both working over one another’s necks, EC3 playing mind games, and he and Jay finding respect for one another after a hard fought contest. I admit, I had low expectations for this match, but I was very pleased with the match and EC3’s overall presentation. ***½

Bandido vs. Flamita vs. Rey Horus

Bandido and Horus have a respectful exchange that ends with a handshake. Flamita disrupts the proceedings with dropkicks to them both. He kicks Horus as he tornado DDT’s Bandido. Horus gives Bandido a slingshot Frankensteiner on the floor, and Horus follows that with a step-up tope con hilo from Flamita to Horus. In the ring, Flamita tells Bandido it was his fault they lost the titles, as Bandido tries to calm him down. Bandido counters Flamita’s headscissors, planting Flamita face first on the canvas. Bandido superkicks Horus as he re-enters the ring. He then suplexes Horus as Flamita has Bandido on his shoulders! Flamita ends an even exchange with Bandido, turning him inside out with a superkick. He pulls Bandido up into a spiral bomb, and Horus breaks the pin. Flamita spikes Bandido with a pendulum DDT. He then gives Horus a Muscle Buster lungblower as he lands a senton onto Bandido, then pins Bandido for two. After Flamita says “no more MexiSquad”, Horus aids Bandido in taking Flamita off the apron with a Frankensteiner. Horus cascades up Bandido into an X-Factor. Bandido pops up Horus into an Ace Crusher. Flamita re-enters the match with a frog splash onto Horus. All three men wipe each other out with a triple boot to the face. Horus counters another pop up Ace Crusher from Bandido with a DDT. Horus spikes Flamita with a high speed prawn hold, and Bandido jumps over to stop his pin. Bandido finds himself in a position where Horus crossbody’s Bandido, and Bandido spikes Flamita with a reverse Frankensteiner! He wipes out Horus with a Fosbury Flip, then hits the dragonrana on Flamita. Unbelievably, Flamita kicks out. Bandido gives Flamita the X-knee and the 21 Plex for the pin at 10:47. This had some genuine jaw dropping moments, with some offense I have never seen before. As far as high flying “spot fests” go, this was top notch, and a perfect trio of guys to execute such a match. Flamita slaps hands with Horus, but shoves Bandido away, leaving MexiSquad’s future uncertain. ***½

Unsanctioned Match
Matt Taven vs. Vincent

This match was filmed at the building where Taven and Vincent first met in Massachusetts – the Top Rope Promotions School in Fall River, MA where Dragon Gate USA and Beyond Wrestling have both run events. Taven enters the building and Vincent eggs him on from the upper deck. They end up meeting in the training room. Taven is sent into a ladder. They fight in the ring where Taven gets the upper hand. He tries another dive and crashes into the ladders again. Vincent throws Taven out in the hall. Taven throws a chair at Vincent, then throws him down a short flight of stairs. Taven lands a diving elbow down the stairs! He drags Vincent by his dreadlocks, and then has to chase Vincent down the stairs. Vincent closed a chain link fenced door into Taven as Taven comes down the stairs, then rubs his face against the fencing. They fight into the main room where a ring is set up. Vincent tries the Acid Drop, but Taven throws Vincent back first onto several sets of chairs. Inside the ring, Taven whips and chokes Vincent with his purple belt. Vincent low blows Taven. He pulls up the ring mats to expose the wooden beams underneath and gives Taven the Acid Drop onto them. Taven pulls Taven up into the upper deck of the building. Vincent and Taven end up being knocked off the balcony and through a table by Bill Carr! Bill pulls up Vincent into his arms and carries him out. That was definitely much more interesting than a standard match would have been, and as a big Bill Carr fan I am thrilled to see him in the equation. These cinematic matches are tough to rate, but I did enjoy this. It isn’t the best cinematic match by any stretch, but plenty entertaining. No winner was decided as the “match” concluded at 13:40.

Jay Lethal talks to referee Todd Sinclair about relaxing the rules tonight so RUSH can’t get disqualified and retain the title. Sinclair says he will use his judgment as always, and Lethal says that’s all he can ask for.

Quinn McKay then introduces Maria Kanellis Bennett, who announces that the Women’s Championship Tournament will finally take place this Summer. They are interrupted by The Allure of Angelina Love and Mandy Leon. Love implies Maria did something untoward to get her position of authority in ROH. Maria says the Allure have to earn their opportunities in ROH, especially since Love hasn’t had a match in a year. Maria says if Love wins her first match back, she will receive a first-round bye in the tournament. Maria says that the match will be against Quinn McKay on ROH TV! Love and Leon laugh, but McKay is all business as she stares down Love. Here is hoping by Summer we can get Session Moth Martina and Kellyanne in the tournament!

ROH Pure Championship
Jonathan Gresham vs. Dak Draper

Gresham has been champion since 10.30.2020 and this is his third defense. The Pure Rules are as follows:
The competitors are to obey the “Code of Honor”, shaking one another’s hand before and after the match.
Each wrestler has 3 rope breaks to stop submission holds and pinfalls. After a wrestler has used all 3 of their rope breaks, submission and pin attempts on or under the ropes by the opponent are considered legal.
Closed-fist punches to the face are not permitted. Punches to other parts of the body are permitted, excluding low blows. The first use of a closed fist results in a warning, a second will be a disqualification.
This match has a 60 minute time limit. If the match goes the time limit, three judges will determine the outcome.
Any wrestler who interferes will be automatically terminated from the roster.

Gresham goes for Draper’s leg. Draper drops to his knees and grabs Gresham’s nose. Gresham refocuses and tries for high angle side headlocks on the taller Draper. He then goes after Draper’s nose as revenge. Gresham kicks at Draper’s legs from the mat as Draper keeps knocking him down with shoulder blocks. Gresham avoids a headstand knee drop, but Draper goes to the nose again. Gresham uses his first rope break to escape a waistlock, which was partially based on simple positioning by Draper. Draper rolls Gresham around in a waistlock. He keeps on with the waistlock, adding additional pressure while also obstructing his breathing. He hoists Gresham up into a standing waistlock. Gresham struggles his way out of the hold by manipulating Draper’s wrists and fingers long enough to use his second rope break. Gresham is able to stomp down Draper in the corner and dropkick his left knee. Draper blocks a boot, and spins Gresham around into a jab to the stomach. Gresham uses his third and final rope break when Draper tries for the Mile High Muffler. Draper becomes angry when Gresham slaps him. Gresham uses a tiger feint kick to take out his leg. He picks up speed and takes down Draper with a moonsault press. He then rolls Draper into an ankle lock. Draper escapes and goes for the Mile High Muffler again. Gresham kicks his way before it can be applied. He uses his feet to clap Draper’s fingers. He kicks at Draper’s legs, with Draper shutting him down by forearming him across the jaw. Gresham remains persistent, taking Draper down to one knee, and nailing him with a running forearm. Draper uses a rope break to stop the pin. Gresham hits another forearm and Draper uses his second rope break to stop a pin. Gresham rolls Draper into an ankle lock, and Draper uses his third and final rope break to break the hold. Draper takes down Gresham with a closed fist, earning a warning. Draper however thinks he has Gresham knocked out, but Gresham rolls underneath the bottom rope which ends Sinclair’s count just in time. Draper deadlift superplexes Gresham, then hits a Doctor Bomb, and somehow Gresham still kicks out. Draper looks for the Magnum K.O. Gresham rolls his way free from it. He hyperextends Draper’s knee back, but Draper still boots Gresham in the nose. Draper tries the Magnum K.O. Gresham Frankensteiners his way out of it. Draper big boots Gresham and tosses him so hard into the corner that Gresham’s body flips over. He pulls Gresham up into a super powerbomb, and incredibly, Gresham kicks out. He puts Gresham in the Mile High Muffler. Draper’s knee buckles and he releases. Gresham takes this opportunity for another moonsault press. He follows Draper to the floor where he suicide dives onto Draper’s back and puts on a sleeper hold. Draper is able to crawl back into the ring. He grabs the ropes, but with all of them gone, Gresham does not have to release. Draper passes out at 20:29, and Gresham retains the championship. This was an incredible outing for Draper, who more than showed he was capable of wrestling to Gresham’s high level. The two of them told a story with their respective sizes that was incredibly fitting for what Pure Wrestling is all about – I was so impressed with their creativity. Gresham may have won the match, but Draper comes out of this a made man. ****

Delirious whispers something in Rocky Romero’s ear at the commentary table. Romero says he thinks that may have been a challenge of some sort.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
La Facción Ingobernable (La Bestia del Ring & Kenny King) vs. The Foundation (Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus)

La Facción Ingobernable have been champions since 2.26.2021 and this is their first defense. Ring is substituting for Dragon Lee. LFI attack before the bell, leading the two teams to brawl around ringside. LFI decide to isolate Titus back inside the ring. When Williams gets in the match, he and Ring trade hands. Ring misses a running senton. King kicks Williams in the back from the apron. Ring crotches Williams on the top rope and King nails a tilt-a-whirl enzuigiri which knocks him down. They both end up down after double clotheslines. Titus and King tag in. They remove their wrist tape before trading blows in rapid succession. King Koppu kicks Titus, who comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex. Ring Jon Woo dropkicks Titus to the corner. Titus comes back with a Stinger splash to King. Titus clotheslines King into a cloverleaf from Williams. Ring boots Williams who refuses to let go of the hold. Titus trips Ring into a half crab. King gets the ropes to escape the cloverleaf. King kicks Williams’ leg as it’s trapped on the second rope and t-bone suplexes him into a bridge for two. King locks Williams in the Lasso from El Paso. Titus breaks it up with a knee drop off the top turnbuckle. Titus knocks Ring off the apron. He dropkicks King into a piledriver from Williams. Titus follows that with a full nelson. Ring boots Titus, then drops the charging Williams with a cradle tombstone piledriver. Bestia stops Titus in the corner and gives him a lungblower. As Ring goes for a chair, Titus dropkicks him from behind. He cracks Ring with a couple yakuza kicks before putting him in the full nelson. Ring verbally submitted, making The Foundation new tag team champions! I was not expecting Williams to win both titles from Dragon Lee but I am thrilled he did – he and Titus make a great team. This match itself was a bit all over the place, but it got where it needed to go just fine. **½

Kenny King verbally berates Amy Rose. Rose gives King a middle finger and begins to walk out! King stops her and apologizes. They shake hands, but King then tells her she’s done and pulls her into a spear from Bestia! King does a little more verbal berating before they leave her laying.

ROH World Championship
RUSH vs. Jay Lethal

RUSH has been champion since 2.29.2020 and this is his third defense. Shockingly, he also adheres to the Code of Honor and shakes Lethal’s hand. Each man goes to the ropes during their opening exchange. RUSH cackles after he spits in Lethal’s face. This gets Lethal to attack, with RUSH turning things around with multiple shots in the corner. Lethal however is able to keep pace with RUSH and hip tosses him into a cartwheel kick. RUSH gets right in Lethal’s face. Lethal dropkicks RUSH to the floor. RUSH grabs his knee in pain. Lethal second guesses attacking a potentially injured opponent, but decides to do so with two suicide dives. Lethal attacks the knee outside and inside the ring. A couple powerful forearm shots from RUSH takes down Lethal. An angry RUSH hobbles over to Lethal and throws him into the barricades. He also slams the barricade door into the top of Lethal’s head twice. RUSH also chokes Lethal with production cables and backdrops him on the floor. After multiple kicks, RUSH teases Lethal with a kick to the face and the “Tranquilo” pose. Lethal charges and is unfortunately sent into the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex. Lethal however is able to hit the Lethal Combination out of desperation. RUSH and Lethal trade chops and forearms until they wipe one another out with kicks to the head. Lethal knocks RUSH down from the buckles and hits Hail to the King for two. He transitions into the figure four leg lock right away, and RUSH gets the ropes to force a break. RUSH rebounds Lethal off the ropes into a German suplex and knee strike for two. RUSH also gets two after double stomping Lethal as Lethal is draped on the middle rope. RUSH rolls Lethal into a Calf Killer. RUSH releases when forced but misses a super senton. Lethal reapplies the figure four. Kenny King and Bestia del Ring attempt to interfere but are cut off by Lethal. Lethal superkicks RUSH and calls for the Lethal Injection. Ring hits Lethal with the chair from the floor, but Sinclair stops himself from calling for the bell. The rest of the Foundation run out to take care of King and Ring. RUSH sees Lethal in the corner and calls for the BUll’s Horns. Lethal intercepts with a spinebuster! He goes for the Lethal Injection. RUSH dropkicks him in the back, but Lethal still hits an Ace Crusher. Lethal lays out RUSH with the Lethal Injection, and RUSH kicks out at two! RUSH hits the Bull’s Horns, but Lethal rolls to the floor. He rolls Lethal back into the ring and hits the Bull’s Horns a second time for the pin at 18:31. I am thrilled they kept the gaga to a bare minimum, as these two had a heck of a match. I came into the night assuming RUSH was retaining, but Lethal had me convinced otherwise a couple times. Not only am I happy to see RUSH carry on as World champion, but I think there is an interesting story to be told with lethal being the only Foundation member to not get the job done against LFI. ***¾

LFI and The Foundation brawl back into the ring with Lethal and RUSH now joining the fray. LFI get the better of the Foundation thanks to RUSH’s title belt and Bestia’s chair. Brody King shows up. As he begins to walk towards the ring, he tells LFI the reason they have been able to get the better of him in the past is because they had the numbers advantage on him. He informs LFI that he now has back-up to ensure that will not happen again. Brody King introduces Tony Deppen, and them from behind, Homicide and Chris Dickinson attack LFI! After Brody’s crew wipes out all of LFI, Brody offers his hand to Lethal. Lethal accepts, but King pulls him into a lariat! King then feeds him to Homicide who drops Lethal with the Cop Killa. This new group stands tall as the show concludes.

Overall: I was a bit irritated by the samey vibe the first handful of matches presented, but from EC3 vs Jay Briscoe forward this show ruled. There was plenty of great wrestling, breakout performances, exciting announcements, and one heck of a cliff hanger ending. All of that makes for an easy recommendation, especially compared to the disappointing Final Battle 2020 event. I am very excited to see what ROH’s Spring and Summer looks like.

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