NJPW STRONG #19 – Detonation 2020 Part 1

Port Hueneme, CA – 12.11.2020

Commentary is provided by Kevin Kelly & Alex Koslov. At the top of the show, they confirm that because of him pinning KENTA last week, Brody King will challenge KENTA for his IWGP U.S. Title Contenders briefcase next week.

Clark Connors & The DKC vs. The Riegel Twins (Logan & Sterling Riegel)

These teams are up 1-1 in both singles matches and tag team matches, so this is a threematch to determine true supremacy between the teams. Sterling wastes no time, knocking down Connors with a back elbow. Both Riegel Twins knock DKC off the apron as they overwhelm Connors with frequent tags and constant offense in their corner. DKC saves Connors from a double suplex, but the Riegel Twins clothesline him and Connors down. Connors escapes one Riegel Twin from powerbombing his brother onto him, then pounces one brother into the other. DKC gets the tag and gets one of the Riegel’s in a modified crossface. He escapes, but Connors and DKC give them a Rough Ryder/powerbomb combo for two. That Riegel avoids another double team attack, and the Riegels take down DKC with a double uranage. Connors tries a double spear and gets caught with a double suplex. The Riegels go for their tandem elevated DDT on DKC. DKC escapes and with a small package scores a huge victory at 5:11. Even though it was relatively short, this was really spirited and both teams portrayed thow paramount a victory would be. It’s also a coup for DKC who gets to score another pin over the Riegel’s to win the rivalry for his team. This was compact and effective. **¾

David Finlay, Juice Robinson & Misterioso vs. BULLET CLUB (Chase Owens, Hikuleo & Tanga Loa)

Finlay’s team firmly has things under control with Loa. Hikuleo blind tags in, and when Loa slips outside, Finlay turns right around into a big boot from Hikuleo. BULLET CLUB beats down Finlay until he jumps out of Owen’s grasp and tags in Robinson. Robinson drops Owens with a DDT and cannonball sentons onto him in the corner. Owens Snake Eyes’ Robinson and tags in Loa. Misterioso takes out Loa with a back handspring elbow and then a moonsault press into a reverse DDT. Loa gets his feet up to block an actual moonsault and drops Misterioso with Apeshit for the pin at 6:25. The last couple moments were very cool but otherwise there wasn’t much to sink your teeth into. Fine, but ultimately inconsequential. **

ACH vs. Tama Tonga

This match is a result of Tonga and ACH fighting after being eliminated during last week’s main event. Tonga manages to stop a PK from the floor and slam ACH face first on the edge of the ring. In the ring, Tonga knocks down ACH in the corner with a Stinger Splash and then hits a facewash kick. ACH sweeps out Loa’s legs as Loa charges, taking Loa to the opposite corner. After a rolling corner splash ACH gives Tonga two suplexes. ACH from the mat high kicks Tonga and then powerslams him for two. ACH tries for a brainbuster. Tonga counters with the Tongan Twist for two. ACH is able to block the Gun Stun and German suplex Tonga for two. Tonga tries a German suplex. ACH rolls forward to block, but when Tonga gets to his feet he goes for the Gun Stun again. ACH blocks again. Tonga catches a kick from ACH and hits the Gun Stun for the pin at 11:15. This took a few minutes to get going, but once they got into the constant counters and momentum shifts, it became a pretty exciting match to watch, especially with a satisfying Gun Stun pay off. ***

Jay White vs. Karl Fredericks

During last week’s main event, White not only eliminated Fredericks, but prevented Fredericks from eliminating KENTA and earning a shot at the IWGP U.S title briefcase. White rolls to the floor right away, taking his time as Fredericks paces. When White does come back in, he catches a charging Fredericks with a side headlock to maintain control. Fredericks escapes a side headlock twice, so White throws him down by his hair. Fredericks sends White to the floor with a running shoulder block and drops him face first onto the ring apron. In the ring, White side steps a yakuza kick. Fredericks gets stuck in the ropes, and White brings him down with a neckbreaker. White wears down Fredericks with the side headlock once again, striking Fredericks when necessary. Fredericks ducks another hair pull from White and hits a fallaway kick to the head. Fredericks pulls down White with a backbreaker across his own back for two. White uses the ropes to block the Boston Crab. Fredericks however tries Manifest Destiny only for White to drop him with a DDT. Fredericks though knocks down White in the corner and gets on the half crab after a Shibata style corner dropkick. White gets the ropes and Saito suplexes Fredericks. Fredericks stops White coming off the ropes with a spinebuster. White uses a sleeper suplex to stop Manifest Destiny, then pins Fredericks with the Blade Runner at 11:06. This would be White’s last match in STRONG (for now) and he made it count. He made Fredericks look formidable, and someone who White had to mentally master due to Fredericks intensity and focus. It was close, and Fredericks came out of this one impressing even in a loss. ***¼

BULLET CLUB ends the night with a clean sweep, could that be a harbinger of things to come for Brody King?

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