Ring of Honor: 2019 Volume 1


Disc One

Bandido vs. Mark Haskins
“Saturday Night At Center Stage” – Atlanta, GA – 1.12.2019

Juice Robinson joins Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary for this match. Not including “All In”, this is Bandido’s ROH debut. As such, this match was all about introducing him to the ROH audience. His agility and showmanship were on full display. Haskins grew tired of his antics and dropkicked Bandido’s leg out and from under him and landed a suicide dive outside. In the ring Haskins continues to attack Bandido’s leg, but Bandido is able to plant himself on a dragonscrew attempt and double stomp Haskin’s chest. Bandido followed up with a Fosbury Flop. Back in the ring Haskins avoids a pump kick and O’Connor Rolls Bandido for two. Haskins then rolls Bandido up into a Michinoku Driver for two. After trading strikes they knock one another down with stereo boots to the face. The strikes continue after they get back to their feet. Bandido catches a charging Haskins onto his shoulders and brings him down with the West Knee for two. Maskins avoids a moonsault and rolls Bandido into a sharpshooter, but Bandido was able to get to the ropes. Haskins kicked Bandido in the face from the apron and landed a top rope double stomp for two. The bridging armbar almost had Bandido submit, but Haskins became impatient and rolled him up onto his shoulders again. Bandido superkicked him and hit the 21 Plex for the pin at 12:23. This was a really terrific showing for both the newest roster member, and for Haskins who got to display his tremendous mat wrestling and striking acumen. It had the atmosphere of a match built strictly on competition and that each competitor had to put in a top tier effort to be victorious. This also served as a nice preface to what was to come later in the evening. ***¼

Juice Robinson tells the audience he’s had something in the works for awhile now, and the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. ROH was founded by people like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, and Tyler Black. Their hard work was the lifeblood of the company. Each and every night they began and ended their matches with a handshake and respected their opponents. Juice isn’t sure what has happened to ROH these past couple of years, but tonight they hit the reset button and bring it to the next level. The lights go out, and after a brief video of a heart monitor with a beat on it, they come back on. David Finlay, “Hot Sauce” Tracy Wiliams, Bandido, Mark Haskins, and Tenille Dashwood have joined Juice Robinson in the ring. He says they are Lifeblood, and together they will put “honor” back in Ring of Honor.

Lifeblood (Bandido, David Finlay, Juice Robinson, Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) vs. Dalton Castle, Flip Gordon, Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb & Jonathan Gresham
“Saturday Night At Center Stage” – Atlanta, GA – 1.12.2019

Lifeblood member Tenille Dashwood joins Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary. The majority of this match was, as Cabana put it, one long feeling out process, where team members switched frequently to test one another and prove themselves. Some significant exchanges were between Juice and Castle, Williams and Gresham, Cobb and Haskins, and then finally Bandido and Gordon. Gordon ended that with a standing moonsault. Lethal and Castle got in some licks on Bandido before Gordon re-entered the fray, but unfortunately for him Bandido was able to back him to the corner and crack him with an enzuigiri. All of Lifeblood get their shots in on Gordon, but Gordon cuts them off with a springboard Slingblade on Finlay. Lethal knocks all of Lifeblood off the apron. He gets Haskins down for a figure four. Haskins escapes and Robinson lands a series of clotheslines and cannonball senton on Lethal in the corner. Gordon dropkicks Robinson outside but FInlay takes him out with a spear. Castle bulldogs Finlay. Bandido gutwrenches Castle up into a sit-out powerbomb. Gresham strings a stunner and enzuigiri together on him, but then is taken down by a rolling clothesline by Williams. Cobb tosses Williams out of a leg capture and lands a standing moonsault. Haskins sends him and outside where he suicide dives onto Cobb and Castle. Gordon lands on everybody but Bandido with a rope walk somersault senton, then Bandido dives onto everybody with a corkscrew tornillo. Gresham and Lethal almost have Haskins pinned with an assisted cutter but Finlay and Juice break it up. Castle almost has Haskins beat with Bangarang, but Haskins instead victory rolls Castle into a sharpshooter! The rest of Lifeblood makes sure Castle’s partners can’t save him, and Castle taps out at 23:22. Of course having the new group defeat a collection of individuals that includes current and former champions is an ideal way to get them off on the right foot. I even thought them going through the various combinations of match-ups at the start was entertaining, but I think it took a little too long to pick up the pace and it ended a bit abruptly. Still, it’s hard to have such a collection of talented performers and not have a great match, and for Lifeblood’s first chapter it was by and large well executed. ***½

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Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO & Brody King) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) & Silas Young
“Honor Reigns Supreme” – Concord, NC – 1.13.2019

Villain Enterprises is another new group in ROH, having formed two nights after Final Battle last month. After multiple pairings traded stiff shots, especially PCO and Mark Briscoe with chops, the match broke down into an all out brawl. PCO went to the top turnbuckle for an offensive maneuver of sorts against Silas on the apron, but Mark instead caught him with a cross-armed Iconoclasm onto the ring apron! With PCO out and King also licking his wounds on the floor, Jay threw Scurll back inside after a big boot so that he and his partners could isolate the smallest member of Villain Enterprises. Scurll avoiding Young’s Pee Gee Waja Plunge opened up the opportunity to tag in King. He shocked the audience with a double springboard knuckle drag that sent the Briscoes to the floor, as well as the dive afterwards. PCO’s dive was equally surprising, and King earned a two count on Mark with a Boss Man Slam back in the ring. The match broke down once again with Young giving PCO a Canadian Destroyer on the ring apron. Mark pulled a table ringside. He wanted Froggy Bow on Scurll, but instead got tossed off the top by King and through the table himself. Back in the ring, Scurll reversed the Jay Driller into a powerbomb. He put Jay in a Boston Crab and PCO added a cannonball leg drop to his neck. King landed a senton on Jay onto Scurll’s knees. King dropped Jay with a Ganso Bomb, then PCO landed a super moonsault for the pin at 17:10. With PCO and King announced for Tag Wars, having PCO pin one half of the current tag team champions gives Villain Enterprises a lot of momentum heading into the tournament. It was wise to give this new group a big win over the company’s most decorated tag team and a long time roster member in Silas, and all of their styles complimented one another very well. This accomplished a good bit and made me excited to see more of VE in the future. ***½


ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal vs. Dalton Castle

“Honor Reigns Supreme” – Concord, NC – 1.13.2019

Lethal has been champion since 6.30.2018 (in which he defeated Castle for the title in a fatal four way) and this is his 11th defense of his 2nd championship reign. The Boys are in Castle’s corner. NWA World Champion Nick Aldis joins Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary.

Castle wasted no time attacking and exhausting Lethal to start. It worked so well, that Lethal hit an early Lethal Injection just to stop Castle – he didn’t even have the energy to attempt a pinfall. It was no secret Castle’s back had been seriously injured, and Lethal exposed that from that point forward. He sent Castle into the guardrail with three suicide dives and looked to even be content with a countout. He even dropped Castle with a an Ace Crusher after one of the dives. When Castle rolled back in, Lethal went for Hail to the King and was caught in a crucifix pin for two. Castle knocked Lethal outside and hit his own suicide dive. After a bulldog he went for Bangarang, which Lethal countered with a victory roll. Castle countered a Lethal Injection with a German suplex. When he saw Lethal had gotten up, he ducked Lethal’s charge and elbowed him right in the face. Castle went for Bangarang, but this time Lethal reversed into a Buckle Bomb. Lethal ducked a desperation clothesline and hit another Lethal Injection for the pin at 16:39. Castle fought through a severe amount of pain to try and win the title back from the individual who beat him for it, and Lethal not only wanted to retain for the typical reasons, but to prove to himself and the audience he was the better man in a one-on-one bout. The intensity of the wrestling and the story provided the audience a big fight atmosphere that I think added value to the title because of how much importance the fighters placed on it. ***¾

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Bandido vs. Silas Young
“Road To G1 Supercard, Night 1” – Dallas, TX – 1.24.2019

Bandido pissed off Silas with his acrobatics, so Silas slammed him on the floor, sent him face first and back first into the guardrails, and then back first into one of the ring posts. Young then wore down Bandido’s back forever until he landed a tornillo and then a moonsault to the outside. Bandido even provided Young a taste of his own medicine with a couple of backbreakers, but couldn’t completely shake the damage done to him. As they exchanged blows, Young threw a lariat and got his knee kicked out from under him. As he was recovering, Bandido snuck in from behind with the 21 Plex for the pin at 20:03. This was a good story and the crowd was very into Bandido but it felt a little too drawn out for my liking. Had they shaved off about a quarter of the time I think it would’ve been a much stronger package. As it is, it’s still quite good, and I am happy to see Bandido was an instant hit with the ROH audience. ***

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Tag Wars 2019 Opening Round Match
Colt Cabana & Willie Mack vs. Kenny King & Montel Vontavious Porter

“Road To G1 Supercard, Night 2” – Houston, TX – 1.25.2019

MVP was a surprise partner for King. This is his first appearance in ROH since February 2005, where as Antonio Banks he unsuccessfully challenged Homicide for the FIP Championship at “Do or Die IV.” Mack and King reached a stalemate in the opening exchange. Cabana then made a bit of a fool of MVP, mocking his “ballin” pose in the process. When Mack hit the ropes looking for a dive onto MVP, King cut off with a knee to the side of the head. Mack and MVP beat down Mack until he was able to catch MVP with a running knee. Cabana cleaned house with a double lionsault press. After a dive from Mack it seemed like he and Cabana had the match in the bag. MVP thwarted those plans with yakuza kicks to them both, and then King put down Cabana with the Royal Flush for the pin at 15:34. MVP served his purpose as giving the fans a nice reunion with King (seriously, their reaction made it seem like the Beat Down Clan reuniting was a big deal) and playing the proverbial hits. Mack and Cabana made for good opposition with their different, but coexisting wrestling styles and personalities. It’s a match that was included more for it’s novelty than the match quality itself, but even so, the match was totally acceptable. It’s a shame Mack’s ROH tenure was so short. **¾

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The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe), Shane Taylor, Silas Young & Bully Ray vs. Lifeblood (David Finlay, Juice Robinson, Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams)
“Road To G1 Supercard, Night 2” – Houston, TX – 1.25.2019

Lifeblood member Tenille Dashwood joins Ian Riccaboni on commentary. This was originally a four vs. four match, but Bully Ray inserted himself into the match and Juice Robinson agreed. Bully did some trash talking early on, especially to Finlay about how he beat up his Dad. It’s the worst. Later in the match, when everyone on Lifeblood was out of commission and Juice needed a tag desperately, a hurt Bandido came to the ring, was granted participation by referee Todd Sinclair, and was tagged into the match. After Bandido’s one man comeback, Finlay got a measure of revenge on Bully Ray with a spear. A revolving door of wrestlers interacted with one another ending with Robinson sending Jay outside with everybody else thanks to the Left Hand of God. Mark took him out with a clothesline. He looked for a shooting star press onto several participants outside the ring, only for Williams to intercept and superplex him onto everybody instead. In the ring, Robinson gave Ray a spinebuster and Bandido followed up with a frog splash and pinned Ray at 24:57. Bully Ray will be sure to tell you how effective his promos were in ECW in getting a crowd riled up. That was twenty years ago, and not at the expense of the next generation of talent. For me, everything he does in ROH has the reverse Midas Touch. Fortunately, the rest of the folks carried their weight well enough to alleviate the deleterious effects he had on the match. Lifeblood getting another big win as a team is definitely a positive, but I don’t know that a pin on Bully Ray does anybody any good in the long run. Couldn’t Haskins or Williams have defeated one of the Briscoes for some good jubies going into the Tag Wars finale? Whatever. ***¼

Disc Two

Mark Haskins vs. Marty Scurll
“Road To G1 Supercard, Night 3” – San Antonio, TX – 1.26.2019

Both played friendly before the bell, but the tune changed as soon as the bell rang. Haskins was so quick and focused that Scurll stumbled out of the gate, unable to find any semblance of momentum until he landed a superkick from the apron. From there it became a battle of submissions, Scurll’s chicken wing versus Haskins’ sharpshooter. Each escaped from the other’s hold, and Scurll even kicked out of the Death Valley Michinoku Driver. When Haskins grabbed Scurll’s leg as he came off the ropes, Scurll kneeled on his shoulders for a pin. They swapped positions until Scurll finally kept Haskins down for a three count at 12:12 in a sunset press. In a singles environment, Haskins got a chance to show more personality and swagger, which along with his strong work in the ring made him look on equal footing as Scurll. Their similar English backgrounds added an extra layer to the proceedings as well, specifically some bragging rights. Of course, Scurll’s trajectory was to a World title match at G1 Supercard, so it stood to reason that en route to the event he would be picking up momentum. ***

[ROH R2G1 Houston Spoilers] Tag Wars 2019 Semi-finals bracket is set

Tag Wars 2019 Final Round Match
Lifeblood (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) vs. Villain Enterprises (Brody King & PCO)

“Road To G1 Supercard, Night 3” – San Antonio, TX – 1.26.2019

The winning team faces The Briscoes for the ROH World Tag Team championship at the 17th Anniversary PPV in March. Lifeblood member Tenille Dashwood joins Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary

Robinson and Finlay had the experience advantage against PCO and King, and that helped them out quite a bit, but PCO’s inhuman ability to take punishment made it very difficult for Lifeblood to maintain their footing. This isn’t to say they weren’t up to the challenge – Robinson and Finlay threw everything they had at the gigantic duo. PCO is so inhuman that he was only taken out by his own hand, missing a somersault senton on the ring apron to Robinson. Although Robinson escaped that, King sent him shoulder first into the ring post. Finlay managed to take down King with a spear and Western lariat for two. He went to the top rope, but King swiped out his feet and the back of his head crashed against the top turnbuckle. King then gave Finlay the Ganso Bomb to win the match and tournament at 12:38. With King and PCO victorious over the Briscoes in Trios action earlier in the year, they seemed to be poised to challenge for the titles sooner or later. FinJuice showed a lot of heart and ability, winning over the crowd in the process, but I think ultimately going with Villain Enterprises at this time was the right move. ***¼

The Briscoes and Villain Enterprises brawl after the match. The Briscoes throw chairs at King and PCO’s heads repeatedly. Mark put PCO through a table with the Froggy Bow, but PCO fired up! Several members of the ROH staff came out to try and put a stop to it but ended up knocked down. Mark and PCO then traded chair shots to the head with neither man backing down. The show goes off the air with Jay getting a chair thrown at his head.

Rocky Romero vs. Zack Sabre, Jr.
“Bound By Honor 2019, Night 1” – Lakeland, FL – 2.9.2019

When Romero realized that trying to be Sabre on the mat was not the wisest choice, he picked up the pace to keep Sabre on his feet. Sabre put a stop to the Forever clotheslines, but Romero got some shots into his shoulder. Romero scored a close fall with a springboard double stomp to Sabre as he dangled on the second rope. Romero hit a running neckbreaker then signaled for the Shiranui. Sabre put a stop to that, locking in a submission, ultimately converting into the Hurrah for the submission victory at 12:48 (shown.) This match played into the strengths of both competitors and allowed for Romero to show off his technical prowess which I don’t feel he gets to do often enough. It’s also one of Sabre’s lone ROH appearances, making it special in its nature. While it was quite good, the crowd wasn’t as active as one would have hoped. ***

Colt Cabana vs. Zack Sabre, Jr.
“Bound By Honor 2019, Night 2” – Coral Gables, FL – 2.10.2019

Cabana requested this match, wanting to test his abilities against someone he feels is the best technical wrestler today. Because of Sabre’s reputation, occasionally you can tell his opponents are cautious in their approach; not Colt. Cabana in his own right has years behind him of honing and perfecting a style heavily influenced by the World of Sport era of wrestling and utilized that against Sabre. That style lends itself to putting the opponent in some humiliating situations, which of course aggravated Sabre, but Cabana also got right in his face after releasing a hold as he got to his feet. Cabana’s mental game was top notch, only to be disrupted slightly by Sabre’s lifters. Sabre found an opening to put Cabana in a kimura lock, and with his legs wrapped around Cabana’s upper body and them being nowhere near the ropes, Cabana relented, tapping out at 13:07. This style of wrestling is right up my alley, and I had an absolute blast watching this story unravel. Maybe more work could have been put in on Cabana’s arm, but truthfully I think the nature in which the story was told was totally acceptable. If you’re like me and really enjoy this style of wrestling, I think you’ll find this very enjoyable. ***½

ROH Women of Honor Championship
Kelly Klein vs. Mayu Iwatani

“Bound By Honor 2019, Night 2” – Coral Gables, FL – 2.10.2019

Klein has been champion since 12.14.2018 and this is her sixth defense. The inaugural champion, Sumie Sakai, is in Iwatani’s corner. Despite their size disparity, Iwatanti was game to match Klein’s intensity on chops. Klein’s size did end up overwhelming Iwatani. A prime example of this is when Klein was on the floor and Iwatani landed a high crossbody. Despite this impact, Klein managed to release German suplex Iwatani after the fact to get a moment of respite and possibly win the match by count out (she didn’t). Iwatani landed her own German suplex back inside the ring. After some kicks to the head and two moonsaults, Iwatani pinned Klein at 11:02 to become the new Women of Honor champion! The structure of the match made Iwatani look like a convincing underdog, and the crowd was delighted when she scored the win. It felt like a legitimate accomplishment and that she succeeded in vanquishing the big bad of the Women of Honor division. I’m always happy when title changes are included on compilations like this, as they’re significant moments that deserve to be highlighted. ***

Lifeblood (Bandido, Juice Robinson, Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) vs. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) & Coast 2 Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali)
“Bound By Honor 2019, Night 2” – Coral Gables, FL – 2.10.2019

Tenille Dashwood is in Lifeblood’s corner. Milonas’ massive frame proved to be a challenge. During the process of the two sides feeling each other out, Milonas crushed Haskins’ mid-section with a back senton. His team kept Haskins quarantined in their half of the ring, further taking the breath out of his body. Haskins thankfully avoided second rope splashes from both the Bruiser and Milonas and tagged in Robinson. Robinson cleaned house until he also succumbed to Milonas’ size. We saw a small rivalry form between LSG and Bandido during the match and that came into play during the matches final stages as well. The audience was blown away by Bandido who caught Bruiser coming off the second rope into a slam. LSG tried a sneak attack, but it backfired as Bandido blasted him with the West Knee and hit the 21 Plex to earn the pinfall at 16:21. I like the idea that some roster members you wouldn’t expect would take umbrage with the idea that the roster had “lost its way” and it needed a group like Lifeblood to help restore ROH to glory. I also like that even because their was a disagreement, this match kept a semblance of competition rather than a blood feud of sorts. It was an entertaining match, one that allowed for Bruiser and Milonas to show what they’re capable of, and kept Lifeblood’s momentum going. All participants, including Dashwood, enjoy some brewskis after the match. ***¼

PCO vs. Mark Briscoe
“Bound By Honor 2019, Night 2” – Coral Gables, FL – 2.10.2019

These two will be across the ring from each other next month at the 17th Anniversary Show when the tag team titles are on the line. We also saw them earlier in this competition gleefully trading chair shots to each other’s heads. That came back into play here, with Mark grabbing a chair after a minute or so of trading strikes, but it was simply a distraction to get the match in his favor. PCO took some hard falls, like missing a cannonball senton on the apron, taking a flapjack onto the guardrails, being powerbombed on the entrance stage, and a very hard chair shot ringside. Fans were amped when he kicked out of that one. A slam and moonsault later, and PCO pinned Briscoe at 12:46. This was like a monster movie, both in terms of the action and the matches pace. It worked in establishing PCO as this unstoppable, indestructible force heading into the PPV, but the match itself was a little too slow before finally picking up in the last minute or two. **¾

Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham & RUSH vs. The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia)
“Bound By Honor 2019, Night 2” – Coral Gables, FL – 2.10.2019

RUSH’s only two prior ROH matches were singles victories against Marseglia and O’Ryan. During an exchange between RUSH and O’Ryan, Taven and Lethal began to fight outside of the ring. This resulted in an all out brawl between both sides. Referee Paul Turner was busy with Lethal and Taven in the ring and missed Marseglia giving RUSH a DDT on a chair. He found a respite from the Kingdom’s beatdown, tagging in Gresham, who along with Lethal restored balance to the contest. The back half of the match felt like a personal attack by the Kingdom on Lethal, attempting to hit him with Thy Kingdom Come twice, and Marseglia and O’Ryan taking out Gresham and RUSH so they would become non-factors. Lethal avoided the triple team moves and went for Lethal Injection on Taven. Taven ducked and caught Lethal with the Climax for the pin at 15:03. This match was all to set-up Taven as a contender for the ROH World Title, but in that respect it was effective. RUSH fit in well with Lethal and Gresham and the six competitors kept the match pretty exciting for the duration. An all out roster brawl follows to end the show, concluding with a PCO moonsault onto everyone. ***¼


Mark Haskins vs. RUSH
“17th Anniversary TV Tapings” – Las Vegas, NV – 3.16.2019

RUSH is coming off a win against Bandido on the PPV the night before. Dalton Castle, RUSH’s opponent at G1 Supercard was on commentary. RUSH was out to intimidate Castle, while Haskins wanted to prove that RUSH’s reputation and size did not faze him a bit. They fought dirty, with slaps, strikes, and even RUSH throwing a chair into Haskins’ face. RUSH got a little cocky when he paintbrush Haskins with a kick and did the Ingobernable pose instead of trying to win the match, and Haskins jumped at him right away to lock on his signature bridging armbar. RUSH went back to taking things seriously after that. RUSH tossed Haskins into the corner after ducking a boot and connected with the Bull’s Horns for the pin at 11:15. This was a great fight, because it felt like either man could take it and each of them had worthwhile stakes in winning. Really fun match. ***¼

Matt Taven, Damien Sandow, Marek Bero et al. are posing for a picture

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship
The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) vs. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO & Brody King)

“17th Anniversary TV Tapings” – Las Vegas, NV – 3.16.2019

The Kingdom have been champions since 11.4.2018 and this is the fifth defense of their third reign. Last night, Taven wrestled Jay Lethal to a sixty minute draw, Scurll defeated Kenny King, and PCO and Brody King won the ROH World Tag Team titles from The Briscoes in a brutal street fight. We start this with a street fight of sorts as all six competitors fight outside the ring. King seemingly gets a one-up for the challengers thanks to a tope con hilo, but back in the ring as Scurll is close to snapping Taven’s digits, O’Ryan and Marseglia attack him from behind. Wisely the Kingdom keep the smallest member of the opposition trapped in their corner, but Scurll finds an opening to tag when he rolls Taven into an enzuigiri. PCO went wild on all of the Kingdom upon tagging. To their credit, the Kingdom worked hard and were on top of their game and were able to wrestle the back match in their control. The Kingdom hit Rockstar Supernova on King, but Scurll was the legal man at the time. PCO kept distracting them from hitting Rockstar Supernova on Scurll. O’Ryan dove onto PCO, but got chokeslammed onto the ring apron. Marseglia suffered the same fate. Taven landed Air Taven on PCO and threw him back in the ring,but PCO immediately landed a tope suicida on Taven. PCO moments later found himself powerbombed onto the entrance ramp by Marseglia! O’Ryan accidentally knocked Marseglia off the apron. Scurll locked O’Ryan in the Chicken Wing, and with King intercepting Taven, O’Ryan had no choice but to tap out at 13:08, making Vilain Enterprises the new Six Man tag team champions! King and PCO winning two titles in back-to-back nights is unprecedented and immediately puts Villain Enterprises a cut above all other factions in ROH. I really liked how this match was going, but it seemed to lose its way in the third act. They recovered nicely and the crowd was into the title change, but something made it seem like the match fumbled and didn’t recover all the way. I also like that Scurll was able to win the match for his team, as he was the only individual on his team not with gold, and it showed his perseverance after the damage he took. It also gives Scurll some momentum over Taven heading into MSG, or at least it should have (spoiler?). ***

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