The Kevin Steen Show with Chuck Taylor



This was filmed on 12.13.2013, the day before Chuck would compete on “Cage of Death XV” and Steen would compete at ROH “Final Battle 2013.” This is less of an interview and more of a conversation between Taylor and Steen, which I think is a positive. Steen does ask some questions prompted by what he reads off of Taylor’s Wikipedia page, as well as his own experiences with Chuck and the companies in which they’ve worked together. They discuss Taylor’s formative days of training, the companies he worked for in the surrounding Kentucky area, and his relationship with Ricochet whom he helped train. They touch on all the bigger U.S. companies Chuck has worked for: IWA Mid-South, CHIKARA, CZW, PWG, Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, and even how Chuck has never worked for Ring of Honor and why he thinks that is. They also talk a bit about Chuck going to Japan and the tsunami that occurred when he went over for Dragon Gate in early 2011. The good thing about Steen doing the interviewing is he can throw in his own anecdotes and experiences to reaffirm Chuck’s stories, or add color to the overall presentation. Them talking about CZW is particularly amusing, which includes Steen losing the Iron Man title to a teammate in a cage match, and Chuck having to UPS the CZW Jr. Heavyweight championship back after defending it a whopping zero times. The best part may be the numerous stories of them accidentally hurting fans. Adam Cole is on sight to defend himself on a story Chuck tells where Cole messes up a spit spot in a match they had in Germany. Of course they talk about how much fun PWG is, but Taylor is certainly a little annoyed that fans give him more credit for his commentary than his actual in ring efforts there.

Despite not being the best of friends, Chuck and Steen had good chemistry that resulted in some genuine laughs. You’ll hear some great stories and have a good time doing so. The best part was that Highspots would inter-splice video footage of some of the moments Chuck talks about.


Chuck Taylor vs. Ricochet
IWA Mid-South “St. Patrick Loves A Good Fight” – Plainfield, IN – 3.17.2006

This is both competitors IWA Mid-South debut. Taylor backs Ricochet to the corner in a lock-up. He does it again, but this time he slaps Ricochet in the face. The third time, Taylor slaps Ricochet, but Ricochet responds with his own slap. He snaps off an armdrag. After some strikes exchanged in the corner, they each armdrag each other. Ricochet holds onto the arm. Taylor punches Ricochet in the face to escape. Ricochet comes back with a satellite headscissors and bars the arm once again. He sweeps out Taylor’s legs and hits a standing shooting star press for two. He Tiger Walks up Taylor in the corner before dropkicking him in the face for two. Ricochet lands a standing moonsault for two. Taylor looks for a backbreaker, but Ricochet escapes with a schoolboy for two. He kicks Taylor to the floor and follows with a springboard, twisting kick, grazing Taylor on impact. Back in the ring, Taylor gets the backbreaker he looked for earlier. He chokes Ricochet with his hand and on the middle rope. He snapmares Ricochet into a pair of back kicks and a double stomp to the back of the head. Taylor’s gorgeous dropkick gets a two count. Ricochet counters a powerbomb, cascading up and dropping Taylor with a Yoshi Tonic. Taylor gets his shoulder up on the pin. Taylor comes back with a brainbuster for two. A moonsault yields the same result, so Taylor locks him in a crossface Cobra Clutch. Ricochet fights out. He swings into a Guillotine Choke. Taylor tries suplexing Ricochet, but Ricochet turns it into a DDT. He misses the double rotation moonsault. Taylor covers him, but decides to pull Ricochet up before the three count. He hooks Ricochet for a suplex, but Ricochet delivers a desperation neckbreaker. He backdrops Taylor. Taylor weaves Ricochet around, but Ricochet drives the back of Taylor’s head it into the canvas for two. Ricochet goes up top. Taylor hits the ropes hoping to crotch Ricochet. Instead, Ricochet pops down in an Arabian Press position and rolls up Taylor for the pin at 10:18. Despite a quiet, small crowd, they put in a solid effort. Ricochet certainly wowed with the double moonsault and were good enough to warrant more opportunities. I really don’t know why the moonsault didn’t end this, especially if Ricochet was winning anyhow. This was a fun match to watch to see just how far these guys have come. **¼

IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship
Toby Klein (Champion) vs. Chuck Taylor

IWA Mid-South “2006 Ted Petty Invitational, Night 2” – Midlothian, IL – 9.30.2006

Klein has been champion since 6.17.2006 and this is his fifth defense. Before this match, Toby Klein was busted open with a Pedigree onto a chair by Bull Pain. Ian Rotten tried to postpone the match until October 21 but Klein insisted on having the match tonight. His left arm is hurt, but he uses some right hands to punch Taylor twice and bodyslam him on the floor. Klein throws him into a few rows of chairs and pulls him back into the ring. He sends Taylor face first into all four turnbuckles. He throws repeated shots to the stomach, but Taylor catches him coming off the ropes with a dropkick (more like knees to the face). When Klein tries to fight back, Taylor gives him a release belly-to-belly suplex and a moonsault for two. Taylor rolls Klein into an arm capture headscissors. Klein fights out, but misses a big back elbow and crashes into the canvas. Taylor ties up Klein’s bad arm in the ropes. Klein sends him across the ring. Klein slingshots in and hits the second rope back elbow. Taylor ducks a punch and drops Klein with a neckbreaker for two. Taylor throws some kicks to the shoulders. Klein responds with some kicks and an elbow to the back of the head. A dropkick to the side of the head gets him two. Klein looks for a Death Valley Driver. Taylor slips out and hits Sole Food. After an enzuigiri in the corner Taylor delivers a standing Shiranui for two. Klein catches Taylor’s corner splash attempt and hits the Death Valley Driver for two. Klein ascends the ropes, but slips. Taylor gets in some shots to the back before bringing him down with the Awful Waffle for the pin and the championship at 9:30! You could tell the crowd was surprised, and given that Taylor had been having solid but not high profile matches, this was unexpected. They had an ambitious task in keeping Klein, the fighting champion who refused to cancel the match despite being injured and attacked before hand, and Taylor both fan favorites at the same time, but did an admirable job. This result keeps Klein strong, makes Taylor an instant main eventer, and sets up Taylor to turn on the crowd. ***

IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship – Chicago Street Fight
Chuck Taylor (Champion) vs. Low Ki

IWA Mid-South “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes” – Midlothian, IL – 3.31.2007

Taylor has been champion since 9.30.2006 and this is his tenth defense. Taylor pokes Ki in the eyes right before the bell starts, Ki strikes back and dropkicks Taylor to the floor. When Taylor comes back in, Ki snapmares him into a back kick. He gets two with a hard back elbow. Ki throws multiple kicks to Taylor’s shoulders and scrapes his boot across his face. Ki throws kicks and chops to the chest before peppering him with open hand strikes to the face. Ki blocks Taylor’s eye poke and throws more chops. Taylor retreats to the floor but Ki follow. Taylor baits him back into the ring and drops a double axe handle across Ki’s shoulders. Ki comes back with some more chops. Taylor side steps an attack and sends Ki to the floor. He chokes Ki with his shirt and puts on a Camel Clutch. He bites Ki in the head, so Ki bites his thumb. Taylor sole butt kicks him and digs a water bottle cap into his eyeball. Ki throws some chops before giving Taylor an atomic drop and a slam on the floor. More chops and kicks are dished out before they get back in the ring. Taylor cuts Ki off and chokes him with a chain. He gives Ki a belly-to-back suplex for two. He throws Ki across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Taylor applies a seated abdominal stretch with a chinlock. Ki kicks Taylor in the head to escape. Taylor nails Ki in the chin with a beautiful dropkick for two. Taylor locks on a headscissors. When Ki escapes, they go back to the floor where Taylor chokes Ki in the front row while antagonizing some children in the crowd. He puts on a choke sleeper and pushes Ki back in the ring. He gets two with an Oklahoma Roll. Ki ducks a pair of clothesline and the two men collide mid-ring. Ki unloads with chops, elbows, and kicks. He hits the Tidal Wave. After some chest kicks he swiftly kicks Taylor in the head. Taylor looks for his spin-out Complete Shot, but Ki counters with a standing armbar. Taylor swings Ki into the turnbuckles to escape. He hits Sole Food and a running boot for two. Taylor uses the ropes to maneuver himself into a powerbomb onto Ki into a jackknife pin, but Ki kicks out of that as well. Taylor looks for the Awful Waffle. Ki slips out into a standing Dragon Sleeper. Taylor grabs the rope but Ki refuses to let go. Taylor kicks referee Bryce Remsburg in the groin to incapacitate him and save himself in case of a submission. Ki hits the Jon Woo dropkick after releasing the hold, and Taylor rolls to the floor. Ki throws Taylor into the concession area. Taylor secured a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from the concession area and throws it into Ki’s eyes! Taylor sends Ki shoulder first into a ring post. He sprays a rag with WD-40 and rubs it into Ki’s face. With Ki passed out and Bryce Remsburg once again conscious, Taylor gets a pinfall on Ki in 23:50. Presuming Ki wouldn’t lose “clean”, then this I suppose is a fine compromise. More or less it was a rehash of their first match from a few months prior with a little more action on the floor. However, I wanted that first match to serve as a harbinger to a grand finale, not as a superior precursor. ***

Best of the Best 8 Semi-Final Round
Chuck Taylor vs. LuFisto

CZW “Best of the Best 8” – Philadelphia, PA – 5.10.2008

Taylor defeated Ricochet and Stupefied in the opening round while LuFisto defeated Scotty Vortekz and Josh Prohibition. LuFisto wins a test of strength by kicking out Taylor’s leg. They criss-cross on the ropes. Taylor elbows LuFisto to stop an O’Connor roll, but LuFisto comes back with a satellite headscissors. He bails to the floor but LuFisto follows with a baseball slide dropkick. She chops Taylor and twists his nipples. She throws more kicks to his leg before putting him on the apron. She tries to suplex him into the ring but he kicks her in the side of the head. He chokes her with his bare hands and on the bottom rope. Taylor gets a two count on a suplex, but tells referee Nick Papagiorgio that women aren’t bright and they could convince her it was a three count. LuFisto gets a two count on a crucifix pin and with a small package. Taylor kicks out her left leg and chokes her with his knee. LuFisto buys some time with a Saito suplex. A forearm exchange ends with a headbutt from LuFisto. She takes down Taylor with three running forearms and a DDT. She lands a senton splash and does damage to Taylor’s lower back before applying a Muta Lock. She follows up with a cannonball senton and facewash kick in the corner. She takes Taylor off the top turnbuckle with a Frankensteiner and gets two with a German suplex. Taylor powerbombs her into a jackknife pin for two. LuFisto ducks a clothesline. She tries a Burning Hammer. Taylor slips out and hits the Awful Waffle for the pin at 9:15. There wasn’t much to this more than just back and forth wrestling. It was solid and enough, but neither competitor really gave it their all. **

Best of the Best 8 Finals; CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Sabian (Champion) vs. Chuck Taylor

CZW “Best of the Best 8” – Philadelphia, PA – 5.10.2008

Sabian has been champion since 10.13.2007 and this is his fifth defense. He’s nursing his ribs and shoulder coming into the match and is accompanied by Robbie Mireno and Chrissy Rivera. He defeated Drake Younger, The Best Around (TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell), and Drew Gulak in previous rounds. Sabian takes to the corner during a wristlock exchange as reversing the wristlock tweaked his shoulder. A waistlock exchange sees Taylor go for the shoulder, which causes Sabian to instantly bail to the outside in anger. When he reenters the ring, Taylor stomps on his shoulder and chokes him with his boot. He twists up Sabian’s shoulder in the ropes after Sabian throws a chop. Taylor puts on a seated abdominal stretch. Sabian cascades up Taylor into a Yoshi Tonic. Taylor rolls through and superkicks Sabian. He snaps Sabian’s shoulder twice. He grabs an overhand wristlock and Sabian gets the ropes to break it. Taylor tries his double wrist clutch headscissors but Sabian counters with a crucifix. Taylor springboards off the ropes and gets his headscissors on. Once again Sabian gets the ropes. Taylor chokes him with his boot, then lands a moonsault for two. Sabian tries to come back, but Taylor cuts him off with a snap slam. Sabian uses the ropes to hit a tornado DDT. He sends Taylor outside and follows with a top con hilo, landing on the guardrail after hitting Chuck. Back inside Sabian lands a frog splash for two. Taylor weaves under an Irish whip and delivers Sole Food. He follows up with a big boot for two. He also gets two with a powerbomb. Sabian back elbows Taylor to counter a charging attack. Taylor is able to take him down with the Awful Waffle, but Sabian kicks out! Out of the corner, Sabian spikes Taylor with a Canadian destroyer. He spikes Taylor on a reverse Frankensteiner for two. He gives Taylor a brainbuster and hits the Blk Jeez stomp to the back of Taylor’s head for the pin at 12:34.

But wait! Taylor had won a Money in the Bank style Jr. Heavyweight title contract two months earlier and decided to cash it in. He kicks Sabian in the crotch, hits him with the Awful Waffle, then pins him in 0:08 for the win and the championship! I really liked the story of this match. Sabian was a tough babyface representing CZW in his black and yellow gear with the crowd in his favor. Through an injury her persevered, only to get screwed moments after the big win. Of course, CZW didn’t capitalize on this great story and Taylor never defended the title. Ever. ***

CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Adam Cole (Champion) vs. Chuck Taylor

CZW “Back in Germany” – Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 10.1.2011

Cole has been champion since 5.8.2010 and this is his sixteenth defense. Taylor shoves his dick into Cole’s face while in a double wrist clutch due to the crowd chanting that Cole “sucks dick.” Taylor tries taping a “You Suck Dick” fan sign to the turnbuckle but Cole attacks him from behind. Taylor holds it in Cole’s face while Cole grabs a wristlock. Cole rips it up in anger. Taylor kicks him in the stomach and snapmares him into a chinlock. He bites Cole’s hand as well. A wristlock exchange ends with Taylor feeding Cole’s hand to a fan holding a “You Suck Dick” sign. Taylor uses the fans to help add leverage to an abdominal stretch. The referee eventually notices and forces the hold to be broken. Taylor misses a moonsault and pretends that he hurt himself. Cole takes the bait and is taken down with a trifecta of armdrags. Cole rolls to the outside. He ducks a dive, so Taylor slaps his back. Taylor then lands a pescado and hugs some fans. Cole tries hiding amongst the fans. Taylor follows. Cole tries to spit water in his face, but Cole chokes as he’s doing so and only gets a little water out. He tries again and is successful. Back inside the ring Cole pookes Taylor’s eyes after setting him up in the corner. He suplexes Taylor for two. Taylor fights out of a chinlock but Cole throws him down by his hair. Cole tries to poke him in the eyes, but this time Taylor beats him to it. Taylor then hits a missile dropkick off the second rope. They rake each others’ eyes thrice, firing up before each rake. When the referee gets in their face, they poke his eyes. They hit each other in the groin, and Cole falls head first into the referee’s groin. Taylor places a “You Suick Dick” sign on Cole’s chest and chops him. He kicks out Cole’s knee and double stomps his back. He throws a grenade onto Cole’s chest before dropping an elbow for a two count. Taylor hits Sole Food. Cole blocks a waistlock with an enzuigiri, then gets two with a Corona Kick. Cole superkicks him in the back of the head and delivers a German suplex. A superkick to the face gets him a two count. Cole enzuigiri’s him once more. Taylor responds with a uranage and two superkicks. Cole kicks out of the pin attempt. Taylor manages to give Cole a reverse DDT on the apron. He rolls Cole into the Kentucky Crawdad back in the ring. Cole makes it to the ropes. Cole avoids a few attacks from Taylor in the corner. He hits the Panama Sunrise for the pin at 14:54. This was really goofy and fun. Taylor actually got to look quite dominant, which is surprising and unusual from what I’m used to. I’m also not used to the other person in the match being the butt of the jokes or him playing babyface. After they told the story in the interview of Cole messing up the spit spot, I expected that to be the focal point of the contest, but it’s not even in the Top 5 bigger moments. This is somewhat of a gem and a fun inclusion. ***

CZW Heavyweight Championship
Drew Gulak (Champion) vs. Chuck Taylor

CZW “Night of Infamy 12” – Voorhees, NJ – 11.2.2013

Gulak has been champion since 8.10.2013 and this is his fifth defense. Kimber Lee and Nui Tofiga of the Campaign are in Gulak’s corner. After breaking lock-ups cleany in the corner, they reach a stalemate during a quick flurry of offense. They trade wristlocks until Gulak schoolboys Taylor for two. A Lucha exchange sees Taylor dropkick Gulak to the corner after a toreador armdrag. Gulak throws some headbutts to Taylor’s stomach, leading to a pinfall exchange. Gulak comes out on the better of the exchange, though Taylor is able to back him to the corner and deliver some chops. Gulak gets in a chop of his own. Taylor kicks him away. They switch armbars on one another. Taylor knocks down Gulak and chokes him with his knee. Gulak is able to follow Taylor to the top rope and bring him down with a superplex. Gulak comes off the second rope with a double axe handle. He chokes Taylor as a measure of revenge before climbing the ropes once more. He nails a diving clothesline, sending Taylor to the floor. Gulak follows with a tope con hilo! Gulak goes to attack Taylor, and Taylor backdrops Gulak into the crowd! Taylor follows Gulak into the crowd with a tope suicida. They make their way ringside, but Taylor throws Gulak into a different part of the audience and once again dives onto him. Taylor looks to throw him into yet another section, but Gulak reverses and sends Taylor into a few rows. Gulak dives onto him, driving Taylor’s face into the seat of a chair. Ringside, Taylor suplexes Gulak onto the ring apron. They trade punches and boots back in the ring. Taylor calls for the Awful Waffle. Gulak slips out and throws Taylor down with a belly-to-belly suplex. He goes for the Trailblazer, but Taylor counters into a prawn hold for two. He also gets two with a DDT. Taylor powerbombs Gulak for two. Gulak kicks him to the ropes and on the rebound catches him with the Trailblazer. Taylor grabs the ropes to escape. Gulak brings Taylor to the top turnbuckle. Taylor slips out and brings down Gulak with the Awful Waffle! Kimber Lee places Gulak’s foot on the ropes to save him from being pinned. Taylor goes to confront Kimber Lee, but instead gets back in the ring. Gulak German suplexes him. Taylor knocks him down with a desperation clothesline leaving both men laying. Hey trade chops when they get to their feet. Taylor weaves under an Irish whip and delivers Sole Food. Gulak grabs the leg and reapplies the Trailblazer! Taylor taps out at 18:10. It’s just so odd to see Gulak and Taylor together being completely serious. It’s refreshing and jarring simultaneously. The wrestling was good, but if there was a game plan I’m not sure what it was. They did some chain wrestling, some Lucha, some brawling, and then Gulak locked into the Trailblazer until he got it locked in for the win. It was a competitive bout and the a hard fought contest you would expect from a championship encounter. ***

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