Ring of Honor: Reclamation Night 2


Dearborn, MI – 7.13.2013

Championship Rundown
ROH World Champion: Vacant
ROH Television Champion: Matt Taven
ROH World Tag Team Champions: reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish)

Commentary is provided by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.

Tadarius Thomas vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Thomas gets the upper hand in the opening exchange. O’Reilly gets frustrated and snapmares him into a slap tot he face. Thomas responds with a kick to the chest. He catches O’Reilly with a boot in the corner for two. He suplexes O’Reilly for two. O’Reilly gets in some knees and strikes before sweeping Thomas’ legs out. He puts Thomas in a straightjacket choke. Thomas escapes and throws some jabs. He kicks out O’Reilly’s legs. He hits the Slingblade for two. O’Reilly twists his arm and throws him into the mat. Thomas comes up with some Capoeira kicks and German suplex for two. After recovery O’Reilly German superplexes Thomas. He follows up with a Regalplex, also for two. He applies a triangle choke while elbowing Thomas in the head. O’Reilly and Thomas block each others’ kicks which wears down their shins. O’Reilly baits Thomas into a sole butt kick. Thomas avoids a suplex and kick to the chest. He rolls up O’Reilly for the pin at 11:56. That was a solid upset pin for Thomas in his hometown. The crowd was really quiet but the action was solid. Adrenaline Rush getting a tag title shot would be really fun. **¾

Athena vs. MsChif vs. Jenny Rose vs. Leah Von Dutch

MsChif is dressed like Freddy Kreuger. Athena wants to get her hands on MsChif after MsChif spit green mist in her face. MsChif however makes Rose start out with her. Rose digs her foot into Athena’s back while stretching her arms out. Athena flips out of it and applies a headscissors. Rose escapes from that. Von Dutch tags in and tosses Rose by her hair. Rose responds with a slam and a Camel Clutch while grabbing Von Dutch’s hair. Athena catches Von Dutch with a knee strike to the throat and a kick to the head. MsChif blind tags in when Athena hits the ropes. Von Dutch shoulder blocks her in the corner. MSChif bridges her back in a prawn hold for two. Athena and Rose join in. MsChif screams to scare them. Athena crossbody’s onto her. Rose and Von Dutch suplex Athena together. A string of submissions with all four women is formed. MsChif, Von Dutch, and Rose end up on the floor. Athena pescado’s onto them. Athena finally gets her hands on MsChif back in the ring. She cartwheels into a corner splash. MsChif and her trade waistlock positions. Rose sunset flips MsChif which German suplexes Athena as well. Rose drops Von Dutch in a side slam for two. Rose comes off the top with a clothesline to Von Dutch. MsChif drives Rose head into the apron. Athena pump kicks Von Dutch. MsChif nails Athena with a clothesline and knee strikes Von Dutch. Athena drops Rose with the O Face. MsChif breaks the pin. MsChif tosses Athena to the floor. Von Dutch looks for a moonsault on MsChif and misses. She misses a dropkick. MsChif drops her with the Desecrator for the pin at 9:58. That was ugly. Lots of clumsiness and vacant stares. If MsChif and Athena’s match last night was a step forward for the Women of Honor, this was a step back. ½*

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Silas Young

Ciampa aggressively takes Young to the corner. Ciampa does the same before taking Young to the mat. He bites Young’s hand as he has him in a wristlock. After they go to the mat and trade pinfalls, Ciampa puts on a modified Anaconda Vise. Young makes it to the ropes. They trade forearms. Off of his shoulders Young drops Ciampa chest first on the top rope. Ciampa comes back with a lariat. After a corner forearm, Ciampa gives him a blockbuster like neck breaker on the mat. Young drives his knee into Ciampa’s face. Back in the ring Ciampa gives Young a half-nelson suplex. A running knee strike to the face gets him a two count. Ciampa tries for the Air Raid Crash. Young counters it with the Killer Combo for two. He sets up for the Pee Gee Waja Plunge. Ciampa stops him and brings him to the top rope. A knee strike catches him Young in the crown of his head. Ciampa brings him down with a super belly-to-belly suplex. They trade kicks. Ciampa blocks another Plunger attempt. Young blocks Project Ciampa. Ciampa brings them both out with a Cactus Clothesline. Ciampa drivfes his knee into Young as Young is against the barricades. He then simply tosses Young into the barricades. Ciampa pulls up the ring mats. Young ends up giving Ciampa a German suplex onto the exposed floor. Back in the ring, Young hits Ciampa in the head with the mallet from the ring bell behind the referee’s back at 12:57.

As the fans boo, Nigel McGuiness gets on the microphone. He encourages referee Paul Turner to re-start the match. Ciampa boots Young as the bell rings. He slaps him a few times before hitting Project Ciampa for the win at 0:27. Man I hate finishes like this. Both guys ended up being pinned and no guy leaves in any better position then they did before the match. I just don’t see a point to any of this especially in a match including two rising stars. **½

Adam Cole vs. BJ Whitmer

They go back and forth off the ropes. Cole’s leapfrog attempt sees Whitmer’s neck collide into Cole’s crotch. Cole chops him against the ropes. Whitmer responds with a spinebuster. Cole slides to the floor. Whitmer looks to dive but gets caught with an enzuigiri from the floor. Cole puts on a figure four in the ring post. He dropkicks Whitmer back in the ring for two. They knock each other down; Cole with a superkick and Whitmer with a lariat. Back on their feet Whitmer powerslams Cole for a two count. Cole superkicks him twice. He enzuigiri’s Whitmer and gives him a neckbreaker across his knee for two. Whitmer forearms Cole to the corner. He strings a suplex and Northern Lights suplex together for two. Whitmer ducks an enzuigiri. Cole flips out of a suplex. He kicks Whitmer’s leg out and puts on the figure four. Whitmer gets the ropes. Cole looks to reapply the hold. Whitmer rolls him up to counter. He gets in an exploder suplex for two. Whitmer boots him in the face twice. Cole gives him a neckbreaker across his knee. Whitmer kicks out. Cole looks for the Florida Key. Whitmer backs him to the corner. Cole hops off the top and immediately grabs his knee in pain. It turns out to be a rouse, as Cole catches Whitmer with a small package as he comes closer for the pin at 12:52. Oh good, another cliché finish and another match where Whitmer looks stupid. I understand it’s for Cole and where his character is going but doing it at Whitmer’s expense is frustrating. The action before the finish was pedestrian. **½

Michael Bennett vs. Andy Muscat

Maria Kannellis is in Bennett’s corner. He sneaks in a right hand when shaking Muscat’s hand. Bennett gets some shots in the corner and knocks him down with a back elbow. Bennett misses a corner attack. Muscat brings him down from the top with a headstand Frankensteiner. He headscissors Bennett to the corner. He tries a monkey flip but gets dropped stomach first on the top rope. Bennett then gives him a spear. Muscat sneaks in a crucifix pin when he’s brought to his feet. He also gets in a high crossbody for two. He misses a slingshot leg drop. Bennett superkicks him. A piledriver gets Bennett the win at 2:58. Perfectly acceptable squash. *

After the match Maria orders Bennett to give him another piledriver. This brings out Rhino to stop him. The Dearborn crowd is nuts for the hometown hero. He challenges Bennett to a match since he seemed set to cripple Muscat. Rhino trash talks Maria and Bennett enough where Maria sends Bennett after Rhino.

Rhino vs. Michael Bennett

Although Rhino comes in a house of fire, Bennett is able to catch him with punches and stomps in the corner. Rhino clotheslines him to the floor. Bennett shoots him into the barricades. He kicks Rhino’s face into them as well. Bennett goes to do it again and Rhino crotches him on the barricades instead. In the ring, Bennett shoves Rhino off the ropes and back to the floor. When Rhino comes back in Bennett clotheslines him for two. They collide heads as Bennett comes charging into the corner. Rhino gets in some forearms and elbows. He comes off the second rope with a shoulder tackle. Bennett catches him with his boots in the corner. He brings Rhino off the second rope with a sunset bomb for two. Rhino brings him down with a spinebuster. Mari slaps Bennett to fire him up. Rhino attempts the Gore. Bennett superkicks him three times and hits the Box Office Smash for the pin at 8:11. This was fine but not memorable whatsoever. The world keeps turning and these two stay where they’ve been all along. **¼

Maria trash talks Rhino and his daughter. Rhino spears Bennett to make his hometown folks very happy.

ACH vs. Bobby Fish

They lock up. Fish backs ACH to the corner. He goes for a kick but ACH ducks it. He puts Fish in a headscissors. Fish makes his way to the ropes. ACH pulls off an agile armdrag. He chops Fish in the corner. He clotheslines Fish and goes through the ropes. He comes in with a high crossbody for two. ACH does the deal in a modified Falcon Arrow for two. He dropkicks Fish to the floor. He attempts a pescado but Fish gets his knees up. Fish gives ACH come kicks back in the ring. He hits a slingshot senton for two. Fish puts on a waistlock. ACH fights out. He hops over Fish in the corner. Fish sends him to the apron but ACH uses kicks to flip Fish to the floor. He sets up for a dive. Fish comes in. He tries grabbing a hold but ACH’s momentum doesn’t allow it. Fish rolls to the floor. ACH brings him back in. He tries his slingshot Ace Crusher. Fish sends him to the apron. ACH connects with the slingshot Ace Crusher this time for two. Fish suplexes him into the corner. Fish misses a moonsault but lands on his feet. ACH gives him an enzuigiri. He sends Fish to the floor. Fish comes back in and delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The moonsault connects this time for two. He toys with ACH before throwing kicks to his chest. ACH gets two with a crucifix pin. He takes Fish over and drops a knee on his face. He calls for a 450 splash. He misses but lands on his feet. ACH charges at Fish. Fish catches him with a kick to the face for the win at 12:53. This wasn’t everything I had hoped for. I had high expectations given the quality of both men’s usual performances and they weren’t met. The crowd had a lot to do with that, but the actual match itself felt like it was missing something. It was alright but you can’t help but think they can do better. **½

Kevin Steen vs. Matt Taven

Truth Martini, Scarlett Bordeaux, and Seleziya Sparx are in Taven’s corner. Steen yells “wrestling!” in joy as he gets in some strikes. Taven cartwheels out of a backdrop attempt but gets dropkicked to the floor. Steen screams to frighten the hotties away from him. Taven snaps Steen’s neck on the top rope and crossbody’s onto him for one. He misses a springboard enzuigiri. Steen powerbombs him onto the ring apron. He then sends Taven into the barricades. Steen drives his groin into the ring post. He then crotches him on the barricades. In the ring Taven kicks Steen. Steen clotheslines him and gets two with a senton splash. He threatens to rip the Hotties vaginas off. Taven kicks him. Steen hangs him in a tree of woe and cannonball sentons onto him. Taven gets his knees up to block a Swanton Bomb. He nails a cyclone kick for two. Steen blocks a neckbreaker and goes for the sharopshooter. Taven kicks Steen away but gets popped up into a powerbomb. Taven slingshots in. Steen catches him with the F-Cinq. Taven kicks out. Truth distracts Steen. Taven kicks him in the jaw and the back of the head. He goes for the Angel’s Wings. Steen counters with a waterwheel slam. He locks on the sharpshooter. Truth tries coming in. Steen kicks the rope into his groin. Taven rolls up Steen and puts his feet on the ropes for the pin at 10:13. Well that was unexpected. This was good, but Taven’s matches with the HOT dog and pony show can be a bit much at times. **¾

Kevin Steen won’t let things end this way. He tells Taven to head to the back because he wants to get his hands on Truth Martini. Truth of course wants nothing to do with it. Steen says all of the HOT have vaginas. Nigel decides that he’s going to put Truth in a match with Steen so he can learn a lesson. Nigel threaten to keep doing that until the lesson is learned, and the match is on!

Kevin Steen vs. Truth Martini

The bell rings with Martini still on the floor scared. He looks like he’s about to get into the ring when he instead goes to the back. Nigel heads to the back. A few minutes later we see him carrying Truth through the crowd and dropping him back ringside. Steen grabs him and brings him into the ring. Martini catches Steen with some kicks but they have little effect. Steen throws jabs and chops Martini in multiple corners. Steen sets him up for the Package Piledriver. Taven runs in and blatantly throws powder in Steen’s face. Truth smashes Steen in the head with the Book of Truth. Thankfully Steen kicks out. Martini accidentally crotches himself in the corner. Steen gives him a cannonball senton. Steen hits a Swanton Bomb. Taven tries interfering again but gets sent out right away. Steen hits Martini with the Package Piledriver. Fun, but totally pointless. I’d much rather Taven had beat Steen cleanly and not have this match. It’s like the Young/Ciampa situation where nobody looks better coming out of this predicament. ½*

The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. Jay Lethal & Michael Elgin

Lethal and Richards start out. Lethal tags in Elgin when they exchange has no real winner. Richards decides to tag in Edwards instead of going at it with Elgin. Edwards’ shoulder blocks don’t have much effect. He decides to dish out some chops. Elgin runs through a chop and knocks Edwards down with his own running shoulder block. Elgin holds Richards up for over a minute in a delayed vertical suplex. Lethal whips him to the corner and comes in with a dropkick for two. Edwards tags in. Lethal hip tosses him into a cartwheel dropkick. Elgin uses Lethal to dropkick Richards and a send him to the floor. He also suplexes Lethal onto Edwards. Lethal suicide dives onto Richards. Edwards gets beaten by Elgin. Edwards is placed on the top rope. Richards helps Edwards so that he can give Elgin a Sunset bomb. The Wolves then isolate Elgin, knocking Lethal off the apron multiple times in the process. Elgin catches Richards with a neckbreaker when Richards goes for the Damage Reflex. Lethal comes and takes down Edwards with a back handspring elbow. Edwards dragonscrew leg whips Elgin and kicks Lethal in the stomach. Richards comes in with kicks to both guys. He rolls Elgin and suplexes Lethal, pinning them both at the same time for two. Richards maneuvers them together so that when he dropkicks Lethal, Elgin receives a DDT. The Wolves catch Elgin with stereo kicks in the corner. Edwards bocks the Chaos Theory and suplexes Elgin into a facebuster. Richards comes off the top with a double stomp for two. Richards throws some kicks to his chest. Elgin fires up. After he and Richards exchange blows he German suplexes Richards right into the corner. The Wolves try the Alarm Clock. Elgin blocks it. He drops both Wolves in a fallaway slam/Samoan Drop combo. Lethal tries the Lethal Combination on Richards. He fails. Edwards and Richards light him up with kicks. Lethal and Elgin throw some strikes. The Wolves roll them into a half crab and ankle lock, respectively. Lethal and Elgin roll them both up to escape. A series of kicks leaves all four men laying. Lethal gets caught going to the top rope. Elgin turns Edwards inside out with a lariat. He tries to same on Richards but Richards turns it into a cross armbreaker. reDRagon are shown watching the match from the aisle. Elgin picks Richards up. They punch and forearm each other. Richards gives Elgin a brainbuster. Lethal hits Hail to the King on Richards for two. Edwards is taken down with a superkick. Elgin Backfists Richards into the Lethal Combination. Lethal superkicks Richards into Elgin’s German suplex. Edwards breaks the pin. Lethal and Edwards fight on the floor. Edwards comes in to help Richards give Elgin a tombstone. Lethal rolls up Richards for two. The wolves hit the Alarm Clock. Richards kicks Elgin from the apron. He then comes in with a backbreaker/powerbomb combo. When Lethal kicks out Edwards puts on the Achilles Lock. Richards suicide dives onto Elgin. Lethal taps out at 23:33. These four put on one heck of a main event and nearly saved the show. Elgin and Lethal are an awesome team. Their style organically meshed with that of the Wolves and it made fur a really fun match. ***½

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