Ring of Honor: Kevin Steen – Hell Rising


For the past few months, the internet has seen a deluge of Kevin Steen shoot interviews. Highspots released one, then Smart Mark Video, then he did one with Davey Richards, and as of this writing two episodes (so far) of the Kevin Steen Show have been produced and released. And you know what? I never seem to tire of hearing this man talk. The other thing he’s able to do is keep all of these interviews different. Yes, some information does crossover, but it’s never a carbon copy from one shoot to the next.

Ring of Honor’s “Hell Rising” focuses on the period of Steen’s ROH career under the Cornette banner. Moreso than any other shoot, he goes into excruciating detail on the vibe of the locker room before he was sent home on hiatus, calls that were made, the real live worries he had when he was told he would be off the roster for a year, his combative nature with Cornette and returning to the company under the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, and his entire reign as Ring of Honor World champion. What I love the most about this set is it goes through his entire 2011 year in ROH. By that I mean he talks about his promos on each show he was on, shows them in full, and talks about what was going through his head. He bluntly discusses how he talked his way into appearing on more shows to get another paycheck. I also appreciated hearing his thoughts on almost every single ROH World title defense he had. It’s a very in-depth look on his ROH career for that period of time and nothing you will get as detailed in any other shoot he’s done.

The thing that’s so endearing about Steen is not only is he a great talker, but there isn’t a hint of BS in any word.
It’s easy to see why he’s so beloved: he’s upfront about everything he’s done, he’s sympathetic, willing to stick up for himself in spite of “the man”, all while being a hell of a talker and professional wrestler. The shoot itself is reason alone to pick up this DVD, but it also include a collection of matches from this time frame.

Disc One

No Disqualification
Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino

Special Guest Referee: Jimmy Jacobs
“Final Battle 2011” – New York, NY – 12.23.2011

If Steen wins, he is re-instated into Ring of Honor. ROH Ambassador Cary Silken and ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette are sitting ringside per Steen’s request. Furious punches are thrown by both parties. Corino sends Steen out with a leg lariat. Steen sends him back first into the barricades. He somersault sentons Corino into the ring post. Corino recovers while Steen is showboating and dives onto him. Back in the ring he drives a chair into Steen’s head. Steen superkicks a chair into Corino’s face. Steen then powerbombs him onto the ring apron. He frog splashes Corino on the floor. Steen powerbombs him onto a chair that’s propped up onto the barricades. Steen then positions a table between the ring apron and the barricades. He goes to powerbomb Corino through it. Corino however gives him a lariat. He throws a garbage can and some chairs onto Steen. Steen cracks him with a trashcan lid. He somersault legdrops the lid into Corino’s head. Steen trash talks Cornette and bites Corino’s now busted open ear. Corino slams Steen onto a pile of chairs. He splashes Steen onto the chairs for two. Corino props up four steel chairs and places a barricade on top of it. He superplexes Steen through it! Somehow Steen manages to kick out. Corino wants to splash onto Steen on the previously set up table. Steen knocks him back into the ring. Steen makes a structure of three chairs on top of the table. Corino nails Steen in the head with a trash can lid, causing him to fall through the chairs and table. In the ring Corino uses chairs to assist with a Sliding D. Steen is able to kick out. Corino himself kicks out of a pump-handle neckbreaker through a chair. Corino spits in Steen’s face just before being leveled with a steel chair. Jacobs is checking on Corino. Steen shoves him away. Jacobs grabs the chair out of Steen’s hand when he goes for a chair shot. Corino drills Steen with a roll of quarters. Steen kicks out. Corino props up four chairs. Steen gives Corino the Package Piledriver through all of them! Slowly and reluctantly, Jacobs makes the count, giving Steen the win and re-instating him into Ring of Honor at 22:16. This was a very good brawl, with some really cool and dangerous spots. There wasn’t much rhyme or reason outside to both guys wanting to maim each other and win the match but it worked really well and gave the fans just what they wanted. ***½

Kevin Steen gives Jacobs a Package Piledriver. He turns to see Jim Cornette checking on Corino. Cornette knows what Steen’s thinking and begs off. He goes to run when Steen grabs him. El Generico runs out to stare Steen down. The former partners throw punches at one another. Generico yakuza kicks Steen and sets up for the top rope brainbuster. Steen however sends Generico to the apron, then gives him the Package Piledriver through the timekeeper’s table! Steen leaves him laying and has made his mark upon returning.

No Disqualification
Kevin Steen vs. Jimmy Jacobs

“10th Anniversary: Young Wolves Rising” – New York, NY – 3.4.2012

Before the match, Steve Corino tells Steen he’s gone too far and begs for him to “stop the madness.” He does not want tonight’s match to go on, but Steen disagrees. Jacobs attacks Steen from behind. He’s wearing the same jacket he wore when he hung Jay from the ceiling at “Man Up!” He sets up Steen on a chair and dives onto it. Back in the ring Steen uses a chair for a Code Breaker. He sends Jacobs into the barricades with a fallaway slam. Steen throws him into the barricades a few more times before taking him near the entrance. Jacobs throws Steen off the barricades and onto the entrance ramp! Steen pulls down a barricade and slams Jacobs onto it. Jacobs responds with a tornado DDT onto the barricades. He brings a table from underneath the ring and places it ringside. Him and Steen position themselves near it but end up outside on the opposite side of the ring. Steen powerbombs Jacobs on the side of the ring apron twice. Steen throws Jacobs back in the ring. As Steen climbs back into the ring, Jacobs spears Steen off the apron and through the table! Jacobs gets a two count back in the ring. He goes for a Contra Code onto two chairs. Steen tosses Jacobs onto them to block. He goes for a Swanton Bomb. Jacobs gets his knees up to counter. He pulls the railroad spike out of his boot. Steen moves out of the way with a spike attack. He drops Jacobs with the F-Cinq. Steen sets up two chairs and goes for another F-Cinq on them. Jacobs slides off Steen’s shoulders and jabs him in the face with the spike! Jacobs has immediate regrets about doing so. Steen smiles and jabs the spike into Jacobs’ groin! He gives Jacobs the F-Cinq onto the chairs for the pin at 15:17. Just like the Corino match, this but utilized weapons very effectively and also mixed in a good story. Jacobs’ is so good in this environment especially when it comes to conveying emotions. Steen of course is phenomenal and was his usual awesome self in this bout. There’s a reason why everybody loves him. ***½

Disc Two

La Revancha – Last Man Standing Match
El Generico vs. Kevin Steen

“Showdown in the Sun; Day 1” – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 3.30.2012

Generico wastes no time, giving Steen a yakuza kick during the introductions. An exploder suplex into the corner and a tope con hilo to the floor follow. Well, I guess we can forget about a feeling out process. Steen sneaks in a forearm and chokes Generico with a fan’s Canadian flag. Generico pulls Steen into the barricades. Generico throws some chairs into the ring. He throws the metal portion of some extra ring ropes at Steen. He moves, and throws Generico into the barricades. Generico responds in kind. Generico lands ten punches in the corner. Generico slingshots in but Steen catches him with an Ace Crusher. Steen delivers a chair shot. He blocks Generico’s chair shot with a Codebreaker. He legdrops a chair onto Generico’s head. Generico runs the ropes for a tornado DDT. Steen blocks it with a backbreaker. He cannonball sentons Generico in the corner twice. Generico makes it up before the ten count. Generico throws some forearms. He drops the top rope to send Steen to the floor. Steen trips Generico and powerbombs him onto the ring frame. Steen goes for a superkick by accidentally hits a ringside attendant. Generico gives Steen a yakuza kick while he’s stunned. He hits another against the stage. Steen thumbs Generico in the eyes when he comes on the stage. They each fight for a big move on the wooden floor. Generico ends up giving Steen a Michinoku Driver on it. Steen rolls off the stage onto his feet to break the ten count. Generico dives off the stage with a tope con hilo! Generico then walks the barricades so he can give Steen a tornado DDT! Somehow, Steen makes it up just in time. Generico introduces a table outside of the ring and puts Steen on top of it. Steen grabs Generico and throws his head into the ring post. He puts Generico on the table and crashes onto him with a tope con hilo. Steen sets up two chairs in the ring. Generico however is the one who drops Steen onto them with a half-nelson suplex. Steen makes it up before ten. Generico looks for a brainbuster on the chair. Steen instead gives him a pump-handle brainbuster through the chair! Steen puts a chair on Generico and heads up top. Generico was playing possum, as he jumps up and yakuza kicks Steen off the top and through the ringside timekeeper’s table! Steen makes it back into the ring but is clearly in bad shape. They spit at and flip each other off in a forearm exchange. Generico delivers a yakuza kick and a half-nelson suplex. Generico fights for and delivers a brainbuster. This leads to them swinging chairs at each other. Steen kicks Generico in the balls which prompts Jimmy Jacobs to come out. He puts himself between Steen and Generico. Generico half-nelson suplexes Steen while he is distracted. Jacobs hands Generico a chair. Just then, Jacobs pulls out his spike and stabs Generico in the face! Jacobs nails Generico with a chair. Steen awesomely falls next to him. Generico does not get up at the count of ten, making Steen the winner at 23:24. This was insanity. El Generico at this point was the most fun wrestler in the world to watch. That guy just knows how to make a match interesting, captivating, and is really creative. This was brutal in a totally different way from their Final Battle 2010 match. He and Steen just laid into each other and the fans ate every second of it up. Jacobs becoming a part of this issue will add another new fresh layer to Steen’s feud against ROH. ****

ROH World Championship
Davey Richards (Champion) vs. Kevin Steen

“Border Wars 2012” – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 5.12.2012

This is Steen’s last chance at the World title. In this match, the Package Piledriver is legal. Jimmy Jacobs is in Steen’s corner. Steve Corino is on commentary, but is not saying a word. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver right away. Richards blocks it. Steen throws some forearms. Richards kicks Steen and clotheslines him to the floor. He follows with a suicide dive. Richards boots Steen after throwing him to the barricades. Jacobs distracts Richards for a moment so that Steen can deliver a dangling DDT back in the ring. Steen throws Richards into a Canadian flag that’s hanging on the barricades. Steen crotches him on the ring post. Richards and Steen fight on the ring apron. Richards suplexes Steen onto his head for a two count. Richards key locks his legs. Steen escapes but gets punched in the face. Richards puts on the Trailer Hitch. Steen grabs the ropes to escape. Steen gets gamengiri’d to the floor. Richards goes for his chest kick from the apron. Steen ducks and Richards kicks Jacobs. Steen pulls Richards down for a powerbomb on the ring apron. He does it a second time for good measure. Steen cannonball sentons Richards back in the ring for two. Richards catches Steen on the top rope. Steen bites him to send him back to the mat. Richards however gets his knees up to block a Swanton bomb. Richards kicks Steen and German suplexes him. Steen fires up, only to eat a lariat. Each guy kicks each other, then Steen lariats Richards to leave both men on the mat. On their feet, Richards unloads with forearms. Steen gives him a pump-handle neckbreaker across his knee for two. Steen puts in Richards’ mouth piece which fell out and calls for the Package Piledriver. Richards resists and we get a forearm battle. Richards kicks Steen’s knee out. Steen pops him into a powerbomb. He puts on the Sharpshooter when Richards kicks out. Richards grabs the bottom rope. Richards dragonscrews Steen’s leg in the middle rope. Richards ties his leg up and comes off the top rope with a double stomp. Another double stomp gets a two count. Richards puts on the ankle lock. Steen kicks his way free. He ducks a chest kick and rolls up Richards for two. Richards gives Steen the DR Driver for two. Richards throws some Kawada Kicks. Steen spits in his face. More Kawada kicks. Steen slaps him in the face. They slap each other silly until Steen hits the F-Cinq. Richards kicks out. Steen hits a moonsault. His knee is hurting, but he still musters a two count. Steen’s knee hurts too much for a Package Piledriver. Richards desperately hits a running chest kick for two. Richards kicks Steen in the head. Steen flips off Richards and spits at him. Steen blocks another kick and puts on his own ankle lock. Richards rolls and puts on the ankle lock himself. Steen sits up and turns it into the Sharpshooter. Richards escapes and reapplies the ankle lock. Steen crawls up the ropes in the corner, ripping off a turnbuckle in the process. He rolls Richards face first into the turnbuckle. Steen gives him a sleeper suplex. He hits the Package Piledriver for the win and the title at 24:24. I’ve given Richards a lot of flack during his title reign, but I give him and Steen credit for putting together a great main event and a good story to go along with it. Steen fought through all the work Richards did to his ankle all because the World title meant so much to him, especially winning it in his home country. Richards did a great job portraying how desperate and worried he became during the end of the match. All I can say about Steen winning is “finally.” Let the reign of Mr. Wrestling begin! ***3/4

ROH World Championship
Kevin Steen (Champion) vs. Eddie Edwards

“The Nightmare Begins” – Charleston, WV – 6.15.2012

This is a rematch from “Showdown in the Sun – Day Two.” A forearm exchange starts off the match. Jacobs grabs Edwards foot, so Edwards pescado’s out onto him. Steen boots Edwards as he comes back in the ring. Edwards rolls Steen up for the Achilles Lock. Steen kicks him away but gets sent to the floor. Steen trips Edwards off the ring apron so that he lands face first. Edwards whips Steen into the barricades. Jacobs distracts Edwards. Steen goes for an apron powerbomb. Edwards huracanrana’s his way free. Steen instead gives him a fallaway slam into the barricades. Steen blows a kiss to some Hooters girls in the front row as he keeps control by the entrance ramp. Steen fish hooks Edwards and bites his face right in front of Cornette. Steen gives him a jab back in the ring. Steen chokes Edwards on the ropes in front of the commentary table. Steen mocks Cornette’s 80’s mentality with a headlock. Steen rakes Edwards’ face. Edwards overhead suplexes him into the corner. Edwards comes off the top rope with a dropkick for two. Steen ducks a boot and gives him a pump-handle brainbuster across his knee for two. Edwards baits Steen to the floor. He suicide dives onto him, and then Jacobs. Edwards goes for a third dive, but Steen recovers in time to clothesline Edwards. Edwards gives him a Code Breaker and a Falcon Arrow for two. Steen pops him up for a powerbomb. He gets a two count, then puts Edwards in the Sharpshooter. Edwards makes it to the ropes. Steen gives him a dangling DDT. Steen misses a cannonball senton. Edwards comes off the top rope with a double stomp to Steen’s shoulder for two. Edwards misses a stomp on the apron. Steen pops up Edwards and drops him through the timekeeper’s table. Steen scurries him back into the ring for a two count. They each throw superkicks. Edwards gets in a German suplex. He goes for the Chin Checker but Steen slips out. He suplexes Edwards onto his head and hits the F-Cinq for the pin at 15:16. This was about on par with their Showdown in the Sun encounter. There was some cool stuff, and I enjoyed Steen teasing Cornette, but for whatever reason this never truly kicked into the next gear and a lot of bigger moves fell flat. ***

ROH World Championship
Kevin Steen (Champion) vs. Roderick Strong

“Live Strong” – Belle Vernon, PA – 6.30.2012

Truth Martini is in Strong’s corner while Jimmy Jacobs’ is in Steen’s. Strong jumps Steen in the corner at the bell. They trade forearms and throw each other to the floor. Steen rakes the eyes. Strong responds with a dropkick. Strong spears Steen as he is trapped in the ropes. Steen uses the ropes to deliver a dangling DDT. Steen throws him into the barricades a couple times. Strong accidentally chops the ring post. Steen attacks Strong’s hand, including biting it. He rams Strong crotch first into the ring post and gets a two count back in the ring. When Strong begins to fight back, Steen kicks his hand. He side steps a splash and gives Steen an enzuigiri. Steen gives him a neckbreaker across his knee for two. Strong fights back with a flurry of forearms off the ropes. Another enzuigiri and a leg lariat off the second rope take Steen down for two. Steen sends Strong to the corner with a Code Breaker. The cannonball senton follows for two. He goes up top. Strong kicks him and brings him down with a superplex. Steen kicks out. He snaps Strong’s neck on the top rope. He superkicks Martini to stop him from interfering. Strong kicks Steen intot he guardrails. He leapfrogs over Jacobs, who ends up hitting the barricades. Steen powerbombs Strong on the ring apron for two. Steen goes for a Swanton. Strong gets his knees up. Steen gives Strong a sleeper suplex for two. Strong softens Steen up before giving him the Death by Roderick. The Sick Kick gets him two. Steen blocks a suplex with the F-Cinq. That gets Steen the pin at 12:17. I loved the story of this match, how Strong attacked Steen from the get go and only let up when Steen attacked his hand. What I loved most of all was how both Steen and Strong neutralized the others’ outside support to give us a definitive winner. The action was also very good, and it made for another fun Steen title defense. ***1/2

ROH World Championship – Anything Goes
Kevin Steen (Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston

“Boiling Point 2012” – Providence, RI – 8.11.2012

Jimmy Jacobs is in Steen’s corner while Steve Corino is on commentary. Kingston immediately punches out Corino. He throws a flurry of punches at Steen and throws him into the barricades. Steen and Jacobs interject, so Kingston wipes them out with a suicide dive and tosses them backstage. Back in the ring, Steen counters Kingston’s chair shot attempt by giving him a chair assisted Code Breaker and somersault legdrop. Steen suplexes Kingston on the floor. He props up a table against the barricades. Kingston stops Steen’s Irish whip and suplexes Steen through the table. Kingston brings another table up to the apron where Steen dropkicks it into his face. Steen sets the table on the guardrail and the edge of the ring upside down and powerbombs Kingston through it. Kingston is so out of it from this maneuver, that multiple officials and staff have to check on him. Steen gets on the microphone and riffs on a fan and Jim Cornette. Kingston is currently being carried out by the staff and officials. Steen reminds Kingston that he dedicated this match to Larry Sweeney and that Sweeney thinks he’s a pussy right now. Of course, this sets Kingston off, and he comes back to the ring swinging. He yakuza kicks Steen in the corner and gets a pin. It’s very apparent Kingston’s back is hurt, but he’s fighting through the pain. Kingston blocks the F-Cinq with a half nelson suplex. Kingston goes to the floor to grab a chair. Upon re-entry, Steen kicks the rope into Kingston’s balls and DDT’s him on a chair. He then cannonball sentons the chair into Kingston’s face. Kingston kicks out. Another table is brought in. Kingston fights to put Steen through the table with a Saito suplex. It’s only good for a two count. Kingston sets up a chair and Saito suplexes Steen onto that! Corino grabs the referee to break the count. Rhett Titus comes out to neutralize. Jimmy Jacobs comes in with a spike. Kingston Backfists him to block being spiked in the head. Steen hits a low blow, the same move that got him disqualified in CHIKARA, and only gets two. He follows up with the F-Cinq; Kingston kicks out of that too! Steen repeatedly slams a chair against Kingston’s bad back. Kingston spits in Steen’s face. Steen bites him and gives him the F-Cinq onto two upright chairs for the pin at 18:46. While the violence was not at the level I was hoping for, both Steen and Kingston played their roles really well. Nobody sells quite like Kingston, and even during his comeback he milked his hurt back for what it was worth. Had the violence gone up another notch, this would have been a step above their CHIKARA encounters. I feel it was just as good, which is ultimately a compliment. ***1/2

ROH World Championship
Kevin Steen (Champion) vs. Cedric Alexander

PWX “There Goes The Neighborhood” – Charlotte, NC – 8.18.2012

Steve Corino is on commentary for this bout. This is under ROH’s rules, meaning the Package Piledriver is banned and there is a 20 count on the floor. Steen attacks Alexander from behind. He throws some elbows and chops at Alexander in the corner. Steen absorbs some clotheslines. Alexander kicks him in the side of the head and delivers a dropkick. He drops down the top rope to send Steen to the floor and a follows with a pescado. Steen pulls on Alexander’s face and eyes. Alexander sends him face first into the ring post. Steen trips him and gives him a powerbomb onto the ring apron. He sends him back first into the corners back in the ring. Steen drives Alexander’s back into the ring post as well. Back in the ring he gives Alexander a rope assisted DDT and a cannonball senton for two. Steen misses a somersault leg drop. Alexander comes off the ropes and drives his knees into Steen’s chest. He dropkicks Steen to the corner. Alexander takes Steen off his feet for the first time with a springboard clothesline. A corner dropkick and springboard tornado DDT get him a two count. Steen catches him with a pump-handle neckbreaker across his knee for two. When Alexander can’t get Steen up for a German suplex, he gives him a tornado kick. He drops him with Waffle Face for two. Steen catches him on the top rope. Alexander hops over Steen and catches him with an enznuigiri. Steen pops him into a powerbomb for two. He goes for a Swanton but Alexander gets his knees up. Alexander gives him a backbreaker for two. Tommy Simpson tries to interfere with a kendo stick. Alexander stops him, but the distraction allows Steen to low blow Alexander without penalty. He follows up with the F-Cinq and only gets two! A second F-Cinq does the job, putting Alexander away at 14:27. I am unfamiliar with PWX storylines so I have no idea what Simpson’s deal is, but the match itself was really good. It would be really tough to convince an ROH crowd that Alexander would have a chance to win the ROH title but in his home promotion the crowd was eating it up. This would have been a break out performance if it took place in ROH, so I am happy to see it included on the comp so a whole new audience can give it a look. ***¼

ROH World Championship
Kevin Steen (Champion) vs. Jay Lethal

“Killer Instinct” – Rahway, NJ – 10.6.2012

Lethal embraces his parents who are ringside. Steen will not follow the Code of Honor. Lethal superkicks Steen right at the bell. He clotheslines Steen to the floor and suicide dives onto him four times! Lethal cartwheels him into a dropkick. He spears Steen in a few different corners. Lethal goes for a back handspring but is cut off with a dropkick. Steen then powerbombs him onto the ring apron. He rams Lethal’s back into the barricades and throws him into them a few times after that. Lethal is rubber legged as he tries to throw punches back in the ring. Steen throws forearms in response. Lethal boots him in the face and comes off the second rope with a leg lariat. He hits a back handspring elbow. The Lethal Combination only gets him a two count. Lethal misses a missile dropkick. He does however give Steen a back cracker for two. Steen pops him up into a powerbomb for two. Steen also gives him a pump handle neckbreaker across his knee, also for a two count. He sets up for the F-Cinq. Lethal slips out and tries for a Dragon suplex. Steen backs Lethal to the corner and throws elbows to the side of his head. Steen misses a cannonball senton. Lethal signals for the Lethal Injection. Steen counters with a sleeper suplex. Lethal kicks out. Lethal breaks out of the F-Cinq. He superkicks Steen, drops him with the Lethal Combination, then applies the Koji Clutch. Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs show up to support their teammate. Steen gets the ropes to break the submission. Lethal enzuigiri’s Steen before dropping him with a Death Valley Driver. He connects with his top rope elbow smash. He hits it a second time. He looks to go for it a third time but instead dives onto Corino and Jacobs. He Dragon suplexes Steen for two. They fight on the second rope. Steen brings Lethal down in a brainbuster but only gets two. Steen tries a Swanton Bomb. Lethal gets his knees up. Lethal superkicks Steen and then backflips into the Lethal Injection. Steen rolls to the floor so Lethal cannot pin him. Steen bites Lethal in the face right in front of his parents. Lethal’s father throws a drink in his face. This causes Steen to spit on his mother. Lethal throws forearms at Steen with reckless abandon. He shoves down referee Todd Sinclair and goes back to punching Steen. He shoves down two more referees as he and Steen continue to brawl. It takes multiple people to break apart their fight and to try and calm them down. Steen tears down the entrance ramp and heads backstage. The match devolves into a No Contest a little after the 20:00 mark, although the announcement isn’t made until much later. I really loved the action these guys put in. They did an amazing job making it seem like Lethal was actually going to win the title. I was aware of the finish beforehand, and while I can see why those who attended the show and even some watching at home could be pissed off by it, I thought it did a good job redefining Lethal’s character. I’ve made this point again, but it bears repeating: throwing away title shots for the sake of building a character or storylines is unwise. You do not want to condition your audience to expect these kinds of finishes or else your title matches will be cheapened. Heck, the fans even chanted “Cornette sucks” afterwards. Having it cap off the show was not the best idea either. It’s too bad the angle wasn’t done under different circumstances because the wrestling itself was excellent. ***1/4

ROH World Championship; Ladder War IV
Kevin Steen (Champion) vs. El Generico

“Final Battle 2012: Doomsday” – New York, NY – 12.16.2012

Non-stop punches are thrown. Generico runs the ropes and delivers a tornado DDT. He yakuza kicks Steen in the corner. Steen rolls to the floor and Generico follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring Generico jabs Steen with a ladder before throwing it at him. Steen flips Generico off as he falls down. He fish hooks Generico’s mask but Generico bites his finger. He drops the ladder onto Steen’s back. The ladder ends up draped on the ropes. Steen goes to the eyes. Generico ends up being backdropped through the ladder! Steen cannonball sentons the busted ladder into Generico in the corner. Another ladder is brought in. Generico tries throwing one at Steen from the floor. Steen catches it and throws it right back at him. Steen sends Generico so hard into the barricades that one of them busts. Steen props up a ladder in the corner and whips Generico into it. He begins climbing a ladder towards the title. Generico pulls him down, leading to a punch exchange. Generico ends up giving Steen an exploder suplex onto the previously set up ladder in the corner. Generico brings to climb the ladder. Steen claws at him from the mat. Generico gives him a half-nelson suplex onto the ladder! Steen shoves Generico off of the ladder and into the corner. Generico tries another tornado DDT, but Steen counters it into a backbreaker. Steen once again sends him into the barricades. He places a ladder between the ring apron and the barricades. He places a table on top of that. Steen plans to powerbomb Generico through them both. Generico slides out and backdrops Steen through them instead. Some ringside attendants help Generico retrieve a taller more study ladder. Steen climbs to the top rope after the ladder is propped up. Generico stops him and looks for the top rope brainbuster. Steen stops him and gives him the F-Cinq through the timekeeper’s table. Steen begins to climb the ladder. Generico uses another ladder and rams it into Steen’s back. Steen throws a ladder onto Generico’s back, then props that ladder up horizontally onto two rungs of ladders that stand opposite one another. He powerbombs Generico onto that ladder. He goes for a Package Piledriver. Generico blocks it and hits the move himself! He begins to climb. Steen knocks him down. He positions a second ladder onto two ladder rungs after ramming it into Generico’s face. Steen climbs up looking for the title. Generico follows. They stand on the taller of the two horizontal ladders trading blows. After fighting one another, Steen ends up giving Generico a Package Pilederiver through the first ladder and onto the second! Steen then grabs the title at 28:02. That was an appropriately violent match and had the crazy spots you have come to expect. The one thing this match had working against it was that this was a singles match, so there were a few dead moments where they were getting things set up. In other Ladder Wars that were tags, you had other guys as a distraction so it wasn’t as noticeable when other things were being set up. That’s no fault to either guy, but it definitely killed some steam between spots. Regardless, this was a great way to definitively end their Ring of Honor history and to send Generico off. ****

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