Ring of Honor: The Briscoe Brothers – Sandy Fork Originals


Disc One

GHC Tag Team Championship
Naomichi Marufuji & Takashi Sugiura (Champions) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

Pro Wrestling NOAH “The Second Navigation 2008, Day 8” – Tokyo, Japan – 3.2.2008

Marufuji and Jay trade wristlocks to start. Marufuji applies a side headlock which Jay gets a couple of pin attempts out of. He backs Marufuji to the ropes and delivers a chop. Mark comes in with a headscissors. Marufuji breaks free. He tags in Sugiura as he backs Mark to the corner. Sugiura’s larger frame puzzles Mark initially, though his speed and a couple dropkicks help him take Sugiura to the floor. Mark dives after him. Marufuji and Jay look for control and end up trading forearms on the apron. They land on the floor after missing simultaneous clotheslines. Mark uses his knees to keep on Sugiura. When Jay tags in, Sugiura takes him down and tags in Marufuji who gets two with a leaping back elbow. Sugiura and Marufuji gang up on Jay in their corner and on the floor. Jay catches both of them with Complete Shots and tags out. Mark hops over Marufuji out of the corner and crossbody’s onto him for two. Jay lariats Marufuji. He finds himself isolated by the Briscoes until he fights them both off with elbows and clothesline. Sugiura boots both Briscoes and spears Mark for two. He gets the same result with a suplex. Jay hits him with his own boot. Sugiura catches a second boot and powerbombs Jay into the corner. Marufuji connects with a leaping elbow. He drives Jay’s face into the bottom turnbuckle. He gets two with a swinging snap suplex. Marufuji cradles Jay to block a Complete Shot. They clothesline and superkick each other. Sugiura boots Mark against the ropes twice before giving him a German suplex. Marufuji dropkicks Mark into Sugiura’s powerbomb for two. Sugiura suplexes Mark onto his head again. Jay and Marufuji fight on the floor as Sugiura gets two with a Dragon suplex. Sugiura rolls him into an ankle lock. Jay superkicks Sugiura as Mark spinwheel kicks him to break the submission. The Briscoes take him down with a double shoulder tackle. Jay boots him into Mark’s suplex. A legdrop/splash combo would have had it but Marufuji was there to make the save. Mark hits a shooting star press for two. They set up for the Doomsday Device. Sugiura works off Jay’s shoulders and German suplexes both Briscoes. Marufuji drives Mark’s face into the canvas. He superkicks Mark and Jay jumps in. Sugiura German suplexes him into Marufuji’s sliding dropkick. Mark blocks the Shiranui. He and Jay sneak in the Redneck Boogie. Mark springboard moonsaults onto him for two. Sugiura Angle slams Mark. Jay delivers a Death Valley Driver. Marufuji gives him a Shiranui leaving everyone laying. Mark and Marufuji superkick each other. Jay saves his brother from a super Shiranui. The Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device on Sugiura. Marufuji reverses the Doomsday Device in mid-air and cradles Mark for the pin at 29:45. There was some awesome wrestling in the finishing stretch, all built up with some excellent neck work on Mark. This match got lost in the shuffle as a DVD extra back in the day so I’m glad it’s resurfaced here. ****

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) & Austin Aries vs. The Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black & The Necro Butcher)
“Northern Navigation” – Toronto, ONT – 7.25.2008

Mark and Necro are not around at the start of the match. Aries and Jay end up fighting Black and Jacobs to the floor. Jay throws Black and Jacobs into the barricades. Aries delivers an axe handle to Black. Necro runs in to save his partners and stomp on Aries and Jay. Mark runs in as Black has Jay set up on his shoulders for Jacobs’ double stomp. Mark springboard dropkicks Necro and superkicks Black. He pummels Jacobs after a spinebuster. The Briscoes give Necro tandem facewash kicks in the corner. Black is sent out from double shoulder tackles. Jacobs jabs Aries with a chair on the floor. He sets him up and dives but Aries moves out of the way. Black and Mark fight into the crowd where Jay and Necro also have ended up. Aries hits Jacobs with the Heat-Seeking Missile. Mark moonsaults onto Black from the barricades. Necro pummels Aries with chairs ringside. Back in the ring The Briscoes team up on Black. Necro hits Jay with a chair. Mark throws some Redneck Kung-Fu his way. He then dropkicks a chair into Necro’s face. Necro stops him from a top rope attack and bulldogs him through the timekeeper’s table. All the while Black and Jacobs have been bloodying up Jay in the aisle. The Age of the Fall dominate over Aries and Jay while Mark is recovering. Jay finds the energy to Cactus clothesline Black to the floor. Jacobs smacks Black in the arm with a chair. He sends Necro to grab a piece of broken table. On the microphone he wants Necro to show where his allegiance lies by hitting Aries with that chunk. Jay knocks down Jacobs and throws punches at him. Aries tries to talking some sense into Necro but Black stomps him. Jay is disposed of. Black holds Aries while Jacobs tells Necro to take out his eye. When Necro insists Jacobs do it, Jacobs says he is the one who gives orders. Necro hits the floor. Jay throws a chair at Black. Aries DDT’s Jacobs onto a chair for two. Aries nails the IED and throws him into a boot from Jay. Black breaks the cover. He gives Jay the F5 for two. Jacobs puts him in the End Time. Aries punts Jacobs in the head and gives him a brainbuster. Aries and Jay hit Black with the Doomsday Device. The Jay Driller puts Black away at 21:14. This had a lot of fun brawling and it was all with purpose. The story going between Aries, Jacobs, and Necro was interwoven perfectly while the Briscoes and Black played their parts well too. ***¾

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The Vulture Squad (Ruckus & Jigsaw)
“Death Before Dishonor VI” – New York, NY – 8.2.2008

Mark takes Jigsaw over with a fireman’s carry. Jigsaw puts him in a Gory Stretch and drops him out into a Catapult. They each snap off an armdrag and reach a stalemate after escaping each others’ headscissors. Jigsaw evades Mark’s corner shoulder block. Mark however throws him down and nails a slingshot double stomp. Jay tags in and knocks Ruckus off the apron. The Briscoes double shoulder tackle Jigsaw. Jay slams him for two. Ruckus tags in and is shoulder blocked down immediately. Ruckus backflips into a headscissors. He sends Jay to the floor with a back handspring kick. Mark comes in with a clothesline which also sends Ruckus out. He dives onto both of them. Jigsaw then dives onto The Briscoes. Ruckus moonsaults onto everybody. He hits the Leap of Faith on Mark back in the ring. Mark rolls through and gets two. Jay boots him down. Jay clotheslines Jigsaw in the corner and sends him into a knee strike from Mark. Ruckus blocks the Jay Driller with the Bank Roll. He rolls him into a fisherman’s suplex/powerbomb combo on Mark. Jay drops Ruckus with a spinebuster. Jigsaw superkicks Jay. Mark superkicks Jigsaw, then Ruckus. The Briscoes nail the Doomsday Device on Jigsaw for the pin at 5:57. This was short, but a lot of fun and got the crowd rockin’. The Vulture Squad were never treated as a serious threat so seeing them squashed was no bother. **¼

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. LAX (Homicide & Hernandez)
“Ring of Homicide 2” – Edison, NJ – 10.25.2008

Mark and Homicide take feel each other out on the mat. Homicide spits in Jay’s face saying he’s looking to start some trouble. Mark throws some shots in the corner. Homicide fires back and snapmares him into a back kick. Jay throws some boots and holds onto a front facelock. Homicide escapes and tags in Hernandez. Jay staggers him with a forearm. Hernandez clotheslines both Briscoes to block their offense. As he holds up Mark in a delayed vertical suplex, Homicide traps Jay in a submission. Homicide headscissors Mark to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. LAX bullies Mark as Jay looks on. After receiving a headbutt from Homicide, Mark shoves him to the corner so Jay can tag in. Thanks to a dropkick to the knee, LAX is able to take over once again. Fortunately for him, when Homicide goes for a facewash kick, Mark grabs him and throws him down. He comes in with a slingshot double stomp for two. The Briscoes keep control until Hernandez blind tags in and takes them down with a slingshot shoulder tackle. Hernandez throws them both around the ring. Jay avoids a splash and nails a superkick. Homicide slides to the floor and Jay follows with a tope con hilo. Mark dives after them. Hernandez finishes the sequence off with the Big Man Dive. In the ring Hernandez electric chair drops Mark into a top rope elbow from Homicide. Mark kicks out. Homicide puts him in a crossface while Hernandez holds Jay in a Bear Hug. Homicide is sent to the floor and the Briscoes superplex Hernandez. Homicide comes in. He give Jay an Ace Crusher and a lariat for two. Homicide gives Mark an Ace Crusher as well. He follows up with the Cop Killa. Jay breaks the cover. Homicide misses a diving headbutt and takes the Jay Driller for two. Hernandez sets up Jay for the Border Toss. Jay fights his way free but gets shoulder blocked down. He fights out of the Border Toss again. He boots Hernandez into a Death Valley Driver. A shooting star press/legdrop gets the Briscoes the pin on Hernandez at 23:03. Both of these teams have great chemistry together. We have seen a lot of Briscoes/Homicide battles in ROH before, but Hernandez added a unique element. It was interesting to see the Briscoes play the heels, but it worked and made for a killer finish. This was much better than I remembered it being. ***¾

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima
“Final Battle 2008” – New York, NY – 12.27.2008

Nakajima goes after Mark’s left arm. Mark snapmares him into a back kick. Nakajima does the same. This leads to a strike exchange and Nakajima knocking Mark down with a chest kick. Nakajima knocks Jay to the apron with an enzuigiri, then slingshots into a double stomp. He comes off the apron with a rolling senton. Back in the ring Jay gives him a Samoan Drop. Sasaki tags in. He and Jay get into a chop battle. Jay nails a dropkick but gets mowed down with a lariat. Nakajima throws some forearms. Jay carries him over to Mark who forearms and elbows Nakajima down in the corner. The Briscoes keep each other fresh while wearing Nakajima down. Nakajima sweeps out Mark’s legs. Sasaki and Nakajima work over Mark’s bad left knee. Mark sneaks in a brainbuster on Nakajima and tags in Jay. He crossbody’s Nakajima and forearms Sasaki to the floor. Nakajima boots him in the face. Jay sends him into the corner with a Complete Shot before delivering a boot of his own. He also drops him with a spinebuster for two. Nakajima runs the ropes for a Sankakugeri. Sasaki powerslams Jay for two. He also gets two with a Judo Throw. The Briscoes attempt a double clothesline. Sasaki busts through it and clotheslines them both himself. He suplexes Nakajima onto Jay. Mark breaks the cover. Sasaki throws Nakajima boots first into Mark. Nakajima throws a series of superkicks to Jay before kicking him in the back of the head. a Final superkick gets another two count. He goes for another Sankakugeri. Jay catches him on his shoulders. Mark’s knee is too hurt for a springboard Doomsday Device. Nakajima victory rolls Jay. Jay kicks out and nails a clothesline. Sasaki breaks the pin. Mark pitches him to the floor and sends him into the barricades. Jay suplexes Nakajima onto his head. The Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device. Sasaki breaks the pin just in time. Mark once again takes him to the floor, allowing Jay to hit the Jay Driller on Nakajima for the pin at 16:48. This was exactly as hard hitting and exciting as I expected. Nobody went all out, but the focus on Mark’s knee added some drama and everybody seemed to work hard. Sasaki was sort of the odd man out but did what he could. ***½

After the match, The American Wolves came out to finish the job they started the night before. They handcuff Jay to the ropes and do serious damage to Mark’s knee with a steel chair. ROH Tag Team champions Kevin Steen and El Generico run out to stop the beat down. This would put Mark on the shelf for the first half of 2009.

Jay Briscoe vs. Roderick Strong
“Tag Title Classic” – Markham, ONT – 4.18.2009

This is a rematch from “Stylin’ & Profilin’.” After going back and forth for a bit, Jay grabs hold of Strong’s left arm. Strong leapfrogs over him and delivers a leg lariat for two. He drops an elbow. Strong comes out on top of a chop and forearm exchange. Jay gets two with a dropkick and a suplex. Jay snapmares Strong into a running boot. Strong brings Jay to the apron. He knocks him to the floor and follows with a forearm strike to the face. Strong keeps on Jay back in the ring. Jay drags him out of the corner by his foot and nails him with a clothesline. He delivers a Blockbuster for two. Strong comes at him with a forearm. Jay catches him with a Complete Shot into the middle turnbuckle. Strong nails his forearm then does the deal with a slingshot Falcon Arrow. He puts on the Boston Crab. When Jay grabs the ropes he sets up for the Gibson Driver. Jay recovers and snaps off a Death Valley Driver. After a boot he puts on Stretch Plum. Strong turns it into a small package for two. He gamengiri’s Jay in the face and hits the Sick Kick for two. Strong gives him Death by Roderick. He tries another Sick Kick but is caught with a spinebuster. Jay goes up top. Strong brings him down with a superplex. They cradle each other simultaneously but the count only goes to two. Jay throws some forearms. Strong stops him with a roll-up, leading to a series of pin attempts. Jay grabs Strong’s legs and pulls him into a cradle to block the Strong Hold, giving him the pin at 13:39. These two really work well together, and I’m glad we eventually got a World Title bout between them. For what this was, it was an excellent, competitive undercard bout overshadowed by the main event. ***¼

ROH World Championship
Jerry Lynn (Champion) vs. Jay Briscoe

“Validation” – Edison, NJ – 5.9.2009

They back on another to the corner. Jay knocks the champion down with a shoulder block. They switch wristlocks. Jay snapmares Lynn into a basement boot. Lynn misses his signature legdrop in the ropes, but does dropkick Jay to the floor from the apron. Lynn misses a dive and gets booted into the crowd. Lynn DDT’s Jay onto the ringside chair. Jay however is able to maneuver his way into a superplex when Lynn brings him to the top. Jay tries for a Death Valley Driver. Lynn turns it into an inverted DDT for two. Jay throws him into the corner with a Complete Shot. Lynn responds with a DDT. Jay escapes the Cradle Piledriver and connects with a superkick. Lynn goes for the Cradle Piledriver again. Jay shoulder blocks him multiple times in the corner instead. He lariats Lynn for two. He connects with a top rope legdrop, also for two. Lynn also kicks out of a Death Valley Driver. Lynn finally manages to hit the Cradle Piledriver but Jay kicks out. A superkick and Jay Driller can’t keep Lynn down either. Lynn maneuvers his way into a cradle tombstone for the pin at 16:00. That was so boring and the crowd was so deadly silent. They built up to nothing, had six zillion nearfalls, and no drama whatsoever. Why this was included on this set alludes me. **

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico
“ROH on HDNet Episode 25” – Philadelphia, PA – 8.14.2009

Mark takes Steen down with a spinwheel kick. Generico tags in and is kicked in the stomach immediately. A short Lucha sequence sees Generico send Mark to the corner with a toreador. Jay takes him down with an elbow. He and Steen get into a slug fest. Jay takes Steen down with a dropkick. Mark tries to suplex Steen but Steen is able to overpower and reverse it. The Briscoes double shoulder tackle Generico. Generico backs Jay to the corner. Steen tags in. He ducks Jay’s boot and DDT’s him. He and Generico double team Jay. Jay ends up sending Generico into the corner with a Complete Shot and tagging Mark back in. Mark throws some karate chops and pops Generico up into a waterwheel slam. Mark kicks Steen in the back of the head to stop his interference. Generico sends Mark to the apron. Generico dives out onto Jay, so Mark dives onto Steen. Back in the ring Generico gets two on Mark with a Michinoku Driver. Steen and Jay throw punches with reckless abandon. Jay stomps Steen down in the corner and facewashes his boot across his face. Generico then yakuza kicks Jay. Mark gives him an exploder suplex. Steen pops Mark into a powerbomb leaving everyone laying. Steen gives Jay a lung blower. He goes for a Swanton but Jay gets his knees up. Mark clotheslines Generico and brings him out with an Ace Crusher. Jay gives Steen a Death Valley Driver onto the edge of the ring. Generico takes the Redneck Boogie for two. The Briscoes set him up for a Doomsday Device. Steen drags Mark to the floor as Generico victory rolls Jay. He suplexes him into the corner for Steen’s cannonball senton. Generico follows with a coast-to-coast somersault dropkick. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver when The American Wolves come in and attack Steen and Generico. This ends the match in a No Contest at 12:13. It’s unfair to hold them up to the standard of their 2007 bouts, but I’ll be damned that even with a storyline advancement driven ending they had a really fun match. It’s exactly what you would want out of these teams in a TV match. ***½

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
“The Final Countdown Tour: Dayton” – Dayton, OH – 9.18.2009

Mark and Nick take turns doing damage to Mark’s left arm. They hit him with N’Sync for two. Jay tags in and boots Matt in the face. He elbows him in the face for two. He misses a charge in the corner. Nick gives him a gut buster and Matt delivers a neckbreaker across Nick’s knee. Mark puts Matt in an abdominal stretch. He rolls him up for two. Nick trips Mark into a slingshot leg drop from Nick. Matt pops Nick up for a dropkick. Mark ducks it, sends Matt to the floor, and nails Nick with a spinwheel kick. He suplexes Nick before tagging in Jay. The Briscoes bully Nick and even get some cheap shots in on Matt on the floor. When The Briscoes go for the Redneck Boogie, Matt trips Jay from the floor. Nick tornado kicks Mark and tags in Matt. He comes in with a springboard dropkick and a powerslam. He crossbody’s and dropkicks Jay. With the Briscoes on the floor, the Bucks decide to hit Mark with a variant of the Crazy Dive. Matt gets taken down with a spinebuster back in the ring as Mark arm whips Nick into the barricades. Just like Nick was earlier, Matt gets bullied by the Briscoes while Nick is kept at bay. Matt uses Jay to give Matt a Shiranui, then drives Jay’s face into his knee. Nick tags in and throws dropkicks at both Briscoes. He runs the ropes and takes them down with a headscissors/armdrag combo. Nick moonsaults off the apron onto Mark on the floor. He slingshots in with an X-Factor onto Jay. The Bucks set up for More Bang For Your Buck. Jay escapes and gives Matt a Death Valley Driver. Mark throws some Redneck Kung-Fu at Nick. Jay is sent to the floor. Nick kicks Mark and dives onto Jay. Matt drops Mark with a tumbleweed Ace Crusher. They miss More Bang For Your Buck. While Nick is hurting, The Briscoes put away Matt with the Doomsday Device for the pin at 18:01. These two teams have yet to have that all time classic tag match. Their bouts are usually good but there’s something off about their chemistry that has the match pique at a certain level. Regardless, they worked hard, the crowd was into just about everything, and it was fun while it lasted. ***¼

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The American Wolves (Davey Richards &; Eddie Edwards) (Champions) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

“Final Battle 2009” – New York, NY – 12.19.2009

Mark and Richards lock-up. Edwards blind tags in so Mark suplexes Richards away. Mark snapmares him into a back kick. Richards tags back in. He and Mark go at it on the mat. When they reach a stalemate they tag in their partners. Edwards kicks Mark off the apron for funsies. He drives Jay to his corner so Richards can tag in. Jay boots Edwards off the ropes. The Briscoes then double shoulder tackle Richards. All four fight in the ring. The Briscoes take control of Edwards. Mark gets his leg dragonscrewed in the ropes. Jay finds his way into the ring and fights off both Wolves. He gives Edwards a spinebuster for two. Richards kicks Mark into the crowd. He and Jay have a strike exchange back in the ring. Edwards pops Jay up into the Alarm Clock. He superkicks Jay into Richards’ German suplex for two. Edwards does show push-ups to show his previously injured elbow is feeling fine. Mark makes his way back to the ring, so Richards whips Jay into the barricades, digs a chair into his arm, and chokes him with a fans flag. Jay finds himself trapped in the Wolves corner until he catches Edwards with a Death Valley Driver. Mark throws a flurry of strikes at Richards before hitting a spinwheel kick. He throws Redneck Kung-Fu at Edwards. Mark gives Richards a Northern Lights suplex for two. The Wolves get to the floor and Mark tope con hilo’s after them. Mark sets up for a second rope Ace Crusher on Richards. Mark instead brings him down with an Iconoclasm and Edwards breaks the pin. Jay sends Edwards into a second rope turnbuckle with a Complete Shot. The Briscoes hit Richards with the Sidewinder for two. Richards drop toe holds Jay into Edwards’ gamengiri. This allows the Wolves to once again take control. He kicks out of a super Frankensteiner and DR Driver. Edwards puts him in an Achilles Lock. Mark tries to save but Richards puts him a cloverleaf. The Briscoes escape their holds by small packaging the Wolves. Jay takes the Alarm Clock. He kicks out of a powerbomb/back cracker combo. Edwards reapplies the Achilles Lock. Jay gets the ropes. The Wolves set Jay up for a Doomsday move. Mark suplexes Richards off the top. Jay slides off Edwards shoulders and nails a lariat. Mark takes down Richards on the floor as Jay gives Edwards the Jay Driller. He kicks out. The Briscoes then put him away with the Doomsday Device for the win and the titles at 22:51. I don’t know. I never could sink my teeth into this. It felt a little long, the moves didn’t mean a ton, and the crowd kind of sat there. They only popped for the title change which one could argue did not need to take place. ***

Disc Two

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (Champions) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

“ROH on HDNet Episode 48” – Philadelphia, PA – 1.9.2010

Matt and Mark are cautious with each other on the mat. Jay and Nick pick up the pace, with Nick giving Jay an armdrag and a dropkick. Matt tags in. Jay sends him into the corner with a Complete Shot. Mark suplexes Matt for two. Nick gives Jay a gut buster and Matt delivers a neckbreaker across Nick’s knee. Mark sends Matt into the barricades while Jay drops Nick with a spinebuster. The Briscoes beat him down while Matt recovers. Nick flips to the apron when being whipped to the corner by Mark. He drops him with a slingshot X-Factor. Jay and Matt tag in. Matt sends Mark to the floor. He headscissors Jay and drops him with a quesadora bulldog. Mark knees Matt from the apron. Nick dropkicks Mark back to the floor. Nick stomps Jay into Matt’s inverted DDT. He dives after Mark as Matt pins Jay for two. Jay clotheslines Nick out of mid-air and tosses Matt to the floor. Mark spinwheel kicks Nick and catches Matt coming in with an exploder suplex. Mark dives onto Matt on the floor. Jay drops Nick with a Death Valley Driver for two. Mark gives Nick an Ace Crusher off the top. As he comes down, Matt catches Mark with a powerbomb. Matt crossbody’s onto Mark after that. Mark palm strikes him on the top and brings him down with an Iconoclasm. Nick breaks up his pin attempt. Superkicks knock everyone down. Mark is poised for More Bang For Your Buck. He manages to get his knees up to block Nick and crotches Matt on the top rope. A super Redneck Boogie on Matt earns Mark a two count thanks to Nick breaking the fall. Jay goes for the Jay Driller. Matt blocks it with a Jackknife Pin attempt. Mark avoids Nick’s dive to the floor, causing Nick to collide with the barricades. Jay ducks a crossbody from Matt. The Doomsday Device earns the Briscoes the win at 15:50. Fun, but nothing that you hadn’t seen already in the “Final Countdown Tour: Dayton” match on the previous disc. In fact, the finish was very similar, and not really indicative of the best of either team. Just a fun TV main event, nothing mind blowing. ***¼

We’re joined in progress for The Briscoes World Tag Team Championship defense against The Kings of Wrestling at “The Big Bang.” Ultimately, Hero illegally uses his golden (read: loaded) elbow pad to pick up the win and the belts. You can read my review of the entire match here.

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus)
“Supercard of Honor V” – New York, NY – 5.8.2010

Jay shoulder blocks King. He takes him down in a side headlock. King responds with a few different armdrag variations. Jay boots King and forearms Titus to the floor. He nails a leg lariat to send King out. Titus takes a backdrop. Mark comes off the top with a back elbow. Jay Cactus clotheslines Titus out. Jay fights off both members of ANX on the floor. That is until Mark moonsaults onto everybody. King is worn down by the Briscoes back in the ring. King impressively flips out of a double biel. He cartwheel kicks Mark to the floor while Titus dropkicks Jay. This turns the tide as the ANX now gang up on Jay. It doesn’t last long, as Jay is able to catch King with a crossbody as he comes off the ropes. Mark throws some Redneck Kung-Fu at King. A spinwheel kick takes him off his feet. Mark gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Titus crotches Mark on the top rope. King nails him in the face with double knees. ANX now work him over. Mark is able to catch King with an Ace Crusher after knocking Titus to the floor, giving him an opening to tag Jay in. He lariats Titus thrice before nailing his signature dropkick. King gets sent face first into Titus’ crotch with a Complete Shot. Jay does the deal with a Falcon Arrow on Titus for two. The Demolition Decapitation has the same result. Titus slingshots Mark into a forearm from King. King then gives him a Blockbuster onto Titus’ knees for two. Jay fights off ANX on his own. King accidentally enzuigiri’s Titus. The Briscoes give them stereo fisherman’s busters. They give King the Doomsday Device onto Titus for the pin at 12:52. This was a nice precursor as to what we see from them in 2011. They didn’t go all out (it was the opening match after all) but it had a lot of energy and flowed very nicely. This was exactly what you would want from these teams in an early bout. ***

ROH World Tag Team Championship – No Disqualification
The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) (Champions) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

“Death Before Dishonor VIII” – Toronto, ONT – 6.19.2010

The Kings’ are accompanied by Shane Hagadorn. Ring announcer Bobby Cruise is told that the Briscoes have not arrived in time for this match. The Kings talk some smack on the microphone until The Briscoes hop in from the crowd and jump the Kings from behind! The Kings retreat to the floor only for Jay to dive after them. They whip Claudio into the ring post. As Claudio recovers, The Briscoes take turns beating on Hero. Hagadorn baits the Briscoes to the floor. Still they are able to keep control, throwing Claudio into the barricades and giving him a double flapjack back in the ring. Jay boots him in the corner. Hero pulls Mark out and throws him into the crowd. The Kings wear down the now bloodied Mark. Mark manages to send Hero into Claudio’s oncoming Swiss Chin Music. He crossbody’s onto both Kings and tags in Jay. He dropkicks Hero and gives Claudio a Death Valley Driver. He drives Hero’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly until he is busted open. Hagadorn throws a chair at Jay’s head from the floor. While Claudio keeps on Mark in the ring, Hero wraps a rope around Jay’s throat which ties him to the ring post. Hero comes back in to elbow Mark in the back of his head for two. The Kings also get two with a Doomsday Uppercut. Claudio throws Paul Turner to the floor out of frustration. Both of them kick Mark in the head. Turner cuts Jay loose from the ring post. Hero gives Mark a rolling elbow for two. Hero puts him in the Stretch Plum. Jay sprays both Kings with a fire extinguisher. He drives Claudio to the corner with a Complete Shot. A table is set up in the corner. Both Kings are whipped onto it. Hero takes the Redneck Boogie. They double shoulder tackle Claudio through the table! It’s only good for a two count. Hagadorn stops the Briscoes from hitting a Doomsday Device. Naturally, he takes the Doomsday Device instead. Mark dives onto Claudio. Hero nails Jay with his loaded elbow pad. Jay kicks out of the pin! Hero takes Mark to the floor. Jay almost has a three on Claudio when he rolls him up out of the U.F.O. Claudio uppercuts Jay and with Hero delivers the King’s Swing with the loaded elbow pad on Hero’s foot. That gets the Kings the pin at 18:16. This had a legitimate feeling of hatred, blood, clever spots, and once again showed that the Kings had to resort to the loaded pad to put the Briscoes away. This was a perfect way to follow up their Big Bang match while also keeping things fresh. ****

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)
“The Bluegrass Brawl” – Louisville, KY – 7.22.2010

Every combination of opponent feels each other out in the opening minutes. Jay and Richards trade shoulder blocks. Mark blind tags in and nails him with a spinwheel kick. Edwards runs in but is taken down by some tandem offense and quickly sent to the floor. Richards finds himself booted by both Briscoes in the corner. Jay misses a corner splash. Richards kicks Mark from the apron. He baits Jay into a gamengiri from Edwards. Edwards does some damage to Jay on the floor. Jay sends Richards into the corner with a Complete Shot. Mark and Edwards tag in. Mark takes him down with a running knee to the face for two. The Briscoes mow him down with stereo shoulder tackles. The Briscoes team up on him. Edwards catches the ropes. Jay charges after him. Edwards moves and gives Jay a dragonscrew leg whip in the ropes. The Wolves go to work picking apart and attacking Jay’s newly hurt leg. Richards throws some mocking comments on Mark whilst doing so. When Edwards has Jay in an Achilles Lock, mark runs in to try and break it. Richards disposes of him on the floor. Jay gets the ropes to break the hold. Mark is able to cut off their powerbomb/back cracker attempt on Jay. This gives Jay the opportunity to escape the Wolves onslaught and legally tag Mark in. He crossbody’s Edwards and throws some Redneck Kung-Fu at Richards. Mark gets two on Edwards with an Ace Crusher. Edwards catches Mark on the top rope and brings him down with a superplex. Richards comes in with a top rope dropkick. He hits the Damage Reflex for two. Mark knees him in the face and tags out. Hobbling, Jay throws forearms to Richards in the corner. Jay gets two with a Death Valley Driver. A series of kicks and clotheslines leaves everyone laying. Jay fights off both Wolves while Mark’s on the floor. He takes the Alarm Clock. Edwards superkicks him into Richards’ German suplex. Jay kicks out. Mark stops them from giving Jay a super bulldog. He sends Richards to the floor while Jay lariats Edwards. The Briscoes hit the Spike Jay Driller for the pin at 25:10. Even at 25 minutes this didn’t feel long at all. This was a huge step up from their Final Battle bout. It had a lot more action, great psychology, and a hot crowd who was with them every step of the way. Definitely one of the better encounters these two teams have had. ***¾

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) & Mike “Papa” Briscoe vs. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) & Shane Hagadorn
“Final Battle 2010” – New York, NY – 12.18.2010

Sara Del Rey is in the Kings and Hagadorn’s corner. Hero and Jay each get in a few chops. Jay huracanrana’s and leg lariats him for two. Mike gets in an overhand chop. Jay and Mark get in double shoulder tackles for two. Hagadorn accidentally overhand chops Hero. Mark knocks down Hero with a running knee strike. Claudio tags in. He accidentally hits his own teammates and gets double bieled out of the corner. The Kings double hip toss Jay into a tandem slam. Hagadorn arrogantly tags in to throw some strikes at Jay. They have little effect. Jay boots him down and tags in Mike. Mike puts the boots to him. Hagadorn tags in Claudio promptly. Mike headscissors him! Sara pulls Mike out of the ring to break the pin. Mike kisses her, which terrifies the Kings and Hagadorn. This also causes Sara to be ejected from ringside. The Kings and Hagadorn attack the Briscoes in their corner. They bring Mark to their side of the ring. He’s able to escape their grasp when he ducks Hero’s boot and tags in Jay. He dropkicks Claudio and gives Hero a Complete Shot to the corner. He then boots Hero for two. Hero stops his Death Valley Driver Attempt and hits the Cyclone Kick. Claudio pops him up for Swiss Death. When Jay kicks out, Claudio goes for the Ricola Bomb. Jay counters with the Death Valley Driver. Mark comes in with the Froggy Bow. Claudio kicks out. They knock each other down with simultaneous clotheslines. Mike and Hagadorn tag in. Hero holds Mike’s arms. Jay comes in and boots Hagadorn. The Briscoes take Hero and Claudio down. Hagadorn kicks Jay in the groin. Mike tackles Hagadorn and lays in some punches. Hagadorn slips out of the ring. Jay and Mark dive onto the Kings. Hagadorn grabs Mike’s foot to stop him from attempting a dive. Hero tags Mike with a rolling elbow back in the ring. The Kings set him up for the KRS-ONE. Jay spears Hero to stop them. Mike gives Claudio a stunner! Jay and Mike give Hagadorn the Doomsday Device for the pin at 15:49. This was a whole lot of fun given that one of the competitors was in their first match ever. It had a very different vibe to the other Kings/Briscoes matches but still was competitive. The fans loved everything Papa Briscoe did and it was feel good moment to see him get the win. ***¼

We jump to “Manhattan Mayhem IV” where The All Night Express scored what some consider an upset victory over The Briscoes. A big time brawl ensues after with the Briscoes being the instigators and the All Night Express looking like heroes. It was a very heated situation and would help switch the dynamic for their feud. You can read my review of that match here.

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly)
“Honor Takes Center Stage Chapter 1” – Atlanta, GA – 4.1.2011

Cole and Mark wrestle to a stalemate. Jay mows down O’Reilly with a shoulder tackle. O’Reilly hip tosses him into a cross armbreaker which Jay escapes from. He then boots O’Reilly in the face. Cole blind tags in. O’Reilly snapmares Jay into Cole’s basement dropkick. Jay backs him to the corner so Mark can tag in. He throws punches to Cole’s mid-section as well as some chops to the chest. Cole throws his own chops. O’Reilly flapjacks Mark and Cole drives his face into the mat for two. O’Reilly throws some kicks. Mark gives him a chinbreaker and Jay lariats him inside out. Jay boots Cole off the ring apron so he and Mark can go to work on O’Reilly. O’Reilly does end up fighting them both off and tagging Cole in. He dropkicks Mark and chops up Jay. Cole enzuigiri’s Jay to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. In the ring Jay drops him with a big spinebuster. Cole finds himself trapped in the Briscoes corner now. Cole dropkicks Mark to escape. O’Reilly boots Jay off the apron and lights up Mark with kicks. He sweeps out his legs. O’Reilly ducks a Briscoes double clothesline and takes them out with stereo dragonscrew leg whips. O’Reilly missile dropkicks them simultaneously for two. O’Reilly gives Mark two butterfly suplexes. He DDT’s him into a German suplex from Cole. Jay breaks the pin and sends O’Reilly to the floor. Jay drags Cole out. Cole enzuigiri’s Mark to stop a suicide dive. O’Reilly comes off the apron and dropkicks Jay into the barricades. Cole crossbody’s Mark for two. Cole and O’Reilly enzuigiri’s him at the same time for two. Jay drags O’Reilly to the floor and shoves him into the barricades. Mark enzuigiri’s Cole. Jay does the deal with a Falcon Arrow. O’Reilly kicks Jay to break the cover. He and Mark exchange strikes. Jay ends up superkicking O’Reilly into Mark’s exploder suplex. The Briscoes put Cole away with the Doomsday Device at 13:24. At the time this was Cole and O’Reilly’s biggest test as a team. They didn’t disappoint as they proved they could hang in the ring with the most legendary and prolific team in ROH history. The Briscoes characters were undergoing some changes that were also highlighted here, so it was a big win everyone involved. ***¼

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus)
“Honor Takes Center Stage Chapter 2” – Atlanta, GA – 4.2.2011

The Briscoes jump the All Night Express from behind. The fight spills to ringside where the barricades are utilized. When the bell rings, the Briscoes are beating own King in the ring. He sends Mark to the floor but eats Jay’s superkick right after. Titus blind tags in and nails a slingshot shoulder block. ANX gives him a slingshot legdrop/splash combo for two. All four men fight again, prompting other officials to settle things down. ANX take over on Jay once things are calm (relatively speaking). Titus whips him into King’s spinwheel kick for two. Mark blind tags in. Jay gives Titus a chinbreaker and Mark blasts him with a running knee. Titus is sent face first into the barricades and into the ring post. This busts open Titus, so the Briscoes go after the open gash on his forehead. Mark tries a superplex. Titus shoves him off and comes off the top with double knees to the stomach. King comes in with clotheslines and kicks. He blocks Jay’s boot with a cradle overhead suplex. He backflips over Jay and delivers shotgun knees in the corner. Mark breaks the pin. Titus puts Jay through the timekeeper’s table with a Sex Factor! Mark bocks King’s back drop and delivers a superkick. A bloody Jay turns him inside out with a lariat. He does the deal with a Falcon Arrow and Titus breaks up the cover. Mark palm strikes Titus on the top rope. Titus drops Mark face first onto the ring post. Jay and Titus throw punches causing their blood and sweat to fly all over. ANX hit Jay with the One Night Stand. At the last second Mark comes back to save his brother. They look for another tandem maneuver. Mark shoves Titus to the floor. Jay gives King the Jay Driller for the pin at 14:50. This was a war and the turning point for ANX’s career. This match made them look tougher than ever and completely washed away any preconceived notions fans may had had about them. It also brought their feud to the next level and the crowd gobbled everything they did up. Titus and Jay trading blows was a sight to behold and a rare moment you can’t fabricate. Totally awesome. ***¾

Chicago Street Fight
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs, The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus)

“Supercard of Honor VI” – Chicago Ridge, IL – 5.21.2011

Jay jabs Titus with a chair. The Briscoes attack King in the corner. King slides out of a powerbomb attempt. He throws Mark through the timekeeper’s table. He ducks a chair shot from Jay. Titus splashes Jay, then sends him into a spinwheel kick from King. King rams Jay into the barricade while Titus pulls a chain out from under the ring. Titus wraps it around his fist and punches Jay with it. The ANX try to tie up Jay around the ring post, but Mark flies onto them with a tope con hilo to prevent that from happening. Jay and Mark pummel Titus and King, throwing them into the barricades multiple times. King places the metal barricade sheet on top of Mark and moonsaults onto him. Titus lawn darts Jay into a ring post. King slams a chair onto the metal sheet over Mark. In the ring, Titus sends Mark into a chair with the Thrust Buster .Mark recovers and delivers an enzuigiri to Mark. Titus goes for the super Sex-Factor but gets shoved through a table on the floor by Jay. Jay doublestomps a chair on King’s mid-section. Jay wraps the steel chain around King’s neck, then throws him over the top rope in a makeshift noose. Jay throws a steel chair at Titus’ head. Titus fires up as the Briscoes throw right hands at him. He fights back until Jay kicks him in the groin. King blows a fire extinguisher into The Briscoes faces. He hits them with the actual extinguisher as well. King enzuigiri’s a chair into Mark’s face. Jay sends Titus to the floor and yakuza kicks King. He then drops King face first into a chair with an STO in the corner. Mark places King on a table on the floor. Jay climbs a ladder in the ring. Titus cuts him off with a chair shot, then throws the chair at Mark. King recovers and goes to the top rope. The ANX hit Jay with their blockbuster/powerbomb combo off the ladder! Mark breaks up the pin. Titus climbs the ladder. Mark catches him with a super snapmare. King chokes Mark with the hose of the fire extinguisher. King back flips off the ladder to prevent being whipped into it. He eats Mark’s superkick anyway. Mark delivers a frog elbow off the ladder to Titus. The Briscoes give Titus the Doomsday Device. King throws a chair at Jay and hip tosses Mark and himself to the floor. Jay collapses on top of Titus for the pin at 19:29. Titus kicked out right at three but it was too late. This was all the heart and violence you would have liked, but man did that finish leave a lot to be desired. That aside, this solidified King and Titus as more than just “the goofy team that has matches with top teams” and put them in the same breath as the Briscoes, the Kings of Wrestling and the WGTT. ***½

Ladder War III
The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

“Death Before Dishonor IX” – New York, NY – 9.17.2011

The winner of this match is the first team to grab the contract hanging above the wing. The contract is for a shot at the ROH Tag Team Championship on November 19th in Chicago, IL at “Glory By Honor X”. The Briscoes attack the ANX from behind. Mark pitches Titus to the floor and helps team up on King. Mark dropkicks Titus and bring a ladder into the ring. Titus brings Jay to the floor and King sends Mark out as well. Jay hits Titus in the back with a chair. King sends Jay into the barricade with shotgun knees, but then gets backdropped through a table by Mark. Jay sets a ladder between the ring and barricade. Jay and Mark team up on Titus back in the ring. Jay throws Titus face first into a chair in the corner. Titus avoids being backdropped on the ladder and instead suplexes Mark onto it. Titus then tope’s onto both King and Jay on the floor. King and Titus dropkick a ladder into Jay’s crotch. Titus splashes Jay on the ladder. King kicks Mark off the ring apron. They put the ladder on Jay’s neck and shove the ladder into the corner. King slingshot dives onto Mark who has a piece of table in his hands. Mark throws a chair at Titus whose face is covered in blood. Mark throws a chair at King’s shoulder. Jay tosses King shoulder first into the barricade while Titus shoves a ladder into Mark’s head in the ring. King moonsaults onto Jay from the barricade. Off screen Jay suplexes Titus on the entrance ramp. Mark somersault sentons off the apron onto King. Jay sets Titus on a ladder on top of two chairs and sentons off the apron onto him. Jay hits King with a chair from the floor and Mark suplexes him. The Briscoes double hip toss King onto a ladder in the corner. Jay then throws a chair right into King’s head. Jay dropkicks the chair into his head as Titus brings a broken piece of table into the ring. Titus pushes Mark off the top rope and through a table to block a Spike Jay Driller to King. King slams the chair into Jay’s head. The ANX put Jay through a table with the One Night Stand. Titus begins to climb the ladder. Mark dropkicks it out from under him. The Briscoes pull out an even taller ladder. They beat down Titus and place him on a table in the entrance way. Mark splashes off the ladder onto Titus through the table. King and Jay fight in the ring while their partners recover. King hits a shooting star press. King and Jay fight atop of the ladder. King grabs the contract for the victory at 27:54. I think this was an awesome capper to what I believe to be ROH’s best feud of 2011. The fact that nobody even attempted to climb the ladder for about twenty minutes I really dug, as no team was close to giving up that early on. Titus and Mark were taken out in a way that didn’t seem contrived and King’s grabbing of the contract cemented himself and Titus as one of the top teams in ROH. ****

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
“Glory By Honor X” – Chicago Ridge, IL – 11.19.2011

The Briscoes attack the Bucks after the Bucks refuse to shake hands. Jay and Nick fight on the floor. Mark swings Matt into the guardrail. Mark brings Matt back into the ring and bulldogs him out of the corner. He pitches Matt back out just as Jay whips Nick into the guardrail. The Bucks get time to themselves on the floor, but not for long as Mark tope con hilo’s out onto them. The Briscoes throw Matt into the guardrails and Nick back into the ring. They double shoulder tackle Nick. Matt is able to take out Jay on the floor. The Bucks hit a neck breaker/back breaker combo on Mark. Jay comes in but gets superkicked back to the floor. Somehow the Bucks have managed to isolate Mark in their corner. Mark flips out of Matt’s back flip and enzuigiri’s him. Jay and Nick tag in. Jay mows Nick down with a trifecta of a clotheslines and a spinebuster. He even kicks Matt off the apron for good measure. He throws Matt face first into Nick’s crotch. Jay Falcon Arrows Nick for two. Jay looks for a press slam but gets superkicked by Matt. Matt brings Mark to the floor and superkicks him as well. The Bucks hit a clothesline/enzuigiri combo on Jay in the corner. Nick hits a 450 splash while Matt dangles him in the ropes. Mark makes the save. Mark catches Nick coming into the ring with an overhead suplex. Mark shotgun dropkicks Nick to the corner. He gives Nick an Iconoclam for two. Matt shoves Mark off the top rope into a superkick from Nick. Mark blind tags in Jay. The bucks don’t see it and try More Bang for Your Buck. Mark evades it and the Briscoes go for the Doomsday Device. They don’t succeed, so Jay gives Matt a Death Valley Driver instead. Mark hits a frog splash elbow and Nick breaks the pin. The Briscoes shrug off the Bucks’ superkicks and clothesline them. Jay superkicks Nick to the floor. The Briscoes hit Matt with the Doomsday Device for the pin at 12:17. That was a really fun match. The Briscoes beat the ever loving piss out of the Bucks at the beginning, only for the Bucks to use their wits and cunning to come back and even the odds. In the end though, the Briscoes were tougher and ultimately dominated. Considering they have a tag title shot coming up at Final Battle, that’s the right move to make. ***½

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