Ring of Honor: Kevin Steen – Descent Into Madness

Disc One

ROH Tag Team Championship – Tables Match
Kevin Steen & El Generico (Champions) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

“ROH on HDNet Episode 11” – Philadelphia, PA- 4.10.2009

Tables are legal in this match. The Wolves attack Generico and Steen in the aisle. Generico throws Edwards into the barricades a couple of times while Steen throws punches at Richards. He throws Richards into the barricades a couple of times as well. In the ring, Generico drop toe hold Richards into two of Steen’s flipping legdrops. Edwards jumps in to attack but gets taken down by Generico quickly. Steen gives him a couple sentons, then a third with Generico on his back. Steen pulls out a table. Generico throws both Wolves head first into it. Steen sets the table up into the corner back in the ring. Edwards dodges being thrown through it, but does get suplexed into another corner. Richards kicks out Steen’s knee. Edwards pops up Generico for the Alarm Clock from Richards. Richards German suplex to Generico does NOT break the table, unfortunately for them. Edwards drives Steen knee first through the table. The Wolves continue to damage up Steen’s knee while Generico recovers on the floor. Steen elbows them out of the corner just in time for Generico to come in with a double crossbody. He gives Edwards a Michinoku Driver. Generico walks the ropes to give Richards a tornado DDT. He then tope con hilo’s onto Edwards on the floor. Steen powerbombs Richards onto some table debris. Steen swanton bombs onto him, with Generico following after with a Superfly splash. Edwards breaks the pin just in time. Steen sets up two tables stacked onto one another outside of the ring. Steen teases a piledriver on the apron. Richards kicks his leg out to stop him. The Wolves give him a running forearm/enzuigiri combo in the corner. Richards misses a shooting star press. Generico dives through the ropes and DDT’s Edwards on the floor! He places Edwards on a table on the floor. Steen gives Richards a cannonball senton so Generico’s Superfly splash onto Edwards through the table goes uninterrupted. Steen puts Richards in the sharpshooter. Shane Hagadorn makes his way out, but Steen gives him a Package Piledriver right away. He sets up a table inside the ring and climbs the ropes. Richards shoves him off, sending Steen through the two previously set up tables. Generico yakuza kicks him and looks for the super brainbuster. Edwards however comes in to stop. The Wolves put Generico through the table with a Doomsday Ace Crusher for the pin and the titles at 15:11. That was a super hot, exciting main event. I thought it was weird that it wasn’t an elimination match where putting your opponent through your table was the only way to win, but they used the stipulation perfectly and got the audience more into the bout as it went on. A terrific match from the HDNet era that does not get enough love. ***3/4

Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
“Contention” – Manassas, VA – 6.12.2009

This is the Bucks’ ROH debut. Matt trips Generico and poses. Generico gives him a leg lariat. Nick and Steen tag in. Steen shoulder blocks him down. Nick trips Steen and gives him a sole butt. He snaps off a huracanrana to reset their exchange. Steen monkey flips him in a double knuckle lock and stomps him into the mat. Nick headscissors and dropkicks Generico to the corner. Nick runs up the ropes and comes down with a corkscrew armdrag. Nick trips Steen into a slingshot legdrop from Matt. Matt then gives Generico a flip neckbreaker across Nick’s knee. Steen throws Nick into Matt, then gives Matt a cannonball senton. Steen throws Matt face first into Generico’s upright boot. Generico and Steen keep control of Matt in their corner until he is able to catch Generico with the Worst Case Scenario (wheelbarrow flipped into a facebuster). Nick dropkicks Steen off the apron and backdrops Generico. From the apron he slingshots in with an X-Factor. He follows with a moonsault off the apron onto Steen. Matt spears Generico, leaving him open for a tandem springboard splash/standing moonsault. Generico kicks out. Seeen superkicks Nick and powerbombs Matt. Steen gets two with a Swanton Bomb on Nick. He follows that with a neckbreaker across his knee for another two count. Matt and Nick throw superkicks at him. Generico breaks up their pin. Matt shoves Steen to the corner so Nick can give him a running knee strike. Nick dives onto Generico on the floor while Matt gives Steen a tumbleweed Ace Crusher for two. Steen is too heavy for the Bucks to hit More Bang For Your Buck. Generico yakuza kicks both Bucks. Steen gives them both a Samoan Drop at the same time! Generico flies in with a flipping coast-to-coast dropkick on Matt. Steen gives him a Package Piledriver. Generico follows with a brainbuster for the pin at 13:47. That was an awesome way to showcase the Young Bucks flashy, impressive offense to a new audience. It’s a bit of a shame they didn’t win, but Generico and Steen were able to pick up momentum heading into their title match the next night in Manhattan. In a way this was Steen and Generico paying forward what the Briscoes did for them during the “Fifth Year Festival.” ***1/2

Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
“Final Battle 2009” – New York, NY – 12.19.2009

Nick takes Generico down with a corkscrew armdrag and a dropkick. Steen shoulder blocks Matt twice. Matt responds with a dropkick. Steen baits him into a slap across the face. Matt spits him gum into Steen’s face, so Steen chews it and spits it in Nick’s face. They exchange forearms. Generico drop toe holds Matt into Steen’s flip legdrop. Steen knocks Nick to the floor and blows lots of snot on him. Like they did in Manassas, Steen and Generico isolate Matt in their half of the ring. Matt gives Generico a standing shiranui to escape their grasp and tag in Nick. He dropkicks Steen off the apron. From the second rope he gives Generico a tornado DDT for two. The Young Bucks work over Generico’s arm in their corner. Generico slips off Nick’s shoulders and tags in Steen. Steen fires up from the Bucks’ double hip toss and dropkicks. He uses the rope to assist with a DDT to Nick. Generico tope con hilo’s onto Matt. Steen gives Nick a pump handle neckbreaker across his knee. Nick flips out of his package piledriver attempt and gives him a tornado kick. Matt forearms Generico to the floor. Nick stomps Steen into a reverse DDT from Matt. Steen gives Matt a Code Breaker. Generico comes in with a crossbody for two. Matt backs Generico to the corner to stop a suplex attempt. Nick gives Generico a running knee strike to the face. He hits a slingshot X-Factor, then pops to the apron. Steen pulls him off and powerbombs him onto the apron. Matt superkicks Steen. Generico suplexes him into the corner. Matt recovers and hits the Worst Case Scenario. Steen breaks the pin. Nick dives onto Steen on the floor while Matt gives Generico a tumbleweed Ace Crusher for two. Steen throws Matt to the floor. Generico yakuza kicks Nick and gives him a half-nelson suplex. Steen frogsplashes him for two. Steen causes Nick to superkick Matt. Steen pops him up for a powerbomb and then locks on the sharpshooter. Matt goes to break it, but Generico sends him to the floor. Steen has to let go due to his bad knee. Matt stops Steen from giving Nick a Package Piledriver. Steen kicks out of More Bang For Your Buck! Steen eats a ton of superkicks from both Bucks, succumbing to being pinned at 17:36. While the action was hot, the storytelling came and went. I also thinks it’s kind of dumb that Steen kicked out of the Bucks finisher only to lose seconds later to superkicks. I get the logic, but putting over their finisher more strongly would have been my preference. Nevertheless, this was another fun match. ***1/2

Rumors had been circulating that Steen was considering retirement at the time. The fans chant his name as he grabs a microphone. Steen gives an unruly fan a verbal berating. Steen says he is not the same man he was when he and Generico began in ROH. He thanks all the fans for all the support and jeers they have given him over the year. He thanks just about everybody on the ROH staff, in the locker room (especially The Briscoes), and the company at large. He turns his attention to Generico and gives him a big hug. Steen then tells Generico that he “hates his fucking guts” and kicks him in the groin! He grabs a steel chair from outside. Just as Generico is clutching at his groin and looking at Steen with that “Why?” look across his face, Steen decks him with a steel chair. Colt Cabana runs out and asks Steen what’s up. He gives Cabana a kiss and then laughs before limping to the back. This moment is just as great as it was three years ago. It’s too bad Steen’s promo was borderline inaudible.

We’re shown a clip from a Video Wire where Steen is backstage eating an apple. Cabana comes in and asks Steen what’s wrong with him. Steen says nothing is wrong with him. For months he felt sick and depressed, but he had a “moment of clarity” when Generico put his arm around him. He says when he wrapped the chair around Generico’s head it was the greatest moment of his life. He walks off saying he loves life. Cabana still seems confused.

Another Video Wire clip is shown with Cabana trying to search out Steen at “SoCal Showdown” back in January of 2010. He finds him reading a book at a table. Cabana wants to talk with him. Steen wants to know why Cabana seemed like he was always friends with Generico and he was just a hanger on. Cabana turns it on Steen saying Generico came to his side when WWE fired him and Steen wasn’t around. Steen says he is tired of working his ass off and Generico getting all the love and credit from the crowd. He tells Cabana to keep hanging around Generico and eventually he will understand where he is coming from.

Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana
“8th Anniversary Show” – New York, NY – 2.13.2010

Before the match, Cabana cuts a promo summarizing a letter Steen wrote to Cabana on ROH’s website. In it, Steen says he feels that Cabana took their friendship for granted. Even though he does not agree with what Steen did to Generico, he does apologize for hurting Steen’s feelings. Steen says he accepts, but of course he punches Cabana right afterwards. Steen rips of Cabana’s jacket. Cabana throws some punches and elbows of his own. Steen rolls to the floor and Cabana follows with a slingshot elbow. In the ring, Cabana comes off the top rope and is caught with a punch to the stomach. Steen back elbows Cabana as he comes out of the corner. Steen pops him up for a powerbomb and throws a flurry of punches. Cabana misses the Flying Asshole. Steen nails the cannonball senton. Steen steps on his throat before going up top. Cabana gets his knees up to block a Swanton Bomb. He circles Steen whilst throwing jabs. The Flying Asshole connects. He clotheslines Steen to the floor. Cabana eggs Steen on to get back in the ring as it seems Steen is having difficulty getting up due to his hurt knee. Cabana thinks Steen is baiting him and won’t fall for it. Steve Corino comes out and grabs the microphone. He also implores Steen to get into the ring and to do it for him. Corino ends up bringing Steen back in the ring. He tells Steen that he “knows what he has to do.” Cabana punches Corino and throws him to the floor. Cabana tells Steen he has to stop doing things for Corino. He says that Steen should stop being a bitch and start being a man. El Generico runs in and goes face-to-face with Steen. Corino throws Cabana to the floor. That ends the match at 9:13, and Cabana is declared the winner via DQ. Obviously this was a vessel to advance the angle. It was effective and left me intrigued to see exactly what Steen and Corino’s relationship is. The match itself was nothing at all. **1/4

Generico blocks a punch and starts throwing shots at Corino. He picks up a chair. Steen gets in between Generico and Corino. Generico can’t bring himself to hit Steen even with Steen daring him to do so. Steen takes Generico down and hits him with a chair. He puts him in a crossface for a bit before leaving with Corino.

Kevin Steen vs. Kenny Omega
“From The Ashes” – Phoenix, AZ – 3.26.2010

Steen threatens to leave if the fans won’t stop chanting Ole. We get a gross handshake involving snot, ball sweat, and licking. Omega gets the better of Steen on the mat. He sends Steen to the floor with a dropkick. He then baseball slides him into the barricades. Omega tries for the Bermuda Triangle, but Steen pulls him off the turnbuckles and sends him into the barricades. In the ring, Steen snaps Omega’s arm across the top rope. Steen flapjacks him across the top rope and sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Steen uses the barricades to do more damage to Omega’s shoulder. When Steen bites his hand, Omega bites his nose. Steen counters a Dragon suplex with a backbreaker. Steen does more damage to Omega’s arm. Omega kicks out Steen’s leg. He hits the Kotaro Krusher for two. He gets two again with a huracanrana and a uranage. Steen pops him up for a powerbomb and gets two. Steen DDT’s him as he dangles from the middle rope. He misses a cannonball senton. Omega slingshot dropkicks Steen in the neck. Steen goes for a Package Piledriver. Omega reverses with a Beach Break for two. Steen slides out of the Croyt’s Wrath. He superkicks Omega and gives him a pump-handle neckbreaker across his knee. Omega gives him a reverse huracanrana and two Dragon suplexes. Steen kicks out! Steen kicks Omega low behind the referee’s back. He gives Omega the Package Piledriver for two. He locks on the Crossface. Omega taps out at 17:53. That took a really long time to go anywhere. They got the fans behind them by the end but the first part of this dragged. I like that Steen’s arm worked paid off with the Crossface even if Omega kicked out of the Package Piledriver right before. ***

The next night at “Phoenix Rising”, Steen attacks Cabana with a chair after his and Generico’s match with the American Wolves. Steen tells Generico that he’s not afraid of him because he knows Generico will never have the balls to hit him. He calls Generico a bitch and goes to slap him. Generico blocks it and spits in his face. He seems ready to fight when Steve Corino attacks him from behind. Cabana comes in and chases both him and Steen away with a chair. He spits his gum in Steen’s face as he goes to leave. Cabana tells Generico that he (Generico) is going to give Steen the top rope brainbuster. Generico seems down with this idea.

Steen is not happy that Cabana and Generico spit in his face. Corino says whores are the type of people who spit in others’ face. He says Corino needs to beat Cabana like the whore he is. Corino says when he and Steen meet Generico and Cabana in just a few days at “The Big Bang”, that will be the end of them. Steen says Generico has been a distraction long enough and now it’s time to put him down. He will make Cabana realize the mistake he did by siding with Generico. We then go to Cabana and Generico. Cabana talks about how he and Generico have bonded so well that they were able to defeat The American Wolves tonight. He says Generico spitting in Steen’s face was a first step for him. He believes that he and Generico are stronger than Steen and Corino are as a unit. All of Generico’s thoughts that he’s been boiling up will be released on Steen come “The Big Bang.”

Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana
“The Big Bang” – Charlotte, NC – 4.3.2010

Steen forearms Steen in the ring while Corino takes Generico to the floor. Cabana headscissors Steen and clotheslines him to the floor. Corino gives Cabana a rolling clothesline back in the ring. Generico sends Corino back out with two armdrags and a toreador. He tope con hilo’s onto him. Cabana comes off the top with a flying hip attack to Steen. Cabana holds Steen for Generico. Corino throws Generico into the barricades before he can make contact. Corino and Steen attack Cabana in the corner. Generico comes in with a crossbody, which Steen evades but connects with Corino. Cabana elbows them both repeatedly. He misses a quebrada and takes tandem kicks to the chest and back. Cabana gets beaten down in Corino and Steen’s corner. He manages to fight Corino off after a couple of minutes and tags Generico back in. He dropkicks Corino and runs the ropes for a tornado DDT. He points at Steen on the apron. Steen backs off, but Cabana throws him into the ring. Corino blindsides Generico with a forearm and sends him into the barricades. Steen powerbombs him on the ring apron. Cabana Asai moonsaults onto both Steen and Corino. He hits the Flying Asshole on Corino back in the ring and puts him in the Bully Goat’s Curse. Steen hits Cabana with a chair for the Disqualification at 10:04. That was hot and heavy from the get-go and really did an effective job of continuing to portray each others’ hatred for one another. It was nice chapter in the feud and just a taste of what was to come. ***

Of course, the fight continues after the bell. Steen DDT’s Cabana onto the chair. He and Corino bust Cabana open. Generico comes to and sends Corino to the floor. Steen rubs some of Cabana’s blood in Generico’s face. Finally, Generico snaps and gives Steen a yakuza kick! Generico throws punches at Steen until officials and Corino help separate them. Generico however dives onto Steen and Corino and throws Steen back in the ring. He gives Steen a half-nelson suplex, another yakuza kick, and then sets him up for the top rope brainbuster just like Cabana promised. Corino slips Steen out and brings him to the back. He takes out a bunch of students and staff, ending with Generico giving poor Grizzly Redwood a tope rope brainbuster as Steen looks on from the aisleway. Cabana declares that El Generico is back. He tells Corino and Steen that they will bleed until they die in a Chicago Street Fight at the end of the month.

“Come As You Are” Chicago Street Fight
Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana

“Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies 2” – Chicago Ridge, IL – 4.24.2010

Steen and Corino jump Cabana and Generico during their entrance. Cabana and Steen fight in one part of the crowd while Generico and Corino fight in another. All parties use the fans’ chairs as their primary weapons. Steen makes his way over to Generico. Cabana has also found Corino and gives him a flurry of punches. Ringside, Corino throws a chair at both of his opponents’ heads. Generico dives onto Steen in the crowd. Cabana reverses Corino suplex, dropping him onto a pile of chairs. Steen gives Generico a low blow and bites his groin. Cabana wipes out a security guard with an Irish whip to Steen. Steen climbs up a scaffold where the hard cam usually is. Corino pulls Cabana down. Generico charges through the scaffold and gives Corino a tornado DDT! Generico climbs up to meet Steen on top of the scaffold. Steen gives Generico a Michinoku Driver onto it. Cabana is setting up a table ringside when Steen gives him a chair shot across the back. Cabana goes to powerbomb Steen through the table until Corino makes the save. Corino breaks a beer bottle and digs it into Cabana’s head! With Cabana now busted open, Corino digs a fork into his wound. Cabana is able to knock down Corino but Steen slams him onto some chairs. Just as Steen goes up top, Generico runs in and shoves him off the top and through some tables. He nails Corino three times in the head with a chair. Generico rams a ladder into his head. He throws it onto Steen who is now in the corner. Cabana uses his Flying Asshole to send the ladder into Steen’s face. Generico yakuza kicks the ladder into him as well. Generico gives Corino an exploder suplex onto the ladder for two. Corino looks to superplex Generico onto the ladder. Cabana saves Generico which causes Corino to fall into a tree of woe. Generico uses the flipping coast-to-coast dropkick to send the ladder into Corino’s face! Steen brings Generico to the floor to stop his pin. He superkicks a chair into Cabana and powerbombs Generico on the ring apron. Steen breaks a chair over Generico’s head. Cabana throws a bunch of elbows to Steen’s head. Steen drops him onto the ladder. Corino superplexes Generico on the ladder. Steen covers him and only gets a two count. Steen pulls a barbed wire baseball bat out from under the ring. Cabana kicks Corino before he can use it. Cabana hits the bat into a chair Corino is holding. Steen low blows Cabana and sets him up for the Package Piledriver. Generico hits Steen in the back with the bat first. He sends Steen out with a suplex. He yakuza kicks Corino and dives onto Steen. Cabana puts Corino in the Billy Goat’s Curse. While he has the hold on, Generico digs Corino’s head into the barbed wire bat! He knocks Corino out with a chair. The referee calls for the bell at 20:00 awarding Generico and Cabana the match. That was an incredibly heated, bloody brawl. The brilliant thing about this was it showed that Cabana and Generico have unleashed a side of them we rarely see without giving too much of Generico and Steen fighting away. This was a hell of a street fight for what would just end up being in the earlier portions of the feud. ****

After the match while Corino is being tended to by officials and students, Steen challenges Cabana to any match he wants when ROH returns to New York City on May 8th. Backstage, a bloody Cabana accepts Steen’s challenge. They will meet in a 34th Street Last Man Standing Deathmatch on that show.

34th Street Last Man Standing Deathmatch
Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana

“Supercard of Honor V” – New York, NY – 5.8.2010

Right away Cabana throws a chair into Steen’s head on the floor. Steen is wearing a Cabana shirt for mind games’ sake. Cabana busts him open by throwing him into the barricades a few times. When he brings Steen back in the ring, Steen superkicks him to the floor. He cannonball sentons Cabana into the barricades. In the ring he slams a chair across Cabana’s back. He sets a chair upright. Cabana counters his neckbreaker with a spinebuster onto it. Cabana gives him a variation of the Flip, Flop and Fly with a chair shot ending the sequence instead of an elbow. He goes for the Flying Asshole. Steen catches Cabana and dumps him without care onto the timekeeper’s table. Steen baseball slides him into the barricades. In the ring, Cabana blocks a ladder shot and sends it into Steen’s own head. Steen gives Cabana a kiss and drops Cabana back first on the ladder. Steen picks him up. Cabana slams him onto the edge of the ladder! Cabana empties a sack of thumbtacks in the ring. Cabana looks to superplex Steen onto them. He ends up taking Steen’s shirt off and tossing Steen from the top rope onto the canvas covered in tacks. Cabana places two chairs on top of Steen and moonsaults onto him. Suddenly, El Generico’s music stars playing. Out runs a diminutive person dressed in a luchador costume. From behind Steve Corino attacks Cabana. It turns out the luchador is Steve’s son Colby in costume. He hands his father a barbed wire bat. Cabana fights it out of their grasp and hits Steen in the head with it. Steen recovers before the ten count and hits Cabana in the groin with the bat. He gives Cabana a Package Piledriver onto the tacks! Cabana uses the ropes to get up at nine. Steen puts on a crossface. Corino hands him the bat so he can dig it into Cabana’s head. Cabana can’t make it out at the ten count after Steen releases the hold, giving him the win at 14:23. This was different than the Chicago street fight, taking a more methodical approach rather crazy all out violence. The Colby Corino stuff was needless and took the contest down a peg for me, but once again this was a solid chapter in the feud. These guys really are willing to tear themselves apart to tell a good story. ***1/4

Kevin Steen vs. El Generico
“Death Before Dishonor VIII” – Toronto, ONT – 6.19.2010

Generico actually barged out at the beginning of this show demanding Steen come out immediately for their match. Corino makes his way out to tell Generico that Steen would never wrestle an opening match. Steen however runs out and gets in Generico’s face. Against Corino’s better wishes, Steen obliges to fighting Generico right now. They furiously throw punches at each other. Generico sends him to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. He whips Steen into the barricades. Generico crossbody’s him back in the ring for two. Steen tries to pop Generico up but gets dropkicked to the ropes. Steen snaps his neck on the ropes. Generico comes right back with a leg lariat. He runs the ropes for a tornado DDT. Steen counters with a backbreaker and a senton across Generico’s back. Steen gives him a superkick to stop his strikes. He gives him a cannonball senton as well. Generico fires up from a back elbow. He throws a few clotheslines before giving Steen a Michinoku Driver for two. Steen crotches him on the top rope. He looks for the Package Piledriver on the apron. Generico backdrops him on the ring apron. He dives through the ropes and DDT’s Steen on the floor. Generico gets two with a Superfly splash back in the ring. Steen gives him a backbreaker and gets two with a sit-out powerbomb. Steen wins a strike exchange. Generico yakuza kicks him in the corner and brings him out with a half-nelson suplex. Steen hits a clothesline and both men are down. Steen gets up first. He misses a moonsault. Generico puts him in a sharpshooter. Steen gets the ropes. Steen and Generico fight over their bigger moves mid-ring. Steen ends up countering a brainbuster with a Package Piledriver. Generico kicks out! Steen is in disbelief as he goes up top. Generico gets his knees up to block a Swanton bomb. He delivers two yakuza kicks before attempting the top rope brainbuster. Steen bites his fingers. Todd Sinclair is accidentally knocked down by Steen. Steen grabs a wrench and hits Generico with it. He brings Generico down with a super fisherman’s brainbuster for the pin at 16:53. These guys beat the tar out of each other, had the crowd in the palm of their hands, had a cheap finish that didn’t feel cheap and had me dying to see the rematch. What more could you ask for? ****

During intermission, Generico, Steen, Corino and Cabana brawl both in the ring and around ringside. In a cute moment, Generico chokes Steen with Todd Siclair’s tie as an ode to Bryan Danielson who choked Justin Roberts with his tie on WWE television recently. Cabana and Generico are left standing tall.

Disc Two

We start off with clips from ROH on HDNet Episode 65 after the main event (Tyler Black, Jerry Lynn & Delirious vs. Austin Aries & The All Night Express). Kevin Steen runs in to attack Tyler. He lays him out with a Package Piledriver.

On an ROH Newswire, Tyler Black says that he is tired of Kevin Steen poking his nose in his business. He says Steen will never know what it’s like to be on top. He plans on successfully defending his ROH World title against Steen in Chicago Ridge. We’re then shown a clip from later in the HDNet tapings where Black is standing victorious in the ring. After he thanks all the fans for coming, Kevin Steen comes out and gets in a brawl with Tyler. It takes a large group of staff and students to get them separated. After that we cut to Kevin Steen backstage. All this time all Steen and Corino have wanted to do was save Tyler from the fans. He can’t believe that what Jimmy Jacobs espoused during the Age of the Fall made sense to him but what he and Corino are trying to tell him doesn’t. He warns Tyler that the fans will turn on him just like they have done with so many champions in the past. After tonight though, he has a new agenda: change the landscape of ROH by winning the World title and reigning hell upon the company.

Kevin Steen vs. El Generico
“Hate: Chapter II” – Collinsville, IL – 7.23.2010

Before the match, Steen attacks Tyler Black who is leaving the ring from his previous six man tag. He puts Black into a crossface until Generico runs out. Generico clotheslines Steen to the floor and throws him into the guardrail. Steen grabs Generico by his eye holes and punches him. Generico whips Steen shoulder first into the guardrail. Steen and Generico exchange forearms, and once again Steen is sent into the barricades. In the ring, Generico hits a split-legged moonsault for two. Steen hits a back elbow to Generico’s neck and then a flipping legdrop. Steen takes off his t-shirt and covers Generico’s face with it while he punches him. Steen chops Generico and grasps at his face. Generico throws some forearms but Steen goes right back to Generico’s face to cut him off. Generico hits an exploder suplex into the corner for two. Steen powerbombs Generico on the ring apron from the floor. Steen beats Generico right in front of a fan wearing a Generico mask. Steen demands the fan take the mask off (the fan does not). Generico fights back with forearms. Steen throws Generico back first into the ring post. In the ring, Steen verbally berates Generico and mocks the fans while pounding on him. Generico flies out of the corner with a yakuza kick. Generico hits a second one from the apron, and Steen falls to the floor. Generico hits an Arabian moonsault. Generico hits a swinging DDT onto the steel entrance ramp. Generico hits a Michinoku driver on Steen back in the ring for two. Steen superkicks Generico and hits a top rope moonsault for two. Steen drops Generico with a pump-handle suplex for two. Generico cuts off Steen on the top rope. Steen bites Generico and then drops him with a fisherman’s brainbuster for two. Generico fires up after Steen hits a superkick. Generico gives Steen a brainbuster for two. Steen pops up Generico into a powerbomb. Generico gets up his knees as Steen goes for a top rope senton. Generico hits a Yakuza kick and a half-nelson suplex. Generico hits as second one and puts Steen on the top rope. Steen pushes Generico off. Generico hits a yakuza kick, sending Steen to the floor. Generico looks for the swinging DDT through the ropes. Steen throws a chair at Generico’s head as he comes through, and the referee calls for the bell to disqualify Steen at 16:06. An odd finish, as I somewhat presumed this was “Relaxed Rules”. Regardless, this was fun, but the two guys didn’t go “balls to the wall” as they would have in a No Disqualification match. A solid follow up to the DBD VIII match. ***1/2

Colt Cabana runs out to prevent Steen from doing further damage, but Steen knocks him and a referee down. Steen chokes the referee with a chain. Generico saves him and throws Steen to the floor with the chain around his neck. Steen and Generico brawl into the audience. Generico places Steen on a table. Generico jumps off the hard camera scaffold onto Steen through the table. Generico poses on the scaffold as his music echoes throughout the building.

Philadelphia Street Fight
Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana

”ROH on HDNet Episode 66” – Philadelphia, PA – 7.19.2010

A video package airs before the match, summarizing the problems these teams have had with each other, both on iPPV and HDNet. Corino and Steen have chairs in hand, so Generico and Cabana approach cautiously. Generico manages to shoulder block Corino from the apron. Cabana drags Steen to the floor where Generico and Corino also end up. Generico throws him into the barricades. Steen does the same to Cabana. Generico walks the ropes holding Corino’s arm, but changes his trajectory and dives onto Steen instead. Cabana clotheslines Corino to the floor. Steen goes into the barricades. Steen dislodges a barricade and slams Cabana onto it. Generico throws Corino into the crowd. They brawl amongst the fans, as do Steen and Cabana. Steen jabs a chair into Cabana’s groin and suplexes Generico onto some chairs. Ringside Cabana gets in some shots on Corino before Steen hits him with a chair. Steen gives Generico a cannonball senton back in the ring. Cabana misses a quebrada and takes tandem kicks to the chest and back. Corino throws a piece of table at Generico’s head. Steen sets up to powerbomb Cabana through a table in the corner. Generico stops him. He suplexes Corino onto his head twice for a two count. Generico suplexes Steen onto a chair for another two count. He yakuza kicks Corino and helps Cabana out with a chair assisted Flying Asshole. Steen pops Generico up for a powerbomb. He gives him a pump-handle neckbreaker onto an upright chair. Corino and Steen prop up a table on the top ropes. They place a guardrail across some upright chairs. Cabana comes in and sends Steen out. Generico places Corino on the guardrail. Steen crotches him on the top rope. Corino superplexes Generico onto the guardrail and chairs! Cabana stops the pin. Cabana uses a chair to take out both his opponents. Generico sends Steen fight backstage. Cabana and Corino fight on the table that’s placed on the top rope. Corino suplexes Cabana through a table in the ring for the pin at 17:14. That was good hardcore match that was more about utilizing the weapons moreso than blood. Of course the Chicago Street Fight was more memorable and bloody, but for TV this was a pretty wild and entertaining match. ***1/2

We cut to the parking lot where Steen powerbombs Generico onto the hood of a car! Tyler Black jumps Steen. He beats down Steen against the car until the show goes off the air.

ROH World Championship
Tyler Black (Champion) vs. Kevin Steen

“Salvation” – Chicago Ridge, IL – 7.24.2010

Steen slaps Black, and Black tackles Steen to the mat. The fight goes to the floor when Black throws Steen into the guardrail. Steen throws Black back first into the ring post. Steen separates the barricades as Black whips him in. Black hits a flying clothesline in the ring for two. Black stomps on Steen in the corner. Black blocks the Package Piledriver and sends Steen to the floor. Steen drags Black out and powerbombs him on the ring apron. Steen continues to beat down Black on the floor, and then back in the ring. Steen yells at Black that he is the anti-Christ of ROH. Matt Galyon I am sure loves that. Black slingshots himself from the apron, and Steen catches him with an Ace crusher. Black gets his knees up to block a top rope senton. Black rolls Steen into a back suplex. Black gives Steen a neckbreaker after a forearm. Steen pushes Black to the floor as Black goes to the top rope. Black is now busted open, and Steen punches Black in his open wound multiple times. Steen wipes Black’s blood across his face and pins him for two. Steen snapmares Black into a crossface. Black escapes and fights Steen to the apron. Black drops Steen on the apron with the Paroxysm. Back in the ring, Steen hits a powerbomb and transitions into the sharpshooter. Black drops Steen with an F5 for two. Black hits a standing shooting star press for two. Black hits an enzuigiri. Steen catches Black with a pump-handle neckbreaker for two. Black catches Steen on the top rope. He brings him off with a buckle bomb across the ring. Black follows up with a superkick for two. Black brings Steen off the top with a suplex. Steen rolls through and hits a gut buster and a top rope moonsault for two. Steen and Black exchange a superkicks. Black hits three in a row before collapsing. Black kicks Steen off the top rope. Steen’s leg gets caught in the bottom rope, so Black doublestomps Steen through the table on the floor! Black brings Steen back in the ring. Steen spits in Black’s face. Black hits a superkick and God’s Last Gift, and Steen somehow kicks out. Black rolls through the Phoenix Splash. Steen hits a Buckle Bomb and superkick. Steen follows up with a Package Piledriver for two. Steen brings Black to the top rope. Black takes Steen off the top with a hurricanrana and turns him over into a sharpshooter. Steen has no choice but to tap out at 23:03. What an awesome title match to cap off the show. Steen and Black truly gave it their all and told a good story along the way. Each guy was screwing with the other by using each other’s big moves, which is why Black making Steen submit with his own sharpshooter was such an appropriate finish. Both guys were also a bloody mess and truly seemed like they were willing to do whatever it took to win the belt. Black and Steen did a good job of leading the crowd into cheering Black and booing Steen, which is difficult to accomplish these days. For their last singles match together, they should be proud of themselves. ****1/4

After the match, we see that Steen is on the phone. He tells Steve Corino that Black is a changed man and that “they’ve got him”.

Kyle Durden talks with Steen and Corino backstage at an HDNet taping about their upcoming chain match. Corino says the chain is what will lead them to victory. Steen feels the chain represents his and Generico’s relationship. If Generico thinks what ha shappened up until now has been bad, he should think again. Later in the night, Steen and Corino would run in during Generico’s match with Erick Stevens. Generico would be choked with the chain until Cabana runs out with a chair to make the save.

Double Chain Match
Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana

“Glory By Honor IX” – New York, NY – 9.11.2010

Generico and Cabana won a coin toss, so Generico decides that he will be chained to Steen while Cabana will be chained to Corino. Steen seems happy by this decision. Corino and Steen get thrown to the floor and dragged back into the ring. They both get sent back out by jabs and a bionic elbow. Generico throws Steen into the barricades while Cabana digs the chain into Corino’s head. Generico rams Steen’s head into the chain repeatedly in the corner. Generico’s hands become bloody from punching Steen’s open wound. Cabana busts Corino open by punching the chain into his head. Generico ties up Steen with the chain so Cabana can give him the Flying Asshole. Corino nails both Generico and Cabana in the face with the chain. Steen chokes Generico with it. Corino whips a now bloody Cabana with the chain on the floor. Steen superkicks Generico. He ties up his legs with a chain before putting on the sharpshooter. Cabana breaks the hold. Corino and Steen set up Cabana for a double superplex. Generico pulls Steen down into an exploder suplex to the corner. Cabana missile dropkicks Corino. Cabana puts Corino in a tree of woe. Generico goes up top for a dropkick. Steen tries to pull him down, so Generico just dives onto him instead. Cabana dropkicks a chair into Corino’s face for two. A table is set up ringside. Generico gets thrown through it from the top rope! Cabana throws punches at Corino back in the ring. Steen tries to stop him but Generico holds onto chain. Colby Corino runs out and unhooks the chain from Generico’s arm. Steen gives Cabana a pump-handle neckbreaker across his knee. After that, he and Corino use both chains to tie Cabana to the ropes. Steen superkicks Cabana. Generico runs in to yakuza kick Steen and to kick a chair into Corino’s face, preventing him from hitting Cabana. He tries to release Cabana but gets powerbombed on the apron for his troubles. He does however half-nelson suplex both Corino and Steen once he has recovered. Cabana throws kicks while he’s tired up. Steen hits his legs with chairs until Generico tackles him. Corino puts Generico in a sleeper in front of Cabana. Generico ends up suuplexing Corino onto a chair! He throws a couple chairs at Steen and tope con hilo’s onto him. The referee finally lets Cabana free. He powerbombs Corino onto a chair and puts on the Billy Goat’s Curse. Corino taps out at 19:52. They spent a little too much time teasing a chair shot to Cabana while he was tied to the ropes, but otherwise this was a terrific brawl with a hot crowd. It’s interesting seeing Cabana and Generico win this and the Chicago Street Fight when the stipulations seem more in Corino and Steen’s wheelhouse. Like that match though, Corino took the fall so Steen could stay strong. Smart. ***3/4

After the match, Generico goes for the top rope brainbuster. Corino stops him and gets yakuza kicked off the apron. Steen yanks Generico’s mask off! Cabana covers his head up with a towel immediately. To recreate his t-shirt, Steen places the mask on a chair and writes “Mr. Wrestling” on the back of the chair with Corino’s blood. What a haunting scene and visual.

At “Fate of An Angel II”, Generico and Cabana had a tag match against The All Night Express. Steen comes out looking to run in. Some students hold him back, but Generico tope con hilo’s onto him and they begin throwing punches. This allows Rhett Titus to catch Cabana with a roll-up to give him and Kenny King the victory. Cabana tells Generico that this is his fight to win and not to let Steen into his head.

ROH Tag Team Championship
The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) (Champions) vs. Kevin Steen & Steve Corino

“Fate of An Angel II” – Toronto, ONT – 11.13.2010

Before the match, Steen gets some local wrestlers to guard the entrance ramp so Generico can’t interfere. Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn are in the Kings’ corner. All four men fight on the floor. Steen blows his nose and wipes his buttocks with a fans Canadian flag. Steen and Corino take control of Hero in their corner. When Steen tries to help out, the referee stops him. This allows Claudio to come in and give Corino an uppercut. Hero boots Corino and now it’s the Kings’ who are in the driver’s seat. Corino escapes their grasp by giving Claudio a side Russian legsweep. Steen tags in and gives him a cannonball senton for two. Steen snaps Claudio’s leg across the top rope. He sunset flips him into the sharpshooter. Claudio makes it to the ropes. He hops off the second rope with a European uppercut. Hero tags in and tags Steen with a rolling elbow. A running forearm and a second rolling elbow get him a two count. Hero Cyclone Kicks him for another two count. Steen blocks an elbow with a Code Breaker. Corino delivers a leg lariat. He drops Hero and Claudio with a DDT/Complete Shot combo. Corino gets two on Hero with a running STO. Hero boots Corino as he hits the ropes and throws him in a cravate suplex. Claudio’s running European uppercut and a Swiss Chin Music get him two. So does the U.F.O. thanks to Steen breaking the cover. A series of strikes knocks all four men down. Hero elbows Corino into a pin from Claudio. Steen breaks that pin too. Corino takes the King’s Swing for two. Corino gives Hero the Colby Shock. Steen flies in with a Swanton Bomb. Claudio breaks the pin. Steen sends him to the floor. Hero kicks Steen away, but takes Corino’s Eternal Dream. Hero kicks out of his pin, so Corino puts on the sharpshooter. Steen puts on a crossface simultaneously. Claudio kicks Corino and Steen to save his partner. Steen gives Claudio a tornado DDT. Steen gives Hero a pump-handle neckbreaker across his knee. Corino gets two on Hero with a Northern Lights Bomb. El Generico tries to interfere through the crowd but Steen’s hired wrestlers keep him back. Steen is outside egging Generico on while Corino takes the Death Blow from Hero. That gives him the pin at 19:03. This was a good match that had some boring stuff in the middle. Sure, there were a couple cool things, but it lasted too long and the crowd sat on its hands the entire time. I guess that’s what happens when the fans know there is no chance of a title shot and were just biding their time until Generico made an appearance. **3/4

Even with Steen’s buddies trying their hardest, Generico and Steen brawl elsewhere in the crowd. Ring announcer Bobby Cruise announces that a ruling has been made that Steen and Generico cannot have any physical interactions with one another until they meet at Final Battle. He also announces that that match will be a Fight Without Honor.

Kevin Steen vs. Grizzly Redwood
“ROH on HDNet Episode 82” – Philadelphia, PA – 11.15.2010

Redwood is able to get in a few shots early. He goes for a bulldog and instead gets thrown to the floor. Steen slams Redwood and misses his flipping legdrop. He does however hit the F-Cinq (well before it was regular part of his arsenal) for two. Steen catches him coming off the second rope with the Go Home Driver. Redwood kicks out of that too. Steen misses a Swanton Bomb. Redwood tornado DDT’s him for two. Steen powerbombs him on the ring frame. He puts the mask he stole from Generico during the chain mask on Redwood before giving him the Package Piledriver for the pin at 4:17. This was a longer squash than expected but effective in showing Steen’s obsession with destroying Generico. *1/2

Steen says he’s happy he was able to steal Generico’s mask, but still didn’t get to show his identity to the entire world. He challenges Generico to put his mask on the line in their match. To sweeten the pot, Steen puts his career on the line too. Generico shows up in the aisleway to accept. Thus, the Final Battle match is now Steen’s ROH career for El Generico’s mask.

On “ROH on HDNet Episode 85”, Steen was interviewed in the ring by Kyle Durden. Steen talks about how New York has been a big part of their feud. It’s where he turned on Generico, and where he lived up to his promise to recreate the scene from his t-shirt in the middle of the ring. This time, he promises to unmask Generico and show the world how ugly he really is. He reiterates that he will leave ROH if he cannot get the job done.

Unsanctioned Fight Without Honor – ROH Career vs. Mask
Kevin Steen vs. El Generico

“Final Battle 2010” – New York, NY – 12.18.2010

Generico spits in Steen’s face instead of accepting his handshake. Steen spits back. Generico yakuza kicks him to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. He sends Steen into the barricades and pulls a chain out from under the ring. He throws some headbutts while wrapping the chain around Steen’s neck. He wraps the chain around Steen’s face and yakuza kicks him. Steen rolls to the floor. Generico follows and retrieves a table. He smashes it into Steen’s head before propping it up against the barricades. Generico puts a ladder in the ring. Steen kicks him low and powerbombs him onto the ring apron. He throws some barricade covers on top of Generico and splashes onto him. Steen then picks up a full barricade segment. He tosses it at Generico who moves out of the way. Generico counters a piledriver with a backdrop. In the ring he throws the ladder at him. Generico props the ladder against the ropes. He charges and ends up being backdropped on the ladder. Generico recovers and throws some forearms. Steen pops him up for a powerbomb. Steen throws a chair at Generico’s head and then cannonball sentons the chair into him. Steen rips part of his mask open. Steen drives a chair into Generico’s face via Code Breaker. A chair assisted flipping legdrop follows. Steen puts some of Generico’s blood in his mouth and on his arms. Steen puts a ladder on its side mid-ring. As he lifts Generico, he asks if he remembers the Ladder Wars they competed in together. Generico is able to turn Steen around and give him a Michinoku Driver onto the edge of the ladder! He then suplexes Steen onto the ladder twice for a two count. On the floor, Generico goes for a tornado DDT through the ropes. Steen throws a barricade cover at him while he’s diving. Steen places the ladder between the barricades and the ring apron. He powerbombs Generico into the barricades. Steen then places a table on top of the ladder. Generico dives through the table and ladder to give Steen a tornado DDT. In the ring, Steen superkicks Generico to counter a yakuza kick. He props up a chair. Generico blocks a piledriver and half-nelson suplexes Steen through the chair. He then gives Steen a brainbuster for a two count. Steen ducks a yakuza kick, sending Generico to the apron. He elbows Generico onto the table on top of the ladder. Generico however recovers and tosses Steen through the table and consequently onto the ladder underneath. Generico is able to pull off a Package Piledriver back in the ring. Steen kicks out Generico gives him a brainbuster on the ring apron! Steve Corino comes out and breaks the cover. He clotheslines Generico. When referee Todd Sinclair gets in his way, Corino decks him. Corino pulls out the steel chair used at “Glory By Honor IX” with Mr. Wrestling written on it. Colt Cabana runs out and sends Corino away. Cabana blasts Steen with a chair, leaving the opening for Generico to pin him. Sinclair manages to count two. Generico accidentally yakuza kicks Sinclair to the floor. Steen kicks Generico in the groin before hitting a Package Piledriver. Bryce Remsburg comes out and Steen gets a two count. Steen gives him a Package Piledriver out of frustration. He gives Generico a Package Piledriver through a chair. Paul Turner comes in and Steen again gets a two count. Steen brings Generico to the top rope. Generico trips Steen down and nails the yakuza kick. After all this time, Generico manages to hit the top rope brainbuster! Steen rolls to the floor. Generico brings him in quickly, but just that small time of recovery gave Steen strength to kick out. Generico winds up for a chair shot. Steen stops him by offering the mask he stole from him. Generico waffles Steen in the face with the chair, just like Steen back at Final Battle 2009, to get the pin at 31:12. What an unbelievable end to an awesome feud. This was the crazy violent bloody affair that everybody wanted. In no way did this feel like it went a half an hour and the violence properly escalated throughout the built. They paid off the top rope brainbuster which was teased since “The Big Bang” which made me extremely happy. Generico winning the match the same way Steen turned on him a year ago was poetic justice if I have ever seen it. One of the best matches in ROH history ends the best feud in modern ROH history. ****3/4

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