Ring of Honor: Briscoe Brothers – Since Day One

Disc One

Jay Briscoe vs. The Amazing Red
“The Era of Honor Begins” – Philadelphia, PA – 2.23.2002

Mark Briscoe is ringside to support Jay, since at the time he was 17 and you need to be 18 years old to wrestle in Pennsylvania. Jay and Red stand off after each going for a few quick covers. Jay shoulder blocks Red to the mat. He sends him to the floor when Red comes off the ropes. Jay pescados after him and misses. Even so, Jay is able to take control upon reentering the ring. Red takes him down with an enzuigiri for two. He goes for a tornado DDT and gets crotched in the corner. Jay brings him down with the Muscle Buster! There you have it: Jay was the first person in ROH to use that move. It only gets him a two count though. Red kicks Jay as he comes off the top rope and gives him a brainbuster for two. He kicks Jay in the jaw with a spinwheel kick. Jay knocks him down with a boot. Red counters the Jay Driller with a back suplex. Jay however rolls back up and hits the Jay Driller. Red gets his foot on the ropes. He crotches Jay on the top rope. Red runs up the ropes, and Jay dives across the ring to shoulder block him mid-air. Jay misses a top rope senton. Red hits the Red Alert and the Red Star Press for the pin at 8:20. That was a hot, fun match to officially kick off ROH. It set the pace for not just the show, but the promotion as a whole. Nowadays this would get panned for them doing too much in a short period of time, but for the time it was quite the spectacle. **3/4

The first time Ring of Honor visited Boston in August of 2002, Jay and Mark faced off with one another. We are shown clips (full match can be found on ROH’s “Year One” compilation), including Mark defeating Jay with the Cutthroat Driver. The next time ROH came to Boston in November, Christopher Daniels revealed that he had recruited Mark into his stable, The Prophecy. Jay is not down with this at all.

Jay Briscoe & The Amazing Red vs. The Prophecy (Christopher Daniels & Mark Briscoe)
“Scramble Madness” – Boston, MA – 11.16.2002

Mark attacks Jay before the bell. They each dish out chops. Mark hits a spinwheel kick, but Jay comes back with a big boot. Red tags in. He and Mark pick up the pace looking for some offense. Mark gives Red an overhead suplex and tags in Daniels who stomps Red down in their corner. Red gives him a step-up face kick in the corner for two. Jay gets two with a dropkick. Daniels rakes his eyes and tags Mark back in. Mark tries going for the leg and but kicks in the head. Jay puts on a STF which Daniels breaks for his partner. Jay picks up Mark, allowing Red to come in with a springboard into a Complete Shot for two. From the apron Daniels backdrops Red to the floor. The Prophecy bully red in their half of the ring, even sabotaging moments where Jay had properly tagged in. Red finally takes down Daniels with a huracanrana and tags in Jay. He gets two on Jay with a gord buster and a fisherman’s buster. Jay DDT’s Mark. Daniels enzuigiri’s Jay to stop his Jay Driller attempt on Mark. Jay Cactus clotheslines Mark out. Red missile dropkicks Daniels. He gets two with an enzuigiri. The Code Red has the same result. Daniels counters Red’s offense with the Last Rites for the pin at 15:48. This was fun and a good way to have Mark make his mark (no pun intended) in the Prophecy. When they were beating down Red, Daniels and Mark did a terrific job looking like goons and keeping Jay at bay. Red and Daniels’ exchange was a terrific way to cap off the bout. ***

Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe
“One Year Anniversary” – Queens, NY – 2.8.2003

After Mark Briscoe’s best friend passed in an automobile accident, his life perspective change. Because of this, he has left The Prophecy and is facing off his brother as a tribute to their fallen friend. They have also stated that they will settle their differences in this contest and become a full fledged tag team afterwards. After some feeling out Mark goes for a cross armbreaker. Jay escapes and boots Mark so hard that the referee thinks he may be knocked out. It turns out he was playing possum, and takes the opening to go after Jay’s leg. Jay comes back with a leg lariat. Jay’s dropkick and delayed suplex only get him two counts. Mark huracanranas out of the Jay Driller but takes a uranage slam. Mark overhead suplexes him for two. Jay Cactus clotheslines Mark to the floor. A slugfest ensues on the floor. Mark takes over with a springboard somersault senton and a moonsault, both to the floor. Jay superkicks Mark as he springboards back into the ring. Mark recovers and gives Jay a second rope Ace Crusher. Jay counters a second attempt with one of his own. Jay gives him another big boot which turns Mark inside out. A top rope senton only earns him a two count. Mark ends up giving Jay the Jay Driller but only gets two. He misses a moonsault. Three Jay Drillers from Jay puts Mark away at 16:38. This was flashy and fun, and certainly a step-up from their first encounter in Boston, but this had the same problem in lots of head drops and big moves with little repercussions. Your mileage may vary depending on how much that kind of stuff annoys you, but this was a heck of a fight nonetheless. ***1/4

ROH Tag Team Championship
AJ Styles & The Amazing Red (Champions) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

“Night of the Champions” – Philadelphia, PA – 3.22.2003

Jay slams Red and tags in Mark who gets in a kick. Red and Mark reach a stalemate. Jay and Mark struggle to try and get a grip on one another. Styles eventually sends Mark out with a German suplex. Red superkicks Jay into another German suplex from Styles. Styles and Red follow with stereo tope con hilos. In the ring Mark suplexes Styles onto his head. The Briscoes double team him in a couple of corners. Styles strings a backbreaker and suplex together on Jay. Red gets in a kick. Mark blind tags in, and delivers a springboard dropkick when Jay ducks Red’s clothesline. Red counters a prawn hold on Mark with the Brain Damage (essentially a reverse Implant). Styles gets in a backbreaker and gutbuster. Mark blocks a huracanrana with a powerbomb. Mark tries a super Ace Crusher. Styles turns it into superplex. Red sweeps out his legs and hits the Red Star Press for two. Jay hits Red from the apron, allowing Mark to hit a clothesline. The Briscoes go to work, keeping Red grounded and away from Styles. Red rolls over Mark to give Jay a spinwheel kick. He drives Mark down with a facebuster and tags Styles in. He takes out both Briscoes. He and Jay end up knocking each other down. Red and Mark do the same with double Shining Wizards. Jay Cactus clotheslines Styles out. An assisted DDT gets Jay two. Styles drops the Briscoes with a Phenomenon/DDT combo. Styles calls for the Styles Clash. Jay escapes and gives Styles a Falcon Arrow. Red makes the save. He tornado kicks Jay on the top rope. The super Code Red would get him the pin, but Mark pulls him off. Styles hops Red. Red huracanrana’s Mark into the Styles Clash from AJ! That’s enough for the pin at 16:44. That is one of the craziest finishes I have seen. It’s no wonder why this match ended up leading to a trilogy between these teams. It was action packed, exciting and a real joy to watch. ***3/4

ROH Tag Team Championship
Special K (Izzy & Dixie) (Champions) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

“Main Event Spectacles” – Elizabeth, NJ – 11.1.2003

Jim Cornette is in the Brsicoes corner. The Briscoes get the upper hand in the beginning. Izzy moonsault dropkicks Mark while Dixie sends Jay to the floor. Special K get two with a double flip flapjack to Mark. Izzy monkey flips Mark so that he clotheslines Jay. Jay blasts Izzy with a Northern Lariat. Mark knees Dixie from the apron. Dixie O’Conner rolls Jay but eats a leg lariat from Mark. Mark comes off the top with a knee drop to Dixie across Jay’s knee. They double boot him in the corner. Dixie ducks a boot causing Jay to accidentally connect with it to Mark. He rolls under them and tags in Izzy. He dropkicks both Briscoes. Dixie slingshot dives onto Jay. Izzy kicks Mark off the top rope and dives onto Jay and Dixie. Mark moonsaults off the top onto Jay by accident. He then gets thrown into the barricades. Mark gives Dixie a springboard Ace Crusher. Izzy evades a Doomsday Device, giving Jay a reverse spike huracanrana. Izzy’s standing Shiranui on Mark gets a two count. The Briscoes give Izzy the Veg-O-Matic for two. The Doomsday Device and a Jay Driller takes out Izzy and gives The Briscoes the win and the titles at 9:55. Special K had some cool offense but were generally pretty sloppy and contrived. The Briscoes beating the hell out of them was the best part of the match. **1/4

ROH Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (Champions) vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

“The Conclusion” – Fairfield, CT – 11.28.2003

Styles jams Mark’s leg. Joe comes in to do some damage to that same leg. Mark however kicks him away and tags Jay in. Joe just decides to go after his leg instead. Styles gets two with a dropkick. Mark blind tags in when Joe sends Jay to the ropes. With Joe’s back turned, Mark comes in with a springboard knee strike. Joe gets in the STJoe to stop Mark’s offense. Styles hops off Mark’s back to give Jay a DDT. Joe STJoe’s Mark again and now the challengers are in control. They hit stereo dives to the floor. Both Briscoes take the Ole Kick. In the ring, Jay snaps Styles’ neck on the top rope so Mark can kick him in the back of the head. The champions take control of Styles in their corner. Styles gets in a Phenomenon/DDT combo on both Briscoes so he can tag in Joe. Joe breaks a double clothesline and with Styles hits stereo enzuigiri. Joe powerbombs Mark into the STF. He turns to a cross armbreaker which Jay breaks. Mark backdrops Styles into a powerbomb from Jay. Mark springboard dropkicks Joe so Jay can German suplex him. Styles trips Mark off the top rope as Jay comes off the top with a legdrop to Joe. Everybody gets knocked down. Jay saves Mark from the Styles Clash. Mark suplexes Joe with a uranage. Joe fires up and gives Mark a German and Dragon suplex. Styles accidentally gives Joe a rolling clothesline. Styles gets sent out. Mark gets the pin on Joe with a shooting star press at 15:50. This was slightly disappointing considering the four men involved. It didn’t have the energy or ferocious crowd I was hoping for. Still a good match, but not the classic it could have been. ***1/4

ROH World Championship
Samoa Joe (Champion) vs. Mark Briscoe

“Final Battle 2003” – Philadelphia, PA – 12.27.2003

Mark pinning Joe in the previous match earned him a shot at Joe’s world title. Joe throws chops and forearms to start. Mark rolls to the floor after a boot, but Joe follows. Mark evades the Ole Kick. Joe holds onto the arm after a fireman’s carry. After Mark breaks against the ropes, Joe throws forearms at his face. Mark sneaks in a back elbow. Mark goes for the Facewash kick. Joe gets up and sends Mark out with a palm strike. Jay pulls Mark out of the chair to avoid another Ole Kick. Mark pokes Joe’s eyes but still gets dropped with a STJoe. Mark drops him on his head with a uranage suplex and gets two. Joe kicks Mark to the floor. He goes for an elbow suicida and ends up wiping out Jay. He does however finally hit the Ole Kick on Mark. He powerbombs Mark into the STF. Mark crawls to the ropes. Joe’s series of slaps and kicks gets a two count. Mark suplexes Joe onto his head once again for two. Joe drives his knee into Mark’s head before putting on a choke sleeper. Mark’s arm drops three times and Joe gets the win at 14:42. This was about as good as you can do with an unbelievable challenger. No one, not even Joe ever took Mark seriously and the match suffered for it. The actual action was good, the match just lacked heart. **3/4

ROH Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (Champions) vs. Bryan Danielson & Samoa Joe

“The Battle Lines Are Drawn” – Wilmington, OH – 1.10.2004

Danielson gets aggressive, pulling back on a rear chinlock he has on Mark. Jay tags in and Danielson stretches him out too. He knees Jay in the face out of a cravat. Joe and Mark tag in. Joe’s submissions and strikes go after Mark’s neck and arm. Danielson has the same approach when he tags in. Like they have done in previous tag matches, Mark’s springboard dropkick turns things back in the Briscoes favor. Danielson absorbs some forearms and gives Mark a dropkick. Back to the arm he goes. Joe does the same. Jay kicks Joe from the arm so Mark can sneak in a spinwheel kick. Joe gets in a bit of offense when the Briscoes try to isolate him. He gets in a tag to Danielson, who whips Mark into Jay to decrease the odds of him being isolated. He forearms Mark in the corner. Danielson throws uppercuts at both Mark and Jay. They do however give him a Doomsday Device shortly after. Danielson gets worked over by the Briscoes until they fall victim to their own miscommunication. Jay boots Mark and Danielson gives Jay a rolling forearm. In comes Joe with some forearms to Jay. He blocks Mark’s springboard with the STJoe. He sends Jay to the floor and powerbombs Mark into the STF. Mark gets the ropes. Joe rolls him into a cradle and then puts on the Coquina Clutch. Jay breaks it. He also has to break Danielson’s Cattle Mutilation. He boots him into a German suplex from Mark. Danielson prawn holds Jay to stop a Doomsday Device. Jay fails to hit the Jay Driller. Mark stomps Danielson to break a bridging Dragon suplex. Joe enzuigiri’s Mark to the floor and gives him two Ole kicks. Danielson superplexes Jay for two. Jay big boots him and gets the pin with the Jay Driller at 23:55. This was similar to the AJ tag match as there was a lack of energy and crowd response to really make this anything special. That being said, I liked that this was more methodical than the usual Briscoes defense though it would have been better with a few minutes shaved off. ***1/4

ROH World Championship – Steel Cage Match
Samoa Joe (Champion) vs. Jay Briscoe

“At Our Best” – Elizabeth, NJ – 3.13.2004

Jay goes right for the cage door. Joe hip tosses him back to the center of the ring. Joe holds onto his arm while tossing him about. Jay trips Joe and goes for the door again. Joe stops him but gets booted to the mat for his troubles. Jay ducks a clothesline and goes for the door. Joe grabs his legs. He folds Jay up in a German suplex. He tosses Jay head first into the cage. While Jay is down, Joe kicks the cage door into Mark Briscoe’s face and locks the cage door with a chain. Jay is now busted open. Joe drops a knee for two. Blood is left on the cage as Joe rubs Jay’s head into it. He facewash kicks Jay into the cage twice, causing blood to go to the floor. Jay fights up and boots Joe to the mat. Jay climbs the cage. Joe follows and gives him a super Saito suplex! Joe lights him up with strikes in the corner. Jay gives Joe his own Saito suplex. Joe follows him to the top rope. Jay brings him down with a super Ace Crusher! When he recovers, Joe looks for a Dragon suplex. Jay kicks him in the crotch to block, so Joe gives him an enzuigiri instead. Jay gets up first and goes to climb out of the cage. Joe of course follows. Jay is able to kick Joe down, but he also loses his balance and falls back to the mat. Joe gives Jay such a hard Ole kick that the cage is broken. That works for Jay though, as he is close to climbing out of the cage through that opening. Joe stops him and powerbombs him into the STF. Joe lets go when Jay refuses to quit. Joe gets blood all over himself by throwing slaps. Jay successfully delivers the Jay Driller but is too worn out to make the most of it. Mark Briscoe looks to climb the cage to help out Jay. However, AJ Styles comes out and gives him the Styles Clash on the floor. Joe stops Jay from climbing out the cage. He gives him a super Muscle Buster for the pin at 14:23. Years later this is still a totally sick match. Watching Jay bleed so much that it clots is one of the most disgusting, brutal sights I’ve seen in wrestling. It added so much to the match and got the crowd going totally ballistic. Joe’s super Muscle Buster was a killer finish. This was a sight to see. ****

Mark Briscoe vs. Low Ki
“Death Before Dishonor II, Night Two” – Chicago Ridge, IL – 7.24.2004

They feel each other out on the mat. Ki goes to the floor three times when Mark is about to take control. Mark wants to dive out to the floor, but Julius Smokes shoves him off the top rope. Ki feigns a leg injury so he can sneak in a springboard gamengiri. Ki works over his neck and stomach. Smokes gets in a shot behind the referee’s back. Mark sneaks in a spinwheel kick after ducking a clothesline. Mark clotheslines him in the corner and follows with a dropkick. He gets two with a fisherman’s buster. Ki rakes Mark’s eyes to avoid the Cut-Throat Driver and gives him a Saito suplex. Mark’s Electric Chair drop gets him two. Mark O’Conner rolls him. Ki cleverly turns it into a Dragon Sleeper. Mark ducks an enzuigiri and gets two with a German suplex. Mark gets distracted by Julius Smokes. He gives Ki a chair but it gets taken away before it is used. Ki cartwheel enzuigiri’s Mark in the corner. Ki makes Mark tap to the Dragon sleeper at 16:40. That was incredibly boring. Ki just beat down Mark forever, the interference was needless, and nobody cared. A puzzling inclusion on this compilation. **

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Low Ki & Homicide
“Testing The Limit” – Philadelphia, PA – 8.27.2004

A wild brawl kicks the match off. Ki and Mark chop each other on the floor while Jay controls Homicide in the ring and then on the floor. Mark atomic drops Ki. He comes off the top with a knee strike across Jay’s knee. Jay tosses Homicide off the top rope. They give Homicide the Sidewinder. Ki Koppu kicks Jay. Homicide comes in behind the referee’s back to help Ki fight Jay. Julius Smokes trips Jay. Jay goes after him. Jay stops Homicide and Ki’s cheap shots, but can’t fend off Smokes’ kick and back rake. Homicide and Ki keep on Jay back in the ring as Mark looks on. Jay fights off Homicide and superkicks Ki so Mark can tag in and clean house. Ki goes to his eyes. Mark side steps attacks from both opponents and comes back in with a springboard clothesline and dropkick. Homicide stops them from hitting the Doomsday Device. Ki kicks Jay in the side of the head after fighting off the Jay Driller. Mark catches Ki’s Kawada kick and suplexes him onto his head. Homicide shoves Mark off the top rope. Jay gives Homicide the Jay Driller. Ki tries the Ki Krusher on Jay. Jay counters with a small package for the pin at 12:41. That was much better than the previous match. They showed a lot more intensity and energy in this bout. I probably enjoyed it more because of seeing the previous match right before it. ***

Disc Two

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. AJ Styles & Matt Sydal
“The 100th Show” – Philadelphia, PA – 4.22.2006

The Briscoes lunge at Sydal and Styles at the bell, but Styles tackles Jay into the corner while Sydal chops Mark. They attack the Briscoes in opposite corners, then AJ pops Sydal into a forearm on Mark. Styles hits his patented drop down/leapfrog dropkick. Jay tags in Mark. Styles ducks a springboard dropkick and tags in Sydal. Sydal and Styles double team Mark for two. Mark blocks a knee strike and chops Sydal. Jay tags in and the Briscoes hit a double shoulder tackle for two. The Briscoes isolate Sydal in their corner to maintain control and inflict maximum damage. Sydal blocks a Death Valley Driver and takes Mark over with a headscissors. Sydal tags in Styles after a dropkick. Styles hits a leaping knee drop and a back suplex for two. Jay sweeps Styles’ legs and Mark dropkicks Styles in the ropes. Mark tags in with a slingshot double stomp. Now Styles is the one who is isolated in the Briscoes corner. Styles fights back and takes Mark to the floor with a kip-up headscissors. Styles knocks Jay to the floor, and Styles and Sydal hit stereo dives onto the Briscoes. Back in the ring, Mark lowblows Styles. The Briscoes both launch Sydal straight in the air and he comes crashing down to the mat. The Briscoes continue to beat down Sydal until Sydal takes Mark off the middle rope with a huracanrana and tags in Styles. Styles knocks down both Briscoes with kicks and punches. Styles turns an Asai moonsault into a reverse DDT on Mark, then hits a German suplex/facebuster combo on Jay. Styles calls for the Styles Clash on Jay. Mark dropkicks Styles into his corner, and Sydal tags in. Styles and Sydal hit a neckbreaker/top rope splash combo on Mark. Jay breaks the pin. Styles and Sydal hit a tandem neckbreaker on Jay. Mark attacks Styles on the floor. Jay blocks a huracanrana from Sydal, and the Briscoes hit a springboard Doomsday Device. Styles breaks the pin. Mark and Jay hit a series of strikes on Styles. Sydal comes in and hits a standing moonsault on Jay. The Briscoes hit Sydal with the Spike Jay Driller at 12:41. This was a really fun, fast-paced match with both teams throwing out really cool tandem maneuvers and keeping the crowd energy up the entire time. It’s cool to look back on matches like these and see just how far all the competitors have come. ***1/2

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji
“Glory By Honor V, Night One” – East Windsor, CT – 9.15.2006

Mark and Marufuji start off. Mark knees Marufuji in the stomach and tags in Jay after neither man gets control on the mat. Marufuji twists up Jay’s arm and tags in KENTA. Jay picks him up and carries him to his corner. Mark tags in, delivering shoulder blocks and a suplex for two. Marufuji stands on Mark’s face in his corner. Mark dishes out some chops. He and Mark make some quick tags to keep each other fresh. Marufuji shoves Jay across the ring. KENTA tags in. He slaps Jay when Jay tries a sunset flip. KENTA gets two with a butterfly suplex. Mark blind tags in and gets two with a crossbody. The Briscoes wear down KENTA until he catches Mark with a powerslam. Marufuji comes in and gets two with a back elbow. He puts on a Muta Lock and a Bow and Arrow. Mark comes off the second rope with an elbow. Jay hammers Marufuji with a back elbow. Marufuji falls victim to more Briscoe beatdowns. He trips Jay and dropkicks him in the side of the head. KENTA brings back the springboard head kick of doom! Marufuji’s slingshot elbow gets him two. He and Jay get in a forearm battle. With no winner, KENTA and Mark tag in. Mark misses a springboard crossbody and eats a bunch of kicks. Mark gives him a Northern Lights suplex. Mark spinwheel kicks Marufuji. Jay knocks down KENTA so Mark can springboard in for a stomp. The Briscoes give KENTA the Redneck Boogie for two. KENTA recovers and springboard dropkicks both of them. Marufuji kicks out Jay’s knee and delivers a low running clothesline. The Briscoes hit a Hart Attack, but with a spinwheel kick instead of a clothesline, but only get two. Marufuji clotheslines Mark. KENTA gives him a fisherman’s buster. Mark kicks out. A series of moves knocks everyone down. KENTA tiger suplexes Jay. He kicks Mark when he springboards in. Mark eats kicks from both men, but luckily Jay is there to save him from being pinned. KENTA gives Mark the Go 2 Sleep for the pin at 20:24. There really was so rhyme or reason as to what they were doing, but it sure looked cool, and that finishing stretch was a hot mess of wrestling lovin’. I don’t know what that means but I assure you it is positive. ***3/4

2 out of 3 Falls Match
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

“Dedicated” – Braintree, MA – 1.26.2007

Strong grabs the ropes when Mark goes after his legs. Strong grabs Mark’s leg and tags in Aries who also goes after his leg. Mark elbows Aries to the corner where Jay tags in and takes over. Aries pops out of Jay’s headscissors and gives him a dropkick. Jay and Strong unleash chops on one another. Strong takes over Mark after he’s tagged in. When Aries comes in though, Mark tags out and Jay gets one with a dropkick. Jay puts on a straight jacket choke which Strong breaks. Mark ends up back in Strong and Aries corner. Mark fights out with a moonsault press. Jay dropkicks Aries to the corner and backdrops Strong. Mark tope con hilo’s onto Aries after he rolls to the floor. Strong fights off both Briscoes. Aries helps him out getting them to the floor, then gives them both the Heat-Seeking Missile. Aries and Strong trap Jay on their side of the ring. Strong goes to slingshot Jay into Aries. Jay forearms Aries off the apron, and Mark comes in with a slingshot stomp to Strong. Aries knocks Mark down before Jay can make a tag. Jay does finally give Strong a Blockbuster and gets the tag he’s been looking for. Some Redneck Kung Fu sends Aries to the floor. He gives Strong a gutwrench superplex and a springboard knee drop for two. Aries takes double shoulder tackles. Mark kicks out after a Falcon Arrow and frogsplash. Mark goes for a second rope Ace Crusher, but Strong turns it into a gut buster. Strong chops Jay into Aries’ brainbuster. Mark shoves Aries off the top rope. The Briscoes give Strong the Spike Jay Driller to take the first fall at 20:13. The second fall sees them give Strong the Redneck Boogie. Strong kicks out. Aries breaks their pin after they hit Total Elimination. Aries trips Mark so he can’t hit the springboard Doomsday Device. Strong gives Jay a backbreaker. Aries gives both Briscoes the IED. He drops Mark on the ring apron with a Death Valley Driver. Strong Sick Kicks Jay to prevent him from giving Aries the Jay Driller. Mark misses a springboard crossbody. Aries hits the 450 splash and Jay makes the save. Aries looks for the brainbuster. Mark stops that, and with Jay gives Aries the Spike Jay Driller. That gives Briscoes the second fall and the victory at 25:13. The crowd here was pin drodp quiet, making a lot of this hard hitting action all for naught. This actually may be the weakest of all their encounters. It just felt like an element of importance was missing, and that both teams had a match for the sake of having a match. What it did do was firmly establish the Briscoes as the top team (they would win the tag titles a month later) while also weakening Aries and Strong before their break up. Solid action all around but ultimately underwhelming. ***1/4

ROH Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (Champions) vs. Shingo Takagi & Naruki Doi

“Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool” – Liverpool, England – 3.3.2007

Shingo and Mark start on the mat. Matt delivers a suplex, then both men tag out. Jay huracanrana’s and leg lariats Doi. The Briscoes double biel Doi out of the corner. Shingo drops a knee on Jay upon tagging in. Mark comes in with his own knee drop from the second rope. Shingo gets the ropes to break a headscissors. He takes down Mark with headbutts in the corner. He and Doi give Mark the Hart Attack for two. Mark spinwheel kicks Shingo and tags in Jay. Shingo tries to fight off both Briscoes but ultimately fails. The Briscoes take turns wearing down Shingo, most of their attack targeting his neck and chest. Shingo shoves Mark into Jay, then drops them both with a Complete Shot/DDT combo. Doi forearms Mark out and suicide dives after him. Shingo gets two on Jay with a spinebuster, then turns him into a crossface. He escapes. Mark accidentally dropkicks Jay in the corner. Doi hits them both with the Dai Bosou. Shingo holds Jay on the ropes so Doi can deliver a somersault senton. Mark breaks the pin just in time. He officially gets tagged in. He dropkicks Shingo to the floor and takes out Doi with Redneck Kung-Fu. He does a shooting star press out onto Shingo! Doi gets two on Jay with a running forearm. He also gets two with the Doi 555. Doi dropkicks Jay into a suplex from Shingo. Jay kicks out again. Mark springboard frog splashes Shingo for two. Another two count comes after the Briscoes hit the Sidewinder. Doi legdrops Mark across Shingo’s knees. Doi superplexes Mark onto his stomach. Jay makes the save. He drops Doi with a Gord Buster. The Briscoes set up for tandem top rope moves. Shingo shoves Jay off while Doi gets his knees up to block Mark’s shooting star press. He gives Mark the Doi 555. Shingo superplexes Jay into a flying elbow from Doi. Jay again kicks out. Shingo accidentally clotheslines Doi. Jay boots him to the floor. The Briscoes wipe out Doi with Total Elimination. They follow that with the Redneck Boogie. Doi kicks out. Jay military presses Doi into a Death Valley Driver. Shingo breaks the cover. Shingo stops the Briscoes from giving Doi the Doomsday Device. He clobbers both Briscoes with lariats. Doi nails the Bakatare Sliding Kick on Mark. From the floor Jay stops the count. Jay brings Doi to the floor. Mark goes for the Cut-Throat Driver on Shingo. Shingo fights out and hits Last Falconry for the pin and the titles at 22:37. That was as fast paced of a contest as you would expect in Dragon Gate. The crowd was hot for everything, they avoided complete overkill in the finishing stretch, and the big win seemed believable. At the time the Briscoes proved they were the best amongst the pack in ROH, so it made sense for two outsiders to come in and catch them off guard. Tremendous match. ****

Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe
“Fifth Year Festival: Finale” – Liverpool, England – 3.4.2007

After losing the belts in their first defense last night, the Briscoes decided to face each other since they felt they had gone soft and needed to get one another back into gear. Surprisingly, they’re slightly hesitant to start. Jay goes to the arm but Mark is too close to the ropes. They slap each other in the face. Jay goes back for the leg. Mark grips on a side headlock. Mark snapmares him into a back kick. Jay Cactus clotheslines him to the floor. Mark throws him into the guardrails. Jay does the same and then brings Mark to the entrance way. Mark suplexes him on the hard entrance ramp. This allows Mark to take control back in the ring. Jay counters a suplex with a DDT to turn things around. Mark charges into the corner with a knee and suplexes Jay for two. Jay gets two with a running boot. They trade strikes. Mark goes for a springboard maneuver and gets dropkicked to the floor. Jay tope con hilo’s after him. In the ring he gets two with a frog splash. Mark kicks him to stop a Jay Driller. He throws some Redneck Kung Fu. He follows that with a springboard Ace Crusher. A springboard twisting splash gets him two. Jay counters a superplex with a super gord buster. He gets two with a lariat. Mark suplexes him. Jay gets up, so mark suplexes him onto his head. Mark jumps off referee Todd Sinclair’s back so he can huracanrana Jay to the floor. They mostly crash to the floor, but the effect was still the same. Once they get back in the ring they throw forearms at each other. Jay hits the Jay Driller. They both collapse in the corners after throwing more forearms. Mark hits the Cut-Throat Driver, but can’t capitalize due to sheer exhaustion. Both guys are passed out, and can’t get up before the 10 Count, so this match is ruled a draw at 27:06. That finish is rarely used in wrestling these days, and given the goal of both guys in the match, it made sense. You could complain about some things, like how Mark was able to get up after the Jay Driller but not after hitting his own finisher, but both guys got their asses handed to them and I found the finish completely believable that they would be too worn out to continue. The fact that the crowd gave it a standing ovation and didn’t completely shit on it should be a testament to how well Jay and Mark worked this match. Out of all their singles matches in ROH, this is easily the best of the bunch. ***3/4

ROH Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (Champions) vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

“Driven” – Chicago Ridge, IL – 6.23.2007

Jay cleanly breaks a lock-up with Generico in the corner. Jay clobbers him with cross forearms to the face. Generico backs Jay to the corner to break a chancery. He resists throwing a punch but gets in a shoving match. He snaps off two armdrags and a toreador. Steen tags in and throws some punches. Jay rolls away to avoid a clothesline and Mark crossbody’s in. Mark shrugs off a back elbow and throws some Kung-Fu. Jay forearms Generico off the apron before he and Mark give Steen tandem boots to the face. Steen throws Jay into mark and gives Jay a neckbreaker for two. Generico trips Jay into a flipping legdrop from Steen. Steen and Generico maintain control until Jay gives Generico a neckbreaker. Now it’s the Briscoes who have control over Generico. Jay knocks Steen off the apron when Generico comes close to tagging him. Steen comes in anyways after Generico sends Jay to the floor. Steen dives after him and reigns down with punches. Mark tope con hilo’s onto Steen while Jay clotheslines Generico to the floor. Mark moonsaults onto Steen from the barricades. The Bricsoes double hip toss Generico into a crowd of chairs! Steen responds by giving Mark a Razor’s Edge into some chairs. Steen and Jay fight back in the ring. Steen pops him up for a powerbomb and a two count. Mark comes in when Steen has Jay positioned for the Package Piledriver. Generico throws Mark to the floor and moonsaults onto him. Generico yakuza kicks Jay and Steen gives him a neckbreaker across his knee. Steen gets two with a Swanton Bomb. Mark springboards in with a kick to Steen. Generico gives him a swinging DDT. Mark stomps Steen through the ringside table! Jay military presses Generico into a Death Valley Driver for two. Generico takes the Spike Jay Driller for the pin at 16:06. This was just the beginning of one of the best ROH feuds ever, but it was already crazy from the get-go. These guys took punishment and some creative offense for our enjoyment, but it kept The Briscoes fresh and made Steen and Generico’s careers. This was only a taste of what was to come, and it still ruled. ***3/4

ROH Tag Team Championship – 2 out of 3 Falls Match
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (Champions) vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

“Manhattan Mayhem II” – New York, NY – 8.25.2007

Steen and Generico jump the Briscoes from behind. Steen and Jay fight on the floor and are joined by Mark and Generico shortly after. Mark suplexes Generico onto a chair. Generico suplexes Mark into the barricades. Steen and Jay throw each other into them, but Steen also cannonball sentons Jay into them. Jay kicks the barricade into Steen’s head, opening the door for the Briscoes to wear down Generico back in the ring. Steen jumps in to stop the Briscoes double team offense, which was smart considering Generico is able to muster up the energy to officially tag him in because of it. Steen chops Jay, bites him, and pokes his eyes. Generico kicks Mark off the apron, then trips Jay into two flipping legdrops from Steen. Jay gives Steen a Blockbuster. Mark tags in. A springboard knee strike to Steen’s neck and a springboard twisting splash are only good for two. The Briscoes get two with the Sidewinder as well. Steen gives Mark a spinebuster onto Jay. Generico crossbody’s Jay for two. Generico gives him a swinging DDT and Steen drops him across his knee with a neckbreaker. Jay kicks out of that too. Mark blocks a yakuza kick. Jay military presses him into a Death Valley Driver. Mark hits a moonsault, then tope con hilo’s onto Steen. Jay frog splashes onto Generico to take the first fall at 11:03.

With Steen still on the floor, The Briscoes decide to double hip toss Generico onto him. Steen foolishly tries to fight both Briscoes back in the ring while Generico is wiped out by the entrance way. He does better than you would expect, but the Briscoes still easily outmatch him. When Generico does crawl back to the apron, he drops down the top rope so that Mark hits the floor when he hits the ropes. Steen dives onto him. Jay boots Generico off the apron and into the barricade, then gives Steen a Death Valley Driver onto the ring apron! Generico dives through the ropes and gives Jay a tornado DDT on the floor. Mark huracanrana’s Generico off the apron and to the floor! Mark and Steen exchange forearms back in the ring. Mark spinwheel kicks him. Generico and Jay tag in and also throw forearms. Jay drops him with the Gord Buster to counteract his brainbuster attempt. Generico yakuza kicks Jay as he goes up top. He looks for the super brainbuster. Jay fights him off. Mark comes in with a springboard Ace Crusher. Jay’s flying legdrop gets a two count. Steen stops them from hitting the Doomsday Device. Generico victory rolls Jay for two. Generico yakuza kicks him for another two count. Mark tries for a huracanarana. Steen counters with an apron powerbomb. He the powerbombs Jay into the barricades. Generico comes in with a top rope splash, and Steen follows with a Swanton bomb. Generico yakuza kicks Mark and dives onto Jay who is now on the floor. Steen misses a moonsault. Mark suplexes him onto his head. The Briscoes give him double clotheslines and superkicks. The Doomsday Device gets them two. Steen puts Mark in a tree of woe so Generico can come in with a flipping coast-to-coast dropkick. Steen Package Piledrives Mark. Jay pulls Generico out of the ring. He gives Steen the Jay Driller. Mark then hits the Cut-Throat Driver. Jay places Mark on Steen and the Briscoes pick up the second fall and the pin at 24:43. More insanity from these two teams. I actually forgot how awesome this match was. These two teams just threw everything they had at each other and built on the story of the Briscoes being dominant in 2 out of 3 falls matches. There was so much to love about this match, and I think of all their matches, this one may be the most underrated. ****

At the “Man Up!” PPV, after The Briscoes defeated Steen and Generico in the first ever Ladder War (featured on Steen’s DVD), a new faction known as the Age of the Fall (consisting of Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, The Necro Butcher, and Lacey) debuted and attacked the Briscoes. They hung up Jay upside down from the ceiling, causing blood from Jay’s head to rain down and cover Jimmy Jacobs. This would be the start of a year long feud between the two teams.

ROH Tag Team Championship – Relaxed Rules
The Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) (Champions) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

“Battle of the Best” – Tokyo, Japan – 9.13.2008

Black and Jay brawl in the crowd. Mark bounces Jacobs off the ropes so he can give him a belly-to-belly suplex onto the entrance stage. Their fight also ends up in the crowd. Jay hot shots Black onto a railing. Jacobs comes off a railing with an elbow drop to Mark. Black crotches Jay onto the railing and slams his face into some chairs. Both teams end up converging in one section. The Briscoes toss Black in the air, causing him to land on the hard ground. Jacobs begs for mercy back in the ring. The Briscoes of course beat the hell out of him. They get two with a Sidewinder. Black gets back ringside just in time to stop them from hitting a Doomsday Device. He slams Mark on the floor. Jacobs forearms Jay from the apron. Black gives him an enzuigiri and the Paroxysm for two. Jay eats a pair of dropkicks in the corner. Mark comes in to stop the pin. Jacobs spears Mark onto the entrance ramp! Jacobs and Black get two on Jay with a Contra Code/powerbomb combo. Mark comes in and with Jay’s help gives Black the Redneck Boogie. Black rolls out to the floor. Mark drops Jacobs with the Cut-Throat Driver. Black pulls Mark to the floor. He powerbombs Mark into a chair in the crowd. Jay looks for a super Jay Driller on Jacobs. Black comes to Jacobs aid, and shoves Jay into the End Time from Jacobs. Jay passes out at 12:35. This was a fun brawl. They have certainly done better, but I think the crowd appreciated how different this was from most of what they saw on the show. ***

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