EVOLVE 14: Generico vs. Del Sol


Ybor City, FL – 6.28.2012

Championship Rundown
Open The Freedom Gate Championship: Johnny Gargano
Open The United Gate Championship: World-1 International (Ricochet & Masato Yoshino)

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard.

John Silver (1-1) vs. Jake Manning (1-1)

The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor and The Swamp Monster) are in Manning’s corner. Silver brings him down in a hammerlock. Manning shoves his way out of a headlock. Silver gives him an uppercut, dropkick, and armdrag. He gets two with a Magistral cradle. Manning talks some trash causing Silver to throw more uppercuts. Manning tries a hip toss. Silver counters with an armdrag. He sends Manning to the apron with a diving uppercut. On the apron Silver kicks him in the side of the head. Manning however forcefully snapmares him onto the apron! In the ring he gives Silver a delayed vertical suplex for two. Silver comes back with a reverse DDT. Manning drives him into the corner. Silver drives the back of his head into the second turnbuckle and gives him a cannonball senton. He misses a diving uppercut. Manning gives him a backbreaker/Complete Shot combo for two. Manning tries a TKO. Silver slips out, wraps Manning’s own arm around his own throat, and gives him a backbreaker for the win at 7:12. That was a fun way to open the show and it allowed both guys to showcase some of their unique offense. **½

Lenny Leonard comes out to talk to John Silver. Chuck Taylor shoos him away. He says tonight he is going to murder Colt Cabana then win the Open the Freedom Gate Title from Johnny Gargano tomorrow night. After that, he’s going to award the Swamp Monster with a title shot. Suddenly, Colt Cabana makes his way out and we have our next match.

Chuck Taylor (8-3) vs. Colt Cabana (0-0)

The first few lock-ups lead to Cabana getting on a side headlock. Each time Taylor shoots Cabana off, but Cabana would shoulder block him down. Cabana trips him into a Gedo Clutch for two. Taylor consoles the Swamp Monster until Cabana smacks his buttocks. Taylor puts on a wristlock. Cabana cartwheels through and tries a kneeling body press. Taylor kicks out. He elbows Cabana. He misses a moonsault and feigns that his ankle was hurt. He ends up getting two with a small package. He misses a crossbody due to Cabana stopping short. Cabana goes to the second rope. Taylor dropkicks his leg out and applies pressure to his knee in the middle rope. Taylor stomps him down in the corner. He continues to attack Cabana’s leg. A figure four leg lock makes its way out to the floor. Taylor kicks out Cabana’s leg in the hopes of getting a count out. Cabana makes it back in. He kicks Taylor back out to avoid a spinning toe hold. When he comes back in Cabana gives him the Flip, Flop, and Fly. Taylor tries a comeback but eats a flying hip attack. Taylor hits the Brodie Knee. He tries the figure four but Cabana rolls him up. Taylor then tries Sole Food. Cabana counters into a figure four and Taylor reverses it. Cabana reverses it back. Taylor punches his way free. He misses a moonsault. Taylor throws Cabana off the ropes. He rolls Cabana into the Kentucky Crawdad. Cabana taps at 12:41. A fine mix of comedy and mat wrestling. I question why Cabana would attempt a figure four if his leg was hurting. Taylor gets a win over a name talent the night before challenging for the Dream Gate title. I’m fine with that. **½

A trailer for “EVOLVE 13: Gargano vs. Fox” is shown. You can read my review of the show here and pick up the DVD here.

Cheech Hernandez & Mike Cruz (0-0) vs. The Scene (Scott Reed & Caleb Konley) (2-0)

Larry Dallas is in Dragon Gate Japan at this time so the Scene only has a random girl in their corner. Cheech dropkicks Konley to the ropes. He uses the ropes to assist with a headscissors. Reed slaps him from the apron. He gives him a chinbreaker across the top and Konley knocks him to the floor with a rolling elbow. Reed gets in a few more shots on the floor. Cheech rolls under a Konley clothesline. Cruz throws forearms at both Scene members. Reed accidentally helps Cruz with a dropkick to Konley. Cruz kicks Reed’s legs out. Cheech kicks him in the side of the head and comes in with a slingshot senton. Cruz lands his own senton before suicide diving onto Konley. Reed tosses Cruz off of the top rope. The Scene keep him isolated until Cruz catches Reed with some knee strikes and an enzuigiri. Cheech uses Reed to give Konley a huracanrana. He then drops Reed with a Gory Special and tope con hilo’s onto Konley. He crossbody’s Reed back in the ring for two. Konley comes back in with a spinebuster. He slingshots Cheech into Reed’s powerslam. Cruz breaks the cover. Cruz enzuigiri’s Konley. Cheech follows with a facewash kick and 619. Cruz’s springboard splash pin is broken up by Reed. Reed forearms Cheech to the floor. The Scene give Cruz the Ob-Scene for the pin at 9:41. Cheech and Cruz seemed like an odd pairing on paper but worked very well. The Scene also were very good and didn’t have Larry Dallas around to muddle things up for them. I really think EVOLVE could have a really solid tag team division one day. ***

A video highlighting the four competitors in the Style Battle is shown.

Style Battle Tournament Match
Jon Davis (1-3) vs. Tommy Taylor (0-0)

They feel each other out. Taylor twists up Davis’ arm using his legs. Davis turns him over. He tries stomping Taylor’s leg but Taylor slides away. Taylor headbutts him in the stomach. He delivers a rolling Ace Crusher and a neckbreaker for two. He tries a side headlock. Davis shoves him away. Taylor tries a leapfrog. Davis catches him mid-air in a powerslam for two. Davis decides to wear down Taylor’s back. Taylor puts on a sleeper hold. When Davis escapes both men trade forearms. Taylor knocks Davis down with a leaping clothesline. He drops an elbow for two. Davis responds with a spinebuster. A running knee strike gets him two. Davis sets up for a lariat. Taylor ducks and drops him with a tornado DDT. He tries a suplex. When that doesn’t work he dropkicks Davis to the corner. Davis flies out with a Pounce. 3 Seconds Around the World puts Taylor away at 10:47. The wrestling was really solid but the crowd wasn’t terribly interested in it. Taylor hasn’t been seen in awhile but looked really proficient here. Davis’ back work paying off is also a positive. It could have used more energy but was really good nonetheless. ***

Lenny Leonard says that Jon Davis put a lot of pressure on himself in this tournament and is off to a good start. Jon says tonight was easy and promises victories tomorrow and the next night.

Style Battle Tournament Match
AR Fox (4-1) vs. Bobby Fish (3-4)

Fish and Fox trade control of a wristlock. Fox snapmares Fish into a crucifix pin for one. Fish misses a slingshot senton but connects with a dropkick. Fox cartwheels into his own dropkick to send Fish out. Fish kicks out his legs to stop the kick flip moonsault. Fox however hits it on his second attempt. He hits a slingshot legdrop back in the ring for two. He also gets two with a split-legged twisting senton. He drives his feet into Fish’s chest. Fox then hits the Alabama Jam which also does some damage to his own lower back. He goes for a frog splash and Fish gets his knees up. Fish pulls off the slingshot senton for two. He kicks Fox to the floor. In the ring Fish tries a chest kick. Fox ducks. He kicks Fish’s leg out and nails an enzuigiri. Fish gives Fox a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a moonsault for two. Fox tries fighting out of the corner. He eats a boot to the face! Fox kicks out. Fish heads to the ropes but Fox rolls him up for two. Fish gives Fox a gut buster. He gets two with a sole butt. Fox catches Fish on the ropes. He tries Lo Mein Pain. Fish holds onto the ropes. Fox however dropkicks him out to the floor and follows with a springboard 450 splash. They both make it into before the 20 count. Fox clotheslines Fish in the corner. He skins the cat into a dropkick. Air Fox follows. Fish manages to kick out. Fox nails a Swanton Bomb. Again Fish kicks out. Fish evades a springboard. He gives Fox a neckbreaker and kicks at his legs. He brings Fox down with a dragonscrew leg whip. Fox elbows Fish and hits Thug Bait for two. Fox tries a Shiranui. Fish throws him off and rolls him up for two. He then locks Fox in the Fish Hook. Fox taps at 16:02. Both guys put in a heck of an effort. These two don’t seem to have similar styles but they worked together really well and had an engaging, exciting match. Maybe a little more leg work from Fish would have been good but you can only nitpick so much. ***½

Lenny Loenard says that Fish and Davis are now tied. He congratulates Fish on fighting his way back to .500. Fish knows how long the road has been for him to get to his point, but his plan now is to get over the .500 hurdle and to win the Style Battle.

SHINE Preview Match
Sara Del Rey vs. Santana

Sara wipes Santana off of her feet. Daffney, the host of SHINE Wrestling, joins commentary. Sara throws some kicks and knees. Santana puts up an elbow and headscissors Sara to the corner. She cartwheels into an elbow strike. Sara boots her down. She whips Santana to the corner by her hair and chokes her with her foot. Santana slips of Sara’s shoulders. She drops Sara with a Side Russian leg sweep. Sara stops a pin with a claw. She then drops Santana out of the hold. Sara gets two with a backbreaker. Santana catches her in a huracanrana for two. Sara kicks her in the head. She delivers three axe kicks. A Koppu Kick leads to the Royal Butterfly suplex, giving Sara the win at 4:27. This was mostly a showcase match for Sara since she will be main eventing the first SHINE show. Thankfully she’s really good so this was decent for the time given. *¼

Sara wants to know if that’s the best SHINE has to offer. She says SHINE will debut in this building on July 20th. She demands the best as she is the Queen of Wrestling. With that in mind, she lays out a challenge to Jazz. That challenge would be accepted, setting the stage for SHINE 1.

Johnny Gargano (6-4) vs. Alex Reynolds (3-0) vs. Lince Dorado (0-1) vs. Tony Nese (0-3)

Reynolds and Dorado are set to start. Nese attacks Dorado from behind and sends him out. Reynolds hits Nese with a Busaiku Knee and dropkicks him to the floor. Gargano chops Reynolds. They criss-cross the ropes until Reynolds tries a sunset flip. Gargano rolls through and dropkicks him. He tries pins on both Dorado and Reynolds. Dorado gets in some offense on Gargano before dropkicking him to the floor with the others. Nese cuts off Dorado’s dive attempt. He then hits a slingshot quebrada for two. Reynolds dropkicks Nese. Dorado comes off the top with a seated senton to Reynolds. He tries a Lynxsault. Gargano dropkicks him in mid-air. He slingshot spears Nese and suicide dives onto Reynolds. He sentons off the apron onto Dorado and then Nese. He slingshots back in with a DDT to Reynolds for two. Gargano places Reynolds on the top rope. Gargano pops up Dorado who dropkicks Reynolds. Nese comes in to complete a Tower of Doom. He trades strikes with Reynolds. Nese throws a trifecta of superkicks. Dorado brings him down with a modified X-Factor. He enzuigiri’s Gargano. Gargano superkicks Dorado leaving everyone laying. Reynolds drops Gargano off his shoulders onto his face and chest. Reynolds then moonsaults onto him. Nese picks up Reynolds for a German suplex. Dorado double stomps Nese to break the pin. Reynolds and Gargano retreat to the floor so Dorado moonsaults onto them. In the ring Dorado brings Nese off the top rope with a Leap of Faith. Gargano blocks his Frankensteiner attempt with a powerbomb. Nese dropkicks Gargano in the back. He follows up with a backbreaker. Reynolds rolls up Nese for two. Reynolds sends Nese to the floor. Gargano rolls Reynolds into a low enzuigiri. He lawn darts him into the corner. He hits the Hurts Donut. Dorado shooting star presses onto Gargano’s back. At the same time, Nese hits Reynolds with a 450 splash for the pin at 9:55. That was a fun, action packed match. Nese got the chance to re-establish himself and pick up his first win in EVOLVE which I think was important. Reynolds and Dorado looked good two but didn’t add much aside from moves. ***

Lenny Leonard comes in. He checks on Gargano to which Nese says “who cares?” Nese tells Leonard that he showed everybody why he is the Premier Athlete. He mockingly asks Gargano how his back is. He knows Gargano has an open contract for EVOLVE 16 in two days and decides to accept the opening.

El Generico (1-2) vs. Samuray Del Sol (0-2)

The opening exchange ends with Generico armdragging Sol to the corner. They engage in a Lucha exchange. Generico hits Sol with a leg lariat for two. After they fight for control on the mat, Sol flips to stop from being taken down and sends Generico to the corner in a headscissors. Sol escapes a monkey flip. He snaps off another headscissors and dropkicks Generico to the floor. When he comes back in, Generico chops Sol. Sol headstands on the mat and takes Generico down with another headscissors. He walks the ropes into an armdrag. He goes for a cross armbreaker. Generico resists and gets his foot on the ropes. Sol gets two with a slingshot splash. They trade some strikes until Generico gives Sol a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. After inflicting some more damage Generico gets two with a split-legged moonsault. Sol flips to the apron and kicks Generico in the head. He comes off the top and armdrags Generico to the outside. Sol follows with a Fosbury Flop. In the ring he gets two with a standing Shiranui. He then gets two again with a Yoshi Tonic! Generico’s Blue Thunder Bomb has the same result. He misses a yakuza kick. Sol climbs to the top rope. Generico gets up and follows. He wants the super brainbuster. Sol however pushes him off. Generico avoids an oncoming Sol and drops him with a Michinoku Driver. Sol kicks out. Generico successfully pulls of the yakuza kick. He only gets two with a half-nelson suplex. Generico signals for a brainbuster. Sol however catches him in a roll-up to counter. Sol goes for the Rising Sun. Generico escapes and yakuza kicks him again. He gives Sol the top rope brainbuster! That gets him the pin at 16:42. That home stretch was a lot of fun and the match built really well. This was Sol’s finest effort yet and the best chance he’s hand to stand out. When you’re put against one of the best you have to prove your worth and Sol did just that. ***¾

Generico looks into the camera to talk to the absent Low Ki, who has been talking trash about him lately. Just like Ki, Generico says he’s a world warrior. He’s seen the talent all over the world and recognizes Sol as someone special. He calls Del Sol the future of wrestling and says he has cajones. He says Sol can have a rematch whenever he wants. Sol says “tomorrow” and then heads to the back. Just as Generico is thanking the crowd and getting ready to send them home, Christina Von Eerie comes out. She has a problem with El Generico because she thinks he has an ego. She won’t allow Generico to just walk into Dragon Gate USA and takeover. She tells Generico that Dragon Gate USA belongs to the Mad Blankey faction and slaps him in the face! She says that from Akira Tozawa and the rest of the Mad Blankey stable. She slaps Generico multiple times saying that he doesn’t have the balls to retaliate. Generico however gives her a yakuza kick! He immediately regrets doing so. A couple of officials send Generico away and check on her. Generico is obviously very remorseful over his actions.

Bonus Matches

2010 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Quarter-Finals
Sugar Dunkerton vs. Jon Moxley

“2010 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Night 2” – Crystal River, FL – 12.4.2010

In the first round, Dunkerton defeated Scott Reed and Moxley defeated AR Fox. Dunkerton calls Moxley an unwashed Roddy Piper. He checks the basketball at him. Moxley throws it right back. Dunkerton takes him down, runs across his back and lands a senton. Dunkerton throws some punches. When he stalls Moxley nails him with a forearm. He dropkicks Dunkerton against the ropes and throws him down by his hair. Moxley releases Dunkerton out of a suplex for two and chokes him on the mat. He misses an elbow drop. Dunkerton throws some chops. Moxley back elbows him down. He hits Dunkerton with the basketball in the head multiple times. He tries for a slam dunk. Dunkerton knocks the ball out of his hands. He hits the Shot Clock lariat for two. He uranage’s Moxley into a knee to the back of the head. Moxley grabs Dunkerton by the hair and delivers a lariat. He tries for the Hook and Ladder. Dunkerton rolls him into a pin instead. When Dunkerton tries a back body drop, Moxley DDT’s him for two. Dunkerton tosses Moxley off the second rope and comes off the top with a back senton. Moxley kicks out. He drops Dunkerton with an Ace Crusher for the pin at 5:01. That was really short but Dunkerton got to show some competitive spirit against Moxley. Given that Moxley is the FIP Champion it makes sense he would win, I’m just happy it wasn’t totally one sided. This was fun. **¼

2010 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Quarter-Finals
Frightmare vs. Sami Callihan

“2010 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Night 2” – Crystal River, FL – 12.4.2010

In the first round, Frightmare defeated Jake Manning and Callihan defeated Chris Dickinson. Frightmare avoids Callihan’s charge to the corner. He also evades some of his initial offense. Frightmare sneaks in a pop-up clothesline. Callihan rolls to the floor. Frightmare looks for a dive but gets caught with a jab to the throat. Callihan chops him into the crowd. Frightmare uses the barricade to flip back over into a headscissors. In the ring he tries for a dropkick. Callihan catches him mid-air with a Rydeen Bomb instead. He gets two with a basement lariat. Frightmare grabs the ropes to break an attempted Dragon Sleeper. Callihan chops him up in the corner. Frightmare slaps him in the face and kicks him away. He spikes Callihan in a reverse Frankensteiner. Frightmare nails a few yakuza kicks. He ducks a lariat and drops Callihan with a neckbreaker. Once again Callihan retreats to the floor but this time Frightmare’s tope con hilo attempt is successful. Callihan however headbutts Frightmare and brings two chairs into the ring. He tries powerbombing Frightmare onto them. Frightmare slips out of it and gives Callihan a headbutt. He gives Callihan Kneecolepsy onto the chairs! He follows up with the Here It Is Driver for two. Another Kneecolepsy has the same result. Callihan rolls Frightmare into the Stretch Muffler. Frightmare taps out at 9:33. Well that made no sense. Frightmare destroyed Callihan for the last few bits, then Callihan just happens to catch him with that submission and it’s over? One could argue that Frightmare did some damage to his knees with those moves but that’s a bit of a stretch. The Kneecolepsy on the chairs was pretty sweet though. **½

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