Midwest Wrestling: Debut Show

Niles, OH – 1.20.2012

Commentary is provided by Joe Dombrowski and a rotating cast that includes BJ Whitmer, Aaron Epic, Gregory Iron, Justin Mane, Arik Cannon, Shane Hollister and Rickey Shane Page.

Rickey Shane Page vs. Arik Cannon

Cannon does not accept Page’s offering of a handshake. Page controls Cannon by his arm. Cannon brings Page to the mat and stomps on his elbow. Cannon steps on Page’s right hand and puts his left arm in a hammerlock. Cannon drives his knee into Page’s locked up arm. Cannon knees Page in the gut against the ropes. Page snaps off an armdrag and hip toss. Cannon tries to cut him off with a neckbreaker. Page trips Cannon in the ropes and gets two with an Oklahoma Roll. Cannon traps Page’s leg in ropes and delivers a haymaker. Cannon slingshots in with a knee drop to Page’s face. Cannon dropkicks Page in the back of his head. He rakes Page’s eyes in the corner. Cannon’s neck snap only gets him a two count. Cannon snapmares Page into another haymaker for two. Page reverses a whip and hits 6 Seconds of Chaos (half of it anyway. It was his portion of a double team move he did with when he teamed with Vincent Nothing). He pulls Cannon out of the corner into a powerbomb for two. Cannon ducks an attack and delivers a swinging neckbreaker for two. Page somehow kicks out of a brainbuster, which surprises Cannon. Page breaks out of a Cobra Clutch. He kicks Cannon in the side of his head and powerbombs him into the corner. He follows up with a tornado kick. Page hits a swanton bomb for two. Cannon blocks an Irish whip with his own enzuigiri. He gets a two count with Total Anarchy. They exchange strikes on their knees. Page has himself a violence party in the corner. Page boots Cannon to the mat. Cannon grabs the bottom rope to break the pin. Cannon bounces Page off the ropes into a German suplex. Page ducks the Glimmering Warlock and delivers a Saito suplex. He follows with a rolling forearm for the pin at 13:50. A great match to kick off the show. Page is quietly rising the ranks of wrestling in the Midwest and is bound for bigger things soon. Cannon’s acumen added a fair amount of legitimacy to his win and helped make Page seem like one of Midwest Wrestling’s top prospects. Real good stuff all around. ***1/4

Jason Gory vs. Aiden Vaile

Vaile is a drummer outside of the ring and has drumsticks with him. He uses them to try and hype up the crowd but gets attacked from behind. Vaile quickly gets the advantage however, hitting a standing moonsault for two. Gory goes to the floor. Vaile follows out with a pescado. Back in the ring Gory hits a chinbreaker and a running kick to the side of Vaile’s face. Gory chokes Vaile on the mat. Gory hits a running clothesline in the corner. He slingshots back into the ring with a “hellbow” for two. Gory ducks a kick from Vaile and double axe handles Vaile in the chest. Gory chokes Vaile on the middle rope. He punches Vaile from the floor for two. Gory bites Vaile and slams him. Vaile evades a top rope double stomp. Vaile gets in a couple back elbows before hitting a leg lariat. Vaile drops his knees across Gory’s chest for two. Vaile comes off the second rope with a tornado DDT for two. Gory gets up his knees to block another standing moonsault. Gory hits the QAS (a Code Red) and a top rope double stomp. Vaile fights Gory off the ropes. Gory however crotches Vaile on the top rope. Gory puts on a choke hold called Pestilence to bring Vaile to the mat. Vaile’s arm drops twice. Gory picks up Vaile. He drops him with the Trepidation for the pin at 7:41. This is probably the best I’ve seen of Gory in the few matches I’ve seen him in. Vaile is solid as well, but I think if he’s able to flesh out his character some more he would be even more entertaining. This was a fine way to get Gory over. **1/2

The Cut Throat Crew (Rufio Rapier & Morty Rackem) vs. Derek Cornell & Brian Gott

Rackem takes Cornell to the mat with a pair of shoulder tackles. Rackem delivers a couple chops and crossbody’s off the ropes. Gott knee strikes Rackem from the apron. Rapier does the same to Cornell. Gott tags in and gets chopped right away. Rapier double stomps Gott’s arm while Rackem holds onot it. Cornell tries to interfere but accidentally splashes Gott. Rapier sends Cornell face first into Gott’s crotch while Gott is in a tree of woe. Rapier steps on Cornell’s head. Rackem jumps off Cornell’s back and dropkicks Gott. The Crew row boat Cornell’s legs and ribs.Rackem tries to pull Cornell in from the floor. This allows Gott to kick Rackem in the side of the head. Cornell and Gott now isolate and wear down Rackem in their corner. Rackem O’Conner rolls Gott and Northern Lights suplexes Cornell. He dropkicks them simultaneously from the top rope. Rapier gets the tag and comes in fired up. Gott eye rakes Rapier to try and cut him off, but Rapier comes back with a spinwheel kick. He delivers a neckbreaker for two. Cornell pulls Gott to the floor. Rackem tope con hilo’s onto both of them. Rapier Asai moonsaults onto everyone once they have recovered. Cornell rams Rapier back first against the guardrail. Gott enzuigiri’s Rackem in the ring. Gott gives him a Blue Thunder Bomb. Rapier breaks the pin. Cornell accidentally assists Rapier with a standing Shiranui to his partner. Rapier enzuigiri’s Cornell to the floor. The Crew hit a Samoan Drop/neckbreaker combo on Gott. Rapier follows with a swanton bomb for the pin at 11:51. I had never seen the Cut Throat Crew before this show, but I really liked how they worked together and were able to get the crowd into the match. Cornell and Gott were good foils for them but not much about them really stood out. The match itself was quite entertaining and a solid way to introduce a couple of new teams to the company. **3/4

Elimination Match
Façade vs. Shane Hollister vs. Bobby Beverly

Beverly getting cheers is really, really weird to me. I’m so used to him getting eviscerated by the AIW crowd. While Beverly and Façade shake hands, Hollister is not game to do the same. Beverly starts off giving Hollister a couple armdrags. Façade comes in with a springboard armdrag to send Hollister to the floor. Façade O’Conner rolls Beverly for two. Façade springboard dropkicks Beverly from the second rope. Façade trips Hollister and traps his leg. Façade suplexes Beverly, which also snaps Hollister’s knee. Hollister snapmares Façade into a dropkick to the back of his head. Hollister throws Façade to the mat by his hair. Beverly and Hollister shove each other away trying to get a piece of Façade. Hollister dragon scres Façade to the corner. Beverly and Hollister go face to face in argument. Hollister dropkicks Façade back to the floor when Façade goes for a springboard maneuver. Beverly and Hollister exchange strikes. Hollister kicks Beverly in the stomach. Beverly delivers an enzuigiri. He spins Hollister into a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Hollister enzuigiri’s Beverly from the apron. Façade trips Hollister on the top rope. Façade tries a springboard huracanrana and flubs. He does however drive Hollister’s face into the canvas. Façade quebrada’s onto both Hollister and Beverly. Façade shoves them out to the floor. Beverly bicycle kicks Hollister into the crowd. As they continue to fight, Façade tope con hilo’s onto both of his opponents. In the ring, Beverly catches Façade with a Manhattan Drop. Hollister superkicks Façade and delivers a 2k1 Bomb to eliminate Façade at 8:21. Beverly rolls up Hollister for two. He superkicks Hollister and hits a snap powerslam for the pin and the victory at 8:42. If the crowd itself is any indication, Beverly is going to be one of the top guys in Midwest Wrestling (at least if they run in Niles regularly). He and Hollister had excellent showings, only marred by some of Façade’s usual flubs. Those mistakes were not egregious enough to take this down too severely. **3/4

Gregory Iron vs. Matt Justice

After they fight for control, Justice boots Iron down in the corner. Iron avoids a corner attack. He rolls Justice into a pair of armdrags. Iron springboard elbows Justice off the second rope. Justice forearms Iron to stop his suicide dive. Justice whips him into the guardrail. Back in the ring Iron snaps off a huracanrana. He headscissors Justice to the corner. Iron gives him a Code Breaker but Justice is able to boot him to the mat. Justice digs his boot into Iron’s ribs while pulling Iron’s left arm and leg. Justice stomps Iron’s back when Iron gets the ropes. Iron gets in some chops as he has Justice against the ropes. Justice dumps Iron out to the floor. Justice clubs his forearm against Iron’s back when he slides into the ring. Justice powerslams Iron for two. Justice misses a top rope legdrop. Iron hits a flurry of clotheslines and a senton. Justice rolls to the floor to avoid being pinned. Iron suicide dives after him and gets two when he brings Justice back in the ring. Justice ducks a clothesline. He gives Iron a Death Valley Driver for two. Justice ducks the Gimp Slap. Justice shoves Iron shoulder first into the ring post. Iron Gimp Slaps Justice off of the top rope. Iron comes after him with a diving sunset flip and gets the pin at 10:24. This may not have been as flashy as some of the other matches, but I really like how the match was structured and the story they were able to tell. Justice is someone I’d like to see more of. Of course, Iron usually delivers the goods and tonight was no different. ***

Justin Mane vs. Ryan Burke

Before the match, Mane grabs the microphone. Mane is not pleased that the ring announcer did not give him a “proper” ring introduction. He also puts down the city of Niles. Ryan Burke makes his way out and tells Mane to get to the ring. Mane is not pleased that he was cut off, but obliges Burke’s request anyhow.

Mane is pleased with himself for landing a shoulder tackle. When Burke gets in a few moves he retreats to the ropes to keep Burke away. Burke pitches Mane to the floor. Burke suicide dives out onto him. Burke slingshot sentons onto Burke back in the ring. A quick legdrop gets him two. Mane blocks a hip toss with a short-arm lariat for two. Mane elbows Burke in the corner and applies a chinlock. Mane gets two with a neckbreaker. Burke knee strikes Mane after being whipped to the ropes. Burke fights his way out of a front facelock. Mane locks Burke’s leg and DDT’s him to the mat. Mane misses a moonsault. This allows Burke to deliver a couple clotheslines and a Manhattan drop. He heads up top after a clothesline. Burke crossbody’s onto Mane for two. Burke kicks Mane in the chest and head for two. Mane forearms Burke on the top rope. Burke shoves him to the mat and double stomps Mane for two. Mane blocks a superkick. He picks Burke up for a TKO called the JMKO. Mane yells at Burke to stay down. Burke refuses, slapping Mane in the face. Mane turns Burke into a bulldog for two. Burke waistlocks Mane to block the Starstruck. Mane brings Burke to the corner so the referee can’t see him low blow Burke. Mane successfully connects with Starstruck (a Pele Kick) for the pin at 11:44. Mane is really one of the few character wrestlers on the show, and he does a real good job of making the gimmick his own with sacrificing his in ring work. He’s one of those guys you get a kick out of booing. Burke was solid in the ring, but his lack of personality hurt especially when in the ring with someone who’s as animated as Burke. Regardless, it was consistently good action throughout. ***

BJ Whitmer vs. Aaron Epic

The main event for this show was supposed to be Johnny Gargano vs. Dustin Rayz. Rayz got injured and Epic took his place. Then Gargano got injured and Whitmer took his place. That’s wrestling for you!

Epic jaw jacks with some fans to stall. Epic is way too proud of himself for breaking a lock-up. Whitmer takes Epic down in a side headlock. Epic clamps on a headscissors to reverse. Whitmer breaks out and reapplies the headlock. Epic pushes Whitmer to the corner to break it. He shoulder blocks Whitmer instead of breaking it cleanly. Whitmer takes Epic back down in a side headlock. Epic goes to the floor when Whitmer shoulder blocks him to the mat. Epic gets on the microphone to tell the fans to shut up, threatening to leave if they don’t. Whitmer grabs Epic from the backstage area and brings him back into the ring. Epic snaps Whitmer neck first across the top rope. After choking Whitmer on the bottom rope, Epic gets a running start on the floor and knee strikes Whitmer in the side of the head. Epic only gets two with a neckbreaker. He twists Whitmer’s neck with his feet. Whitmer sunset flips Epic for two. Epic quickly leg lariats Whitmer for a two count of his own. Epic hits a Zig Zag after avoiding a corner attack for another two count. Whitmer catches Epic with a spinebuster, giving him a minute to catch his breath. Whitmer lays in some forearms after recovering. He gets two with a bridging Northern Lights suplex. Epic sole butts Whitmer. Whitmer responds with a Golden Gate Swing and a fisherman’s suplex. Epic enzuigiri’s Whitmer after a chinbreaker. Epic lariats Whitmer in the back of his head for two. He turns Whitmer into a crossface. Whitmer grabs the bottom rope to escape. Whitmer boots Epic as Epic comes off the ropes for two. Whitmer looks for a wrist-clutch suplex. Epic wisely turns it into a guillotine choke. Whitmer powers Epic up and delivers the wrist-clutch exploder suplex. Whitmer locks on the Peruvian Necktie, forcing Epic to tap out at 13:09. Epic has the classic heel shtick down pat. With this crowd, it worked it very well. Whitmer was a bit more subdued from his recent outings, but it actually lended to Epic standing out amongst the two. Whitmer was just able to catch him in his signature submission at the right moment. This ties with the opener as the best match on the show and was a fine way to cap off MWW’s debut. ***1/4

Epic attacks Whitmer from behind after the match. Whitmer fights back until Arik Cannon comes in to help out Epic. Rickey Shane Page hits the ring from the commentary booth to even the odds. This causes Epic and Cannon to bail immediately. Epic call themselves the real winners of the night. Page checks on Whitmer, who gets up and receives a nice reaction from the crowd. Epic says he and Cannon have nothing scheduled for the second Midwest Wrestling show, so he challenges them to a tag team match. Whitmer and Page seem ready to do the match now. Cannon says he only gets paid once per night, so he’ll opt to wait til April to face them. The prospect of this match already has me hyped.

We get some promos backstage to end the show. Shane Hollister says Bobby Beverly was lucky tonight. When Midwest Wrestling returns on April 22nd, he will face Beverly one on one and prove that tonight’s outcome was a fluke. Justin Mane says Ryan Burke is nothing compared to him. He says although Burke was impressive, he’s done with them. He challenges Midwest Wrestling to put anyone in front of them on the next show. Whitmer thanks Page for bailing him out in the ring. Page says he already knows they can beat Cannon and Epic since he and Whitmer did so tonight. He and Whitmer both say they will do it again in April. Arik Cannon says the debut Midwest Wrestling show was a success for both himself and Epic. Epic says although Whitmer got his hand raised, he was the one left standing tall when all was said and done. Cannon says he and Epic are going to kick Page and Whitmer’s butts.

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