Dragon Gate USA: REVOLT!

Revere, MA – 11.11.2011

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard, Arik Cannon, Pinkie Sanchez, and Chuck Taylor.

All three members of Ronin are backstage. Johnny Gargano tells Rich Swann there is no tension between them, despite them both having Freedom Gate title matches this weekend. Taylor’s face tells a different story, but assures them he’s on the same page. Gargano says their common goal is taking down the Blood Warriors. We then cut to AR Fox. He says he’ll focus on the D.U.F. later this weekend. Tonight, he has a FRAY match with some of the best high-fliers in the world. He plans to get the job done in that bout.

D.U.F. (Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez) vs. The Scene (Scott Reed & Caleb Konley)

Before the bell The Scene for some reason are showing Larry Dallas (who is still not allowed ringside but is in the crowd) how the show looks on their iPhones. How meta. The D.U.F. run out, knock Dallas off the apron, and then get jumped by The Scene. Goofs! The Scene throw Sanchez down and give him tandem elbow drops. Sanchez chokes Konley with his shirt. He comes off the second rope with a huracanrana. Cannon clobbers The Scene with forearms. Cannon suplexes Konley for two. Cannon and Sanchez give him some tandem offense. Sanchez goes after Konley’s knee. Sanchez rams his posterior into his face. Reed blind tags in. Konley superkicks Sanchez before letting Reed go to work. Reed chops Sanchez a few times before Konley delivers a brainbuster. Cannon breaks the cover. Sanchez gives Konley a chin breaker so he can tag out. Cannon locks Konley in a standing figure four and drinks a PBR at the same time. He spits it in Reed’s face when he tries to break the submission. Cannon gives Reed a lung blower. Sanchez splashes Konley in the corner. He follows with a bulldog. Sanchez twists Konley’s leg in the ropes. Konley German suplexes him and tags in Reed. Reed gives him a crucifix bomb and Cannon breaks the cover. Cannon breaks the cover after Sanchez takes the Ob-Scene too. Konley misses a moonsault. Sanchez suicide dives onto Reed. Konley escapes a brainbuster. Cannon gives him a haymaker and a superkick, then successfully delivers the brainbuster for the pin at 8:11. That was solid, but not particularly interesting or fun. The D.U.F. shtick has run its course with me. The Scene are an alright team but are in desperate need of something to make them interesting. **

Sami Callihan gets on the microphone. He calls out his opponent, Jon Davis, so the D.U.F. can finish up their night before he and Cannon head to Philadelphia and win the United Gate titles. Davis obliges.

Jon Davis vs. Sami Callihan

Davis refuses to let Callihan get in his face. Callihan spits on Davis after giving him a chop. Davis responds with a pounce that sends Callihan to the floor. Davis military presses him onto the apron. He throws a chest kick before bringing Callihan back into the ring. Davis throws forearms at Callihan’s chest while holding him into the ropes. Callihan refuses to stay down from Davis’ body slams. Davis whips him chest first into the corner. Davis misses a charge in the corner. Callihan gives him two gamengiri’s and two pump kicks. Davis gets up when Callihan charges and catches him with a powerslam. Davis spits in Callihan’s face to give him a taste of his own medicine. Callihan drops the top rope to send Davis out. Callihan follows with a suicide dive. Callihan goes for a suplex back in the ring. Davis’ resistance makes Callihan go for a guillotine instead. Davis’ arm drops twice. He picks up Callihan and hits a Jackhammer before catching his breath. Davis gives Callihan a gamengiri when he goes to the top rope. Callihan goes for a Sunset bomb. Callihan has to kick his leg before successfully hitting it. He goes for a leg submission and Davis grabs the ropes. They fight on the ring apron. Callihan kicks Davis’ legs out. Callihan bicycle kicks him twice. The third time Davis gives Callihan a spinebuster on the apron. Callihan get back in the ring before the count. Davis powerbombs him in the corner and gets two with a short-arm lariat. Callihan gives him a Saito suplex. He hits the Forearm 2 Remember but Davis kicks out. A series of strikes ends with Callihan giving Davis a dragonscrew leg whip. He calls for the Stretch Muffler. Before he can go for it, Davis gives him 3 Seconds Around The World for the pin at 14:58. That felt longer. The crowd was into almost nothing these guys did and the striking/power dynamic got tired pretty quickly. I actually thought this was going to be pretty good, but instead it just dragged. **1/4

Cannon and Sanchez attack Davis. They each bring in a guardrail. Davis spears Yoshino but the numbers game quickly sets him behind again. They place a guardrail onto Davis and slam the second one onto him a few times. Some random wrestlers come out to send them away. Why not AR Fox and Sabu who the D.U.F. are feuding with? Cannon and Sanchez join Lenny Leonard on commentary for the time being.

Masato Yoshino vs. Akira Tozawa

Maybe actual Dragon Gate wrestlers can pick up the energy. Tozawa walks around ringside and even teases leaving for whatever reason. They vie for control when things get going. They reach a stalemate. Yoshino powers Tozawa to the ropes and breaks cleanly. Yoshino armdrags him to the corner. Yoshino hops over an oncoming Tozawa and headscissors him. Yoshino puts on a headscissors submission, which Tozawa breaks by grabbing the ropes. Yoshino gets two with a suplex. Tozawa bicycle kicks Yoshino in the corner. Tozawa stomps him down and puts on a chinlock. Yoshino gets the ropes. Tozawa gives him a right hand. He gets two with a standing senton. Yoshino gets the ropes to break a half crab. Yoshino and Tozawa trade chops. Tozawa rakes his eyes but eats a back elbow anyways. Yoshino blocks a huracanrana with a powerbomb for two. Tozawa evades a double stomp. He bicycle kicks Yoshino and gets two with a Saito suplex. Tozawa boots Yoshino. Yoshino puts him in From Jungle. Tozawa manages to fall into the ropes and break it. Yoshino double stomps Tozawa’s arm. He hits the Sling Blade for two. Tozawa gets in a few kicks. He huracanrana’s Yoshino into a running knee strike. An overhand chop exchange sees Tozawa bicycle kick Yoshino in the face and the back of the head. Yoshino gets two with a prawn hold. He drops Tozawa with the Torbellino. Tozawa blocks the Lighting Spiral with a German suplex for the pin at 14:29. Kind of surprised to see Tozawa go over considering how strong Yoshino has been put over in DGUSA (in sort of a quiet, understated way). I’m happy he did however as he’s truly one the best talents DG/DGUSA has currently. This was certainly a step above the previous two matches, but fell short of general expectations. ***

Uhaa Nation is backstage. He says his opponents will found out why he is a one man nation. Larry Dallas invites Nation to come out with him and The Scene after the show. Nation says he wants nothing to do with them and walks off. Dallas says The Scene that they will take care of him later. For now, partying.

Ronin (Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor) vs. Blood Warriors (CIMA & Brodie Lee)

CIMA brings Gargano to the ropes and surprisingly breaks cleanly. Gargano pops out of CIMA’s headscissors attempt quickly. Gargano kicks CIMA away after taking a hip toss. Gargano bars CIMA arm and tags in Taylor. They’re tandem offense earns Taylor a two count. Lee tags in and clotheslines Ronin down simultaneously. CIMA boots Gargano who is dangling on the ring apron. CIMA continues to beat on Gargano while Lee wears down Taylor. CIMA helps Lee out when Gargano is sufficiently beaten. Taylor breaks CIMA’s abdominal stretch and tags Gargano in. Taylor and Gargano team up on CIMA in the corner and lay in the Boogie Boots. Taylor gets mad at the referee for being tied up with Lee in the corner. CIMA rakes Taylor’s eyes from behind. Lee boots Gargano off the apron and gives Taylor a solid right hand. CIMA and Lee get in some more offense in their half off the ring. CIMA gets distracted by the crowd, allowing Taylor to shove him to the corner and get Gargano to tag in. He twists up CIMA’s arm on the mat. Lee grabs Gargano so CIMA can get in some shots. Lee and CIMA isolate Gargano until he enzuigiri’s Lee after a failed sunset bomb. Taylor comes in with a dropkick that sends Lee out. Taylor overhead suplexes CIMA to the corner. He takes out CIMA’s legs and dropkicks him in side of the head. CIMA sends Taylor to the floor. Gargano rolls CIMA into a low enzuigiri. Lee brings Gargano to the floor. Taylor does the same to CIMA. Ronin hit stereo dives onto their opponents. Taylor pops CIMA into an Ace Crusher from Gargano. Lee breaks the cover. Taylor gives Lee the Sole Food. Lee comes back with the Truck Stop for two. Gargano sends Lee out. Lee catches his pescado but gets shoved into the ring post. Gargano slingshot spears CIMA. Gargano hits the IED and a Complete Shot for two. Lee catches Gargano on the top rope. He throws him down into a stomp from CIMA. CIMA and Lee hit a lung blower/exploder suplex combo. Taylor breaks the pin. Taylor uranage’s Lee into the Cross Crab. Gargano hits the Hurts Donut on CIMA and puts on the Garga-No Escape. Lee kicks Gargano to break it. Ronin give Lee some superkicks. Lee big boot Taylor and CIMA gives Gargano the Superdrol. The Blood Warriors superkick Gargano. CIMA gets two with the Schwein. CIMA hits double knees in the corner. Lee powerbombs Gargano and CIMA follows up with the Meteora for the pin at 18:59. This was a lot of fun. CIMA and Lee were a very effective BW tandem and got to expose that Gargano and Taylor weren’t as cohesive as they led on backstage. It’s odd to see Gargano get pinned before his title shot, but it adds to CIMA and Gargano’s mini story and adds some intrigue to the rest of the weekend. ***1/4

CIMA laughs at Gargano for losing to him again. Taylor superkicks CIMA and drags Gargano out before Brodie can respond. Backstage, YAMATO says he hates BxB Hulk. He plans to get revenge on the Blood Warriors making him lose his hair in Japan. For those who don’t know, YAMATO lost a six way Survival Cage match (with his partners Shingo Takagi and KAGETORA) to the Blood Warriors (BxB Hulk, Akira Tozawa and Cyber Kong) and had to shave his head as a result. Elsewhere, BxB Hulk says he hates YAMATO and will kick him until he’s down.

BJ Whitmer vs. Vinny Marseglia

Marseglia has some truly atrocious gear. Whitmer throws some chops and hits a leg lariat. He gets two with a belly-to-back suplex. Same with a Northern Lights suplex. Marseglia drops him with a side Russian leg sweep for two. Whitmer gives him a spinebuster. Marseglia comes off the ropes. Whitmer catches him with a Complete Shot. He puts on the Peruvian necktie for the submission at 2:05. Squash ahoy! It’s always great to see Whitmer in the bigger companies. ¼*

Whimer says he wants to face the biggest and baddest guy in the locker room. With that, he calls out Brodie Lee for a match right now. Brodie comes out and ends up brawling with Whitmer throughout the crowd and into the backstage area.

A trailer plays for the “Fearless 2011” show. You can check out my review of that show here.

PAC vs. Rich Swann vs. Ricochet vs. AR Fox vs. Uhaa Nation vs. Sabu

Swann and PAC, both Junction 3 members, start off. Both guys are even in the opening exchange. PAC lands a basement dropkick. Swann hits a dropkick of his own. Swann feigns a dive. Ricochet is the next entrant. He dropkicks PAC immediately. Ricochet armdrags Swann and dropkicks him to the floor. PAC tries a springboard crossbody but Ricochet gets his knees up. He sends PAC out too and dives onto both him and Swann. Swann enzuigiri’s Ricochet back in the ring. He hits a back handspring Ace Crusher. PAC hits a slingshot variation. Both Swann and PAC deliver standing shooting presses. They stare off and decide not to go after each other. Fox is the next entrant. He springboard crossbody’s onto Swann and PAC. He gives Fox a spinning brainbuster. Fox runs up Swann to give Ricochet a shiranui. He hits Swann with the Thugbait. PAC looks to break it with a 450 splash. Fox moves so that he accidentally hits the move on Swann. Fox then covers Swann with PAC on top to eliminate Swann at 5:36. PAC is not pleased that he was forced to pin his own stablemate. Fox gets two on PAC with a split-legged moonsault. Fox sends Ricochet and PAC to the floor. Nation comes out. He shrugs off Fox’s dropkick and hits one of his own. Fox slingshots into a prawn hold. He sends Nation out and kick flip moonsaults onto him. Fox goes for a huracanrana and ends up being powerbombed onto the ring frame. Fox sends Nation out with a springboard dropkick. He follows with a springboard 450. As Fox is celebrating, Nation bicycle kicks the crap out of him. Nation powerbombs Fox three times. Nation hits a standing moonsault onto Ricochet and then PAC. Nation tope con hilo’s onto everybody. Sabu makes his way out. He manages to take out Ricochet, Fox and PAC. Ricochet clotheslines Sabu from behind and sends him to the floor. The Scene come out to attack Uhaa Nation. This counts as Nation’s elimination (at roughly 11:20). PAC gets caught with an inside out suplex from Ricochet. Fox gives PAC a Code Breaker and a rolling Death Valley Driver. He frog splashes him for two. PAC blocks Lo Mein Pain. He hits a shooting star press for the elimination at 12:53. Ricochet then rolls up PAC to eliminate him at 13:01, leaving Ricochet and Sabu as the final two men. Sabu grabs a chair after getting control on the floor. He throws it right into Ricochet’s face. Sabu uses the chair to springboard dive onto him. Sabu misses a slingshot legdrop. He does however deliver a clothesline. He hits a triple jump quebrada and throws the chair at Ricochet again. Sabu hits a leg lariat in the corner. He gets two with an Arabian Face Buster. He misses the Arabian Face Crusher. Ricochet hits the 630 splash for the pin at 17:25. So this had all the high flying fun times you would expect. What it didn’t have was consistent selling or a satisfying finish. Ricochet had to do a lot of work to keep things together in the end. Uhaa’s elimination was also perplexing. That aside, this was by and large pretty fun. ***

As the ropes are being taken off for the main event, Akira Tozawa tells the crowd he wants a shot at the Open the Freedom Gate championship. He starts to speak in Japanese. Rich Swann, Tozawa’s opponent tomorrow night, comes out to remind Tozawa that the fans can’t understand anything he is saying. He challenges Tozawa to a rap battle. Tozawa says he doesn’t rap, but he can sing. He throws everybody off guard by singing BEAUTIFULLY. I’m not even kidding; his singing skills are quite impressive. Swann is in disbelief. He responds with a rap, calling Tozawa a bitch. Tozawa bicycle kicks him. He calls Swann a bitch before leaving. Take that, Swann!

No Ropes, No Disqualification Match
YAMATO vs. BxB Hulk

The long-standing feud between these two is covered beautifully in this video package. YAMATO’s Freedom Gate title is not on the line. Hulk has joined the Blood Warriors since he was last in DGUSA. YAMATO snapmares him into a chinlock. They exchange wristlocks. Hulk kicks YAMATO in the chest while biting on his fingers. Hulk snaps off an armdrag. Hulk throws kicks to his leg. YAMATO avoids being whipped out of the ring. He ducks some kicks and delivers a dropkick. YAMATO sends Hulk to the floor. He spits beer into YAMATO’s face. He throws a chair at the back of Hulk’s head. Hulk fires up and trades forearms with YAMATO. Hulk kicks YAMATO right in the groin. With Tozawa’s help, Hulk sends YAMATO groin first into the ring post. Hulk kicks YAMATO in the neck back in the ring. He drives his knees into YAMATO’s shoulders. He gets two with an axe kick. YAMATO puts on an ankle lock. Tozawa breaks it up with a bicycle kick. Hulk gets two with a crescent kick. He throws YAMATO into the ring post. YAMATO grabs the post to block an Irish whip. YAMATO swings around a ring post and hits a dropkick. Hulk rakes his eyes. YAMATO uses both hands to chop him. Hulk hits Mouse and a standing senton for two. Tozawa feeds Hulk a chair which Hulk hits YAMATO across the back with. YAMATO ducks a chair shot. He hits Hulk across the back with it and suplexes him onto it. YAMATO gives him a brainbuster onto the chair! YAMATO misses a frog splash. Hulk throws some more kicks. He hits the Burnout and an axe kick. When YAMATO kicks out, Tozawa brings Hulk a plastic garbage can. Hulk sits YAMATO in the chair and puts the can onto YAMATO. He hits the First Flash while the can is on YAMATO. They block each others’ finishing moves. YAMATO puts on a sleeper. Both guys hit an enzuigiri to knock each other down. Hulk recovers and hits the EVO for two. Hulk tries for H Thunder which YAMATO counters into the sleeper. YAMATO suplexes Hulk onto his head. He punts him before delivering a brainbuster for two. YAMATO gives him Galleria on the chair for the pin at 19:46. I’d say this was behind just about every No Ropes match Dragon Gate Japan has done, but it had a good story and was not a bad way to end this feud. Just like the last Revere show though, the crowd sat on their hands a lot and took away from the atmosphere. ***1/4

YAMATO sends the fans home with the usual thank you speech.

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