Dragon Gate USA: Uprising 2011

Deer Park, NY – 6.4.2011

Commentary is provided by Lenny Leonard and Rob Naylor.

Rich Swann is very happy to be in the main event freestyle bout with fellow high-fliers PAC and Ricochet. Swann says he’s the king of freestyles before doing a little beat boxing.

Sami Callihan vs. Jon Davis vs. Kaleb Conley vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Scott Reed vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Alex Colon

Callihan beats up Sanchez for trying to act like a D.U.F. member. Colon and Davis are the last two left after a melee. Colon sends Davis to the floor. Callihan bicycle kicks him in the corner and has himself a violence party. Colon responds with a running elbow strike. Colon dropkicks Callihan into the corner and delivers a running boot to the face. He comes off the top with a knee strike to Callihan’s neck. Davis goes for an Oklahoma Stampede on Colon. He settles for a spinebuster. Conley crossbody’s Davis out of the corner. He sends Davis out with a DDT. Lyndon baits Conley into a boot and armdrag. Lyndon sends him out with a chop. Reed knee lifts Lyndon. Kendrick floats over Reed and cartwheels into an armdrag. Kendrick trips Reed and hits a standing 360 senton. Sanchez attacks Kendrick from behind. He dragonscrews Kendrick to the mat. Callihan gives Sanchez a Saito suplex. Sanchez and Callihan trade slaps. Callihan hits a Death Valey Driver and a slingshot splash. Callihan clotheslines Sanchez to the floor and follows with a suicide elbow. Reed baseball slides Reed into the guardrail. Davis back elbows Conley to cut off his dive attempt. Conley Arabian Presses to the floor onto Davis. Colon dives onto them with a corkscrew plancha. Callihan and Reed trade chops in the aisleway. Lyndon Asai moonsaults onto everybody but Sanchez. Sanchez looks for a suicide dive and instead gets punched by literally every other opponent. Kendrick double moonsaults onto the rest of the crew on the floor. Colon calls for a 630 splash. Conley cuts him off leading to a stacked up superplex which sees Davis powerbombing everybody but Kendrick and Sanchez. Sanchez covers everybody and only gets two. He apologizes to Callihan when going for a pin. Kendrick headscissors Sanchez right on his head, then does the same with a reverse huracanrana. Lyndon and Kendrick endure a sequence ending with Lyndon German suplexing Kendrick. Sanchez breaks his pin with bootiez4breakfast. Callihan lights up Sanchez with chops before hitting the Forearm to Remember. Colon breaks the pin. He spins Callihan off his shoulders into a knee lift. Reed breaks the pin. Reed powerbombs Colo into the corner and delivers a modified crucifix bomb. Conley breaks the pin. He drives his knee into Reed’s neck. Davis breaks the pin. Davis pounces Conley mid-air as he comes off the ropes. Davis elbows Callihan to the mat. Davis powerbombs Sanchez onto Callihan’s back. Davis Jackhammer’s Sanchez and Colon breaks the pin. Davis tosses Colon to the floor. Davis catches Sanchez coming off the ropes with 3 Seconds Around the World. Callihan breaks the pin and bicycle kicks Davis. Callihan catches Conley coming off the ropes with a powerbomb for two. Callihan puts him in the Stretch Muffler while kicking him in the head. Conley quits at 11:24. That was an incredible showcase to start the show. These eight man practically killed themselves to make their mark and succeeded. Out of everyone in this match though, Alex Colon and Flip Kendrick impressed me the most. I’m amazed both of them aren’t used in DGUSA more often. Still, Callihan winning was probably the right choice here. He spits in Sanchez’s face as he makes his way backstage. ***1/2

Masaaki Mochizuki cuts a promo in Japanese backstage. He says that the D.U.F. have been disrespectful to him as a champion. Then, the translation says, “I am going to kill you today by kicking you hard!” Awesome.

Tony Nese vs. Brodie Lee

CIMA, Ricochet and Austin Aries are in Lee’s corner. Lee powers Nese to the corner. Lee shoulder blocks him to the mat. Nese pops up and eats some more strikes. Nese back elbows Lee and crossbody’s out of the corner. Lee rolls to the floor where Nese follows with a suicide dive. Lee drops Nese chest first on a barricade. Lee rakes his eyes and chokes him on the bottom rope. Nese springboards in from the apron. Lee catches him, but Nese rolls him up for two. Lee hits a clothesline. Lee gets two with a pump-handle slam. Nese recovers and spin kicks Lee to the corner. He follows in with a running knee strike for one. Nese flips out of a German suplex. He manages to pick up Lee for a Death Valley Driver for two. Nese gets two with a quebrada. Lee hits a thrust kick but misses a big boot in the corner. He spills out to the floor, allowing Nese to come out with a plancha. Lee punches Nese as he comes in the ring. Nese delivers some strikes before German suplexing Lee for two. Lee catches Nese on the top rope and throws him off with a butterfly suplex. Lee lands the big boot in the corner twice. He follows up with the Truck Stop for two. Nese kicks Lee on the top rope. Nese brings him down with a huracanrana and heads up top. CIMA and Ricochet distract the referee. Nese misses a 450 splash. Lee picks up for a Liger Bomb and the pin at 9:53. This was good to showcase Nese’s athletic prowess, but with Lee beating him it was all for naught. The finish left a bad taste in my mouth, but it’s better to get the BW interference out of the way in a useless match like this I suppose. **1/4

Austin Aries says that the BW have already proved themselves to be elite. Aries thinks nobody else belongs in the ring with them. He sends the rest of his BW partners to the back and jaw jacks with the crowd. Susumu Yokosuka heads to the ring for their match

Susumu Yokosuka vs. Austin Aries

Aries bails to the apron he starts. He does so again when Yokosuka takes him to the corner in a lock up. Yokosuka wins a test of strength, causing Aries to roll back and hit the floor. Yokosuka brings Aries to the mat in a top wristlock. He turns it into an arm capture side headlock. Aries reaches to ropes to escape a front facelock. Aries misses a dropkick once escaping a headscissors. Yokosuka keeps fighting with Aries for his side headlock. They criss-cross the ring until Aries bails to the floor. Aries baits Yokosuka into a brainbuster for two. He transitions into the Last Chancery. Yokosuka slides to the ropes to break. Yokosuka swipes off a missile dropkick and hits an exploder suplex for two. He goes for Mugen. Aries slips off his shoulders and sends Yokosuka to the floor. He hits the Heat-Seeking Missile. Yokosuka suplexes Aries in from the apron after recovering for a two count. Aries backslides Yokosuka for two. Yokosuka blocks a punt and hits Ashi Yokosuka. Yokosuka tries for a figure four leg lock, but Aries small packages him for two. Yokosuka successfully applies the figure four. Aries turns the hold over and grabs the ropes to break free. Yokosuka nails a lariat for two. Aries punts Yokosuka in the forehead. Yokosuka ends up in the corner for Aries’ IED. Aries only gets two so he calls for a 450 splash. Aries misses but clotheslines Yokosuka. Yokosuka pops back up and nails the Jumbo No Kachi! He tries for Mugen again. Aries slides off so Yokosuka hits another Jumbo No Kachi! He finally hits Mugen for the pin at 11:59. I was expecting a lot more from these two. Aries stalled a lot and the match didn’t build to anything. The ending was okay, but felt rushed because of the lack work put into it before hand. **3/4

Sami Callihan and Arik Cannon are drinking outside. Callihan is happy about his win and thinks Cannon can do the same.

YAMATO vs. CIMA vs. Masato Yoshino vs. Johnny Gargano

YAMATO and Yoshino square off while CIMA attacks Gargano. YAMATO and Yoshino then turn their attention to double teaming CIMA, then Gargano. Gargano backslides Yoshino for two. CIMA pins YAMATO while Gargano pins Yoshino for two. We reset with a four way stalemate. CIMA kicks Gargano to the corner and wants Yoshino and YAMATO to help him out. They agree until CIMA misses a corner splash. Gargano pitches Yoshino to the floor. He and CIMA suplex YAMATO. CIMA pretends to want to make peace with Gargano. Gargano gets suckered into a boot. Gargano sole butts CIMA into a double stomp. Gargano drops him with a neckbreaker. YAMATO and Gargano shoulder tackle each other. YAMATO sends him out with a dropkick. Yoshino drops YAMATO with Slingblade. CIMA double stomps Yoshino and hits a senton for two. CIMA ties up Yoshino’s legs. YAMATO double sledges CIMA in the back. He inflicts damage on CIMA’s arm and goes for a sleeper. CIMA sends YAMATO to the floor. CIMA trips Yoshino and ties up his legs. He suplexes YAMATO, snapping Yoshino’s legs. Gargano dropkicks Yoshino in the face and stomps on him and CIMA. CIMA kicks Gargano while he dangles on the top rope. Gargano slingshot spears CIMA for two. Gargano enzuigiri’s CIMA to the floor. Gargano suicide dives and comes off the apron with a somersault senton onto him. He then comes off the apron with a senton Yoshino and again to YAMATO. In the ring Gargano rolls YAMATO into a kick to the head. He gets two after double knees. YAMATO enzuigiri’s Gargano to stop the Hurts Donut. He hits a German suplex and a brainbuster for two. YAMATO puts on the CBV. CIMA breaks it up. Yoshino sunset flips CIMA. He avoids a double stomp and puts CIMA in From Jungle. He sunset flips CIMA for two. CIMA slams Yoshino and springboards into a double stomp for two. Yoshino blocks the Perfect Driver. He goes for the Ude Yoshino. CIMA blocks and hits the Perfect Driver for two. CIMA boots Gargano to the floor. Yoshino puts CIMA in the Coumori. Yoshino gets a running start and dropkicks CIMA in the side of the head from the floor. YAMATO catches Yoshino coming in with a suplex. YAMATO and Gargano slug it out mid-ring. Gargano superkicks YAMATO and delivers a lawn dart. He superkicks YAMATO before hitting the Diced Bread for two. He turns into the Gargano Escape. CIMA breaks it with a springboard dropkick. CIMA hits Schwein for two. He follows up with Meteora for the pin at 12:16. That was solid, but really not the spectacle or blow away encounter you may be expecting. They really underplayed Gargano almost making the champion tap out, but did show just how smart CIMA was. ***

CIMA challenges YAMATO for his Open the Freedom Gate title, saying he will take it from PAC if he wins tomorrow too. CIMA puts down Long Island before heading to the back.

Papadon vs. Alex Reynolds

Papadon suplexes his way out of a wristlock. Reynolds armdrags Papadon but Papadon holds onto his hand. Reynolds elbows him in the jaw. Papadon snapmares Reynolds into a low clothesline for one. Papadon headscissors Reynolds to the corner. Papadon sends Reynolds to the corner. Reynolds drops his nee across Papadon’s neck. He comes in with a slingshot elbow drop for one. Reynolds stomps Papadon to the mat to avoid a corner attack. Reynolds pins him for two. Reynolds puts on a straight-jacket choke. Papadon escapes and lights up Reynolds with strikes. Papadon delivers a diving uppercut from the second rope for two. Reynolds hits a chinbreaker. Papadon ducks his attack and gets two with a piledriver. Reynolds drops Papadon throat first on the middle rope. Papadon catches Reynolds with a boot. He suplexes Reynolds and heads up top. Papdon misses a diving headbutt. Reynolds drops Papadon over his knee in a fisherman’s neckbreaker for the pin at 4:45. That was solid stuff and a nice treat for the New York crowd to see their local guys on the big stage. **1/4

Gargano tells Rich Swann that he could feel how close he was to making YAMATO tap out. Good, they played it up! Gargano says next time he has YAMATO he will beat him and take his title. Swann agrees and fires Gargano up. Gargano then tells Swann that he’s going to get the job done in the main event tonight.

Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Arik Cannon

Mochizuki immediately yakuza kicks Cannon at the bell. Cannon shoulder blocks him to the mat. Mochizuki kicks him in the stomach and the back. Cannon forearms Mochizuki to the corner. Mochizuki sweeps his legs on the ring apron and dragon kicks Cannon to the floor. Mochizuki sits down on a single leg, twisting Cannon’s knee. Cannon grabs the ropes to break it. Cannon kicks Mochizuki to the corner. He delivers a chop. Mochizuki reverses an Irish whip. Cannon blocks a knee strike and hits Total Anarchy for two. Cannon twists Mochizuki’s legs until Mochizuki reaches the ropes. Mochizuki chest kicks Cannon to the mat. Mochizuki axe kicks Cannon to block a corner attack. Mochizuki chest kicks Cannon for two. Cannon blocks another chest kick with a dragonscrew leg whip. Cannon blocks an axe kick with another dragonscrew. Cannon applies a figure four. Mochizuki musters the energy to crawl to the ropes. Mochizuki kicks Cannon in the head when Cannon goes for another figure four. Mochizuki misses a corner splash. He connects with a yakuza kick in the opposite side of the ring. Mochizuki kicks Cannon a couple times in the head for a two count. Cannon blasts Mochizuki with a haymaker. He follows with a brainbuster for two. Cannon lariats Mochizuki for another two count. He misses a moonsault, allowing Mochizuki to recover and hit a springboard dropkick. After some punches and kicks, Mochizuki delivers the Ikkakugeri. He follows with the Sankakugeri for the pin at 9:03. This was a solid match but it lacked a certain something to make it stand out. I really like Arik Cannon, but for some reason I find him very hit or miss in DGUSA. This wasn’t a miss by any means but definitely a tad disappointing. **3/4

Sami Callihan attacks Mochizuki after the match. Susumu Yokosuka comes out to save Mochizuki. Pinkie Sanchez tries to take down Yokosuka but eats a lariat. Callihan lariats Yokosuka, then feeds Mochizuki to Cannon who hits a brainbuster. Callihan says it’s been twice now that they laid out Yokosuka and Mochizuki.

AR Fox vs. Akira Tozawa

Tozawa backs Fox to the corner and slaps his chest. Fox trips Tozawa into a front facelock. Tozawa reverses it. Tozawa turns into a side headlock and then reaches a stalemate on the mat. A quick exchange ends with a dropkick from Fox for two. Fox suplexes him for another two count. Tozawa slams Fox and hits a senton for two. Tozawa puts on a seated abdominal stretch. Tozawa then chops Fox in the corner. Fox blocks another so Tozawa punches him in the face. Tozawa chokes Fox on the middle ropes while grabbing Fox’s chin. Tozawa slams him for another two count. Tozawa kicks Fox down in the corner. Tozawa stretches Fox’s abdomen out on the mat. Fox reaches his leg out to get the ropes. Fox retaliates with a springboard dropkick for two. Fox drives his elbow into Tozawa’s face while he’s seated in the corner. Fox hits a split-legged moonsault for two. He hits a second, but this time twisted into a senton for two again. Tozawa gets the ropes to escape a chinlock. A few forearms and a corner lariat get him two. Fox ducks a bicycle kick. Tozawa kicks out Fox’s legs and sends him to the floor with a running knee strike. Tozawa follows with two consecutive suicide dives and a rolling senton off the apron. Tozawa drives his elbow into Fox’s face twice in the corner. He gets two with a Saito suplex. Fox blocks a bicycle kick. He delivers a stunner. He springboards off the rope into an Ace Crusher for two. Fox sends Tozawa to the floor and kick flips off the ring post onto him. Fox hits a guillotine leg drop from the top rope. Tozawa kicks out of Fox’s pin. He bicycle kicks Fox before delivering a Saito suplex. Fox breaks his German suplex attempt but takes a bicycle kick to the back of his head. Tozawa takes Fox over with a huracanrana. He knee strikes Fox in the head before collapsing. A strike exchange ends with Tozawa hitting a tornado enzuigiri. Fox enzuigiri’s Tozawa on the second rope. Fox hits the Lo Mein Pain for two. Tozawa bicycle kicks Fox as he goes up top. Tozawa brings Fox off with an avalanche German suplex. Tozawa bicycle kicks him in the corner. A German suplex gets him another two count. Tozawa ducks Fox’s enzuigiri. He delivers two German suplexes, then an arm-capture version for the pin at 17:40. These two did a fine job getting the crowd going, and while it wasn’t mind blowing it was Fox’s best match in the company so far. Tozawa made him look like a star while also showing how tough he is himself. Tozawa’s handshake and hug show that Tozawa saw the same things the crowd and I did during the bout. ***1/2

PAC vs. Ricochet vs. Rich Swann

Ricochet immediately dropkicks PAC to the floor. Swann ducks Ricochet’s clotheslines and dives onto PAC. He comes back in the ring. Ricochet catches him with a roll-up for two. Some rolls and flips end with a kick to the face from Ricochet. PAC springboards in with a dropkick that sends Ricochet to the floor. PAC back elbows Swann in the corner for two. PAC throws Ricochet into a barricade and comes back into the ring with Swann. He and Swann trade kicks. Swann back kicks him in the face for one. Swann snapmares PAC into a chinlock. Swann dropkicks PAC and hits Rolling Thunder for two. Swann tope con hilo’s onto Ricochet. Ricochet throws Swann into the barricade. He snapmares PAC and rolls into a low enzuigiri for two. Ricochet dropkicks PAC and drops an elbow. He punches Swann to prevent him from coming back in the ring. Ricochet gets two with a standing moonsault. Ricochet dropkicks Swann into the barricade. PAC flips over Ricochet to the corner. He evades a corner attack and Asai moonsaults onto Swann. Ricochet dropkicks PAC off the apron. He comes out with the Sasuke Special onto both of his opponents. Ricochet whips PAC into the ring post. In the ring Ricochet damn near kills Swann with a snapmare driver for two. Ricochet misses a twisting moonsault on Swann. PAC lands a springboard 450 splash on Ricochet but Swann breaks the pin. Swann single leg dropkicks PAC for a two count. PAC ducks Swann’s tornado kick. Ricochet trips PAC as PAC hits the ropes. Ricochet flips Swann into a superkick. PAC flips out of the corner and enzuigiri’s Ricochet. Swann tornado kicks PAC leaving all three men laying. Swann fires up an dishes out strikes to Ricochet. Ricochet hits an enzuigiri to stop his momentum. Ricochet suplexes PAC to block his springboard maneuver. Ricochet looks for a 630 splash. Swann kicks him and PAC enzuigiri’s Swann. Ricochet dropkicks Swann who is on PAC’s shoulders, causing him to fall into a reverse huracanrana on PAC. PAC throws Ricochet into the sky. PAC delivers a standing shooting star press. Swann breaks his pin with one of his own. PAC German suplexes Swann for two. Ricochet enzuigiri’s PAC off the top rope and to the floor. Ricochet hits the 630 splash on Swann for the pin at 12:14. That was a lot of flipping craziness as you would expect. What I didn’t expect was that Swann would look just as good and capable as Ricochet and PAC. It was cool, but you have seen a lot more put together and cleaner spotfests from Dragon Gate before. Still, a great way to end the show. ***1/2

Ricochet trash talks PAC before putting the boots to him. Yoshino runs out to save his partner. PAC says Yoshino will take care of Ricochet in New York City tomorrow night and promises to beat YAMATO for the Open the Freedom Gate title.

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