Tag Title Classic II

Plymouth, MA – 12.17.2010

Championship Rundown
ROH World Champion: Roderick Strong
ROH Television Champion: Christopher Daniels
ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)

Commentary is provided by Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak.

Adam Cole vs. Kenny King

King knees Cole in the gut and poses on the middle rope. King then forearms him in the face. King pushes Cole to the corner in a lock-up. Cole slaps King in the face and lights him up with chops. Cole hits a pair of dropkicks. King bails to the floor. Cole follows out with a suicide dive. Cole brings King back into the ring for a two count. Cole goes to the second rope and King shoves him to the floor. King throws Cole’s head a few times into the barricade. King suplexes Cole a rolls into a series of forearms. Cole ducks a spinwheel kick and rolls up King for two. King applies a grapevine neck stretch. Cole backslides King for two. King hits a clothesline for two. King hits an enzuigiri for two. King puts Cole on the second rope. Cole pushes King away and nails him with a flying leg lariat. Cole tries another backslide and only gets two. Cole tries a sunset flip and gets two again. King sunset flips Cole for two. King side steps a flying crossbody. Cole small packages King for two. King hits a cartwheel kick to the head. Cole hits a superkick and a German suplex for two. King sends Cole to the floor. King grabs Cole’s head, but Cole leaps up into an enzuigiri. King catches Cole in a crossbody. He hits the Royal Flush for the pin at 9:28. Solid opener to kick off the show. It’s becoming criminal how often Cole loses in ROH. King is also a rising star, so I guess I can’t be too upset at the loss, but it would’ve been best if they faced other people and both went over. **1/2

Colt Cabana vs. Mike Bennett

“Brutal” Bob Evans, Bennett’s coach/managerm is ringside for the match. Bennett knocks Cabana down with a shoulder block. He seems mighty proud of himself. Cabana leapfrogs Bennett a few times before hitting a hip toss. Cabana spins Bennett around and throws him face first to the mat by his arm. Bennett takes Cabana to the corner. Cabana do-si-do’s with the referee and rolls up Bennett for two. Angry, Bennett hits the floor to take to Evans. Cabana slingshots Bennett in from the apron. Evans distracts Cabana, allowing Bennett to sweep him off the second rope. Bennett hits a running knee strike for two. Bennett mocks Cabana after splashing him in the corner. Bennett punches Cabana to block a sunset flip. Bennett loses focus, allowing Cabana to sunset flip him anyway. Bennett catches him with a dropkick and applies a rear chinlock. Cabana escapes. He hits a flying clothesline. Cabana knocks Bennett down with the Flip, Flop and Fly. He follows up with the Flying Asshole. He faceplants Bennett for two. Bennett counters an attack in the corner with a neckbreaker across his knee. Bennett lands a spinebuster. Bennett slingshots in from the apron. Cabana catches him and applies the Billy Goat’s Curse. Evans distracts Cabana long enough for Bennett to roll him up at 8:54. Bennett’s fine, but Ring of Honor did themselves a great deal of disservice by hyping him up to the point of unrealistic expectations from the fans. He’s basic and has a lot of upward mobility, but people expect a lot out of him right away because Ring of Honor mislabeled him. Bennett’s heel shtick didn’t stop the crowd from berating him for most of the match. Cabana was good here too, but there’s only so much you can with a crowd that won’t give you a chance (especially with a bad finish). *3/4

Trial Series – Match #5
Andy Ridge vs. Christopher Daniels

Andy Ridge has a five match trial series and this is the fifth and final match in that series. Daniels immediately goes to Ridge’s leg. Ridge puts on a front facelock which Daniels reverses into a hammerlock. Ridge reverses on their feet. Daniels rolls Ridge into a pin for two as Ridge has a headlock applied. Ridge hits a shoulder block for two and then reapplies the headlock. They knock each other down with shoulder blocks. Daniels lands a pair of hip tosses and an armdrag. Daniels cartwheels over a drop down and armdrags Ridge to the mat. He traps his arm and places his knee on Ridge’s head. Ridge backslides Daniels and kicks him in the chest. Daniels backdrops Ridge as Ridge comes off the ropes. Daniels rams his shoulder into Ridge’s mid-section in the corner. Daniels hits a snap suplex for two. Daniels applies a chinlock. Ridge counters a suplex with a small package for two. Daniels hits a clothesline after Ridge tries a sunset flip. Daniels and Ridge boot each other down. Ridge hits a flying knee strike and a running boot for two. Ridge sends Daniels to the corner. Daniels evades a superkick and hits a uranage. Ridge kicks Daniels in the head and a superkick. Daniels rolls to the floor. Ridge brings him back in for a two count. Daniels hits the Angels’ Wings for the pin at 10:59. Ridge got in a lot offense and looked very good in this bout. Daniels was the perfect opponent for Ridge to have in the final match of his Trial Series. I hope Ridge gets a legitimate chance in ROH after this trial series, because he’s shown he’s worthy of being looked at as more than just another student. **3/4

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Kevin Steen & Steve Corino

Steen and Corino attack The Briscoes on the floor. The Briscoes take control in the ring, dropping Steen with a double uranage for two. Jay hits a dropkick for two. Mark batters Steen with punches and shoulder blocks in the corner. Jay and Mark go for a double hip to. Steen bites Jay in the ear and tags in Corino. The Briscoes knock him down with stereo shoulder tackles for two. Jay hits a side Russian leg sweep and Mark comes off the second rope with a tumbleweed senton for two. Steen snaps Jay’s neck on the ropes and Corino follows up with a sliding clothesline for two. Corino and Steen isolate Jay in their corner, preventing Mark from getting involved. After a lengthy beatdown, Jay comes back with a reverse Blockbuster. Mark and Corino tag in. Mark gives him some of that “redneck kung-fu.” Mark sends him to the floor with a spinwheel kick and dives onto both Corino and Steen. The Briscoes hit Corino with a legdrop/side slam combo and Steen breaks the pin. Steen powerbombs Mark and drops him with a pump-handle neckbreaker. Corino hits a Northern Lights Bomb. Jay breaks the pin with a superkick. Jay throws Corino’s thumb into Steen’s bum. Jay drops Corino with a Death Valley Driver. Mark nails a frog splash elbow drop for two. Steen cuts off Jay on the top rope. Corino low blows Mark behind the referee’s back. Steen gives him a Package Piledriver for the pin at 11:17. Very fun tag match and a nice homage to the old Steen/Generico vs. Briscoes battles. This wasn’t as good, but still a fun match to end the first half. ***

El Generico vs. Rhett Titus vs. Grizzly Redwood vs. Ricky Reyes

Reyes and Redwood start off. Reyes shows off at first but Redwood takes him over with an armdrag. Redwood rolls up Reyes for two. Titus and Generico tag in. Generico pounds away on Titus in the corner. Titus tags out to Reyes. Generico immediately pulls him into the ring and hits a flurry of chops. Generico drops him with a quebradora. Generico tags Redwood back in. Redwood sends Reyes to the floor with a huracanrana. Titus clotheslines Redwood to the floor to stop him from diving out. Reyes chops Redwood a few times before bringing him back into the ring. Titus tags in and suplexes Redwood for two. Titus hits the Thrust Buster and applies a Camel Clutch. Titus and Reyes pool their disdain for Redwood, taking turns beating on him in the corner opposite Generico. Redwood blocks an avalanche Sex Factor and takes Titus over with a rana. Generico tags in. He sends Reyes to the floor with a clothesline and nails Titus with a leg lariat. Generico clotheslines him to the floor as well. Generico Arabian presses onto them on the floor. Redwood dives onto everyone with a somersault senton. Generico hits Reyes with a crossbody in the ring for two. Generico hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Redwood hits Titus with a Thesz Press of the top. Reyes powerbombs Redwood and Titus dropkicks Reyes. Titus goes for the Muff Driver, but Redwood rolls through with a headscissors. Reyes sends Titus out with an enzuigiri. Redwood delivers a tornado DDT to Reyes. Generico hits Redwood with a yakuza kick and a brainbuster for the pin at 12:48. They should have called this Bore Corner Survival *rimshot*. But seriously, this was only entertaining for the quarter of the match Generico was involved in. He kills a bunch of scrubs before his big match with Steen tomorrow night. It’s a good story, but the execution was just not intriguing at all. **

Generico’s about to hurt Redwood further until Steve Corino comes out to talk to him. Corino says Generico has become a changed man. Corino says that Generico can avoid his confrontation with Steen tomorrow night if he surrenders his mask now. He does his best to convince Generico that it’s the fans fault that Steen mistreated him. Generico teases taking off the mask, but instead delivers a yakuza kick to Corino.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. TJ Perkins

O’Reilly and Perkins jockey for position on the mat. Perkins gets control with a headlock. They trip each others legs and go for a pin. On their feet they reach a stalemate. Perkins kicks O’Reilly in the chest as he comes off the ropes. O’Reilly rolls through a cross armbreaker and puts on one of his own. Perkins rolls him up for two. O’Reilly applies a grapevine ankle lock and Perkins immediately grabs the ropes. O’Reilly kicks away at Perkins’ hamstring. Perkins tries to take the guard but instead grabs a front facelock. O’Reilly backs Perkins to the ropes and kicks him in the chest. O’Reilly delivers a pair of butterfly suplexes and a butterfly DDT for two. Perkins rolls through a sunset flip with double knees to the chest. Perkins hits a suplex for two. Perkins stretches out O’Reilly’s arms and neck. Perkins avoids a suplex and double stomps O’Reilly out of the corner. Perkins and O’Reilly knock each other down with simultaneous kicks. Perkins hooks the ropes and O’Reilly dropkicks him to the floor. Perkins comes back in with a huracanrana for two. O’Reilly and Perkins rolls on the mat looks for a pin. O’Reilly kicks Perkins in the chest multiple times. They trade waistlocks. O’Reilly kicks Perkins in the back and hits a Dragon suplex for two. Perkins hits a jumping neckbreaker. O’Reilly applies a modified triangle choke while elbowing O’Reilly in the head. Perkins drops O’Reilly with a Falcon Arrow for two. O’Reilly hits a running boot in the corner. Perkins avoids a top rope attack. Perkins applies a modified sharpshooter. Perkins breaks and goes for double knees. He misses and O’Reilly kicks him in the head. Perkins blocks and pins O’Reilly for the win at 10:42. In a perfect world, this would’ve had the sharpshooter been the ending. This was a very unique bout of technical wrestling you don’t see often in Ring of Honor. When it does happen though, it’s a nice treat, and Perkins and O’Reilly did it really well. ***1/4

Roderick Strong vs. Sonjay Dutt

Truth Martini accompanies Strong to the ring. Strong backs Dutt to the corner and shoves him. Dutt and Strong trade front facelocks on the mat. Strong trips Dutt into a hammerlock. Dutt reverses with a snapmare but Strong holds onto the wrist. Dutt wheelbarrows into a sunset flip for two. Dutt slingshots in and tries a sunset flip. Strong grabs Dutt’s legs, but Dutt is able to apply the Tarantula. Truth grabs Dutt’s leg. Dutt armdrags Strong and baseball slides Truth down. He sends Strong to the floor with a huracanrana and pescado’s onto both Truth and Strong. In the ring, Strong trips Dutt off the top rope. Strong chops Dutt for two. Strong drops Dutt stomach first on the top rope. Strong elbows Dutt in the side of the head and torques on his elbow. Strong hits a dropkick for one. Dutt comes off the middle rope with a sunset flip. He counters a Stronghold with some forearms. Dutt bulldogs Strong in the corner and kicks him onto the middle rope. Dutt slingshots into a forearm strike and then comes in with a springboard splash for two. Strong blocks a Camel Clutch. He hits an enzuigiri. Dutt hits a superkick and a standing shiranui for two. Strong avoids a twisitng senton and hits a superkick for two. Strong gives Dutt a backbreaker for two. Dutt rolls through a Tiger Driver for two. Dutt blocks the gut buster with a huracanrana roll-up for two. Dutt sunset flips Strong for two. Strong superkicks Dutt and flips him into a backbreaker for the pin at 9:42. These two did a great job considering Dutt was a last-minute replacement for Kenny Omega. These two have made good opponents no matter what company they’re in and this was no exception. ***

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

Both Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn accompany The Kings. Claudio and Richards vie for the advantage. Claudio backs Richards to the corner and tags in Hero. After reaching a stalemate with Hero, Richards tags in Edwards. Claudio tags in and takes him down with a shoulder block. Edwards hits him with a hip toss and dropkick. Claudio regroups on the floor. Claudio comes back in and lights up Edwards with uppercuts. Edwards comes back with some chops and Claudio again regroups on the floor. Richards looks anxious to fight. He tags in and hits a double back elbow with Edwards for one. Richards delivers a running kick to the chest and Hero breaks the count. Edwards misses a chop allowing Claudio to throw him face first into a boot from Hero. Richards becomes antsy as he watched Edwards be beaten down by the Kings across the ring. Edwards escapes their beating by taking Hero down with a huracanrana, superkicking Claudio, and giving Hero an enzuigiri. Richards tags in and hits Hero and Claudio with kicks. Richards escapes a German suplex. He hits a running forearm and knee strike to Claudio. Richards follows with a top rope dropkick for two. Edwards nails a flying knee strike to Cladio. Hero dropkicks Edwards to the floor. Richards headbutts Hero away as he waits on the top rope. Claudio catches him as he comes off the top rope and Big Swings him into a dropkick from Hero for two. Hero brings Richards to the floor and kicks his head into the guardrail. Hero pis him for two. Edwards chops Hero in the back to break a half crab. Claudio and Hero now isolate Richards from his partner. Richards leg becomes the Kings’ target. Richards ducks an elbow allowing Edwards to kick Hero from the apron. Edwards tags in. He kicks Claudio from the apron on the floor. He comes into the ring with a crossbody to Hero for two. Edwards comes off the second rope with a Codebreaker for two. He transitions into a half crab. Claudio breaks the hold. Edwards sends The Kings to the apron. The Wolves knock them down with stereo kicks and follow up with suicide dives. Richards kicks Claudio in the face on the apron. Edwards double stomps Claudio on the apron. Hero boots Richards and Richards responds with a sole butt. Edwards double stomps Hero in the back. The Wolves nail tandem kicks to the head and Claudio breaks the count. Claudio hits Edwards with Swiss Chin Music for two. Claudio and Edwards exchange boots. Claudio hits a pop-up European uppercut and Richards breaks the count. Richards lights up Claudio in the corner with kicks. Claudio knocks him and Edwards down with clotheslines. Edwards hits an avalanche huracanrana on Claudio. Richards springboards into Claudio’s U.F.O. Richards sunset flips to avoid a Ricola Bomb for two. Richards rolls Claudio into an ankle lock. Hero breaks it. Claudio stops Richards on the top rope and brings him down with a superplex. Hero hits a top rope moonsault and Edwards breaks the pin. Hero superkicks Richards for two. Hero hits a rolling elbow and a cradle suplex and again only gets two. Richards and Hero exchange strikes. Hero hits a boot. Richards hits a rolling clothesline for two. Edwards delivers a tiger suplex to Hero. Hero lands a big boot. Richards sends Hero to the floor, but then gets cut off by a boot from Claudio. Edwards clotheslines Claudio to the floor. Edwards hits Hero with two superkicks and lands a suplex for two. The Wolves hit a double team alarm clock on Hero. They follow up with the superkick/German suplex combo and Claudio breaks the count. Edwards and Richards hit a lungblower/powerbomb on Hero for two. Hero blocks a 2k1 Bomb and hits a rolling yakuza kick for two. Hero then hits the Death Blow for two. Edwards tries a few roll-ups and only gets two. Hero tags him with a three rolling elbows. That gets Hero the pin at 36:15. This was a very good tag team match. At the same time, there absolutely no reason this match had to go this long. The length made for lots of superfluous action and way too many nearfalls. After awhile, I completely lost any sense of drama this match had. That being said, the fans loved it, and it’s quite possible most of you will enjoy this more than I did. I just think if you cut the time in half, you could have had a more concise, enjoyable match. While this was an enjoyable match overall, this to me had nothing particularly memorable and shouldn’t be labeled a “classic”. ***1/2

The Kings continue their attack after the match. The Wolves make a comeback and chase them off. Davey Richards of course cuts a very self-indulgent promo to end the show.

Bonus Features

ROH Video Wire: 12.13.2010

The only other bonus is Steve Corino talking to Kevin Steen about Final Battle 2010 which is coming up the next night.

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