The Best of Jon Moxley in wXw


wXw Tag Team Championship
The Kartel (Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier) vs. Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan

wXw “True Colors 2009” – Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 10.3.2009

The Kartel have been champions since 8.1.2009 and this is their second defense.

The Kartel were originally scheduled to face The Catch Hoolz of Sami Callihan and Big Van Walter. Before the match however, Walter turned on Callihan, hitting Callihan with a lariat. Frazier went to pin him, but instead decided to beat down Callihan some more. The Kartel beat down Callihan with a lot of confidence, considering it is now a two versus one situation. The fans get behind Callihan, but their support seems futile given the disadvantage. Eventually, Jon Moxley emerges from the crowd in his street clothes to even the odds! He fights off the Kartel until Frazier crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Callihan pulls Frazier down and passes him up to Moxley for a super powerbomb. Samuels uses Callihan to break up the pin. Moxley and Callihan give him a Hook and Ladder/Ace Crusher combo for the pin at the titles at 7:55! This was a good story to get Callihan over as resilient and Moxley as the hero. The fans detested the Kartel and loved watching Callihan get his comeuppance, so this worked well. **¼

wXw Tag Team Championship – Elimination Match
Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan vs. Mark Haskins & Tommy End vs. Bernd Föhr & Axeman vs. DJ Hyde & Big Van Walter

wXw “True Colors 2009” – Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 10.3.2009

In the main event of the night, Moxley and Callihan would defend the titles against those who advanced in the one night tournament. Haskins does damage to Föhr’s left leg. Föhr takes him down with a headscissors and tags in Axeman. He clotheslines Haskins into an elbow drop, then puts him in a hammerlock. The two men trade pin attempts to no avail. Axeman back suplexes Haskins and tags Föhr back in for an assisted somersault senton. Haskins maneuvers Föhr into a fisherman’s suplex for two. Föhr tags Axeman back in after taking a backdrop. Axeman gets in some shots before Haskins gives him a Codebreaker. Walter blind tags in on Walter. Axeman gets in some kicks before Walter dumps him on his head with a Saito suplex for the pin, eliminating him and Föhr at 7:27. Haskins unloads with chops and superkicks to Walter, but is unable to take Walter off his feet. Walter catches his crossbody attempt and drops him with an Emerald Flowsion for the pin, eliminating him and Tommy End (who never got to be in the ring once) at 8:45. The remaining four men slug it out. Hyde and Watlers double whip attempt backfires, as Callihan and Moxley swing around and lay in multiple corner punches., Hyde and Moxley knock them down. Callihan kicks out Hyde’s legs and gives him a bulldog for two. Meanwhile, Walter and Moxley fight on the outside. Hyde and Callihan trade chops as Moxley re-enters the ring. Moxley chokes Hyde with his vest, snapmaring him into an assisted splash from Callihan. Hyde kicks Moxley to cut off his suicide dive to Walter. Callihan springboard clotheslines Hyde onto Walter. Callihan and Moxley dive onto both of them. Hyde nails Callihan with a food tray. They chop each other outside as Walter and Moxley trade chops inside the ring. Walter and Hyde pummel Moxley in their corner until he avoids a corner splash and tags in Callihan. Walter stops his momentum with a big boot. Hyde and Walter beat him down until Callihan clobbers Hyde with a lariat and is able to tag in Moxley. Moxley finally takes Walter off his feet with a DDT for two. Walter fights out off Hook and Ladder and powerbombs Callihan onto Moxley. He lariats Moxley for two. Moxley low bridges the rope to send Walter to the apron. Callihan knocks him down with a clothesline. Hyde drops Moxley with a Bossman Slam but Callihan breaks up his pin attempt. Moxley nails him with a top rope dropkick. Callihan follows up with a lariat for two. He then puts Hyde in a Koji Clutch. Moxley kicks Walter away and adds an ankle lock to Hyde, forcing Hyde to tap out at 23:12, making Moxley and Callihan the victors. With Moxley and Callihan locking up the titles earlier in the night in an impromptu situation, this was the match to solidify them as champs to close out the evening. Though they didn’t compete with the first two teams, they at least got to defeat the largest team in the match, coming off as a force to be reckoned with. The wrestling wasn’t the best, but the story was the solid and the crowd was hot for the final two teams. **¾

Fans Bring the Weapons
Jon Moxley vs. HATE

wXw “18+ Underground – The First Stand” – Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 10.4.2009

HATE wins the opening forearm strike exchange and throws Moxley outside. They tease going through a lighttube structure, but instead fight into the crowd where Moxley chokes HATE with his vest. Moxley misses a guitar shot, causing the guitar to shatter against the ring post. HATE smashes a bundle of light tubes across Moxley’s back. Moxley returns the favor. They fight up near the hardcam where a light tube structure sits. HATE gives Moxley a side slam onto the structure for a two count, and then digs one of the broken tubes into Moxley’s forehead. Moxley takes him down near the staircase and delivers a stomp off the elevated platform. Over near the bar, HATE hits Moxley in the back with a piece of wood. HATE tosses Moxley into the crowd . Moxley digs something into HATE’s back. HATE smashes more light tubes across his back. Moxley hits him with a barbed wire racket in the back multiple times. He suplexes HATE back inside the ring and delivers a piledriver for two. He puts HATE in a figure four with the two of them rolling in light tube shards. HATE smashes more tubes on Moxley, then elbow drops tubes into him for two. Moxley takes HATE down before bringing the large light tube structure they teased going through earlier into the ring. HATE fights for a superplex, but Moxley shoves him off the top and through the contraption! It doesn’t matter though, as when Moxley crawls down and approaches HATE, HATE schoolboys Moxley and pins him at 9:02. Huh? So not only was that finish really dumb, but this was dull by deathmatch standards. They only used light tubes as a weapon, which is cool the first few times, but old the seventh or eighth time. It also doesn’t make sense that this would be advertised as a Fans Bring the Weapons match and not a lighttube deathmatch. This felt almost double the length that it actually was and never captured my attention. I guess you could say I “HATED” this! ¼*

Jon Moxley vs. Absolute Andy
wXw “Back to the Roots IX” – Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 1.16.2010

Andy overpowers Moxley in the opening lock-up, bringing Moxley to the corner. They reach a stalemate after battling over shoulder blocks, headscissors, and lateral presses. Moxley turns down a handshake from Andy. He breaks out of a wristlock and chops Andy to the corner. Andy chops him across the ring and brings him out with a backdrop before clotheslining Moxley to the floor. Andy follows him out and ends up being backdropped on the floor. Moxley drives Andy back first into the ring frame before bringing him back inside. He gives Andy a backbreaker and outstretches him across his knee. Andy fights back but Moxley gives him a belly-to-back suplex and chokes him on the middle and bottom ropes. He pulls Andy into a cutthroat neckbreaker. Moxley then applies a seated Japanese stranglehold, digging his knees into Andy’s shoulders and upper back. Andy twists out and backs Moxley to the corner. Moxley whips him back first into the opposite corner. Andy blocks a top rope dropkick and puts Moxley in the sharpshooter. Moxley crawls to the ropes to break. He drops Andy with a DDT for two. Andy comes back from an Irish whip with a flying forearm. Andy gets a two count with a Death Valley Driver and goes for the sharpshooter again. Moxley fights it from being applied and delivers a clothesline. Andy blocks a suplex, sweeps the legs, and puts on the sharpshooter. Moxley again gets the ropes to escape. Moxley comes off the second rope but is caught with a superkick. Andy hits a running sit-out Dominator for the pin at 10:50. There was nothing here to get invested in. They wrestled for a bit, and then it was over. No crescendo, little build, and a crowd that wasn’t invested. It’s not as if neither guy worked hard, there was just not much coherence to the action. *½

No Rope Barbed Wire Match
Jon Moxley vs. Drake Younger

wXw “18+ Underground – Chapter 2” – Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 1.17.2010

The ropes are replaced with barbed wire and there are two barbed wire boards in the ring. Both men resist being pushed into the wire. Moxley gets two with an O’Connor Roll. Younger stops short on a whip, but Moxley dropkicks Younger so that he lands pectoral and side first into the wire! Moxley rubs his forehead against the top wire strand. After trading blows, the two trade positioning in a lock-up, rolling each other onto the barbed wire. Younger then slams Moxley knees first into the wire. He then sends Moxley back first into the wire before pulling one of the boards into the middle of the ring. Younger flapjacks Moxley onto the board and applies a Muta Lock, putting his own head in the wire. Younger hits Moxley across the back and on the head with a chair wrapped in barbed wire. Moxley drops Younger crotch first onto the wires! He chops Younger free and puts him in a half crab. Moxley transitions into a Regal stretch. Younger goes to the eyes to escape. He then slingshots Moxley stomach first into the wire! Moxley kicks out of a schoolboy and knocks down Younger with a clothesline. Moxley suplexes him onto the barbed wire board. Moxley catapults Younger chest first into the bottom strand of wire for two. Younger Northern Lights suplexes Moxley onto the wire to escape being tossed onto it himself. Younger half-nelson suplexes Moxley onto the board for two. The wire sticks into Moxley’s head, which Younger pulls out. A board is set up in the corner. Moxley ends up throwing Younger onto it out of a release suplex! Even so, Younger is able to kick out of Moxley’s pin attempt. Moxley painfully pulls the wire out of Younger’s legs. A piledriver onto the barbed wire chair gives Moxley a two count. He places a barbed wire board onto two folding chairs. Unfortunately for Moxley, Younger puts him through it with a cutthroat driver for two. Younger then gives Moxley a Michinoku Driver on the board for two. A Rikishi Driver yields the same result, but this time Moxley keeps on a barbed wire assisted Fujiwara armbar upon kicking out. Younger rolls up to his feet. With the wire still entangling them, Younger hits the Drake’s Landing for the pin at 12:20. I enjoyed this much more than the HATE match, because there was actual wrestling and psychology mixed in with the hardcore elements. I really enjoyed the little touch of Younger reaching to the barbed wire as if it were a bottom rope to break the hold, but realizing it was his instincts kicking in and that he had to fight his way out instead. Younger took more punishment than Moxley, yet fought through the pain to get the victory. This was a nice surprise. ***

wXw Tag Team Championship
The Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan) vs. Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy)

wXw “2010 16 Carat Gold Tournament; Night 1” – Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 3.5.2010

The Switchblade Conspiracy have been champions since 10.3.2009 and this is their third defense. Callihan spits at Cheech before they make contact. Moxley distracts Cheech so Callihan can attack him from behind. The Conspiracy stomp him down in their corner. Cheech fires back with a chop to Moxley, so Moxley headbutts him. Cheech ducks a springboard clothesline from Callihan, throws him down to the mat, and comes in from the apron with a slingshot senton. Cloudy tags in, only to quickly be suplexed by Moxley. Cloudy ducks some strikes and takes down Moxley with a headscissors. He sends Moxley outside with a swinging Frankensteiner and follows with a tope suicida.In the ring, Moxley catches Cloudy’s high crossbody and swings him out into a slam. Callihan helps Moxley bully Cloudy in their half of the ring. Cloudy counters Moxley’s Hook and Ladder with a prawn hold, then scrambles to tag in Cheech when Moxley kicks out. Cheech Superman spears Moxley into the corner. Callihan takes him down with a lariat. He gets two with the Boing Splash. Cheech blocks Moxley’s uppercut with a backslide. Moxley picks Cheech up onto his shoulder in a Gory stretch while Callihan pummels him in the mid-section. Cheech takes down Callihan with a moonsault press for two. He follows up with a Busaiku knee before tagging Cloudy back in. Cloudy spikes Moxley with a tornado DDT after sending Moxley’s elbow into Callihan’s face. Cheech comes in. Moxley kicks him away and slams Cloudy face first into the mat. Cloudy evades a splash from Callihan. Up in Smoke dropkick Moxley to the floor. They take down Callihan with a tandem Hero’s Welcome, then hit the Tidal Wave. Moxley breaks up Cloudy’s pin. Moxley is tripped and then succumbs to Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. Up In Smoke set up for Death by Knee. Callihan boots Cheech and Moxley tosses him outside. Moxley superplexes Cloudy into a top rope splash from Callihan for the pin at 10:14. This is pretty much exactly what you’d expect out of a match between these two teams, with Up In Smoke hitting all their signature stuff and Moxley and Callihan beating them up. It was fun and didn’t go any longer than it needed, which is a big plus. **¾

wXw Tag Team Championship
The Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

wXw “2010 16 Carat Gold Tournament; Night 2” – Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 3.6.2010

The Switchblade Conspiracy have been champions since 10.3.2009 and this is their fourth defense. They attack the Bucks before the bell. They double clothesline Matt in the corner for an early nearfall. Moxley chokes Matt with his vest while dragging him over to Callihan, so that they can isolate him in their corner, keeping Nick at bay while doing so. Matt gets a visual pinfall with a small package, but the referee is tied up and doesn’t see Callihan turn it around. Callihan ground attacks Matt and shoves Nick off the apron. The Conspiracy for a tandem suplex on Matt, but Matt slips out and finally tags in Nick. Nick comes in with dropkicks and a spinwheel kick. He sends Moxley outside and hits a superkick from the apron. He gets two on Callihan with a slingshot X-Factor. Matt backs Callihan to the corner where Nick knees him in the face. Matt spears Callihan, then with Nick hits a standing moonsault/springboard splash combo. Moxley breaks up the pinfall. Matt assists Nick with a dropkick on Moxley. They attempt More Bang For Your Buck. Moxley gets his knees up to block Nick’s 450 splash. Callihan crotches Matt on the top rope. He Complete Shots Nick into the Koji Clutch. Matt gets back up to the top rope and moonsaults onto Callihan. Nick covers and once again Moxley stops the pin. Moxley DDT’s Nick for two. Matt lands a high crossbody on Moxley for two. Moxley crotches Matt on the top turnbuckle. He superplexes Matt into a top rope splash from Callihan. Matt gets his knees up. Nick superkicks Moxley and Matt small packages Callihan for two. Callihan gets superkicked by both Bucks. He catches a superkick from Nick, throws his foot into Matt’s face, then superkicks Nick out of the ring. Moxley shoves Matt into a Rick Rack by Callihan. Moxley drops Matt with the Hook and Ladder for the pin at 10:02. I appreciated that they cut off the opening portion of the typical tag match formula and got right down to business. The Bucks did their thing and got the crowd whipped up into a frenzy before being shut down by the bad guys once again. The story was fun to watch unravel and on multiple occasions I was convinced the Bucks were gonna pull out the upset. Good stuff. ***¼

wXw Tag Team Championship
The Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan) vs. Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi)

wXw “2010 16 Carat Gold Tournament; Night 3” – Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 3.7.2010

The Switchblade Conspiracy have been champions since 10.3.2009 and this is their fifth defense. Okabayashi easily muscles Moxley to two separate corners. Moxley fails to do much with him on the mat. Okabayashi chokes him in a headscissors, forcing Moxley to get the ropes to escape. Sekimoto and Callihan tag in. After some quick grappling, Callihan decides to tag out. Sekimoto twists up Moxley’s wrist so Okabayashi can double axe handle to arm twice. Moxley backs him to the corner where he and Callihan pummel him and dig their boots into his face. Okabayashi catches Callihan with a powerslam and tags in Sekimoto. He takes down Callihan in the corner, digs his knee into his face, then slams him for a two count. Sekimoto and Okabayashi take turns wearing down Callihan’s back and chopping him up nice and good. Callihan is able to knock Okabayashi away for long enough to ascend the ropes and knock him down with a top rope dropkick. Moxley gets tagged in and starts throwing punches and knees to Okabayashi. He rakes his eyes across the top rope. Okabayashi resists his shoulder block attempts. Okabayashi goes for one of his own and Moxley knocks him down with a dropkick. Moxley foolishly calls for a brainbuster, which Okabayashi reverses into a suplex. Moxley drops Sekimoto with an STO. Callihan tags in and gets into a chop battle with Sekimoto. Callihan kicks out Sekimoto’s leg and knees him in the head to end it. Moxley is admonished for pulling on Sekimoto’s hair when throwing him into the mat. He goes for the Regal Stretch but Sekimoto is too muscular. Moxley rubs his forehead into the canvas. He swings Callihan into a splash on Sekimoto for two. Sekimoto takes them both down with lariats and tags in Okabayashi. Strong BJ put the Conspiracy in stereo torture racks! After releasing, Okabayashi powerslams Callihan from the middle rope for two. Sekimoto enzuigiri’s Callihan. Sekimoto accidentally German suplexes Okabayashi when Moxley holds onto Callihan’s arms. Sekimoto gives Callihan the Chaos Theory and Moxley breaks the bridge. Sekimoto gets his feet up to escape a double corner splash. He sit-out powerbombs Callihan, but again Moxley stops the pinfall. Callihan pokes Okabayashi in the eyes. Moxley schoolboys him but only gets two. Moxley takes out his leg, stomps on his back, then lands a lariat for two. Moxley superplexes Okabayashi. Callihan misses his top rope splash. Sekimoto top rope splashes Callihan, then corners Moxley as Okabayashi pins Callihan. Even so, Callihan is able to get his shoulder up. The Conspiracy ram Okabayashi into the corner multiple times before successfully hitting a double clothesline. Moxley DDT’s Okabayashi for two. He fires up when Callihan kicks him. Callihan drops him with a reverse DDT and cranks back on his arm and neck. Moxley adds a figure four leg lock and Okabayashi taps out at 19:40. Had they kept the pace of the previous two bouts and just clobbered each other, this would’ve been fantastic. At nearly 20 minutes they had exhausted just about everything they could do and lost the crowds interest at points because of it. They got them back but the end, but this definitely could’ve lost a few minutes and been a bit more intense. ***

wXw Tag Team Championship
The Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan) vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

wXw “The Vision” – Philadelphia, PA – 3.13.2010

The Switchblade Conspiracy have been champions since 10.3.2009 and this is their sixth defense. Bryce Remsburg and Eddie Kingston on commentary already brings up the overall quality of this match. Callihan goes for Richards’ legs. Richards trips him into his own leg hold, causing Callihan to immediately get the ropes. Moxley and Edwards reach a stalemate on the mat. Callihan and Edwards trade chops. Edwards is shoved to the corner. He’s distracted by Moxley, allowing Callihan to take control and choke Edwards with his boot. The Conspiracy’s teamwork is short lived, as Edwards backs Callihan to his corner. Edwards takes down Callihan with a headbutt and clothesline before knocking Moxley off the apron. Richards softens him up with chest kicks before passing him off to Edwards. Callihan reverses a corner whip and back drops Edwards. Moxley punches Edwards from the canvas, sending him into a chop from Moxley. Moxley does some damage to Edwards’ arm. Edwards shoves him to the corner. Moxley and Richards fight for a suplex, which Moxley gets. The Conspiracy keeps Richards in holds around his head and neck. Richards hits the Damage Reflex on Callihan and tags in Edwards. He mows down Callihan with a clothesline for one. Callihan O’Connor Rolls Edwards. Edwards sends Callihan into a kick from Richards. Edwards gives Callihan an inside out suplex. Richards comes off the top with a dropkick to Callihan. He puts Callihan in a Trailer Hitch and Edwards adds extra leverage by pulling on Richards’ arms. The Wolves punish Callihan, focusing on his left knee. Callihan catches Richards with a DDT. Moxley shoves Edwards into a guardrail and tags in. He drops Richards with a Boss Man Slam for two. Richards goes for a rolling clothesline and Moxley brings him down in a Fujiwara armbar. Richards rolls out. Edwards tries to attack but is sent out. Richards misses a corner attack and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Moxley re-applies the armbar. Callihan intercepts Edwards, but Edwards shoves Callihan onto Richards and Moxley. The Conspiracy double clothesline Edwards in the corner. Richards halts Callihan on the top rope, causing Callihan to fall to the mat. Edwards pops Moxley into the Alarm Clock. Edwards superkicks Moxley into a German suplex from Richards. Callihan breaks the pin just in the nick of time. Callihan boots Edwards. He and Moxley drop Edwards with the Hook and Ladder/Ace Crusher combo. Richards stops the pin. A flurry of offense leaves all four men laying. Both teams trade blows. Callihan clotheslines Richards outside. Edwards rolls through Moxley’s sunset flip and kicks him in the chest. Moxley catches Edwards climbing the ropes. He superplexes Edwards into a top rope splash from Calliahn for a close nearfall. Richards drives Callihan into the guardrail. The Wolves unload with kicks to Moxley’s head. He kicks out of that, so Edwards powerbombs Moxley onto Richards’ knees. Edwards then puts on the Half Crab. Moxley turns that into a small package, pinning Edwards at 18:42. The intensity was good, the nearfalls were believable and exciting, and if it was maybe 5 minutes shorter it would’ve been all the better. I think breaking the mold of the typical tag team formula to start was smart, but I think it’s also the culprit behind some of the unnecessary time. On paper this is somewhat of an “indie dream match”, and while it didn’t reach a “must see” status, in retrospect it’s really cool the match happened. ***¼

Jon Moxley vs. Rico Bushido
wXw Fight Club 2010” – Bocholt, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – 11.5.2010

Rico backs Moxley to the corner and breaks cleanly. They shove one another before Moxley kicks Rico in the stomach and nails him with multiple forearm strikes. Rico rolls him into a full leg nelson, causing Moxley to grab the ropes quickly. Rico kicks at the leg while Moxley holds onto the top rope to stay vertical. Moxley catches Rico with a back elbow as Rico comes off the ropes.Moxley gets in some shots, but Rico turns things around with Mongolian Chops and a running knee strike in the corner. Rico comes in with double knees for a two count. He kicks at Moxley’s leg again. Moxley side steps a charge and sends Rico to the apron, knocking him into the guardrails with a back elbow. Back inside, Moxley gives a Code Breaker to Rico’s arm before applying a Fujiwara armbar. Rico fights out and nails Moxley with a leg lariat. Moxley goes for a clothesline. Rico blocks and takes Moxley over with a pair of exploder suplexes. A hard double overhand chop gets Rico a nearfall. He locks on a rear naked choke. Moxley gets the ropes. Rico calls for a Dragon Sleeper, but Moxley drops him with an Ace Crusher for two. Moxley comes off the top. Rico catches him with a chest kick. He schoolboys Moxley for two. Moxley small packages Rico for two. Moxley ducks a head kick and schoolboys Rico, holding his tights for the pin at 8:08. While I liked what Rico offered, the match they put together wasn’t the most intriguing and ended very abruptly. It seems like such a weird way to end the compilation too, with a short, nothing special contest. **¼

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