Ring of Honor: Richards vs. Daniels

Chicago Ridge, IL – 10.16.2010

Championship Rundown
ROH World Champion: Roderick Strong
ROH Television Champion: Eddie Edwards
ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli

Commentary is provided by Kevin Kelly & Dave Prazak.

Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole vs. The All Night Xpress (Kenny King & Rhett Titus)

O’Reilly tosses Titus to the mat and goes for an armbar. Titus grabs the ropes to escape. O’Reilly turns a waistlock into a rolling armbar for two. Titus knocks him down with a shoulder block. O’Reilly responds with a kick to the back and one to the chest. King and Cole tag in. Where’s Nat? (insert rimshot) King and Cole trade wristlocks. King brings Cole down and swipes the back of his head. King grabs a side headlock. Cole transitions into a hammerlock. Cole rolls up King for two. Cole takes King down with a deep armdrag. O’Reilly tags in. He kicks King into a leg lariat from Cole, but only gets a two count. O’Reilly hits a shoulder block and applies a headlock. Titus blind tags in. King and Titus take O’Reilly down with some tandem offense. The ANX take turns working over O’Reilly. O’Reilly makes a comeback by taking both Titus and King with a double dragonscrew leg whip. Cole tags in and hits both men with a dropkick. He nails King with an enzuigiri. He slingshots into a DDT on Titus on the ring apron. Cole hits King with an enzuigiri from the apron. O’Reilly and Cole hit a suplex/crossbody combo for two. King nails Cole with an enzuigiri and Titus follows up with a dropkick for two. Cole gives Titus a chinbreaker before tagging in O’Reilly. O’Reilly and Cole hit a superkick/enzuigiri combo on Titus. Cole superkicks Titus into a lariat from O’Reilly for a two count. King tosses O’Reilly to the floor. He backrakes Cole who’s on the top rope with Titus. Titus slams Cole face first into the top rope, and King hits him with shotgun knees. O’Reilly rolls up Titus for two. The ANX each hit a kick. Titus gives O’Reilly an inverted overdrive for the win at 11:00. While Cole and O’Reilly may have gone 0-2 this weekend, they immediately made an impact with two great performances. By this time next year, these guys are going to be main eventing shows. The ANX have also grown as a team and were good foils for the new team. ***

Trial Series – Match #2
Andy Ridge vs. Ricky Reyes

Andy Ridge has a five match trial series and this is the second match in that series. Reyes throws Ridge down out of a waistlock. Reyes knocks him down with a shoulder block. Ridge hits a standing crossbody for two. Reyes blocks a kick, but Ridge kicks Reyes in the chest. Reyes goes to the floor. Reyes kicks Ridge as Ridge attempts a dive. Reyes slams Ridge on the floor. In the ring, Reyes chokes Ridge with his boot and hits a back elbow. He hits a butterfly suplex for two. Ridge tries a sunset flip for two. Reyes lands a spinwheel kick and throws Ridge back to the floor. Reyes hits a vertical suplex in the ring for two. Ridge hits a few kicks to Reyes for two. Ridge kicks Reyes from the apron twice. He hits a chinbreaker for two. Reyes knocks Ridge down with a hard clothesline. Reyes hits a sit-out powerbomb for two. Ridge forearms Reyes, and Reyes responds with an enzuigiri. Reyes hits a brainbuster for two. Ridge gives Reyes a backbreaker for two. Reyes pops up Ridge into a powerbomb and follows up with a twisting neckbreaker for the pin at 8:49. Reyes is such a bore. Why is he even in this company? And why is he beating a student who’s way better than him? When the fans chant “please don’t talk” when you pick up a microphone, it’s time to go away. Ridge on the other hand continues to look good and certainly has great potential. *

Daizee Haze & Jamilla Craft vs. Lady JoJo & Nevaeh

Some “fan” threw water on JoJo’s tits before the match, and she yells at him after the bell rings. Haze puts on a wristlock and tags in Craft. She hits a basement dropkick for two. She tags in Haze, who elbows JoJo’s arm while Craft holds it. Haze continues to torque JoJo’s arm. JoJo slams Haze. Haze tags Craft back in, and she armdrags JoJo over into a crucifix pin for two. Craft tries La Magistral for two. JoJo kicks Craft into Nevaeh. JoJo kicks Craft down and tags in Nevaeh. Nevaeh and JoJo take turns beating Craft down while Haze looks on. Haze finally tags in and knocks Nevaeh and JoJo down with a top rope dropkick. She takes Nevaeh down with a neckbreaker and a Northern Lights suplex for two. She tries a Skayde schoolgirl but only gets two. Haze puts Nevaeh in a modified armbar, but JoJo breaks the hold. Haze blocks a DDT and puts JoJo in a Muta Lock. She drops Nevaeh with an STO, inflicting more pain on JoJo’s leg. Nevaeh accidentally knocks JoJo off the apron. Haze lands a fisherwoman’s suplex for two. Haze hits the Heart Punch. Craft hits a spear and JoJo breaks the pin. Haze throws JoJo to the floor and dives from the top rope onto her. Nevaeh small packages Craft to score the pin at 8:56. Very anticlimactic finish, but I liked what I saw from everyone in this match. However, if this women’s wrestling isn’t going to go anywhere, it seems silly to put it on the shows. **1/2

Homicide vs. Kevin Steen

Fists are flying from both men as the match kicks off. Steen chokes Homicide on the middle rope. Homicide grabs Steen’s face and gives him ten punches in the corner before biting his forehead. Steen bites Homicide right back and elbows him in the back of the head. Homicide trips Steen and looks for a sharpshooter. Steen grabs Homicide’s hand and bites it to escape. Steen gives Homicide a few shots to the head. Steen is distracted by the fans chanting “OLE!” Homicide headbutts Steen in the gut. Steen hits a belly-to-back suplex for two. Steen blinds Homicide with his own bandana and punches him. Homicide pokes Steen in the eyes and puts the bandana on his face. Homicide lays in a punch, then throws Steen by the bandana out of the corner. Steen grabs Homicide’s face and throws the bandana at him. Homicide comes off the second rope with a shoulder block. Steen rolls to the floor to regroup. Steen rolls back in to avoid a dive. Steen elbows Homicide to the floor. Homicide tears the ringside area apart. Steen backs Homicide into the guardrail. Homicide whips Steen into the ringside table. Steen tries throwing one of the sheet metal signs from the barricade in the ring, butgives it an elbow drop when he has difficulty doing so. Homicide and Steen stick their finger in each other’s noses…what is going on? Steen throws Homicide back in the ring after teasing to put him through a table. Steen misses a cannonball senton in the corner. Steen gets his knees up to avoid a frogsplash. Homicide gets his knees up to block a somersault senton. They each hit a clothesline simultaneously. Back on their feet, Homicide hits an elbow strike. Steen hits a powerbomb for two. Homicide blocks the package piledriver. He hits a Rude Awakening for two. Steen avoids a diving headbutt and puts Homicide in the crossface. Homicide escapes and hits a neck breaker and a lariat for two. Steen blocks the Cop Killer. He drops Homicide with a pump-handle slam across his knee for two. Homicide cuts off Steen on the top rope. Homicide takes Steen off with an ace crusher for the pin at 12:54. This was a strange, bizarre match but also fun for the entire bout. It was much better than their encounter back at “New Frontiers” in 2005. I could do without two guys picking each others noses and some other random nonsense, but the fans seemed to like it a lot. **3/4

Homicide cuts a post match promo where he mentions El Generico. This causes Steen to come back to the ring and attack Homicide. Officials and wrestlers eventually break them up.

The Metal Master vs. Mike Mondo

Master and Mondo both quickly look for a flash pin. They trade wristlocks. Master applies a full nelson. Master drops down and wraps his legs around Mondo’s arm to stretch out his back. Mondo grabs the ropes to avoid a crossface. Mondo dumps Master to the floor. He misses a pescado, and Master quickly runs in the ring to dive back out onto Mondo. Master throws Mondo back in the ring. He misses a crossbody. Mondo hits a running knee strike and a basement dropkick for two. Mondo hits a neck snap and another basement dropkick for two. Master counters a clothesline with a backslide for two. Mondo kicks Master away to avoid a submission. Mondo avoids a dropkick. Mondo and Master exchange chops. Master drops Mondo with a front facelock DDT. Master hits a powerslam for two. Mondo knees Master in the face and hits two clotheslines. Master hits two release German suplexes. Master then hits a powerbomb for two. Mondo armdrags Master off the top rope. Mondo hits a moonsault press for two. Mondo and Master keep countering each other until Master hits a brainbuster for two. Master applies a crossface. Master rolls so that Mondo can’t grab the rope. Mondo taps out at 6:08. There’s really not much to say about this match. The wrestling was solid, but an overall pointless bout. **

Elimination Match
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)

Shane Hagadorn accompanies the Kings in this non-title match. All four guys brawl around ringside to start. The Briscoes chop Claudio in the corner. Claudio lands on his feet out of double biell, but gets knocked down with a double shoulder block and big boot from Jay. Mark wears down Claudio. Claudio blocks a suplex and tags in Hero after a series of knee strikes to Mark’s stomach. Hero lays in more knee strikes to Mark’s face. Hero hits a twisting neckbreaker for two. Mark nails Hero with a forearm and tags in Jay. He hits a dropkick on Hero for two. Hero cracks Jay with a hard elbow. Claudio tags in and rolls up Jay for two. Mark blind tags in and hits Claudio with a flying knee strike. Claudio rolls to the floor to talk with Hero. The Briscoes hit stereo tope con hilo’s on both of them. The Briscoes team up on Claudio in the ring. Claudio reverses the momentum and teams up on Jay with Hero. Jay takes both Kings down and tags in Mark. Mark gives Claudio a knee strike. He snapmares Hero into an enzuigiri. Mark nails a spinwheel kick on Claudio. Mark hits Hero with a moonsault press, and Claudio breaks up the pin. Mark dumps Claudio to the floor, where Hagadorn hands him Hero’s loaded elbow pad. The Briscoes hit a side slam/legdrop combination. Claudio hands the elbow pad to Hero. The Briscoes look for the Doomsday Device, but Hero catches Mark with the elbow pad as he comes off the top rope. Hero pins Mark at 10:33. Claudio beats up Jay on the floor. Hero keeps on Jay while Claudio gloats to the crowd. Jay makes a comeback, but gets launched by Claudio into an elbow strike from Hero. Jay stomps on Claudio, and drops Hero onto Claudio with a gourd buster. Jay and Claudio trade forearms while Hero recovers on the floor. Jay drops Claudio with the Jay Driller for the pin at 13:31. Jay ducks the rolling elbow and puts Hero in a backslide to score the pin and the victory at 13:51. This stipulation was quite silly and pretty pointless, but I guess it added a change from a usual tag match. That being said, this was easily the weakest match these two teams have had. Still good, but really not special. **3/4

We see backstage wrestlers and officials forcing Kevin Steen into a straightjacket. Cabana’s overseeing this. Steen says it doesn’t matter, and that Cabana is going to die in his hometown in front of his parents tonight. Steen adds that he doesn’t know how to dance, but is going to learn just so he can dance on Cabana’s grave. I love Kevin Steen.

”I Quit” Match – Kevin Steen is withheld via straightjacket ringside
Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino

Cabana lays in a series of punches to Corino. He hits a quebrada and puts on a cross armbreaker. Corino rolls to the floor. Corino whips Cabana into the guardrail and rubs his forearm in Cabana’s face. Steen kisses an obnoxious fan ringside. Cabana throws Corino back in the ring. Corino throws Cabana down and applies a figure four leg lock. Cabana reverses the momentum. Cabana gives Corino a back elbow. He looks for the Billy Goat’s Curse, but Corino rolls to the floor before he can lock it in. Cabana brawls Corino on the floor. Corino throws some chairs in the ring. Cabana comes back in and tries again for the Billy Goat’s Curse. Corino blocks, so Cabana applies the Cattle Mutilation. Corino escapes and tries a Cobra Clutch. Cabana escapes but gets knocked down with a lariat. Corino kicks Cabana in the groin. He sets up a chair in the corner. He goes to the floor and breaks a full Budweiser bottle on the ring post. He tries to stab Cabana with it, but Cabana fights back. He stabs Corino in the arm and slices it open. Corino puts on a modified crossface. Cabana escapes. He ducks a lariat and gives Steen a baseball slide dropkick. Cabana locks Corino in the Billy Goat’s Curse. Steen gets in the ring. Cabana backs him into the corner. Corino cuts off Cabana’s attempt at a Flying Asshole with a lariat. Corino takes the straightjacket off of Steen. Steen and Corino double team Cabana. Steen hits a cannonball senton. Cabana lays in a series of punches to both guys. Corino kicks his leg out and stretches out his back over his knee. Steen menacingly hovers over Cabana with a chair. Multiple wrestlers come out to stop Steen. Corino runs at Cabana. Cabana side steps it, and Corino runs shoulder first into the chair that was set up in the corner. Cabana hits Steen with a chair, sending him to the floor. Cabana puts the straightjacket on Corino and powerbombs him through a table. Cabana takes a piece of the broken table and digs it into Corino’s head. Corino says “Fuck You!” when the referee asks if he quits. Cabana digs the table into Corino’s head again, and finally quits at 16:57. I’m not sure what I thought of this match. I think coming off of their amazing match at “Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies 2”, anything else would have been a let down. There was blood and weapons, but it’s not as if this will be anything memorable. It was a neat idea to blow off this portion of the Steen/Generico saga, but it fell somewhat flat. I also don’t know why the students came out to stop Steen. I mean, it’s not like he broke any rules. **3/4

Davey Richards vs. Christopher Daniels

Richards and Daniels stifle as they both go for a shoulder block. Richards shoves Daniels after Daniels tries a shoulder block. Daniels and Richards exchange holds on the mat. Daniels snapmares Richards out of a hammerlock. Richards cartwheels out of a wristlock and takes Daniels down with a dropkick and hip toss. Richards knocks Daniels down with a shoulder block and hits him with a spinwheel kick for two. Daniels takes Richards down. He hits a few jabs and a leg lariat for one. Richards rams his shoulder into Daniels’ stomach in the corner. Daniels gets sent to the floor. Richards hits a running kick to the chest. Richards whips Daniels into the guardrail and follows up with a big boot. Richards applies an Indian Death Lock, which Daniels escapes by grabbing the bottom rope. Richards applies a headscissors on the mat. Richards transitions into an arm-capture cloverleaf. Daniels gets turned to his shoulders and gets pinned for a two count. Daniels suplexes Richards to the floor. He tries a baseball slide, but Richards heads back in the ring. Richards goes for a dive and Daniels hits him with a shotei to block. In the ring, Daniels hits a high crossbody for two. Daniels slams Richards and hits an Arabian Press for two. Daniels hits a running clothesline. Richards cracks Daniels with a kick to the head. Richards hits a running forearm and snap suplex. Richards hits a flying headbutt for two. Daniels backs Richards into the corner to avoid the DR Driver. Richards and Daniels fight on the middle rope. Richards takes Daniels down with a superplex. Daniels escapes an ankle lock. Richards and Daniels engage in a battle of strikes. Richards lays in some Kawada Kicks while Daniels’ gives Richards some shotei’s. Richards hits the Alarm Clock. Daniels drops Richards with the Blue Thunder Bomb. He transitions from an STO into the Koji Clutch. Richards turns it into an ankle lock, but Daniels then turns it into his own ankle lock. Richards rolls forward, throwing Daniels to the floor. Richards hits a suicide dive into the crowd. In the ring, Daniels peppers Richards with strikes. Richards hits a handspring enzuigiri. Richards kicks Daniels in the shoulder and places him on the top rope. Richards runs up and tosses Daniels off the top rope with a German suplex. Daniels chops Richards on the top rope. Richards headbutts Daniels to the mat. Richards misses a shooting star press. Daniels grabs Richards and locks the Koji Clutch back on. Richards gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Richards and Daniels fight on the ring apron. Daniels drops Richards on the apron with a Death Valley Driver. Both men make it back in before the 20 count. Daniels shotei’s Richards to the floor. Richards fires up and gets back in the ring. Richards and Daniels exchange strikes. Daniels hits the Angel’s Wings for two. As Daniels comes off the top rope with the best moonsault ever, Richards catches him in an ankle lock. Daniels rolls into a pin for two. Daniels hits an enzuigiri, and Richards hits a clothesline for two. Richards kicks Daniels right in the head for two. He drops Daniels with the DR Driver for two. Richards goes back to the ankle lock. Richards sits down on it and Daniels taps out at 29:31. Man, that certainly was a heck of a match. Daniels work when he first came back was underwhelming,but over the past couple of months he has really put on some great matches. This one was easily the best of all all. He has really re-earned his main event spot in ROH. Richards of course put in another great contest and had the Chicago fans going nuts at the end. The six months of build up led to a great pay off. If you’re a big fan of either guy, this is certainly a match you want to see. ****1/4

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