AIW: Nightmare Before X-Mas 3 (50th Show Celebration)

Cleveland, OH – 12.20.2009

Pinkie Sanchez & Marion Fontaine [Pink Mustaches] vs. Ben Fruith & Corey Winters [Lights Out] vs. Chase Burnett & Zane Silver [Team Beyond]

Two of these three teams were in the awesome triangle tag team match from last month, let’s hope Pinkie and Fontaine can help recreate the magic. Just like the last one, this match is way too fast paced for play by play. This was a fun match, but not as good as last month’s. Pinkie and Fontaine are a good tandem and I hope they get used together more often in AIW. Team Beyond continue to impress, and got the win after Silver gave Pinkie a brainbuster on Burnett’s knees at 11:12. Lights Out took some of the wind out of this match, but it was still a good time. ***

Tommy Mercer vs. Corvis Fear

Fear cuts a promo admonishing the parents in the crowd bringing their kids to a show held in a bar. He’s got a point. Fear gets in a couple cheap shots and retreats to the ropes. Mercer lays in some clotheslines in the corner and forearms Fear in the chest. Fear goes to the floor, and Mercer beats him around the ringside area. In the ring Fear hits a Manhattan Drop and clothesline from the middle rope. Fear lays in some punches to the corner. Mercer looks for a clothesline and Fear pokes him in the eyes. Mercer blocks a tornado DDT and gives Fear a delayed Falcon Arrow for two. Fear low blows Mercer behind the referee’s back. Mercer cracks him in the face with a big boot for two. Fear gives Mercer a sole food and a neck breaker. Fear dropkicks him and stands on his neck. Mercer makes a comeback, and blasts Fear with a hard rolling forearm for two. Fear hits a Shining Ace Crusher for two. Fear springboards into a second Ace Crusher for two. He tries a second, but Mercer catches him. Mercer hits a spin-out facebuster for the pin at 8:58. Real fun, fast-paced action from both guys. Right up there with the first match. **3/4

Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron [The Homeless Handicap Connection] and Hailey Hatred vs. Grindhouse, Jack Verville, & Chest Flexor [The Jack of Love]

Verbille and Flexor tag out to Grindhouse to start against Hatred. The Jack of Love work on Hatred’s arm. Hatred armdrags Verville, and then judo throws him. Verville kicks her away and tags in Flexor. She also takes Flexor down. She tags in Iron who hits a neckbreaker. He takes him down then tags in Joe. Joe spears Iron into Flexor in the corner. Joe hits a bulldog for two. Joe hits a clothesline and a pit stop in the corner. The Jack of Love beat on Joe, but Hatred comes in and boots Verville. Verville gives her a back elbow, and Grindhouse throws her face first into the guardrail. The Jack of Love isolate Hatred from her teammates and beat on her. Hatred is able to escape after hitting a crossbody off the second rope onto Verville. She tags in Iron and Joe, who take out Grindhouse and Flexor. They hit the Bushwhackers battering ram. They hit Flexor with a double hip toss and double fist drop for two. Grindhouse dumps Iron to the floor. Iron comes back in with a double crossbody to Flexor and Grindhouse. Verville breaks a pin. Hatred and Joe lay in shots to Verville, and Iron joins them. The Jack of Love regain composure and take them out. Verville hits an ace crusher variation for two. Flexor wraps a chain around his fist and accidentally hits Grindhouse. Grindhouse comes back and looks for a gut-wrench powerbomb. Hatred blocks and hits a bridging German suplex for the pin at 11:48. Not a very good trios match. Everyone was all over the place and they didn’t seem to know what they were doing at times. *1/2

Flexor and Verville attack Hatred post match.

Shane Douglas comes out to talk to the crowd. He puts over the Cleveland Browns and then talks about how ECW changed the wrestling business. He buries the WWE’s ECW and gets the fans to chant ECW and AIW. All of sudden, the “President of Wrestling” Lamont Williams interrupts him. He makes fun of Shane for being old and tells him to hang up his boots, just like Shane told Ric Flair many years ago. Williams blasts him with the microphone and chokes him with his shirt. A referee comes out and a match is on.

Shane Douglas vs. Lamont Williams

Williams chokes Douglas on the mat. Douglas fights up, and Williams takes him down with a clothesline for two. Williams chokes him on the ropes, slides under the ropes, and gives Douglas a step-up enzugiri. Williams applies a headscissors to Douglas on the mat. Douglas boots Williams in the corner. Douglas snaps Williams’ neck. Douglas hits a snap powerslam for two. Williams pokes Dougls in the eyes and kicks him low. Douglas takes Williams down with a belly-to-belly slam for the pin at 3:53. Well that accomplished nothing, but worked for the crowd. I’m happy for them, I guess, but as a DVD watcher it added no enjoyment. ¼*

Chandler Biggins comes out and says that Colt Cabana called him. He says he picked Southside Sinclair to be in the Legacy Brawl. Sinclair by the way, party’s so hard he is required by law to wear a diaper. That’s his gimmick. I swear it.

The Legacy Brawl

This is a battle royal featuring past and present AIW guys. The participants include: Southside Sinclair, Isaac Montana, Dave The Potato, Rebis, Dave Wiggler, TJ Dynamite, Guile Corey, Combat Kid, Shawn Blaze, Isaiah Buzz, and all three members of Jack of Love from earlier. At least I think so, no graphics were provided for these guys and I don’t know why. Yes, the announcer announced them, but I have no idea how to spell these jerks names. Anyways, like most battle royals, this completely sucked. Dave The Potato wins at 11:03 and I hate my life. DUD

Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon [Aeroform] vs. Shiima Xion & Low Rider

Rider shoves Lyndon, and Lyndon responds with a crane stance. Lyndon and Rider go back and forth till Lyndon hits an armdrag. Rider hits one of his own. Rider mocks Lyndon and Lyndon botches a hurricanrana. Rider punches Lyndon, and Lyndon hits a hurricanrana off the ropes. We forgive you now! Both guys try a leg sweep into a pin but reach a stalemate. Xion tags in and knocks Kendrick off the apron. Lyndon headscisosrs Xion down. Xion pops up and catches Lyndon with a rana. Lyndon goes over Xion. Lyndon headbutts him in the gut, and hops off the second ropes with a dropkick. Kendrick tags in and gives Xion a wheelbarrow armdrag. Kendrick hits a sole butt and flips into an armdrag. Rider tags in and takes out Kendrick. Kendrick comes back and tags in Lyndon. Lyndon chops Rider’s arm and snapmares into a double axe handle for two. Lyndon and Kendrick give Rider stereo kicks for two. Rider blind tags Xion in. Rider hits a lungblower for two. Xion and Rider cut the ring in half and team up on Kendrick. Kendrick escapes through Rider’s legs and tags in Lyndon. Lyndon crossbody’s both opponents. Xion cuts him off. Lyndon hits an enzugiri for two. Xion gets popped up into a German suplex, and Rider breaks the bridge. Aeroform hit Rider with stereo sick kicks. Xion gets sent to the floor, and Aerforom hit stereo baseball slides sending them into the crowd. Aeroform then follow up with double tope con hilo’s. Back in the ring, Rider sends Lyndon to the floor by low-bridging the top rope. Xion and Rider hit stereo kicks on Kendrick. Rider drops Kendrick with a corkscrew Michinoku driver for two. Xion sneds Lyndon to the floor. Rider hits a springboard plancha to Lyndon on the floor. Xion heads up top and misses a frogsplash. Kendrick schoolboys him for two. Kendrick hits a package DDT for two. Kendrick hits a cancun tornado splash for the pin at 13:27. Good tag team match. Rider kind of sucks, which is lame cuz all three guys are better. With little room around the ring it made things a tad awkward. **3/4

Johnny Gargano vs. Eric Alverado

Gargano powerbombs Alverado off the second rope when the bell rings. Alverado rolls to the gloor and Gargano jumps on him with a pescado. In the ring, Alverado catches Gargano as he comes off the top rope with a dropkick. Alverado kicks Gargano in the back, and Gargano comes back with forearms. Alverado hits a flying clothesline for two. Alverado chokes Gargano in the ropes. Gargano fires back with some chops. Alverado whips Gargano head over heels into the corner for two. Alverado backdrops him for two. Gargano is able to block an attack from Alverado on the apron. Gargano hits the slingshot spear. Gargano hits a flying forearm. Gargano lights up Alverado with chops in the corner. Alverado drops Gargano with a Falcon Arrow for two. Gargano superkicks him and Alverado drops Gargano with a Death Valley Driver for two. Gargano lands double knees in the corner and lawn darts Alverado into the corner. Gargano drops Alverado with the Uniquely You for the pin at 8:54. This was all action and really fun while it lasted. Johnny Gargano seems to always deliver in his matches. **3/4

Afterwards, Alverado hits a spinning backfist on Gargano.

Façade comes out on crutches. He says he has to take the night off and spend the night driking. He claims his toe and foot are hurt but nobody’s buying it. Chandler Biggins comes out and says he does believe he’s hurt, and says he can leave if he wants to be a pussy. Façade decides to stick around and the match is on.

Intense Division Championship
Façade (Champion) vs. Chris Dickinson

Dickinson blocks a crutch shot and kicks away at Façade’s supposed hurt leg. Façade fights back with some chops, but Dickinson leg sweeps him. Façade blocks a Falcon Arrow. He tries to reverse but can’t. Dickinson applies a heel hook and Façade taps out at 1:13 giving Dickinson the win and the title. This was a strange match. I don’t know if Façade was legitimately hurt, but if he is, this was a good move. Otherwise, it’s odd to have the heel be the one who has the guts to stand up and fight and the face target the leg and take advantage of him. N/R

Agent Aaron Bauer comes out and says he is going to represent the new tag champs in Faith in Nothing.

AIW Tag Team Championship – Last Team Standing Match
Eric Ryan & Bobby Beverly [The Young Studs] (Champions) vs. Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing [Faith In Nothing]

Faith In Nothing attack The Young Studs from behind by coming out of the crowd. They brawl back into the crowd and back near the bar. The actually creates for a cool atmosphere. Once they get back in the ring, Faith in Nothing give Beverly the pop-up kick to the back. Faith in Nothing hit Ryan with a double Japanese armdrag and double kicks to the back. Faith misses a splash in the corner and Ryan nails Faith with a dropkick in the corner. The Studs dropkick out Faith’s legs, and hit tandem kicks to Faith’s head. Nothing brings Beverly to the floor, allowing a recovered Faith to hit a Death Valley Driver to Ryan on the apron. When he recovers, Ryan gives Nothing a rope-assisted legdrop in the ring. Ryan hits a Finaly roll and Beverly hits a frog splash. Ryan follows up with a moonsault. Nothing tries to fight back, but the Young Studs take the action back to the floor and continue to dominate. In the ring Ryan hits Faith with a cannonball senton. Beverly hits a sick sound spear on Nothing into the guardrail into the side of the ring. Ryan hits a top rope legdrop on Faith. Nothing hits a German suplex. They toss Beverly with a double hip toss, then hit a tandem gut buster on Ryan. They hit a 3D variation, and then the legit one on Ryan. He tells Faith to get the tables. Faith obliges, and after a long tussle, both guys hit stereo legdrops on both members of The Young Studs through a table. This is enough to knock out both guys for the ten count, and Faith In Nothing win the tag titles at 18:43. This was a good Last Team Standing Match that built and built. The biggest spot of the match was also the last, and realistically knocked out both guys. Big thumbs up. ***1/2

Winner gets #30 in the Gauntlet for The Gold – Loser gets #1
Drake Younger vs. Sterling James Keenan

Younger assaults Keenan with punches in the corner. Younger takes him down with a shoulder block and an armdrag. Keenan comes back by dropkicking out Younger’s knee. Keenan keeps on the knee, and kicks out the leg whenever Younger tries to fire up. Younger manages to send Keenan to the apron. He slingshots Keenan and gives him a polish hammer. Younger hits a German suplex for two. Younger lands a Falcon Arrow for two. Keenan rolls through a Drake’s Landing attempt and grabs the tights for the pin at 7:48. This told a good story for the short time given, but they made it work and it accomplished what it was supposed to. **

Fans Bring The Weapons Match
The Duke, Nick Belushi, & John Thorne [Alpha Beta Duke] vs. Luis Diamante, Joey The Snake, & K. Fernandez [Da Latin Crime Syndicate]

DLCS get sent to the floor and fall on some light tubes. While brawling is going on outside, Duke suplexes Fernandez on a present and ornaments. Duke misses a spear in the corner while Joey gets two light tubs broken on his back by Thorne. A fan supposedly got thrown out for trying to get involved in the match. That’s hilarious and stupid. Thorne hits a light tube assisted double stomp in the ring on Joey. Diamante hits a side slam, and Fernandez comes off the top with a light tube across Thorne’s chest. Diamante carves into Thorne’s head with a piece of the glass from the light tube. Belushi saves him and dumps Diamante to the outside. Joey takes a plate of light tubes, and the Duke takes a single light tube to the chest. Belushi slams Fernandez into Joey in the corner. Duke places a light tube on their bodies, and Thorne hits a dropkick that explodes the light tubes on them. Diamante knocks down Duke and Thorne with a stop sign. He kicks Thorne to the floor and lays in some forearms. Diamante smashes a forearm across his spine. Joey gets driven down by Belushi off the apron through a table on the floor. Someone scores a pin on somebody else, but the FUCKING CAMERA MISSES IT. I heard the bell, so I can tell you that the match went 11:38. This was pure insanity with a billion light tubes being broken. For a reckless brawl, it was a lot of fun and ended the feud very effectively. Missing the winning pinfall is a major faux pa though and should never, ever happen. ***

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