TNA Wrestling: Slammiversary 2009

Detroit, MI – 6.21.2009

On June 21st, 2009, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling celebrated their 7th year anniversary with “Slammiversary”. As they’ve done with every Slammiversary since it’s inception in 2005, the TNA World Title will be contested in a King of the Mountain match with five of the top TNA stars competing for the company’s top prize. The X-Division title will also be contested in a King of the Mountain Match. The leader of the Main Event Mafia, Sting, takes on “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan as Morgan looks to earn a spot in the Mafia. All this and much more, so let’s go!

(I should mention that I don’t watch TNA Wrestling on a consistent basis, but I do follow the results and such. So if I miss something, I apologize in advance).

Commentary is provided by Mike Tenay and Don West with special guest Curtis Granderson.

Curtis Granderson, a member of the Detroit Tigers, comes out to be a special belt holder and announcer for this match.

King of the Mountain Match for the X-Division Championship
Suicide (Champion) vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed

All the opponents charge the champion to start. They gang up on Suicide, each taking turns laying in their shots. Creed brings in a ladder. Suicide fights back against Sabin and Shelley, and lands a springboard double elbow. Creed brings Suicide to the corner. Suicide ducks a whip into the corner. Suicide picks the ladder out of the corner and runs into all four other men with it. Suicide slams Lethal stomach first on the ladder and pins him. Jay is sent to the penalty box and Suicide is eligible to place the belt up top. Creed and The Guns go back beating on Suicide. The Mashine Guns set up a ladder laying on the ropes. Creed and the Guns team up to slam Suicide’s face into the ladder. They set up the ladder once again. Suicide sends the ladder into Creed’s face. The Machine Guns miss an attack on Suicide as well. Suicide pins Shelley after a weird looking monkey flip, sending Shelley to the penalty box. Lethal is set free as his time expires. Lethal comes in with a double axe handle off the top to Suicide. Suicide kicks out of a pin attempt. Lethal comes off the ropes with a clothesline for two on Suicide. Suicide throws Lethal face first into the middle rope on the corner. Sabin comes in and throws a chair right into Suicide’s face! Lethal comes in with a chair of his own. He and Sabin seem to form a pact. Lethal sets up the chair and hits Suicide with the Lethal Combination face first on the chair. Lethal pins Suicide with Sabin and Creed on top, but Lethal gets the pin making him eligible and Suicide is sent to the penalty box. Shelley’s time has expired and he is back to freedom. The Machine Guns and Lethal Consequences celebrate in the ring their victory. Lethal calls for the title belt, and the Machine Guns turn on Creed and Lethal. The teams go back and forth with the Guns landing stereo clothelines in the corner. The Machine Guns hit some fancy double team stuff, as they are want to do. Suicide is set free as his time expires. Creed hits an inverted DDT on Shelley, getting the pin. He is now eligible and it’s back to the box for Shelley. Lethal Consequences double team Suicide as Sabin is outside. Sabin comes back in to stop Suicide’s comeback, but Suicide throws Sabin with a monkey flip onto the ladder in the corner. Lethal gets sent to the floor, and Suicide is brought out by Lethal. Creed hits a tope onto Suicide on the floor. On the floor, Suicide, Lethal, and Creed fight it out. Sabin runs up the ladder, jumps on top of the penalty box, and dives onto all three men! Shelley is set free and brings the ladder back into the ring. Shelley heads up, but isn’t eligible to win. Sabin comes in but he isn’t eligible either. Sabin lies down and Shelley pins him! Sabin is sent to the penalty box. Shelley snags the belt and heads up the ladder. Suicide springboards in with a dropkick to the ladder! Lethal and Creed come back in and take down Suicide. They use the ladder to double team Suicide. Shelley and Lethal fight up top with the ladder set in between them. Shelley slams Lethal onto the ladder, and his foot is caught. Creed dropkicks Shelley into the guardrail. Suicide slams Creed onto the ladder which catapults Jay Lethal off the ladder to the mat. Sabin is released back into the match and takes Suicide out with a clothesline to the floor. Sabin springboards in with a tornado DDT to Lethal. Sabin pins Lethal, and everyone is now eligible! Lethal is sent to the penalty box. Shelley takes out Creed with the Air Raid Crash. Suicide comes in with a slingshot DDT to Shelley. Sabin lands the Cradle Shock on Suicide. Sabin sets up the ladder with no one in sight. He grabs the belt and heads up. Suicide cuts Sabin off. Sabin takes down Suicide and sets him in the tree of woe. Sabin hits the hesitation dropkick. Sabin sets up the ladder again, and Lethal is released from the penalty box. Sabin’s heading up the ladder, but is cut off by Lethal. Lethal backdrops Sabin off the ladder, and Shelley comes in with a frog splash onto Lethal. Shelley superkicks Suicide before setting the ladder between the guardrail and the ring apron. Creed lands an Enzugiri to Shelley back in the ring and then a slam to Suicide. Lethal heads up top and is cut off by Sabin. Creed and Sabin brawl by the ladder, and Sabin gets dropkicked back first onto the ladder. Shelley comes off the top with a single leg dropkick to Sucidie. Shelley baseball slides Suicide onto a seated chair. Shelley pescado’s onto Suicide on the chair. Lethal hits the elbow drop off the top onto the ladder in which Sabin lay! Shelley and Creed fight on the apron of the ring. Shelley superkicks Creed and then lands him with a Shiranui on the apron! Suicide gets back and he and Shelley trade chops and punches. Shelley tries another Shiranui off the penalty box, but Suicide blocks and dropkicks Shelley into the crowd! Suicide grabs the belt, puts the ladder back in the ring, and sets up. Lethal tips the ladder but Suicide maintains his balance on the ropes and climbs up to the top of the penalty box. Lethal throws the ladder at Suicide, and Suicide grabs the ladder. The ladder lay on Lethal’s back and the top of the box. Shelley comes in and sets up another ladder while Creed is up top trying to battle Suicide. Shelley grabs the belt and climbs. Suicide crawls across the ladder on Lethal’s back and hits an Ace Crusher off the ladder! Suicide climbs up the ladder and hangs the championship belt to retain the title at 23:31. Holy crap, that was a hell of an opener. All five men got plenty of time to show what they’re made of and show why the company was built upon the X-Division for so long. I watch a lot of wrestling and saw some stuff I’ve never seen before. The reaction from the crowd also helped. ***3/4

Winner gets a TNA Roster spot
Daniels vs. Shane Douglas

Shane is fat so he keeps his shirt on when he wrestles. Douglas throws some forearms to Daniels’ back after a shoving match Douglas rakes the eyes while choking Daniels on the top rope. Daniels ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Douglas’ legs out. Daniels applies a headlock on the mat. Back tot heir feet, Douglas brings Daniels down and walks across Daniels’ back. Daniels drop toe holds Shane and stands on his back. Daniels delivers a series of shots to Douglas then whips him to the corner. Single leg dropkick sends Douglas down. Daniels stops on Douglas and again applies a headlock. Douglas tosses Daniels to the ropes, and Daniels knocks Douglas down with a shoulder block. Douglas drops down, and Daniels follows to apply another headlock. Shane backdrops Daniels. Daniels lands on his feet and hits a dropkick and spin-wheel kick for two. Douglas goes outside when Daniels whips him to the ropes. Daniels follows with a dropkick, which Douglas walks out on. Daniels holds on the ropes, and hits a moonsault onto Shane. Daniels throws Douglas’ face into the ring apron. Daniels lands some shots before Shane pushes Daniels shoulder first into the steel steps. Shane applies a hammer lock on Daniels’ hurt shoulder before tossing him into the steps once again. Douglas throws Daniels back in the ring and follows. Shane works over Daniels’ shoulder. Daniels fights back and lands an enzugiri. Daniels hits a couple bows before a bridging Northern Lights suplex for two. Douglas cuts off Daniels from setting up for the B.M.E. Douglas and Daniels trade shots on their feet. Daniels takes out Shane with an STO and lands the B.M.E. for the pin at 8:14. That was an alright match, but its clear Shane Douglas needs to get out of this business for good now. I don’t see what the point of this match was entirely, but it seemed like Shane cut a few good promos on Impact to hype it up. I just don’t know how big a draw Shane Douglas is anymore. My guess is that he’s not a draw at all. **

Knockouts Championship
Angelina Love (Champion) vs. Tara

Love is accompanied by her fellow Beautiful People, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Love and Tara lock up. Love gets a side headlock. Tara pushes her off, but Tara gets knocked down with a shoulder block. Love takes down Tara with a waist lock and paintbrushes Tara’s head. Tara comes back with a series off offense, and pulls her up by her hair into a Gory Gallows position. Tara hairmares Love down for the one count. Love goes to the floor to retreat with Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Tara uses the ropes to dropkick Love into the guardrail. Tara follows out and throws Tara back in. Sky and Rayne trip Tara off the apron so she lands face first. They toss Tara back in. Love rolls up Tara for the two count. Love takes over Tara with a snapmare and dropkicks Tara in the face for two. Love bangs Tara’s head against the mat. Tara sunset flips Love for two. Love boots Tara in the stomach and gets a knee lift to Tara’s face. Love lands a spin-wheel kick for two two-count attempts. Love tosses Tara outside to Rayne and Sky, and Love distracts the referee. Tara gets thrown back first into the steel steps. The Beautiful People toss Tara back in. Love pins Tara for two two-count attempts again. Tara fights back with shots to Love. Tara throws Love into the ropes and lands a pair of clotheslines and a scoop slam. Tara boots Love and sets her up for a TKO into a sidewalk slam. Tara goes to the floor and attacks Rayne and Sky for revenge. Tara rolls back in and eats a bicycle kick from Love. Madison Rayne sprays hairspray into Tara’s eyes behind the referee’s back. Love lands an implant DDT, apparently called “The Botox Injection”, for the victory at 6:52. Another alright match, with the Beautiful People getting over as bigger heels. *1/2

Monster’s Ball Intergender Tag Team Match
Abyss & Taylor Wilde vs. Raven & Daffney

Dr. Stevie accompanies Raven and Daffney to the ring. An all out brawl starts off the match with Wilde and Abyss getting the advantage. Each of them block attacks from Raven and Daffney, with Abyss punching through a trash can into Raven’s face. Wilde takes down Daffney and hits the ropes. Stevie trips her and gives Raven encouragement. Abyss picks up Daffney and press slams her onto Raven and Stevie on the floor. Wilde goes up top and lands a crossbody onto all three of them. Abyss follows out and fights Raven in the crowd. Tayor and Daffney fight outside the ring. Daffney and Raven gain control. Daffney crawls on Abyss’ back, but Wilde smacks her in the head with a trashcan lid and a cookie sheet. Raven uses the trashcan lid on Abyss as they continue to brawl further into the crowd. Wilde and Daffney follow suit. Raven uses a steel guardrail by the stage, ramming it into Abyss’ side. Raven chokes Abyss with the guardrail as well. Raven brings a table out into the area and sets it up by a stack of speakers. We cut to see Wilde in control of Daffney, though we have no idea how. Abyss blocks a table toss attempt and fights back. Raven gets tossed into a barrier. Wilde kicks at Daffney in the gut, as they approach Raven and Abyss. Wilde places Daffney on the table and climbs up the speakers. Wilde comes off with a splash through the table onto Daffney. Raven and Abyss have made their way back to the ringside area. Abyss punches Raven, and Raven rolls back into the ring. Abyss goes under the ring and grabs his bag. Abyss comes back in the ring. Dr. Stevie comes in from behind and hits a chair shot to Abyss’ head. Raven sets up the chair in the seated position. Raven throws Abyss into the ropes, and drop toe holds Abyss face first into the chair. Stevie throws a bunch of plunder into the ring. Raven grabs a kendo stick and whacks Abyss in the head with it several times. Raven pins Abyss for two only. Raven chokes Abyss with the kendo stick on the ropes, and Wilde blasts Raven in the head with a trashcan lid shot. Daffney smacks Wilde in the face with a chookie sheet, as Raven takes it to Abyss with a trashcan. Abyss gets up feeling no affect. Abyss boots the trashcan into Raven’s face before slamming it onto Raven’s head. Abyss picks up the kendo stick and blasts Raven in the side of the head. A new trashcan is brought in. Abyss chokeslams Raven, and Raven kicks the can so he doesn’t land on it. Stevie distracts the referee. Abyss grabs Stevie, and Raven hits Abyss with a trashcan. He goes for a second shot, but Abyss moves and Stevie gets hit. Abyss tosses Wilde off the top rope onto Raven. Abyss goes for the pin and again Stevie distracts the referee. Abyss grabs his bag and empties thumbtacks onto the mat. Daffney sneaks in from behind with shots to Abyss. With no effect at all, Abyss turns around. Daffney turns to run but stops so she doesn’t hit the tacks. Wilde comes from behind and Rydeen Bomb’s Daffney right into the thumbtacks! Wilde pins Daffney, and Stevie breaks it up. Abyss comes in from behind. Raven comes in and prevents Abyss from a chokeslam with a chair shot. Raven hits the Raven Effect onto Abyss on the chair, and Abyss kicks out. Raven looks for the Raven Effect into the tacks, but Abyss turns it into the Black Hole Slam! Abyss hooks the leg and pins Raven for the pin at 14:08. This was shockingly good; much better than I expected. The match started out decent but not great, but after Taylor’s dive off the stage, the match picked up ten-fold. All the people involved in this match are insane, but I guess it was for an entertaining match. ***

If Matt Morgan wins, he joins the Main Event Mafia
Sting vs. Matt Morgan

Matt and Sting are hesitant to make the first move (that sounds gay). They lock up, and Matt pushes Sting through the ropes to the floor. Morgan follows and throws Sting into the steel guardrails. Morgan picks up Sting by his legs and flings him once more into the steel guardrail. Morgan tosses Sting in the ring and follows. As Morgan goes through the ropes, Sting crotches Morgan with the middle rope. Sting drops Morgan on the top rope then knee lifts Morgan back to the floor. Sting comes out to the floor and throws Morgan into the guardrail. Sting kicks the back of Morgan’s leg. Back in the ring, Sting tries a shoulder block and a clothesline. Both fail to take Matt down. Matt lands a discuss clothesline as Sting comes off the ropes. Morgan takes off his elbow pads and mauls Sting in the corner with elbow shots. Morgan slams Sting to the mat and hits the ropes for a leg drop. Morgan gets two. Morgan whips Sting across the ring to another corner. Morgan chokes Sting in the corner while yelling at him. Sting hits the corner and Mogan comes in with a splash. Morgan side slams Sting for a two. Morgan chokes Sting on the ropes again. Morgan headlocks Sting, and Sting works up. Sting elbows Morgan and goes for the ropes. Morgan cuts off Sting by throwing him down by the hair. Morgan applies a side headlock. On their meet, Sting and Morgan exchange shots. Sting kicks Morgan’s leg some more. Morgan tries for a splash in the corner, but Sting moves. Sting goes up top and hits a missile dropkick onto Morgan. Sting lands the splash on Morgan’s back. Sting goes for a second, and Morgan nails the Carbon Footprint for two. Morgan picks up Sting for the Hellevator. Sting tries to turn it into an inverted DDT but both men crumple. Morgan picks up Sting, but Sting low blows him right in front of the referee with no disqualification. That’s stupid. Sting lands the Scorpion Death Drop, then tries for the Death Lock. Morgan powers out. Morgan misses a splash in the corner, and Sting hits a second rope Scorpion Death Drop for the pin at 9:01. That was disappointing, but at least short. It’s also weird to see the fans not getting behind Morgan at all considering his push. Sting worked well, but these two didn’t click. **

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon; Champions) vs. Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm)

Devon and Storm start. Storm side steps a lock up and punches Devon. Storm applies a headlock. Devon tries a clothesline, and Storm ducks and hits another punch. Devon tries again, but Storm comes up into a headscissors take down. Storm gets up, and Devon slams him down and follows with a headbutt for two. Storm tags in Roode. They hit some stuff before Roode gets a two. Roode gets a font face lock on Devon. Devon pushes Roode to his corner and tags in Ray. Ray and Roode lock up with Ray powering Roode into the corner. Ray and Roode trade shots. Roode boots Ray and hits the ropes. Ray catches Roode with a boot. Roode comes with a clpthesline to no effect. Roode ducks a clothesline from Ray, hits the ropes, and takes down Ray with a flying burrito. On their feet they lock up again. Ray delivers some shots in the corner to Roode. Roode powers up with the shots. Roode fights back, and Ray takes him over with a German suplex. Team 3D hits some stuff on Roode, and Roode tags in Storm. Storm and Roode try for their double suplex, but Ray comes in to reverse the momentum. Devon boots down Storm, and Roode trips Devon. Roode crotches Devon into the corner. Beer Money isolates Devon in their corner to make the damage more effective. A double clothesline with Roode and Devon going down allows Devon to tag in Ray. Ray comes in and takes out Roode with a Bubba Bomb, which Storm breaks up the pin attempt. Devon throws Storm to the floor, and Team 3D takes Roode down with a double shoulder block. They signal for the 3D, but Storm comes in and hits an enzugiri. Devon hits a flapjack on Roode. Devon sends Storm to the floor, and 3D hits the “Wassup!” from the top. Ray signals to Devon to get the tables. Devon obliges, pulling one out from under the ring. Devon sets the table out by the guardrail. Storm attacks Devon and positions Devon for a powerbomb. Ray stops it, and Roode comes in and lands a spinebuster on Ray. Beer Money land the “BEER! MONEY!” suplex which is always awesome. The British Invasion all come out to ringside, and join the commentary team. Storm hits a jumping neck breaker on Ray for two. Ray fights back against both Storm and Roode and tags in Devon. Devon fights both Roode and Storm with Devon landing a urinage on Roode for two. Devon takes the corner, and ducks a splash from Roode. Devon turns out Roode with a clothesline. Devon makes the cover and Storm breaks it up. Storm hits the ropes and Devon hits a slam then a chokeslam on Roode. Devon covers Roode, and Storm breaks it up. Ray comes in and sends Storm to the floor. Ray and Devon hit a tandem suplex/neck breaker combo for two. Storm heads up top and lands a cross body block on both Team 3D members. Beer Money whips Devon to the corner. Devon blocks the attack and clotheslines Roode down. Bubba places Roode on his shoulder as Devon heads up top. Storm comes in and crotches Devon, Roode crawls down Ray’s back, and Storm hits a back cracker onto Ray. Storm hits a hurricanrana to Devon off the top rope and Roode hits a top rope splash for two. Beer Money positions Devon on the top rope and follow. Ray comes in and sends Storm to the floor. Roode is put on Ray’s shoulders, and Team 3D hit the Doomsday Device. Roode is able to kick out! Storm accidentally spits beer into Roode’s eyes, and Team 3D hit the 3D. Rob Terry distracts the referee, and Ray knocks him off the apron. Ray goes up top and dives onto Rob Terry and Brutus Magnus! Doug Williams gets on the apron and is knocked off by Devon, and Williams goes through the table. Storm hits a superkick on Devon, then follow up with the DUI for the pin at 16:55. Beer Money Inc. are the new TNA Tag Team Champions! I’m glad they won, as they’re for sure the best investment for the company. This would’ve been much better had it not got way too convoluted at points. Still, considering Team 3D traveled from Japan the night before, this was slightly above average. **1/2

King of the Mountain Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Mick Foley (Champion) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Joe pounces on Angle as soon as the introductions are over before the bell has rung. Joe lays in shots, and the referees decide to put Samoa Joe in the penalty box to start the match, as well as giving Kurt Angle eligibility already. Jarrett and Styles trade giving Kurt Angle blows. Angle kicks Jarrett, and Styles hits his leapfrog dropkick on Angle. Jarrett ducks a clothesline from Angle, Styles hits Kurt, and Jarrett hits Angle with an enzugiri. Jarrett and AJ each try to pin Kurt, but he kicks out both times. Jarrett and AJ continue to double team Angle while Foley stays on the outside. Joe is released, and Foley purposely gets pinned by Jarrett. Jarrett is eligible and Foley goes to the box. Joe beats on everybody. Jarrett and Joe fight inside the ring while AJ and Angle fight on the floor. Joe hits a back senton on Jarrett and pins him for two. Joe chops and lands the face wash on Jarrett. Angle has control on AJ on the floor. Angle comes back in the ring and attacks Joe from behind. Joe clotheslines Kurt to the floor, as Foley comes in and takes shots at Joe. He hits the ropes and Joe comes back with some hard forearms. Joe locks on the rear-naked choke onto Foley. Kurt, AJ, and Jarrett brawl on the floor. Kurt sends Jarrett into the crowd and punches AJ. Foley gets passed out, making Joe eligible and sending Foley to the penalty box. Angle brings a ladder in the ring. Joe picks it up and slams it into Kurt and Jarrett’s face (Jarrett got back into the ring). Joe gives Jarrett some shots in the corner and whips Jarrett to the corner. Joe picks up Angle and suplexes him back first onto the ladder. Jarrett hits Joe and sets up the ladder in the corner. Joe reverses a whip and throws Jarrett back first into the ladder. Joe sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Joe grabs the belt as Foley comes out of the penalty box. Joe climbs, but Foley comes in and takes out the ladder. AJ comes back in and trades shots with Foley. Foley throws AJ out to the ring apron. Joe is sent back first into a ladder in the corner. Foley runs at Joe, and Joe hip tosses Foley into the ladder. Jarrett sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring, but it’s busted so he throws it onto Angle on the floor. Jarrett goes outside and gets another ladder. Jarrett climbs up with the belt, and Angle low blows Jarrett to stop him. Angle stomps on Foley until AJ comes from behind and attacks him. AJ picks up the ladder and lays it in the corner. After a few reversals, Angle suplexes AJ into the ladder back first. Jarrett comes in with his guitar. Angle kicks Jarrett in the groin to cut him off. Jarrett and Angle trade shots. Angle reverses a sunset flip into the ankle lock. Jarrett kicks Angle off with his free leg and breaks the guitar over Angle’s head. Jarrett climbs up the ladder with the belt, and Foley follows on the opposite side of the ladder. At the top, they exchange punches. AJ springboards off the top rope and dropkicks the ladder out. All of them crumple to the floor. AJ lays in punches to Foley in the corner. Foley headbutts AJ and then climbs to the top of the penalty box. Joe sets up the ladder in the corner, laying across the middle ropes. AJ climbs up the penalty box as well. Foley looks to suplex AJ off, but he blocks. AJ headbutts back, then Foley throws AJ off the penalty box into the ring. Joe locks a choke onto Jarrett, and Jarrett lands The Stroke face first onto the ladder. Angle comes in with an Angle Slam and pins Jarrett for two. Foley flies off the penalty box with the elbow onto Angle. Foley pins Angle for three to become eligible and send Angle to the penalty box. Foley sets up the ladder under the belt hanger. AJ picks up his Legends title and hits Foley with it. AJ kicks Foley off the ladder. AJ and Joe both hit Foley with punches, and then AJ hits the Pelé kick onto Foley. Foley goes to the floor, and Joe backdrops AJ out of the ring onto Foley. Jarrett comes in the ring and rams the ladder into Joe’s face. Foley is pinned on the floor and goes into the penalty box as Angle is freed. Jarrett sets up the ladder and climbs up with the belt. AJ comes back in and climbs up the opposite side. Angle grabs Jarrett’s leg and the belt falls to the floor. Jarrett comes off the ladder onto Angle, and Angle slams Jarrett face first on the match. Styles comes down to go for the belt. Joe and AJ trade forearms with AJ taking down Joe after a dropkick. AJ grabs the belt as Foley is freed. Foley punches AJ and grabs the belt himself. Foley decks AJ with the title belt, and Joe catches Foley with a kick to the face. Foley and Jarrett fight on the floor. Joe has the belt and heads up the ladder. AJ grabs his boot and pulls Joe down. AJ has the belt around his neck and he climbs up. Joe pulls him down and hits some more forearms. AJ throws Joe through the ropes onto Jarrett and Foley. Kurt comes in and looks for an Angle Slam. Styles rolls through and hits the Styles Clash on Kurt! AJ grabs the belt and with nobody around heads up the ladder. Joe cuts him off with a powerbomb off the ladder. Joe clotheslines AJ and heads up with the belt. Angle follows him, and Joe hands Kurt the belt. Kurt hangs the belt to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at 22:03. A swerve; I’m surprised. By that, I mean I am not at all surprised. This was a good main event, but kind of disappointing for a show that’s supposed to be the “Wrestlemania of TNA” of some sorts. Kurt as champion also doesn’t seem so great, especially since the people were going nuts for AJ Styles to win it. At least it was a pre-cursor to AJ getting a few short months later. ***1/4

In a very appropriately bush-league move by TNA, the advertised bonus match of Rhino & Eric Young vs. The British Invasion is not on the DVD.

Overall: A decent show. I loved the opening match, and that’s where my love ends. The rest of the show was fairly boring, and instead of being a huge pivotal show for TNA, it was business as usual. I don’t recommend the DVD as there are so many shows better than this from WWE and the independents this year.

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